Cancer Causing Agent Infused into Brains

  • Are the COVID-19 Swab Tests safe to administer to People?
  • What is Ethylene Oxide and what is it doing in the COVID Swabs?
  • Is there a legitimate concern over this Agent affecting the brain?

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The following is a transcription of a YouTuber from the UK that is emphatically attempting to warn the world of the dangers of Ethylene Oxide found in the COIVD-19 Swab. These are the type of the long swabs that are placed through the nasal passage to get at the back of nasal-throat wall or Nasal-Pharynx. However, this is the most vulnerable area of the base of the human brain. He claims, among a growing number that People have died from Brain Hemorrhages soon after being tested repeatedly with these COVID-19 Swabs that have Ethylene Oxide. It is used as a Sterilizing Agent but according to research, it is one of the most notorious Cancer-Causing Agents known to man. What is it doing being used for the COVID-19 Swab Test?


This is mega important. I need everyone who views or reads this to share it with everyone especially, People who have kids going to school. Share it with ‘Sheep’. Share it with the ‘Awoke’. This is very important. Last week, a friend come to me. His father was receiving treatment over the last 6 months from a hospital. Over that 6 months, repeatedly tested with the COVID-19 Swabs -up the nose, to the back of the throat. That man has just died of a Brain Hemorrhage. Let me repeat. He has just died of a Brain Hemorrhage. The problem he had was not in his brain. Since hearing that story, I have heard about 5 or 6 other stories and it is spreading like wildfire that people are dropping dead with cancers in the brain, brain tumors, brain hemorrhages. And I can tell you why. It is that they are purposely killing us.

Now I have one of these COVID-19 Self-Test Kits. I have emptied it all out because I do not want nothing to do with it. On the back of it, and please do this yourself. Research it on the back of it. It says Sterile EO. Now Sterile ‘E’ stands for Ethylene. Then ‘O’ stands for Ethylene Oxide. What is Ethylene Oxide doing being placed on the swabs? Now what they are doing is that they spraying the end of the swabs apparently to sterilize them in Ethylene Oxide. It is there listed on the swab packet box…If you go and Google Ethylene Oxide, it is the biggest cancer-causing chemical listed on CancerResearch.com.

It is a Carcinogen. It causes Brain Cancer. It causes Lymphoma Cancer, Leukemia, etc. It is one of the worst chemicals for causing Cancer. And People now are sticking it up their nose to get them into school. What the is going on? Now look, it is confirmed and they are advertising it. They are putting it on the box. Sterile Ethylene Oxide causes Brain Cancer and you are sticking it to the to your brain. People need to wake-up now! This is a war we are in. It is a ‘Silent Kill’ and they are killing us off. And we are doing it to each other. So, please wake-up and save your children for Brain Cancers, Leukemia, Lymphoma. Just Google Ethylene Oxide. It is the worst Cancer-Causing Agent you can put in your body. And they are putting it on the COVID-19 Swabs and sticking it to your brain. They are killing us.


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Photonic Truth
March 24, 2021


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