LORD’S Supper In-Gathering of the
Bride of Christ

  • Is Jesus in the Wheat Field a type of Church Age?
  • What does the LORD of the Sabbath Mean?
  • Is the Event a foreshadowing of the Rapture Timing?

by Luis B. Vega
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But I say unto you, I will not Drink henceforth of this Fruit of the Vine, until that Day when I Drink it New [Kainos] with you in my Father's Kingdom. - Matthew 26:29

The purpose of this study is to make a Prophetic Correlation that took place during the LORD’s Supper that one sees has given a possible Timing to when the Rapture or the In-Gathering of the Bride of Christ is to occur on the Astronomical Leo New Year. That Month and Date is a July 23. This has to do with the Inference to ‘New Wine’ that Jesus made during that Commemoration of the Passover Meal, the evening before His Crucifixion. One is convinced that there is a Prophetic Connection of the Bride of Christ’s Marriage to the Heavenly Typology as seen with the Bridegroom Story of Boaz and Ruth.

One can also make a case for another Prophetic Typology concerning the Minor Jewish Fast of Tu B’Av that is called the Jewish ‘Valentine’s Day’. However, one does not agree that although it is connected to Wine and Grapes, it is not pertaining to the Beginning of the Wine Harvest. What distinguishes it from the Acts 2 Pentecost Event is that the Descent of the Holy Spirit was Directly Associated with the New Wine. That is connected with the Timing as inferred by Jesus during the Last Supper in Matthew 26:29. Note that the Word for ‘New’ is translated from Kainos. And? This is to mean that the Wine is or has been recently made, or is Fresh.

One can reasonably assume then, that this is an Important Clue as to the Timing of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. That Timing, in turn could signal when the Rapture is to take place then that will End the Church Age as Promised by Jesus that very Night. The Promise was and is that He would come back to gather His Bride and bring her back to His Father’s House in Heaven, etc. So, during the Passover Meal that was celebrated before His Crucifixion, was Jesus directly referring to the New Wine Festival as the timing of our gathering together unto Him? One is convinced of this Scenario.

And note also that in Jewish Tradition and Provision for those needing to Travel back to their Homeland, it was allowed for them to Observe the Passover Meal before the actual Nisan 14 Sunset. Can one see that it was Jesus that needed to ‘Travel’ back to Home Homeland, i.e., Heaven? This is why the Passover Meal needed to be celebrated the Day before. Thus, based on this LORD’s Supper Inference to New Wine, one surmises that the possible Timing of when the Gathering of the Bride to be taken to the ‘Isaiah Chamber’ within the Father’s House will occur during the time of the New Wine. And that Timing is when the Acts 2 Descent of the Holy Spirit occurred.

It is about a Summer Harvest

In terms of Calendar Time, that New Wine Inference made in Acts 2 has been calculated by one’s Research as being a July 23 Month and Day. It commemorates the Astronomical New Year in Leo. It also signals the Completion of the Summer Wheat Harvest. The Minor Feast of the First Fruits of the New Wine was 1 of the 3 Feasts that Ken Johnson also identifies in his Book of the research he has done into the Dead Sea Scroll. In it, he notes how these ‘Lost Feasts’ of Summer were deliberately obfuscated by the Pharisees as to not lend Credibility to the Disciples and what happened, ‘When Pentecost Fully Came’.

This is why one is more convinced that the Gift of the Holy Spirit, as Promised by Jesus occurred on a Day that had ‘Ended’ and thus also ‘Began’. Began what? One is convinced it ‘Officially’ began the Church Age. Or in another Theological Construct, the Body of Christ was ‘Born’. The Feast of the New Wine occurred at the Beginning of the Astronomically New Year, delineated between Leo and Virgo, etc. It was that precise Day, on a July 23 Month and Day, that the Holy Spirit came down to begin a New Work, with a New Wine type of People. And of beginning a New Living Organism that had never existed the Day prior, that is the Body of Christ on Earth, etc.  

This Astronomically Leo New Year gives the Hint, that it was and is the correct Timing of when the Church Age ‘Officially’ Started. One then makes the reasonable estimation, that the End of the Church Age will most likely conclude its Commission on its Anniversary or the End-Beginning of the Astronomical Leo New Year, just that same. This is one’s Working Theory, nonetheless. But it is recorded in Acts 2, that the Disciples were accused of getting Drunk on the New Wine when speaking those other Know Languages…Why? It was because it was the New Wine Festival. It was not the ‘New Grain Festival’. That 1st Count of 50 Days or a Shavuot was 50 Days prior. And 50 Days after the Feast of New Wine would correspond to the Feast of New Oil in September, etc.

In one’s Rapture Timing Scenario, this Day Count appears to also line-up and be In-Sync’ with one’s Double Count Theory. That Theory stipulates that there is to be 50 Days additionally counted from Leviticus 23:16. Thus, that the Shavuot that is observed by the Jews is not the Pentecost of the Christians that is the 2nd Shavuot of the 3 Minor First Fruit Feast, etc. One does concur that this is another Obfuscation, deliberately made by the Pharisees to keep Shavuot only under their Control and Interpretation. Consider the following Acts 2 Pentecost True Day Count, in one’s Opinion.

Nisan 15 Day after Passover + 99 Days = July 23

Why would there be a deliberate Obfuscation by the Religious Jews of the Acts 2 Pentecost Descent of GOD the Holy Spirit? If the Religious Jews recognize the Prophetic Significance of that Acts 2 Pentecost Event, it means that YHVH has truly ‘Set-Aside’, Israel for the Time-Being. This was due and is due to their National rejection of Jesus as their True Messiah. It also means that in the meanwhile, as Jesus stated, ‘All Power and Authority’ has now been Transferred to Him. And in turn, Jesus has authorized that Power and Authority to be implemented on Earth, by Proxy.

Gifts to the Bride
This Proxy Endeavor has been done and is currently being done through this New Body of Christ. And? It is no longer the case for Israel, for the Time Being and it is Temporary. It is not Replacement Theology in that the Church Body has not Replaced Israel. But consider the Privilege that has been bestowed upon the Body of Christ. For example, Prophecy and the Interpretation of it has been given to the Church, not Israel. Jesus, as the Head of the Body, the Church is directly Communicating with the Body, via the Holy Spirit. And the Body of Christ has been also given Gifts that Israel, as a Nation could only have dreamt of. Sadly, they had forfeited them in their Rejection of their only True Messiah, Jesus.

This is why, once that Last Gentile is Saved by Faith in Jesus alone will YHVH revert back to conclude the Dispensation of the Law that Israel was under and will be again after the Church Age ends. Now, one is not saying the Rapture is going to happen on this Date, of a July 23 ‘Leo New Year’. But in one’s Research, each year, that Supposition is becoming more of a possibility based on one’ best Mathematical Calculation. And part of one’s Argument for a July 23 Rapture Timing is based on the Equinox Calendar (Enoch’s). That is why all other prior Dates and Estimations have been, are and will be wrong, in one’s Assessment. It is not because one is ‘Right’, but because the Rapture, in one’s Interpretation, has to occur on a Specific Date, Feast and Order of the Resurrection Pattern.

Now as one Hypothesizes that the Rapture Event to close-out the Church Age could very well be on a July 23 Month and Date, the remaining Factor that would for sure Triangulate it, is what Year? That is the other Unknown Factor aside from how one comes at it from the Rapture/end of the Church Age also having to be In-Sync with the Essene Calendar that corroborates one’s other Hypothesis of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year and a Fall 2025 Start of the Tribulation Period, etc.  The other Factor or Clue is how the Revelation 12 Sign had its 7th Year Anniversary in 2024. Has it been, all along, how its Rapture Motif was indeed a 7-Year Countdown?

These are all Layers in the ‘Prophetic Onion’ and one has always thought/considered that the Passover Meal has not been completed. That is a certain fact, that it will be completed in Heaven at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. But the Question remains. Will that Event occur then around a Passover Time-Frame or a July 23 New Wine Pentecost? Consider that compelling Clue is that in Ancient Time, Jewish Weddings mainly occurred during the Summer Months, not during Passover nor during the Days of Awe that led to the Fall Feast, just the same.

This is why one is more convinced as to the timing of the New Wine Summer Festival. It would make more sense that it would lend another ‘Prophetic Layer’ of possibility of the Rapture and completion of what started at Passover in the Upper Room to conclude at a Summer Feast of Wine. So, consider why one is not entirely convinced that the Wedding of the Lamb to the Bride of Christ would be at a Time of a Passover. Why not? It would be because the Passover Celebration of the Lamb with Wine, was a Memorial of a Type, that being Jesus.

When Faith becomes Sight

And Jesus, as the Literal Living Motif of its Prophetic Fulfillment has been already sacrificed. And? There is no more need to remember that Typology as the Celebrated Type becomes a Reality after the Rapture Event. It is because after the Rapture, the Faith of all those Church Age Believers and Followers of Jesus will have become Sight. At a Wedding Feast, it is one of Rejoicing and being Merry with New Wine. See account of the New Wine made by Jesus at the Wedding of Cana. And, which by the way, was the 1st Miracle of Jesus on Earth. And also consider that most would agree that at that Passover Meal, that was the occasion for the Marriage Contract, the New Covenant. It could be Days, Weeks, Months or even a 2000 Year-Long Church Age.

1 Courtship
Ministry of Jesus for 3.5 years/1260 days with Disciples, getting to know one another, etc.

2. Proposal
LORD’s Supper event and a Contract/Covenant made and agreed upon.

3. Preparation
A future day promised of Groom’s return as ‘Room’ is prepared in ‘Father’s House’

4. Rapture
Groom comes for Bride after she too has ‘made herself ready’. End of Church Age.

5. Wedding
At a future date from the Proposal, chosen and to be celebrated with Gladness/Wine.

And that during the Church Age, as often as the Commitment is Remembered. It is during the LORD’s Supper, that this Commitment made by the Groom to the Bride is celebrated. And the Sacrifice is honored, on this side of the Rapture until the Groom returns, etc. It is like a Traditional Courtship, Proposal, and then eventual Ceremony protocol leading to Marriage. The Celebration and Consummation occurs at a Future Date’ altogether. There is usually a Time Interval of Waiting, Preparing and so on. So, this tie-in with a Summer New Wine Festival and inference to a Wedding, a Marriage is awesome of when the Groom could be calling and celebrating His Marriage to His Bride. ‘The Spirit and the Bride say come! All things are prepared now’….



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Summer White Wheat Wedding
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Circumstantial Evidence why it was in 32 AD
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