War of the Seeds
Quest for the Soul of Humanity

  • What is the Gospel and why does every human being need it?
  • When did the 'War of the Seed's begin and what is it about?
  • Is there a 'Soul' and why is it so special, what is at stake?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And I will put Enmity between you and the Woman, and between your Seed and her Seed. He will crush your Head, and you will strike His Heel.’ -Genesis 3:15

The purpose of this study is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What is the ‘Gospel’? It means, the ‘Good News’. And many would agree that the world, given the events that are occurring day after day, needs ‘Good News’. The issue? One’s Soul, Eternity, etc. Who is GOD, is there a Creator? What about one’s Sinful Nature? Is there ‘Hope’ and a chance at Redemption? What does that mean? Theology is or can be complicated as any subject and can go deep. However, the Gospel Message of the Bible as personified in Jesus Christ is very simple. What is the big deal? Only that one’s decision about Jesus Christ will determine one’s Eternity. Sooner or later, every human will have to make a decision about Christ. One would argue though, those ‘Lost Tribes’ in the Jungles of the world have not heard of Jesus or the ‘Son of GOD’. Oh, yes, they have.

In fact, many scholars have argued that so-called ‘Primitive’ Peoples know more about Salvation, Redemption, GOD’, His Son than a modern-day human operating with 21st Century technology and Science. Most ancient civilizations had and have a Christ needing to die and on the 3rd-day rise from the Dead to provide Salvation. There is a belief in the Spiritual Realm, the After-Life, Heaven, Hell and the Devil. In fact, the issue of the Devil is very popular. Why? Such civilizations and People realized that there is a War going on presently and that war is over Power and Dominion, on Earth as it is in Heaven. That it started in Heaven but will be resolved on Earth. And Humanity is right in the thick of it as they say. Based on the Biblical narrative, the ‘War of the Seeds’ for Humanity started in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, the 1st humans.

It was Lucifer who then introduced the elements of lying, deception, doubt and ultimately sin. In essence, Lucifer made the Human Race to also go against the will of the Holy GOD and Creator, YHVH. The issue? Well, only that then Humanity’s place would be allotted to the same place as is Lucifer and his cohort of Fallen Angels will be, to the Lake of Fire if it was not for Jesus. Contrary to popular belief, Lucifer and his Fallen Angels are ‘Fallen’ but not yet ‘Expelled’ outright from Heaven. So, to mean that they are still there or have access to still be there. One has to consider that there are many strata of prior Angelic Rebellions. One knows of the case of the 200 Watchers of Mount Hermon and those got sent to Tartarus. They are the ones that will be coming back up from the Bottomless Pit. Then there all those Ranks of the Powers of the Air. There, the Fallen Angels of some type abide and Demons, those of the Spirits of the dead Hybrids. They are the Principalities, Thrones, Powers, Dominions, etc.

The Bride of Christ

If this class of Fallen Beings have access to Heaven or can travel there, it not revealed. But as to Lucifer himself and his Cohort that followed him, one sees in Scripture that they still can be there in some capacity and mysterious way. In Ezekiel, glimpses are given of how Lucifer both walked through the Gems of Fire in Heaven and in the Eden of Earth. And this alone would give life to the theory that there was an Earth and an Eden before his Fall and the creation of Humanity, which was actually a ‘Re-Creation’ event. But this is based on the Gap Theory. In the Gospels, Jesus stated that He witnessed/saw the fall of Satan, like ‘Lightning’. That is for sure. What does that mean?

Then in the book of Job however,  Lucifer was able to attend the Divine Council after his ‘Falling’. As one knows, it was the occasion where the ‘Sons of GOD’ had some sort of mandatory Convocation. If Lucifer and his Angels where completely expelled from Heaven’s Court, why would they still be allowed back? In that case, there was or would be no need for a War to try and get back in. The understanding is that in the Epistles, they teach that Lucifer is the ‘Accuser’ or Satan accusing the Brethren, day and night before YHVH. Here again, if Lucifer is totally excluded from the Courts of Heaven, how can he still be there ‘accusing the Saints’? It is because he is and he can. The timing and the reason for the coming War of Heaven, I would contend has to do with the Bride of Christ, after the Rapture. How so? And why?

The book of Revelation gives insights as to when the War in Heaven takes place. It takes place in connection to the Revelation 12 Sign. One has written on this before, but it is called, The Adjudication of the Bride. One contends that the Bride of Christ must ‘face her Accuser’. It is like a scene in a court room drama TV series. And based on Jewish Law, that is Law of YHVH, if anyone is accused of wrongdoing, that person has the right to face the Accuser for recourse. Since Lucifer and his Angles have Thrones still that have not been vacated yet, the scene shown to Daniel and John is of this very Proceedings. The Bride sits in this Divine Council, facing Lucifer. But it is then the Lion of Judah, the Lawyer and Groom, no less that mitigates the Verdict. ‘Innocent’. And charges Lucifer with contempt. At which point then, he and his Angles are thrust out of Heaven for good. This would correspond then to the Revelation12 halfway 1260th-day time marker.

This is when then Lucifer seeks to mount-up his attack to try and take back what he lost, his Throne and place in Heaven. Why? Because they are now given to the Bride. And the Saints will be then judging Angels.  This is why in Revelation; it says that woe to the Inhabitants of the Earth because the Devil has been cast down to Earth and is pretty mad at this point. This is why then from that point forward; Lucifer physically possesses his AntiChrist Seed on Earth and exposes who he really is. It is at this time in which he then breaks the ‘Covenant’ and stops the Daily Sacrifices. He then turns on the Jews, specifically the Remnant and all those that come to Jesus up that point. He will then mandate the taking of the Mark. But by that time, most of the world will have been so condition to ‘Mandates’ and Injections that receiving 1 more App or Genetic Download will be 2nd thought. But anyone not obeying this Mandate will be Guillotined. But Lucifer will have no more access nor excuse to Accuse.

The Extraction

But because now the Bride cannot be ‘accused’ any longer, there is now no excuse for Lucifer to be in Heaven anymore. And Revelation says that he and his Angels‘ place were found no more there. This to mean that before the Rapture, amazing, in some mysterious way, they still had and could be there – up to that point. But after the Rapture and the Adjudication of the Bride, no more access. So, after this Heavenly defeat, the best Lucifer will be able to do and pull-off is to sit in the Holy of Holies and possess the Throne of YHVH on Earth. This will be done as Lucifer then possessing the AntiChrist enters the 3rd Temple and the Holy of Holies, called the Abomination of Desolation. This is what Jesus warned. Then Lucifer will sit up the Ark of the Covenant that was unveiled after the Rapture.

And how it gave cause and impetus to build the 3rd Temple. This is just one of the many reasons why Lucifer hates the Bride with a Passion. Because she actually gets to have all that Lucifer coveted and sought to possess for himself. And that his ultimate demise was ‘clocked’ to the timing of space and time in the realm of the Mortal, as he is of the ‘Immortals’. That he and his Rebel Force has been taken down single-handedly by the hand of a lowly human being no less. This human being, though special, fully GOD and Man, the Last Adam, Jesus, was a genetic representative of the human race that done-in the Mighty Anointed or ‘Christ’ Cherub of Heaven. It is a conclusion to the ‘War of the Seeds’ from Genesis 3:15, fulfilled in John 3:16.  That is why the Rapture event is the Red Line and a Sign for this Last Generation. If the Rapture does not happen, then ALL of the Bible is false, Jesus is false and YHVH is all false.

But, if the Rapture event does occur, then ALL of the Bible, Jesus and what is yet to come as promised is true. To be part of this coming Extraction or Rapture event, call upon the Name of Jesus Christ to be saved from the coming Wrath and Judgment. Commit one’s life to be a Follower and Disciple of Jesus. Read His Word and study His life as it will give wisdom and insight. And in so doing, GOD the Holy Spirit will come inside to assist, teach, confect of sin. It is a start of a ‘relationship’. And with such a matrix, communication, though, dedication and faithfulness is required. It is a work in progress until that call to ‘Come up Here’ is sounded. It might be sooner than one thinks or has expected. There are many methods and means of presenting the Gospel of Salvation Jesus provides. One will use the ABC’s of Salvation.

ABCs of Salvation

The ABC’s of Salvation explain the Way of Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ alone in 3 simple steps. Jesus Himself Stated the following for context and need of Salvation.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. – John 14:6.

Jesus came from beyond the Stars, from Heaven as the true Creator, with the true Gospel and as the only true Savior. There is none other, and no other ‘Savior’ can redeem one’s Soul, Spirit and Body. YHVH created Man and Woman on Earth. Each person has a unique Genetic Code that is like a ‘Combination Key' to a Lock. There are no 2 alike. YHVH knows each and Genetic Code that is attributed to the body but is tied to one’s Soul and Spirt as well. All 3 aspects need to be redeemed or ‘bought back’. Why? One only has this life to make the choice of where one will spend in Eternity after one dies. And by the way, YHVH did not design Adam and Eve to ‘die’. But He gave Humanity Free Will.

The Human ‘Experiment’ has been contaminated. Lucifer has seen to it that Humanity is destroyed, genetically, spiritual and for all Eternity. This is called Sin and caused by Sin. Sin resulted from being disobedient to YHVH by choosing to rebel and turn one’s back to GOD. We were fooled into thinking we can be or are ‘Gods’. This is the lie. A time is coming where Lucifer will mandate the Mark of the Beast. This will change your DNA enough to cease being fully human and thus not redeemable. Do not take his Mark, Name or Number as that will condemn one to Hell. Jesus, as a fully human died only for humans, genetically humans. Consider Jesus as He is the only Hope of Escape.

Admit One Has Sinned

For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of GOD – Romans 3:23

For whoever shall keep the whole Law, and yet stumble in 1 Point, he is guilty of All the Law. – James 2:10

As it is written: There is none Righteous, no, not one. – Romans 3:10

For the Wages of Sin is Death, but the Gift of God is Eternal Life in Christ Jesus our LORD. – Romans 6:23

A person might think they are ‘good’ and deserve to go to Heaven. Many are trusting in how ‘good’ they are or what they have done. The truth is that all humans all ‘Sinners’, meaning one can never be ‘good enough’ to earn their way to Heaven. The Bible clearly teaches that ALL humans have Sinned and have broken YHVH’s Commandments. Since the Creator, YHVH is a Holy and Just GOD. Sins against a Holy Creator must be paid for and punished.

The Bible teaches that the ‘Wages or Payment for Sin is Death’. This means that it will be Eternal Death and Divine Separation from the Living GOD in a place called Hell. However, a loving, merciful GOD, YHVH does not take pleasure in the Death of the Wicked, it states in the Bible. Nor does YHVH desire any to parish and go to Hell. YHVH devised a plan to redeem or buy back Humanity.

The 1st Step thus in being ‘Redeemed’ or bought back is to acknowledge that one is Sinner. However, YHVH had a plan that involved sending Jesus, GOD the Son to pay for the Sins of Humanity. Admitting one is a Sinner also involves wanting to Repent, that is to ‘change directions’. In the Bible, both John the Baptist and Jesus Himself began their preaching with the word, ‘Repent’. Jesus stated, ‘Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven’ is at hand.’ –Matthew 4:17. To repent means ‘change one’s mind’ or to turn and to go in the opposite direction. How can one be led to repentance?

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit is the one that convicts People of their Sin in John 16:7-8. This act of love by Jesus should lead one to repent genuinely. ‘For Godly Sorrow produces Repentance leading to Salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces Death.’ – 2 Corinthians 7:10. Realizing ‘Godly Sorrow’ means that one genuinely feels sorry for all the bad one has done in one’s life. But it can be a small Sin or many Sins. Thus, the 1st Step toward Repentance is to acknowledge that one will always fall short of Jesus’ Perfect Standard. Why? Jesus never sinned and became the Substitutionary Payment for one’s Sins at the Cross of Calvary.

Believe On Jesus Christ

For GOD so loved the World that He gave His Only Begotten SON, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have Everlasting Life. For GOD did not send His SON into the World to condemn the World, but that the World through Him might be saved. – John 3:16-17 NKJV

So, they said, Believe on the LORD Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your Household. – Acts 16:31

And this is His Commandment: that we should believe on the Name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another, as He gave us this Commandment. – 1 John 3:23

The Apostle Paul defined the Message of the Gospel, which means Good News as the following, ‘For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our Sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the 3rd-day according to the Scriptures.’ – 1 Corinthians. Why only Jesus? Jesus Christ is presented by YHVH, the Creator as a perfect, sinless ‘Lamb of God’.

But contrary to forced Animal Sacrifices, Jesus stated that He came willingly and gladly because of the Love toward GOD the Father and toward the Lost Souls of Adam’s Race, of Humanity. Jesus laid down His life and took the penalty meant for every human on Earth. He literally took the judgment upon Himself on the Cross of Calvary in one’s place as Isaiah 53:6 teaches. Jesus paid the debt no human can ever come close to paying and redeemed one’s soul.  Why not? It requires ‘Sinless Perfection’.

YHVH, through the work of Jesus made the Salvation of one’s Soul, Spirit and Body possible and easy for Humanity, but it cost the Son of GOD everything. Jesus made believing in Him not just based on aimless and empty faith or meaningless religious works, but He came with power to perform the ‘Signs and Wonders’ to authenticate His message and purpose.

Jesus raised the Dead. He gave sight to the Blind. He made the Lame to walk, etc. It had to be by Blood of a pure human without ever having Sinned to pay for Sin. This is something no one else but Jesus could have done. Thus, one can completely entrust one’s Soul, Spirit and Body to Jesus Christ—believing on Him and His finished work on the Cross as that is how YHVH required the ‘Payment’ for Sin.


Call upon the Name of Jesus

…that if you confess with your mouth the LORD Jesus and believe in your Heart that GOD has raised Him from the Dead, you will be Saved.  For with the Heart one believes unto Righteousness, and with the Mouth confession is made unto Salvation. – Romans 10:9-10

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the Power of GOD to Salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek [non-Jews]. – Romans 1:16

If one then recognizes that Jesus is the only way to obtain Salvation of one’s Soul, Spirit and Body eventually, one has to act upon this understanding. One must agree and apply this truth to one’s life. How? One has to call upon the Name of Jesus and declare this truth. GOD is a respecter of Humanity’s Free Will. He will not force People to be ‘Saved’ or call on His Name.

YHVH did His part by sending His one and only SON to die in one’s place on the Cross of Calvary. Jesus now offers every person on Earth not only the Forgiveness of Sin as a Free Gift — Salvation, but Eternal Life and a place with Him in Heaven. However, this ‘Gift’ must be received as one would extent that to a person. How is this done? One must confess that one is a Sinner, no matter how good or bad of a sinner.

One must then believe that Jesus died, was buried but was resurrected from the Dead as the Bible teaches and there were 1st account Witnesses to this event. Then, one must confess with one’s Mouth -if physically able to as GOD requires an outward, public action. Why? Jesus died publicly, naked on the shameful and painful wooden cross for the Sinner. The least one can do is to not hide this Free Gift of Salvation as a secret and live with a fearful type of ‘Faith’ in Jesus.
Not sure how to receive this Salvation?

The Gift of Salivation is operated by way of a Prayer. If one is not familiar with Prayer, it is simply ‘Talking to GOD’ openly and honestly. In ones’ own words, confess or state that you admit you are a ‘Sinner’, are repenting and want Forgiveness. YHVH already knows that one is a sinner but wants one to agree. Prayer is just opening up a ‘channel of communication’.

Then, ask for GOD’s gift of Salvation by declaring that you believe in Jesus’ finished work on the Cross of Calvary, in that Jesus shed His blood for one’s Sin. And that Jesus rose from the grave on the 3rd day. Confess or accept that Jesus as the only Savior and Lord of one’s life. This commitment should be considered that thought about as it is not an ‘Insurance Policy from Hell’ as many do see it. Or, just to feel better and not have a guilty conscious but knowing that one will return to a lifestyle of sin. The Bible teachers that if one genuinely wants to come to Jesus for Salvation and Redemption, one will see a true-life change. If one is unsure of what and/or how to Pray, one can Pray something like the following ‘template’.

Father in Heaven,
I know that I’ve sinned against You. I realize that the penalty for Sin is Eternal Death, being separated from your Love and Life. I believe that Jesus, shed His own Sinless Blood on the Cross of Calvary so that I could receive His righteousness by Faith in what He finished and paid for. I confess that I am a Sinner and ask for Your Forgiveness. I believe that Jesus died and rose again so that I can be forgiven and live forever with Him. Here and now, I surrender my Life, my Soul, Spirit and Body to you to be used for Your Purpose and Glory from now on. Thank you for sending Your SON, Jesus, to die in my place. I ask and pray all this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

If you have done this, genuinely and from a repentant and sincere Heart, then welcome to the Family of YHVH! The Bible teaches that a Follower of Jesus is saved by Grace through Faith’… YHVH, GOD sees One’s Heart and He cannot be fooled. One is not ‘saved’ by simply saying some special words in a Formal Prayer. One is saved when one says and lives the Prayer of Salvation that was just a means of verbalizing what GOD has done through Jesus but applied to one’s Life.

However, the Bible does teach that this Saving Faith produces ‘Fruit’. One way one will be able to tell if ‘one is Saved’ is that one will be forever changed from that point forward. The Bible teaches that GOD the Holy Spirit will come in ‘dwell’ or live in one’s Spirit to help live-out this required ‘Holy Life’ in Obedience to the Will of Christ Jesus until death comes or the Rapture occurs.
Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the Angels of GOD over 1 Sinner who repents. – Luke 15:10
I prayed to receive Jesus Christ! Is that it?

Becoming a Follower of Jesus means that one’s Life will be forever changed as a new Journey of Faith begins in Him. It is now a Relationship. Begin by reading the New Testament and then the Old Testament to get a perspective of how YHVH dealt with People and see examples of good and bad examples of ‘Faith’. Then meet with other Followers of Jesus to encourage and grow to then be Baptized if possible.

Realize that as the Gift of Salvation has paid for one’s Spirit, Soul and Body. Presently, the Body is not yet redeemed. So, one is this present Evil World and will still be subject to the temptations of Self, Sin, Satan and the World. However, Jesus Christ has not left His People alone on Earth. Jesus sent GOD the Holy Spirit to help one be convicted of Sin and have power over it.

One day, the Bible states that Jesus is to return to Earth to extract of ‘Rapture’ His Bride and then ‘make all things right’. In the meanwhile, the journey of one’s Journey of Faith has begun. Like a Newborn, one must be feed, cared for and grow in stature, knowledge and understanding. This is the ‘Walk of Faith’ as now Jesus, whom is now one’s Savior and LORD desires one to reach ‘maturity’. How is this achieved? In part, it is finding and applying one’s purpose and role in being used by Jesus until He returns?

…’to equip the Saints for Works of Ministry, to build-up the Body of Christ, until we all reach Unity in the Faith and in the Knowledge of the Son of GOD, as we mature to the Full Measure of the Stature of Christ.’ – Ephesians 4: 12-13

Commitment to Jesus Christ for Salvation

I made a pledge to be Saved and receive the Gift of Salvation only found in Jesus Christ.     __Yes   __Not Yet  __Need for info

If Yes! Whom prayed with? __Self __Group __A Person

I,______________________________ prayed to receive Jesus as my Savior and LORD. Born unto the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, on this

Date:___________________  and Place:_______________________

I pledge to be a Follower of Jesus from now on and live a life worthy of His Holy Name.  __Yes   __Not Sure   __Not Yet    __Need for info

I pledge to read the New and Old Testament to grow in my Faith and tell others about the saving work of Jesus on the Cross.

__Yes   __Not Sure   __Not Yet   __Need for info


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