Heritage of the AntiChrist

  • What did the Siege of Jerusalem look like geo-politically?
  • Was there a cryptic configuration of the Roman Legions?
  • Will such a prophetic pattern be repeating during the Tribulation?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The Jews then responded to him, What sign can you show us to prove your authority to do all this? Jesus answered them, Destroy this Temple, and I will raise it again in 3 days. They replied, It has taken 46 years to build this Temple, and you are going to raise it in 3 days? But the Temple He had spoken of was His Body.’ -John 2:18-21

The purpose of this study is to depict how the sequence of the Romans Legions first destroyed the Temple as they were camped across on the Mount of Olives in 70 AD. There were 4 Roman Legions surrounding the walls of Jerusalem. The walls were eventually breached on the 9th of Av as the Romans converged from the Anatolia Fortress that is adjacent to the Temple Mount. According to the Jews historical sources, it was on a Sunday in August. It was from that point and time that the 4 Roman Legions ransacked their way to the Temple and City thereafter leaving no stone of the Temple upon another. It is speculated that the Roman soldiers wanted to plunder all the gold of the Temple.

In an attempt to maintain the integrity of the Temple for spoil, in haste a torch was nevertheless thrown into the Holies that melted the gold into the very crevasses of all the Temple platform stones. Thus, to get at the gold, no stone was left upon another by the Roman soldiers. More than that, the Romans wanted to symbolically drive a ‘knife’ at the heart of Jewish resistance and symbol of sovereignty and what little they had to do with the Temple worship services. The Romans were plagued with Jewish revolts and attacks since 66 AD and wanted once and for all deal with the Jewish symbol of sovereignty. Titus, the Prince of Rome at the time surrounded Jerusalem with 4 Roman Legions. The most prominent one was the V (5th) named Macedonica, then the XII (12th) named Fulminata, the XV (15th) named Apollinaris on the western side and the X (10th) named Fretensis on the Mount of Olives to the east.

This layout has echoes of how the AntiChrist, the Prince that will also come at the End of Days will likewise maneuver his New World Order armies and make his encampment in the ‘Beautiful Land’ per Daniel 11:40. It is prophetic in how the spirit and connotations of the AntiChrist were employed even in the very standards of the Roman Legions that bore their names. As it was with Nebuchadnezzar, the destruction of the 2nd Temple of YHVH on Earth was allowed by YHVH because of its abomination and desolations at the hands of His People. YHVH’s People, the Jews failed to maintain it and honor it as told to the leaders of Israel by Jesus of the Parable of the wicked husbandmen in Luke 20:9. YHVH allowed the armies of Rome as He will with the armies of the false AntiChrist Messiah to encircle and encamp around His Sanctuary.

Legions of Destruction
This by the way, will mirror the same Luciferian assault on Heaven as described in the book of Revelation chapter 12. The future encampment of Jerusalem will be because of the coming Abomination of Desolation the prophet Daniel spoke about will occur with the AntiChrist after the Temple is rebuilt. The Roman Legion configuration surrounding Jerusalem exemplifies this spirit of AntiChrist that is even ‘now at work’ in and through the ‘Sons of Disobedience’ as the Bible states.

This event will be orchestrated by Lucifer in collaboration with one of his demonic entities, the mighty Fallen Angel and/or strongman of Lucifer that will be allowed to rise once again from the Bottomless Pit as foretold by Revelation 9:2. His name is Apollyon or Apollo that is currently in chains in the Abyss. This Demon General will be loosed to summon the armies of the Nations to surround Jerusalem once again as the Romans did and perhaps in the same astronomical configuration. The Roman Legion’s standard or ‘Sign’ configuration around Jerusalem are as follows.

1. NORTH - Macedonica V (5th): The Eagle
The standard of the Macedonian Legion encamped to the north of Jerusalem was the Eagle. The preeminent Legion was named after the place in Macedonia where Alexander the Great came from. Alexander the Great was a type of the AntiChrist to come with its symbol of an Eagle. Rome adopted this ensign as its imperial ensign. Alexander the Great was considered a ‘God’ and reincarnation of Apollo the ‘Destroyer’ and died in Babylon at the age of 33.

2. SOUTH - Apollinaris XV: The Man (Griffin)

The standard of the Apollinaris Legion encamped to the south of Jerusalem was a bust of Apollo, the Man. Apollo was considered to be more than a mere man but the ‘Son of the Gods’. His other emblem was the Griffin. This other emblem was also used to denote a beast with wings as an angel. The Bible describes the AntiChrist as a Beast as is Apollyon, a demonic Fallen Angel that will devour as such, the Destroyer.

3. WEST - Fulminata XII (7th): The Lion (Lightning)
The standard of the Fulminata Legion encamped to the west of Jerusalem had a Lightning Rod as its emblem. It represented the power of the ‘King of the Gods’ Zeus as in royalty of a Lion, the King of the Beasts. Or it represented the power of fire and thus the giver of fire to mankind - Apollo as the Light Bearer, Lucifer.

4. EAST - Fretensis X (10th): The Bull

The standard for the Fretensis Legions encamped to the east of Jerusalem was the Bull, the symbol of Venus. In this case it is ascribed to Lucifer, the ‘Morning Star’ of Apollo.

Astronomically, the encampment of the 4 Roman Legions mirrors the 4 Celestial Quadrants of how the Hebrew encampment was laid out around the Tabernacle in the wilderness during the times of Moses. This amazing configuration in turn was a copy of the layout of the very Throne Room of YHVH in Heaven itself and reflecting in the 4 Celestial Points. The Tribes of the Israelites had their divisions designated around the Tabernacle of Moses by sets of 3. The prominent Tribes of Israel bore the standards that corresponded to the 4 Celestial Astronomical Signs in the Heavens, the Lion, the Bull, the Man and the Eagle. This to include the 12 total Signs for each Tribe, etc.

Spiritual Connotations
Prophetically, the 4 Roman Legions mirrored the 4 Living Creatures of YHVH’s Throne and the Hebrew encampment around the Tabernacle of Moses with the exception of the east-west axis being reversed. During the coming Tribulation Period, could the future scenario also play out with the New World Order armies of the AntiChrist in the coming encirclement of Jerusalem? As the Romans were the successors of this ‘spirit and power of Apollo’ or Apollyon, as in Alexander the Great’s army and empire, the Western Europeans, and the USA in particular are the successors to the Roman military’s protocols and structure. The standards or ‘symbol’ that accompanied each Tribe of Israel grouping are as follows.

1. North        - the Eagle: Dan
2. South        - the Man: Ruben
3. West         - the Bull: Ephraim
4. East          - the Lion: Judah

The 4 Celestial Quadrants of the Zodiac or the Mazzaroth are as follows. The difference is that the east-west axis is mirrored or inverted.

1. North           - Scorpio or Eagle
2. East             - Aquarius the Man
3. West            - Leo the Lion
4. South          -Taurus the Bull

This is not a far-fetched idea as one U.S. Secretary of State suggested that part of the Peace Initiative Plan could involve the U.S. Army being stationed around Jerusalem as a buffer between the dual national capital of a new Palestine and Israel side by side. Currently the US Armed Forces like those of Rome have bases in over 100 nations and the U.S. military has had joint military training with Israel. The U.S. Army Infantries have already played a significant role in the Middle East since 9-11 in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the numerous covert operations in other countries such as Syria.

It would not be that far-fetched to speculate that such U.S. Army infantries could be incorporated as players under an AntiChrist led UN, NATO or New World Order super army that eventually one day will be led by the coming Prince as Titus did and surround Jerusalem as the Olivet Discourse foretells. It might be the case that the U.S. military will be morphed into the New World Army led by the AntiChrist or not a key world power anymore. It is interesting to contemplate that there are 4 U.S. Army Infantry Divisions with insignias that match the 4 Romans Legions ones.

These 4 U.S. Army divisions could possibly be either used or incorporated in the very similar configuration when the armies of the false Messiah Prince surrounds Jerusalem and the Temple as disclosed by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse. This speculation could play out in the following scenarios as the AntiChrist’s Super Army encamps around Jerusalem. This scenario is pure speculation but a future army surrounding of Jerusalem by the AntiChrist and the armies of the Nations gathering in Israel is foretold in Zechariah, Daniel, and Ezekiel.

Heritage of the AntiChrist
The last world empire will be the last New World Order comprised of Rome 2.0. The present world Empire of the Europe-American permutation has been clearly recognized as being the continuation of Rome. Ecclesiastically, it has been the Vatican that has survived as the other office of the Caesarship. Rome has been the longest continuous ‘Empire’ morphing from the imperial Roman Empire initially after the fall of Greece to the Roman Catholic Church in the West and the Orthodox Church in the East. This fall of Rome in the West and the East is depicted by the point at the knees. It is in accordance with the human body proportion of the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream that is also in phi ratio of time. Thus, the distinctive attribute of the last Empire to rule the world will involve a ‘mixing’ with the prior renditions that could possibly involve that the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches in league with Islam.

They will somehow be conjoined but not entirely mixed but enough allowed for their continued function. To some, the argument of what this ‘mixing’ is has been from Islam to an ‘Alien’ genetic altercation of humanity’s DNA, etc. As to what the ‘clay’ will be is still to be determined. Regardless, if the vision of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the ‘Metallic Man’ of world empires is concise, it can thus not be attributed to an Islamic Caliphate regional empire. Ultimately this last Rome 2.0 world power or ‘Order’ will have dominion in all the world as all power and authority will be given to the AntiChrist by Lucifer that is regionalized still around Europe and the Mediterranean. It will be in Israel ultimately were the seat of power will reside.

This last Luciferian Empire is part of the condition that this study strongly suggests has to be in place as it was when Messiah Jesus Christ first came into the world, ‘Roman’, not Arab nor Islamic as that religion had not even been invented yet. This Rome 2.0 empire will have the same spirit that infused the prior AntiChrist kingdoms and where empowered by Lucifer. It will mirror that which was, is and will be as Ecclesiastes 1 extols, ‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again.’ It will be the very same Luciferian world power that of Rome that will morph into its ultimate confederation of the 10 Toe New World Order just before Christ’s 2nd coming. And this is the argument, Jesus insinuated that just as His 1st coming had certain elements in play geo-politically, the same would have to be in place at His 2nd coming.

What are these factors? Realize that there was a false Son of God imposter claiming divinity. This was Caesar Augustus at the time of Jesus’ birth but in 70 AD when Jerusalem, the Temple and Israel were destroyed, there was a Caesar who had a Son, Titus, thus the Son of the God. Then there was the False Prophet. This office corresponded to Herod in league with the false High Priest of the Sanhedrin who Jesus called them Vipers and Imposters, etc. Then there as the Temple. It had just been rebuilt as it will be the case with the 3rd Temple is to be rebuilt but then the AntiChrist will defile it. Then there was the geo-political aspect of the land in how the Holy Land or Judea at the time was divided and ruled by many interests. This is the present case now in Israel as there is Israel proper with that secular government. But then there are the rulers of the West Bank with Fatah. Then there are the rulers of the Gaza Strip with Hamas. Thus the coming Antichrist figure cannot be a Muslim as many claim.

Repeating Scripts
Then if one applies the same logic to the end of the argument, it would have had been an Arab or Muslim that destroyed the Temple then. This was not the case nor will be. The coming AntiChrist Messiah has to be a Jew. He will be the Christ figure for the Christians, and the Mahdi for the Muslims. How will this Jewish Messiah win over the Muslims? Consider that this coming Jewish AntiChrist, has to have the bloodline of David. No Arab nor Muslim can claim this. And what of the all the Christian Arabs? One can argue just as good that if it is to be an Arab, why not then a Christian one?

If then the argument that the person has to be Muslim, the other ethnic group that is not Arab in the region would be the Persian Shi’ites. And no such person would ever be the Jewish Messiah as they are presently mortal enemies. How the Jewish Messiah will win over the Muslims is that he will come across to them as the ‘Greater Suliman’, as in the Magnificent. He is the one that decreed to rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem. To the Muslims, this Suliman is the embodiment of Solomon, the Son of David. And if such a decree to rebuilt the Temple will be the rallying call for world people, they will see him as the Mahdi. But no Muslim could or can say, they are the Son of God’ as Titus did.

This ‘New Age’ Luciferian Order to come will be led by an up and coming ‘Prince’ of Rome as was Titus. This coming Prince or AntiChrist will eventually usurp the Messiahship of Jesus with the help of the False Prophet. To reiterate, based on the ‘Metallic Man’ statue of Nebuchadnezzar, it follows that the same Empire that will exist at Christ’s 2nd Coming will be one in the same as it was at Christ’s 1st Coming. Perhaps there may be 10 spheres of influence around the world as the 10 Toes are denoting. The last Luciferian Empire that will rule the world or have preeminence over the world will still be Rome in its last rendition.

Son of God
In the time of Christ, there was the Roman Caesar that proclaimed himself to be the ‘Son of God’. In Christ’s day, Caesar Augustus was deemed the ‘Son of God’. So too in the Last Days will there be a man that will claim to be the ‘Son of god’, the upcoming Prince false Messiah or world ‘Caesar’. He will present himself and be accepted by Israel as their long-awaited Messiah ruling the successor to the world Roman world empire system.

False Prophet
Then there was Herod who proclaimed himself to be the ‘King of the Jews’. As the refurbisher of the Temple, he saw himself as the sort of true Priest or Prophet of Israel as such. You have here a type of the False Prophet that likewise will be in place at Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming. The Bible foretells that the False Prophet will guide all worship to the AntiChrist through a Mark of the Beast system. The Jews will accept this ‘Messiah’ coming in his own ‘Name’ because this figure will be the one that will sanction the rebuilding of the Jewish 3rd  Temple and allow for the animal sacrificial system to commence. The coming False Prophet will be as Herod was to Cesar Augustus in so much as Herod, the ‘false king of the Jews’ had direct dealings with the renovation of the Temple and its sacrificial jurisdiction during Christ’s time.

There will in Israel a ‘False Prophet’ and ruled over by a false ‘King’ sanctioned by a false ‘God’ of Rome. It will be no different in the Last Days as the Biblical events depicts a time when the False Prophet will direct all Temple worship to the AntiChrist. Why this condition will be accepted by Israel and the world, in part will occur because of the Lie that will be believed after the Rapture of the Church takes place. However, it will be at this point that many Jews will realize the Luciferian conspiracy and flee to Petra. The disappearance of millions of Christians might be used as part of an explanation as the spiritual void will be met by the False Prophet and AntiChrist that will replace the void. The other reason is that the days on Earth just prior to when Christ will come back will be characterized by a situation that was present also amongst YHVH’s People during Christ’s ministry. This condition was characterized by spiritual blindness, a falling away, political division, etc.

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