Remnants of Fallen Angel Strongholds

  • What happened at the Ancient Edrei that dealt with Moses?
  • Did Moses Kill any Giants that attempted to stop them?
  • What does the ley-lines of Edrei convey? Who really Rules?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘YHVH said to Moses, Don not Fear him [King Og]: for I have delivered him into your Hand, and all his People, and his Land; and you shall do to him as you did to Sihon King of the Amorites, who lived at Heshbon’. -Numbers 21:34

The purpose of this study is to consider a Tel of the Ancient Race of Nephilim Giants, and Spiritual Stronghold of Edrei. Why? This is the Place where Moses, on the Last Leg of the 40-Year Wilderness Testing, came-up against the last Vestiges of the Nephilim Race of Giants, led by King Og. It was at Edrei that the Giant King met his Demise against Moses. Moses was essentially a Giant Slayer. The Story of Moses is usually highlighted from his Humble Beginnings, being set adrift in the River Nile, back in Egypt.

As the Bible Narrative states, the Egyptians grew Fearful of the increasing Hebrew Presence and slowly started to increment a ‘Soft Discrimination and Genocide’ Protocols. It was about Alienation and Forced Infanticide. This was essentially a Public Policy of Forced Abortions. The Mandate was to ‘Throw all the Male Hebrew Babies into the Nile’. This was a Prophetic Echo of how Jesus would face the same Protocol. Herod wanted to ‘Abort’ such Babies that dared to threaten his Luciferian Bestowed Kingship.

The Story of Moses is one of the likes of Daniel and Joseph in how YHVH moved Geo-Political Circumstances and People to have a ‘Moses’ in place of Power to ‘Save’ and Deliver YHVH’s People. And this, by Decree based on that Unconditional Promise made to YHVH’s Friend, Abraham. So, the Bible emphasizes the Storyline of Moses’ Ascension to the Position of a Prince of Egypt, etc. The Storyline then follows Moses to the Wilderness at Mount Sinai, in Arabia under the Auspices of Jethro.  

Moses is later Commissioned by YHVH to ‘Liberate’ the Jews that are full-blown Slaves.’ Their Task was to Serve the Pharaohs or ‘AntiChrist’s of the then, Luciferian World Order. Much is placed on that ‘Side’ of the Story, in how Amazing Events, like the 10 Plagues, the Death of the 1st Born and Passover is what ‘Defined’ the Life of Moses.

Then there is the Miraculous Crossing of the Red Sea and the Provision of the Mana, the ‘Food of Angels’ given for the 40-Years of Testing of the Israelites. This was due to their Unbelief and the Bad Report in how the 10 Spies made Israel Fearful to not want to enter the Promised Land. And why? Giants. This is where this Study seeks to bring a Focus on the ‘other Side’ of Moses’ Storyline. It is of how the Last Years of his Life also coincides with the End of Israel’s 40-Year Testing. Moses and Joshua actually Confronted and Killed the Last Vestiges of the Nephilim Giant Races, i.e., King Og. Slayer of Giants
Yes, Moses was a Giant Slayer. Where? In Edrei.

And how Joshua made many of the Giant Klans leave the Middle East. Some Evidence suggests many Races of Giants Migrated to South America. And later-on, then even King David and his Mighty Men would ‘Mob-Up’ the Remnants of the 5 Giant Brothers from Gath, among them, Goliath. Thus, it was at the Tel or Elevated Mound of Edrei where King Og came to Fight Moses and the Israelites. And it was there that he, the Last Giant of the Rephaim was killed by Moses. The following will be some Data Points about this, often less-stressed Biblical Accomplishment of Moses. And how Edrei has this Cydonia, Mars Triangulation.

Moses, along with his Captain, Joshua at his Side, led Israel along the East Bank of the Jordan River. Moses led them all the way, north to the Region of Bashan. At that Time, it was a Rich and Fertile Land in what is now the Golan Heights. There were a total of 4 Final Battles carried-out during Israel's 40 Years of waiting until that Fearful Generation that did not want to enter the Promised Land died-off. The Last Battle of Moses was with King Og, as it is understood, the Battle of Edrei took place less than 1 Year before Moses Died, at the Age of 120.

The Bible states that Moses was then personally Buried by YHVH on Mount Nebo. The Israelites had traveled North to the Land of Bashan after defeating the Amorites. The King had refused to allow Moses to pass. Deuteronomy 1:4 states that Moses killed Sihon, the King of the Amorites for that. Hearing of Moses’ approach and Fate of Prior Pharaohs and Kings, the Last Giant of the Rephaim, King Og, attacked Moses at Edrei with his Army. Og the King of Bashan, is said to have lived in Ashtaroth, at Edrei.

The Account of the Battle of Edrei with Moses, against the Giant, much like a Foreshadowing of David and Goliath is found in Joshua 12:4 and Numbers 21:33, etc. Ed'Rei, was the Chief City of Bashan. It is about 20 Miles East of the North End of the Sea of Tiberias or Galilee. Edrei, is now believed to be what is called ‘Edhra’ that has many Ruins, but still has an Inhabited Population of about 500. Others do contest this Place and assert that the Biblical Edrei can only be identified, to be between Kadesh and En-hazor as suggested from Joshua 19:37.

Who was King Og? Deuteronomy 3:11 states that King Og was the last of the Rephaim, a Race of Giants. He was at the ‘Tail-End’ of the Genesis 6 Incursion of the 200 Fallen Angle ‘Watcher’ Class that had come down to Mount Hermon for this very Purpose. They Bound themselves with a Sacred Oath to Inter-Breed with Human Women so as to Pollute and Hybridize the Human Race. Why? It was a Luciferian Plot to avert Genesis 3:15. The Bible stated that King Og’s Coffin was in the Town of Rabbah in Ammon.

It was said that it was made of Hard Black Rock and was about 4 Meters long and almost 2 Meters wide. His Bed is described in the Bible to be about 13.5 Feet long and 6 Feet wide. This puts the Stature of King Og, as a Giant of about 8 Cubits or about 12-13 Feet Tall. This would be about 3 Times the Average Height of a Philistine in Moses’ Day, being about 5 Feet, 7 Inches or around 172 cm. The Word, ‘Rephaim’ is not an Ethnic Term, but rather a Descriptive one. It is believed to mean the ‘Terrible Ones’.

Sons of Anakin
The Rephaim were Giants of the Ancient Legends, the ‘Might Men of Renown’, etc. They were the Giant Races that the Israelites encountered as the 12 Spies entered the Promised Land to scope-it-out. 10 out of the 12 Spies, 1 for each of the 12 Tribes of Israel, Reported the ‘Land was full of Giants’ True. And on purpose. Lucifer and his Fallen Angels did not want the Real Estate of Israel or the Promised Land to be acquired by the Jews. Why Not? And to this Day? It is because it would fulfill the Promise YHVH made to Abraham. And? If YHVH delivers on this Promise, then all the Rest of the Promises will surely follow. It means that the Jews, as an Ethnic and Nation would depose Lucifer’s Grip on Power over the Nations on Earth.

In what way? YHVH intended and still does, that Israel would have been the Beacon of Light and Salt to dispel Darkness and Persevere Life on Earth. This was with the Expectation that Israel would bring forth the Messiah that would and did Save the World from their Sin and Slavery, under Lucifer. This Promised Seed of the Woman’s Name is Jesus. Jesus ss the Greater Moses who warned Israel would Reject. He is the Greater Joseph that saved his Brethren although sold for Pieces of Silver. Jesus is the Greater Joshua, the Captain of one’s Salvation. Ultimately, It was Jesus who confronted and killed the Giant Dragon, Lucifer, that ‘Ole Serpent’, called the Devil, etc. Jesus killed the ‘Giant’ like Moses with King Og, at the Cross of Calvary.

So, if anything one would like to stress then with this study is that Moses was a Giant Slayer, as noted. It cannot be over-emphasized enough in one’s Opinion. King Og was called a Nephilim. They were the Race of Genesis 6 Giants that attempted to Destroy the Human DNA so as to avert Jesus’ Atoning Sacrifice and render it ‘Null and Void’. Why? It says in the Book of Hebrews that Jesus, the Messiah came as a Man, a Human Man, with 100% Human, Un-Contaminated or Hybridized by Fallen Angel DNA, etc. Such Races of Giants were of and ‘Sons of Anak’ as disclosed in Numbers 13:32–33.

Think of the Storyline of Star Wars and Luke Sky-Walker, Anakin. Yet despite King Og’s Gigantic Size, he was killed by Moses. Og’s Possessions, Lands, the 60 Fortified Cities or ‘Strongholds’ that the Spirits and the Fallen Angels used to dwell in were taken by Moses and Joshua and given to Israel. After taking the Golan Heights, Moses gave some of the Land and Towns captured to the Tribes of Reuben and Gad. Moses gave the Northern Half of Gilead and all of the Bashan Region to the Half-Tribe of Manasseh.

Lastly in Numbers 31, one reads about the Last War YHVH instructed Moses to carry-out before his Pending Death. It is against the Midianites. Why? Vengeance. It was to be Pay-Back Time for what they did 40 Years prior to Israel, and YHVH took it ‘Personally’. What happened? This Last Battle of Moses, the Giant Slayer was meant to Punish Midian for its Role in leading the Israelites astray by encouraging them to have Sexual Relationships with Pagan Women, as directed by the False Prophet Balaam. And? Those types of Relationships led many of YHVH's People into Idolatry and Sexual Immorality. And? Balaam knew that such a Spiritual Disposition was an Affront to YHVH and would lead to the YHVH's Wrath. This came true as recorded in Numbers 25, 31:16. Moses and Joshua later-on found the False Prophet Balaam. He lived in Tel Deir Alla.

Search and Destroy
This was another of the Fallen Angel Spiritual Strongholds, both constructed in the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern. See End-Notes for that Study about how Balaam met his Death at the Hands of Joshua, when instructed by Moses, on the West Side of the Jordan River, etc. In preparation, Moses gathered 12,000 Fighting Men and sent them against Midian. The Israelites proceed to carry-out a ‘Search and Destroy’, Torch-Earth Protocol. No Light Matter. To the Detractors of YHVH in the Bible, they accuse YHVH of being ‘Genocidal’ because of this. But they fail to put the Storyline into Proper Biblical Context. These People were Mixed Hybrid Humans with Fallen Angel Genes.

And they willfully sided with Lucifer and False Prophets, to Impede YHVH’s Will of securing His Promise to Abraham of the Land. If one thinks one is Stronger than YHVH, then go right ahead and Challenge Him in all aspects one does not agree with. Moses’ Men killed all the Midian Men of War. Joshua killed all of the 5 Midianite Kings. They did take all the Women and Children as Captives and burned all their Cities to the Ground. It was at this Time and Place that Joshua also killed the False Prophet Balaam at Tel Deir Alla. Why False? He was a Prophet of Hire, or really for ‘Profit’. Balaam was willing to Curse YHHV's People for a Fee. See Numbers 31:1 - 10, 2 Peter 2:15, Jude 1:11.

The Bible states that Moses Died on Mount Nebo, shortly after the Midianite Victory over the 5 Kings and the Death of Balaam. See Deuteronomy 34:1 - 6. As Moses then Commissioned Joshua to lead Israel, 4 Days before Passover, Joshua crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land. The 40-Year Wandering and Mana was over. This was also Prophetic in that it was 4 Days Prior, that Jesus crossed the Kidron Valley and Triumphantly Entered the Double Golden Arches of the Gate into Jerusalem. As the Passover Lamb, Jesus had to be ‘Inspected’ by the High Priest for 4 Days prior to Celebrating Passover, to make sure He was Pure, and without Fault or Blemish, etc.

Jesus is the Greater Joshua who ‘Ended’ Israel 40-Year of Testing in the Wilderness as He, Jesus was led into the same Wilderness for 40 Days, 1 Day for each Year to be also ‘Tested’. Selah. Now, as that was the Biblical Background and Context for the City of Edrei, the following will be the supposition of how one will attempt to show the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation found there. It is Replicated in such an Occult and Fallen Angel Strongholds on Earth because it Mirrors Heaven. The Bible depicts, to some degree, if at least Metaphorically, that there are buildings, a City, a Throne, Gates etc., in Heaven.

Such is the obvious case on Earth. Who is to say that in-between Heaven and Earth, there are no such Patterns found either in the Cosmos. Built by whom? Built by the Argons of Old, the Fallen Angels that the Bible speaks about. The ‘Rulers’ and 'Princes of the Air’. Edrei was where King Og, the Giant was the Spawn of the Fallen Angels, etc. This is in inference to possible Heavenly Constructs and Layouts patterned after Heaven itself and replaced in other Planets, Star Clusters, perhaps. One such Place, as possible Evidence, is Cydonia, Mars. This study will specifically be in reference to now the famous Mars Cydonia Pyramid Triangulation is apparently also patterned in Ancient Edrei, where Moses Killed Og, King of Bashan. One’s Theory is that this Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern configures a Star Gate when it is ‘Activated’. How?

Sacred Sites
These Star-Gates can be and are ‘Activated’ by either Light, Sound or Sex Rituals that involve Blood Sacrifices. And these Blood Sacrifices can be of either Animals or Humans. The most sought-out Blood Sacrifice of Humans, are of Babies, thus the Push for Abortions. One Surmises that Heaven, wherever that may be, has this 3 Temple Triangulation that corresponds to the 3 Persons of the GOD-Head, those that ‘Bear Witness’, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as 1 John 5;7 declares, etc. And?

The Fallen Angels know of this Sacred Triangulation Pattern found in Heaven and its Devine Sacred Power it has. This 3 Temple Triangulation must be very prominently located in Heaven itself or something to that effect. This is why one can Conjecture that the Fallen Angels in Genesis 6, of Ancient Times, that were called the Anunnaki, came to Earth from Heaven through such Star-Gates. They had a Knowledge of this Heavenly Temple Triangulation and sought to Replicate it, ‘On Earth, as it is in Heaven’, etc.

So, replicate it this did and have, not only on Mars, but on Earth’s Sacred Sites that involve Worship or Power. The Cydonia, Mars Triangulation is found all over on Earth, are not of any Biblical relevance that can be attributed to the working of the Creator YHVH or Scripture. The Knowledge and Building of such specific Cydonia, Mars Patterns on Earth are configured by those that seek and worship the Fallen Ones. For that matter, one argues that the Entities or Fallen Angels are one-in-the-same as the ones that configured the Triangulation on Mars and are not of YHVH’s doing. As an example, the Ancient City of Edrei is patterned after this Cydonia, Mars Triangulation.

One argues that this Sacred Knowledge is the same given to those that create the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation with Sacred Temples and Gematria on Earth. And? This Cydonia, Mars Triangulation is made to construe a ‘Star-Gate’ wherein, the Fallen Angels and Demons and Lucifer can easily Traverse Dimensions directly. And it resembles their Lost Estate of how Heaven is really configured to such Sacred Geometry and Power Ley-Lines, etc. And?

On Earth, those that are in Possession of these Spiritual Strongholds that are Reflected Physically, are given Full Control the Real Power behind such Sacred Sites, as Edrei and of all others found throughout the World. These are the ‘Master of Humanity’, for now, that Rule the World through the Authority give to them by Lucifer to rule the World. He does it by his Media, Medicine, Military and Mammon to Control and Subjugate Humanity. He strives to keep Humanity from being like a Moses or Joshua in preventing them from entering the Promised Land, Metaphorically.

However, this Bondage of Balaam, of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels is now Broken by the Work and Mission of Jesus, GOD the Son, come in the Flesh. But Jesus was not a ‘Hybrid’. Nonetheless, the Fallen Angels and Lucifer know the Dimensions of Heaven. They Replicated it in Cydonia, Mars with such a Temple Triangulation Pyramid Pattern. And why? It is because it could very well be one that is mirrored from Heaven itself. These Temple Triangulation ‘Strongholds’ on Earth designed, are based on the Heavenly Original one, before Genesis 1 and before the Creation of Mankind by YHVH.

But, so why the Connection to Cydonia, Mars with Biblical Strongholds, literally? In the Lost Book of Enki, Ala-Lu is the King of Nibiru, the Planet of the Crossing. He is Banished and ends-up on Earth. He is later Exiled to Mars, where he builds a City and is Commemorated by a Face Temple, of his Likeness, i.e., the Face on Mars, etc. This is one Ancient Explanation for the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Triangulation Phenomena. This Cydonia Pyramid Triangulation is Mathematically Sound, with Angles and Degrees that match those found all over the Earth.

How could it have been possible for the Sumerians to have known of such Building there on Mars, in the Cydonia Region? This is a clear example, of such Sacred Information being funneled to and from ‘Secret Societies’ by Entities that the Bible exposes. It comes from the Fallen Angels, teaching Humanity the Occult Crafts and Satanic Dark Magic Secrets, forbidden by YHVH as divulged in the Book of Enoch. The Bible in Genesis records the Effects of such an increase of specific Knowledge but does not attribute that directly to the Fallen Ones as the Book of Enoch does.

Until Christ’s return, Lucifer has built his Kingdom or ‘Strongholds’, like Edrei, on such Sacred Geometry all over the World, but especially in the Middle East and in the Promised Land. Why? These Strongholds are to ‘Stop’ Moses, Joshua, and YHVH’s People from Possessing all that YHVH has intended for them. The Cydonia, Mars Triangulation is found in all such Ancient and Modern Centers of Worship and Power.

It is Evidence, in one’s Prophetic Assessment, that the Luciferians, are still at War over Earth and People’s Souls. And Lucifer and his Minions, both Fallen Angels and Useful Human Idiots, believing his False Gospel, will not go down without a Fight. The War over Earth and Humanity’s Souls is still being fought, much like it was with Moses against the Nephilim Hybrid Giant King of Og. The Luciferians await the coming of their ‘Anointed Christ’ Cherub, Lucifer. They are Deceived into thinking they can still have a Fighting Chance to take back the Promised Land. They seek to avert Jesus from establishing His Kingdom on Earth, as Promised and Secured and will happen at His 2nd Coming.

Now, Lucifer’s New World Order will succeed after the Rapture, but only Momentarily. This will actually be accomplished by the False Messiah or AntiChrist that will come in ‘His Own Name’ and Israel’s Synagogue of Satan will rather Accept and Proclaim, ‘We have no King but Caesar!’ To this End and ‘Great Work, a Temple in Jerusalem will be built for him. It will involve 3 Temples for the 3 Abrahamic Faiths on the Temple Mount. And it will somehow follow the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern.

See End-Notes for that Research. So, these Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Patterns are found in Edrei and in all the major Luciferian Modern World Capitals like Astana, Canberra, Washington DC, the Vatican, etc. These World Capitals are but the Centers of Total Power that are divided-up, on behalf of Lucifer to Control and Destroy all the Nations and Peoples on Earth by the Balaam’s he places in Positions of Power. That is, until Jesus returns, or rather in the Context of Reclaiming the Promised Land, will it be literally Moses coming back? In that case, will he be 1 of the 2 Witnesses then?




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