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by Luis B. Vega
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‘Give me Control of a Nation's Money and I care not who makes its Laws.’ -Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

One is not 100% if the Author of the Infographic Innuendos are coming from a Legitimate Follower of Jesus or the Site and Secret Window or Link, as one has deemed it are part of a Psyop ‘Illuminati’ Plot to Sucker Christians. It is especially in this case as many of the Motifs show Christian Concepts and Images, such as the Revelation 12 Sign, the Arch-Angel Michael, the Fish Motif for ‘Christos’. The Fish Motif is the Ancient Hellenistic Christian Slogan in Greek. It is the Acronym: ΙΧΘΥΣ (ichthys). It stand for Ἰησοῦς Χριστός, Θεοῦ Υἱός, Σωτήρ'. Transliterated, it is, Iēsous Christos, Theou Yios, Sōtēr. Translated into English, it means 'Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour'.

One’s Perspective is the following based on how all that has come out in the form of the Infographic Motifs, although in ‘Code’. The Secret Window Links to Infographics are what one has come to realize, written about and know of the Nefarious Federal Reserve Scam that controls the U.S. Money Supply. The Scam is that Paper Money is designed to Fail and always have a Government or a Person be in Perpetual Debt because of it. One believes the Person behind the Infographics is hinting at that, regardless. Consider that the Word, 'Mortgage' comes from the French to mean 'Death'. Thank about that.

One did send an Email, feedback@UsDebtClock.org to see if the Person could Comment on the Reasoning behind the Secret Window. But one doubts if one will get a Response. If one does, one will forward that to you all. One’s take is that the Infographics are meant to have a Person ponder and start to think about what is being portrayed. One is convinced that most Americans, if they knew the Scam that the U.S. Dollar is built upon, would start to wonder, ask Questions about its feasibility. It would infuriate the Citizenry as they have been ripped-off.

The Wealth of a Nation is being stiffened due to Interest that, for example, the Interest alone Payments Due by the Federal Government has outpaced the Revenue earned by the Total U.S. GDP, the Gross Domestic Product. This is basically how much Money is generated by all the Work the Working People make in the USA in a Given Year. It means the USA is Broke. This is why, at some Point in Time…It is not a matter of if, but when the U.S. Debt will Self-Implode. But that is the Design and Plan. The issue is that it is a Controlled Demolition as the Federal Reserve has Total Control of when they can and will ‘Pull the Plug’ on the U.S. Dollar. When this happens and it will, i.e., the ‘Reset’, it will make the U.S Depression of the 1920’s look like a Picnic, as they say.

Controlled Chaos

The USA will become like a 3rd World Nation with Hyper-Inflation 200-400%, Massive Unemployment, etc. And with that, will come the Chaos of Violence, Robbery, and a Black Market, etc. It has begun. But in one’s Assessment, that is the Plan. That has been the Playbook Protocols of the Globalist to destroy the Middle Class, which they essentially did through COVID, at least in the USA. They have gradually, over Generations now centralized all Goods and Services and the Supply Chains, for example. It has been seen how Food Plants have been Sabotaged. Fuel and Gas Prices have skyrocketed and Medical/Dental Bills are Astronomical, etc.

So, in this sense, that is what the Author of the Secret Window Links has wanted to put forth in with these Infographics. The Objective is working. Now if it is Nefarious? Well, again, from one’s own Bias, one so far has agreed 100% in what has been portrayed in the Infographics. But Discernment is in order as such Information, especially if it is not 100% clear, should be scrutinized. One does not want to fall for the Q Phenomenon that one would agree was not Christian in scope and a Controlled Psy-Op.

Realize that it fell into, in one’s Opinion, the Category of ‘Appearing Godly but ‘Denying the Power there of’. Meaning that it appeared “Christian’ but it was ‘Another Gospel’ How so? Never did they mention Jesus or refer to His Provision and Solutions. But in this case, at least the Ichthys Acronym does say ‘Jesus’ that is being Portrayed. For example, here below is one’s Breakdown of the Infographic about the ‘Debt Scam’. Right off the Top, it is communicating the following, in one’s Assessment.


The Debt is a Scam. The U.S. borrows from Private Banks. For every 1 Dollar printed, it is always 1 Dollar and Interest owed. This is paid by the Taxpayers. So the Federal Government will always be in Debt, by Design. It is the U.S Treasury that is supposed to print the Money, Interest Free and backed by Gold and Silver. It was in the USA at one point but Appointed Officials working for the Cabal elected to use a central Bank, the Fed Reserve to manage the Money Supply. They essentially rule the Nations and the World through such Means. They set the Gold and Silver Prices, which are ‘Fixed’. They determine the Interest Rates, etc.


In that Atom Depiction, the Logo of the Federal Reserve is centered, as that is who really Runs the Show. Alan Greenspan stated that the Federal Reserve is the Highest Law in the Land and supersedes the U.S. President and the U.S. Constitution. It cannot be Audited by the People, the Congress, etc. They fix the pricing and control the Gold and Silver and Paper Money Supply.  Notice that ‘Science’ is in the Rainbow Colors that in one’s Interpretation, signals that they use ‘Science’ to deny Science. Case in Point is who U.S. Supreme Count Nominees, being a Woman, could not provide a Definition of a Woman.

Or how in the Context of Transgenderize, it is Biologically Impossible to ‘Change Sexes’ as Women or Females have 2 of the same kind of Sex Chromosome (XX). Males or Men have 2 distinct Sex Chromosomes (XY). What one just stated, as Biological Fact is considered now ‘Hate Speech’ and offensive to the point of Censorship or even to the losing of one’s Job for believe Science. Yet, the Hypocrisy was and still is that during the COVID Plandemic, the same Woke Mob insisted on ‘Trusting’ and ‘Believing in Science’ to take Un-Testing and Dangerous mRNA Kill-Shots, etc.


The Infographic often comes with a Dichotomy of Thought. On one Hand, you have a Figure, as in the case standing on the Revelation 12 Sign, with U.S. Patriotic Symbology, U.S. Flag Motif, Eagle, Red-White-Blue Colors, Blond Hair, etc. The Thought Bubble asks if there is a ‘Solution’ the Debt the U.S. has accumulated, nearing 40 Trillion Dollars. The Answer is no. Although the Answer is given, in that the Real Solution would be as indicated, a ‘Debt Free Currency’.

And that would be achieved by abolishing the Federal Reverse System Central Bank that is not known who owns it or runs it. It is believed to be the ‘Usual Suspects’, those of the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminated Ones. That is what Fritz Springmeier proved in his Book, for which he was sent to Prison for exposing.


The ‘Nemesis’ or opposing Figure, in this case is that of Einstein that replies to the Question of ‘How to Solve the Debt Crisis’. This is as if saying, ‘It does not take an Einstein to figure this out’. The Author of the Infographic is basically answering his own question. But having the Question posed to the Public is perhaps his way of attempting to Educate the U.S. Citizens of how the Money Supply System is a Scam, and Pyramid Scheme really.

The Answer is that the Fed Reserve System, based in a Fiat Current is designed to fail. Fiat means ‘Out of Nothing’ in Latin. And that is what the U.S. Paper Dollar is. The only Reason it is still a World Reserve Currency is its ‘Perceived’ Worth and Value. And that it is backed-up by the Arabs who Promised FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt  back during World War 2, that they would sell their Oil in U.S. Dollars.

Without this Safeguard, the U.S. Dollars’ Real Value would be 1 Cent for every 1 Dollar printed, presently. It is that Inflated. This is why, once the BRICS and the Arabs, and the Chinese refuse to buy American Debt, through Treasuries and use the Chinese Ruan, for example or the Euro as the Preferred World Reserve Currency, the U.S. Economy will Crash. And it will Crash hard.


As the U.S. Debt based on Interest, it can never be Paid Back. And that is the Design in that those who Control the Money Supply then dictate Political and Social Policy as they Own the Politicians and Society, really. Because they have become so Astronomically Wealthy, the same People have bought-up the Media, Medicine, Military, to instill the Social Engineering they Desire. Case in Pont was the COVID Plandemic, DEI, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the Gay Agenda, etc.


They World Bankers, control the Narrative of the Nations. And what does that look like for the USA, in particular? It is about Brainwashing the Generations through Public Education. It has produced a Generation of X, Y and Z’ers to loathe Marriage, Dating, Family and embrace Socialism. It is a Woke Generation that Supports Hamas in Kidnapping Holocaust Survivors, Massacring and Rating their own Gen Z Type of Youth gathering at a Music Festival to seek ‘Peace’ with the Palestinians, and the List goes on. It looks like Sex Education now mandated to be taught to Kindergartners to be groomed for Pedophilia, etc.

Or like in California that passed a Law that now, if a Teen wants to Transition in taking Hormone Blockers or having a Sex Operation, and the Parents Object, the State now Legally has the Ability to take one’s Children from Families and perform the Treatment and/or Sex Operation. Although it is Biologically Impossible to Change Sex. It is only really a Cometic rearranging of Body Part. But all this is just one’s Interpretation.

But as to the Infographics being Nefarious and the Site being part of the Illuminati itself? Not sure. One cannot know for sure unless the Author of the Site replies to one’s Inquiry about it. As mentioned, from what one has seen so far, one suspects not but only because it is exactly what one has written about and come to Understand about the U.S. Debt Scam. Here below is a Poster one did about the Federal Reserve.



The Real ‘White House’

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