9 Month Countdown to the Rapture and

Church Age?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider how the Hamas Attack on Israel could be linked to when the 70th Week of Daniel is to begin. What will be suggested is the ‘What’ and the ‘Who’ it will eventually pertain to. One is conjecturing that all these Globalist Moves, involving a ‘Divide and Conquer’ Tactic, are inching further to the Day that the AntiChrist, or what one deems the ‘Solomon 2.0’ will be Debuted. And that he will be directly associated with the Feasts in which the Hamas Attack against Israel occurred. This ‘What’ and ‘Who’ Question is also pegged to one’s Theory of a possible 7-Year Tribulation Period Timeline. This Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Time-Frame Tribulation Period is conjectured to start on the Feasts after Sukkot in the Month of October in 2025.

Realize that the Feasts in Consideration of the ‘What’ and the ‘Who’ in Question, are the Combined Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah and the coming Messiah that Israel and the World will be accepting. He will be as a Solomon. These 2 Combined Minor Feasts of the Jews are when the Hamas Attack took place. They are the 8th Day of Assembly and when the Torah is taking-out. It is when the ‘Covenant is Revealed and ‘Confirmed’ amongst the Congregation, etc. One makes the Argument that on a coming Torah Feast will be the cause for the Confirming of the Covenant with the Many or L’Rabbim, as in the 70 Elders of Zion and the 12 Tribes of Israel, that King Solomon presided over.

And one surmises that what one calls the ‘Solomon 2.0’ or the Biblical AntiChrist, that Israel will ‘Accept in his Own Name’, will be the Messiah Figure come on the Scene after the Rapture and End of the Church. But after the Rapture, the Solomon 2.0 will Dedicate the Temple with the Commencement of the Daily Sacrifices and the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’, etc. This is what is Rehearsed on Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. It is when the King of the Jews will gather all of Israel to take-out the Torah Copy from the Bema Seat of the House or Synagogues.

The Torah or the Law and the Prophets are then ‘Confirmed’ in their Hearing. Realize that from the Hamas War, that precisely took place on a Simchat Torah could be the Countdown to the Rapture by 9 Months. How so? This is, if the Rapture is to occur at a Summer July Time-Frame. That Date would be July 23, 2024. By the way, ‘Hamas’ is an Acronym for the following.

H: Harakat
A: al-
M: Muqawama al-
S: Islamiya

Prophecy is Synchronizing
Hamas is also referred to as the ‘Islamic Resistance Movement. Officially, the Narrative is that it was founded in 1987 during the 1st Palestinian Intifada or Uprising against Israelis being in Gaza and the West Bank of the Jordan that are the Biblical Heartland of Ancient Samaria and Judea. This Rationale will be further developed and expressed in the last portion of the Study. These 2 Combined Minor Feast have had little Prophetic Inferences in the End Times Community. But some are picking-up on the Prophetic Significance of what King Solomon did on that 8th Day, Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah.

If one adds 9 Months or a Human Gestation Period of 290 Days from the Hamas Attack on Israel, could that be the Rapture Countdown?  As written in prior Articles, one is of the Prophetic Interpretation that the 3rd Temple Daily Sacrifices is what is pegged to the Commencement of Daniel’s 70th Week. It is also commensurate with Ceasing of them, at the precise 1260th Day or Midst or Half-Way Time Marker. And then 1260 Days later, is when Jesus Returns, etc. The following is the Day Count from the Hamas Attacks, alluding to a coming ‘Birthing’ in 9 Months.

October 7, 2023 + 290 Day Human Gestation Period = July 23, 2024

Then, consider how this Hamas Attack was also pegged to the Astronomical Ring of Fire Eclipse of October 14, 2023. This was the 2nd of the 3 Great American Solar Eclipse. The culminating one will occur on Nisan 1, 2024 or April 8, 2024. This 2nd was an Annular Type and exited the USA at Corpus Christi or the ‘Body of Christ’. Is this the ‘Clue’, of what the ‘Birthing’ that is coming in reference to? Could it be the Rapture?

But for the Year 2023, the Hamas Attack was also pegged to the Wedding Ring Eclipse. The Feasts, starting with Sukkot or the 7 Days of Tabernacles, if correlated, were then connected to the Wedding Ring Eclipse on October 14, 2023 was exactly 14 Days from the Beginning of Sukkot. And? On the Rabbinical Calendar, that was September 29, 2023, etc. And on the Last Day of Sukkot, October 7 is when Hamas then Attacked Israel on that Sabbath Weekend, being October 7, 2023. And that Day coincided, on purpose, with the Start of the Surprise Yom Kippur War of 1973 on October 6, 1973.

Began Friday, September 29 at Sunset
Ended Friday, October 6 at Nightfall (Kippur War of 1973 50 Year Anniversary.)
+ 14 Days is October 14, 2023
= Wedding Ring Eclipse (Bride of Christ/Corpus Christi, ‘Birthed’, Natal, Brazil.)

One just sees the 14-Day Count leading to the Wedding Ring Eclipse in Virgo’s Hand, as a Confirmation of the Vow Jesus, as the Groom is Cosmically Reiterating of His Pledge. Now, if it is about the ‘Birth’ of the Bride of Christ to come, as in the Corpus Christi – Natal Typology? It would astronomically appear to be the case, but in one’s Interpretation, it is in 2024. Why? The Sign is not the Event. Even King Solomon had to wait 11 Months once the Temple was completed. One will have to see but one still ‘Reserves the Right’ to insinuate that the Sabbath of Beginning in 2024, is when the Literal and Last Iteration of the AntiChrist, a Solomon 2.0 will start the Sacrifices.

Taking Out the Torah

The coming AntiChrist that will be the False Messiah of Israel will do as Solomon did back in the Dedication of the 1st Temple. Thus, why one calls him the 'Solomon 2.0'. And that is one’s Point for the longest Time. It is that the Dedication of the 3rd Temple will likewise set-off the Day Countdown of the 7-Year Tribulation. And what will start that will be the Daily Sacrifices that will occur on that very Dedication to accompany the Confirming of the Covenant. Of course, this is all one’s Interpretation and Conjecture. But if Prophecy is Pattern? Then there is Biblical Precedence regarding the start of Daniel’s 70th Week. But what about the start or rather End of the Church Age?

The next Point then has to do with the Possible Timing of the Rapture. Will it be a 9-Month Countdown from the Hamas Attack on those 2 Combined Feasts? Nonetheless, for the Possible Timing of the Rapture that will End the Church Age, one correlates that to when the Holy Spirit came Down to Earth, Collectively. Thus, the 9-Month Countdown would correspond to a Summer Season, but also on a Specific Date. One is not saying that July 23, 2024 will be or is the Rapture Event. But based on these 2 Correlations because of the Hamas Attack and the Wedding Ring Eclipse, it strengthens the Circumstantial Evidence.

This is where one does think that as the Holy Spirit is to go Up, as it came Down in the Summer as one sees it. In Acts 2, that Day was associated with the Feast of the 1st Fruits of the New Wine. But if one keeps to the Typology and Timing of when the Holy Spirit came, does it not make sense to presume that He will go Up or be Set Aside, on that very Anniversary Season, Day, Feast of New Wine? Perhaps. It is one’s Interpretation only. How so? It is based on Deduced Logic’ to infer that as the Holy Spirit came down, He will go up.

But again, if one is only going off of Prophecy, then Prophecy is Pattern. Then the End will be the Beginning. This is to mean that the Time the Holy Spirit came Down was on that Summer Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Day. So, one then would rather argue that the ‘Extraction’ of the Vessels that contain the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit would leave on the Same Day or Anniversary as it came into them and started the Church Age, no? Again, just sharing one’s Interpretation and Conjecture. One surmises that it is at this Time and Place, after a Sukkot Feast, on the 8th and 9th Day of Assembly, of a given Year, wherein the AntiChrist Solomon 2.0 and the False Prophet will likewise gather Israel on a combined Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah Feast.

Then all the Jews or their Representatives and the 70 Elders, i.e., the Sanhedrin will ‘Confirm’ the Covenant of Moses with Solomon 2.0. All those Rehearsals will now become a Reality. And that ‘Many’, one also has presented an Interpretation that it is referring to the 70 ‘Rabbim’ or as Jesus called them, the Teachers of Israel, etc. So, Solomon set the Precedence of Confirming the Covenant in the Reading and Praying before all of Israel and the World. Then later, Ezra and Nehemiah did the same when the 2nd Temple was also Dedicated, etc. One just sees the same Prophetic Time and Typology that ‘has’ to happen then. Can anyone blame one for insinuating this Prophetic Pattern?

Covenant Comes out in Display

Consider that once the 3rd Temple is complete, there also has to be a Waiting Period. For what? This is perhaps how, if the Typology is to Repeat, this could be where the Ashes of the Red Heifer play their part. There is a Waiting Period for the ‘Cleansing’ to take effect in some way. But then, this would mean that 11 Months prior to the Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah of 2025 would be November 18, 2024. And? If one may impose one’s Timeline again and that July 23, 2024 Wheat Rapture, possibly, the difference will be 118 Days or 3 Months and 26 Days. Consider the mentioned ‘723’ Connection to, perhaps that coming Summer White Wheat Wedding based on the Hamas Attack How so? 

From the Morning when Israel woke-up to the Hamas Attack:
Saturday (Shabbat) October 7, 2023 after sunset = Tishrei 23, 5784 (723)

So, perhaps that is how long after the Rapture, will it take for the 3rd Temple to commence its Construction in November of 2024 and then be Dedicated in all its Pomp and Circumstance for the whole World to marvel at in October of 2025, exactly 11 Months thereafter, just like in Solomon’s Time? This is all interwoven, in one’s Interpretation in the current Confrontation with the Inner-Ring of Muslim Para-Military Factions that will attack Israel. The Hamas Attack was not the start of the Psalm 83 War. As one surmises, a yet future Coordinated Attack by the Muslims will be the Psalm 83 War.

It will be a Muslim ‘Covenant’ made amongst themselves as they Conspire to ‘Remember the Name of Israel no More’. But at this Place in Time, one is convinced the Hamas War was and is a Countdown of sorts. Again, if it is a 9-Month Rapture Countdown? That will remain to be seen. But one is more convinced that the Hamas Attack is a 9-Month Countdown to the Rapture, conjectured of course. Now, after the Rapture Event, the Hamas Attack will lead to Israel going-off with its Samson Option against Damascus, i.e., the Isaiah 17 Event. Why?

Despite Israel detesting the ‘Christians’, it is specifically the Evangelicals that do and are Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem and the Nation of the Jews. That ‘Covering’ and ‘Compact’, spiritually Speaking will be gone. And the Geo-Political and Military Pact with the USA will be gone as well due to the devastation and Divine Judgment, i.e., the 3 Great Solar Eclipse Warnings. That in turn will lead to the Psalm 83 War or Conspiracy of the ‘Covenant’ the Muslims will make among themselves to then coordinate the simultaneous Attack on Israel. This will then usher in the Solomon 2.0.

That is the Plan and why ‘Things’ are occurring as they are. It is all about the ‘What’ and the ‘Who’. But if the Shemini Atzeret-Simchat Torah Typology is to play-out, what a Sight that will be as the Temple is to be Dedicated and the Covenant of the Law and the Prophets are to be ‘Confirmed’, etc. It will be as in the Time when Solomon gave the ‘Confirmation of the Covenant’ before all of the 70 Elders and Israel’s Representatives of all the Tribes, the Ark of the very Covenant that had the Tablets of Moses was rolled-out.

Law of Stone becomes Flesh

One has conjectured also, that when that Day comes that the Solomon 2.0 ‘Man of Peace’, will do the same. Imagine the Spectacle of seeing the very Ark of the Covenant made by Moses and the literal Tablets, the Rod of Aaron and the Jar of Manna in the Public Eye? And thanks to Social Media, all the World will Witness this. The World will be mesmerized to rally around this Covenant of Moses, Confirmed, etc.

For sure, something Biblical is going on with this Hamas Attack and the 2 Minor Feast, Wedding Ring Eclipses and the like. These ‘End’ or Extra Feasts of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah are Extremely Significant, if Prophecy is Pattern. They are looking stronger in one’s Case being made that they will coincide in 2025 with the Start of the Tribulation Period Day Count. This is, of course, if one’s Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Timeline comes to Fruition to Reiterate.

Could it be our…9th Month ‘Gestation’ to the ‘Birth’ of the Bride on 723 (July 23, 2024?) Tishrei is the 7th Month on the 23rd Day. It was Simchat Torah. On Simchat Torah, the Scrolls or the Covenant of Moses is taken out in Public Display. The Congregation gathers around the Bema Seat and Dance, Sing and Celebrate.

This Ritual and Rehearsal is really what one surmises will occur in Reality when the coming Solomon 2.0 Rolls-Out the very Tablets, no longer on Paper of Copies of the very Stones from the Ark of the Covenant that will likewise be taken out the Revealed. It will be the Occasion where the then Jewish Messiah Israel believes is guaranteeing them a Peace and Security for 1 Sabbath Week will initiate the Daily Sacrifices that very Sabbath of the Week, etc.

כ״ג בְּתִשְׁרֵי תשפ״ד
Parashat Bereshit
Simchat Torah

The taking-out of the Torah is Revealed and ‘Confirmed’ amongst the Congregation, etc. However, the Reason why Israel, Geo-Political and Biblically is in such Disarray and in desperate need of a Messiah, is that it rejected its True Messiah, Jesus. It is Jesus, GOD the Son, that is the Embodiment of the 2 Stone Tablets. There is a Vertical and Horizontal Relationship that governs the Affairs of Mankind. As it were, the 2 Stone Tablets of the Law and the Prophets became Flesh. And in Jesus’ Flesh, what the Law could not provide, Eternal Salvation is what Jesus fulfilled as a Human, a Descendant of Adam who had Failed the Exam back in Eden.  

Jesus then nailed the Law that Kills and produces Death, to the Cross of Calvary. As Jesus was riding into Jerusalem, He wept because He knew what was to come because of National Israel’s Rejection. Their Promised Land, Jerusalem and their Temple would be ‘Empty’ and laid Waste. No small Measure of Judgment. And to this Day, with every Muslim Attack, those 3 Factors are being Contended for. Eventually this Hamas Attack will lead to the entire World coming against Israel. It is already the case now.


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