The Pronoun Nation or is it the Abomination Nation

  • Why was the Supreme Court 'Leak' released at this time?
  • Why has the Left 'Rediscovered' the Gender-Sex of Women?
  • Are Abortions a Constitutional Right that is guaranteed?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘We don’t want the Word to go out that we want to Exterminate the Negro Population...’
-Margaret Sanger Letter to Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, December 10, 1939, p. 2.

The purpose of this Report is to provide a Commentary regarding the U.S. Supreme Court Abortion Law Leak. It has set the Women of the USA on edge and just in Time for the Mid-Term Elections. But at this Point in Time in America, one thought that there was no such thing as a ‘Woman’ anymore? All there is now, are Pronouns and Gender Inter-Sectionality or Sexuality reappropriated more so, in one’s opinion. America has gotten to a place in its Collective Psyche that there are no Sexes or Genders. Not according to the Left, until the Leak came out. So, one will provide a ‘Male’ Perspective and one that is Christian in Reference to the issue of the ‘Leak’ and the topic of Abortion within the Church. It is an issue that also divides the Congregants down the Moral Middle.

For those even in the ‘Church’, it seems Words, Doctrine and Morals mean nothing or just have been redefined, accepted and taken from the Culture. On one hand, there is the Argument, that to have a Woman dispose of its Fetus is called an ‘Abortion’. To others, it is a taking of a Life, a Heart-Beat and a Being that is pumping Blood and has a Soul. The issue is, what constitutes ‘Life’ and when does it begin? One will be addressing this issue mainly from a Perspective that is Biblically based, and from one who believes the Words and Teachings of the Bible are Authoritative and Binding.

The aim of this Commentary will be though to Persuade a person into believing that ‘Abortion’ is an Act of Murder, a Sin and goes contrary to the Will of the Creator. From the onset, the Standard of why a Human Life is Sacred is that Humans, above all Created Life Forms on Earth, are the only ones that carry within their Constitution, the very ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH, the Creator. This is what sets apart Human Beings from Animals, for example. Humans are the ‘Image Bearers’. This is really the issue.

The aim of the Commentary will be also to show that the USA, in particular at this Point in Time, on Earth, in Human History has far-surpassed the Sins of Sodom. And with this in mind, a Comparative Correlation will be made to another Judge in this exposition, that of Lot. He was a Judge in Sodom and sat at the Gate. But upon the Decree to destroy Sodom, 2 Angels were dispatched to save Lot and his Household. This was thanks to the Intercessory Prayer of his Uncle, Abraham. The Leak has produced the latest round of Anger, over the Abortion Issue that came out in full fury, the Day after May Day. It is Beltane for all you ‘Pagans’. It is the Feast of the Beast that requires Blood Sacrifices.

Reaping what One Sows

Beltane is a through-back of how in the Druids sacrificed, Human Beings to include Babies. They were sacrificed at the Witching Hour of Midnight. It also correlates to how the Ancient Canaanites performed the same Rituals of sacrificing their Babies to the Bull God, Molech. It had out-stretched Arms to receive the Babies as they burned alive. This ‘Act of Worship’ in such Cultures incorporated Sexual Rituals in their acts. They were part of the Initiations held on certain Key Days, in Groves and Sacred Sites, etc.

Pregnancies were a common result of such Debauchery and Promiscuity. The Sexualization of their Societies allowed for the searing of their Conscience by attributing the ’Abortion’ of such Unwanted Pregnancies to the Gods, as an Act of Worship. This is how twisted the Heart of Humanity became after the Fall in the Garden of Eden. It continues to this Day. These Sacrifices became their ‘Birth Control’. It is really no different now in the Modern Era and especially in the USA after World War 2.

With the introduction of ‘Sex and Rock-n-Roll’, along with Experimentation in Drugs, the Counter Culture introduced whole Generations to Free Love or Sex, and Free Abortions, etc. And the Consequences for such Promiscuity? Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Unwanted Pregnancies, AIDS, Death, etc. The Left championed the ‘Right to Reproductive Care’. And that the Woman’s Body was Sovereign and, ‘My Body, My Choice. That might all be well and good and as a Libertarian, one should have Sovereignty over one’s Body. No Government should prohibit what is extracted from one’s Body. The issue is, do Woman wanting to extract ‘a Body of Tissue’ or 'Growth' from their body constitute a Constitutional Right when that ‘Tissue’ is an Unborn Baby?

One’s Question is, what about then applying the same Rule, the same Argument, the same Standard in not having the Government force a ‘Tissue’ or Medical Procedure into one’s Body? Remember COVID? Oh yes, that was the Time, that the Government Mandated the Dangerous COVID Shots to be injected into one’s Body, which are not a Vaccine. What happened to ‘My Body, My Choice’? Here lies the Hypocrisy and Double Standard of the Left. In Decades past, Abortions were the last choice and were sold as the Exception by the ‘Radical Left’. Sadly, Abortion is Main-Stream now. It is the Prevailing Disposition of most American Women who use it as the primary mode of ‘Birth Control’. The Right to Abort or Kill a Baby in the Womb is now a Personal Choice.

Then having to take an Experimental Shot and that also given to Children, should also be a Personal Choice too. As it is, Children have had to be bribed, in many cases to get the COVID Shots, with Deadly Consequences. The New York City Propaganda Office had to work overtime to put-up Ads, for example, on the Subways stating, ‘Children can have Heart Attacks too’. Now, when a Man attempts to argue the merits of the Pros or Cons of the Abortion Divide, Women will automatically shut any Discourse and/or Opinion for the mere fact that a ‘Man’ is not a Woman to be discussing the issue in a credible manner. Do not the Women now say again that it is a ‘Woman’s Right and a Man is not a Woman? Hold the Presses here. But is not the latest ‘Trend’ to call People not by their Sex or Gender, but by their Pronouns? And that a Man can be a Woman? And best yet, is that a Man can become Pregnant too? Then why cannot a ‘Pregnable’ Male opine then on the issue, just as equally? It is because the Left remembered.

Redefinition of Terms

Thus, based on their own Definition, as a Male that can then potentially become Pregnant, ‘Men’ have just as much a say in one’s ability to Abort or Kill one’s Baby then and opine on the topic. Many have rightly pointed-out, the Insanity of such Education that has redefined Terms and has produced Reprobate Minds of this Last Generation, before Jesus returns. All of a sudden, the Left ‘rediscovered’ Sex and Gender, in how a Woman can only and should only be allowed the choice of what happens to ‘her’ ‘Body. And that ‘Men’ are not qualified to opine. Really? And it is as if a Pregnancy magically just appeared by itself in a Woman’s Body, like an Immaculate Conception? No.

Half the Argument is, where are the Male Spouse and/or Partner in the Decision? It is impossible, scientifically, for an XY Chromosome Male to become Pregnant and sustain a Baby in a Womb, that Males, physiologically do not have. But again, this is the level of Duplicity, of Hypocrisy as the Left denies the Science of such Logic and Reason. Where were they when the Government or Corporations were in league to Mandate into one’s Body a Dangerous Toxic Poison? Silence. One strongly suggests that the COVID Shots and Abortion Rights are Morally and Scientifically equal. They pertain to what is forcefully taken out, in this case of a Woman’s Body. And what is forcefully being put into both the Bodies of a Woman and/or Man.

It is just astonishing to see the Anger and Fury of Women that came out with claws, out to ‘Protect’ their Bodily Sovereignty. If only they would have done so with the COVID Injections that are killing their Children, all the same. One would perhaps concede that what a Woman does with her body is her choice, but do not require the Government to pay for it with one’s Taxes. If a Woman wants to kill their Unborn, let her pay for it. Now, the other aim of this Commentary on Abortion is to just present the amazing Statistics of how, in the USA, in particular, the killing of the Unborn has surpassed all those killed in Wars since World War 2. Up to 70 Million, it is estimated by the current statistics of the Number of Unburns that have been Aborted or killed in the USA alone.

This is the Silent Genocide the Left does not want the Public to know. To some, Women will even concede that it is a ‘Necessary Evil’. It was like with Obama, and most Leftists who argue, that their Daughters do not need to destroy their Future by having an Unplanned Pregnancy. It seems a Baby is a burden, a curse if allowed to be born. And that is why in most Abortion Clinics, no Ultrasounds are shown to the Women. And the Baby is whisked away to not have the Woman see the ‘Bodily Tissue’. Some of the Despicable Doctors who perform such ‘Procedures’, have come out to say that some are Satanists and are precisely placed in Abortion ‘Temples’ to secure the Blood.

They admit that ‘Abortions’ are a Sacrifice, a Dedication to Lucifer and Demons. Why Blood? The Bible states that YHVH said that the ‘Life is in the Blood’. Or in other words, the Life Force that energizes what constitutes Biological Life is infused in the Blood. It is an amazing construct of Creation. Yet the most precious Element Humanity has been bestowed with, is scarified on the Altars of Modern Ba’al Worshipers, whose Temples are the Planned Parenthood Clinics. Their High Priest and Priestesses are the Evil Doctors and Nurses who come in, day in and day out, to kill helpless Babies.

An Act of Worship

There are now Laws, as in New York and attempted to be passed in California, to the cheers of Congress, controlled by the Left, that the Unborn can be ‘Aborted’ or Terminates or Killed, Murdered, up to the time of Birth and now beyond Birth. In some cases, up to 28 Days wherein the ‘Medial Tissue’ or the Human being Born, is left to starve and die. And all this came to light in the past few Years of how Project Veritas exposed how Planned Parenthood is in the Business of Trafficking Baby Body Parts for sale. And what happens to the Reporter who exposed this egregious Sin?

He was thrown into Jail, and Congress increased Funding for Reproductive Rights and Care. This is Cover Language as the Budget Item that sustains Planned Parenthood is Abortions that are then billed to the Tax Payers. It was also exposed that the dirty little secret was and is, that the Founder of Planned Parenthood was an Evil Eugenicist. Meaning that such People believe in the ‘Survival of the Fittest’, of Social Darwinism as that is what really was and is the underlying Thesis of his Research. It is even in the Title of his Paper, which is conveniently removed. Here is the complete Title of Darwin’s Signature Eugenicist Cause.

‘On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or
the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life’.

Social Darwinism is about Racism. It is at its core Work and that is why like Sanger and others, Hitler championed the Master Race and eliminated or ‘Aborted’ what they deemed as ‘Inferior Races’. In this present case, the Black Race, the Sons of Ham, etc. It is why most of the Abortion Clinics are in Low Income, Black Ghettos. It is estimated that around 2000-3000 Abortions are performed in the USA each Day. Out of those ~55% are African-American babies. Yet, Blacks only constitute ~14% of the entire USA Population. It is a Silent Black Genocide occurring that would make Hitler Proud. But what is sad and worse, is that the Left, in a façade of ‘helping’ Single Black Women and supported by Liberal Churches, encourage and support the Abortions.

In part, it has been Decades of a Leftist Ideology of Free Love, Free Sex, Free Drugs and Free Abortions that does not place any Responsibility, on Female or Male Blacks. The Liberal Government Programs have systematically kept most Blacks dependent on Government Handouts to control the Black Population. In reality, as Margaret Sanger secretly aspired, was to Exterminate the Black Race. Why? If one is a Eugenicist, an Atheist and believes in Socialism, there is no GOD, no Soul, no Exclusivity of Humans Being. Image Bearers with a Purpose and Eternal Destiny, does not matter. It is rather a Competition for the Natural Resources on Earth. And only the Dominate need survive.

Total Number of Abortions in the U.S. 1973-2021:
70.8 Million+
-Over 50% have been and are of African-Americans since 1974: ~35 Million+
-U.S. Abortions per Year: ~860,000 (Guttmacher Institute)
-Abortions per Day: 2300+ (GI)
-Abortions per Hour: 98+ (GI)
-1 Abortion every 37 seconds (GI)

A Silent Genocide
In the World, according to the UN, there are an average of 45 Million Unborn Babies who die, due to Abortions, per year. In the USA, of the near 70+ Million Babies that have died since Roe vs. Wade, due to Abortions, over 50% now have been Africans. This is an astonishing figure of over 30 Million now. This is Genocide. Yet White Liberals, and Black Activists exclaim that, ‘Black Lives Matter’, but not when it comes to killing their Unborn. But here lies the question again.

To the Left, an Unborn is not a Human Being with a Living Soul but a Living Tissue that has not formed. Even the Satanists had come out to compare how an ‘Egg is not a Human’. Yet, they in turn, demand that Abortion Rituals are part of their Satanic Religious Right to carry out. Exactly. At least they are up-front and honest about their intentions. And when some Pro-Life Black Activists wrote on the Streets with Chalk, that ‘Unborn Black Lives Matter’, they were sanctioned and the write-up was washed away.

Has it not been since 2015, in particular when Obama lit-up the White House with the LGBT Rainbow Color Flag due to another Supreme Court Ruling? And this Ruling was Un-Constitutional as the issue of Same Sex Marriage by-passed the Legislature, where it ought to have been discussed and voted for or against. Laws are made and passed, based on the Consent of the Governed. It is not by a mere hand-picked Judges that are not accountable to the Citizenry and are not supposed to make Law but interpret it.

In the sticking-down of the Defense of Marriage Act, back in 2015, the Supreme Court essentially made Law. And at that Time, the Left, the Feminists, LGBT, Pagans, all rejoiced as Same Sex Marriage had now been re-defined, itself as a Marriage Type. This by the way, was a Practice in the Days of Noah, that People ‘Were Marrying and given into Marriage’, etc. If one does a word study, the ‘Given into Marriage’ alludes to there being Alternative Forms of Marriage, as in Same Sex. And by the way, how it will likewise be the dominant Disposition of most of the World when Jesus returns.

The World has arrived at such a similar ‘Prophetic Time’. The Abortion Law Leak has galvanized the Left’s Base and Supporters. As a Political Scientist, one is convinced that the timing of the ‘Leak’ was intentional. Why? With the Tragedy of the Biden Administration and the Vital Signs of the Nation in terms of its Moral, Social, Medical, Political, Education, Military, Religious breaking down, the President has become a Motif of the Madness the USA has willfully been Reaping what the Left has Sown.

Thus, to distract from the real issues of Hyper-Inflation, the impending Economic Collapse and Sabotage the Supply and Food Chains, the Abortion Leak came right on time to vent Citizen Dissatisfaction and to make sure the Conservatives do not overturn the Left’s control of Government. Next, one will compare how, at the similar Time and Disposition of a Nation, and of its People, how a Judge also incurred a fury and a riot. It is from the Biblical account when Lot attempted to exercise his Judicial Power in a ruling. It was not to the liking of the Sodomites of his Day. The occasion was how Lot had departed from Abraham due to disputes over their Flocks. Abraham gave the choice to Lot of where to settle to avoid any further issues. Lot saw the Fertile Valley of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot settled there in Sodom and became a prominent Citizen.

An Ineffective Judge

It is not revealed how, but Lot obtained a Judgeship and ruled at the City Gate. All was fine and relations with the Sodomites was tolerated, so long as Lot did not interfere with their Reprobate Lifestyles. In extra-Biblical Accounts, the Sodomites were famous for robbing the Trading Merchants that came their way. They set-up venues to have Public Sexual Encounters, whereby Victims would be bound to Beds in the Public Square and Sodomized at will. Due to the Sin that reached YHVH, the Bible states that GOD decreed Judgment upon the Sodomites for their Defilement and Perversion.

He warned Abraham, but Abraham interceded on behalf of Lot. Although Lot was a useless ‘Judge’, the Sodomites tolerated Lot, so long as he did not interfere with their Perverted Lifestyles. The Day came that YHVH sent 2 Angels to destroy Sodom and the surrounding Cities. Lot was informed, forewarned, that he had to Vacate the Permeases and with all his Family. None of their Sons-in-Laws listened. It came to be known to the People of the City that the 2 Beautiful Male Angels were staying in Lot’s House.

Then a Group of Sodomites encircled the house and demanded the Angels to come out so they could have Sex with them. Amazingly, the Crowd consisted of the very Young to the very Old. It was a case of a complete Saturation of Sinfulness, all the way through in that Society. And this is where the USA is now. Sex-Ed in Kindergarten, etc. Lot even offered one of his Daughters to the Men, but they would not have it. In the Ancient Civilizations, part of the Religious Rituals in the Groves, was to copulate with the Spirits, the Fallen Angels and/or Demons through Sex. To this Day, such Rituals persist. As People interfaced with such Beings, some People were given Power and that is what was prized. This has precedence since Mount Hermon that taught Abortion to Women.

The ‘Exchange’ or ‘Price’ for the Forbidden Knowledge was Human Abortions, the Blood of the Unborn. What occurred in Lot’s Time is that the 2 Angels made haste as their Mission was to Destroy the Sodomites. They blinded the Crowd of Men, who still insisted on attempting to find the Angels, while even groping in the Dark. The Angels told Lot that they could not destroy the Cities until they were clear and safe, away from the Judgment. It happened that only Lot and his 2 Daughters made it out into the nearest City. Lot’s Wife, turned back mid-way. And if one thinks that the LGBT Agenda has no effect on the Children, whom they are going after, consider what the Daughters of Lot then did with their Father afterwards.

The 2 Daughters got Lot drunk and committed Incest with him. Where does one think the 2 Daughters got that idea from? It was from Sodomite Practices. And this is an account of how the same Circumstance and Moral Depravity have again found their roots in the Minds and Conscience of the World in this Last Generation, like Lot and Noah. Due to the ‘Leaked’ Memo, People have likewise gone into a frenzy, a fury by just having the mere notion that a Male Judge, Samuel Alito, much like Lot has dared to even suggest that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned. That a Woman’s Constitutional Right to deny any Responsibility for their Sexual Actions and Consequences, their Unwanted Pregnancies cannot be infringed upon. How did the USA get here? Consider that in the USA, Young Men and Women in the Public Schools are taught that their Existence is Meaningless. That they have no Divine Purpose, no Cause or Effect.

Luciferian Indoctrination

Then in the Colleges and Universities, Students are taught that Humans are Soulless, Biological Matter only, and whose actions are inconsequential. That Sex and Gender are only Religious Constructs. That Sexual Exploration is natural and reinforced by Music, Media and LGBT Messaging. How Schools and Public Libraries now have Drag Queen Reading Hours. And in some Schools, Students are even escorted to Abortion Clinics or ‘Temples’ without the Consent or Knowledge of their Parents. It is the same issue now with the COVID Injections in how many States are introducing Bills that would allow Juveniles, underaged, the ‘Right to Know’ and take the COVID Injections without the Consent or Knowledge of their Parents, etc. So, what does this Last Generation look like is no coincidence in the Outcome, all by Design.

It has produced a Generation where over 80% want to live under Socialism, believe in Pronouns, and can be required to be called any Gender or Sex at will and such are Suiciding themselves, off the charts. It resulted then, as now in Unwanted Pregnancies, that are not considered a Living Human Soul, but considered a Consequence, not a Responsibility. Most Pundits however are trying to convey the fact, that even if Roe vs. Wade is overturned, it will not prevent Abortions, or access to it. The issue will most likely default to the individual States. The issue is that it appears that the Supreme Court is preparing to rule in favor of a Mississippi Case. It is over whether the State can Outlaw Abortions, at the or after the 15-Weeks Gestation Period. Many Women fear it would be a direct challenge to the ‘Guarantee’ to Abortions given by Roe vs. Wade.

The accompanying Meme shows a picture of a Black Female that is being Escorted by 2 White Women, Feminists, to get an Abortion in a Mississippi Clinic. A Younger Female, in a Dress is following the Escort. She is rushing-in to communicate with the Black Woman to reconsider her choice, as there are options to an Abortion. The Young Woman in Dress has Leaflets in hand, showing a Baby in the Womb, etc. Yet, the 2 Females Escorting the Black Woman to get her Abortion are wearing a Rainbow Vest. And one of them is clearly Lesbian-Looking. And really, this is the Agenda of how the LGBT Movement has ‘Eclipsed’ the Blacks Civil Rights Struggle. The Argument for ‘Diversity’ is no longer based solely on Race or Socio-Economic Status. The LGBT Movement has taken over the Diversity Narrative and usurped it for their own Socio-Political Gain. All the while, they chant, ‘Black Lives Matter’ as they Escort Black Women to their Abortion Temples.

There are other People in the picture by the Sidewalk, which includes a Tall Young Man and a Little Blond Girl too. In many Abortion Clinics, it has been the Bible-Believing Christians that have stood their ground, Prayed and have attempted to provide the Women with Alternative Choices to an Abortion. In most Abortion Clinics, Pro-Lifers are prohibited from handing-out Flyers or talking to the Women. To the Left, the Satanists, and the Eugenicists, these attempts at Rescuing the Defenseless Unborn are not tolerated and not acceptable as it is hindering the ‘Survival of the Fittest’, and Blacks are not ‘The Fittest’. So, in seeing this picture, it is a ‘snap-shot’ of the USA. How so? The Left, Satanists and Eugenicists would applaud the 2 Escorts for such an effort to secure the Woman’s Reproductive Right to extract that Human Tissue out of her Body.

But if those shame 2 White Women donned a White Hooded Robe and escorted that same Black Woman to kill her Unborn Child, the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center would be up in arms and a National Frenzy and Fury of Women, especially White Liberal ones and Lesbians would be also up in arms, no? As many Christian Preachers over the Years have warned Americans, ‘If Jesus does not judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah’. And Jesus ought to know. The Government of His Day wanted to Abort him too and prevent Jesus from fulfilling His Mission. The issue is that Lucifer is at war with the Image Bearers. It is a Spiritual War.

Jesus’ Mission is still to save Humanity, because every Human Life is Sacred. Humanity bears the Image and Likeness of Jesus, who is the Image of GOD, etc. A Fetus is not just a Living Tissue to be Medically Extracted to secure a ‘Better Future’ for an aspiring Young Woman that needs to look forward to a ‘Fulfilling’ Career. But true to Jesus’ Warnings of how the End of Days would be like the Days of Lot and Noah, a Judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah is pending. Presently, it is the Age of Grace where Jesus is calling the ‘Lots’ out of this World or ‘Sodom’.

Jesus has Decreed that Sodom and Gomorrah of a World, are to burn with Fire and Brimstone. It is coming. See the Book of Revelation for details. This Judgment upon the World will not, cannot commence though, until the ‘Lots’ in the World are taken out of harm’s way. This Theologically implies the Doctrine of the Rapture. Meaning that there will come a Day, when the Measure of Sin of Sodom’s reaches its Limit. Perhaps the USA, is as the Measure for the entire World of when it will have reached its fullness.

It will then be at that time, that Angels will come for the Bride of Christ, that his all those that have put their Faith and Trust in the Finished Work of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. It is a Free Gift of Salvation. It is that easy, by acknowledging that one is a Sinner in need of Forgiveness and Salvation that is only found in Jesus. And to thus call on the Name of Jesus to be saved from the Wrath to come. Jesus is the ultimate Judge one will one day face and give an account.

​However, in the USA, the irony of the matter is that its President has made good on his word to nominate a Female, and Black Woman to the U.S. Supreme Court. And this Appointment, is not firstly based on Experience, Achievements, but specifically based instead on one’s Gender, Sex and Race. It is Antithetical to what Martin Luther King Jr. fought and died for. And the irony is that Mrs. Jackson, when asked during the Senate Hearing Confirmations, could not define or ‘Judge’ what a Woman was or is. She stated that ‘She was not a Biologist’. So, apparently, the Left is qualifying that Terms can only be defined by those who have a University Degree on the subject. Yet, if a Biologist comes out with the Science to publicly state and define that a Female is a Woman, that will be considered ‘Extremist’, bias and Sexist. If the Highest Judge in the Land cannot Judge, being a Woman, what a Woman is, it is only a Symptom of the Sins of Sodom and it is Time for the Real Judge to Judge. 



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