The Preparations for the Coming 3rd Temple

  • What is the Mikdash Educational Center?
  • What accomplishments have the Center made already?
  • What role does the Center play prophetically in these Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘In that day I will restore the fallen tent of David. I will repair its gaps, restore its ruins, and rebuild it as in the days of old, so that they may possess the remnant of Edom and all the Nations that bear My name, declares YHVH, who will do this..’ -Amos 9:11-12

The purpose if this study is to do an exposé on the Mikdash Educational Center in Jerusalem on Yaffa Road near the Central Bus Station. The Mikdash Educational Center is a non-profit educational and religious organization. This organization has been working very closely with the Temple Institute and the Nascent Sanhedrin to make the necessary preparations for the 3rd Temple and the commencement of the Daily Sacrifices once more on the Altar of Sacrifice. This organization is headed by Rabbi Mordechai Persoff, the Educational Director of the Mikdash Educational Center.

Primarily, the main objective of the center is to educate the Jews of Israel and the world of the importance of the need for rebuilding the 3rd Temple that can only usher in ‘world peace’. Their center focuses on hands-on practical exercises that are interactive in nature, mainly building models of the coming 3rd Temple. There is material published for children and adults. Also, what the center has most recently been famed for is the minting of several 1/2 Shekel Temple Coins. What is spectacular is that the 1st and 2nd coins have been that of King Cyrus of ancient Persia and the U.S. President Donald Trump.

The center has also commemorated several other types of coins to include the Jubilee Medallion in honor the 1967-2017 50thh year anniversary of the recapture of Jerusalem from the Muslims. Then there as the Commemorative Coin for the concert wherein the 70 Nations of the world were invited to attend and then witness the coming dedication of the Altar of Sacrifices within the same week . Most recently the center has also minted a coin in honor of former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley.

Together with President Trump and King Cyrus, this very Orthodox religious organization has chosen non-Jews to be honored with such a prophetic connection to the 3rd Temple in an effort to procure the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. The 1/2 Shekel Temple Coins are being sold online and it is a way to raise funds for the continued work in publishing their educational materials, etc. The minting the Temple Coins that are officially sanctioned by the Sanhedrin are able to be used as the ‘Temple Tax’ once the Temple is up and functioning with the Daily Sacrifices. The center is also set up to take donations for those who support their cause and efforts.

The Mission
The following information is taken primarily from their public website of the center and several other articles reporting on the accomplishments of this religious center. The Mikdash Educational Center is dedicated to reestablishing the ‘Mikdash’. Mikdash is a combination of two Hebrew words, Makom and Kodesh. The work Makom means ‘Place’ and Kodesh means ‘Holy’ in Hebrew. Thus, the Mikdash is ‘the Holy Place’ in direct inference to the House of YHVH, the Temple, etc. The Temple is also specifically called ‘Beit HaMikdash’. What is so important about this Temple? According to the Bible, it is the only place on Earth where YHVH put His Name. On another level of interpretation, to such religious Jews, the Mikdash is also a state of being and/or consciousness.

They believe that it can be obtained when one is said to return to adhering the commandments of the Torah, for example. As mentioned, ‘Mikdash’ can be directly applied to the House of YHVH or the Temple, etc. Through their various educational programs, the aim has been to primarily make Israel aware of this need to return to YHVH with a sincere heart and devotion for the later to occur. The center’s efforts to educate ‘all Israel’ of needing to fulfill YHVH’s commandments also goes beyond Israel’s borders as naturally Jews currently also live outside of Israel, more than half to be precise.

The Center is famous for making a special 1:50 scale model of the 2nd Temple or Mikdash that is built together with the audiences that visit the center as part of the learning process. A few years back, the scaled model of the Temple was hoisted upon a building near the Western Wall in full view of the Muslim shrine, the Dome of the Rock. Perhaps it was and is an ominous ‘Sign’ that soon, the model will be made to full scale, and that, next to the Dome of the Rock. Many studies have postulated that the actual place of the Holy of Holies is directly under the Dome of the Tablets.

This dome is located just north of the Dome of the Rock and many believe it is the accurate and eventual location where the 3rd Temple will be rebuilt. Members of any visiting audience can join the center staff to explore what the daily life was like in the Temple for the Priests. This is done by way of a short, question-and-answer style questionnaire. The center has made the learning of the Mikdash interactive and interesting for all age level, The following is an actual lesson plan that is used to engage the various visitors to their center, entitled, the ‘Everyday Life in the Mikdash’.

#1: Where do the Priests or Kohanim sleep in the Temple?
The Temple Priests sleep in a room called the Lishkat Beit HaMoked located in the Ezzat Kohanim or the Court of the Priest within the Temple proper. Each Priest worked in the Beit HaMikdash for 1 week at a time and twice a year. During the week, the Priests slept in the Lishkat Beit HaMoked. The beds were arranged in multiple levels and there was also space on the floor for the younger Priests to sleep.

#2: How do the Priests decide who is doing what parts of the Temple Service?
Many parts of the Temple Service or Avodah are given out by a lottery system, called the Payis. There were 4 lotteries each day in the Temple, each for different parts of the Temple Service. For example, there was a lottery for one of the most important aspects of the Temple Service, the Daily Sacrifice or the Korban Tamid. This was performed at the Altar of Sacrifice and is what took place on December 10, 2018 on the western side of the city wall of Jerusalem.

#3: When is the Show Bread or the Lechem HaPanim baked and eaten?
The Show Bread consists of 12 loaves of bread that are specially shaped. It is baked every Friday. On the Sabbath, the ‘old bread’ is removed from the Table of the Showbread or the Shulchan Lechem HaPanim and the new bread is replaced with it. The ‘old bread’ is said to stay fresh for 7 days. The ‘old bread’ is then eaten by the Priests who are serving in the Temple at that time.

#4: What is the Room of the Wood or the ‘Lishkat HaEtzim’ used for?
The Room of the Wood is the place where the wood is stored for the bonfires called Ma’arachot that are used to burn the Daily Sacrifices with. They are place on the Altar of Sacrifice or the Mizbeach. The Room of the Wood were the Temple wood is stored is located in the northeastern corner of the Court of the Women called the Ezrat Nashim. The Priests inspect the wood for any defects and prepare it for use on the Altar of Sacrifice. Of all types of wood, the wood from date trees is the preferred type.

#5: Who is permitted to light the Menorah in the Temple?
Although almost all of the Temple Service is done by the Priest, interestingly, the Menorah, the 7-branch candelabra that is lit daily in the Temple 1st inner-sanctuary, the Holies, is the only accoutrement that can be lit by someone that is not a Jewish Priest. However, a Priest must be the one to set-up the candles and can only bring the Menorah in and out of the Holies as they are the only ones permitted to enter in the Temple and carry the various other Temple furnishings.

#6: What does the Priest wear?
The Jewish Priest in the service of the Daily Sacrifices wears 4 special garments when performing his various duties. He wears the tunic called the Kutonet, the pants called the Michnasayim, a hat/turban called the Migbaat and the belt called the Avnet. The tunic, pants and turban are made out of wool. There is a debate amongst the Rabbis as to what the belt was made of. It is believed to have been made either entirely of wool or of a mixture of both wool and linen.

#7: Where did the Sanhedrin meet?
The Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish court of law, met in a room in the northeastern corner of the Court of the Priests or the Ezrat Kohanim. This room is also used as the location for determining the Payis or the lottery system wherein each task is then assigned to the Priest that day, etc. There were about 71 members of the Sanhedrin.

#8: How did the Priests bring the Daily Sacrifices to the Temple?
The Temple Service or the Avodah overrides the Torah prohibitions involved in the sacrificing process called the Korbanot that also has to be performed on the Sabbath. There are some actions that are permitted to be done on Sabbath according to the Torah. According to the research, such sacrifices are prohibited by Rabbinic Law either because they are similar to those prohibited by the Torah or because they might lead one to violate a Torah. However, because the Temple Service is obligated to be performed on a Sabbath, the ‘exception’ is allowed by the Sanhedrin.

#9: When and how does oneself prostrate the Temple?
The act of prostrating is part of the Temple Services for the Priest. At the end of every portion that the Priest performs, he concludes by prostrating himself. However, non-Priest that find themselves in the Temple precinct are also obligated to prostrate just like the Priest according to a Law called Halacha or Law. This law states that any non-Priest on his way up to the Temple is obligated to prostrate himself before he breaches the Sorag, which was the small fence that surrounded the main area of the Temple proper. Prostration was also observed during the Song of the Day called Shir Shel Yom and during the times when the Priests would make the 3 trumpet blasts.

As to one aspect of the elements needed for the Temple Service, the fire wood, an effort also by the Mikdash Educational Center has been to plant trees. Ever since 1948 when Israel was ‘reborn’, there has been a re-forestation program occurring. Many of the returnees starting planting trees for various reason and even non-Jews have contributed many trees and funds toward this effort. One visible example of this effort is the trees that line the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Notwithstanding, a lot of trees will be needed once the coming Temple Daily Sacrifices commence as there will be lots of wood required. Inadvertently, such an endeavor will meet this need. As with many other key Jewish institutes, agencies and organizations, the Mikdash Educational Center has over 20 years of work to account for such efforts.

The Temple Coins
The Mikdash Educational Center even has a tree restoration program called the ‘Temple Trees’ and is even taking donations from the public for sponsoring one. According to their reasoning, It all starts in the days of Abraham. It does state in the Torah that he planted an Eshel in Beer Sheva. In There is also an account of Abraham planted a Cedar Wood, according to the Jewish book, the Midrash, Jacob took some trees down to Egypt.

Thus, part of the goal of the Mikdash Education Center is to ensure that there will be enough fire wood for the Daily Sacrifices and not have it be like the time when during the efforts by Zerubbabel to build the 2nd Temple that there was not enough wood. Among the most notable and internationally acclaimed endeavors of the Mikdash Educational Center has been the minting of several coins to include the Temple Coin. As noted, it is a 1/2 Shekel coin which the Torah mandates every Jewish male must donate to the Temple The weight of the Temple Coin was at 9.5 grams of silver. The Temple Coins were sanctioned by the Sanhedrin.

As mentioned, one of the most recent undertakings of the Mikdash Educational Center is to have minted several 3rd Temple Coins that are in high demand abroad, from Jews and non-Jews alike. In some cases, certain types of the 3rd Temple Coins have already been out of stock as limited amounts have only been minted. The Mikdash Educational Center and the Sanhedrin have been motivation to embed the image of such personages as King Cyrus of ancient Persia and now in this ‘Last Generation’, that of the U.S. President Trump. The image of the U.S. President of the United States in particular on the Temple Coin is gratitude for President Trump’s support of Israel and especially for declaring that Jerusalem is the ‘Eternal Capital’ of Israel.

It is worth noting that many members like Professor Hillel Weiss, the Spokesman for the Sanhedrin is also part of several other overlapping institutions, agencies and organizations. He is also the Chairman of the organization HaMikdash Betzion which means the Temple in Zion. To such religious Jews, especially those that make up the Temple Movement spearheaded by the Temple Institute, the Nascent Sanhedrin and the Mikdash Educational Center among others, the Trump Declaration regarding Jerusalem has energized all such factions.

They now are actively seeking to play a direct role in helping bring about the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. One such direct way to secure funds has been through the minting of the Temple Coins. As noted, in particular there have been 2 Temple Coins so far made whose images have been that of non-Jews, According to the Mikdash Educational Center and the Sanhedrin, the proceeds from sale of the Temple Coins will be used for 3 major purposes as follows.

1. For the rebuilding the 3rd Temple.
2. For the practicing procedures concerning the Daily Sacrifices.
3. Preparing the Jews, spiritually, ritually and educationally for the 3rd Temple

The 1st Trump Temple Coin
Cyrus and Trump images on the Temple Coins speaks to the character and history of Israel in general and the Temple, specially of how it has been non-Jews that have had a great influence in constructing the Temple of YHVH in the past. To the religious Jews, the Trump ‘Decree’, much compared to that of the ancient King of Persia, Cyrus was a historic act. Moreover, prophetically the Sanhedrin and the other main Temple Movement organizations believe that the Trump Decree set-off a process that will eventually lead to the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple.

According to the members of both the Sanhedrin and the Mikdash Educational Center, that Temple Coins serve as a warning as well. The Temple Coin specific to King Cyrus and Trump is a reminder of what happened to those benevolent kingdoms when they turned back from their ‘Decrees’. Based on the Biblical account, it was King Cyrus that was swayed by factions opposed to the rebuilding the 2nd Temple and halted its construction by those enemies of YHVH’s People then.

Such is the same condition now as the natural inhabitance of the land, the Palestinians and the Muslims seek to erase any traces and/or legitimacy of a Jewish history or heritage concerning the Land, Jerusalem and the Temple. The following are some of the more specific details of the 2 Temple ‘Trump’ Coins and others also minted by the Mikdash Educational Center.

The 1st Temple Coin featured King Cyrus and U.S. President Trump. It was named ‘The 70 Years Israel Redemption’ coin. The purchasing of the coin came with donation of $50  U. S. Dollars and was able to be ordered from the Mikdash online store. According to the Sanhedrin and the Mikdash Educational Center, ‘this special and unique coin was minted in honor and praise of Israel's 70th Independence Day, and with gratitude that the American Embassy will be transferred to Jerusalem recognizing the centrality of Jerusalem to all 70 nations of the world.’

On the front side of the Temple ‘Trump’ coin is the figure of U.S .President Donald Trump, alongside Cyrus King of Persia. It was King Cyrus that made the prophetic ‘Decree’ to allow the 70-year Babylonian Captivity to end just as the Jeremiah foretold. It was King Cyrus who made the building of the 2nd Temple possible and thus the religious Jews are seeing President Trump do the same with the ‘Decree’ to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s ‘Eternal Capital’.

Below the images of the Trump Coin is the inscription, that says, ‘Cyrus – Balfour – Trump – Declaration 2017.’ On the back of the coin is a picture of the coming 3rd Temple. The 1st Temple ‘Trump’ Coin has been also minted in 2018 and continues to be so. The second coin in the Cyrus-Trump series came out in 2018 having a diameter of 50 mm. This 2nd Temple ‘Trump’ Coin is made from pewter metal and plated with 10 grams of silver.

The 2nd Trump Temple Coin
The donation for this 2nd Temple ‘Trump’ coin is at $100 U.S. Dollars. According to the Mikdash Educational Center, this coin was minted to express how U.S. President Trump has been part of a historical and divine process towards the recognition the historical role of Jerusalem has for all Humanity. It was Prime Minister Netanyahu who stated regarding Trump’s ‘decree’ to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, ‘by recognizing history, you have made history’.

The front side of the 2nd Temple Coin has the same 2 busts of King Cyrus and Trump as the 1st Temple Coin. What is most prominent in this minting is that it has the Jewish Menorah at the center and the 2 coat of arms for ancient Persia and the USA. The Menorah is the official symbol of the State of Israel. The ancient Persian coat of arms is also resting the famous Cyrus Cylinder that was unearthed in ancient Babylon from the 6th century BC.

On the back side of the coin, a dove appears flying towards the 3rd Temple which is the universal symbol for peace holding an olive branch in his beak. The coin has the phrase, ‘Like doves coming back to their nests’. The intent of the message of this coin is 2-fold. In one sense, it calls for the continuation of the ingathering of the Jewish Exiles from all Nations back to the Land of Israel. The other is to encourage the U.S. President Trump to not compromise in his ‘Decree’ nor cave in to pressures of stopping this work of rebuilding the 3rd Temple as did Cyrus the Great.

The World Creation Day - Temple Coin
Another minting in the Temple Coin series is in honor of the World Creation Day. The coin can be purchased online for a donation of $100 U.S. Dollars. The diameter of the coin is 50 mm and is made from pewter metal and plated with brass having a golden color to it. This special and unique coin was minted in the occasion of the World Creation Concert that took take place on the on September 3, 2018. This is believed to be the day of Creation on the Hebrew Calendar. A celebration centered on Hebrew songs of prayers to YHVH, the Creator of the world.

The Jerusalem Jubilee Medallion
Mikdash Educational Center minted also the Jerusalem Jubilee Medallion. The donation of U.S. $50 Dollars went to the work of the 3rd Temple. According to the center, the ‘donation would help spread the Light of Jerusalem and the Spirit of the Holy Temple throughout the world’. The concept of the Jubilee comes from the Bible as YHVH mandates Israel to keep the 50th Year as holy and called a Jubilee. With the advent of the 50th Year – the Jubilee of the Liberation of Jerusalem in 1967 and of the Temple Mount, the unique medallion was produced to mark this prophetic event. According to the center, the specially minted coin served as a commemoration that symbolized the thanks due to the Almighty for the beneficence bestowed upon the Jewish people – and, indeed, the whole of mankind.

The center, as with other Temple Movement organizations believe that the Jubilee will help usher in the period during which the new Temple will be restored. The designed engraving on the face of the medallion announces the ‘Jubilee Year for the Freedom of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, by means of the sounds of the ‘Jubilee Shofars’ that emanate from the Temple itself. On the back of the medallion, the shofar blasts intermingle with the radiance of the Menorah bringing light to all of mankind.

Nikki Haley Commemorative Coin
In 2019, the Mikdash Education Center minted a commemorative coin dedicated to a non-Jew, Nikki Haley. The Sanhedrin publicly stated that they did this in recognition of Nikki Haley's exemplary service as the 29th U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Haley championed the cause of Israel’s right to defend itself and opposed Muslim opposition in relentless biased U.N. resolutions.

The Sanhedrin also invited Haley to serve as the Honorary President of  the new ‘Organization of 70 Nations’. The face of the coin has an image of Haley superimposed on an image of the U.N. General Assembly building in New York City with the flag of Israel prominently displayed next to the US flag. The face of the coin are the words ‘70 Nations Organization Jerusalem’ in Hebrew and English. It is displayed over an image of the 7-branched Menorah that once stood in the Temples in Jerusalem.

Prophetic Quickening
Thus, the Mikdash Educational Center’s mission is to raise the consciousness of the need to rebuild the 3rddTemple. To the religious Jews of this ‘Last Generation’, they see it as an integral part of their Jewish religion, history and culture. The rationale for such a center is that after being destroyed in 70 AD, the significance of the Temple and the knowledge of the service have been diminished over the millennia. The goal is thus to prepare Israel for its Messiah. The Mikdash Educational Center is committed to educate and rekindle the spiritual and national connection between the Jewish people and the 3rd Temple. It has done so by disseminating experiential Temple education.

Their programs are implemented in schools, synagogues, and community centers in Israel and throughout the world. The center is staffed is made up of experts who have extensive knowledge of the Temple, the Bible and Jewish history. The religious Jews, as do many Bible believing Christians sense that YHVH is in the process of restoring the Jews back to Israel, to Jerusalem and to the Temple. Biblical prophecy is how YHVH sees and views the future. In this last decade alone, it would appear that ‘time has run out’ and a ‘quickening’ is in process.

It is liked to when cement is poured and set and all that is needed is time for it to quicken. It would appear that the 70th year of Daniel’s prophecy is about to occur. The Sanhedrin and the Mikdash Educational Center people believe that peace in the world can only be obtained through the reconstitution of the 3rd Temple. Such believe that the 3rd Temple is what can only bring the Nations of the world together. Thus, in a sense such a ‘New World Order Temple’ appeals to the Ecumenical Movement of the Globalists.

Through such efforts of the Sanhedrin and the Mikdash Educational Center, this coming ‘House of Peace’, however, will be one concrete way the coming Jewish Messiah or the AntiChrist will help to attain this.

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Mikdash Educational Center: en.hamikdash.org.il
Sanhedrin: thesanhedrin.org



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