Salivating the FDA’s Approval to Lift Experimental Use

  • Why would any sane person volunteer for an Experimental Shot?
  • Is the COVID Pandemic the greatest Hoax ever done on Humanity?
  • Why are Side-Effects and Deaths not really being reported?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Vaccine Experts are warning the Federal Government against rushing out a Coronavirus Vaccine before testing has shown it is both safe and effective. Decades of history show why they are right.’ -CNN Article by Jen Christensen on September 1, 2020 

The purpose of this study is to consider the anticipated mandate of all Public University Students in California to get the COVID-19 shots in order to return to in-class instruction. The newly appointed Chancellor of the California State University System (CSU) and the University of California (UC) Chancellor have conspired to require all Faculty, Staff and Students to be ‘vaccinated’ with the Experimental COVID-19 shots in order to return to campus for the Fall Term 2021. This was done as a ‘shoot now and ask questions later’ type of deal. No consultation was asked or done amongst the Faculty, Staff and Student Governance and/or Representatives. But that was the plan. It seems the day, April 22, 2021 was particularly dark and chosen in California in publicly announcing the decision ‘to give Students and families enough time to get the shots’.

All CSU/UC Faculty, Staff and Students were sent an email, out of the blue to all the 23 College Campuses in California, the largest system in the world by the way. It stated that the CSUs will require COVID-19 shots as mandatory to attend classes in person for Students, and for Faculty/Staff to work on campus starting in the Fall 2021…all Faculty, Staff and Students. So it begins. The way the Press Release was written, see link in the endnotes and the mindset conveyed are one in which they portray the COVID-19 as the ‘solution’ and Science as the ‘Savior’ of the CSUs. And how they graciously are thinking of the health and well-being of us all…The Powers-That-Be are just salivating for the FDA to fully approve the shots, at least 1 of them. It will happen, wait for it. This is their 1 temporary setback until then. This is despite the 2-3 year studies that are pending.

How in the world would they approve the shots without that? How did this happen? In the USA, the FDA Commissioner, Dr. Steven Hahn instructed the Agency to approve the ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ (EUA) for a COVID-19 ‘vaccine’.  This insane directive was given even before late-stage clinical trials are to be completed. The argument that prevailed was that it would be approved, ‘If the data showed strong enough evidence that it would protect people’. The key terms are ‘enough’ and ‘strong evidence’ of ‘protection’. Has this really been the case? No. Many Doctors, Scientists and Politicians are sounding the alarm and warning of the catastrophic consequences of the biggest Scientific Experiment every perpetrated on the Human Race and now California’s best and brightest. But that is the plan. In reading the Press Release, one will see the phrases in how the provision for the mandate states that the condition will be met, ‘If at least 1 of the vaccines is fully approved’.  

Resistance is Not Futile

All the other High Schools and Elementary Schools in the state, if not the entire country will follow suit no doubt. And that, ‘This requirement will become effective at the beginning of the Fall 2021 Term, or upon full FDA approval of the vaccine, whichever occurs later.’ They did state that a provision could be made by ‘applying’ for an Exemption, for either a Medical and/or Religious one in nature. Of course, they can deny them and it is made so as to avoid all the legal challenges and lawsuits they would anticipate if not so stated. But these Monster Mengele’s are taking their time and realizing their calculated agenda 1 step at a time. And it is working. But so is Jesus and how His plan is also to roll-out as well. The subsequent rhetoric being pushed now and being broadcasted through their corporate Medica Outlets is that the Evangelical Christians are holding out.

Even some mainline Evangelical Christian so-called Leaders are espousing and approving Christians taking the shot. The legitimate religious concern is that the Experimental shot is actually Gene Therapy and it does not guarantee stopping the infection nor the transmission of COVID. Consider that those that have had COVID-19 and have recovered, which in the University Student age group, according to the CDC is 99%, such are now naturally immune for life. There is absolutely no need for a ‘Vaccine’. This is something the COVID-19 Vaccine does not guarantee as one will have to take subsequent gene-altering shots for the rest of one’s life – if they will outlive the effects. Even those that have natural immunity to COVID-19 will still have to take the shots. This is insanity and must stop. It is astonishing how great the deception is.

This is perhaps despite their ignorance of what the new, never-before human experimented Gene Therapy mRNA shot will do. The objection is that Science does not even know. Following was the swift response to this decision from one of the CSU Staff Unions and rightly so. The decision was obviously made without any transparency, Science or consensus amongst the Faculty, Staff and/or Students. It is a clear case of top-down edict to ‘Obey!’ This is clear evidence that again the ‘plandemic’ was designed for the mRNA shots, not the mRNA shots for the ‘plandemic’. There is no push for strengthening one’s Immune System or how the FDA already approved drugs that can essentially ward-off and treat COVID-19. The excerpt is emphasized.  

‘Dear Unit…., 

…learned, along with everyone else, that the CSU intends to require all employees to be vaccinated prior to being allowed to return to work on campus. We understand this news may have come as a shock to all of you. We also understand that this may come as a relief to some and yet, may trigger anxiety in others. Please know that … will demand to bargain with the CSU over its decision.… will work to ensure the confidentiality of medical information is maintained, that there are protections for those who have legitimate reasons to be exempt from vaccinations but, above all, that no employee is placed in an unsafe or unhealthy environment. It is our goal to ensure the safety and needs of our bargaining unit members are placed before any attempt to meet some arbitrary reopening date established by someone sitting safely in an office. We will begin the bargaining process immediately and will keep you abreast of any developments as soon as they occur.

In Union,

… Executive Board and Labor Relations Team

Vaccine Variables

Why such a hesitancy in accepting such a new type of inoculation technology? Consider the drastic and dismal ‘vaccine’ track record that the USA has had in particular when using Emergency Use and immediate roll-outs of Experimental Vaccines on People. Yet it seems People are now believing the lies of the Science Gods that are now running and dictating the terms of what it is to be human and can do, say, believe. The following are but a small portion of the list of how ‘vaccines’ and ‘experiments have harmed and killed People.  

1932 Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

It was an ethically abusive study conducted between 1932 and 1972 (40 years) by the United States Public Health Service (PHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The purpose of this study was to observe the natural history of untreated syphilis. The African-American men who participated in the study were told that they were receiving ‘Free Health Care’ from the Federal Government of the United States, but they did not. In the study, investigators enrolled a total of 600 impoverished African-American sharecroppers from Macon County, Alabama. Of these men, 399 had latent syphilis, with a control group of 201 men. None of the infected men were treated with Penicillin despite the fact that by 1947, the Antibiotic was widely available and had become the standard treatment for Syphilis. The study caused the deaths of 128 of its African-American men participants.

1955 Polio Vaccine

There was the Cutter Incident. It was when the U.S. Government announced the first vaccine to protect children against Polio. Within days, Labs had made thousands of lots of the Polio Vaccine. What happened? Batches made by one company, Cutter Labs, ‘accidentally’ put the Live Polio Virus in the vaccine and it caused an outbreak. More than 200,000 children got the Polio Vaccine. Within days, the U.S. Government had to abandon the program. But it was too late. A whole generation was maimed. That was the plan. It was no ‘accident’. Seriously? And the Scientists say, ‘Trust Us’. ‘Have faith in the vaccine’. Pathetic. Worse is that this is still the plan as Bill Gates had employed the same ‘mistake’ in Africa. See link: https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/vaccine-induced-paralysis-calls-for-action-says-study/article24740588.ece  

1955 to 1963 Polio Vaccines

However, the Polio Vaccine ‘mistake’ continued for a good decade. As the ‘mistake’ was said to be ‘corrected’, there was actually a lack of oversight as the Scientists ‘failed’ to discover another problem with the Polio Vaccine. What happened for over a decade later? Well, between 10% and 30% of the subsequent Polio Vaccines were contaminated with the Simian Virus 40 (SV40). But it was too late. A subsequent generation was maimed again. That was the plan. It was no ‘accident’. Seriously? And the Scientists still say, ‘Trust Us’. ‘Have faith in the vaccine’. Pathetic. Worse is that this is still the plan as the Globalists are employing the same ‘mistake’ in now worldwide with the COVID-19 shots. And the People believed their lies and deceptions.

1976 Swine Flu Vaccine

Army recruits in Fort Dix, New Jersey, fell ill from a Virulent form of Influenza. It was similar to the one that triggered the deadly 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. It did not spread beyond the Army Base, but what was this Variant doing still alive so many years later? The solution? The CDC nonetheless presented its plan for mass vaccination of the USA. Then President Gerald Ford, vowed to ‘protect Americans’. But months later, when the ‘pandemic’ never arrived, the vaccination program came to be known as the ‘Swine Flu Fiasco.’ The mass vaccination program came to an abrupt halt. But it was too late. About 45 million Americans received the Swine Flu shot against an H1N1 Influenza strain known to circulate in pigs. What happened when they listened to the ‘Scientists’ and the CDC? Many developed a rare Neurological Condition called Guillain-Barré Syndrome and many died due to the ‘vaccine’. Why? The vaccine was released hastily like the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ have been and the results will be the same with adverse Side Effects and death. As most have gotten the shot, it is too late.

1991 Gulf War 1 Syndrome

The Anthrax Vaccine was yet another ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ Experimental vaccine mandated to all Service Men and Women during the 1st Iraqi Invasion. The illness was tied to the compulsory vaccination of roughly 150,000 service men and women deployed during the 1991 Gulf War. In 2017, a short documentary titled Vaccine Syndrome was written and directed by Scott Miller. The film was based on a RAC-GWVI Government Report released in 2008. The Report suggested that there was a link between Gulf War Syndrome and the Experimental Anthrax Vaccine. The Report and the film, Vaccine Syndrome makes the claim that over 35,000 Gulf War veterans died as a result of receiving the mandated Experimental Anthrax Vaccine during the period of time leading up to and during that conflict. This amounts to more U.S. Service Men and Women killed since Vietnam and more than both Gulf Wars combined.

As noted, the film Vaccine Syndrome cites a specific government research paper from 2008 titled, ‘Gulf War Illness and the Health of Gulf War Veterans: Scientific Findings and Recommendations’. Since the end of the 1991 Gulf War, there had been numerous reports from Veterans of unexplained, multi-symptom illnesses. These illnesses included Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, and other undiagnosed illnesses. The symptoms of these illnesses were similar to Autoimmune Diseases and this is what the COVID-19 shots will also cause on a massive scale within 2-3 years. What happened? As many Soldiers filed lawsuits, the Pentagon asked the CDC to authorize the Emergency Use clause. Since that time, the mandate was changed from ‘mandatory’ to ‘voluntarily’ in taking the Experimental Anthrax Shot. Did this issue get resolved? No. Where the long-term effects of the shot made and/or evaluated? No. It happened again.

2001-2007 Gulf War 2

It was reported, for example as early as 2018 that the U.S. Army Officials in Korea had announced through a U.S. 8th Army Memo warning Soldiers about potentially ‘bad Anthrax Vaccines’ given on a large scale of those serving in Iraq from 2001-07. The announcement caused an explosion of activity on social media after a Memo from the 2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery Regiment, in Korea began circulating that Memo on various Soldier’s Facebook accounts. The Memo was intended to advise Soldiers who possibly received bad Anthrax Vaccines from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and Fort Drum, New York, from 2001 to 2007.  

This was during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The purpose of the Memo was though to inform the Soldiers that they could qualify for Veterans Affairs Benefits if that was the case. What happened? The U.S. Army denied it and the Memo was retracted. Yet, now with the COVID-19, another Experimental Vaccine and rolled-out on an Emergency Authorization Use provision. And worse, the U.S. Army is pressuring every U.S. Soldier, Sailor, Marine, etc., to get the shot. Will another 35,000 Service Men and Woman need to die or more this time around? It has been shown by many Scientists and Doctors who are getting censored that this Experimental COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ is not that but Gene Therapy as noted. It will suppress one’s Natural Immune System when exposed to the natural Corona Viruses.

2009 Swine Flu Vaccine H1N1
In another attempt by the Powers-That-Be, they designed the next pandemic strain of Swine Flu. From where? Asia. It was then released. The then Obama administration originally predicted that 160 million vaccine doses would be available. As people stood in lines for the shots, only 28 million doses were available. By the time the vaccines were plentiful, the ‘pandemic’ was ‘flattened’ and the WHO declared the ‘pandemic’ over. Their ‘pandemic’ scare did not work that time. In the aftermath, the CDC concluded that the Mass Vaccination Program had moved forward too rashly. They should have stopped the agenda altogether. But that was not the plan. Today, the same scenario is playing-out with the released COVID-19 virus from Asia, and its planned vaccine miracle that will not be a Life-Saver but a Destroyer of Humanity.  

According to the analysis, the H1N1 shot for the pandemic was not a success because it was a matter of timing as well as of public perception, policymaking, and how the Science was presented. They failed. Due to Operation Lock Step by the Rockefellers and Operation Dark Winter by the U.S. Federal Government, the Power-That-Be learned from their mistakes and have now perfected the timing of the virus’ released, taken over the Main Stream Media to foster positive perception about receiving the shots, and censor those that do not. They bought-off corrupt Politicians and Scientists.

2020 COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’

This time, the Powers-that-Be have perfected the roll-out to make sure the shots would be available but marginally enough to cause a false ‘supply and demand’ in that it appeared there were not enough so as to increase the demand and sustain the interest, desire and willingness to take the shots. It is Psychology and Economics 101. And who did they pick to be the mouthpiece for the pandemic management? Dr. Fauci. Thanks to the Trump Administration, the delivery of the COVID-19 shots became a U.S. Military Operation. It is not about COVID-19. It is a military live exercise called, ‘Operation Warp Speed’. It has already funded about 800 million doses of shots from the main 6 vaccine manufacturers all owned by the Eugenic Globalists. This time around, the Device or shots utilized their new mRNA technologies never before tested on humans. Moncef Slaoui, PhD, was the Chief Advisor for Operation Warp Speed, and worked with the National Vaccine Advisory Committee.

This is the ‘Expert Panel’ that advises the Department of Health and Human Services on vaccination. The term, ‘Warp Speed’ came from the Sci-Fi Star Trek episodes of traveling extremely fast through Space. Due to the orchestrated plandemic, it justified the very rapid development of the COVID-19 shots. And this under the Trump Administration’s declaring a ‘State of Emergency’ based on what is now realized as a false death projection flawed model by Neil Ferguson. He is the British Academic who created the infamous false Imperial College Model used by Fauci and Birx to scare Trump into declaring the Emergency. They warned Trump that, without an immediate lockdown, the Corona Virus would cause over 2 million deaths in the USA. This was the plan. Thus, the safety measures that are obstacles to the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex were removed.  They skipped the Clinical Trials with animals. Worse is that the USA came under FEMA rule and governance that will never be lifted now, ever.

Vaccine Amnesia

The traditional vaccine protocols and trials in the USA takes anywhere from 10-15 years to be approved by the FDA for human use and based on their Long-Term Adverse Effects studies. But now, it only took less than a year for the COVID-19 shots to roll-out. Unbelievable. And the world has been ok with that. The General Public has forgotten about the maiming and deaths the prior vaccine roll-outs had caused when they were only Experimental and hastily released. Or how their own governments have experimented on its People, un-knowingly without Informed Consent as with the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments perpetrated against Black men. And this is not considering the direct association many Doctors, Scientists and Politicians have made linking the vaccines starting in the early 1990s with an exponential rise in Autism.   

The Eugenicists and Psychopaths that rule the world presently, that is the Powers-That-Be are not wanting to bring back to remembrance what happen with their botched attempts and mass vaccinations since 1955, 1976, 1991, 2001 and 2010, etc. The Media and the select Scientists and Doctors along with certain Politicians do not want conversations about what happened with prior mass vaccination campaigns. Why not? It is because it is a psyop, a propaganda campaign. They have now learned from their mistakes of the previous attempts at ‘mass vaccinating’ the entire country. Only now, it is the entire world. They perfected their craft. And they chose Dr. Fauci to be the Public Health Official trusting ‘Grandfather’ figure, as ‘America’s Doctor’. The USA does have a National Doctor, the Surgeon General who should be advising the President.  

It should not be Fauci and his falsities; not a Head of an Agency that has vested interest not in pursuing or encouraging cures and Treatments but only mass vaccinating everyone. He has even his name to several Patents on Corona Viruses and has had direct financial contributions made to the Wuhan Bio-Lab that released the COVID-19 virus. The Agenda? It is about a global takeover, a locking down the world economy, quarantining healthy People, mandating Masks, 1 at least if not 2 or more currently. It is about a new World Order Reset. It is about culling the world population that they deem unnecessary or ‘Non-Essential’ anymore. Such are contrary to the Divine Mandate of Genesis where YHVH decrees Humanity to ‘Be Fruitful, Multiple and Fill the Earth’, etc. They perfected the management of vaccine information by misinformation efforts, by censoring and having the private tech giant corporations suppress Free Speech and other Science and Scientists not obeying the official ‘pandemic’ narrative.  

Why did the prior attempt at mass-vaccinating the entire USA fail? In part, it was as mentioned due to timing and the lack of trust in Politicians, Doctors and Scientists. In the past attempts, the USA was reflecting on the CDC's reputation along with the CIA of conducting illegal drug experimentation on the homeless, prostitutes and Blacks. It was a time when government agencies where not held in high esteem as it was the post-Watergate era and the Vietnam War gave rise to healthy cynicism and Critical Thinking. This is not the case now. These 2 main psychological defenses have been dismantled by the TV mainly. ‘He who controls the TV, controls the world’. Why? It is how the Powers-That-Be broadcast and impact the view of Public Health the Politicians, the Doctors and the Scientist want it to be. It has been a Scientific take-over.

It is because of this ‘broadcasting’, for example that the acceptance of influenza vaccination gradually grew. For example, in 2010, the CDC issued a ‘Universal Influenza Vaccine Recommendation’, stating that, ‘All Americans should receive the Flu Vaccine every year’. The result? In the USA, the 2018-2019 Flu Season had 63% of children received a Flu Shot, according to the CDC. The COVID-19 era only brings new hesitancy, mainly amongst Conservates, Evangelical Christians, Anti-Vaccine proponents. They remember the botched mass vaccination efforts of the past using the Emergency Use Authorization with deadly Experimental Vaccines. Such decry the politicization of the public health agency like the CDS and the WHO using the false ‘pandemic’ of COVID-19 to justify the eradication of Civil Liberties, employment, travel, and now the mandatory shots. But this is and has been the plan.  

There will be now a perpetual ‘COVID War’ declared much like the failed ‘War on Drugs; and the ‘War on Terror’. Both have been phony and have actually perpetuated the conditions. And even now some states in the USA like Oregon have passed legislation considering Mask Wearing a permanent mandate. Naturally as human being, one is predisposed to follow orders and comply, reasonably. With COVID-19, there was no need to declare Martial Law to keep the Lockdown order even though the U.S. Military was mobilized. And thanks to the misinformation psyops, the campaign to get everyone ‘vaccinated’ has worked like a charm that it really is. It is a spell, a Satanic Spell cast, broadcast upon the USA in particular and the world in general. Why the USA specifically? It stands as the last bastion in the way of the Globalist’s Reset plan for ushering in their New World Order and with it, their New Humanity 2.0. This is why the rush is to get everyone to take the shot. It is not about a common cold family of Influenza, although bio-engineered as it was.

Those that survive the COVID-19 shots will be then linked to the ‘grid’ that is being constructed now. And it is also in the USA where the largest concentration of Evangelical Christians still remain, until the Rapture. This group, mainly the Evangelical Christians see this latest COVID-19 mass vaccination effort as inevitably leading to the Biblical ‘Beast System’ and the mandated Mark that will follow at some point in time. Such see it as really a Spiritual Warfare and assault as receiving this Mark will damn one’s soul to perdition. This is what is at stake and at the core of the Globalists efforts to do so while at the same time, will be killing-off billions of People from off the face of the Earth. This will occur due to the suppressed Natural Immune System that will be caused by these untested in human mRNA Gene Therapy shots based on prior Animal Trials.

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