Omitted in the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015

  • Is there a hidden message or code in the Pentecost event?
  • How does the count of Pentecost tie-in with the Rapture?
  • Is there an Astronomical Sign pertinent to Pentecosts?

by Luis B. Vega

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This study will consider certain suppositions to see if the Feast of Pentecost is a better candidate than Rosh HaShanah for the Rapture to occur on. There will be an itemizing of certain points related to this assertion for better clarity as this topic can get a bit complicated. This study primarily proposes that the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-15 is possibly containing the ‘hidden clue’ as to which of the 3 required Feasts of YHVH the Rapture could possibly be associated with. The LORD seemed fit to ‘punctuate’ the 4 Total Lunar Eclipses of the Tetrad with the first and the last of His Feasts, in particular, the first being Passover and the last being Tabernacles but not Pentecost. Why? Based on prophetic patterns so far known about the Rapture, many have come to understand that a Pentecost Feast is a better candidate for the Rapture than Rosh HaShanah when considering the following points. The Feast of Pentecost is 1 of the 3 required Assemblies of YHVH, Rosh HaShanah is not.

The Feast of Pentecost is omitted or ‘missing’ from the Tetrad Feast patterns. The type of Harvest associated with the Feast or Pentecost is Wheat. The First-Fruit harvest at Pentecost is seen as a type of the Church Age. The type of ‘trump’ sounded at Pentecost is not the Shofars of Rosh HaShana. This study suggests that Pentecost is tied directly to the Tetrad phenomena in that perhaps the Tetrad of 2014-2015 time period was a key period specifically designated for putting the Church on notice that the Bride is about to be extracted from Earth. Perhaps it is signaling a coming time of persecution. It may be allowed as much of it is in a current state of unbelief, i.e., Laodicean in nature. The Church in many ways has paralleled Israel as it is also in a general state of unbelief and partial spiritual blindness. Since Christ, at least 1 of the 4 total Blood Moons of the Tetrad patterns could have occurred on Pentecost but it is not the case. Perhaps this is a key or clue by design.

A timeline of the 7 Feasts and the 3 primary Feasts of YHVH will be mapped out. The Tetrad of 2014-2015 will be shown in light of its associated Feasts. The type of fruit/grain Harvests will also be mapped out that correspond to the Feasts. The reason this study is titled ‘The Pentecost Call to Assembly’ is that the Disciples were called to assemble in the Temple Precinct on Pentecost in Acts 2. There appears to be a parallel in the book of Revelation. After the LORD Jesus Christ evaluates the health condition of His Church, as the Great Physician, the Apostle John, as a representative of the Bride is summands to the Throne Room wherein one is shown the 24 Elders that are in ‘Assembly’…in the House of the LORD and when the Court has begun its session of judgment. The judgment of whom? Israel, the World and Lucifer by way of the breaking of the Seals. The imagery is striking.

When will the Rapture take place?

There is no clear association to this scenario as being associated with Pentecost but the LORD does identify His position within the ‘Menorah’ of the Churches of Asia, as being in the ‘midst’ or the middle; that of the 4th Center Servant Stem. Using deductive logic, it can be than asserted that the LORD’s position at the time of the calling of the Apostle John as the ‘Church’ representative to assemble and gather at His Throne Room is directly then associated to the 4th Stem of the Menorah, that is to say Pentecost. This typology is consistent with Pentecost being the 2nd of the 3 required assemblies or gathering Feasts of YHVH, and thus in the middle. Thus this study strongly suggests that the Rapture or the call to ‘Come Up’ would not be attributed to any of the Tetrad’s 4 Total lunar Blood Moon Eclipses that mark off the LORD’s First and Last of the required feasts solely based on this prophetic pattern that is implied.

This is to say that perhaps the Rapture takes place on Pentecost in the ‘midst’ of Passover and Sukkot in a yet future year to be determined. It is a high watch Rapture Zone for sure. But again, this study only is postulating that if the Rapture were to occur on a LORD’s Feast, it could most likely be associated with Pentecost and not Rosh HaShanah. This study strongly suggests that the LORD's return will be on Rosh HaShanah that will then complete within days the rest of the Feasts of Yom Kippur and Tabernacles. This will mirror the Passion Week of the first 3 Holy Feasts starting with Passover in the Spring when Jesus fulfilled such prophetic events with a week’s time.

The Rapture of the Church will be a special day no doubt as the LORD does ‘punctuate’ His appointments. This is especially true in the pattern and type of fulfilling the 7 Major Feasts of Israel. These Feasts or Moedim echo the Plan of Redemption purposed in Christ Jesus. Each Feast is a stage in the overall will and plan of YHVH. As many excellent studies have pointed out, the Rapture does not have to fall on any particular Jewish or Feast of the LORD at all. The Rapture does not even have to occur on Pentecost at all, nor during a Blood Moon for that matter. The point is that Pentecost has been a continual outpouring of the Holy Spirit and it is to be consummated by its corresponding harvest.

The Pentecost Harvest is actualized or ends well before the 1st day of the civil New Year, that is Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets. However, the required 2nd assembly or gathering of the LORD’s People on Pentecost is the only one of the 7 main High Holy Feasts of YHVH that distinctly has a Gentile attribute associated with it. In the Old Testament, Gentiles since the time of Exodus were actually also required to observe the Feasts of YHVH. It had always been in GOD’s heart to save the whole world, not just the Jewish Nation. It was because of the direct rejection of Christ by Israel, as a whole that this facilitated the objective. In fact, it was for this very reason that the Apostle Paul got stoned during one of his Asian missionary trips for declaring this truth to the Jews. The Jews became jealous that YHVH would have also included and incorporated the Gentles into His redemptive and rewards plan. Thus Pentecost specifically is associated with a Gentile element that was to be included in the ‘Harvest’ of the LORD at some point in time in a future Pentecost Harvest season. In Acts 2 the prophecy of Joel 2, alluded to by the Apostle Peter was fulfilled on Pentecost.

Why is Pentecost Missing in the Tetrads?

The giving of the Holy Spirit that descended on the 120 Believers gathered in the Temple Precinct as was their custom was given to Christ’s Witnesses as it will be given to the 144,000 to be anointed to witness in the Tribulation Period. The Disciples witnessed to Israel during this Pentecost in People’s native languages that were understood without interpretation. These languages were not ‘Angelic’ ones. The 3000 that were saved that day was a foreshadowing of the nature of the dispensation to come, namely the Church Age that was to incorporate Jews and non-Jews into the Plan of Salvation.

1- Ruth, a picture of the Gentile Bride married Boaz the Kinsmen Redeemer on Pentecost.

2- Enoch was raptured on Pentecost.

3- Moses on behalf of Israel ratified the Marriage Covenant with the LORD as the Law was implemented on Mt. Sinai on Pentecost with the Silver Trumpet blasts etc.

4- Even King David proposed to have died at Pentecost

This number is also prophetically significant in that it was the number of people that perished at Mount Sinai for the insurrection against Moses and the LORD. Thus, the Pentecost of Acts 2 was a sort of ‘first-fruits’ of the ‘Wheat Harvest’. It is a much broader ‘harvest’ to come that incorporated Gentiles. This in-grafting is thus accompanied by a beginning and end of celestial Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars to accompany it. Is the Blood Moon Tetrad a countdown then? At Pentecost, 2 loaves of risen bread with yeast were to be waived by the High Priest that was brought inside the Temple before the LORD. Leven or yeast always represents ‘sin’ in a Believer of Christ.

Thus, it is a fitting picture that although the Body of Christ is currently made up of the Jew and Gentile, in sin but the High Priest atones. It is Jesus that atones for them both before the Father because of the covering of the High Priest’s own blood, not the blood of bulls and goats, but the very life and breath of the Creator Himself. Perhaps the Age of Pisces or that of the Church Age is ending and the Tetrad sequence since 1948 is an important Sign and prophetic time marker. Such Solar and Lunar Eclipses are keeping prophetic time nonetheless and could be signaling and leading up to when the Rapture will be, and the 3rd Temple will be built, etc.

It could thus be consisting of perhaps a time that it is to be between a future Solar and Lunar Eclipse? As mentioned before, so far, this past decade only 2011, 2012, and 2013 match an astronomical composition of Pentecost being in the ‘midst’ of a Solar and Lunar Eclipse. Could this be possibility a prophetic countdown of sorts based on the Sound of the Trumpet that is to be blasted? There have been fascinating studies on what the ’Trump of God’ and the ‘Last Trumpet’ means or signifies. There is some confusion as to the words when they are translated into English. The connotations are not easily distinguishable in type; which could make all the difference and perhaps could result in less confusion and argument.

For the purpose of this study, it will be very simplistic in its association to the comparison of the Feasts in question. There are those Believers that adamantly hold that the Rapture will occur on the ‘Last Trump’ of the LORD. This is Scripturally correct. In this case, it would seem logical to then the Rapture would be associated with Rosh HaShanah. This Feast in the Fall, around September/October in most cases, is decorated with a 100 Trumpet blast sequence, but it is of a Shofar, not the Silver Trumpets. More so, Rosh HaShanah is associated with the Wheat Harvest and it is not one of the main 3 required Assemblies of the LORD, although there are extremely well-thought-out arguments for the Rapture to take place during this time. This study suggests that the Rapture could be a viable candidate to occur on Pentecost.

Shofar: used by the Jewish Nation to assemble, call to war, alert etc., Rosh HaShanah – Shofar
Silver Trumpet: primarily used in association with the Temple worship -Pentecost – Silver Trumpet

The only link to Rosh HaShanah exists because the Wheat Harvest ends well before that time. Notwithstanding, the issue of the timing of the Rapture has more complex and in-depth rationales to it. Pentecost was associated with the blowing of the Trumpets as in Silver Trumpets or Divine Trumpets at Mount Sinai when the Assembly, the ‘Church in the Wilderness’ as the Apostle Paul called the gathering that met on the Mountain. There was a Rushing of Wind, Thunder, Flashes, and the Sound of Trumpets as the Marriage Covenant was presented and initiated by way of Moses. This echoes the same manifestation at Pentecost of Acts 2. In this case, it was the betrothal of a fusion of the Jewish and Gentile Bride for Christ to be harvested at the Rapture at some point in time and thus at a Pentecost Wheat Harvest season. These were the 120 Disciples that were the ‘First Fruits’ to the entire ‘Wheat Harvest’ of souls to come.

To reiterate, YHVH’s People were to congregate or assemble in Jerusalem 3 times a year. These 3 Assemblies were Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. These LORD’s Holy Assemblies, or Moedim were associated with a type of Harvest. Each type overlaps the subsequent one as the end of one type of Grain/Fruit Harvest is the beginning of the next type of Harvest. In the Bible, Scripture likens Believers in Christ as a type of Harvest in a collective sense and specifically a type of Grain or Fruit. Each type of Grain has its characteristics and harvesting means. Each has a process to go through and order. The Scripture likewise prescribes an order of spiritual harvesting as it directly relates to the order of Resurrections and Raptures. The following are the types of seed and harvesting related to their prophetic significance.

-Passover = Barley-First Fruits at the beginning of Spring, Harvest gathered end of Passover.
-Pentecost = Wheat Harvest gathered, First Fruits of Wheat Harvest at Summer.
-Tabernacles = Grape Harvest gathered, end the year-long cycles of various Harvests.

1. Winnowing of the Barley (PASSOVER)

The Barley Harvest is gathered at the of the Spring Feasts. Barley is associated with Jesus alone as the 1st Resurrection because Christ was the ‘First-Fruit’ from among the ‘Dead’, in Romans, it declares that His Disciples too likewise will follow in this same ‘type’ of Grain. This cannot be said of Rosh HaShana. The in-gathering orassembly of the Barley Harvest is taken into before the Wheat Harvest of Pentecost begins.

2. Threshing of the Wheat (PENTECOST)

This type of Grain is thrown in Air to separate it from its chaff. This is a ‘picture’ of Rapture; of Believers in Christ throwing off Old Sin Nature along with the physical body. In the air they are transformed and given a Spiritual body as they meet Jesus in the air. This type of Grain is beaten loose on a ‘Tribulum’ because it is a lot harder before it is to be winnowed. This is a ‘picture’ of Tribulation of the Church Age Saints, Martyrs that are to be purified to be Raptured-up. During the Pentecost season, the Wheat Harvest begins. This gives credence to the studies that propose that the end of the Church Age and Rapture will correspond to a future Pentecost Season.

3. Pressing of the Grapes(TABERNACLES)
This type of fruit, Grapes in this case are crushed to extract its juice. It is a picture of judgment. It will be associated with the judgment of Israel, the Nations, the AntiChrist, the False Prophet at the end of the Tribulation in reference to the Battle of Armageddon where blood will flow like rivers in Israel. This is why Christ is seen at His 2nd Coming with His robes dipped in blood because of the battle He will wage at His Return. This is the ‘Vengeance of our God’ that He did not read at the Synagogue reading during His ministry. It was He at the Garden of Gethsemane that was crushed for our inequities, bruised by the sin of Humanity as He took the full brunt of the furry and wrath of God for the judgment of sin –done on Humanity’s behalf. Did not He say that He was poured out like water on the Cross? Such anguish and price to pay as he was pressed out like a ‘grape’ until He perspired blood. Gethsemane means ‘pressed out’.

It was Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane that was crushed for the sin incurred by Humanity. He was bruised by the sin of Adam's race. The 2nd Adam, Jesus took the full brunt of the furry and wrath of YHVH for the judgment of sin on Humanity's behalf. He said that He was poured out like water on the cross...Such was the physical anguish and price to pay for the reconciliation of Humanity with the Father. Gethsemane means ‘pressed out’. So, based on the information considered, the Rapture of the Church on a Pentecost season would be a better candidate than that of Rosh HaShanah. This is based on the prophetic patterns of the Tetrads and the distinction of the types of First Fruits and harvest times that can be prophetically paralleled to the timing of the possible Rapture sequence.

If the Rapture were to occur on a LORD’s Feast day, it could possibly be Pentecost over Rosh HaShana. On the other hand, the Pentecost of every future year could be a high Rapture watch-date to consider. In 2011, there was a unique 7-7-7 Day Pattern Alignment with Pentecost in the ‘middle’ of a Partial Solar Eclipse and a Total Blood Moon. In 2012, again this pattern repeated; Pentecost in the ‘middle’ of the Annular Solar Eclipse that occurred on May 20, 2012 and of the Partial Blood Moon of June 4. In 2013, the same pattern occurred, 3 in a row with no such patterns ever to repeat astronomically again. Could this be a countdown? Perhaps it is signaling the countdown to the Blood Moon Tetrad Astronomical Sign.

Ready for the Call

Primarily this stipulation is based on the Tetrad Feast pattern of having the Passover as the beginning and Tabernacles as the end, Pentecost as the logical 2nd in the series of the LORD’s required 3 Assemblies is absent. This is based on the assertion that perhaps, as the Tetrad series ends, it is said to reflect a time period where the LORD will deal specifically with the nation of Israel after the Rapture. If it were to occur on a Feast day or Moedim, it could be at the Feast of Pentecost at some time, some year perhaps. To reiterate, leading up to the Tetrad of 2014 for the past decade, only in 2011, 2012 and 2013 did Pentecost exactly occur in-between 2 eclipses.

 Of course, the Rapture could occur at any time or on a totally different Feast date that is not expected altogether. Regardless, one needs to be objective and mindful, ever watching, and faithful to the LORD’s discernment. Jesus instructed His Bride to watch and not fall asleep as the Disciples did at the Garden. As the Feasts of YHVH come and go and the Bride is still here her vigilance is kept based on meditating of His Word. It is because it is only there and then that the Holy Spirit speaks, and the Church can hear His calling. This study of the season of a possible Harvest type of in-gathering and the possibility of the Rapture being associated with it brings to mind a verse that could lend some encouragement to the Body of Christ.

Who may ascend the Mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in His holy place? The one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false god. -Psalm 24:3-4.

The Church needs to be reminded that as it approaches the timing of the call, the Rapture –even if it is not on a Pentecost, it is at least that much closer even so. The Church needs to confess sins faithfully; realizing that, naturally there dwells no good thing and that Disciples of Jesus are sinners saved by grace. In this ever-decaying society and world, it is becoming more difficult to keep one’s hands clean and hearts pure. May the deeds and actions done by one’s hands, thoughts and words that come out of the heart be surrendered in prayer. Jesus is not calling the ‘Qualified’ but qualifies the Called. It is the LORD that has qualified His Bride to receive such a gift of the Rapture, whenever it shall come so that she may be where Christ Jesus is.

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