Real Time with Bill Maher

  • What is the Rationale for Left in West to support Hamas? 
  • Is there a 'Greater War' going on against the Jews?
  • What does a Classic Liberal have to say about Liberals?

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‘Likewise, the Men abandoned Natural Relations with Women and Burned with Lust for one another. Men committed Indecent Acts with other Men and received in themselves the due Penalty for their Error. Furthermore, since they did not see fit to Acknowledge GOD, He gave them up to a Depraved Mind, to do what ought not to be done. They have become filled with every kind of Wickedness, Evil, Greed, and Depravity. They are full of Envy, Murder, Strife, Deceit, and Malice’. -Romans 1-27-29

The following is a very insightful Monologue given by Political Pundit and Comedian, Bill Maher. He hosts the HBO Show, ‘Time with Bill Maher’. He would be considered a ‘Classical Liberal’ that by Definition, are or were the Champions of Western Liberal Notions of Civil Liberties. Such Liberties and Rights, being ‘Alienable’ or coming from Natural Law, not Governments, are the Freedom of Speech, of Assembly, to Bear Arms, Freedom of Religion, Trial by Jury, etc. It is actually what the U.S. Bill of Rights embodies. It was Born out of the Enlightenment that most Historians would argue was based on Christianity.

However, the Hamas War of October 7, 2023 has disclosed how the Liberals, mainly in the West and in the entire World, have supported Hamas against Israel. And? Most Western Liberals either fail to realize or are Naïve about what Hamas actually stands for. It is directly opposed and antithetical to such Liberal Ideals. One only has to look and read the Hamas Charter to realize that all that the Woke Mobs espouse would be Banned, Censored, Imprisoned or Killed for wanting such Civil Liberties.

It is rather Ironic that Israel is the only semblance of a True Democracy where it should have been the case that Western Liberals ought to be supporting. As it has been mentioned in the Monologue, ‘We need more Israels in the Middle East’. But what does one expect in the West that for 40 Years at least, the Institution that has produced this Warped Woke Mentality of Insanity has produced. When Political Correctness, Identity Politics, Gender and Equity Studies has usurped Education for Indoctrination, it is what has now resulted in a Generation that denies Science and Basic Biology.

It has lost its Mind. This is now a National Debate in the West, when it comes to Gender and Sex but demands it when taking the Life on an Unborn or required Mask -Wearing and Mandated COVID Shots into one’s Body, for example. It is truly sad to see the Generation Z and Y marching and Defending a Terrorist Group, as Hamas that espouses Genocide of a whole Racial Group and the complete Subjection of Woman and Men under the fusion of Mosque and State. They are supporting their ‘Jihad’.

Why is it that every other Culture gets a Pass, but Western Civilization is exclusively the Sum of the Worst Things it is ever done? And finally, New Rule. For all the Progressives and Academics who refer to Israel as an ‘Outpost’ of Western Civilization like it is a Bad Thing, please note. Western Civilization is what gave the World pretty much every God-Damn Liberal Precept that Liberals are supposed to Adore: Individual Liberty, Scientific Inquiry, Rule of Law, Religious Freedom, Women's Rights, Human Rights, Democracy, Trial by Jury, Freedom of Speech. Please, somebody stop us before we Enlighten again. And since one can find all these Concepts in today's Israel and virtually nowhere else in the Middle East, if anything, the world would be a better place if it had more Israels.

Of course, this Message falls on Deaf Ears to the current Crop who reduce everything to being only ‘Victims’ or ‘Victimizers’. So, Israel is lumped in as the ‘Toxic Fruit’ of the ‘Victimizing West’. The Irony being, that all Marginalized People live better Today because of Western Ideals, not in spite of them. Martin Luther King used Henry David Thoreau's Essay, ‘Civil Disobedience’, to help shape the Civil Rights Movement. The UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights owes its Core to Rousseau and Voltaire. Cleisthenes [Father of Athenian Democracy.] never showed-up for a Sexual Harassment Seminar. But without him, there is no Democracy.

The Cop who Murdered George Floyd got 21 Years for violating his 4rth Amendment Rights, an Idea we got directly from John Locke, who no one in College would ever study anymore because he is so Old, and so White, and so Dead. So Western. Yes, that is how simple the Woke are. It is never about Ideas. If it was, would they be Cheering-On Hamas for their Liberation? Liberation? To do what? More freely preside over a Country where there are no Laws against Sexual Harassment, Spousal Rape, Domestic Violence, Homophobia, Honor Killings, or Child Marriage. This is who Liberals think you should Stand with?

Women there should be so lucky as to get ‘Colonized’ by anybody else. And for the Record, the Jews did not ‘Colonize’ Israel or anywhere ever, -except maybe Boca Raton.  Gaza was not ‘Seized’ by Israel, like India or Kenya was by the British Empire. And the Partitioning of the region was not decided by Jews, but by a Vote of the United Nations in 1947, with everyone from Russia to Haiti Voting for it. But apparently, they do not Teach this at Drag Queen Story Hour anymore.

Now... It is True that for too long, we did not study enough Asian, or African, or Latin American History. But part of the Reason for that is, frankly, there is not as much to study. Colleges replaced Courses in Western Civ-- Boo! (Eyeroll), with Dead White Men. Am I Right? They Replaced that with World Civilization Classes, which is fine in Theory. But what it meant in practice is, you read ‘Queer Poetry of the African Diaspora’ instead of Shakespeare. And I am sure there is value in both.

But as usual, America only ever ‘Overcorrects’, and so we are at this place now where the Words ‘Western Civ’ became kind of a shorthand for ‘White People Ruined Everything’. But they did not ruin everything. No, they did not live-up to their own Ideals for far too long and committed Atrocities. But People back then were all Atrocious, not just the White ones, depending on who had the Power. But it was the Western Enlightenment that gave Rise to the Notion that the ‘Law of the Jungle’ should be curbed. Henry David Thoreau, John Stuart Mill, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 3-Named Dudes.

It was all about 3-Named Dudes. 3-Named Dudes like that were the OG Social Justice Warriors. The Ideas that came through Athens, Rome, London, Paris, and yes, Philadelphia, are what make Life ‘Good’ for most People in Free Societies Today. That the Individuals have Value, and even the Powers-That-Be must Submit to the Rule of Law. That Punishment should not be Cruel and Unusual. The accused get a Trial. That there is such a thing as a War Crime. Why is it that every other Culture gets a Pass, but the West is exclusively the Sum of the Worst Things it has ever done?

You think only White People Colonized? Historians estimate that the very Non-Western -Mr. Genghis Khan......killed 40 Million People, and that was in the 13th Century. He single-handedly may have reduced the World's Population by 11%. On the other Hand... he kind of made-up for it because he was such a ‘Prolific Colonizer of Vaginas’... ...that Today, an estimated 16 Million People are his Direct Descendants. So, stop saying ‘Western Civilization’ like it is a Contradiction in Terms. It is not. You are thinking of Moderate Republican.


For all the efforts and Demonstrations to separate Church and State and emancipate Women as Men are Emasculated, this Last Generation before the Rapture and End of the Church Age has shown just how Confused it has become. And of course, all be Design. Good is Bad, Bad is Good. Right is Wrong, Wrong is Right. Men are Women and Women are Men. Hamas is Good, Israel is Evil. Evil is Israel, etc. The following is a comparison of what the Woke and Liberal West is standing for when they are supporting Hamas. It is foremost a Religious Agenda and one based on Genocide of the Jews. So much for the ‘Religions of Peace and Tolerance’. You are being Fooled. The Woke and Liberals in the West are willfully being Ignorant of Jewish and Biblical History. 

-Honor Killings
-Child Marriage
-Cruel and Unusual Punishment
-No Democracy
-No Individual Liberty
-No Scientific Inquiry
-No Religious Freedom
-No Women's Rights
-No Freedom of Press
-No Freedom of Speech

-Human Rights
-Scientific Inquiry
-Trial by Jury
-No Cruel and Unusual Punishment
-Individual Liberty
-Religious Freedom
-Rule of Law
-Women's Rights,
-Freedom of Press
-Freedom of Speech

It is about a Reprobate Mind
It is no wonder why the Bible warns that in the Last Days, the Last Generation would lose their Minds. That they would be given over to a Reprobate Mind. This is now plainly seen in how the Liberals of the ‘Woke’ West have rather chosen and sided with the Terrorists, that given the case, Hamas would and will Genocide them as they seek to do that with the Jews. But this is the End-Result of what happens when Humanity is given over to a Reprobate Mind. Logic, Reason, Common Sense and Reality are suppressed. The Truth is Suppressed as that is what the Book of Romans in the Bible brings out.

It is the Things that are Self-Evident that are True that are replaced by Falsity and not based on Reality. Humanity is Sick and desperately needs a Savior. His Name is Jesus. He is the one that can restore a Reprobate Mind. Consider the Gadarene Demoniac. As the Man was Destitute, Naked and Harming himself, unable to be contained even in Chains, he could only be Released with an Encounter with Jesus. It is because Jesus came to Earth, from Heaven on a Rescue Mission to Restore Humanity, fully….Spirit, Soul and Body, and in that Order.

The Legion of Demons that Possessed this Man epitomizes the Spiritual Condition of Humanity. And sadly, the Last Iteration of the Church Age before it comes to an abrupt Conclusion with the Rapture. That too is a Condition in which the Body of Believers are Blind, Poor and Naked. Worse, is that they have ‘Voted’ Jesus out of the Congregation as they Rule by ‘Democracy’. And what has replaced the Banner of Love? What has replaced the Headship of Jesus? It is the Rainbow Flag and Doctrines of Demons, where whole congregations are led by either Jezebels on 1 Hand or Nicolaitans on the other. But it is only through a genuine Encounter with Jesus, coming to Jesus and Surrendering All, that one can be fully Restored of a Reprobate Mind. 


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