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  • What are Embalmers finding in those taken COVID Shots?
  • Why are the Veins and Arteries of Deceased full of Clots?
  • Why are COVID Deaths not being Autopsied? 

‘When the Wicked spring as the Grass, and when all the Workers of Iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be Destroyed Forever’. -Psalm 92:7

The purpose of this Report is 2-Fold. One is to Highlight a very important Video Documentary by Stew Peters, called ‘Died Suddenly’. It came out in November 21, 2022 that Chronicles the ‘Adult Sudden Death Syndrome’ or SADS of those People that have taken the COVID Injections. The other Highlight is to provide an Excellent Summary of the Documentary provided by a Steve Mullins, posted to the 5 Doves Website.

This Video is a Key and Critical Piece in the Puzzle to expose the Lies of the Official COVID Narrative that is bent on a Eugenicist Agenda, Luciferian to the core. And that is to Contaminate, Cull and Control Humanity. The Short Documentary Video covers a variety of Angles, most notably a Perspective from Professional Embalmers. Some have spoken-out about the Dramatic Increase in Death and requested Services.

Died Suddenly

What is astonishing is that in the Autopsies and Embalming Procedures performed, significant Clots within the Veins and Arteries of the COVID Injected People are noted and taken out, one after the other. This Evidence is Proof that what the many Doctors warned, from the beginning would happen. And in fact, Clots are 1 of the many Side Effects listed on the PowerPoint presented by Doctors to the CDC, during their Zoom Conference that determined that the COVID-19 Injections, being Experimental were thereafter given Emergency Authorization Status. And the rest is History, as they say.

The following is now the Summary provided by Steve Mullins, posted to the 5 Doves Website, on December 4, 2022. His entire Post will be Italicized with certain Words Capitalized for Emphasis. As the War for the Body, Mind and Soul is at stake, sharing this Video and others is a Tool to help ‘Wake-Up’ People from the COVID-Spell. It is a Psychological War on top of a Genocidal War that is being perpetrated against Humanity. Ultimately, the Final Solution is Jesus Christ. Jesus can and has broken the Power of the Prince of the Air. Jesus has exposed the Father of Lies, Lucifer and his Lie ever since the Garden of Eden. It is the same. It is a Plan to Destroy Humanity.

It is an extremely Eye-Opening Look at what we have all experienced since early 2020. It is a MUST WATCH, filled with Important Information that every person on the Planet needs to know. The Documentary is 65ish Minutes, and I am going to attempt to Summarize it below, but surely, I will miss/skip over some important parts.


1. Big increase in All-Cause Deaths reported by life Insurance Companies as well as
Birth Defects and Bell's Palsy.

2. Definite change in the Blood at beginning of Covid, Narrator wondering if it is caused by COVID, but People who have not had COVID had same issues--did the Vaccine. cause it?

3. Multiple Examples and Reports of Young Kids Dying.

4. Malthusians believe that Over-Population is a Critical Issue--Clips from Tom Hanks, Bill Gates, Bill Maher, and Ted Turner.
Two ways to reduce Population: Lower Birth Rate or Increase Death Rate. (For those who do not know, Bill Gates's Dad was on the Board of Planned Parenthood, founded by Margaret Sanger, as a way to Reduce the Population. [Especially that of Unwanted Minority Groups.] The Documentary has Gates's Ted Talk comments about how, ‘If we do a really GOOD JOB with Vaccines and Reproductive Health, we can LOWER THE POPULATION BY 10-15%’!

5. Around the 8 Minute Mark, talks about November of 2021, Embalmer and Funeral Director starts seeing
WHITE FIBROUS TISSUES inside of Bodies--never seen before in his 30+ Year Career. Others in the Field see the same thing.

6. Examples of ‘Clots’ from multiple People who keep finding the Obstructions in Funeral Homes. Out of 100 Embalmers, ALL found these Calamari-Like Fibrous Clots. Up to 3 feet long.

7. Something like Fine Grains of Sand or Coffee Grounds are found in the Blood for the first time.

8. Most People are not Autopsied. [The Clot] Structures would definitely cause
Stroke, Pulmonary Embolism, and other HEART PROBLEMS.

9. September 2022 in Idaho, Military Doctor testifies about what has been happening to the Troops.
All Cause Deaths from 18-64 Year-Old’s increased by 40%! Lists 20 awful Side Effects that she regularly sees from Soldiers. Woman's Job was threatened, and she was ignored.

10. A Department of Defense Whistleblower says
MISCARRIAGES increased 300%, 300% increase in Cancer, 1000% increase in Neurological Disorders in Pilots--from 83K to 863K, Website reporting these Figures [was then] shut down the next Day.

11. Weaponization of Healthcare System. 1974 Kissinger Paper released about needing Population Reduction. Ted Turner says
Over-Population is why we have ‘Global Warming’.

12. Gates, Soros, Schwab, Prince/King Charles, talk about the Great Reset.

Event 201 COVID, [was a] Dry-Run in late 2019/early 2020 and Vaccine Propaganda that People immediately accepted.

14. Steve Kirsch talks about no one wanting to see the Data. He was originally Pro-Vaccine.
Woman asks him if the Vaccine is Safe? He said, ‘Of course it is Safe, why would you ask’? She responds that 3 of her Relatives had recently Died right after being Vaccinated [with the COVID Injections]. That shocked him. ‘Safe and Effective’, over and over.

15. No one wants to know what is in the Vaccine, no one cares. The
Paper Insert says, ‘Intentionally Blank’. Zero FDA Inspection.

16. Pfizer Head, Bourla talks about first time mRNA Vaccine has been used for anything.

17. Kirsch offers $1 Million to anyone who will have a Fair Discussion about the Data. No one Responds. Ups it to $2 Million. No one willing to Show-Up.

Israeli Study says Vaccine is Killing People. Hirsch emails 300 People asking if they want to see the Data, no one Responds

19. Conflicting clips of ‘Celebrities’ claiming the Efficacy and NON-TRANSFERABILITY of the Virus, once ‘Vaccinated’ is questioned.

20. Video Clips of 30 People Collapsing and Dying.

UNBELIEVABLE video of Embalmers removing the Rubbery Substances from Veins and Arteries of Cadavers starting around the 48 Minute Mark.

22. Swollen Individual had Clots revealed by Thermal Imaging and Swelling--extremely rare.

Fresno Nurse Whistleblower says before Vaccine, there were 1 or 2 Fetal Demises every 2 or 3 Months. Record Number of Fetal Demises with
22 Fetal Demises in 1 Month. Told it was going to Increase each Month. Fridge full of Babies. Funeral Director says 5 of 6 were Jabbed and the other had Remdesivir

24. Still-Birth Rate normally around
6 per 1000. After [COVID Shot] 29.3 per 1000. A 40 Sigma Standard Deviation. Most Events fall within 3-4 Standard Deviations! Huge Negative Effects for Pregnant Women.

25. This is also UNBELIEVABLE: Pfizer released 5.6.3 Statistics on the Vaccine. They wanted to hide the Numbers for 55 Years.)
And 83% of Pregnant Women who got the Vaccine ended up with a Dead Baby! 238/270 Pregnancies ended in Death!

There is a Pure Evil in this World. We are treated like Cattle.
Willful acceptance of poison is the vehicle that the evil uses. It is a Bio-Weapon unleashed against Humanity to Reduce the Population

Despite the Mounting Evidence that is beginning to come to Light that the COVID Virus was Man-Made in Wuhan and is Killing People, Anthony Fauci’s last Press Conference at the White House ended with, ‘Get your Vaccines and Boosters’…’They are Safe and Effective’. No, they are not. Even though it is estimated that only about 70% of all Americans in the USA have taken at least 1 Dose, the Eugenicists like Bill Gates and the like are disappointed in that not all are continuing their ‘Upgrades’ as required. And?

Thus, the Creeping Re-Statement of the Mask Mandates have started. And the excuse has been the Nature Flu Season that occurs form October to February. Then there is agreement now of the Universal COVID Passport that the World Economic Forum WEF planted Leaders have decided the entire World will be require of all People that wish to Travel. This Video Documentary vindicates one’s 2+ Years of Research, of the similar Evidence presented in 6 Books Published. These Books were subsequently Banned, but re-instated through much Effort. They can be downloaded for Free in the End Notes.

For those that survive the Adverse Effects of the COVID Kill-Shots, it is no Secret that the Perpetrators behind this Soft Genocide seek to Control all Humans, from within their Bodies. As Klaus Schwab has reiterated on many occasions during his World Economic Forum Meetings, the Aim of the 4th Industrial Revolution, or really the 4th Reich, is to merge Man with Machine. This is why the Crypto Crash was induced. There cannot be any Independent Currency of Exchange. It all has to be Centralized and controlled by the Money Changers.

And in preparation for this ‘Technological Great Leap Forward’, the Block-Chain Technologies have been Patented by none other than Bill Gates, among many others. Here is the Man, the so-called ‘Virus Expert’, who is a College Drop-Out, and does not hold a Degree in Engineering or Medicine. Yet, due to his bestowed Power and Privilege, has bought the World Health Organization, Big Pharma Corporations that make the so-called ‘Vaccines’ and large swabs of Farm-Lands.

Yet, in the Netherlands, up to this writing, more than 3000 Farms have been Confiscated. It has been reported to curve ‘Climate Change’ Carbon Emissions. No, it is to induce Worldwide Famine and Death, as desired by these Luciferian Death Cult Worships. But do the biggest Carbon Polluters on the Planet, mainly China and India get any Sanctions or Seizure of Farm-Lands or Factories? No. On the Contrary, as the rest of the World, for example, enjoys a Mask-Less World Football Cup, the Chinese Communist Party is severely cracking-down on Populations of Millions.

Exposing Darkness with Light

The Average Chinese are still being Quarantined in Major Cities. Why? This is the Eugenics COVID Lab and Experimentation Ground to see what the Outcomes are. And? This Chinese Model of Totalitarianism Rule will be the Blue-Print of the World Order that is nearly here now. This means that one’s Bank Account, Medical Record, Education, Religious, Political Affiliation and Purchasing Trends will be all Tracked and Traced. This will be facilitated by the Injections, in the Pretext of a ‘COVID’ Virus, that by the way, has now been reported by the New York Post to be Man-Made.

Scientist who worked at Wuhan lab says COVID was man-made virus
By Isabel Vincent

A Doctor, Scientist Andrew Huff has come on the Record to declare this Fact. It is also a Fact that Senator Rand Paul attempted to Expose this and Questioned Fauci about it, to the Denials of Fauci. This is even though Fauci’s own National Institute of Health NIH, wrote a Letter confirming the Transfer of Funds to engage in Gain of Function Research. This is to make Viruses more Lethal for Germ Warfare Purposes.

This is exactly what the COVID ‘Virus’ is, a Biological Weapon as other Doctors like Dr. Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering HIV, found HIV in COVID-19. Of course, the Media, owned by the George Soros Types, were quick to label such Doctors and Evidence as ‘Mis-Information’ and Pseudo-Science. Here is another Doctor, that from the beginning of the Plandemic, sounded the Alarm about how COVID has been used to justify the initiation of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Chinese Defector Virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan Publishes Report COVID-19 was made in Lab


So, some Skeptics will as, if there has been such a ‘Conspiracy’ to Contaminate, Cull and Control all of Humanity with these COVID Shots, why has not everyone ‘Died’ or even ‘Suddenly’? Good Question. It depends on the Batch. Also consider that this is the Biggest Medical Experiment performed on Humanity since Humanity. It is estimated that over 7 Billion People have received at least their 1st Dose. And as Scientific Experiments go, there has to be a Control Group.

Meaning that perhaps Billions only received the Placebo, or those Injections with just Saline. Another factor is that the mRNA types of Shots are new to Humans and as they had to be kept in Sub-Space Temperatures, this was not possible. Why so Cold? The Bio-Engineered COVID Spike Proteins are very fragile and would be neutralized by one’s Natural Immune System. This is why the Casing of the Spike Protein had to be enveloped with Poly-Ethylene Glycol Lipids and HIV Inserts to ‘Protect’ it from one’s Immune System.

Pure Bloods
It tricked the Body to by-pass it and go directly into the Cells where the mRNA Transcribed into the DNA, etc. And? If it was not kept Extremely Cold all throughout handling from Manufacture to Transport and then once at the Pharmacy, then those Vials were basically ‘Spoiled’ and lost their Efficacy.

Thus, the need to consistently ‘Up-Grade’ with the Boosters, etc. This is why then, many have not ‘Died Suddenly’. It depends on the Batch. What is sad is that countless Doctors and Nurses have been complicit in this Agenda. Why? Mostly to keep their Jobs, especially if they work for Big Hospitals and Pharma. It has been reported that Doctors and Nurses have to Sign a Non-Disclosure Form or are Terminated.

Also realize that in California, the People were dupped into passing a Bill that is now a crime for Doctors to Speak about any Critique or Contrary Opinion about the COVID Shots. As that is no longer ‘Protected Speech’ under the 1st Amendment. Under this New Law, Doctors who exposed and revealed ‘Hydra’ Like Entities within the Blood of COVID Injected Persons would be Prosecuted.

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#565: GRAPHENE OXIDE - Programmable Tissue in Covid Injections 


#561: DR. MADEJ INTERVIEW - COVID Injection Examined Under Microscope


Based on what knows is the Luciferian Agenda, according to the Bible, this is only ‘Stage 1’. The worse Stage is yet to come. And that is? The Book of Revelation Mark of the Beast. This ‘Mark’ will be implemented as a Name, Number and Mark, etc. And this Agent will steal all of one’s Humanity, Body, Spirit and then the Prize, the Soul. Why? By taking this coming Mark of the Beast Implementation into one’s Body, it will change the DNA of People, enough so, that they will no longer be ‘Human’ And?

Jesus came as a Man, as a Perfect Genetic Human, although GOD Incarnate to save Mankind’s Spirit, Soul and Body. By taking this Mark, to Buy and Sell, i.e., Block-Chain type of Technology within one’s Body, one will be Un-Redeemable in that one has to recognize that the Body, Spirit and Soul of a Person needs Redemption. And this Redemption is only found and given, Free of Charge in Jesus Christ. Once a person takes, willingly this Mark of the Beast, it will be impossible to be ‘Saved’. This is the End Game. It is not about ‘Reducing Carbon Emissions’. It is not about ‘Saving Mother Earth’ from too many Humans Eating, Planting and Living on it. It is not about finding Cures for Viruses or Cancers. They invent them. They have the Patents for them, etc. It is about stopping War, Famine and Pestilence? No.

It is to cause them. No, it is about taking as many Souls as possible down to Hell along with Lucifer, his Fallen Rebel Angels and all those Humans that chose to believe Lucifer’s False Gospel. Lucifer cannot provide or bestow Immortality of the Body, Spirit and Soul to Humans. He cannot deliver on this. For all the Genesis 6 Genetic Experimentations on Humans, Lucifer is not the Creator YHVH who is Good and Just. And YHVH created Humanity for a Relationship. More so, to have Humans as a Metaphorical Consort of GOD the Son, Jesus to Rule the Universe with. And? That such Redeemed Humans will also Judge Angels, such as Lucifer and will sit on their Vacated Thrones, due to their Insubordination and the Luciferian Rebellion against YHVH, etc.

Until that Time, Lucifer and his Minions, both Angelic and Human seek to Deceive Humanity into accepting this Trans-Humanism Agenda to willfully Genocide itself from off the Planet. This is why it is critical for the World to Break Free from the COVID Spell and ‘Un-Plug’ from the ‘Matrix’. And the Power that can Break this Psychosis or Pharmakeía is the Blood of Jesus. It has arrived, ‘As in the Days of Noah’. And what was that? Among many Factors, is that Noah was found to be Genetically Pure.

This is what is now the case on Earth in this Last Generation, much like Noah’s. And this would be the Sign in which Jesus said of Himself, that it would be such a similar Generation and Genetic Condition when Worldwide Judgment would again befall Humanity. And it would signal the Time, thereafter when He would Return. Thus, so too are Humans now walking on Earth that are either Genetically Pure, Pure-Bloods by the mere fact of not having taken any COVID Injections to their Bodies and are still 100% Human.

Or due to the COVID Injections, are being diminished in their Humanity, Genetically, 1 COVID Injection at a Time. It has been an Orchestrated, Full-Spectrum Dominance Theatre of War. In that the Psychological Conditioning of Humanity will lead to Billions willfully accepting the Mark of the Beast, when that comes. And it will be considered, as the Bible describes then, an Act of Worship even.


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