Preparations Through Prayer and Ritual

  • Was there a message in the 13 Crystal Skulls in 2011 that is dire?
  • Did the 2017 eclipse of prophetically imply the division of the USA?
  • Is there a spell cast to disarmed the Spiritual Authority of the USA?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For behold, the wicked bend their bows. They set their arrow on the string to shoot from the shadows at the upright in heart. If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” YHVH is in His Holy Temple; YHVH is on His Heavenly Throne. His eyes are watching closely; they examine the Sons of men.’ -Psalm 11:2-4

The purpose of this study is to consider what has led, in part to the present dismantling of the USA, in a multifaceted way that has basically eroded its foundations and institutions, politically, socially, religiously, economically. One is clearly witnessing the fall of an empire. The context will be based on the cause that is overall, a Spirit of Division. It is ripping the nation apart and the world at large. This conjecture stems from the esoteric and astronomical nuances that have already occurred in the USA. And that this study strongly suggests has been at work. This work has been behind the scenes as the study will recall prior articles written about major occasions that suggest this Spirit of Division, come upon the land. They are a factor of prayer and ritual.

The 1st division occurred spiritually back in 2011 with the cross-country tour of the 13 Crystal Skulls that depicted a descending ‘Serpent’ motif. The 2nd division occurred astronomically with the rare Hybrid solar Eclipse of 2013 over New York City that suggested a coming ‘Sword of Judgment’ coming to divide the USA. The 3rd division occurred astronomically across the USA with the total solar eclipse of 2017, deemed the Great American Eclipse that depicted a division and taking peace from the land. If one were to superimpose the lines of the 2nd and 3rd trajectories, it would mark an ‘X’ on the map of the USA, entirely. Many that study End Times and Biblical prophecy complain that most ‘End of Days’ or Biblical prophecy studies involve the USA as the main focus. Consider that the USA is still currently the ‘Head of the Nations’.

The USA is the current world leader although that prized and privileged position is being dismantled quickly to make way for the New World Order. The other reason why the USA is to a large part, center stage in these Last days is that it will not be thereafter. In one sense, the USA is controlled by nefarious orders that are propping-up the last vestiges of the nation that is now appearing to be limping into the sunset of how world empires have come and gone. What this study contends is that these 2 crossing trajectories, the 1st being occultic/spiritual and the 3rd being astronomical and prophetic, the demonic Spirits of Division, Perversion and Fear have set root in the once mighty USA through prayer and ritual that have led to where the USA is at now divided, politically, economically, spiritually and culturally. The world has witnessed a surge in the attempt to dismantle the institutions of the USA, mainly its Judeo-Christian heritage.

The Foundations
On one hand, the foundations of the USA are being dismantled successfully by revisionists wanting to rewrite history. The USA is far from a perfect country and has had its share of sins. But very few nations like the USA have attempted to rectify such sins even to the point that it rebuilds the nations that it either invades or has had to fight a war against. Case in point was the Marshall Plan after World War 2 and the reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. And not to mention the billions it sends out as aid to almost every nation on Earth. However, now the narrative of what is permissible to say, think or do is being taken over and controlled by those that seek to dismantle such foundations, in the name of ‘freedom’. Case in point is that such liberties are already guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. It is through Supreme Court rulings and State/Federal Executive Orders that have undermined the U.S. Constitution.

Then through manufactured crises, there has been a nullifying effect of the Bill of Rights that guarantees these basic civil liberties. And by the way, are not ceded to the government because they are Natural Rights granted by the Creator, not human government, etc. There is now a ‘Cancel Culture’ of Orwellian Double-Speak that can get people fired for not adhering to ‘Right Thought’, politically, socially, culturally, religiously, etc. It is so a ‘hypocritical Social Justice war’ going on in the USA that has crossed the line and reached critical mass. The USA is divided politically. The nation is torn right down the middle with no really common middle ground that afforded it for many decades’ past. The prevailing politique is one of catering to the radical and fascist far left that is given permission to riot and loot as they protest with impunity. Any counter protest and/or even objections are not being tolerated.

This is a recipe for a sure totalitarian takeover to occur sooner than later. It is always amusing to ask those that object to the sins of the USA, to have them move to Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea but they will not. Yet, if the USA is so racist, homophobic, and so on, why do millions line up still to enter such a country? The USA is divided socially. Due to a large part of having over 40 years of indoctrination of Marxism and feminism throughout the institutions of higher learning, the generation that has been encouraged to enroll in worthless majors with no real careers have all but been conditioned to seek the ‘greater good’ of Identity Politics. This construct makes what is relevant and pertinent to the greater social need against that of the individual.

This is totally un-American and what the Old World Order is ushered through; endless wars based on ideologies, such as Darwinism, Evolution, Eugenics, Fascism, Socialism, Communism, etc. The USA is divided religiously. It is no secret that the main denominational churches have all but been compromised. They are essentially no different than the ‘world’ when it comes to core basic tenants of the Christian faith. Such rulings on same sex and marriages are now normalized, women Pastors allowed, adultery, fornication, materialism, Prosperity Gospel, and the list goes on. Any supposed ‘Christian’ that is left-leaning is considered ‘Woke’ and ‘Progressive’. Then those that seek to adhere to the commands, examples required of Jesus to walk in are considered racist, misogynistic, outdated, White Supremist and so on. This is not to mention that many Blacks and Hispanic are traditionalist and of this persuasion even.

A House Divided will Fall
The USA is economically divided. It is no surprise that all the Presidents are not elected but selected. The concept of having an Executive Office to lead the country is now but a shell of an image relegated to the figure Heads of State. If the U.S. President had real power, most issues that are causing all these divisions would not be happening, to a large degree. The U.S. Presidency is not absolute as it was designed to balance with the other branches of the government. However, the point is that the U.S. President is thus not really in charge or in power when the major decisions are at stake. And that those ‘behind the curtain’, use the Office of the President to sway any and all decision to further their Globalist agenda. Many see that now, the USA is being transformed into essentially a ‘plantation’ with the people being funneled to certain ‘company stores’, etc.

So, to the thesis of the study, why is the USA pertinent now and the focus of many End Days chatter? The USA is in the way of globalization plans and needs to be taken down and dismantled. The USA, being on the descent is really only running on the afterglow of its former majesty and greatness. Those ‘behind the curtain’ are evil Luciferians that have had millennia of time to implement their multi-generational plans to usher in their New World Order on Earth since the Tower of Babel. And this ties into the crisscrossing in phi ratio of the USA, dividing it with the 13 Crystal Skulls and the Great American Eclipse phenomenon. This was the preparation, of a work -spiritual and prophetic based on prayer and ritual. The USA thus must be dismantled to the point that it is so divided and weak that it will fall as Jesus and Lincoln reiterated about a ‘House Divided’.

The resulting effect has produced the Spirit of Division, Perversion and Fear. Why? It has largely been allowed to foment and rise due to how the majority of Christians being apathetic, lethargic, materialistic, and superficial at best has been rendered powerless now to resist it. The decades of humanism, evolution, Marxism, Socialism, feminism and the like have slowly but surely weakening of the Gospel Witness of Jesus that is the power unto salvation and strength of the Church Body while on Earth. This is of course contingent upon having individual Christians walk in the power in holiness. Many do live such lives, but the prevailing spirits have been allowed to foster such divisions even in the Church that has now been spiritually ‘neutered’. Case in point is the forced closures of Churches, arrests of Street Preachers and the banning of even Family Bible Studies.

Some would argue that such a demise of the Gospel Witness exemplified by the USA Christian Church only serves to prove that indeed the Church Body is living in the last days of the Laodicean Church period. It is characterized as an apostate state, spiritually. The American Church has deteriorated to the spiritual point that most Pastors are just hired ‘Clowns entertaining Goats’. Such have not adequately prepared the Sheep for the coming prophetic End of Days. How did these Spirits of Division, Perversion and Fear come to form? It is all about the preparations. As the saying goes, ‘90% preparation, 10% execution’. And so, such Spirits were ushered in through prayer and ritual. This is what is still going on in the USA and the world for that matter although this study again, only seeks to question and look at why the USA is so divided that it will cause ripple effects for the entire world. The 1st consideration of where such a Spirit of Division came from will be the 13 Crystal Skulls that crisscrossed the USA back in 2011.

Rise of the Serpent
The year was 2011. There was even a movie that depicted the ‘end of the world’ to be in 2012. This was based on the highly popularized notion of the Mayan Calendar. It was that on December 21, 2012 on the Winter Solstice the ‘world would end’. Most were not realizing that it would not be the ‘end of the world’ but of their calendar cycle of time. And now, some have suggested that due to an 8-year calendar discrepancy of the Western Calendar, it is actually 2020 that the ‘world will end’. Or is it the Age? It will be December 21st, which is the Winter Solstice that the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn and Pluto will occur. In this case, it will be the coming of the Age of Aquarius as this Grand Conjunction occurs at 0 degrees Aquarius. Many suggest that this is when at least astrologically the New Age comes about, or will it be the New World Order?

It will be at that point that the evil Luciferian Globalists will have ‘cart blanche’ to run amuck with their schemes to ‘finish their Tower of Babel’ and initiate their New World Order and Leader, the last Nimrod. Will the dismantling of the USA be sufficient enough to resist it? This study strongly suggests ‘no’. Intense magic has been cast against the USA through prayer and ritual involving the 13 Crystal Skulls. The skulls are fashioned out of pure crystal, from ancient American cultures that had the ability to engineer such a marvel. Such Crystal Skulls are said to harness mystical and/or magic powers. They serve as a sort of key receptors of information, perhaps to release energies to unlock dimensions even. There were 13 Crystal Skulls that were assembled and taken from the Yucatan, where the Chichen Itza pyramid is at. It is the famous one that on the Spring Equinox, the shadow of a Serpent motif appears to come down the steps of the pyramid. This is a euphemism for Lucifer that was cast out of Heaven down to Earth.

The 13 Crystal Skulls along with their Shamans were flown to New York City where from an Edgar Cayce office, then launched the trek across the USA, thus the ‘Serpent across the States’. And what was the first ancient site they visited? Serpent Mound. It is the famous mound that has the Serpent motif that is mirrored off the constellation of Draco, another euphemism for Lucifer. What was unsuspected, unbeknownst to most Americans is that the trek stopped at 7 key locations. All of these 7 key locations happened to be ancient sites that predated the Native American settlements. Or in other words, such ancient sites were those built by the folklore of the Giants that roamed across the continent at that time. Such were evil beings that resulted in the Genesis 6 inter-breeding of the Luciferian Fallen Angels with the women of Earth. They later disbanded from the Middle East to the 4 corners of the globe as evidence of such beings are found in South America, Africa, and Asia. Their offspring were said to possess knowledge and technology well beyond the comprehension and reach of mere humans today. The 7 locations were as follows from New York City.

1 Serpent Mound
2 Cahokia Mound
3 Hays
4 Crestone
5 Kaatsi
6 Sedona
7 Los Angeles

The City or Nation of Fallen Angels?
What was very interesting is that the 13 Crystal Skull line of trajectory for these 7 sites starting from New York City ended in Los Angeles, the ‘City of Angels’, of the Queen of Heaven. Coincidence? Not likely. The date was on November 11, 2011 or a 11-11-11 code. This was the ‘combination’ lock, as it were to have opened the portals or ‘gates’ for the Spirit of Division, Perversion and Fear to rise and dismantle the USA with. Amazingly, this trajectory across the entire territory of the USA appeared to mirror that of the Chichen Itza pyramid motif of the ‘Blazing Serpent’ descending down the steps. It is still believed to this day by many Christian Watchers of the End Days, that this was a Satanic Ritual being performed in preparation to divide the USA.

At each site, the various Shamans invoked the spirits of the dead Giants though prayer and ritual to rise from the underworld and influence the land once again with their evil, perversion, and fear. This was in part, the cause of the rise of the Spirit of Division, Perversion and Fear that has been cast as a net across the entire USA. And it has done is evil magic charm. The 2nd consideration comes 69 months later with the total solar eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017 just 33 days out from the Great Sign of Revelation 12. This eclipse was named the Great American Eclipse because it blanketed the entire nation from coast to coast. The eclipse happened also at a very unique Star, that of Regulus in the constellation of Leo. It started in Oregon and ended in South Carolina in the opposite angle and path that the 13 Crystal Skulls took.

This astronomical phenomenon perhaps was a prophetic call by YHVH that spoke of the pending judgment to come upon the USA, to divide it as the trajectory of the eclipse’s path did just that. Many End of Days researchers did an exposé on the connections to the number 33 and how there were 7 Salem’s that the path of totality passed through. Most however, attributed the meaning of ‘Salem’ to mean ‘Peace’ as in Jeru-salem and thus a coming ‘dawn of peace and harmony’. This could not have been farther from the truth. The connotation of the word did not suggest a coming of Peace but a taking away of it, in its totality as the number 7 denotes a completion, Biblically speaking.

The nature of the eclipse played on the overtones of the civil war and how the USA in its prior history was divided politically, economically, racially, and religiously, as now. The question is, will the USA survive the magic of the Kabbalist Luciferians what wise nothing more than the same Spirit of Division, Perversion and Fear. Most likely not this time around. What was different then that is not present now? A strong Christian and moral foundation were present then, not now. As the Bible states, ‘If the foundations be destroyed, how can the Righteous stand’. They will not. It is only a matter of time. The 7 Salem locations were as follows in Oregon where the eclipse started the ‘dividing’.

1 Salem, Oregon
2 Salem, Idaho
3 Salem, Wyoming
4 Salem, Nebraska
5 Salem, Missouri
6 Salem, Kentucky
7 Salem, South Carolina

This is assuming a general blanket statement, of course. Jesus Christ will never leave Himself without a Witness as there will always be a Remnant, albeit a small one in how it should be. Thus, when one superimposes these 2 trajectories upon the USA topographically, there is that ‘X’ that marks the spot effect. This will also occur astronomically with the total solar eclipse in 2024. So, where, and how did the USA get ‘here’? It was a combination, in part due to 3 major effects done by prayer and ritual. The 1st coming from Lucifer and the 2 others coming from YHVH demonstrating the fate of the USA. Consider that when the evil Luciferian prayers and rituals occurred, they had them pegged to certain calendar days. As to the prophetic astronomical paths of the 2 solar eclipse of 2013 and 2017, so too did YHVH encode the time and place, as if to announce that the ‘Handwriting was on the Wall’.

The Sprits of Division, Perversion and Fear have yielded a divide in the psyche of the USA down the middle in all aspects of its institutions and foundations: political, economic, religious, social, etc. These ‘divisions’ to dismantle the USA have been based on prayer and ritual made by the enemies of the Cross of Christ. They had a preparation set-up first through magic as it has been now with the COVID-19 plandemic. This is how it is still being carried out by the ‘Sons of Darkness’ as the final stages of the dismantling of the USA are about to occur. However, so too have the ‘Sons of Light’ been preparing for a similar ‘division’ through prayer and ritual. Followers and Disciples of Jesus are taught that a coming division from this evil world will occur in the form of the Rapture event.

Since the Church Age, millions of Jesus’ Disciples have prayed and performed rituals, mainly the LORD’s Super as elements in anticipation of Jesus’ return. Such elements have been the symbol or a resurrection power and promise to one day be united with Jesus forever in Glory. It is a fulfillment of how YHVH would spread a table before His enemies to commune with His People regardless of what earthy Powers and/or Nations are about to fall and rise. On the contrary, the People of Jesus are about to go up and ascend to a better country, a city that is built not by human hand but by Jesus Himself. Although such have not been the majority, sadly to have to say even now in the USA’s last chapter. Prayer and ritual are coming forth from the ‘Wise’ Followers of Jesus even within a failing and decadent world Power and/or Nation. It is after all, the Restrainer that counter measures against the Enemy until the Rapture harvest. The Gates of Hell will not prevail, until then.

As the plan of Christ for this Church Age appears to perhaps reach its near conclusion or fulfillment, the specific division and dismantling of the USA will be facilitated by the Rapture event to make way for the New World Order. Their leader will initially unite the world that will remain out of the chaos they have induced to force a ‘New Order’. It will be based on a false peace and provision as the true Followers and Disciples of Jesus Christ are to be removed from Earth before the last 7-year Sabbatical Cycle begins. To a large extent, the coming Rapture event will surely play a most significant part in helping collapse what remains of the present foundations of the USA, that the Luciferians are hell-bent on toppling, for now.

It has been a matter of magic having been cast upon the USA really since 2001 with 9-11. And the astronomical eclipses that have served as a dire warning of the coming divisions, etc. I was then reminded of the Great American Eclipse with those 7 Salem’s…but not referencing ‘Peace’ to come but a taking away Peace from the land’, It has been an issue or work of ‘division, of divide and conquer’. And that it follows a Sabbatical Cycle of time of a perfect 7-7-7 or a 21-year countdown time span of sorts (2001 + 7 + 7 + 7 = 2022). Perphas 2022 will be culminating the magic that is continuing now with the forced mask-wearing due to the latest COVID plandemic.

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