Astronomical Variables and Eclipse Patterns

  • Was there a Blood Moon during the crucifixion of Jesus?
  • In what constellation did it occur and what did it depict?
  • Was there a prophetic 'echo' of what happened in Egypt?

by Luis B. Vega

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'All inhabitants of the Earth will worship the Beast--all whose names have not been written in the Lamb's Book of Life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the World.' – Revelation 13:8

The purpose of this study with chart illustrations is to present several points of interest that gives credence to the purported birth date of Jesus Christ as Messiah on September 11, -3 BC (9-11). Although the date is in dispute, more so is the date of Christ’s crucifixion and death. The popular notion of a 33 AD date and/or Jesus being the year of His death is idealistic not based on any real concrete facts or calculations. This study presents a possible date association solely based on astronomical patterns taken from the lunar and solar cycles since September 11, -3 BC and the Mazzaroth pattern of the life and death cycles corresponding to the Precession of the Equinox. Contrary to popular belief, there was no Tetrad of 4 consecutive Blood Moons from 27 to 34 AD, well within the scope of the possible crucifixion of Christ on Calvary.

There were 4 partial solar eclipses in a row in 32 AD and only a partial lunar eclipse in early April of 33 AD. There is only 1 possible eclipse that occurs during this time frame on a Passover and that it is a total lunar eclipse or Blood Moon, April 14, 32 AD. This study suggests that this date is the best candidate for the crucifixion date of Jesus. Also, there are few times in history where the Jewish and Western calendars synchronize. One such year was in 2014 where Passover occurred on the 14th of April and coincidentally it was a Blood Moon that commenced the Tetrad of 2014-15. It also occurred around midnight; such was the case in the Passover of 32 AD, exactly 1982 years ago. The full moon occurred on the 14th of April in 32 AD as all Passovers have to start with a full moon as it is the beginning of the Religious Year.

What is peculiar about this full moon was that it was a Blood Moon, perhaps reminiscent of the Blood Moon that occurred the very midnight hour of the first Passover in Egypt. It was on that day that the Destroying Angel visited the land and took the Firstborn as was the case with Jesus Christ, as the Messiah is titled, the ‘First Born of Creation’ that was sacrificed on the altar of Calvary. The Blood Moon occurred also in the middle of the constellation Libra, the ‘Scales’ but in some ancient renditions it was an Altar of Sacrifice. This Altar of Sacrifice during Passover in association with Mt. Moriah and Calvary would collaborate with the depiction of Isaac and Christ, being offered on a slab; a son being sacrificed by a father typology. The dual connotation though, to the Scales of Libra denotes the judgment and wrath of YHVH that was placed on Christ, GOD the Son at the Cross of Calvary that in essence was an ‘Altar’ like Libra.

The Altar of Sacrifice
As to the possible age of Jesus Christ when He died? Perhaps it was the very spot in which the event with Abraham and Isaac took place. Consider that from Rosh HaShanah -3 BC of September 11 to the Passover of April 14, 32 AD would be the 33rd year of age of Christ as there is no ‘0’ year in the timeline. A 3.5-year ministry from Rosh HaShanah of 28 AD would correspond to the April 32 AD crucifixion. The charts will visually denote this lifespan of Jesus Christ, assuming that the September 11, -3 BC date is actual date of Christ’s birth. Astronomically, a Fall birth and a Spring death would follow the Mazzaroth or Zodiac cycles of stations or seasons.

The Gospels state that Jesus was ‘about’ 30 when He was baptized, suggesting that He had not yet turned 30 as that was the age that Rabbis could take on disciples and start a legitimate public ministry. If the September 11, -3 BC birth date is accurate, Jesus had to wait until the Fall Feasts to turn 30 to commence His ministry of proclaiming the Kingdom and calling for the national repentance of Israel. Thus the 1st miracle of the marriage in Cana shortly after His baptism and near the Passover timing of turning the water into wine was indeed His 1st miracle before His time.

The illustrated timelines for this study show that the last 3 years of Jesus Christ’s life presents an alternative view of the timing of the historical sequence leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. A 3.5-year period is marked by a planetary alignment associated with Jesus’ baptism leading up to His death. It is also seen at the beginning of Christ’s lifespan as a distinct Star of David planetary alignments have been identified by the research of John C. Webb to have also occurred 3.5 years leading up to Jesus’ birth. As it has been stated, this study suggests that the crucifixion corresponds to a total lunar eclipse or Blood Moon on a Passover. No other eclipse, either solar or lunar that is total occurs on a Passover except the one on April 14, 32 AD.

The Passover Week timeline also challenges the traditional understanding of when the actual crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ took place at the age of 33. A Friday crucifixion taught by organized Roman religion has contributed to a gross misunderstanding of when the LORD actually was crucified, buried, and risen. The timelines presented stipulate that the crucifixion was on a Wednesday, making the resurrection of Jesus Christ on a special Sabbath afternoon mid-week called the High Day Sabbath or Preparation Day due to the Passover observance. This study assumes that the 3 days and 3 nights Jesus was died and buried were literal 24-hour periods of time.

This specific time frame was pegged to the Sign of Jonah that Christ Himself gave to the Elders of Israel. If Christ died on Passover, a Wednesday at the 9th Hours which is 3pm, exactly as the lambs were being slaughtered for the Passover at the Temple, then exactly 3 days and 3 nights could correspond to a resurrection at the 9th Hour precisely. This timing would put the resurrection of Jesus in the Garden Tomb at around 3pm Saturday, just before twilight and before the conclusion of the weekly Sabbath. It was only on Sunday when ‘He had risen’ early in the morning that the women found Him already risen.

An Astronomical Lifespan
The Bible states in Romans 6:4 that as Christ was resurrected, in like manner those in Christ would in the same manner be resurrected, perhaps in the very same hour. It will at this time that the glorification of the body is to take place. As is has been stated, another point of interest as to the timing of the crucifixion is based on or related to the Precession of the Equinox pattern found to scale in the Mazzaroth of Zodiac cycles of life and death. This study proposes that the birth and death of Messiah was pegged to a 33° angle taken from the cardinal lines or points of the Zodiac circle of time. The number 33 is a sacred demarcation of time and space. The times are demarked by a 33.33 dissection of a geometric circle.

If the geometry is fused with the mathematics of Jesus’ birth and death, 3 degrees from the 30th degree arc of a circle would precisely correspond to April 14 and September 11. Again, this assertion is solely based on the astronomical cycles or stations of a circle and if time is incorporated into it. It does appear that the LORD’s birth and death coincided to astronomical alignments precisely on Moedims or YHVH’s appointed times. Given this condition, Christ’s birth would confirm a Fall birth, Rosh HaShanah that mirrors mathematically and geometrically His death in the Spring at a Passover.

To reiterate, this pattern would coincide with the cycles of ‘life and death’ astronomically but in reverse order as the Fall signifies the descent of life into the dead of winter but that is the time Messiah was born. Likewise, the Spring is a station of time where the beginning of ‘life’ goes into the summer but it was the time that Christ died. Perhaps this is YHVH’s way of reversing the Curse or Fall of Mankind’s natural course of life and death cycles introduced by the original sin of the first humans, Adam and Eve in the Garden.

Beginning of Life Cycle: April 14, 32 AD = 33° DEATH and age of 33
Beginning of Death Cycle: September 11, -3 BC = 33° BIRTH

As it has been noted, based on the research of John Charles Webb, a hexagram planetary alignment astronomically occurred at the beginning and end of Jesus Christ’s lifespan. These 2 unique planetary alignments appear to ‘bracket’ the lifespan of Jesus Christ. The first such configuration occurred on March 2, -5 BC, as a possible prophetic countdown to the purported date of Christ’s birth in September 11, -3 BC. The 2nd occurred during the time that presumes a commemoration of the baptism of Christ just before a Passover and just before His 30th birthday.

This time was the initiation in preparation for the 3 year long public ministry of Jesus as Messiah that led to the cross of Calvary. It is also rather interesting that the 2 ‘bookend’ Star of David planetary alignments also are related to John the Baptist as he was the forerunner to Christ’s Birth and to Jesus’ public ministry at the end of his life as John was also to die before Jesus. As to the baptism requirement of Jesus, John the Baptist was calling national Israel to repentance. A baptism signified that a sinner humbled him or herself to the point of repentance to have a right standing with the LORD; it was a public commitment.

Some Observations
The Bible is very clear that Jesus Christ, as GOD the Son in the flesh was sinless and did not have a sin nature, thus Jesus as a human did not need to be baptized. The only reason He did was that as the 2nd Adam, Jesus identified with the sin of Adam and Eve and took their place as one in association and reconciliation to thereafter commit His life to the Ministry of Reconciliation of not only national Israel but the entire world. This sacrifice and substitution were to be consummated at the ‘Altar of Sacrifice’ on the Cross of Calvary. Additionally, the Bible states that Jesus is the only sinless one, not Mary nor Mohammed can claim this.

1. The number of partial solar eclipses since September 11 -3 BC to 32 AD = 33. This corresponds to the age Christ was, 33.5 or on His 33rd year at the time of the crucifixion based on the year counts since the purported birth date.

2. The 32 partial solar eclipses are demarked by 10 clustered separated by a factor of approximately 7 years each, i.e. 10 x 7 = 70 coefficient.

3. There is a total of 18 total solar eclipses from September 11 -3 BC to 32 AD = a (6-6-6) pattern.

4. If a phi ratio spiral pattern is superimposed on the lifespan timeline of Jesus Christ’s life from September 11 -3 BC to 32 AD, a direct correspondence to the age of 12 occurs that is the Bar Mitzvah or Age of Accountability. This is possibly the time in which Jesus was giving a desertion to the Elders of Israel in the Temple.

5. From the age of 12 to the time of the baptism of Jesus is exactly 16 years.

6. As noted in 2014, Passover occurred on the 14th of April with the start of the 2014-15 Tetrad in the midnight hour as it did also in 32 AD. Perhaps this time period of exactly 1982 years is signaling a near completion of a ‘greater sacrifice’ typology related to the end of the Church Age and Rapture of the Bride of Christ to occur fairly soon. This assertion would then have to factor a coefficient of ‘3 days’ for the Church Body of Christ to be resurrected and raptured, perhaps. Could this mean 3 prophetic years from April 14, 2014? This date would then April 1, 2017.

7. From the purported birth of Christ in September 11 -3 BC to the 32 AD anniversary of 28 AD + 3.5 years = April of 32 AD the time of Christ’s Death on His 33rd year.

Another astonishing mathematical correlation is that the year 5777 appeared to be a converging time, prophetically. It will the eve of the 70th year from 1947 that Israel became a Member State in the UN. It will also be the 50 years from 1967 that Israel recaptured the Temple Mount. These factors clearly crisscross each other’s coefficient.

1947/48 = 70 years as in 1967           Nation
1967/68 = 48 years as in 1947           City
2017/18 = ? Event/Altar?                    3rd Temple

Total Lunar Eclipse of the Crucifixion
The following is the specifics of the Blood Moon eclipse of when this study purports the crucifixion of Christ occurred. Based on the U.S. Naval Observatory data, this total Blood Moon occurred reached maximum near midnight local time over Jerusalem on April 14, 32 AD. Astonishingly, as noted, April 14 was the same day and time that the beginning of the last Tetrad of Blood Moons specifically and mathematically tied to 1949 and 1967 occurred.

YEAR:             32 AD
DATE:             April 14 
ZENITH:          11:56:36 
LUNA NUM:    -24338 
SAROS:          61  
TYPE:             T+ 
QSE:               pp  
GAMMA:         0.0997 
PEN MAG:      2.6803 
UM MAG:        1.6697 
PEN:               345.1 
PAR:               222.7 

The lunar eclipse was not seen from Israel until 9 hours later as it broke the Jerusalem horizon. It was in the midst of Libra the Scales or 'Altar'. Perhaps this too was a prophetic omen of how national Israel missed the significance of such a judgment and sacrifice done by their long-awaited Messiah Jesus of Nazareth. As it has been stated, this study proposes that the birth and death of Messiah was pegged to a 33° angle taken from the cardinal lines or points of the Zodiac circle of time. The number 33 is a sacred demarcation of time and space.

Within the circle of time or the Zodiac, a Precessional Cross of ‘time’ is made up of the Vernal Axis that is currently perpendicular to the Galactic Equator. This study suggests that likewise, Christ’s lifespan was astronomical in similar cosmological and mathematical alignments to fulfill Biblical prophecy. Based on such cycles of lunar eclipses, the geometry of the circle and mathematical calculations, although very simplistic, Christ’s birth confirms a Fall birth, Rosh HaShanah that mirrors His death in the Spring at Passover.

In terms of eclipses, one sure fact is that Christ did die on a Passover. The Bible states that at it was at midday during the crucifixion, that the sky was totally darkened. This cannot be explained by a mere solar eclipse or lunar eclipse. It either had to be an eclipse of a different type altogether with some other heavenly body or a supernatural phenomenon of the Creator, or both. One has to also consider the spiritual dynamic of the event as the dark forces of Lucifer gathered to witness the spectacle of GOD the Son dying on a cross. As the Gospels declare, Lucifer and his minions presumed that this was the demise and end of the Creator’s redemptive plan for rescuing Humanity in Jesus.

Blood Moon Passover
If Lucifer would have known that it would have sealed his eternal fate, the Scriptures declare that he would not have allowed Christ to have been crucified. This shows a glimpse into the spiritual dimension of Eternity and the Council of GOD in that Lucifer for all this supposed wisdom and beauty cannot out-fox the Creator and has limited understanding of YHVH’s plans and implementation; such is the case with the Rapture’s timing and evacuation schedule from Earth of the Bride of Christ.

Passover always starts with a Full Moon, meaning no solar eclipses could possibly have occurred at this same time of the crucifixion at midday. There was a partial solar eclipse on Apr 28, 32 AD as well. The only total solar eclipse occurred on March 19, 33 AD at 1:40pm lasting 4 minutes according to NASA. However lunar eclipses can and did. As to a possible date on April 14, AD 32 a Wednesday, as it has been noted the total lunar eclipse was rising on the Jerusalem horizon about 7 hours after Midnight, although below the horizon at that point. It would appear as a new dawn, a sacrifice completed and a new day of freedom from sin and Lucifer’s conspiracy. The midnight Blood Moon perhaps coincided with the Destroying Angel of the night of the Exodus in Egypt.

As the Passover Meal celebration was concluding, the lunar eclipse occurred as if to ’punctuate’ this time during the midnight hour in the constellation of Libra, the Altar of Sacrifice. According to the Gospel accounts, Passover celebration was commemorated early by Christ and His Disciples on the eve of Jesus’ betrayal and subsequent mock trials. The feast was the ‘The Bridal Contract” and has become known as the LORD’s Supper. It is to be completed still within the Kingdom in Glory someday.

This has a connotation of how this very ‘picture’ occurred during the 1st Passover in Egypt as YHVH took possession for Himself an entire nation, a bridal contract of sorts redeemed by the Blood of a Lamb and a the cost of the First-Born of Egypt. At the LORD’s Supper, the meal was concluded with a hymn around midnight as they headed for a night of prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. It would be exactly 24 hours when all darkness would befall on Calvary as Jesus hung on the cross. It would be another 12 hours near another midnight that the Blood Moon would appear that very night. And as noted, the mid-week Passover had a Preparation Day that is also considered a High Holy Day and is treated as a Sabbath.

Thus, technically Jesus died on a Sabbath and rose on a Sabbath; i.e., the LORD of the Sabbath. The bodies of anyone crucified on a tree had to be taken down as to not defile the Passover. Every victim had to be dead and buried before sunset that began the High Day Sabbath before Passover. At this point, Jesus becomes the literal fulfillment of the Afikomen; scourged but not broken and hidden in the bowl of the Earth to await the Sign of Jonah that He gave to the Elders of Israel. At around 3pm or the 9th Hour Christ ‘gave up the spirit’. He Himself determined the time of His death; it was not taken from Him.

Astronomical Signatures
Jesus died physically on the cross at Calvary just outside the city, the same time the Passover lambs at the Temple were offered at another Altar of Sacrifice. It was not a ‘spiritual death’ nor a façade. Thus, there is a 3-fold typology of the Altar of Sacrifices that occurred that very day.

1) Astronomically with the Blood Moon square in the middle of the Altar of Libra.
2) Pictorially with the sacrifices of the lambs at the Brazen Altar of the Temple.
3) Physically with the body of Christ on the Altar of the Cross of Calvary.

If one examines what the morning sky looked like rising over Jerusalem looking west from the Temple Mount after the Passover Blood Moon of April 14, 32 AD around midnight, the constellations configurations echo the depiction of what transpired on the cross of Calvary. Cygnus the Swan was prominent as it was setting over the Temple. According to the work of E.W. Bullinger, it signifies the graceful swan on a ‘cross’ as if crucified. At the foot of the ‘cross’ of Cygnus is Vulpecula the Victim that is pierced through by an arrow Sagitta as the Lyre of Praise is offered up by the star Vega. This star is one of the brightest stars in the whole Universe.

The Victim is poured out like water depicted in Aquarius to the south. To the north, Hercules’ foot is set to crush the head of Draco. The work of Jesus Christ was to vanquish to work of Lucifer. Delphinus and Aquila represent a coming resurrection on the 3rd Day as the Sign of Jonah was only given by the Messiah to the Elders of Israel. This was the ‘picture’ and perhaps the giant astronomical ‘billboard’ that YHVH was announcing to Israel at that very hour of the Blood Moon eclipse to conclude that Passover of April 14, 32 AD, perhaps the very day of the actual crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The timelines of the Passion Week in this study presents an alternative view of the timing of the historical sequence of the lifespan from Jesus Christ’s birth to crucifixion. The traditional understanding of when Jesus was born and died has contributed to a misunderstanding of when the LORD actually was crucified, buried and risen. The timelines presented in this study have solely been based on astronomical patterns of solar and lunar eclipses, the geometry of the Mazzaroth and the Star of David planetary alignments. This study has stipulated that the Birth and Death of Christ was astronomically marked by 2 Star of David alignments as ‘bookends to’ Christ’s lifespan. Following is the list of the 10 brightest stars in the known Universe by rank.

1. Sirius
Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, its name comes from the Greek word for scorching. Distance: 8.6 LY

2. Canopus
Named either for an ancient city in northern Egypt or the helmsman for Menelaus. Distance: 74 LY

3. Rigil Kentaurus
Rigel Kentaurus, also known as Alpha Centauri, Its name literally means foot of the centaur. Distance: 4.3 LY

4. Arcturus
Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes, which is one of the oldest constellations in the night sky. Distance: 34 LY

5. Vega
Its name comes from the Arabic for the swooping eagle. Vega is about 25 light-years from Earth. Distance: 25 LY

6. Capella
Capella's name is from the Latin for little she-goat. Capella is a yellow giant star. Distance: 41 LY

7. Rigel
Rigel's name is from the Arabic for foot, indicating its place in the constellation Orion. Distance: 1400 LY

8. Procyon
It is considered the ‘Little Dog Star’ of Sirius. Distance: 11.4 LY

9. Achernar
It is a bluish-white supergiant star that is about 69 light years from Earth. Distance: 69 LY

10. Betelgeuse
It is a red supergiant about 13,000 times brighter than our sun and over 1000 times larger. Distance: ~1400 LY

Moreover, the Passover week timeline suggests that the crucifixion was on a Wednesday, making the resurrection on the weekly Sabbath afternoon. This would make the Friday crucifixion impossible as the Resurrection would coincide with a Monday afternoon. The lunar eclipse of April 14, 32 AD might suggest and would explain the actual timing of the crucifixion. The actual date and timing of Christ’s birth, death and the Passion Week is in scholarly dispute and will be. This study has been but one attempt at providing further evidence to suggest that April 14, 32 AD was in fact the actual crucifixion date.

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