Place and Time Marker of Resurrection and Rapture

  • Is there a 'Double-Count' of 49-days to Pentecost/Shavuot?
  • What does 'when Pentecost fully came' mean?
  • What Feast of YHVH can the Gentiles only be 'grafted-in'?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And many who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake, some to everlasting life, but others to shame and everlasting contempt. Then the wise will shine like the Brightness [Stars] of the Heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the Stars forever and ever. But you, Daniel, shut up these words and seal the book until the Time of the End. Many will roam to and fro, and knowledge will increase.’ – Daniel 12: 2-4

The purpose of this study is to investigate the inferred ‘double-count’ of 49 days + 50 days for the YHVH’s Feast of Shavuot or Pentecost. For nearly 2000 years the Church Body of Jesus has supposed that Pentecost was ‘fulfilled’ and completed on the 50th day after First Fruits, etc. This is all technically correct as the Christian Church took-on the commemoration of Shavuot as being ‘Penta’ and solidifying the 50th day count, as ‘Pentecost’, exclusively. However, this study suggests that based on 1 interpretation of Leviticus 23:16, there is a ‘mirrored’ count or a ‘double-count’ of 49 days and then to 'number 50 days'. This ‘missing’ link or clue could be the key in helping determine when is the true ‘season’ of the Resurrection and Rapture based on another key and encrypted indicator inferred on the day of Pentecost, ‘when Pentecost had fully come’.

This study is not seeking to determine a specific day but to consider some evidence based on geometry and mathematics set to the 360 day Jewish year. The study will present evidence utilizing the Menorah typology that is essentially based on a tree typology and that being of an Almond Tree specifically. Such imagery has a possible direct correlation as to where and when, that if the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to take place on a Feast, based on this ‘double-count’ of the Feast of YHVH, Pentecost would most likely be it. The study will show that there is a beautiful multifaceted layer of meaning, inference and prophecy interwoven in what is essentially the divine blueprint of the Messiah, Jesus Himself that fulfills all these mentioned typologies, the Feasts, the Menorah, the Almond Tree, etc.

This multi-layer typology encompasses the essence of how YHVH has presently fused the Jew and Greek or Gentiles into Jesus. It is such a tapestry depicting the Messiah as the ‘Root Stock’ of the Menorah or Almond Tree by ‘grafting’ the Redeemed to include the Gentiles only during this ‘Pentecostal Age’ and teach who and what ‘GOD’ is in the process. The main point of the study will strongly suggest that it is at a Pentecost Feast and/or season that the Gentiles are only and can only be ‘grafted-in’ based on the Menorah and Almond Tree typology presented as evidence. To set the background, a short review of the main highlights of what Pentecost or Shavuot is all about will be given in brief. It is known and understood by those already having studied the typology of how some amazing inferences are suggested by the Pentecost Feast.

Pentecostal Perspectives
It is believed that Enoch, who is referred as a type of the Gentiles to be raptured, the 7th from Adam was born and died on Pentecost as was King David. Pentecost is the season in which a Gentile comes in to play in YHVH’s Plan of Redemption through the typology of the Kinsman Redeemer of Boaz with Ruth, a Gentile. Pentecost is a love story and one that parallels the Sinai Marriage Covenant between YHVH and Israel. Currently, this Pentecostal ‘Intermission’ of the Church Age, is on-going and has not ‘fully come’ yet. This study suggests that it will be the Resurrection and Rapture that concludes this ‘Intermission’ of the Pentecostal Feast, prophetically. The Age of the Gentile Bride is essentially ‘Gentile’ or ‘Goy’ as the majority of such are consisting of the Nations that are being ‘grafted’ into Jesus Christ, the ‘Root Stock’, the Vine, etc.

Pentecost is when the indwelling of GOD the Holy Spirit come to fuse with the Spirit of a true Follower of Jesus. It enabled the Disciples of Jesus to be empowered to witness and commence the Great Royal Commission that was given in Galilee. How the Jews traditionally celebrate Shavuot is based on the Torah observance of ‘Counting of the Omer’ and presenting an offering of the ‘First Fruits’ of the Summer Harvest, etc. Then at the end on the 50th day, 2 loaves were present and waived as an end-product of the labor. Notice that the bread had liven, which speaks of ‘sin’ that infers how Believers in Jesus are still currently in the ‘body of sin’ yet as ‘clay vessels’ are containing the Glory of YHVH waiting for the Glorified Body, etc. This is all understood and correct, however in keeping with the Menorah and Almond Tree typology, the harvest of almonds comes 49 days later at around the end of July and beginning of August through September.

This would correlate with the 2nd count of Pentecost and with a harvest of souls perhaps at some designated year. Based on YHVH’s Word, Pentecost is 1 of the 3 Feasts in which all ‘fighting-age’ men of Israel were to assemble themselves before YHVH in Jerusalem, at the Temple for ‘inspection’. The other 2 Feasts were Passover and Sukkot. Interestingly Pentecost is centered as the fulcrum of the 7-Feast succession and of the 3 mandatory ones. Also based on Jewish tradition, it is believed that the receiving of the Torah at Sinai occurred on a Pentecost timeframe and speaks of the ‘marriage covenant’ at that time with YHVH and Israel. This parallels the Last Supper ‘Marriage Covenant’ between Jesus and the Bride that leads-up to Pentecost.

Theologically, Pentecost being the ‘center fulcrum’ of the 7 Feasts and that of the Menorah typology has served as a ‘transitional’ or intersessional time marker wherein the Age of Law (Moses) has been superimposed, temporarily by the Age of Grace. In addition, perhaps as many believe, will again revert to the Law during the coming Tribulation Period that will close-out the last prophetic Week of Years per Daniel. Having set a brief foundation of what Pentecost is about; the following observations will be presented based on the Jewish counting of 1 year that can equate to degrees of a circle, 360. Thus, a geometrical and mathematical approach will be given to illustrate the amazing symmetry of how even the divine time markers implemented through YHVH’s Feasts ‘tell’ a story and are ‘time-keepers’; truly as if a 12-hour time clock, etc. This is aside from the confusion and debate as to which calendar is right or should be used and from when does the Pentecost count of the 1st 49 days begins.

The Almond Tree
For the purposes of this Pentecost 49-day ‘double-count’ study, ‘calendars’ are not an issue, as only the mathematical templates will be considered. The study will assume certain base coefficients and variables though. The Jewish year is made-up of 12 months, that inferences the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 Apostles, etc. Each month has 30 days. At times, there is a 13th month to synchronize with the Solar Calendar. The months are set to the start of a New Moon. Thus, the total count of days in 1 Biblical Year would be 30 days x 12 months = 360 day/year. Also, it is decreed by YHVH in Genesis that the Sun, Moon and the Stars are to be for ‘Signs’ and the reckoning of ‘Time’. The time marker of the Moon is set to delineated the 30-day month count of 12 section for 1 year, etc. Such notions are incorporated in how the 7 Feasts of YHVH can then be superimposed onto a Menorah of 7-branches that parallels the Creation Week.

This Menorah and Almond Tree typology can thus further be superimposed onto the 7-fold Church Age of the Congregations of Asia as displayed in the last book of the Bible, Revelation. It is then also the key in suggesting how long the duration of the Pentecostal Church Age is to be, if such a correlation is valid and found to be true. Consider that based on the imagery depicted in Revelation, the Sun, Moon and the Stars infer to this typology. Jesus Himself refers to Him being ‘Venus’, bright as the Sun as Venus is the brightest planet seen from Earth. And that He is the ‘Light of the World’ and gives Light like a Sun. Jesus is portrayed ‘in the midst’ of the Menorah as the ‘Center Stem’ or ‘Root Stock’, etc. Jesus referred Himself as the ‘Root Stock’ or the Vine during His ministry on Earth. Then there is the notion of how the 7 Churches are presented as being ‘Stars’ that shine bright as a testimony of the ‘Light’ or fire on the Menorah lamps that flicker like that Stars in the Heavens.

Interesting, Revelation starts with an imagery of Jesus as the High Priest with the 12 Precious Stones worn upon His chest in front of a Menorah. He literally infers each of the 7 Churches as ‘Lights’ as being ‘Stars’, etc. Then, the Menorah itself is based on the type of an Almond Tree. Why an Almond Tree? On a personal note, having grown up in the hot and dry San Joaquin Valley and working since secondary school as a migrant farm worker family, one is more sensitive to the amazing typology YHVH used with Almond Trees. Having worked in the almond orchards, one learned how to irrigate the trees, prune them, heal them, protect them, graft them and harvest them. The Almond Tree is suited for dry weather conditions and limited water as it is in the Middle East. The tree is very strong and resilient, so long as there is a source of water. This is key.

As the Almond Tree is resilient, but very sensitive. This goes without saying of all vegetation. The Almond Tree blooms in the early Spring, February to March and displays an array of amazing color, scent and display in its white blooms. The flowers are pentagonal in shape, like ‘Stars’. Allowing for some poetic inference, one suspects YHVH chose the Almond Tree to represent mankind, sensitive, yet strong and resilient, however in need a life source, water, light and nutrients. So, too do the Followers of Jesus need Jesus, the Living Water, the Light and Sustainer of life in a hot parched world full of sin and spiritual drought. In full bloom, the Almond Trees glitter in the wind with its ‘Star’ shaped flowers as if Stars in the Heavens.

A Starry Host
The ‘Star’ flowers adorning the Almond Tree is how YHVH sees His People, as ‘Stars’ that adore Himself whom He loves, cares, waters, and prunes and died for such People on another tree, Calvary to have lowly and ‘cut-off’ people from Eternal Life and the source of Living Water become ‘Stars’. Such is the disposition of Jesus as the High Priest now that presents His ‘Stars’ in an array of glory and spender that He is attending to as they adorn the Almond Tree, the Menorah and Jesus Himself. At the core, if one peals all the layers of this amazing Menorah and Almond Tree typology, it is Jesus. He is the beautiful one, He is the starry glittering one, He is the one that has and is the source of Living Water, Light and Eternal Life. Jesus makes His People to share in such splendid glory. This YHVH promised to Daniel, that he too and all those like him would ‘shine as the Stars in Heaven’.

The Almond Tree is also indicative of a ‘Resurrection’ in how the Staff of Aaron was from an Almond Tree stock and ‘budded’ as to signify a ‘re-birth’ from that which was cut-off and dead. On an aside note, the Bible states in Genesis that in the midst of the Garden of Eden were 2 trees. One tree was that of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that YHVH forbid any partaking of its fruit. The other tree was that of the Tree of Eternal Life. What if the Tree of Life was an Almond Tree? Nonetheless, only in Jesus can one be found to be made to be ‘re-born’ that was ‘cut-off’ from Eternal Life and resurrect and be raptured one day for those that ‘remain and are alive’ when Pentecost ‘fully comes’. It is true what Jesus taught Israel and His Disciples. He, Jesus stated, ‘I AM the Vine and you are the Branches, apart from Me, you can do nothing’.

Herein lies the key to the typology of how the Almond Tree, the Menorah, Jesus and Pentecost are all linked to the 49-day ‘double-count’ of Pentecost. In what way? The suppositions are as follows. If it is the case that the 7 Feasts of YHVH, from Passover to Sukkot correspond to the 7 Churches of Asia prophetically, then on 1 level of inference is a sequence of a ‘circle of time’, 360 as the 3 Spring Feasts mirror the 3 Fall Feasts as in 180 and then 180 degree halves. That being the case, the ‘fulcrum’ of Pentecost corresponds to the Center Stem at 180 degrees and the ‘Servant Stem’ or the ‘Root Stock’ of the Almond Tree that the Menorah is patterned after. Thus, the point of this study is that the 1st 49-day count from First Fruits when Jesus resurrection on the Sabbath has and has to have its corresponding one for the 2nd 3 Feasts of YHVH.

This study strongly suggests that the Leviticus 23:16 decrees is to then count a corresponding or ‘mirrored’ 49-50-day count that is linked to what time the Gentles are to be ‘grafted-in’ prophetically during this ‘Pentecost Time’ as it is the present case, undeniably. This would corroborate with the typology of Jesus being the ‘Vine’, the Center Stem or Root Stock with equal and symmetrical halves. Why is this important? This understanding could help determine when Pentecost had ‘fully come’ then for the Disciples at the start of the Church Age and then when the Resurrection and the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to conclude the ‘Pentecostal Intermission’ perhaps. Consider that in the Menorah, Almond Tree analogy, it is the Center Stem/Stock with its roots that the Water of Life and/or Anointing Oil comes from, not the branches. For the Menorah, the oil from the Center Stem was used to fill and replenish the 6 other lamps. The Grafting Process

It is Jesus that the ‘branches’ are attached to and spring from, in a living way. If there is no flow of the ‘Living Water’ or the Anointing Oil of the Holy Spirit, in this case theologically, the ‘Branches’ or Testimonies to Jesus will wither and die. In the case of Israel, this sadly became the case. National Israel had to be totally cut off and at the stock. Jesus warned Israel in a few key parables about being faithful and obedient or else the Husbandryman would come and cut the tree at the root. This happened and twice now for Israel, nationally. What ensued in YHVH’s Plan of Redemption? The grafting-in of the Gentiles. Consider the grafting process in brief of the Almond Tree in prophetic perspectives. It is only at the Center Stem or Root Stock of the tree that a grafting occurs, not in the branches.

The current ‘Time’ on YHVH’s prophetic ‘clock’ has thus the Gentiles being grafted-in to this ‘Root Stock’, which is Jesus, not any other Feasts as they are types of the branches. What is unique about this Pentecost time Dispensation is that the ‘Manifold Wisdom of YHVH’, which had been kept secret has now been put on display through the Church Body as the New Testament teaches. This is a profound mystery and privilege as YHVH is using the Church Body to teach, as an ‘Almond Tree’, to all that ‘is out there’ who and what YHVH is and is doing. Thus, the Gentiles are being ‘grafted-in’ by YHVH as a ‘Bride’ for GOD the Son. This grafting is occurring now during this Pentecost Feast Dispensation; not at Passover, not at Feast of Unleavened Bread, nor at First Fruits.

Then not at Trumpets, nor Yom Kippur nor at Sukkot, etc. It is at Pentecost were specially and in keeping with the other mentioned and known typology of the Gentles associated with Pentecost that it will be or can only be the Feast of YHVH, if any are linked to when the Resurrection and the Rapture of the Gentile Bride is to occur. It is a unique time where to be ‘saved’ or have Eternal Life, one only has to ‘call upon the Name of the LORD, Jesus’. As YHVH’s disposition was to appeal through wisdom and reason, that was rejected. As YHVH then appealed through Signs and Wonders, those were rejected as well. YHVH has now used the foolishness and simplicity of the Gospel to only be accepted as a means of conveying the eternal truths of how a human needs the redemption of the soul. Presently, Humanity can only be ‘saved’ by Grace through Faith. Faith in what or whom? Jesus.

That one can be redeemed and bestowed Eternal Life by being put into Jesus through a ‘grafting’ process. What is grafting? Grafting is a horticultural technique that is defined as attaching a twig or a Scion (sī-ən) like ‘Zion’, interestingly enough from 1 tree to the stem of another tree’s root stock. The Scion then becomes a permanent part of that tree. (Eternal Security) One of the purposes of grafting Scions is to improve qualities and have it take-on the characteristics of the host tree. There are several grafting techniques, for a simplistic explanation, the 4-Flap Graft Technique will be highlighted. One first prepares the Scion by trimming off the bottom of it to show its ‘fresh’, green wood. The cut or ‘circumcision’ exposes the Cambium Tissue, which carries sap through the tree. Then a band is used to hold the flaps in place with the main stem or Root Stock.

The Scions
This ensures that the Cambium Tissue of the Scion is sealed against the Cambium Tissue of the Root Stock. Then the Grafts are protected by wrapping it with a piece of covering. It serves as a shield from outside interferences. Interestingly, the buds will appear normally in about 30 days. Then for tracking and counting purposes, a tag is placed with the written date on the tape to keep track of when and how many Grafts have been infused. As one can see, there are some amazing suggested theological parallels. Israel has been temporarily ‘cut off’ at the root due to her unfaithfulness and then for rejecting Jesus as the actual Husbandryman that came to visit and harvest her ‘fruit’. YHVH has used this occasion and time and place to ‘graft-in’ the Gentiles on to the Root Stock, that being Jesus Himself.

Only in Jesus is the Water of Life, Light and nourishment available and whom one can only be redeemed and saved by. Jesus cuts off the old to allow for a ‘fusion’ to occur and enable a ‘sealing’ of the Holy Spirit to allow the flowing of the spiritual nutrients to nourish the new redeemed souls, permanently. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. This is reminiscent of the oil needed to be flowing in the lamps of the Menorah, etc. The aim of this ‘spiritual grafting’ is theologically to produce the ‘Fruits of Faith’ and be a delight to the Savior. Jesus cuts-off Believers from the world that is dead and set to be gathered and burned-up as He sits His Redeemed upon the ‘Princes of His People’. They are now as the ‘Star’ flowers of an Almond Tree that adorn the Savior that He wears even upon His chest as Precious glittering ‘Stones’ of color and brilliance.

Then Christ Jesus secures and envelopes the Believers with a ‘firewall’ of the Holy Spirit to protect it. Jesus gives a new Disciple a New Name with a number and it will be only when that mysterious ‘153rd’ fish is caught in the dragnet of Christ’s Gospel that the Church Age Royal Commissions comes to a fulfillment. This place and time will also coincide with the work of the Holy Spirit having finished ‘building’ the Bride of Christ that has been made ready to be presented to her groom much like Eliezer was sent-out to fetch a bride for Isaac, etc. This study is thus only suggesting that based on the 49-day ‘double-count’, Menorah and Almond Tree types, that at a given year, in a Pentecost Season when Pentecost had ‘fully come’ is when most likely the evacuation and ‘retreat’ that is the ‘falling-away’ will occur. When Pentecost had ‘fully come’ is the key perhaps that is overlooked.

This study strongly suggests that it is inferencing of the 2nd 50-day count of the mirrored time from the fulcrum of the Root Stock based on its typology of the Menorah and Almond Tree specifically. Thus, consider that as the indwelling of the GOD the Holy Spirit began its work specifically to prepare a mainly Gentile Bride for Christ as with Boaz with Ruth, it had a beginning and an end, a complete ‘circle of time’, 360. On another aside note, the key encryption of when Pentecost ‘fully came’ is suggested that the event did not take place in the ‘Upper Room’. The Upper Room did not have enough space for all the 120 Followers of Christ to assemble, much less the 3000+ observers that then gathered to witness the spectacle. Consider that at this time, the Apostles and Followers of the Way as it was known then were very fearful and behind locked doors.

However, in prior studies, it has been highly suggested that in fact on the occasion of the ‘last day’ of Pentecost, the 99th day to be exact, gave the Apostle and Disciples of Jesus a venue to be at the Temple Mount. This is where the multitudes were required to present themselves before YHVH. At the Temple Courts or platform is where such and the 3000+ assembled from all the Nations from where the Jews came from had assembled. So? It is in the House of GOD, of YHVH where the Holy Spirit comes down from. No ‘City of David’ condensed area could accommodate 3000 people and it is 1 of many reason why the Temples of YHVH were not there nor will be. Archeologically, many are mistaking the Palace of David, which was there to be that of the Temple.

It is absurd to extrapolate that the Temple Mount platform was a Roman Fort accommodating 3000 soldiers. It is the Temples Mount that was leveled to precisely accommodate 3000 male Jewish worshippers for the required assembly at Passover, Pentecost and Sukkot. This will be in keeping with the same principle of assembly during the Millennial Kingdom in which the 4th Temple of Ezekiel will have a similar leveled platform that will have to accommodate 3 million for those representatives of the Nations to assembly. When? On Passover, Pentecost and Sukkot. Presently, the Age of the Gentiles has been to be grafted-in as Israel has been ‘cut-off’ but not permanently.

Suffice to say that in any given year, the highest watch time for the Resurrection and Rapture should be in this window of Pentecost, using the ‘double-count’ of 49 days + 50 days mathematical formula. This is assuming Passover was on April 8, 2020 using the Rabbinical Calendar and the 'marrow' after the Sabbath was the immediate one or April 12. This date equates to the 28th of Tammuz for 2020. Note that each year will have a different date. Interestingly from Tammuz 28 to the 5th Feast of YHVH, Trumpets is approximately 66 days, a mirror of the 99th double-count of Pentecost on the 28th. Trumpets starts on the 1st day of the 7th month called Tishri. From Trumpets to Yom Kippur the 6th Feast is 10 days, which are called the Days of Awe. Then from Yom Kippur to Sukkot is 5 days, which is the 15th of Tishri. Sukkot lasts for 7 days. Altogether, from Passover, to the start of the last Feast, Sukkot in the 7th month is 180 days or midpoint of the prophetic ‘Circle of Time’, etc.

Then the 180 days can be delineated into 2 halves of 90-days each. One can sense that the Feasts of YHVH do indeed mark time. It is as if it is a ‘circle’ of  time that is even suggested in a prior study on the 7 Churches of Asia. In that study, the distance from Ephesus, the 1st church to the last church, Laodicea was also 360 miles as in 360 degrees or a ‘circle’ of time, a clock, etc.  Incidentally, the 7 Churches of Asia approximately correspond not only to their name as in their corresponding prophetic character but to their Feasts based on the Menorah and Almond Tree typology. As one can see, the 7 Churches of Asia have a prophetic correlation even to the 7 Feasts of YHVH in their disposition.

CHURCH                     CHARACTER             FEAST
1. Ephesus                    Apostolic                   Passover       
2. Smyrna                     Persecuted                U. Bread
3. Pergamon                Compromised            First Fruits

4. Thyatira                  Divided                      Pentecost (As in halves)

5. Sardis                     Dead                           Trumpets
6. Philadelphia            Evangelistic                Yom Kippur
7. Laodicea                 Apostate                     Sukkot

The Sealing of the Spirit
Ephesus was the 1st Assembly and period that was constituted by the sacrifice of Christ, as the Lamb of GOD on Passover. Smyrna was the heavily persecuted Assembly and like the Afikoman that was hidden, it was riddled with stripes and puncture holes much like the body of Jesus who was persecuted, killed and buried. Then there is Pergamon wherein the coming AntiChrist will pull-off a counterfeit resurrection as accomplished by Jesus who is now the First Fruits among the Dead. There is Thyatira, the divided Assembly that basically sold-out and typifies of the half-heated disposition of being ‘of Christ’ and of the world ‘serving 2 Masters’, but also 2 sides of the Menorah, etc.

There is Sardis which was ‘dead’ and it take a trumpet blast to ‘wake up’. There is Philadelphia who is promised a door of escape from the ‘Hour’ that is to come to test or judge the world during the Tribulation Period. This Assembly speaks of how such will be ushered into the Heavenly Chambers and ‘crossover’ to the other side as it ‘sheds’ the physical body at the point of the Resurrection and the Rapture. This is much like at Yom Kippur, the High Priest that was stripped down to the bare essentials and then ‘crossed over’ through the Veil of Separation to face YHVH in His chamber or Throne Chair. Then there is Laodicea that is what is presently the character of about half the ‘Body of Christ’ presently on Earth.

Jesus speaks to the spiritual disposition of how Jesus is outside the ‘Sukkot’ or Tabernacle or one of their ‘mega-church’ buildings. Such are the ones that have voted Jesus outside but He is knocking to be let in their ‘House’. As to Israel, sadly she has ‘wondered’ in the wilderness of the world in unbelief to this day seeking Living Water, Light and Sustenance from another. However, as King Nebuchadnezzar was ‘cut-off’ at the stock and re-grafted, so too will it be the case for Israel. The book of Romans states and that Israel will be saved but it will take the return of Jesus Christ for it to happen and only then and there. In the meanwhile, the work of the Holy Spirit has been primarily to graft-in the Gentiles and embolden the Disciples of Jesus to be Witnesses of the Gospel and be fearless in the face of persecution, martyrdom and death.

This has been the sad case of the Age of the Gentiles since its inception of that 1st Pentecost. It is a bitter-sweet time as the Holy Spirit was given to the Bride to prepare her, to be built-up as a ‘Temple’ during a time of ‘Spiritual Warfare’. However, the Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is a ‘down payment’ of the whole that is to be given later. Until then, the Holy Spirit bestows ‘Spiritual Gifts’ to be used to build-up the Kingdom, etc. The Holy Spirit lead, guides, protects and comforts. He teaches the Disciples of Jesus and leads one to the Truth. As to 2nd 49-day count from Pentecost on Sivan 6? One then adds the 49 days. This ‘double-count’ would correlate to Tammuz, the 4th month and on the 27-28th. As it is known, the 7 Feasts of YHVH begin with Passover, on the 14th Day. The Passover Lamb is inspected starting on the 10th day for 4 days. The 15th of Nissan is the start of the 7-day Feast of Unleavened Bread. But 3 days later from Passover on the 14th, as with the Sign of Jonah, is the Feast of First Fruits. Based on alternate day-counts, Jesus died on a Wednesday as the 3pm sacrificial Passover Lamb was being sacrificed and consumed.

The Pentecostal Pace
Jesus was buried in the Garden Tomb that evening before sunset as Wednesday was a ‘High Day Sabbath’ and all of Israel had to eat the Passover Lamb that night as it was in Egypt. Jesus was then 72 hours or 3 days and 3 night in the ‘Place of the Dead’, Sheol, etc. Incidentally, a prior astronomical study strongly suggests that this occurred in 32 AD as a Blood Moon occurred near midnight, just as it was in Egypt and in the Sign of Libra, which in the ancient world was an Altar. The following are some day counts and observations based on purely mathematical suppositions of how it is the ‘double-count’ to Pentecost, the 99th day and degree correlations of the 7 Feasts.

-12 months in a ‘Jewish’ year = 12 months x 30 day = 360 days to 1 year set to Moon Cycles

-Nissan is the 1st Month          @ 0 degrees               ‘0’ Hour
-Tishri is the 7th Month            @ 180 degrees           6th Hour
-Ayar is the 12th Month           @ 360 degrees           12th Hour

-Sivan 6: Start of Pentecost = phi ratio to 180 degree of 'time' to 360 day year
-Tammuz 25: 'Fully Come'? = @~90 degrees to 180 degree of 'time' to 360 day year

Jesus physically and bodily resurrected on that weekly Saturday, the Sabbath just before sunset. The resurrection was key in defeating Lucifer, Death and Sin. It allowed for the ‘grafting-in’ of anyone to this source of Eternal Life that is Eternal Life and The Light. Jesus then made provisions that during His leave, He would send the Comforter. Jesus told His Disciples that ‘He would come to them’ and not leave them alone. Thus, the Holy Spirit is what fuses the new ‘Grafts’, protects them and nourishes them. Also, the job of GOD the Holy Spirit is to convict the world and the Disciples of Christ Jesus of sin. And, among many other attributes, is restraining full-on evil from manifesting on Earth as the Disciples of Jesus are ‘Lights’ as Stars to illuminate and Salt to preserve.

As to the hypothesis of the 99-day count that is being suggested is when Pentecost had ‘fully come’? Pentecost is currently in play, in operation as the Holy Spirit’s work of ‘grafting-in’ of the Gentiles is not yet completed. It is very close by some estimation. The concept for the last nearly 2000 years is thought to be that many in the Church Body believe Pentecost was fulfilled, past tense. It is not. The Age of Grace is still in full effect. It is in conjunction with the work of the High Priest, Jesus as the Husbandryman is set to graft-in a certain number as with the ‘catch’ in the Sea of Galilee with the Disciple, 153 prophetically. Even this number of 153 is prophetic and mathematically, it alludes to the Vesica Pisces which speaks of a multiplying effect, of reproduction, etc.

Thus, on another side note and for another study, the Resurrection and Rapture cannot be ‘imminent’. Although one understands such a reasoning, it is not plausible nor in character of YHVH given the evidence of the typologies presented in such studies as these. This study suggests that YHVH’s time-clock is set to certain prophetic resolutions and set to mathematical principles like the phi ratio which Pentecost is set to at Sivan 6 and even on the 25th of Tammuz. However, such suppositions are solely based on the study of typologies of the Menorah, Almond Tree using basic geometry and mathematics. However, such correlations do seem to suggest YHVH’s timeline and time markers of the 7 Feast, the 3 Feasts, the Menorah and Almond Tree typology of there being a fulcrum and equal halves, prophetically speaking of ‘Time’, place and purpose. When Pentecost Fully Comes
Thus, the ‘start’ of Shavuot would be 49 days from First Fruits, from the resurrection of Jesus.

This would be the 6th of Sivan, which is the 3rd month and is in phi ratio of time within the 180 degree ‘circle of time’. To reiterate, from the 50th day, ‘Penta-cost’, a subsequent and corresponding 50-day count ensues as this study suggests the 'Pentecost' is in the wrong side. Thus, the 99th day would fall on Tammuz (Tamuz) 27-28th, which is in phi ratio of time to the 360 day-to-degree timeframe. Is this when Pentecost had ‘fully come’? This study suggests yes. However, please do note that this study is not in any fashion suggesting that this day is the day of the Resurrection and Rapture. The aim of the study is not to ‘figure-out’ when the Rapture will occur but that based on the mathematical pattern of the Feasts of YHVH, the Menorah and Almond Tree typology, such a time frame might be possible, depending on the year.

Nisan 10                   Nisan 14  15   16   17                                18
Lamb examined       Jesus Crucified        First Fruits Sabbath      Morrow + 49 days    + 50 days = Tammuz 27-28 at evening =
Pentecost: 'when fully come'

17th day + 33 days = 50th (Sivan 6) + 50 second day count = Pentecost

The following year sequences are suggested however, to be high watch times based on the accelerated convergence of prophetic events. Such events include the recognizing Jerusalem by the Trump Administration as being the Capital of Israel. The U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem to list a few. Then there was the recognition of the Golan Heights by the USA. The Altar of Dedication occurred on the 70th year of Israel’s rebirth as a Nation, such as it was in the 70th year with Ezra. The time has now come when the reconstituted Nascent Sanhedrin is calling on the 70 Nations to support the building of the 3rd Temple, etc. There was also the Jubilee liberation anniversary of recapturing Jerusalem in the 1967 6-Day War, etc. Then there is the procurement of the Red Heifer that will be needed to consecrate the Temple Mount, not in the City of David.

This sacrifice will enable the Daily Sacrifices to be authenticated and validated as ‘all of Israel’ will then be able to ascend to the Temple Mount without ‘defiling’ the Temple Precinct ceremoniously. And the list goes on but the shelf-life of these events possible signify a strong inference that the following years are the highest watch time ever for the Bride of Christ and that in a particular Pentecost season, when it ‘fully comes’ suggested by a double-count of 99 days, end-date excluded could be such a time being fulfilled and the Great Royal Commission of the Church completed. However, with all the prophetic nuances and convergences falling into place, it is exciting to be watching and contemplating such a possibility at these times.

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