There is only 1 Place in the entire World

named ‘Rapture’. Can one guess where

that is found?

by Luis B. Vega
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The ‘Rapture’ will take place in the USA! This is of course if one believed that the Rapture Event would have coincided with such a Celestial Sign as the Last and 3rd Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024. Now that Date coincided with Nisan 1, the 1st Month of the Religious New Year of the Bible. It appeared to have been ‘Bracketed’ by the 1st Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 that began on the Jewish Calendar of Elul 1, exactly 6.66 Years earlier.

That 1st Great American Eclipse started the 40-Day ‘Season of Repentance'. That Time-Frame is also called the ‘Days of Awe’, etc. So, will the Biblical Rapture of the Followers and Believers of Jesus that constitutes the Bride of Christ be Separated, Divided and Extracted from Earth on such a Day? Not sure but consider the following ‘Sign of the Rapture that one is more convinced is interwoven in the 3 Eclipses. There is only 1 Place in the entire World named ‘Rapture’ that can be found in only 1 Country.

= Rapture, Indiana USA LAT: 40.565550  LONG: -79.859140

So, on the Nisan 1 New Year of April 8, 2024, the Last and 3rd Great American Eclipse passed over the only Place in the entire World, named Rapture, Indiana. And? It was very interesting to note the Time and Place then. The Solar Eclipse started in this area, which occurred in the Constellation of Pisces, its Apex Phase, when considering the Ground Distance from Texas to Maine. Nonetheless, one took this ‘Coincidence’ as a possible Rapture Sign in its own Right. One has argued that the 3 Great American Eclipse are tied to the Rapture Event. How so? Consider the following ‘Rapture Signs.

1st Great American Eclipse

The Eclipse occurred 33 Days out from the Revelation 12 Sign. And that Great Sign, Astronomically depicted a Rapture Event. In that case, it was Astronomically depicting the ‘Harpazo’ of the Man-Child that was Snatched-Up to the Throne of YHVH, from the Harm intended by the Red Dragon, etc.

2nd Great American Eclipse

This Eclipse had the Connection to Corpus Christi, Texas, the Body of Christ. It occurred Astronomically in the Constellation of Virgo in her ‘Hand’. It was an Annular Type of Eclipse. Meaning that it looked like a Wedding Ring being placed in her ‘Hand’, etc. That was where the Eclipse exited-out or as in, the Body of Christ in Latin, got Raptured-Out.

3rd Great American Eclipse

Now this Last Eclipse reached its Apex, in terms of Distance from Texas to Maine, as it Passed approximately over the exact Spot, the only Place in the entire World named ‘Rapture’. The halfway Distance of that 1861 Nautical Miles from Texas to Maine is 930 Nautical Miles. That is 30 Nautical Miles from Nineveh, Indiana. 


Furthermore, according to the Website GeoTargit, there are 7 Nineveh’s in the Continental USA. And there is 1 ‘Jonah’ in Texas that is also in the Path of the Moon’s Shadow on the Day of the Last Great American Eclipse. Again, many have seen the Biblical Inferences to Divine Judgment as of the likes of Ancient Egypt and Nineveh. One made an Assessment of the Nineveh Connection in the following Article that also has an interesting Civil War inference, all the same and just as Daunting and Dire...if it comes to pass.


Omens of National Judgments

So, as to Revelation 12 Sign Innuendos? Take for example, the Abraham Accord Day Count and how it was even tied to the 3rd Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024. It was broadcasting, not only a Division and Civil War Connotation for the USA, but for Israel as well. How So? Note how the Revelation 12 Sign was so intertwined with the Abraham Accords and the Abrahamic Houses of Worship.

In the 1st place, the actual Public and Official Announcement of the Abraham Accords occurred at the Oval Office on August 13, 2020. It was then noted that if one used the Numerical Factor of 1335 Days, given in Daniel, and one added that to that Date, the End Date is April 8, 2024. This was Nisan 1, the Religious Jewish New Year. This was the eve of the Total Solar Eclipse that marked the ‘X’ over the Continental USA. And?

August 13, 2020 Announcement + 1335 Days of Daniel Prophecy = April 8, 2024
3rd Great American Eclipse on Nisan 1

The prior Great American Eclipse occurred on August 23, 2017, just 33 Days prior to the Great Sign of Revelation 12 that appeared Astronomically. It is speculated that such a Sign has heralded the coming Rapture Event and closure of the Church Age. One is of the belief that the Revelation 12 Sign involves a Day Count that was incorporated in its very ‘DNA’ of 1260 Days. That Day corresponded to March 6, 2021.

 That is when the Pope went to Abraham’s House, literally at Ancient Ur of the Chaldees in Iraq to further solidify the Abrahamic House Pact with the Muslims that he met there. Thus, the Abraham Accords has laid the Ecumenical Foundation for the coming AntiChrist Religion once the Rapture Event occurs to close-out the Church Age. And the 3 Great American Eclipses, interwoven with the Revelation 12 Sign had ‘Signaled’ the Pending Rapture Event.



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7 Nineveh’s of the Great American Eclipse – April 8, 2024



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