Countdown to the New Financial World Order

  • What is the significance of the Bank of England's latitude?
  • Is an encrypted countdown of years encoded in its walls?
  • What does the ley-lines of London convey? Who really rules?

by Luis B. Vega
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The Bible depicts to some degree, if at least metaphorically that there are buildings, a City, a Throne, Gates etc., in Heaven. Such is the obvious case on Earth. Who is to say that in-between Heaven and Earth there are no such things either in the cosmos. Of whom? The Argons of old, the Fallen Angels that the Bible speaks about. The ‘Rulers’ and Princes of the Air’. This is in inference to possible constructs layouts in other planets, star clusters etc. This study will specifically be in reference to the now very famous Mars Cydonia Pyramid Complex are apparently also patterned in the great city of London’s financial center. This Pleiadian pattern has been discovered by many, among the most prominent researchers who have authored many books and have catalogues many of these patterns all over the planet of the ‘God of War’, Mars.

Perhaps this Pleiadian Pattern was and/or is a very prominent location of Heaven itself or something to that effect. Many have asked since recorded history if ‘extra-terrestrials’ have visited Earth. The answer is yes, technically based on the definition of the word. In the Greek, extra means outside and terra means Earth. Thus the question remains, has anyone come from outside of Earth to Earth? The answer is yes according to the Bible. The Bible emphatically claims that GOD Himself, the Angels, demons and the Son of GOD, Jesus came to Earth from Heaven. Jesus Christ Himself confirmed this to Israel that this was the case in John 1:51 and John 3:13.

Perhaps some of the Fallen Angels that in Genesis 6 of ancient times that were called the Annunaki came to Earth from such a place or that were stationed on Earth and had a direct affiliation to the Star Cluster of the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus. Perhaps it is a ‘stamp’ or the signature from where the Angelic Rebellion of the Fallen Angels that are in current state of war against YHVH took place. The purpose of this study and with accompanying chart series is to illustrate and point out the following.

The Pleiadian Patterns found all over on Earth are not of any Biblical relevance that can be attributed to the working of the Creator or Scripture. The knowledge and building of such specific Pleiadian patters on Earth by those that seek and worship the Fallen Ones or for that matter on Mars by the Fallen Ones are not of YHVH’s doing. As an example of those that create such Pleiadian Patterns on Earth, Greater London’s geographic area will be shown to be patterned after the Pleiadian Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex.

The Pleiadian Pattern
This Pleiadian Pattern directly reflects and correlates to those that control the real power behind such cities as London and the world’s economy. These are the ‘Master of Mammon’, the self-proclaimed ‘Zionists’ of London who rule over the financial global power that sits within the City of London, predominately the Bank of England. It’s NOT a Bank and it’s NOT of England. To this end, there is a degree of conspiracy playing-out.

The Bible declares in the book of Job that the Angels of YHVH assemble before the Throne of YHVH. Interestingly, so does Lucifer. Thus, Fallen Angels and Lucifer know the dimensions of Heaven. The Pleiadian Pyramid Pattern could very well be one that is mirrored from Heaven itself. Perhaps such Fallen Angels have constructed such designed based off this heavenly original before the events of Genesis 1 and before the creation of Mankind by the LORD YHVH. In the Lost Book of Enki, Ala-Lu is the King of Nibiru, the Planet of the Crossing that is banished and ends up on Earth. He is later exiled to Mars where he builds a city and is commemorated by a Face of his likeness.

This is one ancient explanation for the Mars Cydonia Pyramid Complex phenomena. This Cydonia Pyramid Complex is mathematically sound with angles and degrees that match those found all over the Earth, as in Greater London that the accompanying charts will illustrate. The key clue is the 333° heading from the Royal Observatory in London that matches that of the same heading of the Pyramid Complex on Mars. How could it have been possible known for those building the Royal Observatory to know where on Mars the Cydonia Pyramid were/are at and specifically to what degree heading they are orientated to match that on Earth.

This is a clear example of such information being funneled to and from ‘Secret Societies’ by entities that the Bible exposes as Fallen Angels teaching Humanity the crafts and Satanic dark magic secrets forbidden by YHVH as divulged in the book of Enoch. The Bible in Genesis records the effects of such an increase of specific knowledge but does not attribute that directly to the Fallen Ones as the book of Enoch does. Nonetheless, with this benchmark 333° degree heading correspondence there follows an easy line-up to the Pleiadian configuration.

1) The Royal Observatory
This site matches with the D&M Pyramid on Mars. Interestingly, it is from this precise location that the point of longitude is determined for the entire Earth.

2) The Olympic Stadium
This site corresponds to the Face of Ala-Lu on Mars. Coincidentally, there is a ’eye’ pavilion next to the stadium that has it architecture in a pyramid lighting desiring of the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer. In essence, the 2012 Olympics was homage to the return of the banished Lucifer as the Rising Phoenix or Mercury, the Monas Hieroglyphica that was the Mascot of the London Olympics. Astonishingly, ‘the Spirit of Zionism’ was the theme of the Olympics and motto of all things thus confirming to some degree that it is these Luciferian ‘Zionists’ who have deliberately designed such benchmarks all over London and the world to depict their Pleiadian pattern on Earth, As Above, So Below.

The God of Mammon
The City of London’s coat of arms is the Boxing Dragon. It is a homage to the Beast that is the ‘god’ of this world, Lucifer that the Bible describes as the Dragon, the Shining Serpent and has given power, authority and ‘mammon’ to his minions that do his will on Earth against YHVH’s plan and purpose. Moreover, Lucifer is Mercury the god of Mammon that brings financial gain. The game plan of these false ‘Zionist’ worshipers of Mercury, logistically is to establish a Central Bank ‘Temple’ in every nation so as to control the money supply, charge interest, destroy the middle class, bankrupt the nation on the backs of working people that are extorted of unlawful taxes and regulations.

The City of London mirrors the 7 Pyramid City Complexes of Mars with its 7 main skyscrapers. The City of London is one of the Financial Capitals of the World, if not the premier. All the world markets are regulated from the Bank of England. In actuality, this ‘bank’ is a ’Temple of Mammon’ given over to the Dragon and by the Dragon that the charts will illustrate. The 7 main buildings or skyscrapers of the City of London are the following.

1. Guy’s Hospital
2. The Shard
3. Fenchurch
4. 6-8 Bishopsgate
5. Tower 42

6. 99 Bishopsgate
7. Heron
8. Gherkin

The 7 stars of the Pleiades are the following.

1. Pleone
2. Atlas
3. Alcyone
4. Maia
5. Taygete
6. Celaeno
7. Electra
8. Merope

The reason why such are called false Zionists is because Jesus Christ exposes them as such. In Revelation 2: 9 it states, ‘I know your afflictions and your poverty--yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a Synagogue of Satan.’ The Bible states that when Lucifer establishes his New World Order and installs his anti-Messiah. He will command all to take a Mark that will be the new financial mode of currency. Without this mandatory opting-in, like a nationalized ObamaCare, there will be no means of buying or selling. The LORD YHVH forbids this taking of the Mark because it will condemn people to eternal damnation as perhaps the Mark will also be tied in to some sort of DNA Transhumanism manipulation that will render humans as non-humans and unredeemable by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.

The Lords of Mammon
It is interesting again in that Lucifer as Mercury the ‘God of Mammon’ or money is also the possessor of the Caduceus, the double helix serpent staff that denotes the ‘physician’ god of medicine. Far from, it is the truth that Lucifer is the ‘good physician’ in this case. History has proved that through such institutions as the banking system and nationalized medicine has caused the death of millions and the slaughter of innocent people. The following is how a sovereign nation is taken over by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The game plan is the same as one modern scholar, Saul Alinsky has simplified it. These methods have been used by the cadre behind the dictators of the fascist and socialist types of AntiChrist in human history.

1. Have the State control the masses through a mandated nationalized healthcare system.
2. Increase those living in poverty so such are powerless but to depend on the State.
3. Increase taxes to the point that the national and personal debt is un-payable and subject to foreign oversight as national sovereign constitutions and laws are superseded.
4. Confiscate all forms of private firearms and militarize the police to enforce the State’s laws.
5. Have the State control all means of production and distribution as it pertains to food, housing and labor.
6. Have the State control the content of education and outlaw any alternative forms of education, such as private, religious or home-schooling.
7. Have the State ban Christianity from public and private observances, i.e., prayer, freedom of assembly and worship.
8) Create a diversion from the real issues by using such means as racism and classism to divide and conquer the masses.

The Money Changers that rule the world with their Temples of Mammon or ill-gotten ‘gain’ of monetary wealth has been obtained by greed. They perpetrate wars, murder, slavery, extortion and sorcery in the guise of ‘illumination’ but are steeped in their allegiance to Lucifer who is the god of this world, the Ala-Lu of Mars, Mercury. It is Lucifer that bestows these temporal kingdoms on Earth while he can. The Bible declares Jesus’ victory of Lucifer as Lucifer is now in a banished state but still in strife with the LORD Jesus Christ and His Church on Earth. The Bible states that Jesus defeated Lucifer on the Cross and by His resurrection has sealed Satan’s doom.

Until Christ’s return, Lucifer has built his kingdom on such sacred geometry as the Pleiades that await his coming ‘anointed one’, the false Messiah or AntiChrist. To this end and ‘Great Work, a Temple in Jerusalem will be built for him. These patterns are found in all the major Luciferian world capitals like Astana, Canberra, Washington DC, the Vatican, etc. These world capitals are but the centers of total power that is divided up between political, religious and monetary oversight of all the nations and peoples on Earth, for the time being.

Some Observations

The following is a direct comparison between the Cydonia Mars Pyramid complexes with that of the Bank of England-Observatory-Olympic Stadium layout. Both have the following attributes.

333° Heading
19.47°Minutes of Arc

1) The Pleiades = Pyramid City Bank of England financial district
2) Face o Alalu = Olympic Stadium ‘Allah’ or Eye of Lucifer
3) Royal Observatory = D&M Pyramid

The Pyramid atop building at 1 Canada Square is at a 333° heading and at 51 degrees 30 m 17.76”N

Cydonia, Mars
From D&M Pyramid to the Face of Mars is
12 miles at a 188 degree heading
The Face is 1.24 km wide and 1.5 miles in length

From the D&M Pyramid to the Pyramid Pleiadian City is
11 nautical miles or 1260 arcseconds

The D&M Pyramid itself is
6,606 yards or  (6-6-6)
6 kilometers

The length of the Pyramid City is .66 nautical miles or 7.67 miles ground length or 12.34 kilometers. From the Pyramid City to the Face is 13 miles at a 60 degree heading.

The Money Changers, Masters of the Mammon have encoded their Great Plan of when their Pleiadian Fallen Angel Lucifer will initiate his New Age or World Order. Their Mammon Temple, the Bank of England is situated in such a way that through sacred geometry, it configures the Luciferian Masonic unfinished temple. The chart following this study will show the City of London’s financial center rotated 188 degrees from North for a conceptual perspective.

This ’Bank’ Temple is at the heart of the owl configuration that encompasses the area of the City that is private and not part of England. The All-Seeing Eye of Ra, or Horus, Orion is at the apex of the Bank building with a 7 street intersection. This intersection ‘star’ corresponds to the 7 Heavenly Bodies the esoteric and secret sorcery societies use for their ‘Great Work’. Based on an encoded Latitude Coordinate-Year theory, there is a direct association to the building being a ‘countdown’ clock to the New World economic reset. If thus an assertion is valid, then the financial collapse will occur sometime in late 2015 that will usher in their new ‘Phoenix’ economic cycle.

The Bank Count-Down Pyramid
The corner of the Bank of England is called the North-West Angle. This study suggests that this particular building is acting as the fulcrum of the City financial layout and corresponds to the apex of the pyramid and termination of the count-down time of the year 2015 at the Bank of England’s southern point. It is at a 90 degree that correlates to the end of the financial endeavor of Lucifer and his false ‘Zionist’ minions. The following is the breakdown of the year-to-latitude correspondence. The base starts at the northern face that nearly approximates 1776 of the famous and well recognized Masonic Luciferian unfinished pyramid of 13 steps with 1776 as the base year. The Crest of City’s motto is Domine Dirige Nos = ‘Master Direct Us’, as in Lucifer.

1) 0°05’
20.15”W – Top and End (Southern Point)
2) 0°05’ 20.08”W
3) 0°05’ 20.01”W
4) 0°05’ 19.94”W
5) 0°05’ 19.87”W
6) 0°05’ 19.80”W
7) 0°05’ 19.73”W
8) 0°05’ 19.66”W
9) 0°05’ 19.59”W
19) 0°05’ 17.76”W – Bottom and Start (Northern Face)

What does this mean perhaps? If 2015 is a milestone in its countdown, it could be the case that then, a last Sabbatical Cycle remains until their ‘God of Mammon’, a.k.a., the AntiChrist as the proxy of Lucifer comes calling. It would be a 7-year period that many Bible scholars suggest could be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, etc. Time will tell. Is this temple and pyramid of a ‘Bank’ that rules the world economies tied to the Shemitah ‘Law of Return’? Will the new Luciferian monetary system will commence based on the law of 7-year debt cycle? That year would then be 2022 thereabouts (2015 + 7 = 2022).

The encrypted pattern came to light in part after the Fall Feast of Rosh HaShanah-Sukkot 2015 that sent shockwaves across the financial world. Will this time be the beginning or 1st stage in the worldwide economic reset to come? Does this building in the heart of the City of London encrypt this sacred geometry based on latitude signifying when the Luciferians will usher in the beginning of the financial and medical Mark of the Beast system? Even so, YHVH Dirige Nos as those that have patterned the City of London after the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex are one in the same in terms of who is behind the power as the invisible hands, known as the Gods of Mammon.



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