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by Luis B. Vega
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The following is one’s Opinion based on how some in the Rapture Watch Community that Date Set the Rapture, always ‘Guarantee’ it 100%. And the Rapture will occur or it has to, based on their Teachings, Integrity and Conviction. That in themselves are Qualities that are Red Flags and not Pertinent to helping determine True Prophecy or the Rapture Date. The Pharisees had a Measure of Integrity and Conviction in their Teaching, that ‘They were Right’, and Jesus’ Alternative Interpretations were ‘Blasphemy’. The Teachers of Israel had enough ‘Insight’ and Conviction that they rightly answered Herod when the Imposter King of the Jews, asked the Elder of where the True King of the Jews, Jesus was to be Born. They knew. They replied, ‘In Bethlehem’.

It is not about having ‘Integrity and Conviction’, although that helps. It is not about willing to ‘Go on a Limb’, as that pertains to one’s Conviction and Confidence in what one is Presenting. But being ‘Armed with one’s Thoughts, Conclusions and Convictions?’ That is not the issue one wishes to point to, that is the Problem. One’s Point is precisely that. That one should have ‘Thoughts, Conclusions and Convictions. But that one should also have Accountability for them. This is especially the case with Brethren who deem themselves, ‘Seasoned Teachers’ Date set the Rapture as a Guarantee. Did not Jesus say that to those that are given much, much is Required in Luke 12:48?

‘From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and from him who has been entrusted with much, even more will be demanded’.

Is there a Problem with Rapture Date-Setting? Yes, in one’s Thoughts, Conclusions and Convictions of those that Rapture Date-Set. And that is? It is not that Brethren ought not to have such mentioned Dispositions and Teaching. One is including one’s self into this Camp as one is proposing a possible July 23 Date. The issue or ‘Problem’ is when the Rapture Date is ‘Guaranteed’ 100%. And that those Teachers are ‘Still Right’ even after their Rapture Dates come-and-go. There is no Accountability, Responsibility or Acknowledgement that one was ‘Wrong’ about such ‘Integrity’ and/or Convictions.

At this point, dealing with such a Topic of fixing Rapture Dates, it is not about ‘Personality Style’. Teachers and Preachers come in all Sizes, Shapes and Personalities. Some People gravitate on the Teaching Styles. Others do so on mere Personality likability. To each their own. In the Body of Christ, there is Room for Variety and not ‘1 Size fits All’, as the saying goes. And Rapture Date-Setting, in itself is not a Salvation Issue nor should it be a Fellowship issue either. Brethren are ‘Free’ to voice their Opinion and Teaching, as they see fit or believe. One would agree to all that.

Knowing the Day and the Hour

It is however, when in a Public Setting that this Last Generation is afforded, due to its Technology, that anyone with a Website, Blog, Video Channel does exactly that, for better or for worse and for Rapture Date Setting. To be clear, in one’s Perspective, Speculating and Conjecturing about the Possible Rapture Timing is not ‘Sin’ or Verboten. Jesus Commanded the Body to Watch. But this presupposes that one has to Watch because no one really knows or will when the Actual Date of the Rapture will occur. Or else whey the Command to Watch, if one is given the Year, Month, Week Day and even the very Hour.

What is becoming clear, pun intended, is that as the Church Age is coming to a Conclusion of its Commission and it will End with the Rapture Event, the Holy Spirit is revealing more Clues and Pieces for that Rapture Rubrik. Why? It is to have the Bride all that more Prepared and not be found ‘Sleeping’ as the 5 Foolish Virgins when the Trumpet Call is sounded. It is at that Place and Time that the Groom, Jesus starts to make His way to Retrieve His Bride from Earth, etc. But it seems to never fail, at least in one’s 40+ Years of Rapture Watching that, every Year, there is that Brother or Sister or a Group of them that takes Center Stage on ‘Guaranteeing the Rapture Date.

In an Online Discussion about such Brethren, it was mentioned that the People are Free to say whatever they want. True. Well, depending on which Country. But as to the Church? Yes, People are ‘Free’ in a Sovereign Nation, but not in the Church Body of Jesus. We are the Body, Jesus is the Head, etc. The Church Body does not control the Mouth or Mind. And that is the ‘Problem’. The Church Body is not a Democracy, it is a Monarchy. Jesus is our King and Sovereign. No, we cannot ‘Say’ what we please in ‘His Name’. It is precisely this ‘Condition’, in the West but specifically in the USA that the People who Call themselves by Jesus’ Name, ‘Christian’ are largely ‘Laodicean’.

The Laodiceans are a ‘Democracy Church Body’ that has ‘Voted’ Jesus out of the Building or Temple. And the Leaders of such Types of Churches, both the Women ‘Jezebels’ and Male ‘Nicolaitans’ are having their way with the Body of Christ. It is a Mockery and a Farce. But in Principle, sure, say what you want, even within the Church, but also receive and accept Correction, Entreaty and Disciple. One is just saying, be Accountable for what one says. For example, the 2022-2029 Tribulation Timeline that many were looking at back since around 2019. One was agreeable to that possibility and wrote about it. But then some Brethren pointed out, ‘What Happened Lu?’

One then told all that one was ‘Wrong’ about supporting it as it evidently did not come to pass. But it was not really one’s Theory or Conjecture to begin with. But as to what the Brethren are saying? One is not ‘Faulting’, in particular about Brethren’s ‘Unique Personalities’. That is beside the Point and not all Brethren will be agreeable as to other’s Personalities. Case in Point is Dr. Awe. Based on the Comment Section on his Videos. Either People Love him or Hate him. But his Style and Approach will not be agreeable to all. That is beside the Point. It is what he is saying and Teaching that matters or should. That is what Jesus Commanded to Evaluate. Yes, ‘Fruit Inspectors’. That is not being Legalistic or Pharisaical. It is called ‘Testing the Spirits’.

Testing the Spirits

And because we fail to do that as a Community of Fellow Rapture Watchers, we allow the ‘Gangrene’ to Spread. One’s Critique of Brother Rapture Date-Setters, in question, is not that they may be Sincere or Relatable. Personality wise, some would prefer not to listen to them. But one has had to listen to some, excruciatingly, to know what they are teaching so as to give one’s response about their Rapture Dates, ‘Guaranteed’. And some have very Good Insights. Which is all the more sad, in one’s Humble Opinion. Why? If one were talking about a Novice or barely Saved Believer, which Paul instructed them not to Teach…that would be one thing and a Circumstance where one would or could ‘Cut some Slack’.

One clear example was when Brother Barry Scarbrough a few Years ago, recommended this Young Man named Stephan Dexter. This Young Brother in the LORD, probably in his early 20’s attempted to Decipher the Rapture Timeline using the Revelation 12 Sign and his Interpretation of it. Based on his Assessment, he believed the Rapture Year would have been 2022. He gave it his Assessment. No Problem. Why? He did not ‘Guarantee’ it 100%. But Brethren in their 50-60s that ‘Know the Word’, are or should be Seasoned and Mature enough to ‘Ought to Know’ better than ‘Guaranteeing’ the Rapture, where there is no such Possibility to begin with.

In one’s Humble Opinion, one is not sure why they ‘Go There’. And that the Topic of the Rapture becomes a ‘Sacred Cow’ that is being Worshipped, instead of the LORD of the Rapture. Yes, the Bride looks and waits in Anticipation of the Blessed Hope as it is specifically given to Encourage one another with it. But it is because it is about Jesus that is coming, not the Rapture. Yes, one leads to the other, but it is not in the Date that then becomes the Focus of the Body’s ‘Worship’ and Energy, Resources and Debate. Jesus will not Compete with the Rapture.

Thus, one is not being ‘Critical’ of Brethren’s Sincerity or Style, other than that such Rapture Date Setting should be held to their Word. Seems one is not allowed to do that, of those who ‘Guarantee’ the Rapture and still do after their Dates. To me, that is Serious. But as for one, one is suggesting a Date, hesitantly, if anything on that July 23, 2024, but one is not ‘Guaranteeing it’. That 7-23 ‘Date’? As in, a July 23 could totally be off and related to something else altogether. And how can People take ‘us’ Seriously without Accountability? But the Church Body does not Report to me. But they do and will for every Word Spoken, to the LORD of Prophecy, who they are using in His Name.

And that they claim they are speaking on His Behalf. They, and I will Stand or Fall by our own Words and ‘Prophecy’ as they say they are the ‘Experts’ of. I, for one, have never claimed that nor will of any ‘Rapture Date’. But to Reiterate, sure, on is Speculating a July 23 Summer New Wine Pentecost Timing. But it is only a Working Theory, in the span of about a Decade in Development. The main issue is ‘What Year’ in one’s Learning Curve? 2024? 2025?... Conjecture and Speculation and Imminency is fine. But one’s Critique is that when Rapture Date-Setting becomes, ‘I guarantee it 100% it is going to happen’, that is the Problem. If the Body of Christ does not see this as a Problem, hey, No Problem…

It is About the Fruit of the Spirit

But one is just pointing this out pertaining to those that Rapture Date-Set, as it has come-up in Conversations one has had and thus one is only sharing one’s Perspectives about it. Not that one has to, but that is just one’s Opinion that the very own Rapture Watching Community that one sees oneself as being part of should say something about it. And to be clear, one has never told anyone to ‘Follow or Listen to me’ or one’s Tribulation Timeline is the ‘Correct One’, or that one’s New Wine Pentecost in a July Wheat Harvest Time is or will be the True Rapture Window. It could and that is where one is at in one’s Research. But the difference is that one makes one’s Research public and open to Critique and Correction if need be, etc.

But all one is saying is that in one’s Assessment about 100% Guaranteed Rapture Dates, is that one senses in one’s Spirit that something is ‘Off’. But so are we all ‘Off’ about certain Theologies, Doctrines or Predispositions about the Rapture itself? And then the ‘Fruit’ of the Spirit that is coming out as a result of 100% Rapture Dates come-and-gone. There is always a Defensive Nature in that those as oneself, who are Critical are then ‘Excused’ and deemed an ‘Accusation’ or being a ‘Mocker’ for not having gone along and agreeing with the latest Rapture Date-Setters. And the Outcome? Division is caused, that is not of the Holy Spirit. 

As mentioned, one thinks there is a difference in ‘Looking’ as that is what Jesus Commanded the Church to do. And ‘Looking’ is just and… It will be a Subjective Perception. Thus, it is good to vet it all out in Fellowship and Wise Counsel, such as that supposed 2022 start of the Tribulation Date. At the Time, for example, it was around 2019-2020 when the Shemitah Theory took off and it seemed plausible, thus everyone was on the Look-Out. And it was with a Measure of Anticipation and Excitement. One was in that Group. But as the Rapture Timing came nearer and into Focus, and it is getting ‘Refined’, in one’s Opinion there is Discernment that comes of it.

It is to a large extent due to the Process of Elimination. One does believe that this is occurring with each passing Rapture High Watch Day is that the Holy Spirit is given us more Focus. For example, in one’s case, it is where one came-up with a possible 3.5 Year Overlap from Passover 2022 to Simchat Torah in 2025. This is based on what is now more convincing in how the Daniel 9:37 Timeline is a Dual Overlay of the Timeline of the 2 Christs, Christ and AntiChrist. The Theory is that it began with Jesus’ Ministry on a Shemitah but got ‘Cut-Off’ at precisely the 1260thh Day or the 3.5 Year Marker of a 7-Year Shemitah. And?

And it is then that at the ‘Midst’ of the Tribulation, it is where the Timeline picks-up, but of the AntiChrist to fulfill the complete Shemitah Typology and Year Count. Yes, it is a Far-Fetched Theory and perhaps not plausible or conventional, but one is just sharing that as one believes it could be possible. It is only because the Shemitah Theory did not turn out to be correct, obviously back in the Fall of 2022. And if the Tribulation Period is to start in one, then that Start Date will have to be in the Fall of 2029. This will put the Fig Tree Generation, if one believes Israel is that, beyond the Scriptural Limit of a 70-80 Year Old Generation per Psalm 90.

A Measure of Accountability

And that is if one is accurately surmising that one should be using Psalm 90 as a Prophetic Blueprint. But as to one’s New Wine 7-23 Pentecost White Wheat Wedding Rapture Time-Frame? One qualifies it, at least in one’s writings, with a ‘Conscious Optimism’. It is Looking like a plausible Rapture Setting, based on one’s Research and present Year Calculation. But one ‘Does Not Guarantee it’. But that one also believes or holds that the Rapture Event is Not Imminent. Thus the Summer New Wine Pentecost Theory. Nonetheless, as one studies the possible 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline, one is seeing how the 1260 Day Counts land on the Jewish Feasts and the Year 2029 is when Jupiter returns to the constellation of Virgo. This will amazingly occur at the Mid-Point.

                                                   Speculative Tribulation Timeline

    2024                  2025--------(1260 Days)-------2029--------(1260 Days)-------  2032
 Rapture?         Tribulation                            Mid-Point                             2nd Coming
OCT 18?                               APR 1?                                  SEP 11?
                  Sabbath of Beginning                                                              Sabbath of Return
Simchat Torah                          Passover                        Rosh HaShanah Week                       
And for me, this is huge in that the whole Book of Revelation is Hinged on Chapter 12 as the ‘Midst’, and when the ‘Woman’ Flees to the Wilderness, just as the Astronomical Sign literally occurs at that Time and Place. One finds this Correlation not a mere Coincidence. But the other Factor pertinent to the Rapture that is directly and Scriptures associated is that of ‘Sudden Destruction’. Presently, there is really none of that as Israel is at War due to the ‘Rape’ of Israel by Hamas on October 7, 2023. And that is what really also occurred, grotesquely as many Young Women at that Music Festival were not only Gunned Down but Sexually Assaulted, according to Reports. The breaching of the Fence by Hamas and even ordinary Muslim Civilians from Gaza can be seen as the Penetration of Israel in as Sexual Violations, perhaps.

And thus, why, for some Reason, one is sensing that a ‘Birthing’ is in progress, for 9 Months that will come to a Head, in July of 2024. And in this case, the Legitimate Heir of Israel, that ought to have secured ‘Peace and Safety’ with Jesus, the True Messiah, has instead gone to an ‘Illegitimate’ Heir, the Gentiles that were not a People, but are now. And thus, it has been the Church Age Bride that Israel’s Messiah has taken, instead due to Israel’s Rejection of Jesus. Thus, the ‘Illegitimate’ Metaphor Correlation, if at all. And here is why one does not subscribe to a December Rapture Timing. The Circumstance for the Rapture Event to occur have to be occurring in Tandem with a Sudden Destruction Scenario.

This is presently not the case. But to be clear, one is not saying, ‘Do not listen to such People that Guarantee the Rapture’, but that if and when Brethren ‘Go There’, that having a Measure of Accountability, is our Responsibility also, if one claims to be also of that Watcher Rapture Community. Is that Fair? Or is one coming off as being Pharisaical in these Rapture Date-Setting Perspectives? In the Online Discussion, one loved how a Sister in Christ phrased the Rapture as being a ‘Kidnapping’. And how the World is closing in on the Bride, it would appear and is actually Reality, and Spiritual. But one can relate to all that.

The Cost of Living, the Evil, the Madness of the World is overwhelming. It seems Darkness is pressing in on all Sides. And we know it is going to get worse by the Day. Remember Lot and his Family in how their House was surrounded. But consider this, that the ‘Cup of Inequity’ has to reach its Full Measure also. Thus, not until then will the Rapture or the ‘Kidnapping’ from ‘Sudden Destruction’ occur, unfortunately. But as many Rapture Watchers correctly state, Jesus is coming for the Bride, at the Right Time.

With that Promise and Assurance alone, one can have Peace about it. The End of the Church Age that concludes with the Rapture Event is so close. And if one’s July White Wheat Wedding Theory comes to pass, consider that as of the Hamas ‘Rape’ of Israel, it could be but 9 Months to go. But until the Call to Retreat and ‘Fall Back’, also realizes that part of being the Bride is that she continues to ‘Make herself Ready’ even in the midst of the Battle. It is a Spiritual War after all and the Bride is Behind Enemy Lines. Not sure about you but the Spiritual Attack has been one of the most Intense in the past 4 Years for me, presently, personally. Not sure why? ,

Well, yes, because the Rapture is approaching. If we think this Time is ‘Bad’? Consider how presently the entire World is against the Jews because of the Hamas ‘Rape’ And they blame Israel for it. It is Amazing and so Prophetic. It is really a Hatred against the GOD of the Jews, which is our GOD and Savior too. And we got the Messiah as our Husband that Israel forfeited, that they could have had. Realize that after the Rapture, the whole World will be against the Christians. It will not compare to what the Jews are going through now. So, if there is any Encouragement on this side of the Rapture, is that, in comparison to what is coming, we are Blessed because we have the Promise of Jesus, of that Open Door, the Great Escape. The Kidnapping. And that, is a 100% Guarantee.


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