Hajj Pilgrimage to the Tesseract of Time

  • Why are World Capitals configured to Cydonia Alignments?
  • Do such Locations serve as a Nexus of Power over Regions?
  • Is Sacred Geometry is used to manipulate its Energy?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘He [Jesus, not Mohammed] is the Stone you Builders rejected, which has become the Cornerstone. Salvation exists in no one else, [not Islam] for there is no other Name under Heaven given to Men by which we must be Saved. When they saw the boldness of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, Ordinary Men, they were astonished and recognized that they had been with Jesus.’ –Acts 4:11-13 (emphases)

The purpose of this illustration is to suggest that the Core Complex of Mecca that houses the Sacred Cube, the Kabbah is patterned after the Martian Layout of Cydonia, Mars. When the Martian Motif is superimposed, there bares a remarkable resemblance to the 3 main facets that comprise the Martian Motif, that of the Face of Mars, the 7 Pyramid Pleiadian City, and the Pentagon Fortress. Mecca will prove that such ancient sites and those around the world had a common and single source of knowledge and template that came from Mars. This Template appears to keep recurring in such Ancient and Modern Sites, that of the Pyramid Anomalies of Cydonia, Mars. This special location incorporates the depiction of the Pleiades City along with a Pentagon Fortress and the famous Face of Mars.

Although highly suggestive, the most Sacred Site of the Muslims, Mecca will be shown that such a Geometry exists to corroborate these 3 Elements within the City Layout. In considering the associations, the 7-Star Pleiades Pattern appears to match the Abraj al Bait Hotel Complex that amazingly has 7 Core towers. The Main Tower has the World’s biggest Clock and at the very top has a Crescent Moon that appears as ‘Horns’. Using some Poetic License, it would appear that this Astronomical-Sized Tower is suggesting Chronos, the ‘God of Time’ and the Sacred Cube, which is at its base. The Cube is also referred as the Holy Kaaba which is a Perfect Cube building at the center of Islam's most Sacred Mosque. It is considered by Muslims to be the ‘House of God’ and has a similar role to the Tabernacle and Holy of Holies in Judaism.

Astonishingly, the distance from the ‘Holy of Holies’ of the Muslims is exactly 666 Nautical Miles to the Holy of Holes of YHVH in Jerusalem. To the Muslim, the House of the True GOD, YHVH is not worshiped but Muslims are expected to face and worship the Sacred Cube when performing their Salat or Prayer. From any point in the World, this Direction facing the Kaaba is called the qibla. Pilgrims who come to Mecca to venerate the Sacred Cube make the Tawaf, which means the ‘Circumambulation’ or Circling the Cube 7 Times around the Kaaba in a Counter-Clockwise Direction. Interestingly, this is reminiscent of how Joshua of the Old Testament was instructed by YHVH to Circle or ‘Circumambulate’ the City Jericho 7 Times but in Clockwise Direction.

The Building Complex is next to the World's Largest Mosque and Islam's most Sacred Site, the Masjid al-Haram. This correlates to the 7-Star Pleiadian Pyramid City of Cydonia, Mars. The Central Hotel Tower, the Royal Clock Tower has the World's Largest Clock Face, etc. This Tower is the 3rd Tallest Building and 4th Tallest Freestanding Structure in the World. The Abraj Al-Bait, which means the ‘Towers of the House’. The similarities of the Tower of Sauron are intriguing. This would corroborate with the theme of the Luciferians that venerated the All-Seeing Eye that is attributed to Lucifer. The next Martian Motif of the Pentagon D&M Fortress corresponds to the Abraj Kudrai. This will be the largest Hotel in the World and is in fact laid out in a Pentagon Foundation. It is also orientated in the same fashion and angle found in Cydonia, Mars.

The Abraj Kudai will be the largest Hotel in the World consisting of a ring of 12 Towers. The design is very suggestive of a strong and Fortified Structure that is immense as was the one in Mars. The last of the Martian Motifs is the Face of Mars. Based on the Template, the area does correspond to a square sectioned-off portion of land that appears to be designed as a Shopping Mall of some type. There is a Tell-Tale Sign that is corresponding to the Face in that the adjacent Oval Structure on Mars corresponds to a major ‘Oval’ Freeway Interchange that is under construction. Given the recorded Ancient Writings of the Sumerians, it is understood that it was the Rebel King of Nibiru, Ala-lu that ‘Discovered’ Earth and helped ‘Seed’ it with a Hybridization of Humanity to function as ‘Slaves’.

There was a Weigh-Station supposedly on Mars, where later on due to a personality dispute with Enlil, Ala-lu was exiled to Mars where he ‘Died’ and a Mausoleum was erected in his Honor, thus the Face of Mars. He is purported to Resurrect 1 Day and come back to Earth to rightfully rule from Jerusalem. Could this be the long-awaited Mahdi, the 12 Imam? It is conjecture but the teachings of Ala-lu were handed down to Mankind in the form of the Muslim Religion, whereby Ala-lu is Allah. If this is the case and it has any merit, then such a Religion of Islam is based on the worship of a Fallen Angel, which is Lucifer no less that was cast out of Heaven and Earth. He seeks worship and Deceives the world by using Religions to detract Humans from obtaining the Truth that YHVH is the only Creator and He sent GOD the Son to become a Man to die on a Cross to save Humanity from its Sins. This Fall was caused by Adam and Eve listening to the Deception of the Serpent in the Tree. Thus, even the Name for Allah in Calligraphy is depicted as a ‘Serpent within a Tree’. Who was that? It was Lucifer.

This next section will depict the routes taken by the Muslim Pilgrims as they make the Hajj in Mecca from the Sacred Cube to the obelisk of Arafat. Arafat is the climax of the Muslim Hajj Pilgrimage. It is said and believed by Muslims that anybody who misses the ritual at Arafat misses Hajj. The Journey takes several Days to complete and the point of origin starts with the camp at Mina. From that place, there are 4 Major Stations that are to be traversed to complete the Hajj. The 2nd Station is that of Mount Arafat. According to Islamic Tradition, this hill was where Muhammed stood and delivered the Farewell Sermon. Muslims also believe it was the place where Adam and Eve ‘Landed’ on Earth after falling from Heaven.

The Muslims do not subscribe to the Genesis Creation Account and as they have a different ‘Jesus’, they also have a Counterfeit ‘Adam and Eve’. It is the place where supposedly Adam was Forgiven, hence it is also known as Jabl-ar-Rahmah, the ‘Mount of Mercy’. However, peeling the Religious Overtones, a Pagan Obelisk is erected on top of this and Pilgrims do venerate it and sometimes physically embrace it. Not knowingly that such are Pre-Islamic Pagan Symbols of a Phallus that channels Energies as they were placed at certain Geocentric Ley-Lines. In Ancient and even Modern Times, the Occult acknowledges that Obelisks were referred to as the ‘Shaft of Ba’al’ or Lucifer’s Member. Such Poles are the ones YHVH prohibited His People from engaging in Religious Observances because most often they involved Sexual Practices.  In essence, the Muslims are venerated and ‘Kissing’ the ‘Penis’ of Lucifer, the Dark Lord.

The 3rd Station is called Muzdalifah and the Pilgrims return to the Encampment provided by the Saudi Government. The 4th Station is called Jamarat. It begins a Day after the Veneration of the Obelisk atop Arafat and continues for the next 3 or 4 Days that the Pilgrims are supposed to spend at the Mina Camp. This is where the Muslims Pilgrims cast Stones at ‘Shayateen’ or Satan as in Lucifer. There are 3 Pillars or Obelisks that in Recent Time have been replaced by a ‘Wall’ type of Structure. It is said that this is the place Abraham was Tempted by Satan to not sacrifice Ishmael. This is the core and crux of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. The Torah explicitly teaches that it was the ‘Son of Promise’, Isaac, not the Son of a Slave Girl, Hagar that was to acquire the Birth-Right. Although Ishmael was the 1st Born, he was a Slave able to be the Inheritor of the Promise Land and the Bloodline of the Messiah.

The Muslims again, believe in the Antithesis and Counterfeit Directive from their ‘God’ Allah that it was Ishmael that was to be sacrificed as the Test of Abraham and not on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem but in Jamarat, Mecca. It is believed that Abraham came down to Mecca for this reason and was guided by the Angel Gabriel to cast 21 Stones at Satan, 7x3. This study suggests that the place of the 3 Pillars at Jamarat, Mecca depict the Orion Constellation. In turn, such a pattern has an Encrypted Pattern of the Temple Mount building alignment that suggests the same source of Patterns used for example, in Teotihuacan, Mexico and Persepolis in Ancient Persia as well.  The 3 Pillars are said to have been the 3 occasions of which Abraham attempted to sacrifice Ishmael and was distracted by Satan.

Abraham was led to throw 7 Stones at each point at Satan which became Obelisks. Realize that an Obelisk is a shaft with a Pyramid on Top. If one superimposes the Great Pyramids of Giza pattern over the Obelisks of Jamarat, there appears to be an exact match. In this case the order of size is reversed. The 3 Obelisks are al Aqaba, al Wusta and al Ulla.  What this study suggests is that the Orion alignment also encompasses the apparent configuration of what is presently on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The delineation of the building, that of the al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock and the Dome of the Tablets appear to match the angle, slope and correspondence of what was constructed at Jamarat. Although the Muslims supposedly and piously seek to ‘Cast a Stone’ at Satan, it is a part of a Pilgrimage and Ritual of Worship, all inclusive. In essence, such a place and observance pays homage to Satan in one’s Assessment. 

In present-day depictions, the 3 Obelisks have been replaced by a ‘wall’ and the site has been incredibly elevated on several layers of ramps to accommodate the throng of Muslim Pilgrims. The 5th Station is that which culminates in the veneration of the Sacred Cube called the Kabbah. It is where Mohammed cleansed the Pagan Temple of Idols except for one dedicated to the Moon Goddess, Allah. The Muslim Pilgrims make 7 Turns round the Cube and it is where the word Kabbal-ists come from. It is an Ancient Secret Knowledge of the Luciferians that venerated the Sacred Cube. This Cube represents a Tesseract, the Symbol of Chronos or the ‘God of Time’ and the Planet Saturn that is also ascribed to Satan.  As noted, in the Muslim Religion, one of the main Pillars of their Faith is to make a Pilgrimage called the Hajj. This Journey to Mecca is where supposedly Allah made the Last ‘Revelation’ to a Man named Mohammed and called him to be the ‘Last Prophet’.

This ‘Revelation’ comes at least 600 Years after Jesus Christ who claimed He was the Last Prophet after John the Baptist to close-out the Dispensation of the Age of Law and start the New One, that of the Age of Grace through the Church and Gospel. The Worshippers of Islam believe that one can only be a Muslim, which means ‘Submitted to Allah’ in order to enter ‘Heaven’. Islam is based on Works and those will be weighed on the Day of Judgment. They also have an Eschatology that is an apparent Antithesis of Christ Jesus’, who is only a mere ‘Prophet’ that foretold the coming of Mohammed and that is a ‘Slave of Allah’. There are, however, some Heretical Liberal Christian Elements that agree Muslims that Allah is the same ‘God’ of the Torah and the New Testament even though at the core of the Faiths, they are Diametrically Opposed to each other.

The Muslims believe that their Messiah, the Mahdi will come during a World engulfed in Chaos where he will lead the Armies of Muslims to victory. He, along with the help of Jesus to his side will forcefully convert the Jews and Christians to Islam and tear down all the Crosses to rule the world. The Muslims claim that it is one of the Abrahamic Faiths but deny Jesus as being The Only Begotten Son of GOD as proclaimed by John 3:16. This Muslim Jesus or Isa is not the True Savior of the World for it takes the 5 Pillars of Islam to secure ‘Paradise’ and the 70 Virgins awaiting for Endless Sex, excluding Female Muslims. The conquest of the Muslims out of Arabia came in the 620s AD and was marred by Bloodletting and Genocide as it is even to this very Day.

According to varying reports, there are about 100,000 Christians that are Murdered every year and 90,000 have occurred in the Middle East, precisely in Muslim Nations. It has been well researched that Mohammed slaughtered the Jewish Community for refusing to Acknowledge him as a ‘Prophet’. The Quran is said to have been dictated to Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel in a cave as he went into Convolutions. There are also Times when Satan appeared and also dictated passages, thus the Satanic Verses, etc.

The book is really a plagiarism of both the Old Testament, that being the Torah and the Prophets along with the New Testament Gospel accounts and Epistles. If anyone has read the Quran, the 1st part of the Book is really a Plagiarized, and bad one at that of the themes and content of the Old Testament. However, the 2nd half was developed after the Rejection of the Jews and Christians of Mohammed as it then became Militant in its Theme and Directives. To Islam, there is no Tolerance for Non-Muslims as one is given an Ultimatum. A Non-Muslim has to Flee, Pay an Extortion Tax, Convert or be Beheaded, then as it is required even now in some Muslim Nations.

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