Study of the Spring-Summer Feasts of YHVH

  • Will the Rapture Event occur sometime in 2023?
  • Is the Rapture Event tied to a Feast of YHVH?
  • What Factors can help Approximate the Rapture? 

by Luis B. Vega

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‘This Month (Aviv) shall be unto you the Beginning of Months: it shall be the 1stst Month of the Year to you’. Exodus 12:2

The purpose of this study is to Plot the Spring Feasts of YHVH for the Year, 2023. One will then make several Observations to Assess the ‘Rapture Window’ for the Year, as one has done for every Year, up to now. This study will be accompanied by a 2023 Calendar  emphasizing the Spring-Summer Months. It will be Linked in the End Notes to follow along in the Logic and Reasons one will be discussing based on said Observations. It will be a detailed Dissection of several overlapping Day Counts. The Calendar will depict the various Lunar Cycles, starting with February to July of 2023.

It will incorporate the Gregorian Day Count, the Equinox-Rabbinic Day Count and the Omer Day Count that Delineates the 3 Shavuot’s of Summer, etc. One is assuming that the Day Count from Spring Equinox, of March 20-21, starts the New Year and 1st Month on the New Moon, as Instructed by YHVH to Moses in Exodus 12. With this Template, the Counting of the Omer to determine the 3 Shavuot's or 50 Days are noted. The 50th Day is the 1st Day of the Subsequent Counts. For 2023, Shavuot 1, the Feast of New Grain, will be on May 25-26. A Hebrew Day straddles 2 Gregorian Days.

Then Shavuot 2, Feast of New Wine will be on July 13-14. Then Shavuot 3, Feast of New Oils is on September 1-2, etc. The Number Days in Blue are Gregorian. The Number Days in Yellow, as are the Equinox and Rabbinical Count for 2023 that are Synchronized in 2023. Number Days in Red are the Shavuot 50-Day Counts that determine the Summer Minor Feasts of New Grain, New Wine and New Oil. Since Exodus, YHVH Commanded Moses to start the Yearly Calendar in the Spring. This is considered the Religious Calendar by the Jews. It is believed by some that it is tied to the Astronomical Alignment of the Spring Equinox.

The Verse is rather ambiguous as it does not specify what Day, exactly is that 1st Day to be Marked. Thus, there are varying Opinions then as to when does Aviv start? One holds to the Interpretation that it is to be determined by the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox. There is Debate about this. Then, the Rabbinical Jews still hold to the ‘Head of the Year’, Rosh HaShanah to be the 7th Month of Tishri. This is called the Civil Year. Since the Disbandment of the Sanhedrin, the Rabbinical Calendar has been based on the Lunar Cycles, exclusively from Tishri 1. Due to the Lunar Cycles only being Mathematically Calculated, every so often, the Feasts become Out-of-Sync. The Jews thus add a 13 Month, Adar 2 when needed to Recalibrate it to the Solar Cycles.

1. Notice how for 2023, the Spring Equinox is on the 20th of March. Check. The Next Day is a New Moon, right on ‘Time’ to then start the New Month and New Year. Thus, March 22 is Aviv or Nisan 1. Then counting 14 Days from it, is Passover. Check.

2. Now, if this Day Count is Valid, then Passover starts at Sunset on the 14th of Nisan which Correlates to April 4 at Sunset. It would then make April 5 True Passover. So, there is already a 1 Day Discrepancy as the Rabbinical Passover starts April 5 at Sunset, etc.

3. Then April 6, would be the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This is considered the High Day Sabbath, after the Full Day of Passover that occurs on April 5, based on one’s Day Count from the Spring Equinox, etc.

4. Notice how for 2023, the Passion Week, actually mirrors what one Believes also occurred when Jesus was Crucified. The ‘Midst’ of the Week, signaling Wednesday, April 5th as it was in 32 AD, in one’s Assessment of the Research. One realizes that most Current Calendars do not reflect the Day to Number Synchronization for the Month of April in 32 AD. But if you go by the Spring Equinox of that Year, it does, based on the Blood Moon that occurred on April 14.

5. Thus, if Wednesday, April 5, 2023 is the Crucifixion Day, then as one has presented in prior studies, the Sign of Jonah, being 3 Days and 3 Nights, directly correlates then to a Period of a 24 Hours Day and 24 Hour Night, that being 48 Hours. And if one then multiplies it by 3 Days, the Total Hours in the Grave is 72 Hours, which is a Prophetic Marker of a Time Completed, etc. The Hebrew Word for ‘Day’ is based on the Law of 1st Mention, being Genesis. ‘And Elohim called the Light Day, and the Darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the 1st Day’.  -Genesis 1:1-5

6. Given this Day Count, then the Resurrection of Jesus would occur just like it did in 32 AD, on the Sabbath, at the Same Hour He Died, that being 3pm. And that Time of Death, Corresponded to when the Evening Passover Lamb was also being Killed. It was then to be Prepared for the Seder Meal in the Evening, etc. Also, it is why all Persons Crucified had to be Killed in haste by Sunset as to ‘Not Defile the Passover’.

7. Now here is where it gets ‘Tricky’ in determining then, how to count the 50 Days out? The Rabbinical Count, called the Omer, starts the Day after Passover, on the 15 Day in the Hebrew Month, as that is considered a Sabbath, the ‘High Day’ one. This Day Count also Correlates to the Command YHVH gave to Moses on Mount Sinai.

8. But then, the Alternative Interpretation is that the ‘Day after the Sabbath’, is alluding to the Weekly Sabbath, so that would be Sunday, April 9, in this case for 2023. Regardless, the Day Count Discrepancy will be between 3 and 9 Days of a Difference.

9. Also notice that the Notion that the Spring Equinox Starts the New Year and New Month of Nisan is that from that Day after March 21, every 15 Days, the Day Count lands on either a New or Full Moon, just like it should and indicates that the Equinox Starting Marker is Correct, or at least is Synchronizing for 2023, based on one’s Observations.

10. So, if one uses the Omer Count from the ‘Day After the Sabbath’, that being April 7, the 1st Shavuot 50 Day Count lands on May 25-26. For 2023, this Day also corresponds to the Rabbinical Day Count of Shavuot. But as presented many times before, this is just the 1st ‘Shavuot’ of 3. Most Christians will consider this to be the ‘Pentecost’ of Acts 2. Not so.

Circumstantial Evidence
It has been learned, in the past recent Years, that the Jews obfuscated on-purpose, the 3 Minor Feasts that occurred during the Summer. And each was  50 Days or ‘Pentecost’ Counts from each other. So, one Surmises that the 2nd Pentecost ‘Shavuot’ Count is the Feast of New Wine that Acts 2 is inferring of the Crowd that was Mocked for being ‘Drunk with New Wine’, etc. And this is why, one believes in a, ‘As the Beginning and the End’ type of Prophetic Pattern perhaps in play regarding the End of the Church Age. How so? If the Church Age ‘Began’ at a Pentecost, then could it ‘End’ in one?

So, one is just using the Logic of Deducing that the Church Age could then be Completed at such a Time. For 2023, this 2nd 50-Day Count of Shavuot or Pentecost, correlating to the Feast of New Wine occurs then on July 13. Thus, based on one’s Observation, given what all has been presented, this is the Highest Rapture Watch Window in one’s Assessment for 2023. But realize that there is that 3 to 9 Day Discrepancy, because if you count from the ‘Day after the Weekly Sabbath’, then the Day Count would be around Av 1, the start of the Hebrew 5th Month.

Also note, regarding that ‘723’ Dream one had a few Years Ago? Well, it appears to be a Constant Variable of Sorts. How so? If one starts with April 14, a 99 Day Count or that 2nd Shavuot Pentecost will always land on a July 23rd. Not sure what is going on here or how to further deal with it, other than it is yet to be fully Realized and Understood.

April 14, 2023 + 99 Days (2 Counts of 50 Days or Shavuot’s) =
July 23, 2023.

Others have suggested that the 723 stands for the ‘7th Month and the 23rd Day, for example. Could be. But a July 13, 2023 Rapture Window or High Watch Time would still be in keeping with a Summer Wheat Harvest. And one is convinced that the Resurrection-Rapture is tied to a Wheat Harvest Metaphor and that of a Boaz and Ruth Prophetic Picture. The other issue is if 2023 will be the Year of the Rapture itself?

Consider how the Enemy is Predictively Programming their ‘Alien Rapture’. And when? In 2024. This Timing would account for a 2023 Summer Rapture Window in how the Great Deception would then ensue and explain-away the Rapture Event in 2024. Then by 2025, the Tribulation would start, 1-2 Years after the Rapture. The False Messiah would be Debuted and be given the Power by the 10-Confederated World Body to Rule. This Prophetic Scenario speaks of the Nations losing their Sovereignty and at this Point in Time, only the U.N. and the W.H.O. are positioned to take over. And what has been the Excuse? The COVID Plandemic. It has been perpetrated, exactly to do that.

In closing, one is also considering that ‘Gap of Time’ that one has presented, and others also, that deals with the Prophetic ‘Overlap’ of Daniel 9:24-27. In which one agrees and sees that there are 2 Messiahs Debuted, 2 Princes, and 2 Sets of 1260 Days. The Supposition, by some is that Jesus, the True Messiah came and started His Ministry on a Shemitah or beginning of a Sabbath Cycle. Agree. But then, just at the 3.5 Year Marker or the 1260th Day, Jesus, the Prince was ‘Cut Off’ or Died, and that was ‘In the Midst’. It is a Double Entendre happening here, in one’s Assessment of the Passion Week, being a Wednesday, but also of a 7-Year Period of Time or Sabbath Cycle.

Double Take

Then, to Conjecture that it is then the other ‘Prince’ that comes, the False Messiah that Israel will accept in ‘His Own Name’ and ‘Confirm a Covenant’, but breaks it, ‘In the Midst’. This is not Jesus as some argue and Presume it is 1 Christ and 1 Debut, etc. Jesus did not ‘Break Anything’ or Stop the Sacrifices. And Jesus will not issue a Mark of the Beast or go after the Revelation 12 Remnant, etc. So, here is the Prophetic Discrepancy. What if at the 1260th Day into the 7-Year Tribulation is therefore when the AntiChrist resumes this Shemitah commenced by Jesus? Interesting to consider.

Meaning that the 2 Halves are ‘Interrupted’ by the other Halves, respectively, the 2nd Half in Jesus’ case and the 1st half in the AntiChrist’s Case? So, what is one saying or suggesting? How to account for 7 Years then? Well, in one Aspect, the 3.5 Years or 1260 Days are already Accounted for, which is what the Tribulation starts-off with. It is the Time, relatively speaking wherein the AntiChrist ‘Plays Nice’ and Deceives the World through Peace, etc. The issue is where then is the 2nd Half of Jesus’ Shemitah Allocation? This is where one purely makes a Supposition only, to Account for this other 3.5 Year. Plainly, we are living in it now. How so?

There it is. It deals with Israel’s Birth in 1948 and Abraham. How so? Israel reached the 70 Year Time Marker when? In 2018. Now one does not believe that 1948, in this regard, is the actual 70-Year Count Start Date. However, an Amazing Prophetic Mile Marker did occur. It so happened that in 2018, concerning Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple, the Altar was Rededicated. And this, just as it was after the 70th Year of Captivity when the Jews returned to Jerusalem and Rededicated the Altar then as well.

In 2018, there was a Central Blood Moon over Jerusalem. Then the City of Jerusalem, having been Declared the ‘Eternal Capital’ of Israel has the U.S. Embassy open on the 70th Year and on May 14. Amazing. Now, how does Abraham and 1948 play into 2023? It is the 75th Year Anniversary of Israel. And if Abram was born 1,948 Years from Adam, Anno Muni, the Year he entered the Promised Land was on his 75th Birth-Year, that being 2,023 Year after Adam. Prophetic? But one surmises that it is from 1952 that the 70 Year Start Date should be counted from. This is because it was the Year that corresponded to the Land Sabbaths that got Israel Ejected from the promised Land for not keeping the Land Sabbaths and letting it Rest, in the 1st Place. If this be the case, then following is very Interesting to consider.

1952 + 70 Years = 2022 + 3.5 =

And here is one’s Observation of where the 3.5 or 1260 Day Counts could be Accounted for. This 3.5 Year ‘Gap’ of Time from 2023, would then lead to sometime, well into 2025. And again, this 2025 is what others have suggested could very well be the Start of the Tribulation Period. One is not saying one is right but consider that this 2025 Start Year would then have 2032, when the Tribulation Period Ends with Jesus’ Return. It would also Corroborate with the 32 AD Year as being the more Accurate Calculation of Jesus’ Death and the Start of the Church Age. So, why the Year 2025 is perhaps Significant is that it is derived from Subtracting the 7 Years from the Year 2032.

To Reiterate, the year 32 AD, when the ‘2 Day or 2000 Year Prophetic Template’, is applied then, would suggest when the Church Age is to ‘End’, minus the 7-Year ‘Time of Testing’ that is to come on Earth from 2032. And that Year, then points to 2025. This is why one is, at this Point in Time, more Convinced of a 32 AD Crucifixion is that there are 4 Points of Evidence or ‘Witnesses’ that are astounding.

1. Creation Year, Anno Mundi -3971 that converges on 29 AD, that one argues is when Jesus started His Ministry and Declared the Jubilee of Isaiah 61, making 32 AD the Crucifixion Year.

2. The Essenes’ Calendar and Calculation taught that the Messiah was to come to Die for the Sins of Humanity in 32 AD. No less from the Dead Sea Scrolls themselves. And that the Last Sabbath Cycle was to Commence in 2025.

3. Thallus, Greek Historian attested to the Fact, that there was recorded, a Total Blackout and Earthquake, not only in Jerusalem, but in other parts beyond Judaea in 32 AD. This was recorded about 20 Years after the Crucifixion, so that would be around ~52 AD.

4. Sir Robert Anderson of Scotland Yard, no less, presented his Mathematically Calculated Day Count wherein, Jesus’ Triumphal Entry occurred in 32 AD.

5. From one’s own Research, the Year is based on the Argument that it was the 3rd Decree of 4 made by the Med-Persian Monarchs to have the Jews Return and Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem. One surmises that it was Artaxerxes 2, in -445 BC. If one uses the Spring Equinox of that Year and adds the Number of Days predicted in Daniel, it comes to Precisely April 10, 32 AD, just 4 Days prior to Passover of April 14, 32 AD, etc.

Nonetheless, these are one’s own Observations and it is not to Change or Persuade anyone else. It is however, the Reasons and Evidence one has accumulated and Understood, up to now. And it is to argue for such a Case with a Measure of Academic Confidence.


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