A Critique of Video Study by Wallytron101

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then each of them was given a White Robe and told to Rest a little while longer, until the Full Number of their Fellow Servants, their Brothers, were Killed, just as they had been Killed. And when I saw the Lamb open the Seal, there was a Great Earthquake, and the Sun became Black like Sackcloth of Goat Hair, and the whole Moon turned Blood Red, and the Stars of the Sky fell to the Earth like Unripe Figs dropping from a Tree shaken by a Great Wind’.
-Revelation 6:11-13

The purpose of this study is to review and respond to a Video Study by Wallytron101 who posted about being in a Blood Moon Tetrad Series for 2021-22 and how the Year 2022 is 1 Month off regarding the Rabbinical Calendar. A Tetrad is a series of 4 Consecutive Total Blood Moons. What is unique about a Tetrad is that when all 4 Blood Moons occur, have occurred or will on the Rabbinical Calendar that celebrates the Feasts of YHVH’s Pasach and Sukkot, and Passover Tabernacles, exclusively.

Impossible Sign - The HIDDEN Tetrad - 7 Years Apart -Falls on the 49th & 50th Yrs

One was asked to consider these Arguments again which had already come-up about 2 Months ago when the True Month of Avis or Nisan, being the Month of the Spring occurred in April. To answer the 2 Questions one posed, is there a 2021-22 Tetrad Series. Yes, there are 4 Blood Moons. No, purely based on the ‘Correct Definition’ and Application. Is the Year 2022 having to have 1 Extra Month due to the Sun being in Aries in May, rather than April? No, because of the Precession of the Equinox Effect.

Since the Argument was made Public, one will reply in the Public Domain. The Argument then, as it is now again, surmises that the Year 2022, the Rabbinical Calendar is ‘Off’ by 1 Month. And? This means that the ‘True’ 1st Month of Aviv or Nisan was not in April but was in May for 2022. And thus, all the Feast Calculations have to be forwarded that much in Day Counts. Meaning that for example, May 16, 2022 was Passover, just 2 Days after Israel’s Independence Day.

And that the Day happened to occur on a Blood Moon. The Blood Moon portion is True and one would agree. Beyond that, one will show Astronomically why these 3 Main Assertions are not correct. The following Rationale, Points and Critique will be presented to only offer one’s rejection of these Notions of an ‘Additional Month’ and that one is in the Midst of a Blood Moon Tetrad Series. Again, the Rebuttal will be solely based on one’s Understanding of the Astronomical Framework one will present.

Prophetic Perspectives

As to Prophetic Perspectives? Those who read one’s Work will all know that one is naturally Cynical and a Critic, but of one’s own work too. It is very easy for one to poke ‘Holes’ into other Watchmen’s Work. But one welcomes any to do the same of all of mine. As for example, some have and one is very Appreciative. It is how one Learns and Grows, ‘Iron Sharpening Iron’, etc. Personally, there was that 7-23 Numerical Coefficient that one was and is believing has to do with the Rapture’s Timing?

One thought or Interpreted as July 23. And the Year? Exactly. Many unique Time Markers seemed to be pegged to it and still are like the up-coming 9-11, being exactly the 3rd 50 Day Cycle that will correspond to the Last of the 3 New Feast Harvests. In this case, the Feast of New Oil. And that September 11, will be the 27th Year or a 7-7-7 Countdown one did write about soon after 9-11 of 2001. In ‘Prophetic Hindsight’, it was or will be a 3-Shemitah Countdown. Now is it, or will it be Daniel's 70th Week?

It follows a new-found Rationale, that as the Twin Towers being ‘Knocked-Down’, as a Temple Motif, i.e., Samson in-between the 2 ‘Twin Pillars’, the Demolition has to make way then for the New Temple to be Rebuilt. This follows then the coming 3rd Temple but also the Temple of Man. How so? The 2 Pillars that Morphed into a 3rd, ‘Freedom Tower, 1776 Feet High ‘Pyramid’ Motif was a Genetic Mutation Ritual. It had Masonic and Kabbalistic Signatures in how through DNA Manipulation, Mankind will somehow be interfaced with a 3rd DNA Helix Strand. And all in the ‘Image and Likeness’ of Lucifer.

But as many Watchers then suggested that the 7-23 would or is rather, the Jewish 7th Month, then that is amazing to consider. And especially knowing that on September 23, it is the Last Day of the Summer Harvest. Well, September 22 at Sundown, Jerusalem Time. And that it so happens to be the 5-Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign that has at its Core, the Motif of the Rapture Escape. Wow.

So, one is excited as Wallytron101 to see this Iteration for this Year’s End of Summer and start of the New Sabbath Cycle of 7-Years. Will the Fall of 2022 be the Year? Sure looks like it and are in agreement that it has never looked better, in comparison to prior Watch Years. As to the Video Study about the 4 Blood Moon Tetrad? One has actually been asked about it before and did a Rebuttal about it, as mentioned. Here is what one calls the 2021-22 Blood Moons a ‘Faux Tetrad’. How so?

1-No. There are no 4 Full or Total Blood Moons to be considered a ‘True Tetrad’.

2-No. From which Date is it considered a Jubilee? 1972 in this case? Yom the Kippur War?

3-No. The Jewish Year is ‘Off’ by 1 Month. So Passover was on May 16, 2022?

In the Video Study, the Presenter asks why Mark Biltz, who sensationalized the Blood Moon Tetrad did not ‘pick up’ on this Notion of a Blood Moon Tetrad occurring presently. It is because Biltz knows it is not a True Tetrad as Defined above. The following are the Feasts of YHVH celebrated on the current Rabbinical Calendar. Notice that none of the 4 Dates, spanning 2021-22 fell on a Total Blood Moon. Now do not get one wrong. One does argue that the Jewish Calendar Year is ‘Off’ by 1 Month. But not for 2022. In fact, the Jews, for this very reason, added Adar 2 to have synchronized 5782 with 5783.

Extra Time?

But for the Year 2022, both the Gregorian and Rabbinical Calendars are in Sync. Thus, based solely on the Astronomical Counts, the overall Premise that the Calendar is off 1 Month to have Passover start in Mid-May, making the Wheat Harvest end at the end of August, when there is no more Wheat to Harvest but the Grapes is not correct. Of course, I can be wrong. One checked Stellarium and checked more/less when the Exodus occurred, then 32 AD when Jesus was Crucified. The Sun was in Taurus on April 14, Passover. The 1st Month after the Spring Equinox had the Sun Aries. But in 2022, the Sun was in Pisces, precisely on the1st Month after the Spring Equinox.

FEAST            DATE                                      MOON PHASE           BLOOD MOON?
Passover:        March 27/28, 2021                  FULL MOON               No
Sukkot:            September 20/21, 2021          FULL MOON               No


Passover:        April 15/16, 2022                    FULL MOON               No
Sukkot:            October 10/11, 2022               FULL MOON              No

The confusion is that People who do not have an Astronomy Background do not take into account the Precession of the Equinoxes. It means that the Sun moves from 1 Constellation or House to the next over 1000s of Years. For example, the Sun is now in Pisces, in April when the New Year and Month are determined by the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox, as noted. Of course, not everyone agrees with this Rationale . But this Theory is only going by 1 Observation that Josephus made and these Watchers are taking it at Face Value that the Sun has to be in Aries for it to be the 1st Month.

1-He does keep stating that the ‘Alignment’ is ‘Perfect’ and ‘Impossible’ to have not occurred without the LORD’s doing. To reiterate, one is not saying his Assessment cannot be Correct. What one is saying is that based solely on Astronomical Day Counts from the Spring Equinox, it is not the case. And no, the Bride of Christ will not be ‘Going into the Tribulation’ if his Number Counts are off. See Article #659 ‘Why the Bride Cannot be 1 Second into the Tribulation’.

2-He does also keep stressing that it is a Jubilee Year but insinuates it from the last True Tetrad of 2014-15, that occurred on the Rabbinical Calendar. That was 7 Years ago. Now, one is of the Opinion that this current 7-Year Sabbath Cycle or Shemitah might very well spark the 21-Year Countdown or 3-Shemitah Cycles to begin the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. That will remain to be seen. He also mentioned, ‘Last Year [2021] was the 70th Year’. No, it is 2022, 1952-2022.

3-If he is arguing that the Year 2022 is 1 Month off using the current Rabbinical Calendar, then he cannot use or peg the Faux Tetrad that he is Asserting is a ‘Hidden Tetrad’ to that Calendar Count. It is then, ‘Apples being compared to Oranges’ in one’s Assessment. Double Standard.

And to reiterate, for a True Tetrad to be one, all of the 4 Blood Moons must occur then on the Rabbinical Lunar Calendar. All the Blood Moons have to be a Total Lunar Eclipse. There cannot be any Partial Lunar Eclipses as was the case with the 2nd Blood Moon in the current 2021-22 Blood Moon Sequence. Thus, this is why the 2021-22 Blood Moon Series is not a True Tetrad, unfortunately.

It is About Synchronization and a Convergence

And for the Year 2022, the Synchronization of both the Gregorian and Rabbinical one came together. This is why, in comparison, the Nisan 1, 32 AD, and the Nisan 1, 2022 are the same. And one uses that comparison of the Nisan 1, which was approximately April 1 to show that in the case of 32 AD, the Sun indeed rose in Aries over Jerusalem. It foreshadowed the Sacrificial Lamb Jesus would become in 13 Days from entering the City as Messiah. And how one knows, as these 2nd Dates as Witnesses, Astronomically that the Months are ‘Correct’, is that the Moon was a New Moon, in both cases at the start of their Respective Aviv Month or Spring Time, etc.

This is exactly how it also occurred in 2022. The New Moon was on April 1/2, 2022. This made the 1st Month of AVIV the true 1st Month of the Religious Calendar. Where the Brethren are erring, in one’s Opinion is that as they surmise the use the Stellarium Star Model to depict the Signs and attempt to correlate them to the Seasons and Months, the present Position of the Sun, when it exactly in the Constellation of Aries, as reported by Josephus in the 1st Century, is now found in May of 2022. This is exactly 1 Month further in the Year. This is how they, thus surmise that Passover has to be in May. No.

As mentioned, these Brethren need a bit more of Astronomy Understanding to surmise that because of the Precession of the Equinoxes, the Sun’s Position has moved 1 Constellation since 32 AD. It is for this Precise Reason that YHVH placed the Cardinal Points of the 2 Solstices and the 2 Equinoxes to Synchronize the Sun with the Moon in regard to keeping the Timing of the start of the 4 Seasons. Such a Time Piece also served to know when to exactly Celebrate YHVH’s Appointed Feasts. Consider the Sun, Moon and the Stars as a Giant Astronomical 12 Hour Clock. There are 12 Constellations, 12 Hours. This means that there are 4 Stations or Seasons due to the Wobble of the Earth that does not exceed the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

This is amazing and Evidence of a Globe Model. This Synchronization would not be needed if the Earth was like a Pizza, etc. So, the 3pm Station would correspond to September 23 of a given Year. This would be the Fall Equinox. Then the Winter Solstice, as they alternate, would occur on December 21, of that given Year. This would correspond to the 6pm Station. Then the 9pm Station would correspond to the Spring Equinox on March 20. Then the Summer Solstice would correspond to the 12 Noon Position in the Astronomical Clock, etc.

These Times are Fixed, plus or minus 1 Day or 2 as there is ‘Drift’. This is how before the Flood of Noah, it is argued that the World was based on a 360 Day Year Calendar. It had the 4 Days added for each of the 1 Day Solstices and Equinoxes, etc. This is called the 364 Day Enochian Calendar. And it is argued that it was still used by the Essenes, during the Times of Jesus on Earth, for example as proposed by Dr. Ken Johnson. In fact, their Calendar predicted Jesus to Die on 32 AD. And that the Last Shemitah or 7-Year Tribulation Period starts in 2025, etc. One would agree though with the Presenter’s Excitement about the Fall Feast Times. It looks very promising given the 5-Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign, the Sabbath Cycles of 70 Years since 1952 and the 7-Year Countdown since the True Tetrad of 2014-15, all Converging.

One is welcome to download the Book, ‘Testimony of Tetrads – Blood Moon Omens’. It contains one’s Research Journey since 2008 about the Phenomena of the Blood Moon Tetrads since Christ. One believes that they are Genuine Signs from YHVH as it pertains to Israel specifically. The Research will show how the various Prophetic Milestones concerning the Restoration of Israel has had the Tetrads and other Blood Moons occurring in Tandem with such a Biblical Restoration. What is of intense importance and Significance is how the Tetrad of 2014-15 Synchronized with the Shemitah Cycle of 7 Years that countdowns to Daniel’s 70th Week.




Chart: Faux Tetrad Slide 4




Evidence for why the Rabbinical Calendar is Off​


Blood Moon Omens
The purpose of this book is to provide a retrospective and comprehensive study of the Tetrad and Blood Moon sequences that occurred since Christ that suggest a Prophetic Reconstitution of Israel, the end of the Church Age, and start of Daniel’s 70th Week. The various studies provided will look back how the Blood Moon Phenomena sparked a renewed interest in Biblical Prophecy of the Last Days.



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