Assuming the Spring Equinox
1st New Moon of the New Month and Year

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Some Students of the Bible will ask the Question and have, ‘Where in the Bible does it say there was a Blood Moon or Lunar Eclipse on the Day of the Crucifixion’? Well, one has to use or is using Deductive Reasoning. It is not from the Perspective of Arguing from Silence. For example, where in the Bible does it say ‘GOD’, YHVH is a Triune Being? Where does it say in the English Version of the Bible, that the ‘Rapture’ is an Event and going to happen on a certain Feast of YHVH?

Some have argued that one is being ‘Inconsistent’ with one’s ‘Rules of Eschatology’. In that case, one will defer back to a Most Excellent Point made in some instances or cases, in that the ‘Sign is the Event’ or could be. Again, one is Not Dogmatic about one’s Theories. They are ‘Working Theories’ in as much as they are being Developed, Adjusted and Changed as one comes across Compelling Evidence, Proof, etc. So, yes, even though one ‘Perceives’ these Notions that will be explained below, it does not mean they are ‘Real’. But likewise, one cannot say they are not or may not be, conclusively either.

As to the Scientific Day Calculators proving the Crucifixion was not or could have been on a Wednesday? As mentioned, one is ‘Suspect’ when dealing with ‘Exact’ Day Equations. They are useful Tools and they might very well be Correct. Again, one is only providing ‘Circumstantial Evidence’, with emphasis on ‘Circumstantial’. And the ‘Rules of Eschatology’? They are not being imposed on all others. As mentioned, these are one’s Personal Guidelines. As such, they are ‘Guide Lines’, not the 10 Commandments. So, with that Rationale, one has presented this Assumption before in other Books, as in the ‘Cosmology of Christ’. But as a refresher, here it is. The Bible does inference to a Solar and Lunar Eclipse in the same Context and Time-Frame.

In fact, it is tied to the ‘Great and Terrible Day of the LORD’, etc. Most Students of the Bible equate or relate this Description to the Coming of Jesus, as in the 2nd Coming. One would agree with this Notion. But what if it actually occurred on the Day Jesus Died? At Passover? That Notion is exactly one’s Rationale of what occurred at the Crucifixion Year, Month and Day. But, as ‘Prophecy is Pattern’, and multilayered, so too, can it have Layered Meaning. Here is one’s Rationale. And to reiterate, it is just a Thought, Theory and cannot be Proven until Jesus returns and one will know for sure. The Context of the Great Day of the LORD can reasonably be construed as a Solar and Lunar Eclipse. This is from the Passage of Joel.

Joel 2:30
‘I will show Wonders in the Heavens and on the Earth, Blood and Fire and Columns of Smoke. The sun will be turned to Darkness and the Moon to Blood before the coming of the Great and Awesome Day of the LORD. And everyone who Calls on the Name of the LORD will be Saved; for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be Deliverance, as the LORD has Promised, among the Remnant called by the LORD’.

Observe that in this Imagery, it is both the Sun and the Moon that are Eclipsed, on the same Day. This is Astronomically, ‘Impossible’. However, one believes that this Astronomical Phenomena did actually occur on the same Day of the Crucifixion Day. This is to insinuate that from Mid-Day to 3pm, the 3 Hours of Darkness was caused by a Solar Eclipse. And then that Night, the Moon was too. How is this possible? It is only ‘Plausible’ if one factors-in, the Theory of Planet X.

This Astronomical Scenario has already been modeled as a sure Astronomical Possibility by Amateur Astronomer, Gill Broussard. The Model purports that the 2nd Sun, of which our Solar System Sun is connected to is 7x the Size of Jupiter. And based on the Angle and Approximate Position away from the Earth, at the Time and Place of the Crucifixion Day, it would have produced a 3 Hour Solar Eclipse. Realize that Astronomically, that is ‘Impossible’ as Total Solar Eclipses last at most, 7-8 Mixtures in its Totality Phase, etc.

So, what one is insinuated, that the ‘Great and Dreadful Day of the LORD’ was Prophetically ‘Echoing’ the Day Jesus Died. This was the fulfillment of Joel, as Confirmed by the Apostle Peter. The Apostle Peter rightly connected the Crucifixion Day with Joel 2 and was directly associated with the Sun turning Black and the Moon turning Red. And observe the Context or Theme of Joel 2. It is about Redemption and ‘Calling on the Name of the LORD’, there at the Cross of Calvary to be Saved. There is no other Condition as that would be the Stipulation all during the Subsequent Church Age that began that very Day.

This is the Passage in Joel that is directly associated and inferred by the Apostle Peter on that Acts 2 Pentecost the one asserts was/is the New Wine Day. It is an ‘Echo’ of that Same Day of the Crucifixion that reverberates the Church Age, as being accompanied by ‘Signs and Wonder’, both corporate, as the Body of Christ but also with Individuals, etc. Of course, this is based on one’s Assumption using ‘Logical Deduction’, to make this Interpretation. And this Crucifixion Astronomical Event will occur again.

Now, here is a continuation of that Amazing Day of having both a Total Solar and Lunar Eclipse in the same Day. That Astronomical Event will occur again. When? It will occur again, based on one’s Prophetic Interpretation during the Final Week of the World and Israel’s Judgments. In particular, it will coincide with the Revelation 6 Chapter of Events. Notice how they are similar in scope, but in this case, it is of Judgement that befell on the Messiah so as to Spare the Servants, but it will truly be the Literal, Day of the LORD as in the ‘Vengeance’ portion Jesus did not read on that Day He proclaimed the Year Release or Jubilee.

When will the Day of the LORD occur?
This Astronomical Notion will occur at some point during the Tribulation Period as it will not be 3 Hours, but 3 Days of Darkness. One can surmise that the Entire 7-Year Tribulation Period can be seen or Interpreted as ‘The Day of the LORD’, but also, for sure, it will be on that very Day that Jesus Physically Returns at Armageddon, etc. That is the occasion wherein His hometown Synagogue of Nazareth, stood to Read the Portion handed to Him to Read on that Day, to the Day, etc.

Revelation 6:12
‘And when I saw the Lamb open the 6 Seal, there was a Great Earthquake, and the Sun became Black like Sackcloth of Goat Hair, and the whole Moon turned Blood Red, and the Stars of the Sky fell to the Earth like Unripe Figs dropping from a Tree shaken by a Great Wind’.

Thus, using Parallel Logic here, one surmises that once again, Planet X or that 2nd Binary Sun System will approach the Solar System and inflict such Catastrophic Effects, worldwide. In this case, this is where the Planet X, due to its Position relative to Earth will cast its Shadow not for only 3 Hours, but this time it will be for 3 Days. This is your ‘3-Days of Darkness’, come to literal fruition. Thus, on that 1st Day, both the Sun will be Eclipsed, turning Black, and later on, on that Same Day, the Moon will turn Red, etc.

So, here is the case that although the Bible does not state there was a Solar or Lunar Eclipse to the Satisfaction of one’s Modern Language Vernacular, one has to use Deductive Logic and pull as an Inference, to make a ‘Reasonable’ Assumption. It is just, however, just that. It is only a Supposition, but one that one is Comfortable with although most if not all Bible Scholars would reject it as being too ‘Trivial’ or Weak of an Argument. Perhaps.

There are 4 Basic Premises from where one has to or can determine the possible Crucifixion Year, Month and Day. This is based on the Following. However, accepting 1 demands one excludes the others as Possibilities. Possibilities? Yes. One chooses to go against conventional ‘Science’ and go with the Astronomical and Prophetic.

This is due to the Astronomical Fact that the Seasons are Fixed by the 2 Solstices and 2 Equinoxes. Thus, the Feasts of YHVH will always occur on the same Month and Day in any given Year. But since the World that conquered Israel, the Calendars have been Julian and then Gregorian. Then adding to the Overlap is that after the Roman Diaspora, the Jewish Sanhedrin, in charge of the Calendar set it Mathematically to the Lunar Cycles.

This is why, since then, in the mid-300s AD, the ‘Jewish Feasts’ have been Out-of-Sync or become Out-of-Sync. As mentioned, here are the following Assertions one will come across in attempting to ‘Prove’ a 32 AD Crucifixion Year and that it was a Wednesday, April 14, 32 AD ‘Midst’ of the Week is derived. The following are some of these Premises or Factors given for Context in attempting to explain one’s Rationale for a 32 AD Crucifixion Year and a Wednesday, in the ‘Midst’ of the Week Prophetic Pattern.

Most if not all Scientific Clocks that calculate BC to AD will put the Crucifixion on a Tuesday or a Friday. The Calculations are based on pure Mathematics, which is appropriate, but one does not have ‘Absolute Confidence’ in the Count as there have been and are varying degrees of Calendar Overall Nuances. As mentioned, some are the Conversion from Julian to Gregorian, Hebrew to both and then the ‘Adding and Subtracting’ of Days to Calibrate the Overlap. One is of the Opinion that, although fairly Accurate, there is a +/- 4 Day and Week Day probably Margin of Error, in one’s Opinion.


The Essene Calendar is one that one really likes and respects. But even with this Notion of a ‘More Accurate’ rendering of when the Dates Occurred and on which Week Day that translates to, one is likewise not ‘Absolutely Confident’ in the Count as there have been and are varying degrees of Calendar Overall Nuances. But as mentioned, one has to pick 1 over the other as the 1st 2 Theories of the Count, the 1st being based on ‘Science’ and the 2nd on a Religious Sect and most would find Questionable, leaves the next 2 as a more Comfortable Choice or Choices to pick from. But in some cases, based on the Lunar Cycles that are not ‘Fixed’, it can be based on the Full Moon, prior to the Spring Equinox. Then there is the Supposition of the Essene Calendar, in that they fixed their Start Date, regardless if on the 1st Wednesday ‘Nearest’ the Spring Equinox.

As one stated that the 1st 2 Suppositions are in one’s Opinion and Estimation, not 100% ‘Reliable’ to measure Time, one side more so, at this point with the No. 3 and No. 4 on the List. This has to do with foremost, the Creation Clock of YHVH in how He set the Sun, Moon and the Stars for ‘Keeping Time’, for Signs, Seasons and In-Gatherings of Feasts, etc. One believes that a ‘More Accurate’ Rendering of ‘Time’ can be and is derived from the 2 Solstices and 2 Equinoxes that Equally partition the Year. And?

And it is from the Spring Equinox that the Solar Year begins. Thus, it is from this ‘Beginning’ that the subsequent Day Counts can be more accurately known and calculated, etc. One surmises that Nisan is then determined by the 1st New Moon after the Equinox. The other Piece of Evidence already presented is that a Blood Moon occurred near Midnight on April 14, 32 AD in the Constellation of Libra, was the Ancient Altar of Sacrifice, now known as the Scales, etc.

However, above all the rest that one has briefly dismissed, those being No. 1 and No. 2, the Primary Precept of why one is Adamant about why the Crucifixion was in the Year 32 AD and how Passover was on a Wednesday, has to do with Prophecy. Specifically, it is that of Daniel 9:27. One cannot Prove it nor Replicate it. As such, it can only be a Working Theory. One is not saying, ‘I am Right’ or that everyone has to cow-down and go by Points No. 3 and No. 4.


Lunar Cycle Pattern
One can only show the Evidence and why one is ‘More’ Convinced that if one bases the Year, Month and Week Day Count on the Astronomical and Prophetic Overlay, perhaps one will 1 Day had proved that despite Modern Computers and Year Calculator Software, or even the Ancient Essene Calendar Reckoning of Time, it is ultimately based on the Prophecies of the Bible that will have the ‘Last Word’.
A) If you use the Spring Equinox of the 1st Day of the Year and Month and Day Count, then there is a 11 Day Discrepancy to reach Nisan 1 on the New Moon Sliver.

B) If one uses the Essene Calendar that starts on the 1st Wednesday after the Spring Equinox would be a 7 Day Discrepancy to Nisan 1 on the New Moon Sliver.

Although one subscribes to the 11 Day Discrepancy, and not the Essene Day Count, one cannot explain the 11 Day Discrepancy.

MONTH: MARCH 32 AD -New Year and Month (Per Exodus Moses)
March 21, AD 32 Spring Equinox to April 14, AD 32 = 24 days (7 x 7)

In this Version and Interpretation of the Calendar Count, one will start from the Spring Equinox Day as the 1st Day of the Year, Astronomically. From there one counts the 14 Days to determine Passover. And from there, one lays-out the Day Count for the Subsequent Feasts of YHVH, that then must coincide with the Fall Equinox of September 23.

Until one is convinced otherwise, in the Spirit, one does not ‘Bare Truth’, entirely with Options No. 1 entirely and No. 2 partially. Until Further Notice. As to determine when Nisan is to be Marked, it is Understood that it is the 1st New Moon or that of Sliver of the Moon that then determines the 1st Day of the New Year and Month.

Note that from the Spring Equinox to Passover is the following.
600 Hours (6000 Year Dispensation), 36000 Minutes (360 Day/Year/Circle) and 2160000 Seconds. Astronomical Circumstances: April 14, 32 AD. The Day Jesus Died Menorah Pattern.

1 Moon ‘Blood’ in Libra (Total Lunar Eclipse).
2 Saturn entering the Bee Hive in Cancer.
3 Jupiter in the Midst of the Horns of Taurus.
4 Sun in Aries, the Sacrifice.
5 Venus in Cetus the Sea Dragon
6 Mercury in Pisces
7 Mars in Aquarius


MONTH: APRIL 32 AD - Passion Week
In the ‘Midst’ Cut-Off as in Died.

One interprets ‘Midst’ as the Middle, thus Middle of the Week, that being a Wednesday. This makes for a Saturday Resurrection, etc.

April 15, 32 AD + 99 Days (Lev. 23:15-16 Double Count Interpretation) 49 + 50 Days.
= July 23, 32 AD (723)

Theory: This is the Acts 2 Pentecost Event that coincided with the Feast of the First Fruits of the Wine. So, one is thus, Reverse Engineering the whole Calendar, from this Astronomical and Prophetic Suppositions of a Wednesday Crucifixion Day, Month and Year. Yes, it is Bold. Again, one cannot ‘Prove’ it nor Explain it beyond that. This is just where one is at on the ‘Learning Curve’, until further notice and more importantly, when one senses, in one’s Spirit to do so. The following is just the Proverbial ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ when it comes to the Heated Debate of which Calendar is ‘Accurate’. And, what happened to the 11 Day Discrepancy in comparing and overlapping or in attempting to Synchronize them all.

Day-Date Discrepancy in Gregorian Calendar:
A Big Mistake which Continues for Last 300 Years
Tanaji Santra

Day-Date Discrepancy in Gregorian Calendar: A Big Mistake

There Is No 360 Day Calendar in Genesis and The Flood
Noah’s Flood: A Lunar Event Occurring in Solar Time

The following is a Chart if one takes the Leviticus Interpretation of counting after the Omer Count. This is based on the Understanding that it is the Day after Nisan 14. It also coincides with the Exodus Day Count reaching to Mount Sinai, etc.

Calendar Recalibrations


If one uses or ‘sticks’ to the Solar Year, wherein the Equinoxes and the Solstices are the Demarcations of the 4-Part Year or ‘Seasons’, due to the Earth 23 Degree Tilt, then September 23, should always be the start of the 6th Month from Nisan. This is also another Reason why this Date, 723 or 923 is used a lot in the Luciferian Predictive Programming Schemes.

It would essentially mark the Half-Way Point in the Solar Year as an additional 6 months would bring it back to the Spring Equinox. Thus, it is pertaining to a ‘Division’. And how the Church knows that Lucifer’s Business is to ‘Divide’. Such are the things still in Debate and only when Jesus comes back at Armageddon well He sort this all out. It is a Mess. One is using March 19 as that is when Astronomically, to be more Precise, the Spring Equinox occurs.

March 19, 2023 to September 23, 2023 = 188 Days

Not sure if you were all aware, that back in 2010, oneself and another Brother, at another Online Blog at the Time, made a Big Hoopla about the 188 Day Earthquake Cycle. Earthquakes happen every Day as the Earth’s Crust is constantly moving. There are 1000s at any Time. The ones that are noteworthy are those 7.0 and above. The Theory was that not only were the Major Quakes occurring on a 188 Day Interval, it appeared, but that it also was based on the Phases of the Moon. Why? As it is known that the Gravitational Pull of the Moon and the Earth play a role in the Tides of the Ocean, so too does it affect the Earth Crust Displacement.

Thus, to suggest that, as the 8.8 Quake in Chile happen on a Full Moon, then 188 Days later is when the Christchurch 7.1 Earthquake occurred on a New Moon. Then 188 Days later the Fukushima 9.0 Quake occurred on a New Moon. Thus, the Theory was that 188 Days later on Moon Phase, a Mega Quake was to have hit the California Coast. What was very interesting at the Time was that Calculation coincided with September 15, 2011. Then for the subsequent 188 Day Count, it landed on the Skull and Bones 322 Luciferian Number, that pertained to March 22, 2012


The Theory was based on the Chilean 8.8 Earthquake. Then 188 Days later was the Christchurch Earthquake that demolished the Cathedral. And Comet Lovejoy was in the Sky at that time as an Omen of what was to come to the ‘Church of Christ’. One Theorized it as the ‘Sword’ coming to Demolish and lay waste to the Christian Church in the Middle East, as that is where it manifested or came true. This did come about through the Syrian Up-Rising and then because of ISIS coming in, supported by Obama and the CIA funding the ‘Rebels’, that 1000s of Christians were Martyred and even Crucified in the Streets.

It was Afghanistan 1.0. It was Horrible and that led to the Mass Migration of Millions to Europe, if you all Remember. Then 188 Days later, the Fukushima 9.0 Earthquake hit. That spilled Radioactive Material into the Ground and Water, and to this Day, is unstoppable and is still contaminating the Pacific Ocean. If you all remember, People were advised to buy Iodine and the University Instrumentations of how much Radioactivity is in the Air were shut-off, i.e., UC Berkeley. People were going to the California Beaches with Geiger Counters and reading way above Normal Numbers. And what did the U.S. Government do?

They just elevated the Numbers and Threshold of what was/is ‘Safe’ to be exposed to. But they warned Pregnant Woman not to go to the Beach nor Each Fish, go figure. Ah, the Wonderful World we Live in…So, the 188 Day Earthquake Theory was that from the Fukushima 9.0 Earthquake, the next ‘Hit’ would be in California. It did not happen. But one wonders if it could have been because the Word got out and enough Christians Prayed-it-Off?

A Time to Reckon
One has provided one’s ‘Best Attempt’ at explaining one’s Position. It is because the ‘Answer(s)’ is/are very limited in scope and it is a Working Theory that I still do not fully Understand. One is only sharing what one has Understood and where one is at on the Learning Curve, etc. One cannot go beyond that. As mentioned, one not ‘Sold’ on the Scientific Calculators nor on the Essene Calendar reckoning of a Year.

It is even though the Essenes are the closest to what one would surmise, might have it ‘Right’ or the More Accurate. So, to be more clear in what ‘Little’ one knows, others have done the Research and Homework as well and present 2 Venues of why it is ‘Impossible’, or not Probably that the Crucifixion Year was on a Wednesday and not based on the Essene Calendar. This is apparently Correct, at the moment. But it is just that one does not have that 100% Confidence in one’s Spirit.

Nonetheless, this has been one’s Response as one does have to at least Defend one’s Thesis in Committee of what one has Asserted. It is just that one, at this Point and Time, surmises that there are still 2 more Venues that are overlooked and have more compelling Pieces of Proof as to why one holds that Jesus was Crucified on a Wednesday and in the Year 32 AD. One has set aside, for now the Positions of No. 1 and No. 2 Venues and rely solely on No. 3 and No. 4.


One has presented the Circumstantial Evidence to these 2 Venues. One has compiled a Book as well about it, ‘Why the Crucifixion Year was in 32 AD. One basically is focusing all of the Theory on Daniel 9:27. Everything ‘Hinges’ on this Passage because of the Notion of the ‘Midst’. One is just Extrapolating that and Reverse Engineering the whole Calendar based on this. So, as to the Question why?

Hope this Answers your Inquiry but one realizes it does not Answer the Question at the Core that cannot be ‘Proven’ Scientifically nor by any Calendar that one can ‘Prove’ Conclusively. Again, it is one’s Theory and although un-provable, that is why it is Circumstantial, until further notice… Divine Focal Point in Human History that Changed and Redeemed the Race of Adam on Earth based on Key Years, Months and Days of Jesus.

1 Birth
2 Baptism
3 Burial
4 Resurrection
5 Rapture
6 Return
7 Reign

Planetary Parade
As to the Age-Old Question and Quest to ‘Know’ the Crucifixion Year, Month and Day? I think it is knowable. And with Clues and Hints from the Holy Spirit, it could be ascertained, if granted. Realize that the Luciferian know exactly what Year, Month and Day, as we know because they were there. As one asserted in one’s Book about, it is only the most Profound and Important Day in Heaven, on Earth and under the Earth when GOD the Son, in his Humanity, i.e., Body of Flesh Died. All those in Heaven were looking Down. Those on Earth were looking at. And those under the Earth were looking up. This Date that changed the Course for Humanity, aside from the other Earth-Shattering Dates also pertains to Jesus, His Birth, Resurrection, Rapture of His Bride and Return to then Reign on Earth, etc.

One believes the Year, Month and Week Day, Historically has been deliberately obfuscated, thus always the incorrect ‘Scientific’ Attribution of the Day. It is to make sure there is enough Ambiguity to cast Doubt and Unreliability. This is also the case with the Rabbinical Calendar handled by the Sanhedrin. Remember this is the Body of those that are AntiChrist, Anti-Jesus and said so, so did Jesus about them.

Yet, most Christians attempting to Discern the End Times and Calendars base all their Eschatology on them, as in their Calendar. One just says, one is very suspicious. But this is why one is open to the Essene Calendar as a Better but not Perfect Day Count. There is just not enough Time, Resources and those that could Peer Review all the Source Material get a better Understanding. Some have attempted to, like Dr. Ken Johnson, but there is still so much more to study.

However, consider that if one’s Theory is one’s ‘Best Approximation’, then for 2024, around that Summer White Wheat Wedding Time, starting from a July 23, 723, will be, for one’s Personal Expectations, the Highest Watch Time in one’s 40 Years of Watching. One is not saying that is it or will be. It cannot be proven, as the Theory can only be validated, as is by Time.

Here below is a Chart one made of how the Sky would look like on the Day, one presumes was/is the Crucifixion Year, Month and Day. One made some Observations in one’s case of how one learns more so, to the No. 3 and No. 4 Levels of Supposition, those being the Astronomy and the Prophetic Types, is how one is more convinced about it, at this Point in Time. Astronomically, 1 of the Compelling Factors is the Blood Moon as one has presented here before and in the Book about the Crucifixion Year, etc. This Planetary Parade in Phi Ratio is one for the List to be added, in one’s Book, literally.

No. 1-Scientific Time
No. 2-Essene Time
No. 3-Astonomical Time
No. 4-Prophetic Time

Possible Prophetic Interpretation of Planetary Parade
The following is the Astronomical Array of the Planets along the Eclipse for the Day, April 14, 32 AD. This is the Year, Month and Day, being the ‘Midst’ of the Week, per the Extrapolation of the Prophetic Typology taken from Daniel 9:27. Aside from the Modern Scientific Software, or even the Essene Calendar, one relies more so, based on one’s Conjecture for this Year, Month and Day of the Crucifixion, on the Astronomy occurring on this precise Day and the Prophetic Typology of a Week given to Daniel as mentioned.

The following are some Observations. The entire Mazzaroth of the 12 Major Signs in the Sky are portrayed along the Ecliptic. Their Order by Number, Beginning with Virgo and Ending with Leo are given. What Delineates the Expanse of the Sky is Book-Ended by the Blood Moon in Libra on that Crucifixion Night, near Midnight as it was in Exodus. The other End is the Planet Mars, as if being Poured-Out in the Constellation of Aquarius.

Interestingly, if one superimposes the Phi Ratio Spiral, focused on the Sun, the Ends are in Approximate Phi Ratio to the Sun. And? This shows the Mathematical Array that even YHVH arranged for 1 of the Most Important Days of the 7 one has identified when Jesus turned History around for Humanity and its Course, Fate and Destiny, etc. In keeping with the ‘In the Midst’ Pattern, of being ‘Cut-Off’ per Daniel, that is how one has Centered all of History around this Date. And even with this Prophetic Typology, the Arrangement of the Planets also produces a Menorah Type of the Planetary Parade with the Sun, in the Midst and then with the 3 Heavenly Bodies to the Right and Left of the Sun, etc.

1. Moon in Libra:
Blood Red from Sacrifice of Jesus'’ Blood on Cross.

2. Saturn in Cancer:
Entering the Bee-Hive ‘Sheep Fold’ in Cancer as if to devour it.

3. Jupiter in Taurus:
The Planet of the Messiah, ‘Pierced’ by the Bull, in the Midst’.

4. SUN in Aries:
In the Sign of the Lamb, the Sacrificial One that was to be Slain.

5. Venus in Cetus:
A Euphemism of Jesus, Captured by the Sea Dragon, Cetus.

6. Mercury in Pisces:
Euphemism of Jesus as ‘Messenger of GOD’ Bound by Chords.

7. Mars in Aquarius:
Planet of War, of how the ‘Conflict’ of Man was Poured on Jesus.

This is perhaps an Affirmation that the Theory of a ‘Midst’, as in Symmetry even displayed in the Astronomy, on the Night Jesus’ was Crucified. If so, it suggests that possibly the Crucifixion Year, Month and Day, is consistent throughout Prophecy. Signaling the Ominous Conflagration of the Enemies apparent ‘Victory’ of Jesus at the Cross. However, it was a ‘Bait and Switch’ done by YHVH in using Death to Destroy Death.

‘He will Confirm a Covenant with Many for one ‘7.’ In the Middle of the ‘7’, he will put an End to Sacrifice and Offering. And at the Temple he will set-up an Abomination that causes Desolation, until the End that is Decreed is poured-out on him’, -Daniel 9:27



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