Released July 2020: Sheepsong Productions

  • What are the visions about and relation to a 'dividing' of the USA?
  • Does the ouster of Trump signal a 'division' to be completed?
  • Is there a nefarious agenda behind the fall of the USA desired?

Transcribed by Luis B. Vega

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Rapture Dream 2020: I saw the RAPTURE along with #11. I saw America Collapse, War/Riots.

A 2020 Warning to America: urgent message to the Church. Based on a 2020 film ‘In God We Trusted’. Worship Leader Danielle Danz shares a Timeline of 3 Prophetic Dreams she believes GOD gave her in 2015, 2017, and 2019. The Dreams foretell Riots in Suburban Areas breaking out, America being destroyed through an Internal Civil War, and the Number 11 in reference to the Rapture of the Church. It would appear that Everything GOD revealed to Danielle over the last 5 Years is literally falling into place starting in the Year 2020 with Chilling Accuracy. While it is a Warning to the World, the Message of the Dreams is directed to the Weary Church in the Last Days.

There is a Silver-Lining, a Message of Hope to the Weary Remnant to, ‘Hold on just a bit longer’. It is because when these things are happening exactly as they are now, the Rapture is at the Door. Danz saw an American Civil War, Riots, and the Rapture. She was told in the Dream that Rapture had to do with the Number 11. Could this be an Extension to Dana Coverstone's dreams regarding November, the 11th Month of a Year? Danielle believes he was Witnessing Events during the 7-Year Tribulation, which has not yet begun. So, could Jesus have given Pastor Dana a Prophetic Warning to the World that Judgment is upon them? Did God give Danielle a Prophetic Word to the Church that those trusting in Christ would Transition not into Chaos, Disorder, and Judgment, but rather into the ‘Promised Land’, through the Rapture just prior to the Book of Revelation unfolding? She stated.

I really started to seek the LORD on the matter, and he showed me that not only are these 3 Dreams related to each other and connected but they are Prophetic. They are relevant and they are literally happening before our eyes in this Country now.

It was actually when my Parents were listening to Pastor JD Farag’s Prophecy Update a couple Weeks ago. And he talked about the Great American Flag that was torn and it was the World's Largest American Flag. And they called me up because they knew I had a dream in 2017 exactly about that. And they were like, you need to go watch this Section. And it was then that I really felt the LORD said you need to share these Dreams now, is the Time. What the LORD showed me next was Astonishing.

Where is all this heading? What is the Next Major Event on God's ‘Prophetic Time Clock’? Hands down, no doubt about it, the Rapture of the Church. In August of 2015, I had a Prophetic Dream that would lead to 2 more Prophetic Dreams one in 2017 and one in 2019. They appeared to ultimately be finding their fulfillment now. I had no idea that they were all connected because they were so far apart. But recently, the LORD gave me like a Fresh Revelation about these 3 Dreams and that they are not Individual, but Collective.

So, I have never really felt led to share publicly any Prophetic Dreams. I have had in the past but in light of the recent Events, the LORD has heavily impressed it on my Heart that he gave me these Dreams for a specific purpose. And that while they were meant to be kept Silent for a Season, now is the Time to speak them-out and share what He has shown me.

I am literally seeing the things the LORD has shown me through these dreams happening in our country this Year. Especially, and it is alarming, so the 1st dream I had was actually August 22, 2015. It was a dream where I was shown the United States Map and my Attention was brought to 2 Locations on the Map. The 1st location was on the East Coast, New York City and the 2nd location was on the West Coast, Washington. I could hear Revelation 18 being narrated in my Head. ‘Mystery Babylon Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the Great. She has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every Impure Spirit’.

And right before I woke up, I was told, ‘Psalm 75’. The next day, the LORD brought to my Memory the dream and the chapter I went to Psalm 75. And it is actually titled, ‘Do not Destroy’. Basically, some of the Bullet Points in that chapter, our GOD is addressing the proud Arrogant Wicked Nature of Man. And it is He who Judges interestingly in the Dream that I had the Night before regarding a location on the West and one on the East. To actually immerse in that chapter that says that ‘No one from the West nor the East shall Exalt themselves’. If I go to the next [2nd] Dream, which was actually in September of 2017, this time I was shown an American Flag.

The 1st thing I noticed was how Massive it was. I guess I compare it to the IMAX Theater Screen. As I am watching this Massive American Flag be elevated up into the Sky below, there is a Tarmac and a Massive Tarmac. It is full, like with Military Armed Vehicles and they looked like they were preparing for a War. But if this War was going to be waged on America, it was within our own Borders. As I am seeing this Flag being Elevated-Up, it is almost as if it is signifying the Boastfulness of a once Most Powerful Nation.

[Foreign Powers] attack us directly or our Allies because they know that is the path to ruin. But once it reached a high point, it quickly Divided abruptly into 3 Segments: Red, Blue and White. The Red shot over to one side and then the Blue to another. And as fast as it happened, the White shot-up and vanished in the Clouds. The 3rd dream I just had about 6 Months ago regarding Riots was in late 2019. And in the Dream, I was lying in bed with my Husband, and it was in our house that we are in now.

It was exactly like it is now. Every detail I could distinctly hear, Violent Protests and Rioting happening outside. But the interesting thing is I felt Complete Peace. I did not feel the need to get up and to try and Defend ourselves. And I just looked over at my Husband in the Dream and said, ‘I think this is it. I think the Rapture is about to happen’. I could feel it. I could sense it and then I had the Question of, are we Ready.

I do not know why I thought that because I know I am going to be before the LORD. But I really felt that it was the LORD showing me the Spiritual Condition of a lot of People not being Ready, for that Event, for the Rapture. The last thing in that 3rd Dream that was really Significant, was that my Father appeared in the Dream. And he has been a Pastor in all my Waking Life and so he spoke in a Dream saying, ‘No, this is not the Rapture’. But it is coming soon, and it has to do with the Number 11. I started seeking the LORD out about each one individually as they happened.

But I did not really have any Full Revelation as to what they met because they were years ahead of their fulfillment. And just this Year, the LORD stirred it up in my Heart to Connect the Dots. And has revealed to me the Connection of all 3 of them. And it is literally telling a Story right before my eyes. As I am watching the News, I am seeing what the LORD put on my Heart through these dreams happening. I did not put it together, that Washington was on the West and New York City was on the East the very next Morning Psalm 75 referenced, East, and West and Judgment coming. When I wrote this the next Day, as I was Praying about the LORD gave me this Word. He said to me and I typed this down.

‘Hear me all ye Zion and Inhabitants of the Earth. It is I who has a Controversy with the Land. I have kept Silent but Silent I shall no longer. Being that Man's Heart is on Evil continually and its Intentions have reached my ears. Out of my Mouth rose Thunder. I strike the Land with intent to Divide.’

So, obviously in 2015, I had no idea that there would ultimately be a Massive Divide in our nation coming on in 2020. And what I find really interesting is that these 2 areas that were pointed out to me in this dream. New York City just so happened to really be Ground Zero for COVID-19 which shut down our entire Nation. Our entire Economy [too] and is basically assuring this Nation goes into an Economic Collapse. Queens, New York is the worst and affected District in what is now the World's worst Infected City. The Doctors and Nurses do not know what it was. Now Biblically, I kid you not, COVID-19 is going to clobber the Global Economy.

The Closing Bell on Wall Street yesterday certainly sounded more like an Alarm. Investors were taking their Money and, ‘Running for the Hills’. The Dow plunged more than 1000 Points in a Single Day for only the 3rd Time in its History. On the other Coast, in Washington we know in Seattle that is really becoming ‘Ground Zero’ for the Race Wars and it is almost like a ‘Utopian’ being set-up within certain Blocks where it is becoming its Own Nation within a Nation over there. I find that interesting 5 Years ago, I dreamt that there would be Washington and New York City involved in some sort of major Judgment that would ultimately lead to and define. The Red went in one direction, the Blue into the other. It was like this Split. I was like a Nation Divided.

And then the White actually shot-up into the Clouds and Vanished. So, the next day as the LORD often does after a Prophetic Dream, He compelled me to dig a little bit deeper into the Interpretation of the Dream. So, the 1st thing that I was led to do was search out the Significance of the colors Biblically. I am always going to refer things to the Bible because we must view any type of Prophetic Words or Visions through the Lens of Scripture. I right away knew the White to represent the Bride of Christ during the Rapture that was very evident to me. But the Red and a Blue, I assumed, was representing a Divide between 2 Parties in this Country.

And I think in some sense, that is True because we do see a huge Divide going on in our Nation between Republican and Democratic. We know that in the last 4 Years, we have seen it even that much more intensely. But what really struck me was in the last few Days, as I was preparing my Heart for this video, the LORD showed me that there is actually a Secondary Meaning to those Colors pertaining to why I was given that dream. The Royal Blue and the Flag actually can signify Revelation and Authority. The Red can signify Fire and War. So, what the LORD spoke into my Heart was that this Dream actually was representing the Main Event that would ultimately usher in the Book of Revelation. And it would be a Raging War like Fire spreading on Authority.

This is exactly what we are witnessing Today. We are seeing Violent Riots literally burning Down Cities and they are attacking our Nation's 1st Line of defense and the Police ultimately. It is a War on Authority that is going on right now. But it was not until about a Week and a half ago while I was watching Pastor JD Farag in his weekly Prophecy Update. He shared a clip from the actual Flag that was ripped into 2 Parts. It was Divided because of a Storm. We call it the World's Tallest Symbol of Freedom. So, imagine the shock last night when the American Flag was torn? By far, the most damaged I have ever seen was one of our Flags. It had never seen anything like it.

 And just so happened that this Flag was the World's largest American Free-Flying Flag? So, of course I just about fell out of my chair, thinking this is pretty incredible. This Dream I had in 2017 about this American Flag that was Massive in size, Rising Up and Dividing. I am watching an illustration of it on the News just a Week and a half ago. Here I had no Previous Knowledge of an American Flag that large being flown and that it would in the Air, Split and Divide. At the same Time, as there was below some form of Civil War being prepped in our Nation in this Dream 2 Years prior to what is happening now.

I wanted to know what the Number 11 meant and why I had dreamt about it in the Context of Rioting outside and the Rapture coming soon. When I woke-up from that Dream the next morning, the LORD placed on my Heart again to look up the Number 11 not in worldly terms but in Biblical Terms. We know that the LORD uses Numbers. They are very Significant to Him. Through Scripture, the Number 11 is a very Interesting Number. I did not know until I started Researching, but the Number 11 typically, Biblically means ‘Chaos Disorder and Judgment’. That would make sense with Rioting and everything taking place that there would be Chaos and Disorder.

 Obviously, at the Time of the Dream, there was no Rioting going on, so it was definitely something that was a Future Tense. But what I actually found really interesting was I found a Secondary Meaning. On a Biblical Level, to this Number in addition to its meaning, ‘Chaos and Disorder and Judgment’, it can actually mean a ‘Transition’ into something New. It was actually in Deuteronomy 11:11 when it was Announced, that the Israelites entered into the Promised Land. The Lord ‘Blew my Mind’ on this as I was getting ready to do this video, that there is a Parallel that while a Christ-Rejecting World is about to enter into a ‘Transitional Period’ of Something New that involves Chaos, Disorder and ultimately God's Wrath and judgment will Parallel to them.

At the same Time, GOD's People who put their Trust in the LORD while here, are going to be ‘Transitioned’ into the ‘Promised Land’. I just really had this kind of Light-Bulb Moment, where I realized what the LORD was saying, that the Number 11 in this Dream, as there was Rioting and Protests going on outside of my home. That I would sense the Rapture was that close but, 1st there would be ‘Chaos and Disorder’ but at the same time look-up, because those that are putting their Trust in Christ are going to Transition into the Promised Land through the Rapture.

The LORD really impressed me that these 3 Dreams are telling a Story, that the 1st Dream was to point-out that Washington and New York City were simultaneously going to be ‘Ground Zeroes’. That would ultimately lead to the Collapse of a once most Exalted and Proud Nation. That considering that Ground Zero for COVID-19 happens to be New York City and Ground Zero for this Race War happened to be in Washington. We partner that with the 2nd Dream that depicts a Nation Divided against itself and the Flag Dividing it seems to be ushering in Civil War within our Nation. The Final Dream that clearly indicates that there will be Riots in Suburban Areas. And at the Time when we would see this happening, we would ultimately see the Rapture find its fulfillment.

The World would be ushered into Judgment, Chaos and Disorder, while those that put their trust in Christ would be ushered into the Promised Land. Any of us that have been watching Bible Prophecy and studying Scripture regarding Eschatology and End Times know that this is different. That this Time, we are in is Different because it is all, both Small and Great, Rich and Poor, Free and Slave to receive a Mark in their Right Hand or in their Foreheads. He will Self-Magnify himself above all. In that State, shall he Honor the God of Forces and a God whom his Father knew not. And the 10 Horns which thou saw are 10 Kings who have received no Kingdom as of yet.

But [will] receive Power as Kings for 1 Hour with the Beast. And the 3rd Angel sounded and there fell a Great Star from Heaven, burning as it were allowed. And the Name of the Star is called Wormwood. And many Men died of the Waters because they were made Bitter. And under the Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans write, I know the Works that thou art neither Cold nor Hot. I would thou wert Cold or so then because thou art Lukewarm and neither Cold nor Hot, I will spew thee out of my Mouth. Because sayest, I am Rich and increased with Goods and need of Nothing. And knows not that thou art Wretched and Miserable, Poor, Blind, and Naked. And he shall Confirm the Covenant with Many for 1 Week.

In the Midst of the Week, he shall cause the Sacrifice and the Oblation to Cease. Satan's Face is against GOD and the Land to make all Prophecies come against it. Let us say, thus saith the LORD GOD. Behold, I am against the Oh Gog, the Chief Prince of Meshach and Tubal. And I will turn him back and put Hooks into their Jaws. And I will bring thee forth. If I shut-up Heaven that there be no Rain, or if I command the Locusts to devour the Land or if I send a Pestilence among my People. If my People, who are called by my Name, Humble themselves and Pray and Seek my Face and turn from their Wicked Ways, then will I Hear from Heaven and will Forgive their Sin.

This is not a drill, this is not a drill to a GOD-Rejecting World, GOD's Judgment, Chaos and Disorder are coming. And in some ways, we are already beginning to see the Foreshadowing of them now. But those that have put their Trust in Christ and are looking for His soon Return. We Are going to be Transitioning not into Chaos, Disorder, and judgment but rather transitioning into the Promised Land. So, I really questioned because I grew up the Pastor's Daughter in the Church. Both my parents loved the Word of GOD and love Bible Prophecy. So, I was versed at a Young Age with the words, the Rapture of the Church and End Times.

It was just something that I grew to Understand pretty quickly in Life. But I kind of went my own way in my late teens and I spent a good Decade just kind of like one of the ones among the 99 who had run away. Then GOD came and reignited a Fire in my Heart for Him. And I have not looked back since. And over the last 10 Years, the LORD has been speaking into my Life; Night Visions and Revelations and Visions. And we know in the Book of Joel that is something that is prominent in the Last Days.

But I did not know why I was given these Significant Visions and Prophetic Words from the LORD when I do not really have a Platform to share them on. And I do not know the answer to that. And it is really not for me to know, to Question GOD as the Word says, who am I. I am the Clay. Am I going to Question the Potter? He has made me that way. I do not know why I had these Dreams and these Revelations and why they are literally happening before my Eyes. But I do know the LORD put it on my Heart to share these things. And I do not know who you are out there that needs to hear this. But at the End of the Day, what it boils down to is that the LORD is about to Judge a GOD-Rejecting World. And His People are not Appointed unto Wrath.

He Loves you. If you have not put your Trust in Him, this World is like a Sinking Ship. It is Quicksand. It is not a Solid Rock and there is only 1 Lifeboat that can get you off of this Sinking Ship before it goes down, and His name is Jesus Christ. Once the Ship goes down, there is going to be no Lifeboat that can offer you any Value, because you will already be in the Raging Waters. So, take it seriously. Pray about it. And the LORD will reveal Himself to you. God Bless. Enter ye in at the Strait Gate. But wide is the Gate and broad is the Way that leadeth to Destruction and many there be which go in there. Because Strait is the Gate and narrow is the Way which leadeth unto Life and few there be that find it.


SheepSong Ministries
July 10, 2020



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