Astronomical Sign Suggesting a ‘Turning Point’

  • What is the 'Sign of the Bear' and why is it important?
  • Are there Correlations to Russia and the Body of Christ?
  • What does this Sign suggest or Prophetically mean?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Can you bind the Chains of the Pleiades or loosen the Belt of Orion? Can you bring forth the Constellations in their Seasons or lead-out the Bear and her Cubs?' -Job 9:9; 38:32

The purpose of this study is to ascertain some Astronomical and Biblical Correlations of the 1st Image of a Star HD 84406 taken by the James Webb Telescope, which occurred in the Constellation of Ursa Major, or the Bear. There appears to be some unique Nuances as to the meaning of the Bear Motif in Ursa Major. There will be a Geo-Political Correlation that can be inferred, given the Russian Bear’s War with the Ukraine. There will be a Prophetic Correlation, if such a Bear Motif is a Sign to be given at this Point in Time. It could be plausible to Correlate the Motif to the Body of Christ based on what the Bear Motif signifies. It appears to have a Message of a coming ‘Turning’ Point.

Is this Bear Motif an Astronomical Sign of the Last Days, that the End of the Church Age is indeed about to ‘Turn’ as with the Rapture perhaps? Was it by Divine Providence, or Happenstance that this Star HD 84406 in Ursa Major was chosen to Calibrate the James Webb Telescope? It was launched on December 25, 2021. This High Tech 10 Billion Dollar Telescope reached its Orbital Destination and began its Calibration of its Mirrors in mid-March of 2022. The 1st Star chosen for this process is called HD 84406. It is in the ‘Neck’ area of the Big Dipper or the Bear Constellation known as Ursa Major.

Before the Geo-Political and Prophetic Correlations are considered, an Astronomical Background will be given for context. It will also be based on the Biblical Interpretation of the Constellation from the Work of E.W. Bullinger. If such a ‘Turning’ and ‘Gathering’ event is timely, then it is a Confirming Sign to the Body of Christ of just how close its Departure is. This is, if the Motif is a Sign, as it appears relevant to Corresponding Events on Earth. Why could this Bear Motif be of any Geo-Political or Prophetic Significance? Consider that, at most Historical Junctions in Time, like this 1st Image of the Star is such an event, that is very significant, if one has ‘Eyes’ to see, perhaps

First, consider that according to Research and the latest Posts from NASA, the James Webb Telescope is needing to search for Photons to Calibrate its Mirrors. It is said that it will be taking about 90 Days to complete. The reasons why NASA chose this Star in Ursa Major is as follows. Since the Telescope will operate in the Infrared Spectrum, they needed a Giant Red Star to ‘Test’ it. Ursa Major was also in the proximity of the Telescope’s Orbit, relatively speaking. Another Key Reason was that the Star was rather isolated in this Region of Space and thus ideal for not having any ‘Distracting’ Lights affect the Calibration that required prolonged periods of Time in Focusing.

A Time to Calibrate
Now, could this Bear Motif be insinuating also a Spiritual Calibration in the works? For those familiar with End Times and Patterns found in the Bible, is it not what this is occurring to the Bride of Christ? What? A collectively ‘Calibration’ in the making? What is a Calibration? It is by Definition the following. And one will see how it corresponds perhaps to what Jesus is doing in this precise Place and Time, concerning the Bride of Christ. And that it could be a Sign. With respect to what? The Rapture.

Transitive Verb

The Process whereby to Check, Adjust, or Determine by Comparison with a Standard the Graduations of a Quantitative Measuring Instrument. To make Corrections in; Adjust. To Adjust a Display Setting so that Recorded Images are Accurately Reproduced.

Or in other words, is not Jesus, the Standard of the Church, the Focal Point? Is He not what the Body of Believers are being Compared to, Adjusted, Checked, by Comparison and Assessing the various ‘Graduations’ as the Bride is making herself Ready for the soon Appearing and Rendezvous with her Groom? Are not the Follower and Believer of Jesus constantly having to ‘Adjust’ one’s Thoughts and to Reflect the Image of Jesus, so as to have Him be ‘Accurately Reproduced’, from ‘Glory to Glory?

Consider now that from this point forward, all the Stars in the Cosmos will have been ‘Calibrated’ to the Light or Photons of this particular Star, HD 84406 in the Big Bear Constellation. And what does that mean, Prophetically or Biblically, if at all? Lots. The Focus is Jesus. And why one is writing about it is because one believes it is a Corresponding Sign to the Flock, the Body of Church in what it means and represents. Jesus is making the last Finishing Touches, Alignments or ‘Calibrations’ perhaps.

Consider the Biblical Nuances that the Big Dipper or the She-Bear has and is and is ‘Saying’ Prophetically then at this Point in Time. According to Bible Scholars who have studied the Stars, like E.W. Bullinger, such Constellations are Sign Posts, like Bill-Boards that are announcing a Message, at a particular Place and Time on the Ecliptic. This is corroborated Biblically in how David in the Psalms speaks of this Line as a Dance, a Choreographed Array of Scenes as if from a Play or Opera. Then the Apostle Paul speaks of how the Astronomical Array of Stars is a Witness, a ‘Silent’ one of the Redemptive Plan of Christ.

So much so, that he declares and warns that all of Humanity is without Excuse of not knowing of such a Plan displayed in the Stars as Signs. One may not have realized but Ursa Major, the Big Bear is one of the few Star Constellations that are mentioned in the Bible. It is in Job 9:9 and 38:32. The other Constellations are Orion and the Pleiades. It is rather unique that despite differing Civilizations and Millenia that spanned Continents and Oceans, all Societies considered this Star Cluster to be a Female Bear. The Constellation is visualized as having a core, ‘Square' Body and a Chain of Stars that forms a ‘Handle’. This construes a long Tail. However, Bears do not have Long Tails.

Star of Military ‘Bad Luck’
The Long Tail is thought of and depicted, in some Ancient Renditions, as the Cubs that follow the Mama Bear, etc. Also consider that the Bear Motif is one in which it is being Hunted. In pure Astronomical Terms, Ursa Major is known as the Great Bear. It is a Constellation in the Northern Sky. It is the 3rd largest Constellation in the Sky. It is associated with nearby Ursa Minor, the corresponding Lesser Bear. Its 2 Main Stars in the front of the Bear Motif, named Dubhe and Merak are used as Navigational Pointer to where the Northern Pole Star, Polaris is at currently. Polaris configures the Terminal Point of the Tail in Ursa Minor. Interestingly, Ursa Major is situated in-between Draco and Leo, as if in a contest of competing attractions of who will get the ‘Flock’

In Ancient Times, the Name of the Constellation was Helike, which means ‘A Turning’. This is because it is the Sign that entirely ‘Turns’ around the Celestial Pole. What is significant about this Bear Motif, is that to the Ancient Native Americans, the Hindus and other Civilizations, the depiction of this Turning produced a Swastika Motif. It corresponded to the 4 Points reached at the Solstices and Equinoxes. And thus, a Sacred Signet depicting ‘Time’, etc. Now in terms of its Entomological Significance, Ursa Major was and is considered a Type of a corresponding ‘Pleiades’ of the Northern Hemisphere or Sky. It has 7 Main Stars that to the Ancients, were considered the Seven Sages. For example, in China, these 7 Stars of Ursa Major were known as the following.

RANK              STAR              MEANING                   ORDER
1                      Dubhe             = Pivot                         Alpha  
2                      Merak             = Beautiful Jade          Beta
3                      Phecda           = Pearl                        Gamma
4                      Megrez           = Balance                    Delta
5                      Alioth             = Measuring Rod        Epsilon
6                      Mizar              = Yang Opening         Zeta
7                      Alkaid             = Flickering Light        Eta

In the Orient, the Star Alkaid was also considered the ‘Star of Military Defeat’. Why? It was and is because those Traveling in the Star’s Direction was regarded as ‘Bad Luck’ for an Invading Army. This is according to Bansenshukai, a Ninja Master. And here is 1 of the Geo-Political Correlations of how the Bear Motif, that being Russia has had ‘Bad Luck’ as the Invading Army going into the Ukraine. Putin should have known better. The following will be Facts specifically pertinent to the Star, HD 84406. The Star also has a designated Catalog Name of HIP 48034, which is the Reference Name for the Star. The ID or Identification HD 84406 Star Name comes from the Henry Draper Catalogue.

How far is it from Earth? If one were to go as fast as the Speed of Light, it would take around 240 Years or 74.13 Parsecs or roughly 15,290,303.54 Astronomical Units to get there.   Based on the Spectral Type (G5) of the Star, its Color is Yellow. As noted, it is located in the back of the ‘Head’ of the Bear, Ursa Major Motif. To determine the Location of Stars in the Cosmos or any other Celestial Object, one has to measure where it is in reference to the Celestial Equator. Celestial Locations are determined by the Terms, Right Ascension (R.A.) and a Declination (Dec.). These construe Imaginary Lines in Space, similar to those used as Longitude and Latitude on Earth.

Caught in the Cross Fire
The Right Ascension is how far expressed in Time (Hh:Mm:Ss), a Star is from the Celestial Equator. For example, if the R.A., is Positive, then it is Eastwards. The Declination is how far North or South a Star is compared to the Celestial Equator and is expressed in Degrees. For the Star, HD 84406 in Ursa Major, its Location is 09h 47m 30.71 and +63° 14` 53.3, which is situated just behind the Head of the Bear Motif. It is estimated that the Surface Temperature of the Star is in the order of between 5,000-6,000K. HD 84406 has a Luminosity of 10.55 and a 6.94 Measure of Brightness.

It has been calculated to be an estimated 3.69 times larger than that of the Sun. The Sun’s Diameter is 865,000 Miles or 1.39 Million Kilometers. Thus, the Star's Diameter is an estimated 3,200,000 Miles wide. Now, with all is as Astronomical Context and Backdrop, one can then ascertain the possible Geo-Political and Biblical inferences, one wishes to present based on the ‘Bear’ Motif. First will be the Geo-Political nature of how it so happened that the 1st Star the High Tech Telescope captured was of the Star in Ursa Major, the Bear, the Motif of Russia. As the Russia-Ukraine War started on the heels of February 22, 2022 or a 2-22-22 Mile Stone, it signaled that the Bear would be engaged in a War that would be ‘Bad Luck’ for Russia. And that is what is happening.

A swift and decisive Victory over Kyiv did not materialize. Moreover, one is of the opinion that this War Campaign is designed as COVID 2.0. It is the same Game Plan. The Mass Media has been drafted, once again to propagate a Prevailing Narrative. It has propped-up the ‘Champion’ and Underdog Zelensky. It is Vilifying Putin and Russia. Why? Russia and Putin, like the USA and Trump, have to be taken out of the way. They are Populist and the Stage is being set for the Reset that is preparing for a ‘Greater Zelensky’ Savior of the World that will bring in Peace and Security. This Orchestrated War is making headway for Europe and the World to galvanize around their New Order, and New Leader, which dissolves any notion of Nationalism or Regional Competition.

One believes that this War Campaign is a Foreshadowing and Rehearsal for the eventual Invasion of Israel, by Russia’s Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel 38-39. It is, however, horrible for the Innocent People of the Ukraine, caught in the Cross Fire that are only defending their Property, Families and Livelihood. But this ‘Turning Point’ is just the next Phase of the Globalist Agenda to further their push to the 4th Industrial Revolution and New World Order. Do not be fooled, the Enemy is also presently conducting a ‘Calibration’ of their own. Through War and Rumors of War, Pestilences, Famine to come, Mass Migration of Millions of People, all according to their Plan.

Consider how the Millions of Refugees are now being Bio-Metrically Scanned and needing to be ‘Vaccinated’ with the COVID-19 Shots to immigrate. The deliberate demolishing of Nations, in this case literally of the Ukraine is just part of the Agenda to Rebirth the World from its Ashes, out of the Chaos they themselves have orchestrated. The situation in the Ukraine is very complicated and unique. Zelensky was appointed by the Globalists and has been fighting the Break-Away Republics in the East ever since 2014. You have Ukrainian Nazi’s in the West and now Russia is utilizing Muslim Troops from Syria and Chechnya, as some Reports have stated. It is a Dichotomy.

Flickering Lights of the Flock
Then the next possible Prophetic inference is how the Bear Motif of Ursa Major is akin to the Pleiades in so much as the Motif is reminiscent of the 7 Churches of Asia. It is of a Lampstand, of ‘Flickering Lights’, of a Flock that speaks of the Body of Christ. It is in contrast to the Little Dipper that corresponds to Israel. How so? Consider that if one believes in the Gap Theory, there was a Creation before Adam. And based on Astronomical Renditions, the North Star or from where all other Stars in the Cosmos revolved around, was the Star Vega in the Constellation of Lyra. Due to the Precession of the Equinoxes, this North Star moved to Thuban in the Constellation of Draco.

It then moved to where it is now, in Polaris in the Constellation of the Little Dipper. Meaning? Currently, in terms of Prophetic Time, the Universe really is now coming to an ‘End’. Presently, on Earth, this ‘Polaris’ is now centered around Israel. This ‘Turning’ ‘Revolves’ around a Land Covenant on Earth and a Birth Right of Inheritance. Of what? Everything. It is of inheriting all that GOD the Son has and is. Jesus. And that in Jesus, All Things are Centered-on and Revolve-around. He is the ‘Polaris’, etc. Jesus is like the Star HD 84406 that the James Webb Telescope Found, Centered and Focused all its Mirrors on to reflect its Light and construct the best and sharpest Image possible.

This is exactly what the Bride of Christ is to be doing, Focusing on Jesus, and Aligning, ‘Calibrating’ all of one’s ‘Mirrors’ to Reflect the Glory of Jesus. And perhaps this Bear Motif, now coming to Light, is a Cosmic Sign to the Church, that a ‘Turning Point’ has been reached or is about to. A Turning Point to what? It is to be a Turning back to the Time of the Prophetic Times of Ancient Israel. It deals with finishing-up the Last Week of Daniel as YHVH ‘Turns’ back to the Dispensation of Israel ‘Time’. And that the course of the Cosmic Story will be terminated at this Juncture when Jesus returns to Israel. What does this mean then for the Body of Christ, the Church? The Rapture?

One would argue that the Astronomical event of having the James Webb Telescope capture the 1st Image of the Star in Ursa Major is a Sign, that as Ursa Major Bear Motif represents then the Body of Christ, although ‘Hunted’ and in contention in-between the Dragon and the Lion, it is soon to experience a ‘Turning’ over because of it. Meaning? That perhaps the Sign is alluding to the nearness of the Rapture event, which will be a Turning Point as the Church Age Ends. Then the Reset, that even the Luciferian Globalists are espousing, is soon to take place. Could it be then in this precise Year? But the point is that this Bear Motif appears to have been given at this Point and Time.

This is thanks to the Correlation one is suggesting has been because of the 1st Image captured by the James Webb Telescope. Coincide? Is the Sign of the Bear pertinent to what is happening Geo-Politically in Russia, the ‘Bear’? How it went into the Ukraine, having Bad Luck. Will it be severely humbled due to all the Sanctions and having the World United against 1 Nation? Unprecedented. The War is affecting the Food Supply as the collapse of the Economy of the World is immanent. But it is the Plan, to use Food as a Weapon for Population Reduction purposes. Its full effects will be felt by the Fall of 2022, according to the Shemaiah Sabbatical Cycle. Which is due to be the ‘Turning Point’ to initiate the Globalist Reset, etc. This is the main reason for the War.

Gathering of the Flock
Russia will be set-aside, until it regains Power to then come back for the Gog-Magog War, which one believes will occur just before the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. In tandem, the following is the Biblical Interpretation of the Constellation, Ursa Major, the Big She Bear according to E.W. Bullinger. One will see clearly how this Motif is inferring to the Body of Christ, the 7 Churches of Asia, etc. It is a Motif of the Menorah of Lights and a Metaphor of a Flock, hunted but not defeated to be Gathered 1 Day. She herself is in a State of War, as she is currently contended by the Dragon and the Lion.

And the point is that as the Bear Motif appears to be correlating to Russia, so too perhaps will the Outcome of the Geo-Political Correlation have a direct effect on the Prophetic Correlation pertaining to the Timing of the Separation and in-Gathering of the Bear Motif that appears to correlate to the Bride of Christ. According to Bullinger, Ursa Major portrays a Flock. It is called Naish and the Arabs still call the Constellation, Al Naish, or Annaish. It means, ‘The Assembled Together, as Sheep in a Fold.

It was called Septentriones by the Romans which signified its 7 Main Stars, in correspondence to the 7 Stars of the Pleiades. Its Brightest Star is called Dubhe, which means, ‘Herd of Animals, or Flock’. The Star Merach or Merak also means, ‘The Flock Purchased’. The Star Phaedra means, ‘Visited’ or ‘Guarded’. The Star Alioth means a ‘She Goat’. The Star in the Middle of the Tail is called Mizar, meaning a ‘Small Lamb’. The Star Benet, means, ‘The Daughters of the Assembly’. The Star in its Right Foot is called Talitha. The Names of other Stars, all give the same Testimony.

El Alcola                      = Sheepfold
Cab'd al Asad             = Many Assembled
Annaish                       = Assembled
Megrez                        = Separated, as the Flock in the Fold
El Kaphrah                  = Protected, Covered (Heb. Redeemed and Ransomed);
Dubheh Lachar           = Herd or Flock
Helike                          = Company of Travelers
Amaza                         = Coming and Going
Calisto                         = Sheepfold Set Apart or Appointed

As one can sense, there is a clear Depiction of just how Prophetic this Bear Motif is in regard to what is going on with Russia, and the Body of Christ. And how it speaks of the Rapture, of those of the Flock, who are ‘Many’, Appointed, Set Apart to be Assembled and Separated from this World. When? At a ‘Turning Point’ that is soon to come as the Bride of Christ has had her sight ‘Calibrated’ to a Focal Point, that being Jesus. He perhaps is signaling that He is soon to appear as He is perhaps ‘Calibrating’ the last Alignments and ‘Straitening-out’, Ironing-out those last Creases in the Bride’s Gown. Is this Bear Motif, then significant due to the Star HD 84406 whose image was first taken by the James Webb Telescope? It may be a far-fetch or a Stretch of the Imagination, but perhaps it is speaking to this Time and Place at the Closing Chapters of the Church Age. Is the Bear Sign about the 7 Flickering Lights, soon to be Separated and Gathered unto Jesus in the Sky as a Turning Point has been reached in terms of Prophetic Time?


Main Sources

The 7 Stars of the North
Written in 1676 by the Ninja Master Fujibayashi Yasutake



Picture Credit: STScI



Witness of the Stars
E.W. Bullinger



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