Sign of the Coming Abominations of Desolations

  • Is the Ark of the Covenant hidden in some underground chamber?
  • Will the coming AntiChrist sit on this Ark in the Holy of Holies?
  • What role does the Ark play prophetically in these Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Now in regard to the coming of our LORD Jesus Christ and our gathering together to meet Him, we ask you, Brothers and Sisters, not to be quickly unsettled or alarmed either by a spirit or a message or a letter from us, to the effect that the Day of the LORD has come. Let no one in any way deceive or entrap you, for that day will not come unless the departure comes first and the Man of Lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the Temple of GOD, publicly proclaiming that he himself is GOD..’ - 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 Amplified

The Ark of the Covenant is a topic of much intrigue, speculation and conjecture. There have been block-buster movies made like Raiders of the Lost Ark where the Ark ended up in Area 51. It is a place where ‘alien technologies’ are experimented with that are from ‘out of this world’. Technically, the Ark of the Covenant would belong in such a place as it purported to be a copy of one that originates from Heaven. What is the Ark of the Covenant and what was its purpose or will be still and will it play a role in the Last Days? The purpose of this study is to consider the true aspects of the Ark’s dimensions solely based on the phi ratio mathematical principle for one. Then the study will consider the various theories of what happened to the Ark as there have been much debate and literature on this aspect. Then the study will consider the prophetic implications that the Ark of the Covenant is to still play during the Tribulation Period to conclude prophecy.

In the book of Jeremiah, the Ark of the Covenant was referenced by Jeremiah. The context was in the days of Josiah but prophesied a future time. The possible starting time could have been from the Babylonian Siege to the coming of the AntiChrist false Messiah in Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. During this time, it would be when the Ark would no longer be talked about or be made again until then. ‘And it shall be that when you multiply and become fruitful in the land, in those days—the Word of the LORD—they will no longer say, The Ark of the Covenant of YHVH and it will not come to mind; they will not mention it, and will not recall it, and it will not be used anymore.’

The study will begin with what is known and accepted of its design and dimensions based on the Biblical account given to Moses in the book of Exodus 25. It is said to have been measured in the ancient cubit system, although that in itself is subject to debate as to which type of ‘cubit’ was used, etc. Suffice to say that the standard acceptance of what a cubit was the average man’s length from the index finger to the elbow. This length in modern English-American measurement is 18 inches and what this study will use to configure the extrapolate the measurements of what is not known nor accepted in terms of how big the Cherubim and ‘Throne Chair’ were and to what scale, etc.

A Center Piece
The presuppositions are that the Ark of the Covenant played a center role in Israel’s initiation and will also in its redemption. It will however play a role also in the Luciferian agenda of fomenting a New World Religion, Temple and the Ark will be at the focal point. This study strongly suggests that the Ark of the Covenant will be revealed and unveiled to the world that will lend the last rendition of Judaism its worldwide legitimacy and credibility over all other religions during the Tribulation Period. Realize that presently, the version of Judaism is vested in a partially blind and destitute form of what YHVH had given to Moses. Worst-off is the fact that the New Testament attributes this type of religiosity as being infused with the Spirit of AntiChrist as it denies the Messiahship and Deity of Jesus, as GOD the Son.

Thus, it will play into the hands of Lucifer to be used for his agenda as this is the ‘Spirit of AntiChrist’ himself from where it is emanating from. This scenarios of course presumes also the pre-Tribulation resurrection-Rapture of the Bride of Christ and a following crisis on many fronts for the world, religious, spiritual, economic, and political primarily. The Ark of the Covenant will be what the coming AntiChrist, which will be Israel’s long-awaited Messiah will use to then demand absolute worship of Israel and the world. It will likewise serve as the instrument of his authority, not only as in comparison to a mere ‘Seat of Moses’ but the actual Throne Chair of the Creator. Imagine the spectacle it will be when the Ark is rolled-out and presented to the world? Such an event and object will make the archeological findings of King Tutt’s tomb pale in comparison.

To have the very Ark that Moses had made as a tangible object of reverence will catapult the last rendition of Judaism as the spiritual ‘authority’ of Humanity in the Last Days. The Ark of the Covenant was essentially a facsimile or copy of what existed in Heaven. The Bible in Exodus 25 tell that YHVH gave the blueprints for such an accoutrement to be housed in the Tabernacle or ‘House’ of YHVH as the place where the Divine Presence of YHVH would reside on Earth. It was the place where Moses ‘spoke to YHVH, face to face’. This is an amazing consideration for only Moses is the known human to have had this privilege. This is aside from when YHVH ‘walked in the cool of the evening’ with Adam and Eve before the Fall.

And some suggest this ‘Person’ was none other than the Theophany of Jesus Christ before His incarnation, etc. Here, one has to use deductive logic and reason to presume that what was given to Moses by YHVH was the blueprint of none other than the actual ‘House’ of YHVH. That is to include certain ‘furniture’ that a house would have; an outer gate, a front yard, a place of washing, a porch, a door, a living room, and inner-most chamber with a chair for an audience, etc. A phrase comes to mind, ‘A man’s home is his castle’. What is spectacular to consider is that the Creator of the Universe, all that is, has a ‘house’ in which He dwells; a ‘castle’ a fortress, etc. It would stand to reason that since Humanity is the only kind of all of Creation that is known to be said is specifically ‘created in the likeness and image of YHVH’ then one could expect that such divine patterns would then echo with Humanity on Earth, and that is the case.

A Sojourner
The Ark of the Covenant or this ‘Throne Chair’ was situated in the inner most chamber, called the Holy of Holies. What is intriguing is that it is mathematically a perfect cube, 20x20x20 cubits in measurement. Interestingly, as an aside note, the length of the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid is also 20 cubits. The Ark of the covenant was placed there behind a curtain wall that only the High Priest could enter in and that once a year on Yom Kippur. The Ark has had a very interesting journey in the hands of Humanity and that specifically of Israel. Under the administration of Israel, the Ark was housed in the Tabernacle built on Mt Sinai in Arabia. It accompanied the Israelites throughout the 40-year sojourn in the Wilderness. Then it entered the Promised Land and was stationed in Shiloh for over 300 years at one point in Israel’s history.

At another time, the Ark of the Covenant was captured by the Philistines and then returned due to the judgments it incurred. It was then moved to Jerusalem by King David and later-on was housed in a stone Temple built by Solomon, etc. It was at the time of the Babylonian sieges that the Ark succumbs to the mystique of historical obscurity. It is believed that Jeremiah hid it underground beneath the elaborate tunnel system of Jerusalem. Since the 2nd Temple time under Ezra, the Ark was not retrieved nor placed in the Holy of Holies. The refashioning of the 2nd Temple by King Herod had an empty room just as much. However, folklore and some Jewish oral traditions stuck to the notion that it was and is secured in underground chambers. This was corroborated by the archeological excavations of the late Ron Wyatt who testifies that he discovered the chamber and saw with this own eyes the various Temple furnishings to include the Ark of the Covenant that had been sealed in a stone square container.

The various furnishings were covered in animal skins as well. What is interesting about the narrative of Wyatt is where the chamber was and is, supposedly. According to Wyatt’s account, the chamber was and is directly below the actual crucifixion site of Jesus. What Wyatt noticed was that the lid of the Ark of the Covenant container had been moved aside to expose the Mercy Seat. Upon further examination, Wyatt noticed a brown stain atop the Mercy Seat that was in direct alignment to the crack in the rocks that split above. It is thus speculated that when the ‘great earthquake’ occurred at the time of Jesus’ death on the Cross of Calvary, that the blood of Jesus ran down the crevasse and made its way to the Mercy Seat. What is more spectacular is that according to Wyatt, he took a sample of the stain and had it analyzed in a bio-lab.

It turned out to be human blood but one in which there were chromosomes missing. Since that time, it has been reported and/or leaked that the Israeli authorities know of this location and have attempted to retract the Ark in particular. It was reported that in one case several soldiers died trying to retrieve it and it had not been disturbed since. What is interesting to consider is that with institutions like the Temple Institute, the identification, training and assignment of Levitical Priests came to be taken seriously as it was found out that only the Priests could handle the Ark of the Covenant and live. This, by the way will be a question that this study will pose later one, How is it that the AntiChrist is to sit on the Ark of the Covenant and not die? Consider that Uzzah attempted to hold the Ark from falling-off the cart but was struck died by YHVH.

The Dimensions
The Ark of the Covenant was to be carried and that only by the Priests as with all the other furnishings, etc. When the Ark was transported, it was covered by a blue cloth type of material. Essentially, what was the Ark of the Covenant? The Ark was and is seen as a ‘chest’ or box that was very secretive. The dimensions in cubits are understood and clear to replicate. There however, some misconceptions as to what direction the carrying poles were fashioned to the Ark. Some renditions have the poles long-width and others on the short sides. This study strongly suggests that the Ark of the Covenant, being a ‘Throne’ would thus have its natural orientation facing the front as would an Emperor and/or King be lifted up and carried among the subjects. Thus, the Ark had to face ‘forward’ as the High Priest would enter into the Holy of Holies.

It would thus make sense as to the times Moses spoke ‘face to face’ with the Divine Presence from in-between the Cherubim, etc. Moses instructed Bezalel and Oholiab to construct the Ark but in Deuteronomy, however, the Ark is said to have been built specifically by Moses. The Ark was made of acacia wood overlaid with gold. The rings are said to be on the feet. According to Exodus 25, the Ark of the Covenant was to be 2.5 cubits long by 1.5 cubits high as its width. In conversion to inches, it would have been 52×31×31 inches. However, if converting from cubits to feet, using 18 inches per cubit, then the chest portion of the Ark was 45x27x27 inches. This is taking into account the discrepancy of there being also different types of cubits, Egyptian, Royal, etc. This study will agree with and use the later that appears to be the more correct rendering of the actual measurements.

As mentioned, the Ark of the Covenant was entirely covered on all sides with gold. What is not known is how big the Cherubim were and how they were configured. Over the millennia, there have been 100s of artistic renditions of what the Ark of the Covenant actually looked like. Some are more realistic than others. The key is in having a more Egyptian design to it as that is where the Israelites had just been liberated as slaves from. According to Wyatt’s account, the 2 Cherubim had one of their wings extended forward that met in the middle, geometrically. This design composed the back support of the ‘chair’. The other wing was folded down and rested adjacent the sides of the ‘box’. However, the Ark of the Covenant is more than a mere ‘box’ where ‘God’ was kept like the notion of a ‘Jennie in a bottle’ or Pandora’s Box, etc.

The ‘Box’ was said to have contained the 2nd version of the 10 Commandments as Moses broke the original ones and that fingered by YHVH Himself. Then there was a sample of the Manna that sustained the Israelites throughout the 40-year ‘trial’ journey until they reached the Promised Land led by Joshua. The last item was the Staff of Aaron that was used to test who was to be High Priest by having it ‘bud’. This almond tree branch is what the Menorah is fashioned as and what type of tree also flourished in the region of Mount Sinai. The Ark of the Covenant was to be carried by the poles by 4 Levites at approximately 2,000 cubits or around 800 meters or 2,600 feet ahead of the people when on the march or before the Israelite army. The total weight of the Ark, including its sacred contents, would be around 600 pounds, or about 160 pounds per man on the 2 poles.

The Mercy Seat
As a 2nd Witness, the New Testament book of Hebrews in chapter 9 reiterates these same 3 elements to be found inside the Ark. The Ark of the Covenant was a ‘throne seat’. And no ordinary seat but that of the Creator, YHVH. There is an obvious clue in that the lid or top of the ‘box’ was called the Mercy Seat as in something that is to be sat upon, etc. The Mercy Seat lid is called the Kapporet. What this study suggests and will present is that the Ark of the Covenant is thus predicated on the measuring and section of a man. Its measurement correlates to the human form or more precisely that of the Creator. With this theory and supposition, the dimensions of the cherub and how the Ark was then configured can be extrapolated mathematically to render a possible true design. What this study corroborates is that the supposed eyewitness account of what Wyatt saw and replicated is indeed what the mathematical proportions come out to be.  

The following will be the mathematical inferences. The Ark of the Covenant is 2.5x1.5x1.5 cubits in dimension, then one can assume that the human body is created in a phi ratio proportion. Thus, the Ark of the Covenant can be applied this same phi ratio principle and what one comes out with is amazing. For visual affects purposes, the accompanying illustrations will use the phi ratio spiral to better demonstrate this relationship with the human form and the Ark. If the actual ‘box’ or the chest is the smaller portion of the phi ratio, the longer portion will determine the approximate actual height of the ‘Throne Chair’. And indeed, it does. The larger position or square area encompasses the height of the Cherubim and the ends of the back of the ‘seat’.

The configuration of the Cherub would be that of an approximate taller height of a man that face each other with one hand grasping the chair’s edge. The other hand is securing the edge or side of the Mercy Seat by a pole. The 2 opposing Cherubim are looking down as to not gaze on the ‘majesty’ of the Face of YHVH. This is in keeping when such Angelic Beings portrayed around the Throne of YHVH that have their face covered etc. The thickness of the Mercy Seat and details about the Cherubim are not given. All that is stated is that they were covered and ‘beaten’ out the ends of the Ark and that they form the space where God would appear. This is why all prior and current erroneous renditions of how the Ark of the Covenant looked like are incorrect because that do not have a ‘space’ in-between the Cherubim. There were four cast gold rings on the feet of the Ark, in which were placed gold-overlaid acacia wood poles.

The 2 poles would run just beneath the Cherub and to the side from which the 4 Levitical Priests would lift and carry the Ark of the Covenant, facing forward. What is also amazing to consider is that since this ‘Throne Chair’ is mathematically proportioned, and that to a human body, the height would thus be estimated to be 4 cubits or 72 inches. If one is keen on Biblical numbers, one can see the significance of 72 already. This height in inches would equate to about a man having the height of 5 feet 11 inches or 5’11’’. Why one mentions this numerical factor is that based on other studies entitles. The Garden Tomb, it is proposed that the actual height of Jesus was exactly that, 5 feet and 11 inches. How is that determined? This supposition is based on conjecture but concrete evidence if the following are valid and true.

The Body Proportions
This study suggests that the Garden Tomb outside Jerusalem beyond the Damascus Gate is the actual burial chamber of Jesus. Then, that the inner-most chamber is where the body of Jesus was laid to be buried. Such measurements would and can be and have been made of how tall that died person was or had to be. What is unique about this specific burial slab is that it has been chiseled-out approximate 4 more inches on the north side. This is assuming that the original tomb was to have been that of Joseph of Arimathea, being wealthy and able to afford such a place and subsequent reworking. Also consider that in that time, the average height of a man was said to be 5 feet 7 inches.

It would have made sense that the original measurement was for someone that eventually was not placed there. What is study also likes to have one consider is that it is true to YHVH’s nature to be mathematical in His designs based on repeating patterns. As it is, the wonders of the phi ratio patterns are seen from the majesty of the spiraling galaxies of the Universe to the minute lifeforms of the deepest ocean, etc. It is a mystery as to this pattern of design and measurement. Appropriately, this mathematical phi ratio pattern is called the ‘Signature of GOD’. What this study then proposes is that this phi ratio is a constant that can thus also be used as a template for the other variables, aside from the Ark of the Covenant that will be in place during the Tribulation Period. What elements are those?

These prophetic variables are the Altar of Sacrifice, the very one that has already been rededicated in December 10, 2018. Then there is the actual 3rd Temple ‘fortress’ in 2 aspects. One would not realize if not told or recognized but the Altar of Sacrifice that was rededicated was modeled after Moses’ and was in phi ratio proportions. Moreover, the actual Altar, the 7.5 feet or 5 cubits long by 4.5 feet high and wide or 3 cubits is in proportion to the Ark of the Covenant’s 2.5 cubits long by 1.5 high and wide measurements. As an aside note, consider that according to the religious Jews, the Altar of Sacrifice is essentially all that they need to now carry out the Daily Sacrifices and provide ‘atonement’ for the sins of the people and Israel. The following are the measurements of the 3 elements that this study suggests are in phi ratio and that to each other as well.

Ark of Covenant in phi ratio
1. Box: 2.5 cubits long or 45 inches x 1.5 cubits high or 27 inches x 1.5 cubits wide or 27 inches
2. ‘Chair’: 4 cubits or 72 inches tall -  all-inclusive

Altar of Sacrifice in phi ratio
1. ‘Box’: 5 cubits long or 7.5 feet x 3 cubits high or 4.5 feet x 3 cubits wide or 4.5 feet
2. Ramp: 13 cubits or ~16 feet x 8 cubits

Temple Fortress in phi ratio
1. Temple Fortress: 380 cubits long x 180 cubits wide (outer walls)
2. Court of Women:  140 cubits long x 160 cubits wide (inner walls)
3. Temple with Courts of Priests and Israel:  210 cubits long x 160 cubits wide (inner walls)
4. Temple Building: 100 cubits long x 70 cubits wide

The 3rd Temple
The 3rd Temple is not necessarily needed for atonement to be made other than for conducting the national atonement on Yom Kippur. This sacrifice did require the High Priest to pass through the curtain into the Holy of Holies and sprinkle blood on the Ark of the Covenant. Essentially, the Temple was for the sole purpose of ‘housing’ the Ark of the Covenant. This notion is reminiscent of the days of Moses and the original purpose for the Tabernacle and Temple thereafter. Consider that YHVH desired, does and will desire to ‘house’ or ‘tabernacle’ with men. That is to make this abode or house or home within the domain of mankind, image that. A breakthrough came when YHVH became a man, Jesus and will forever be one now as the GOD-Man.

Also consider then the following amazing reality in that next to the true Ark of the Covenant in the perfect cube ‘Throne Room’ of YHVH, there is a 2nd ‘Throne’ wherein a human, of flesh, glorified flesh and bones sits ‘at the right hand of GOD on High’. The work of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary secured such a provision as the ‘curtain’ of separation from where Humanity was kept at bay due to sin from approaching and entering in the Holy of Holies has been removed. In the future, YHVH will bring Heaven ‘down’ literally to fuse with the dimensions of Earth. There and then, YHVH will deal with a redeemed Humanity as it was with Adam and Eve, etc. As to the relationship between the Ark of the Covenant and the Altar of Sacrifice, the Ark can be considered as a ‘half’ scale to the Altar. The Altar would also be mathematically a ‘half ‘as the phi ratio proportions would create a mirror image of the Altar having the ‘ground’ be the ‘center’ divide or line, etc.

As to the Ark of the Covenant relationship to the Temple, the Temple proper from a top view can be delineated by a phi ratio proportion having the Court of the Women as the smaller section. The Temple to include the edge of the wall perimeter and the Courts of the Priests and Israel would be the larger section. Moreover, this study further suggests that the true location of the Holy of Holies can and will be determined by this phi ratio mathematical proportion in that from the start of the Court of the Israelites to the back-wall edge will yield the exact focal point or fulcrum of the phi ratio spiral when superimposed from a top view. How the Ark of the Covenant will come to play a key role in the End of Days has to do with the supposition that in the first place, it still exists. Realize that the Ark was made out of Acacia Wood. This type of wood last for 1000s of years.

Acacia wood is aromatic and has been used as preservatives and pharmaceuticals for thousands of years. Consider the furnishings discovered in King Tutt’s tomb. They were as pristine as when they were sealed-up. Thus, such an Ark of the Covenant would be in ideal condition as when Moses made it. Also consider that if it is true that the Ark has been hid in underground chambers, such a condition is ideal for preserving the material. What this study suggests is that the Ark of the Covenant will mysteriously be linked to the coming of the false Messiah or AntiChrist. The references are made by none other than Jesus when He warned Israel of a future time when there would be a Temple, a Holy of Holies, and Altar and a ‘King’ that would sit upon it in the Holy of Holies to defile it. There would also be an ‘Image’ of some sort place ‘on a wing’ of the Temple. This prophetic scenario is predicated on several assumption pertinent to the Ark.

The Coming Abominations
Realize that it will be from Israel, from Jerusalem, from the Temple, from the Holy of Holes that the coming AntiChrist will rule the world. It will be ‘ground zero’ for the New World Religion system based on the Mark of the Beast. It will be a fusion of economic, medical, religious and political platforms that Humanity will only be allowed to live under, ‘buy and sell’, etc. Is it any wonder why Israel is now leading the world in ‘cyber security’ and social media technologies? Is it any wonder why Israel is now the 2nd hub in the world for all the tech giants? With the accelerating speed of how knowledge is exploding, and the advent of Artificial Intelligence AI, will it be any wonder how at some point, the Temple Mount will be the focal point or ‘nexus’ of the New World Order. The following is the list of factors that are assumed pertaining the Ark in the Last Days.

It does indeed exist and has been preserved.
Has been hidden in an underground chamber of Jerusalem.
It is a ‘Throne Chair’ in phi ratio proportions.
There will be a 3rd Temple built to house the Ark.
It will be placed in the Holy of Holies.
It will be used as an object of authenticating the AntiChrist.
It will be used as an object for giving Judaism credibility as the New World Religion.

There within the Temple an ‘Image of the Beast’ will be made ‘alive’ and to ‘Breath’ as if to have Lucifer mimic the very creative life force that YHVH had in the Garden to create life out of nothing. Thus, realize just how critical, important and center this Ark of the Covenant will be during the Tribulation Period. Now to the question posed at the beginning of the study. It has been demonstrated in the Bible that the Ark of the Covenant is indeed the one fashioned by Moses on Mount Sinai and it does have power of life and death as in the case of Uzzah. How can it be then that a defiled and reprobate AntiChrist, in the flesh can sit on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies and not die? Consider that according to some scenarios, it is at the approximate halfway mark of the 2520 days that the AntiChrist breaks the Covenant made with the ‘Many’ for 7 years.

This, by the way is another reason why the Ark of the Covenant is pertinent then to the agenda of the AntiChrist as it will legitimize his ‘confirming of the Covenant’ with the Many. What better concrete object to have than that of the ‘Covenant’ to back you up with. At the stopping of the Daily Sacrifices, the religious Jews that accepted this ‘One coming in his own Name’ will start to question the motives and statements made by this ‘Messiah’ that curses YHHV and ‘those living in Heaven’, i.e., the raptured Bride of Christ. Perhaps it will be a zealous Orthodox Jew that will ‘mortally wound’ the false Messiah that is exposed at this time. It was a zealous Jew, with the assassination of Rabin in the 1990s that murdered the Jewish leader. It was out of strife for Rabin having inclinations of concessions to give up the Promised Land for a false ‘Peace and Security’ with the Muslim Palestinians. It could most likely be the case that some Orthodox Jew might then assassinate this false Messiah of Israel at this time. This is when the Bible speaks of the AntiChrist receiving a mortal blow and dying yet will fake a resurrection just like Jesus’. Thus, it would very well be at this point that the AntiChrist then seek vengeance on Israel as he is exposed and then enters the Holy of Holies.

The Departure
Nowhere in the whole Temple ‘fortress’ does one ‘sit’ or is allowed to sit but in the Holy of Holies. Thus, as 2 Thessalonians states, the Antichrist is to sit on the Ark of the Covenant to proclaim that he is ‘God’ and is to be worshipped only as ‘God’. This event can only then take place in the Holy of Holies. Consider that the present Followers of Jesus will not see this event as the Apostle Paul adjusts their thinking of the correct sequence and scenario. The Apostle Paul speaks that in fact the unveiling of who this coming false Jewish Messiah will be cannot occur until the ‘Falling Away’ occurs first. Yes, there is centuries-old debate about what the meaning of apostasia is in Greek, as in the generally accepted meaning of there being a ‘departure’ from the Faith.

However, it is a ‘departure’ nonetheless and in context that is the key to determining the meaning. Thus, the context is the resurrection and the Rapture, not of the Faith. It is the context of ‘meeting Jesus in the clouds’ to then be with Him in Heaven, thus a ‘departure’ unto Him. The correct rendering of what apostasia would have meant and been understood by those hearing such a word would be a ‘departure’ as in the command to ‘retreat’ militarily. The Rapture will be the cause to start the Seal Judgments as the first literal fulfillment will be the white Horse Rider, that being the AntiChrist. This cannot occur until the Rapture happens and the Bride has been processed into Heaven through the Bema Seat of Christ where after, she sits as the 24 Elders around the Throne to witness the ‘Last Will and Testament’ of Jesus being read, by Jesus whom carries out such successive decrees as the Seal judgments, etc.

This is the occasion where the true Ark of the Covenant resides and the Divine Presence of YHVH exists between the Living Creatures. However, there has to be a transitional period to account for the Rapture, the chaos, the re-ordering, the ‘Event’ that will initiate the unveiling of the AntiChrist, the confirming of the Covenant with the Many, the building of the 3rd Temple, etc. Consider that the Tribulation Period is 2520 days, and the halfway marker, that being the ceasing of the Daily Sacrifices, the setting-up of the Image of the Beast and the AntiChrist sitting on the Ark of the Covenant. All these converging events will be the start of Jacob’s Trouble or the 2nd half of the 2520 day, that being 1260 days. What is most intriguing then, is that once can count 1260 days prior and thus can determine when the Tribulation Period started and by what event.

Consider that if the Daily Sacrifices are to be commenced and commemorated, what better time than that of a Passover Feast to kick-off the 3rdd Temple and the Daily Sacrifices. What a spectacle that will be. Thus, give this supposition of a possible Passover commencement, one should be keen in watching every Passover Feast from now on. However, consider that this study still holds to the scenario that the Rapture, when it will occur will be tied to a Pentecost Feast season. This would mean then that the raptured Saints will not see such a Passover commemoration of the Daily Sacrifices that could be 2-3 years-out anyway, given the time-gap theory. The first 3 Feast of YHVH were prophetically fulfilled by Jesus within a week’s time. The last 3 Feasts of YHVH will like wise be prophetically fulfilled by Jesus at His return, starting with the Feast of Trumpets. It has been Pentecost that is the ‘intermission’ and based on ‘time’.

As to the AntiChrist sitting on the Ark and not dying like all in prior history that did and died out of judgment, what could be the case is that he is ‘died’, from that ‘mortal blow’ to the head already. Then consider that is ‘dead’ is the human aspect of his being. Thus, the Ark of the Covenant will have no power over a state of being already ‘dead’. What many believe will happen or is the case is that it will be at this time that it will be actually Lucifer that will possess this ‘Man of Lawlessness’. It will be some sort of an incarnation, again to mimic that of GOD the Son with His incarnation. As expounded in other studies, it is Lucifer that has sought to make his throne above that of YHVH in the Heavens, on the Sides of the North, etc. It has been the Earth that perhaps at one point, Lucifer did rule. Presently, he is technically the ‘God of this World’.

It is however, no longer to be his dominion to rule over the Nations. Jesus took Humanity, the Nations and Earth back from him at Jesus’ resurrections. Now all authority and power in Heaven and Earth belong to Jesus. Since Lucifer was cast down legally from having access to Heaven anymore to accuse the Brethren at the halfway mark according to Revelation 12, it will have been on the occasion of having his Heavenly throne and those of his fellow Fallen Angels vacated for the Bride of Christ as rewards instead. The vacating of the Heavenly premises down to Earth will leave Lucifer but with 1 option, establish his throne on Earth once again. It is just the death-throws of a crushed serpent on its spiral downward path to destruction and ultimate Eternal Death. This is also the timeframe when Jesus warned the Jewish Remnant to flee.

The 42 months’ time given to Lucifer to rule, unabated will serve to show Israel and the world his true essence and nature, that of to ‘steal, kill and destroy’. The last 1260 days from the stopping of the Daily Sacrifices at the Altar of Sacrifice will be Lucifer’s last chance at altering his destiny of the Lake of Fire. To start this last 1260-day countdown to Jesus’ return with His Bride will be the setting-up of the Image as well. This act that Jesus foretold would occur is the Desolation of Abominations. What the last 42 months of Lucifer being let loose on Earth will accomplish is for the judgment of the world and the Fallen Angels. YHVH will be using the ‘Wrath of Satan’ as a means to an end.

So long as Lucifer has free will and free reign, he will still be diluted by pride that there does exist a possibility that his fate can still be changed at the last moment to avoid his ultimate doom in the Lake of Fire. The questions then remain, what will happen to the Ark of the Covenant once Jesus returns with the Saints? Will the blood stain still be there on the Mercy Seat as a memorial? Will the Ark of the Covenant be the one that Jesus sits on in the 4th Temple, that of Ezekiel’s for the duration of the Millennial Kingdom? Will a new one be built on this occasion? Will the original one that is currently in Heaven be set up when the New Heaven and the New Earth are fused together, and the New Jerusalem will exist for all Eternity Future? These are very interesting questions that cannot be answered now but will one day.

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