Study of the Bank of America Corporate Office Lobby Murals

  • Do BOA Murals depict the same thing as does the book of Revelation?
  • Are the 3 Mural Panels placed in chronological order of events?
  • What is such tiles of apocalypitcal End Times type of art doing here?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. Tell us, they said, “when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age? Jesus answered: Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains.’ -Matthew 24:3-8

The purpose of this study is to present an example of the overt Predictive Programming that occurs with the Luciferian Globalist depiction of their version of the End Times or Eschatology. This example is taken from the 3 Mural Panels or tiles framed in the lobby of the corporate headquarters of the Bank of America BOA in Charlotte, North Carolina in the USA. This headquarters serves as 1 of the main financial hubs essentially for all the Americas or the Western Hemisphere. Most may not realize but the Bank of America used to be called the Bank of Italy. And as such, it was one of the main channels for money laundering for the Bank of the Vatican. The BOA corporate buildings are also enveloped in the Luciferian esoteric dimension of Sacred Numbers as in this case with 666. If one observes carefully, the corporate BOA building in Houston, Texas, for example is masked as the 3 Great Pyramids of Giza fused together by differences in height.

Moreover, each of the grades that makeup the floors levels have 6 grades or degrees. This makes the architecture a 6-6-6 rendition incorporated into the very structure of the building. And as it have been presented by pioneer researchers, the 3 Giza Pyramids are a motif mirroring the 3 Belt Stars of Orion, etc. Thus, just on the outset and outside, the landmarks owned and operated by the Luciferians gives the world a clue as to their timeline, their storyline or as this articles calls, their ‘Gospel’. The definition of ‘Gospel’ is the ‘Good News’, but it is in reference to the news of Jesus and what He came to proclaim and do. The Gospel of Jesus is that He was to be the Promised Sacrifice to redeem a lost Humanity and restore it to its former glory and more. The message is of a  free gift of salvation by faith alone and is the only way to be redeemed. The other aspect of the Gospel message of Jesus is that He will establish His Kingdom on Earth in the end but not before having to defeat and destroy, ‘the Works of the Devil’, or Lucifer.

As there is a state of war in Heaven presently between Lucifer and YHVH, it has involved Humanity on Earth and it is the core and for the taking. The souls of every human stands in the balance and Humanity has been given a choice as to what ‘Gospel’ is true and what the ultimate outcome will be. In this regard, the timeline used by both are the same though. This is depicted by the 3 Murals Panels in the lobby of the corporate office of the Bank of America headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Thus, the Gospel According to the Globalists. Why this title? It is understood that the Bible teaches that the abdication of Adam and Eve’ authority, power and dominion in the Garden of Eden, was capitulating and was transferred to Lucifer who now rules over the Earth and its government. They chose to believe Lucifer’s lie through deception and as a consequence, the world governments, for one have been under his power.

Testing the Timelines
Lucifer presently still commands the Nation’s governments and all those humans that are in league with him in a quest to secure their version of their ‘Gospel’ comes to fruition. Lucifer is a defeated foe due to the work of Jesus at the Cross of Calvary. However, YHVH does set-up and cast-down world leaders as He wills. But the power and authority, even though now all has been given to Jesus in Heaven, on Earth and below Earth will not be entirely possessed until His 2nd coming. Until that time, the Luciferian Globalists seek to alter the final Biblical outcome of the timeline. They seek the Great Work of ushering-in their Luciferian Kingdom and Christ instead of Jesus, etc. To this end, this is what the 3 Mural Panels depict very interestingly as they portray key scenes from the book of Revelation. They are a ‘snapshot’ of what is to come apocalyptically. The question is, why would such horrific scenes of catastrophe and chaos be depicted in such a lobby of a major corporation and in plain sight?

It is an example of their Predictive Programming. In this case, it is not anything prophetic that they have divulged that the book of Revelation has not already done that. What the 3 Mural Panels do depict are some interesting aspects that might be clues as to the idiosyncrasies that the book of Revelation may not have emphasized. And these aspects will be examined for each of the 3 Mural Panels. In fact, it is Jesus who is the Revealer and given the account and timeline to the last living Apostle, John, the Beloved. John is the euphemism for the Bride of Christ and how he was ‘raptured’ up to be shown what was, is and would take place thereafter. This study does take the theological position that the ‘translation’ of John in chapter 4 is the 1st of 7 Raptures or ‘Translations’ that occur in the book of Revelation, which is the book of 7’s.

What the chart accompanying this study will depict are the 3 Mural Panels of the corporate lobby with the overlay of the 22 chapters of the book of Revelation. This will give one a better visual and where the 3 apocalyptic Mural Panels fit in the timeline. The book of Revelation timeline, in this case is reversed as that is how the 3 Mural Panels are to be read, from right to left. The 22 chapter timeline starts with the Parousia of the Rapture event, after the 7-fold evaluation of the 7 Churches of Asia. It is after the 1st Rapture, that of John that then the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse are released. It is at this point that once the Bride is seated as the 24 Elders in the Court of Heaven and she faces her accuser, Lucifer, that the Judge is handed the 7-Sealed Scroll of the Lamb.

The breaking of the Seals is the start of the all-inclusive and comprehensive judgment of Lucifer. It is an adjudication process or as if one is reading a will. But in this case the deceased, Jesus, is resurrected and now able to read His own will and execute the terms listed therein. Which by the way, no human would have been able to possibly open it, but Jesus. The timeline is then divided into the 1260-day counts or of the 42 months, etc. Then the 3 Murals will be correlated to the timeline that actually only spans the 1st half of the Tribulation Period. This study suggests and takes the position that the Tribulation Period is 7 years, that is 7 Prophetic Years of 360 days. And that the 2nd half is called the Great Tribulation that Jesus was referencing at the Olivet Discourse to His Disciples. This is why there is confusion as to the timing of the Rapture, especially if one is only seeing myopically this section but then extrapolates it to the entire timeline.

Awaiting Apocalypse
In fact the 4 major descriptions of the Olivet Discourse perfectly match the effects of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse. They are the following. 1. False Christ and deception through Peace and Security. 2. World wars and conflicts. 3. Feminine and mass inflation, scarcities. 4. Death and destruction. With this backdrop in mind, one will next decode, to one’s best understanding the 3 Mural Panels. They might hold particular clues as to details that should be noted. Note that here have been others over the years that have also attempted to decipher the 3 Mural Panels to some degree and a measure of agreeability. But others have fallen short and have been off in their interpretation in one’s opinion. However, at the core, what most would and do agree is that there is a coming Apocalypse, there is a coming Rapture event and there is coming a release of the ancient and detained entities back to the surface of the Earth.

In terms of the 1st Mural Panel to the right as one sees them directly in front in the lobby, it is a depiction of a male child, blond facing forward. There are 3 people to the left offset, a black man, a white man and a white woman. There is a red-white checkerboard floor and in the background, there are some unusually scenes. There is a Stairway to Heaven and a woman within a Tesseract being floated-up. She is connected to an Annual type of solar eclipse called the Wedding Ring of Fire. There is an in-coming asteroid that burns the trees as a man is unaware, distracted. Then there is the Great Pyramid in the background. What does all this mean? Well, from a Biblical interpretation based on one’s research and understanding, the following is suggested and presented. The Man-Child is the debut of the coming AntiChrist.

He is taking front stage from the support and workings of the Luciferian Secret Societies. Such is the trifecta of human people, that many ascribe to being Obama, Biden and Hillary. They extend their hand as to give power and authority to the Man-Child. Whomever this Man-Child will be, that remains to be seen but according to the Bible, only after the Woman is Raptured up is he revealed. This is what the Stairway to Heaven depicts and it is interesting how the Woman is within a Tesseract. In prior studies, it has been shown how a Tesseract is essentially a ‘Key’, a ‘Portal Chamber’, a ‘Vehicle’, whereby one is able to be transported or transformed in-between dimension, etc. This alludes to what will occur at the Rapture event. Interestingly, the Rapture event appears to be tied to not just any type of solar eclipse that totally blocks-out the Moon.

But in this case, the Rapture event is being depicted to occur near an Annular type, meaning that the disk of the Moon is slightly smaller making a ‘Ring of Fire’ effect during the solar eclipse. It is also interesting to see the ‘wedding’ connection as such types of solar eclipses are called Wedding Ring eclipse, etc. Note that as the Man-Child is at the forefront, the Rapture is occurring in the back, meaning that the Rapture happening will facilitate then the world’s attention to this coming ‘Savior or the world’. But at that time thereafter is when world cataclysmic events will start to occur as well. For example, the book of Revelation does speak of a Star that will fall to Earth and burns .33 of the trees and grass. And that Humanity on Earth will not be prepared for this as billions will be dying. Lastly the Great Pyramid motif is included. It is rather interesting as the mysteries of the Great Pyramid suggest a Cosmic Clock that tracks the Ages and their end.

Controlled Chaos
In this case, and of the end of the Church Age, that has occurred in approximate tandem with the Age of Pisces. It is the Age of Aquarius that is next in line. The Great Pyramid can also be seen as a euphemism of having the Body of Christ, as a building made up of ‘Living Stones’ having now been completed and ready for extraction from Earth. The 2nd Mural Panel is that what occurs after the Rapture Event but with that event still present for contrasting. The mural depicts a scene where on Earth, there is apocalyptic conditions while in Heaven, there is a pure body of humans enveloped in ‘Fire Doves’. It is thus suggested that this ‘Body’, corporately fused but made up of individual members are the representation of the raptured Bride of Christ extracted from Earth. They are enveloped with the Biblical motif of the Holy Spirit, where it is a Dove set ablaze, alluding to Pentecost. This motif is the antithesis to the Luciferian Phoenix counterfeit motif, etc.

Then below, on Earth the scene has the following conditions. There are war ribbons and a military solder that speaks of war and Martial Law. There is a man, malnourished set up against a pole with a note attached on the top. This is reminiscent of the crucifixion of Jesus and the Holocaust Survivors. It speaks of the coming persecution for both Christians and Remnant Jews that will be putting their faith, trust and allegiance to Jesus, during the 7-year Tribulation Period, thus the Tribulation Saints. There is chaos and destruction as it appears to be a total collapse of the human institutions struggling to maintain order. There is rioting occurring and an apparent pandemic of sorts as one person is donning a hazmat suit. Other people are begging for food and a net is spanning the scene.

This could be alluding to the coming ‘Sky-Net’ operation to have all the world connected to the internet and eventual Mark of the Beast system. It will be a China-style ‘surveillance state’ or a Prison Planet in what is to be the case. It will be happening exactly as the book of Revelation discloses. The 3rd Mural Panel is a depiction of a much calmer scene. It is of men working in nature as it was during the Depression Era of the 1930’s in the USA. There were public work projects that helped develop the land for forests and public parks, etc. There is a prominent man with a shovel in his Left Hand. He is obviously of African heritage. He is looking towards a ridge where an image of a ‘Giant’ man is sleeping on the slope of the ridge as if hibernating and awaiting to be woken-up. Then interestingly, there are 12 minors below the Earth with 7 shovels. 

Based on the chronologically or ‘Gospel of the Globalists’  timeline, they are messaging in disguise their anticipated release of the Titans from Tartarus. In the first place, this depiction is a mockery of Jesus and His 12 Apostles. The AntiChrist figure is left-handed and in the Luciferian world, it is the ‘Scenester Hand’, as opposed to the godly Right Hand inferences made in the Bible. In the book of Enoch, it is understood that in the 70th Generation or the last one before Jesus returns with His Saints or Bride, that the Giants that were destroyed and buried beneath the earth would be coming back. They would be used as instruments of judgment against the inhabitants of the world. But then for the purpose of the continued War of Heaven, the campaigns on Earth would also involve the release of all those Fallen Ones that are chained-up in Tartarus.

These are the Fallen Angels that came down to Mount Herman and taught Humanity all the evil that was forbidden by YHVH. But they went a step further in that they intermixed their DNA to pollute and defile this human creation that was unique among all Creation. How so? Humanity is the only kind or species made in the ‘Likeness and Image’ of YHVH, the Creator. Lucifer will be needing more numbers in his ranks as he is out-numbered. Lucifer will then rally all his forces as he is cast out of Heaven and even from the Air. After the Revelation 12 midpoint, Lucifer will attempt to invade Heaven, but it will be at that point in time that he will be thrust down to Earth instead. On

Earth, Lucifer will try to amass an Angelic Army to make one last attempt on this side of the 1000-year Millennial Kingdom in preventing Jesus and His Bride from returning and possessing the Temple, Jerusalem, Israel and the Nations. His last stand will be at Armageddon and in Jerusalem. It will be like the Battle of the Alamo in Texas against the Mexican Army of Santa Ana. But that will be the occasion in which Jesus returns and puts a stop to such a false ‘Gospel’ and intended change of outcome. It will be at that time and place where Jesus will cast Lucifer in that Bottomless Pit for the 1000-year duration of the Millennial Kingdom on Earth.

But suffice to say, that with these 3 Mural Panels in the Bank of America’s corporate office in the USA, are just 3 snapshots, glimpses of the same timeline used that they, the Luciferians however hope and are expecting will have the opposite outcome. That New World Order will be coming but it will be of Jesus’. It will be a restoration of Paradise and a perfect environment where the Bride of Christ will be the Governors of the Nations to lead the world to Christ Jesus teaching, fellowship, worship and prayer. Jesus will rule from Jerusalem in the 4th Temple of Ezekiel. This is the true outcome of the Gospel, according to Jesus, not Lucifer. And realize that the storyline continues but one must read the book of Revelation to confirm the ultimate outcomes.

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