‘Virgo’ in Labor – Rapture Signals?

  • What is the 'Carina Ridge' and where is it in Space?
  • How does this Section of Space signify anything Biblical?
  • Is there a Connection to the Revelation 12 Sign occurring?

by Luis B. Vega

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As you come to Him, the Living Stone, rejected by Men but Chosen and Precious in YHVH’s Sight, you also, like Living Stones, are being built into a Spiritual House to be a Holy Priesthood, offering Spiritual Sacrifices acceptable to YHVH through Jesus Christ. For it stands in Scripture: See, I lay in Zion a Stone, a Chosen and Precious Corner-Stone; and the one who Believes in Him will never be put to Shame'. -1 Peter 2:4-6

The purpose of this study is to provide an Addendum to the initial Write-Up regarding the James Webb Infrared Telescope. The occasion was the release of the 1st Target Image ever taken by Humans of the farthest Recesses of the Known Universe. In that Article, #650 SMACS 0723, https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-650.html, it was conjectured how, Volans, the Flying Pisces could allude to Prophetically being a Signaling of the coming Biblical Rapture Event that will close-out the Age of Grace, etc.

One was taken-aback at the Number Designation of the Galaxy Cluster chosen, as that correlates to the 723 Numerical Value that one is suggesting is a High Watch Date. Amazingly, all 5 Target Images relate to Biblical Themes. There is the Ark of Noah with Argo that implies a Safe Delivery of the Pilgrims to the Land of Beulah. But it also becomes the Vehicle of Deliverance from the Wrath of the Lamb that is to come after the Rapture Event. Then there is the Phoenix, next to the ‘Clock’ that suggests the end of the Road or River in this case with Eridanus, has come. There was the Stephan’s Quintet in Pegasus that is also a Rapture Motif of a coming Rescue of the Bride, etc.

It was very peculiar that the Release of the 1st Image was on 7-11, a very Mathematical and Esoteric Date and Time. It alludes to a Building or Temple being completed, i.e., the Great Pyramid. And how there were 2 Target Images that highlighted the Argo Region. In one’s Write-Up, it was conveyed that how one can start to Decode the Target Images for possible Prophetic Implication depends on their Name and Location. With all this as a Summary of the Investigation and Assessment made, one now seeks to focus on 1 particular Location and Name, the Carina Ridge. Why?

In studying the Image, one is astonished at what could possibly be occurring in terms of ‘Signaling’, Prophetically. Now, one will understand that many People reading this Article, with such a Premise, would think of it being totally Absurd and stop at this point from reading any further. Fair enough. But consider the Evidence of what one will present in an attempt to make Biblical and Prophetic Correlation because of the precise Location and Name. Yes, in considering the Carina Ridge, one is going out on a Limb or Ridge in this case. How so? It has to do with Pareidolia Perceptions.

As briefly mentioned in the prior Article, Pareidolia is the Phenomena of Perception that Human Minds decipher when seeing Objects, Patterns and/or Forms that may or may not be construed in Reality. The Pareidolia Perception is also totally Relative. In other words, several People can be looking at the same Image or Object and see totally different Patterns or Forms emerging. This occurs with such examples as Designs in Clouds, Trees, Landscapes and Rock Formations, just to name a few. Really, anything can potentially be a circumstance of Pareidolia Perception.

So, one is declaring that the following Observations are totally based on one’s Pareidolia Perception and are totally one’s Assessment. One is only sharing what one is ‘Seeing’, given the Target Image of the Carina Ridge. If what one is ‘Perceiving’, then it does have some amazing Biblical and Prophetic implications to suggest just how close the Resurrection-Rapture is. But also consider that the Place and Timing, could have been or is just mere Coincidence and Irrelevant and Nonsense to others. But one who is an Amateur Astronomer, Political Scientist, Graphic Artist and a Statistician, all that to say, that this Endeavor is not done out of Stupidity.

That is the Reason why such an Examination and Assessment is exciting to report about the Carina Ridge chosen to be a Target Image. In themselves, they are Stunning and Amazing. And that is just that. Nothing More, Nothing Less. But to a Student of the Bible and a Follower and Believer of Jesus Christ, one is keen of all the Creation Innuendos mentioned and taught in the Bible that are perceived in the Carina Ridge Image. That is the Point. These then are precisely the Biblical and Prophetic Themes that one wishes to Report and Share of what could be Celestial Signs, that YHVH, the Creator said He put in the Heavens to be like Billboard Signs for Humanity.

And such Celestial Signs are to make People on Earth aware of what is Happening or is about to Happen, etc. Having said all that as a Preface and Context, the following Pieces of Information and/or Evidence, Terminology will be used to make Direct Inferences of why the Carina Ridge is Prophetically Significant in what one sees, Pareidolia Perceptions and all. The 1st Consideration is what is the Name of the Target Images, Carina. Based on Research, the following will be pertinent in how one will be building-up the Biblical and Prophetic Case of how the Carina Ridge is ‘Echoing’ the Revelation 12 Sign and perhaps its fulfilment. It has to do with a Woman, a Gestation, a Man-Child Motif that is Raptured, a Red Dragon that seeks to devour the Child, etc.

The Name Carina is the Latin word for a ‘Keel’, as those that Ships have. In fact, there are 7 Types of Keels. The Origin of the Term is said to come from the Word, ‘Careen’ as to clean a Keel and the Hull of a Ship in general. This is often done by rolling a Ship on its Side. And that is exactly how one sees the Carina Ridge, as that of a Woman in Labor on her Side about to give Birth. The depiction is that there is like a Cut-Away as seen in Biology Textbooks where one can see the Womb Definitions and the Fetus, etc. Here next are some very interesting aspects of a Keel and its purpose. For those that are Experts in such Naval and Maritime Fields, one can concur or correct. The Keel is the bottom-most Longitudinal Structural Element on a Vessel. It does not have to be a Ship necessarily.

It can be ascribed in Principle, like to a Church. This is one’s Biblical and Prophetic Correlation. Is it any Coincidence that the Star was named, the ‘Keel’ next to Argo? And what does that imply Prophetically? To build a Ship, Vessel or Church Building, the Laying-Down of the Keel is the Initial Step in the construction of a Ship, Vessel or Church. And? Biblically speaking, the Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is that ‘Keel’ Stone or ‘Spine’ in which the Building or Temple or ‘Spiritual House’ as the Church Body is described is being built-up and about to be completed perhaps. Yes, one is inferring that, as the Bible teaches, that 1 Day, the Church Age will end, and that ‘Spiritual Building’ built upon the Foundation of Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness will be Appropriated.

Is not this same Principle seen in the Book of Revelation in how the coming of the City from Heaven is depicted as the Bride. The New Jerusalem is set upon the Foundations of the 12 Tribes of Israel and the 12 Apostles. According to Research, a Structural Keel is the bottom-most Structural Member around which the Hull of a Ship is built. The Keel runs along the Center-Line of the Ship, or ‘Nave’ from the Bow to the Stern. And this is the Point for this 1st Piece of Infrared Correlation to the Name of Carina. It is exactly how the old Church Cathedral Blueprints had the Nave as its ‘Spine’. And from there the Church Building was raised-up. This is exactly what Jesus is doing now on Earth.

The last Piece of pertinent Prophetic Implications, of why it is so important to have a ‘Keel’ on one’s Ship, Vessel, House, is that it brings ‘Balance’, Equilibrium. It helps provide Stability and from the Ship not capsizing. This is what is called a Righting Effect of a Keel. It is where Point 1 is designated the Center of Buoyancy and Point 2 is the Center of Gravity. This is why the Carina Ridge brought-out all. Why was this Section of the Ridge only focused on, being Millions of Miles wide. Coincidence?

As to a Correlation? This is why the Church Body of Christ, on Earth is functioning like a Ship, a Nave and Argo here during the Church Age, nearly 2000 Year now. The following will be another Supposition as to why the Carina Ridge Target Image brings-out several Biblical and Prophetic Nuances that one sees, given the Pareidolia Perception. As alluded in the previous Article, the 1st Target Image from the James Webb Infrared Telescope captured the Galaxy Cluster of SMACS 0723. It was in Volans, the Flying Fish next to Argo. To those working in NASA or the other Space Agencies, such might not consider the Place, Time and Name of the Target Images as being ‘Biblically’ or Prophetically Relevant or Significant, as mentioned.

To them, the Names of the Constellations are just arbitrarily assigned and have no innate Meaning or Prophecy to them. Case Closed. This is fine. One is not insinuating that anyone has to accept what one is Presenting and Suggesting that is actually Biblical and Prophetic. How so? The Meanings are in the Motifs. Consider Argo. It is a Motif that any Bible Student with a minimal amount of Study into the Typology can admittedly correlate, that there is a Noah’s Ark Theme going on here. Is it because Jesus states that in the End of Humanity’s Administration or Dispensation, it would be like the Days of Noah? According to the Research of E.W. Bullinger, the Prophetic Meaning of Argo is that it is the Ship or Nave or Vehicle that is taking the Pilgrims to Paradise or Beulah Land. This Argo Celestial Sign is the other Motif of Jesus.

Jesus is the Ark in which Humanity must get ‘into’ in order to be spared from His Wrath that is coming upon the Christ-Rejecting World. Now here is the 3rd Supposition of how Argo or the Ark is taking the Pilgrims to the ‘Promised Land’. What is that Land called? Beulah. Yes. In Spanish, Carina means ‘The Beloved One’. The Bible Teaches that Jesus left this Disciple, but to prepare a Place for them in Heaven. And that 1 Day, Jesus would come to take or Snatch His ‘Bride’ to Heaven, in Euphemistic Terms.

It will be the True Promised Land, Beulah. But consider this. Humanity was not created for Heaven. No. Humanity’s Home is Earth and will always be. It is Heaven that comes down at the very End. But before that, Jesus comes with His ‘Boat’, of sorts, the cruise into Heaven with His Bride, it will only last 7 Earth Years. Thereafter, Jesus and the Bride will return at the point of the Battle of Armageddon to take over the World Governments and establish his Millennial Kingdom for 1000 Years, etc. The following is the merriam-webster.com Definition of Beulah.

[ byoo-luh ]
1. An Idyllic Land near the End of Life's Journey in Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.
2. A Term from the Biblical Hebrew to refer to the Lord's Country, Beulah Land).
3. The Name applied to the Land of Israel or Jerusalem.
4. Denoting their Future Prosperity. Isaiah 62:4
5. A Female Given Name.

The next Supposition why the Carina Ridge is possible Signaling the End of the Church Age with a Motif of a Woman in Labor has to do with the Revelation 12 Sign. What? Yes. Here is the Rationale. As mentioned, the Carina Ridge, in one’s Pareidolia Perception, is seen as a Woman in Labor, on her side about to give Birth. There appears to be a Dragon Like Figure upon her Bosom. The Center Region is the Womb Area that one perceives to be a Man-Child in the Womb.

The entire Carina Ridge is that of a Silhouette of a Woman on her Side, like the Definition of what the Keel or the Carina of a Ship does when under Maintenance, etc. This is How one assesses that there appears to be a Correlation with the Revelation 12 Sign that is Echoing what one’s perceives is also depicted in the Carina Ridge. One now perhaps is starting to see why the entire Wikipedia Page dedicated to the Revelation 12 Sign was scrubbed. Why? Foremost, the Sign is signaling a coming Rapture, regardless of the disagreements of who the Man-Child represents.

Here is the next Supposition of the Carina to Virgo Revelation 12 Correlation. Consider that the Revelation 12 Phenomena had a Gestation Motif and Time Period of 9 Months. This was how the King Planet of the Messiah was within the Region of what is outlined or Celestially Defined as the Womb of Virgo. And consider then what Virgo represents. The Constellation is called Beulah by the Jews. She is holding a Branch on 1 Hand and a Basket of Wheat on the other. What could that possibly infer? It is in the area of the Signature Star of Virgo, called Spica. This Star signifies a Summer Wheat Harvest that ends around Mid-July. She is gathering in the Harvest of Redeemed Souls, etc.

Virgo is the 1st Sign in the Storyline of Jesus, of the Gospel writing in the Stars to conclude with Leo or the Lion from the Tribe of Judah, etc. Is it any wonder then that in terms of Astronomical Motifs, the Constellation of Virgo is like the Keel, the Carina on which the other Signs follow and are Built-Upon. This has been the Mission of the Church Body. Is the Spiritual House ready then? Is the Summer Wheat Harvest of Souls going to be gathered-up soon based on the Timing of these Target Images? The Man-Child will be Raptured out of Harm’s Way. But is the ‘Red Dragon’ that is upon her ‘Bosom’ attempting to ‘Abort’ her Man-Child?

Is it any wonder why in the USA in particular and the World in general, the issue of Abortion has come to the forefront of the ‘Divide and Conquer’ Tactics of the Powers-That-Be. One is suggesting that based on all the Prophetic Motifs being Signaled by just this Carina Ridge Pareidolia Perception, the End of Church Age has arrived. One does not know exactly when, but one does know how. The Rapture. But perhaps in asking if the 723 or July 23, 2022 High Watch is of any significance, can the answer be more precise, like ‘Hey, it is ‘SMAC-S’ right on 0-723! What more specific Sign or Confirmation do you all want or need? Perhaps.

This now brings one to the next Supposition in how the Carina Ridge Pareidolia Perception is suggesting a Rapture Typology - Snatching Away Scenario. Realize that the more one stares at the Carina Ridge Photo, Images, Patterns, Forms begin to leap-out it seems. For sure, one could delve into such details but one is having a hard Time even convincing what one is attempting to convey, albeit through Pareidolia Perceptions. One sees the Man-Child in the Womb as mentioned. But there appears to be a Humanoid Type of Being with Head and Body that is reaching for the Man-Child in the Womb. At this point is where one is at a Quandary as to how to Interpret it.

Is the ‘Entity’ Good or Evil? Is the Man-Child getting Snatch or Raptured to Safety? Or is the Man-Child in Danger of being Aborted? Perhaps it is a Double-Entendre. The last Supposition that also delves into the Principle of Pareidolia Perception, has to do with the original James Webb Write-Up made around the Time the Telescope was being Launched. One also made a Chart of the Telescope. But what was unique, at the time, was that one incorporated the Artwork of Akiane Kramarik. Why? She is the famous Young Girl that painted the Face of Jesus. How this Painting ties into the Carina Ridge Pareidolia Perceptions is that she painted the Universe with such Aspects of Pareidolia Perceptions. How so? See YouTube link for her Artwork.


One made a Personal Interpretation of Akiane’ Artwork entitled ’Triumph’. It is the capture of the Cosmic Struggle of Good vs. Evil. It involves all of Creation and the Center Piece is who will get the Bride. This is what the Contention is about ultimately. A very 'Rapturous' Depiction of what is occurring in the ‘Invisible’ Spectrum of Reality.  One attempted to identify the various Motifs depicted. The Painting is sort of Prophetic in itself in that at the time the James Webb Telescope was launched, the End Times Watcher Community at the Revelation 12 Daily Blog asked, what will GOD show first? Will it be a Message of sorts? A sign? Yes. And Akiane perhaps had a Premonition.

How so? In her Painting, she also had similar Themed Motifs: Human Forms, Women, Men, Animals, Patterns, etc. It was much like the Carina Ridge. As one can assess, the Carina Ridge does also convey, perhaps this same Principle of the Cosmic Struggle, as Depicted in the Revelation 12 Sign Motif that is of a Woman’s Side. This is an Excerpt of what one wrote then.

‘Who Created the ‘Big Bang’? Is it a True Theory? The quest of NASA and other Agencies is to see into the deepest recesses of Space, since it began. This is assuming a Point of Origin, A Genesis. According to the Bible, YHVH is the Creator and through the Son, Jesus, all things have been made by Him, through Him and for Him. It was Akiane, who also depicted the ’Face of Jesus’. The new Telescope might very well also capture the ‘Conflict’ that is plaguing the Known Universe’.

The Cosmic Struggle is about a Woman, a Church, a Spiritual House that Jesus seeks to build. But the Adversary, the Red Dragon seeks to Devour the Fruit of the Womb, the Man-Child. But the Remnant will be Safely Delivered before the Wrath of the Lamb comes down on the Inhabitants of Earth. There is a Noah Flood 2.0 coming that will be Daniel’s Last Sabbath Week of Years that Israel still owes YHVH for not allowing the Land to Rest. This is why the Church is completed only during the Church Age. But one is also seeing a 2nd Child in the Womb Area of the Carina Ridge. Since the coming 7-Year Sabbath Tribulation Period deals with the Redemption of Israel, it could imply the Struggle between Jacob and his Brother Esau of who will be getting the Birth-Right, etc.

Of course, for those who know their Bible, this is implying the Natural Inheritance, the Land Covenant that YHVH made with Abraham. For those Believers and Followers of Jesus, one has a New and Better Covenant. One is promised a City and Land, ‘Beulah’ whose Foundations are built upon Jesus, the Son of GOD, who came down to Earth. He put on Flesh as a Human to Redeem and Serve. GOD the Son was a Willing Substitution to pay for Adam’s Sin of Disobedience that led to Eternal Death and Separation from the Life and Purpose that can only be found and fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

But it is only the ‘Pilgrims’ that will get to ride the Argo to Heaven. It is a Safe Passage for having completed one’s Journey of Faith. It is much like Abraham and every other Disciple that has surrendered one’s Spirit, Soul and Body over to Jesus. If the Pareidolia Perceptions pertinent to the Carina Ridge are indeed perhaps Biblical and Prophetic, then Jesus wanted to show the entire World that a Deliverance is about to occur. Do not be ‘Aborted’ by rejecting Jesus as Savior now. The Wrath of the Lamb is coming. Jesus is coming this Time not as the Humble, Lowly Lamb. Jesus has defeated Sin, Death, the World and Lucifer at the Cross of Calvary.

His Blood was the Payment. He is offering a Peace Treaty, a truce now. But more than that, Jesus is willing to Adopt one to share in all that has been won in the Spoils of this Celestial War against Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. The Bible teaches that the Father has given Jesus All Authority and Power in Heaven, on Earth and Below Earth. All will bow the Knee to King Jesus and confess that He alone is the LORD. Is there any better Deal? The only way to escape the coming Judgment upon the Whole World, that has not happened since Noah’s Flood is to come into Jesus as that Proverbial Ark.


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