Sorcery Against the People and the Land

  • Why is what is happening to the USA Important?
  • Is there a Type of War that is bringing down the USA?
  • Does this Warfare have a Spiritual Component to it?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to Comment on several Geo-Political Events that are occurring in the USA and around the World. One will argue that the Events, such as Chemical Spills, Derailments, Food Processing Plants burning down, Mass Animal Die-Offs, Chemtrails, COVID Shots and Lock-Downs are part of what many deem, a 5th Generation War. One will Argue that this Type of War is Spiritual in Nature and Origin. It is how the USA will Fall and is Falling Apart, one Assault and Catastrophe at a Time.

One will also tie-in these Events, that can be seen as ‘Divine Judgments’ against the People and Land of the USA. How so? In the culmination that involves an Astronomical ‘Darkness’ upon the Land, the Total Solar Eclipse over America on April 8, 2024. What is the 5th Generation War? It is a War Effort, a ‘Theatre’ or Front where no one knows who is Attacking and where it is coming from. It is when the Sources of War are ambiguous enough to have Deniable Plausibility and perpetuates a Normalcy Bias.

For example, in February of 2023, the CDC released a Study that basically admits that wearing Face Masks do not protect People against the COVID Virus. It has been reported in the Major News Outlets like the one below and the Link to the actual Study. However, the Snopes Types of George Soros Owned and Paid ‘Fact-Checkers’ are quick to dismiss it. How so? They do not Deny it outright. They just ‘Question’ it.

What they do is what Lucifer did to Eve. Even though the Evidence against Masks preventing COVID is ‘True and Valid’, the Media submits the Notion that, ‘Is it really True in what the Study said’? That is all it takes. Even though YHVH warned Adam and Eve about Disobeying and the Consequences it would result, all Lucifer had to do was to just ‘Question’ the ‘Study’. Did YHVH ‘really say that?’ Instill Doubt. Outcome? Confusion, even though the CDC and many Doctors and Scientists had warned about the Masks, Distancing and the mRNA COVID Injections being Dangerous.

Thus, the Greatest Hoax, Psyop and Mass Medical Experiment in Human History will continue by ‘Questioning’ those Studies, Doctors, Nurses, Scientist and Geneticists that go contrary to the Luciferian ‘Scientific’ Narrative. This is how the USA will Fall and is Falling, …Falling for it. The USA and the World are being Deceived like Eve into Believing a Lie. A 5th Generation War is where no one can be Blamed or take Blame. 

C.D.C. Concedes That Cloth Masks Do Not Protect Against the Virus

CDC Study: Surgical Face Masks do not Prevent COVID

A Spiritual Context
Above anything, a 5th Generation War is a Psychological Operation. All the while, the Outcomes are the same, to ‘Kill, Steal and Destroy’. Since COVID, in the USA, for example, there have been an Abnormal Number of Food Plant Fires, Chemical Fires and Derailments, Culling of Millions of Chickens for ‘Fear’ of the Avian Flu, Farmers being paid not to Planet nor Harvest to curtail ‘Carbon’ Emissions, etc. And the Tools of the War? Propaganda, Controlled Media, Disinformation, Sabotage. A 5th Column.

One will present a Historical Context of the past Decade of Events and Articles showing Evidence of this 5th Generation War against the USA, specifically, so one can see how the Pieces come together. They are to show how this 5th Generation Warfare has been Panned-Out, and in a Biblical Context, are Spiritual Assaults upon the People and the Land. And that beyond its Psychological Psychosis, such Attacks against the USA and its People are rooted in a Spiritual Contention for their Soul, Heart and Bodies.

It is about getting as many People Contaminated, Culled and Controlled as a result. Why? One will present the Evidence, that along with the USA, the entire World is in a 5th Generation War. Specifically, and Spiritually, the Assaults have been constituted by the following 5 Attacks or Theatres perpetrated against the USA and its People and Land. For what Outcome? To ‘Steal, Kill and Destroy, from within. Here is the Evidence.

Spirit of the Lord of the Underworld came to the USA – Parody of I Pet Goat 2 with Barge in New York City, Gate-Way to People and Land. To then end at the ‘New World‘ Airport in Colorado.

7 Ancient Nephilim Sites opened Doors for ‘Doormat’ Demonic Spirits. Started in Chichen Itza, Via New York, down the ‘Spine’ or Stairs of the USA ‘Pyramid’ Ancient Sacred Sites.

Corresponding to the Great American Eclipse to occur in 2017, Obama re-Appointed as ‘Pharaoh’ over the USA, with Rise of Trans-Genderism, Perversions, etc. The Eclipse has its approximate Pi Ratio occur in Memphis, Temple Replica of Ephesus, i.e., Ishtar, Isis, etc.

Replica of Temple Door came to New York City. It was a Dedication to the God of Baby Sacrifices. These Portals being Positioned across key Energy Points, opened Pathways to Demons across the Land. Outcome? Rise of Baphomets. Abortion Divide in the USA, LGBT Explosion.

A Mass Magic Ritual, on the Par with 9-11 was perpetrated by the Synagogue of Satan. They used the 2 Military Hospital Ships of ‘Comfort’ and ‘Mercy’ to define the Continental USA as that in-between the Pillars of which the Jews, the ‘Samsons’ began to ‘Demolish’ and ‘Bring the House Down’ of all that is in-between the ‘Pillars’ or Ships. With the Lock-Downs, Mask, Shots and Distancing, the Mass Psychosis or Pharmakeía (Medicine Potion) Spell has been released.

A Divided House will Fall
Before delving in the Decade-Long Past of the 5-Prong Attacks on the USA, where is it now? In a YouTube Clip from Many Fish, about the upcoming 2024 ‘Great American Eclipse, Take 2’, it was neat to see the Salem and East Palestine Connection. One wonders, if it will indeed allude to how the Coming Anti-Messiah will Divide the Land into 2 Nations to make that Peace with the ‘Many’? In Israel, being a ‘Secular’ State, for the most part, does not want the Religious Right taking over, just yet. But they cannot have it both ways.

The latest Waves of Violence from the Muslims was as a Direct Result of the Left-Leaning Government they had after Netanyahu. They are considered Weak and Compromising by Muslims. True. Now that Netanyahu is back, that was his Last Words as he made his Last Speech at the Knesset. He is now sending a Message to the Muslims that Attacks will not be tolerated. But the Left and most Jews, who are Secular, want to keep it that way have massively Protested out in the streets. It is Escalating but at some Point in Time, it will reach Critical Mass, as the Globalists want.

At some Point, taking advantage, the Inner-Ring of Muslims Para-Military Factions, egged-on by Iran, are what one strongly suggests will trigger the Psalm 83 War and in Tandem with the Destruction of Damascus in some way. Not sure which will come 1st though. In Netanyahu’s Estimation, they are at War already with Iran. Bennett and Lipid turned and looked the other way during all that Time they were in Power.

What the Left do not understand is that no amount of ‘Peace for Land’ or ‘Stopping Jewish Settlements’ will ever suffice the Muslims. It is about the Spiritual Birth-Right, ‘Winner Takes All’. And now that Israel has been ‘Re-Born’, since 1948, as the Last Generation Fig Tree, the Muslim ‘Replacement Theology’ has been proved to be False. That cannot happen; thus, Israel must be Destroyed, etc. The April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipse over the USA, to ‘Mark’ that ‘X’, Proverbially, much like Nineveh, is really a Countdown to a coming National Judgment, if the USA has a part in Dividing Israel.

It has already begun. In some Estimations, it started 33 Days before the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017. Sure, it could be ‘Coincidence’ but not likely. One liked what Many Fish also noted about the Salem Town next to East Palestine, as it is the same on the World Maps. As it was Discovered by some, back in the 2017 Eclipse, the Path of Darkness ‘Split’ the USA, Continentally like in ‘Half’. It was an Omen of a Division Coming, and sure enough, how that has come true, no?

What many Students of End Times, back then, thought, naturally is that sense ‘Salem’ Means Peace, that the USA was going to be brought into a ‘Complete Peace’, etc. No. On the Contrary. In those Days one was helping Code Searcher, Matthew Wright with Annotating and Illustrating Bible Codes. What he Surmised, based on a Hebrew Word Study of the Word, ‘Peace’, was in fact to ‘Take Away Peace’, Completely from the Land and impose a Division, a ‘Line in the Sand’. A Separation. That is what happened. As mentioned before, one is being more convinced that, in part, the Revelation 12 Sign, that occurred Astronomically 33 Days out from the Eclipse was or is a 7-Year Warning.

Sources of the Sorcery
A 7 Year Countdown to the Allotment YHVH gave the USA, as the Head of the Nation, as was Nineveh, to Repent…But like Israel now, the Majority of People, just… rather want their Sin, Lifestyle, Gender, Drugs…’Bread and Circus’. Perhaps like Nineveh, there was and is Revival, here and there, as with Ashbury and other Unsung-Unknown Venues. But ultimately, Nineveh was judged because their Numerical Threshold of Repentance needed, of the So-Called Righteous, was just not there anymore.

This is the Sodom and Gomorrah Effect. YHVH promised Abraham that He would Spare the Cities if a certain Minimum Numerical Thresholds was met. It was not. So, it seems the USA is headed that way also, by 2024. As others have keenly said and observed, the USA is experiencing a 4th and 5th Generation Warfare now, Sabotage, Treasury, from within, unbeknownst to most, that is leading it there.

Here below are Links, too many to make Live and Charts from Years gone by, which from the August 23, 2017 to the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse is actually 6.66 Years Apart, precisely. And based on what one Assessed Astronomically, back then, it all came True. What occurred was the Rise of Isis over the USA, with the ‘Heart of the Eclipse' being in Phi Ratio to the Temple of Ephesus Replica in Memphis, Tennessee. She is the Spirit of Ishtar. She is the Goddess that ‘Turned Men into Women and Women into Men’.

These have been the 5-Frontal Assault, All-Out Against the USA as a 5th Generation War. It is Spiritual foremost. And then what did one see? The Transvestite God Kali being Flashed in the Empire State Building in New York City. Then that Year, the New York Legislature introduced the Abortion Bill that Based and everyone and Cuomo Applauded so much. Then Baphomets Statues started to pop-up out of nowhere.

The 1st Baphomet Statue that went up, was from the Church of Satan in Detroit, Michigan. All that was thanks to the Statues that were thrown-down across America. And what have been their Omens? Their Fruit? A Nation Divided, in Darkness, and thus will Fall like their Statues…Outcomes? In the USA, one can no longer Define what a Biological Woman or a Man is anymore. The Webster Dictionary Definitions have been altered. Look it up now in comparison to a Few Years Ago.

You have Gender Pronouns, Parents not being told of their Children’s’ Transitioning and Taking Drugs at School to appear the opposite Gender, etc. You have the Drag Queen Story Hours, in not only Public Libraries, but now in Churches. There are Satan Clubs After-School. Is it any wonder why the USA, like Nineveh will be eventually ‘X’d-Out? Yes, there is Revival going on, but they are the Last Calls, it seems. In closing, there was a Research Study that came out about Teen-Age Girls, in particular are now more Depressed than ever.

Depression Worsening in Teen Girls

The Research hit on a few good Reasons why and they are Legitimate: Nuclear War, the COVID Lock-Downs, Masks, Body Image, Roe vs. Wade, Gender Identity Questioning, no Stable Family nor Tradition Gender Families, etc. Being 'Gay' is the 'In Thing' now or Trending. Is it any wonder why the Children of the USA, in particular end up contemplating Suicide? Consider that by age 5, they will have had at least 50 Injections in their Schedule.

They are feed Processed Food with Chemicals and Hormone Altering GMO’s, Genetically Modified Organisms. They are bombarded by Social Media Images of what ‘Girls’ should look like and act. And in this Age, it is to dress like a Prostitute and be one essentially. Schools teach Pre-Marital Sex and if a Teen Girl gets Pregnant, they advocate Abortion, dispense the Morning After Pill. Teachers are intentionally suggesting Girls become ‘Gay’.

Teacher Who Allegedly Suggested Kids ‘Try Being Gay’ Sued For ‘Secretly Transitioning’ Fifth Grader

If one even suggests to a 5th Grader, to ‘Try Jesus’, they would be Fired on the Spot. In Canada, at a Catholic School of all places, a Teen Boy got Arrested for just voicing his Opinion that Gender is only Male-Female. State Schools teach that Human Life is an Accident of just Biological and Chemical Matter that Randomly happens to Evolve but Human Life has no Meaning. Such Teens in Government Schools have been taught that they have no Purpose other than to Serve and Obey the State, etc.

That there is no Life after Death and one’s Intrinsic Value is Worthless. So, what are Teen Girls and Boys to think of their Body, Soul and Spirit when they are taught, they are Insignificant, Useless Eaters, Useful Idiots? And that just need to Obey the State ‘Science’ by wearing their Mask and getting the State Shots into their Bodies, without Question. This is what a Satan Sorcery Strategy looks like. These same Masters then send the Teens off to War to Kill other Teens. They have hooked them on Drugs and Social Media and Poison their Air, Water, Food and Land. 

Is it any wonder why a Recent Poll of College Students admittingly support Socialism and for Banning Free Speech and Guns? This is why the USA has been Falling Apart and will. It is what one saw what was coming against the USA, Spiritually, Purposefully, Intentionally. A 5-Front, Full-on-Assault, 5th Generation War, Satanic to the core. The Links to the Charts and Articles are as follows, to dive-into the Historical References to realize how and why the World, but specifically, the ‘USA has arrived here’. Useless Eaters, Useful Idiots.

Plural form of Sorcery

Use of Supernatural Power over others through the Assistance of Spirits; witchcraft. The use of Supernatural Knowledge or Power gained, especially through the Connivance of Evil Spirits; Magic Art; Enchantment; Witchcraft; Spells; Charms.


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