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The purpose of this study is to ascertain when and why the ‘Block-Buster’ Movie of the Summer 2023, ‘Barbie’ was released. As one who studies the Occult and Luciferian Tactics, the Controlled Hollywood Pedophiles make sure that the Release of their Movies comes in Tandem with the Spell it casts on the Intended Audience. It is about a Broadcasting of their Psychological Attacks at getting into the Psyche of People through their Predictive Programming. This is nothing new, but what one seeks to point out is when and why the Barbie Movie was Released. Why?

It tells a very Luciferian Endeavor to Deface the ‘Image and Likeness’ of Humanity even more to the degree that the Powers-That-Be, want to Emasculate Men and Masculine Women. From what one has read and seen of the Movie, ‘Barbie’, it is yet another Luciferian Enterprise at Debasing the Minds of Impressionable Young Men and Women, but especially Women. The Movie depicts how Motherhood, raising Children, Marrying a Man out of Love and having a Life-Long Commitment is to be up-ended by a Replacement Psychology.

It is to reverse the Roles that have plagued Humanity since Adam and Eve. It encompasses the ‘Battle of the Sexes’. It is Eve’s Desire to ‘Lead’ and be the ‘Man’, to look like the Man and take the Gender Roles of the Man. And it is about Adam, being Passive and Emasculated to dress as a Woman and pretend to be a Woman, etc. it is the Rise of the Spirit of Isis or Sirius as that is what the Ancient Pagan Civilizations worshipped as the Queen of Heaven and the Permanent Brightest Star in the Known Universe, from Earth’s Perspective.

Isis or Sirius is the Dog Star. It is where the Word, Canis or Canaan comes from. It is essentially the ‘People of the Dog Star’, whom they worship through Sex Orgies, Temple Prostitutes and offering their Children up to Molech. It is really no different now as Mother literally hand their Toddlers to Drag Queen in Public Library Book Reading or Gay Parades over the Summers to perform Sexual Lewd Acts before them, in full acceptance of just how ‘Woke’ they are and Tolerant.

It is truly a sight to see in these Last Days of the Church Age. And how true the Waring was to come true that Jesus warned the Days would be as those of Lot and Noah. So, in the Barbie Movie, they naturally then push Homosexuality, Transgenderism, etc. What is worse is that the opening scene is that of a correlation to 2001: A Space Odyssey by the Luciferian Stanley Kubrick who died in 1999.

Spirit of Transitioning 
The Barbie Parody portrays young Girls playing with Baby Dolls but as Barbie emerges or is ‘Born’ much like Venus, the Young Girls shatter their Babies to Death, as in Abortion, etc. These Hollywood Luciferian Producers champion the cause to have Women become what they detest, Men. It is rather Ironic and Depression that the Person they are taught to Hate, tear down, Emasculate is who they then take their place as. The Woman becomes the Man they loath and the Men become the ‘Ken’ that placates her.

Yet, none are fulfilled nor satisfies as that is what YHVH, the Creator intended a Woman to be to a Man and a Man to a Woman. In the Bible, the Greatest Compliment goes to a Woman of Virtue who knows how to Compliment her Husband in Business, the Home, with Children and above all with Jesus Christ.  And as to Men, the Apostle Paul set down the Standard that it is a Command of Jessus to ‘LOVE’ his Wife as Jesus LOVES His Church. Notice that this Command to LOVE is not given to the Wire.

Rather that the Wife reciprocates that LOVE by Obeying. This is the Divine Order and demonstrated by none other than Jesus. He LOVED the Father so much, that He Obeyed His Father’s Will and Command to be the Substitutionary Lamb of YHVH to repair and restore the Broken Relationship, not only between Eve and Adam, but with Humanity and YHVH. Humanity since the Fall of Adam and Eve has rather gone after other ‘Lovers’. And this even pertains, sadly to YHVH’s People and Jesus’ Body, presently during this Church Age.

Many Followers of Jesus, as it was with Israel with YHVH have become ‘Whores’ that rather prefer to ‘Listen’ and Obey the Luciferians of this World. Why? They Promise a ‘Better Deal’. When in fact, it is Jesus that has the Better Deal. With all that in Mind and as Philosophical Backdrop, let us consider the Spirit of this Movie further by ascertaining when it was Released. Why? The Number and Date will reveal why. So, It has to do with the Number, 723. And? One surmises that it is a Code of Sorts. One even had a ‘Vision’ of it, twice back in 2020.

It could be that of a July 23 Date (723) or September 23 Date due to the Latin Origins of the Month being originally the 7th Month in the Roman Calendar. But also due to the Fact that it is the 7th Month in the Jewish Calendar, Tishrei, etc. Could be both as a Double Entendre or Prophetic Implication? One came to find out that in the Farmer’s Almanac, July 23 723 is when the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ are noted as the Sun is in Alignment with the ‘Dog Star’, Sirius. Seriously? Yes.

Sirius, the Dog Star and the Queen or ‘Barbie’ of Heaven. To the Occult, this Queen of Heaven is Ashtar, the Goddess of Promiscuity, of Propitiation and Abortion, etc. She is the Goddess that Emasculates Men and makes them Women. So, it was no surprise then when the Barbie Movie was Released. Why? It was during the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ or that of Sirius, the Queen of Heaven. In the Illustration Chart Linked below, one can get a Visual of the Imagery of how both the Sun and Sirius rise together over the Mount of Olives from the Perspective of Jerusalem, Israel.

Spirit of Perversion
On any given July 23 Date in a Year, the Sun enters the Constellation of Cancer at this Time. In Ancient Times, this Motif of the Crab was believed to be the Gathering of the Sheep, as in the Pin in the Sky. It is also referred to, Astronomical as the Beehive Constellation as the Center of the Motif has a myriad of condensed Clusters of In the Esoteric Realms of the Luciferians, the Star Sirius is the Brightest Star in the Known Universe, only because of its Distance from Earth. Galaxies, etc.

The Star is attributed to the ‘Queen of Heaven’ and is the Consort of Orion. As the ‘Queen of Heaven’, she is also known in the Ancient World by many other Names, primarily as Inana, later Astarte, ISIS and Mary of the Roman Catholic Church. Even many World Capital Street Layouts are configured to the Star Sirius. One will present at the end of this study, 2 such World Capitals that mirror each other, the Vatican and Washington, D.C.

In both cases, the Star Sirius corresponds to the Basilica of the Roman Catholics. How befitting as it is the Whore of Babylon, presently conducting its Spirit of Barbie in these Last Days. The other Motif corresponds to the Capital Building of the District of Columbia. And note that at the Top of the Dome is Crowned by ‘Lady Liberty’. But in fact it is a Façade and a Tribute to Sirius, the Whore of Babylon, Sirius, or in this case, ‘Barbie’.  And has not the Rise of Homosexuality, Trans this and that have saturated nearly every major News Article and Broadcast to the point of nausea.

What is rather interesting or perhaps not Coincidental is that the Movie Barbie was theatrically released in the United States on July 21 by Warner Bros. Pictures. This Time-Frame encompassed the Weekend of the 22nd and the 23rd.  Many believe it harnessed the Powers of Ishtar as it is the Spirit of Isis that has come upon the Land, the USA. And this same Spirit of Rebellion, Perversion, Abortion, has gone hand-in-hand with the Rise in the Spirit of Baphomet.

Here you have your ‘Ken and Barbie’, 1-2 Luciferian Punch hitting the USA specifically but the World in general. And the USA has swallowed it, ‘Hook-Line-And Sinker’, as they say. It is no wonder why, such Demonic Energies peaked during this Summer with the whole LGBT Rise in interjecting their Agenda into the Mainstream Psyche of the American People and the World, by Design. It is part of the 2030 U.N. Agenda to help in Population Control.

So, behind this Barbie Movie is only the same Edenic Ploy of Lucifer to Steal, Kill and Destroy Adam and Eve and replace it with Adam and Steve. This is why the Movie about Sex-Trafficking Children shown in the ‘Cry for Freedom’ Movie has been Attacked and Sabotaged by the Hollywood Pedophiles who control the Media and the Movies. Truly, it is the Age of Deception where Up is Down, Down is Up, Good is Evil, and Evil is Celebrated as Good during the Dog Days of Summer, of Isis, of Sirius, i.e., Barbie.

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Columbia Cosmic Star Map

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