Approximating the Rapture Timing

  • When will the Church Age End, is it Knowable?
  • When was the 1st Year of Creation is it Calculable?
  • What Factors can help Approximate the Rapture? 

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Therefore, go and make Disciples of all Nations, Baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and Teaching them to Obey all that I have Commanded you. And surely I am with you always,
even to the End of the Age’. -Matthew 28:19-20

The purpose of this study is to examine the Approximate Timing of when the Church Age will Conclude, if that is even possible, and that with the Resurrection-Rapture Event. If what the presented Timeline Suggests, based also on the Year of Jesus’ Crucifixion, one can sense that Truly, one is living in the Last Years of the Last Days. But this is why making an Effort to more accurately Ascertain the Year of Jesus’ Death, when Buried, Resurrected, and Ascended is tied to when the Church Age Started. And? One Surmises, based on the Timeline Presented, when it will end also, perhaps.

Thus, the Key Factors of the Timeline in questions, will have 3 Main Variables to guide one’s Hypothesis. A Factor is that Jesus’ Death occurred in 32 AD. In fact, the Timeline will bear this out also. Then, the Year 2025 is when the 7-Year Tribulation Period could very well start. Which means that anytime leading-up to that Year, the Church Age should Conclude with the Rapture Event. One is assuming a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario. The other Factor is the starting Point of the Timeline, that being -3971 BC.

The Timeline also incorporates the Prophetic 120 Jubilees of Time since Creation or Anno Mundi AM. Why? As one has presented as a Working Thesis, if one Reverse Engineers the Timeline, from -3971 BC, one can get a sense of when the present Church Age is to Conclude. The study will be based on several Biblical Suppositions. The Timeline is modeled after the 7-Day Creation Week from Genesis. The Timeline will reflect the 1 Year = 1000 Years Axiom given by the Apostle Peter. The Timeline will incorporate the Jubilee Count of 120 that is also reiterated as a ‘Template’ of Time Notice given by YHVH to Noah.

The Timeline will also incorporate the Essene Calendar of Unas that appear to match the 120 Jubilee Prophetic Pattern. In fact, one Argues and Agrees that the Essenes believed that, based on their Calendar and Calculations, Jesus would Die for the Sins of Humanity in 32 AD. And that the Last Sabbath Cycle of 7-Years would Commence in the Year 2025. This Notion of ‘Limiting’ the Human Lifespan down to 120 Years, as it is most often interpreted, is in actuality an Indication or Marker that Humanity, in terms of Time, has but 120 Jubilees or 6000 Years. This Equation is as follows.

120 Jubilees x 50 Years (1 Jubilee) =
6000 Years. (Adam to Last Adam)

Human Rulership
This 6000-Year Span of Time would then Correspond to the Time from Adam (-3971 BC) to the 2nd Coming of Jesus, (2032 AD one argues). It has been a Timespan wherein, Humanity has been left to its own Means of Governing, or the lack thereof. The ‘Last Day’ or 1000 Years would then correspond to the Beginning of the Time when Jesus Returns and Rules Earth from Jerusalem, etc. This 7th Day would then be the Sabbath Day of Rest. And that is precisely what the Kingdom Age will be about.

Why one is considering this 6000 Year or 6 Day + the Sabbath Day Timeline is that, if the Timeline Template is Prophetic and there is a High Degree of Probability, then one can Approximate when the present Church Age is to ‘End’ and the 7th Day is to ‘Begin’. That being said, what is the Day-to-Years Temple or Prophetic Pattern then? Here are what the Delineations look like. These Dispensations or Ages also Correspond to Covenants or ‘Deals’ that YHVH made with Humans. 1 Day = 1000 Years.

AGES                                      DAYS              YEARS
Adam to Abram                       = 2 Days          = 2000 Years
Abraham to Jesus                   = 2 Days          = 2000 Years
Pentecost to 2nd Coming       = 2 Days          = 2000 Years (*The World is Here.)
Return of Jesus                       = 1 Day           = 1000 Years
TOTAL                                    7 Days            7000 Years

Note that the Timeline presented in Chart Format is very Over-Simplified, as it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the specific Time Markers, down the very Year. Again, the Timeline Presented is only an Approximation. Nonetheless, one can Assess that this Present Generation, especially since 1948, is the Last, as the 6000-Year Marker is fast approaching. And that, it is only a matter of a few Years of a Discrepancy. Of course, this is based on ones Argument of the 2 Day or 2000-Year Count that starts in 32 AD. This would mean then that 2032 would be the Year Jesus is to Return. And if then one Subtracts the 7-Year Tribulation Period? That would result in the Year 2025.

32 AD Crucifixion and Start of Church Age + 2000 Year Church Age =
2032 AD
- 7 Year for Tribulation Period? = 2025
TOTAL = 2025 – 2032

This Equation is based on the -3971 BC Date. How so, it will be shown in further detail that if one Counts the Years from that Anno Mundi of Adam’s Creation, the 4000th Year is precisely on 28 AD. This in turn, is what one Argues is or was the Start of Jesus’ Ministry. Thus, what one is Strongly Suggesting could be the more Accurate Rendering of what Daniel’s 70Th Week of Years will actually turn out to be, a 2025-2032 Timeline.

Let us consider some of the Discrepancies since Adam in the Presumed -3971 BC Date and their varying Suppositions. To begin with, one is assuming that the Creation Account of Genesis 1:1 is Different than Genesis 1:2. One believes in the Gap Theory. This is the Notion, that based on the Hebrew Language, the Genesis 1:2 is actually a ‘Re-Creation’ of Earth that had become ‘Formless and Void’. One will not delve into the Points to Argue this Theory, other than to point it out as Context for one’s study.

What is the Church Age?

In an Online Blog, the Discussion came about as to what is the Church Age, and how should it really be Denied as? In part, this is what one replied with. One thinks a more Refined Meaning and Context would help in the apparent Discrepancy of, is the Present Age, the Church Age or Age of Grace? One would say it is both. But a little more explanation would help to see why. One can see why perhaps others do see a Difference in the ‘Church Age’ vs. the ‘Age of Grace’. In the Language of ‘Church-ize’, it is a Generalized Term to mean the same. But, technically, not necessarily.

As it is known in Evangelical Circles, the Word, ‘Church’, comes from Ekklesia, in the Greek. And it is a Word to just refer to a Group of People being ‘Called Out’. This Word could be used of a Football Team or Biblically, of Israel, as it was Called-Out of Egypt in the Old Testament, for example. And in Fact, from the New Testament, Israel was called just that, a ‘Church’ at that Time. So, it is a Matter of Which Time or Age. Thus, one can say that the ‘Church of Israel’ could be said of in the Old Testament, etc.

But then, more precisely, the Church Age, is one in which one is referring, in a Prophetic Context to the 7-Churches as given as a Template from Jesus to John to give to the 7 Types of Churches that would make-up the ‘Church Age’. And as one has presented, since Pentecost, in 32 AD, as one Argues, and that being the 2nd Shavuot, the Feast of New Wine, etc. This Church Age, then is the Time or Age that one does believe is Laid-Out in the 7-Successive Time Periods since the Pentecost that occurred in the same Year of Jesus’ Death, Burial, Resurrection and Ascension, etc.

So, when one says, ‘The Church Age’, that lasts ‘2 Days’ or 2000 Years, should be then, the ‘Church of Jesus’, more precisely. But that Term, sort of already is understood to refer to the ‘Body of Christ’, which did not Exist pre-Pentecost. And this would be why, as one would say, the Present Age or Dispensation is the ‘Age of Pentecost’. It is to distinguish it from the ‘Church of Israel’, who is not Operating presently, Theologically as a Called-Out Nation, Racially, within this Present Pentecostal Time.

This is aside from the fact that this very Church Age, of Grace, however, includes them also, but on Equal Terms with Non-Jews, wherein the Non-Jews are being Grafted-In. To what? To the Covenant of Israel, that the Abrahamic one that is by Faith and Grace Alone, but more precisely, the New Covenant, etc. This is only being done now and will cease when Daniel’s 70th Week Begins soon after the Rapture and the ‘Church Age’ ends with a Summer ‘Wheat Harvest’, as the Pentecost of Acts 2 was. This Present ‘Pentecostal Harvest’ is a Present Tense Operation, still occurring. It is not done.

The ‘Door’ is still Open, as the Prophetic Feast of Pentecost, corresponds, Numerically to the Dalet. The Hebrew Word, Dalet or ‘D’, corresponds to the Number 4, meaning ‘Door’. The Door is not ‘Shut’, as in Noah’s Ark Door Type. 7-Days? 7 Years? Since the Revelation 12 Sign? Is the Rapture Event what Jesus will use to ‘Shut’ the Door to the World but Open-Up the Portals of Heaven as Church Age Believers and Followers of Jesus Rendezvous in the Clouds for that ‘Called-Out’ Gathering Place. It is really the Staging Place before Jesus takes His Bride to present her to the Father in His House.

As in the Days of Noah
Also, the Present ‘Church Age’ corresponds with the Pentecostal Age. In the Typology of Israel’s 7 Feasts of YHVH, Humanity is at the 4th Time, to the 6000-Year Timeline, that being Shavuot. And it is a Harvest Feast. Such a Time is very Appropriate, for all the Motifs of Wheat. Thus, the People, being Planted, Watered, Pruned, will eventually be Harvested, at a Summer Point in Time that concludes the Pentecost Feast Season.

Now there are those that are looking for a Passover Resurrection-Rapture Event. There are excellent Typologies and Metaphors to go by because of its Prophetic Typology of the Resurrection. But Typologically and Prophetically, that Feast of Passover is for the Jews, in one’s Assessment. And one could also attribute the Rapture to the other Feasts….and even with the Fall Feasts. It is that Pentecost just has a ‘Gentile Vibe’ to it, more so than all the others. So, that is one’s bias Take about it. Nothing more.

Now, there is Teaching about the Order of Resurrections. Passover would follow the Pattern of what will happen to Jesus’ Disciples as it happened to Jesus’ Body. The issue is at what Point in Time? If there was no ‘Pentecostal Age’ or Season within a given Year, it would make more sense that Passover, or more precisely, Resurrection Sabbath would be it. But since there is the Church Age, one is more inclined to favor the End, of what one is convinced is in Operation now and Needs to Conclude 1st, Pentecost. However, this ‘End’ will fulfill the Order of the Resurrections, regardless.

So, the Issue is more so, what Work or Operation is being done now? What Type of Harvest is being Gathered now, etc. Then there is the Supposition that the entire 6000-Year Timeline of Mankind ruling the Earth is in Phi Ratio of Time. Meaning that if one superimposes the Golden Ratio or the Spiral for a Visual Effect onto the Timeline, one can suggest when the Flood of Noah occurred. Based on this alone, one can see the Approximation of when the Church Age is to End. If Accurate, no later than 2025. This is based, again on Triangulating the 6000-Year Timeline from Adam, to the Flood. 

Another Variable to consider is the Birth of Abraham. It is believed by some that Abraham’s Birth occurred in the Year 1948 AM or Anno Mundi. If so, then it is this Delineation that Marks his Calling to correspond to the 2nd Day or 2000 Year Marker from Adam. Then, if these Jubilee Delineations are somewhat Accurate, it can suggest, with a Measure of Confidence, that the Exodus took place around -1435 BC. This Date would corroborate many of the Alternative Research and Findings to suggest an earlier Exodus than Conventional Egyptology demands as the ‘Official Narrative’, etc. 

That being said, if indeed Abraham was born in 1948 AM from Adam, then one can suggest the following Mathematics. And why one is convinced that the Church Age is but a few Years at most, away from Concluding. There is another Supposition in regard to this Notion. One is Presuming that the Rapture Event of the Bride of Christ will conclude the Church Age that has been the case or Dispensation or Age since Pentecost, nearly 2000 Years Ago. It is based on the Birth of Abraham. If Abraham was Born 1,948 Years from Adam, the Bible then states that in his 75th Year is when he and the Family that was leftover while living in Haram, then entered the Promised Land.

As in the Days of Abraham

And what Year was that then? 2023 Years-out from Adam. This is why many End Times Students of Prophecy are excited about this Equation. How so? In that in the same Vein of Prophecy, Israel, which came out of Abraham, was also ‘Birthed’ in 1948 AD. And? In the Year 2023 Israel celebrates its 75 Anniversary. So? Many Students of End Times Prophecy are looking at the Possibility that the End of the Church Age could correspond to that same Year of 2023. Why? Abraham is the Type and ‘Father’ of the Faithful, Saved by Grace, by Believing in the Promises of YHVH. And Abraham saw the Day of Jesus, etc.

So, will sometime in 2023, be then when the Raptured Bride or ‘Church in the Wilderness’ Crosses over the Jordan into the Heavenly Promised Land? That will remain to be seen. There is still the 70th Week of Daniel that relays the Judgment Israel is currently under and still to complete. It is understood that that there is a Period of 1 Sabbath Cycle or Shemitah that Israel still ‘Owes’ YHVH for not keeping the Land Sabbaths and was the cause for Israel to be led Captive to Babylon for 70 Years, etc. Thus, it is Surmised by many Bible Students that this 7 Year Timeframe, called the Tribulation, All Inclusive will commence soon after the Church Age Rapture occurs.

One suspects that there might be a 2-3 Year Gap of Time to allow for the False Messiah that Israel will receive, in ‘His Own Name’, as Jesus Warned to set the Stage for World Domination. Thus, that 2-3 Year Gap Time from 2025 would or could mean that from 2023 and 2024 are Prime Year Candidates for the Evacuation. As it is, the Mainstream News is breaking with Headlines of ‘Alien Invasion’ and an ‘Alien Rapture’ to take place in 2024. One wonders. It is that close now.

The following is what one came across in considering the 1948 Abraham Factor. Consider if one takes the Year from Adam to the Year Abraham was then believed to be Born, and one adds the Number of Years YHVH told Abram that His People would be in Bondage in Egypt, that being 430 Years. Then what if one Subtracts the Year Isaac was born to Abraham, in his 100th Year, then it would be the Year -1418 BC. But if one then Subtracts the Difference of when the Law was given to Moses and the Exodus occurred, that based on the Timeline and Phi Ratio Proportions, would be approximately in -1425 BC. Then the Difference in Years would be 7 Years, just like the Difference left in Israel’s Judgment, i.e., the 7-Year Tribulation Period, etc.

Birth of Abraham at
1948 Year AM + 430 Captivity - 100 Year Old Abraham when had Isaac
= -1418 -1425 Moses =
7 Years

One finds that very Interesting. So, what is next on the Timeline is the Time from Abram to Jesus. These 2 Days or 2000 Years then are very Eye-Opening for several Reasons, and one will again present one’s Hypothesis of why one will argue just how close the End of the Church Age is, no later than 2025. Based solely on the Timeline presented that is Pegged to a -3971 BC Year, and this calculated by Gary at Unsealed.org, one then has Reverse Engineered the Timeline to the Year. Given this Beginning Time Marker, one is then led, by the Math to the Year 28 AD. At this Point in Time, one has to ask the Prophetic Question? Is this the Crucifixion or the Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry?

Key is Jesus’ Death Year

Obviously, the Crucifixion Year of 28 AD is one of the Least Popular and Believed Years for the Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension and Beginning of the Church Age with the Subsequent Pentecost of Acts 2. One believes and has presented Evidence that Jesus’ Ministry started in the Fall of 28 AD and was exactly 1260 Days out. This Day Count leads to April 14, 32 AD.

Note that one is not Adamant about this Supposition, but that given the Timeline, it is a more Approximate Rendering of when the Tribulation Period of that last 70Year Week or Sabbath Cycle is to commence. Why? It could then suggest when the Church Age Ends with the Rapture Event. Consider the following equation.

28 AD + 3.5 Years = 32.3 AD + 2000 Years =
2032.8 - 7 Year Tribulation = 2025.8

What this means or could be suggesting, is that sometime in 2025, most likely in the Fall of that Year is when the Tribulation will Start. And this is Presuming a lot of Intricacies, like it will be the Time that the Daily Sacrifices will have to have commenced. And that a 3rd Temple will exist in Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount, and to the North of the Dome of the Rock, which will be secured for the ‘Gentiles’.

In fact, one has written about how, now that the Abraham Houses of Worship have been Dedicated in 2023, in Abu Dhabi, those same 3 Houses will be replicated in the Temple Mount. The White Building for the Jews. The Golden Dome Mosque for the Muslims. And the Grey Al Aqsa former Crusader Church for the ‘Christians’, etc.  

BODY              COLOR                       TEMPLE                     RELIGION
Stars                White                           3rd Temple                  Apostate Judaism
Sun                  Gold                            Dome of Rock             Apostate Islam
Moon               Gray                            Al Aqsa                        Apostate Christianity

Notice that what they all have in common is that they are all Versions of Biblical Apostasy. What will be Supreme is the 3rd Temple that has been absent since 70 AD. And it was destroyed for the very Reason of YHVH’s People going Apostate. Consider the following Year Possibilities based on the 28 Year Marker from -3972 BC. It is believed by some Bible Students that the year 28 AD is the Year one should use to calculate the End of the Church Age. The Equation would look something like this.

28 AD + 2 Days or 2000 Years = 2028 AD

Then one would then Subtract the 7-Year Tribulation Period, and that would equal 2022. Obviously, though Populare at the Time, leading up to 2022, it turned out to not be True. So, then the Equation that is being considered is, when was Jesus’ Crucifixion Date? This is the Key. Now, many Bible Students of Prophecy will ‘Argue’ that it is ‘Not’ Important when Jesus Died, etc. On the Contrary. One Strongly Suggested that this Year, is the Key to help determine the End of the Church Age, etc. Nonetheless, the following 3 Years are being considered for the possible True Year of the Crucifixion. Why?

Fig Tree Shelf Life
The same Rationale is being used, in that once that Year is calculate-out by the 2 Day or 2000 Year Factor, one can then just Subtract the 7-Year Tribulation Period from it. And that would suggest when the End of the Church Age is to Conclude with the Rapture Event. Thus, here are the Variables that are mostly being considered.

1- If Jesus was Crucified on 31 AD
2- If Jesus was Crucified on 32 AD
3- If Jesus was Crucified on 33 AD

Based on what one has read of these latest Calculations, the most Popular Year that is Believed Jesus Died, is either 31 AD or 33 AD. One will state now, one’s Bias in that one believes 32 AD is the more Accurate one if not the Actual one for Factors one has written about and will leave Links in the End Notes, etc. Let us consider the Mathematics then for each.

1- If 31 AD + 2 Day or 2000 Years = 2031 – 7 Year Tribulation = 2024
1- If 32 AD + 2 Day or 2000 Years = 2032 – 7 Year Tribulation = 2025
1- If 33 AD + 2 Day or 2000 Years = 2033 – 7 Year Tribulation = 2026

Now to be fair, there are those that Argue against all these Variable Years. Why? They say, and rightly so, that all of them exceed the Psalm 91 Inference of what a Generation is. And that is 70 Years, and if by ‘Strength’, 80 Years. OK. But those that are opposed to these Equations, in light of the Shell Life of the Fig Tree, that being Israel, they too assume what one has also written about, is that they are basing the ‘Generation’ from Israel’s ‘Birth’ in 1948. If one Argues that 1948 is the 1st Year or Marker of when the Fig Tree Generation started, then, yes, 2028 would be the Maximum Limit, etc.

However, one has argued that in terms of the Fig Tree Generation Hypothesis, it is not 1948 that ought to be the Starting Marker, but 1952. Why? This is the Year that the Land Marked the Sabbath or Shemitah Count, although Israel as a Secular Nation, did not do that. But Individual Jewish Farmers, most notably of the Orthodox or Torah Observant did. Thus, if one uses this 1952 Year Marker, the 70- and 80-Year Shelf Life of the Fig Tree Generation would still work.

1952 Sabbath of Land + 70 Years = 2022
If 80 Years by Strength, then =

Notice that if this Psalm 91 Time Limit of 80 Years is accurate and applied not to 1948 but 1952, then that End Year will be 2032. And? The Year 2032 is precisely in Harmony with the 2nd Year Variable if 32 AD + 2 Days or 2000 Years = 2032 – 7 Year Tribulation = 2025. It would Corroborate the 2025 Year as the Probable Year of the Start of the Tribulation Period. Perhaps. This Year of 2025 would also be Corroborating with what the Essenes Believed and Taught. This is according to the Work and Translation of Ken Johnson regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Essenes believed that, based on their Calculations using the Enoch Calendar, the Messiah had to come in the Year 32 AD. And that based on their Dispensation of Times or Ages, called Unas’, the last Segment to Conclude at Jesus’ Return would start in the Year 2025.

‘The Essene Calendar System all mapped-out the concept of 7000 years with a Millennium at the End. There is 6000 Thousand Years of Human History. The 6000 Thousand Years are broken up into 3 Ages of 2000 Years. Each 2000 Years is broken up into 4 ‘Unas’. Each Una is a 10 Jubilee Cycles or a total of 500 Years. In the Prophecy in the Melchizedek Document, it says the End of the Age (Just prior to the beginning of the Age of Grace or Church Age) was to be the 10th Jubilee of the Cycle.

The Essenes said that the Messiah would come and be Crucified or would Die for Sin that would make that event to reconcile Sinners back to GOD. And that it would be 1 Shemitah or a 7-year Sabbatical Cycle after the End of the 9th Jubilee at the End of the Una of their Age. So, if one calculates that back, the End of the Age was 75 AD, minus 1 Jubilee (50 years), which equals 25 AD. Then if one adds the 1 Shemitah of a 7-Year Period, that is 25 AD plus 7 Years is 32 AD.‘

Thus, as one has shown that as the Timeline narrows-down to when this last 7-Year Tribulation Period is to Commence, it can be then Triangulated from Adam in -3972 BC, to then reach a 28 AD Year, that then later on, accounting for a 7-Year Tribulation from 2032 would be the year 2025. But to reiterate, it does not mean that the End of the Church Age or the Rapture to conclude it, has to wait until that very year of 2025. It can be the case that the Tribulation Period, is after some Thought, being incorporated into the Count that includes the Year Counts within the Church Age, All-Inclusive, etc.

Meaning that, as of this Writing and up to the Fall of 2025, the Rapture Event that Concluded the Church Age, is the Window of Time left that one can, with a Measure of Confidence, suggest is what is left of the Church Age to End. And this, as illustrated in the Timeline, is due to the Count-Down since -3972 BC, the Year-to-Year Correlation, Prophetically and the 120 Jubilee Cycles of Time, inferring a 6-Day Creation Template with the 7th Day corresponding to the Millennial Kingdom at Jesus’ Return. Perhaps. The following Articles are related to the study of the End Times.


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