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1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15 Blood Moons

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The following is a Speculative and possible Rapture Scenario study. It is based on the Phi Ratio of the 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15 Blood Moons Timeline. The Theory is that 2024 will be the High Watch Year, that suggests when the Rapture is to occur, given a July 23rd Date or thereabouts. Why that Date? That is when for 2024, the Theory of it being the Feast of the Fruit of the New Wine will correspond to. And that subsequently, within a 1 Year Gap of Time, after the Rapture Event, the 3rd Temple will be Dedicated with the start of the Daily Sacrifices. That Event, in turn is what ‘Clocks’ the specific 1260 Day Halves of the 7-Year Long Tribulation Period, in one’s Interpretation.

This 7-Year Period of Time is also what one suggests will not start on a Shemitah Cycle, but it will still be a Sabbath of Years. They are not the same. However, one surmises that there is a 3.5 Year ‘Off-Set’ that accounts for the Double Layer of how there are 2 Timelines in Daniel 9:27 that Begin, the Converge in the Midst and then Concludes each of the Christ’s Appearing, ‘Cutting-Off’ and Ending. This is to suggest that the ‘Shemitah’ that began with Jesus’ Ministry, was ‘Cut’ short in the Midst. But that it picks-up in the ‘Midst’ of the Tribulation with the AntiChrist’s Act of the Abomination of Desolation.

And then that ‘Prophetic Shemitah’ is concluded, all-inclusive with the 2nd Half of the 1260 Day Count. This 2nd Half is otherwise referred to as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble within Daniel’s 70th Week of 7 Years total, etc. That is when the Return of Jesus ensue with the Battle of Armageddon, September 11, 2032. One has suggested, as written about extensively over the Years, that the 7-Year Tribulation Period ‘could’ most likely begin in the Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Time-Frame. And of particular Interest is how the Date Counts land on Jewish Feasts, primarily the Halfway point being Passover on April 1, 2029. And that is when the Revelation 12 Sign is reconstructed, approximately having Jupiter realigned in the Constellation of Virgo, due to its 12 Year Orbital Cycle.

This will not occur until the Year 20141. One is also attempting to link the Rapture Time-Frame to the Number 7-23 connection that is reoccurring. Over the Years, especially since 2020, one has Interpreted this ‘Code’ as possibly inferring to a July 23 New Wine Pentecost Correspondence. One was asked for one’s Assessment of how some Rapture Watchers were suggesting a December 2023 Rapture, ‘Guaranteed’. But if anything one can freely contribute to the Debate of a December Departure? None really. It does appear that if anything that one can Assess about this Time-Frame, it would appear that December, as in ‘12’ is Signaling a Date…as in a possible Countdown.

It is about a Countdown to a Birth

And guess what the Countdown to what Rapture Window Time is being suggested, perhaps? A July 23 Date or a 723 Code. This was suggesting through an Online Discussion about the Possible December Rapture Watch Times. There is the Piece of Information shared.

‘And Sarah was 100 and 7 and 20 Years old:  these were the Years of the Life of Sarah’. Meaning...127 Years old or 12/7 + 23 = 12/7/23 or the day of the Rapture!

It was very interesting, in that the Numbers noted were ‘12/7-23’. In one’s Mind, could it have gotten any more obvious than the (723) Code? From where? So, perhaps December of 2024 was Signaling the New Wine July 23rd Date? How so? In one’s Interpretation, it could be like the Anna Code of her Years and the Jews seeing ‘Jesus’ at the Temple Again.

Rebirth of Israel 1948 +84 Year Anna Factor = 2032 Israel sees Jesus again.

Nonetheless, here was the December Connection. It would appear that it is a Countdown, perhaps. Allow one to share, without using Names, of a Sister in Christ Jesus, that was in contact with a few Days ago. It was about her having a Dream she had concerning ‘12’ or a December (12/23) Number. But that it was clearly, in her Mind referring to another Month. Guess which Month? She wanted to see what would be one’s Take on it and if anything was of it, Prophetically perhaps.

Hi Lu,
…I saw in my sleep 12/23. It was in July that I saw 12/23. I also was wondering if it is 12 Months 23 Days from the Time that I was given this. Could it be July 23, 2024? Looking forward to your Reply.


Here is what one wrote back.

Very interesting. One had been asked about the latest Rapture Date-Setting or High Watch Times for December 2023 also. As you may know, one’s Bias is towards a Summer White Wheat Wedding Typology of the Acts 2 Pentecost, New Wine Correlation, that one is Theorizing. So, it just so happens that based on 1 Interpretation and when the Start of the Day Counts begin, it will result in a July 23rd Date Correspondence from a Passover in a given Year.

But what you said about seeing 12/23 and being pegged to the Month of July? Here is what one contemplated about it. From when you got the ‘Vision’ of the 12/23 in the Month of [July] ‘23’ then, to the July 23, 2024 Date? That will be exactly 12 Months and why you would be seeing the Number ’12’ being associated with it. But then consider that from a December 23rd Date that overlays with the July 23rd, 12 Month Time-Frame, then the following Day Count occurs.

9 Months or 39 Weeks

Pretty Amazing in that, as one would suggest that it is possibly ‘Signaling’ a Human Gestation Period of a Pregnancy. And that in that case, the Prophetic Metaphor would be that of a coming ‘Birth’, i.e., the Rapture perhaps? That would be Wonderful. As it is, many in the Body of Christ are experiencing intense Spiritual Warfare with greater Frequency and Intensity, just like Jesus said would be the ‘Birth Pangs’. And one can Allegorize the Rapture as a Birthing Process.

So, thanks for sharing. May it be so for 2024. Which, if it would be the case, that would be only a few Months to go before the Church Age concludes its Royal Commission. And the Dispensation and Witness of and to Jesus will revert back to the Jews. In that case, the 144K Jewish Evangelists and the 2 Witnesses, specifically. Exciting Times.


1. From the Assessment, one can see how from a July Month in 2023 and then adding 12 Months to it would be exactly July 23 of 2024. Will this be the Rapture ‘Birth’ Event then?

2. Or how the Number 12 could fit in the Equation is how from December of 2023, there would be that 9 Month Gestation of a ‘Baby’ Metaphor occurring and leading to a Birth, on July 23, 2024.

We can take Comfort in that as the World is reaching a Prophetic 'Boiling Point', the Bride of Christ will be Extracted, or ‘Birthed’ as that Man-Child of the Revelation 12 Sign Imagery. Or as Lot, per the Promise of Jesus of providing a Door of Escape when ‘Sudden Destruction’ is Pending. So, one can 'Bank' on that. But as to the Financial Situation of the USA and the World continues to Collapse as Banks are Closing. They are being consolidated. It is all part of the Plan of Centralization, as that will be the Core Requisite for the Reset and the New Financial Order, after the Rapture.

That July 23rd Day Count is also based on Counting from the Spring Equinox. It is also a Factor of a Double-Count Theory of mine. It factors-in the initial 49 Days, being Shavuot. But the True Count is then ‘Numbering’ an additional 50 Day Count thereafter. Why? That Day Count would then be when the Holy Spirit descended and the Church Age started.. It corresponds to the Acts 2 ‘2nd’ Shavuot Count that one argues is True ‘Pentecost’, etc.

Then there is a 3rd ‘Shavuot’ 50 Day Count of New Oil in the Fall. But one is not saying that the Rapture Event will take place on a July 23rd Date or even in the Year 2024. It is just that one’s Research points to that possibility and one is just sharing that Rapture Matrix as purely Conjecture and Speculation. But it is based on Astronomical Markers such as the Blood Moons, the Spring Equinox and Biblical Harvest Typology, specifically attributed by Jesus of the ‘End of the Age’ being like Wheat Harvest. The following is one’s Condensed Version of the Pentecost New Wine Timeline for Summer 2024.

-July 23, 2024? Rapture Event?
-1 Year Gap of Time for Ashes of Red Heifer and Building of 3rd Temple.
-AntiChrist Confirms Covenant with Sanhedrin, the ‘Many’ on Hamas Attack Anniversary.
-October 18, 2025 Temple Dedicated, Week of Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah.
-Sabbath of Beginnings 2025 to Sabbath of Return on September 11, 2032.
-Based on Fall 2025-Fall 2032 Tribulation Timeline.

Summer Wheat Window

But that in one’s Research, July 23, 2024 is the Highest Watch Time ever in one’s 40 Year Rapture Watch, to even suggest the Year, Month and Day, at least that one has surmised so far. It will remain to be seen. Thus, that is the only Rapture Connection that one can ascertain for what was being Signaled in December of 2023. Perhaps something was up and other Researchers were picking-up such Signals.

But in one’s Opinion, one should not be taking the Calculus, Out of Context and extrapolating the Rapture Event that is yet to be realized in the Near Future. And so, to reiterate, one’s Supposition is that a July 23 or a 723 Code could be associated with the Rapture Timing. It is based on what is already given to the Body of Christ to Discern in Scripture with the Clues, Types and Shadows of what the Rapture Timing is or should be considered and compared to.

It is a Summer Wheat Window. Of course, it is all one’s Interpretation, but consider the 723 Numerical Facture a bit further.  And as shared already, realize that the October 7, 2023 Hamas War could very well be also a Rapture Countdown. How so? Here below are Factors of that 7-23 ‘Code’ occurring, that could point to a Summer 2024 Rapture Wheat Harvest Time-Frame.

1. Planet Mars, the God of War, entered the Constellation of Virgo on September 23, 2023 (723). This signified that War was coming to the Woman, i.e., Virgo as in Israel that one pointed-out.

2. In the Rabbinical Calendar, the October 7, 2023 Attack, which was a Religious War against YHVH’s Earthly People, Land, City and Temple, was really an Attack on YHVH, Jesus Himself. And that Day was the End of Simchat Torah, in the 7th Month, Tishrei, the 23rd Day or (723). Realizes further that Simchat Torah is the 8th Day. This has, in one’s Estimation, a Direct Connection to Anna’s 84 Year Prophecy Timeline. It deals with when the ‘Jews will see Jesus’ at His 2nd Coming, as it was in the 8th Day of Jesus being Circumcised at the Temple, etc.
3. And, in continuing with the 723 Theme, one also is now more convinced, as noticed that the Revelation 12 Sign, that occurred on the 7th Month, as in ‘Sept’ means 7 in Latin, and the 23rd Day was yet another (723) Code. Meaning that the Great Sign was, is and will be a 7 Year Countdown to the Rapture that concludes the Church Age. Perhaps. But it is that Israel is about to be passed the Baton of the Witness and Testimony of and to Jesus after the Rapture, etc.

4. Then consider what a Reader has said about his Experience this December concerning Lightning Striking and a Thunder Count he has used to determine Distance. One is not normally into such things but the Day Count one looked-up as one was asked to consider, did come up with an interesting Day Count and guess what Date? It deals with the Day Count of 33 Days, the Summer Solstice and a July 23rd Date (723). So, just sharing as one did find it rather Interesting that it is perhaps ‘Signaling’ that as the Possible Rapture Timing.

‘Today in my Daily Bible Reading I had arrived at Matthew 24 Verse 27: ‘For as the Lightning cometh out of the East, and Shineth even unto the West; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be’.

Immediately after I finished that Sentence there was a Brilliant Flash through our Windows looking east.....As I usually do, I then began to count; 1001, 1002...up to 1006. So, 6 Seconds, just over 1 Mile away. Then there was the Tremendous Boom of Thunder. That was the only one all Day. I am wondering...6 Days? 6 Weeks? 6 Months? 6 Years? Or something else?

Days later. Today at about 2:00pm, I had just come out from shopping for groceries, when there was another Brilliant Flash, I again began to count 1001, 1002....3, 4, 5, ‘Boom’, the Big Thunder. So, 33 Days later (not counting Today) and 1 Second has ticked off of my count. So, are there 5 1/2 Months remaining? Until ‘Something’? Is this a Sign for us? Just me? Or just a Strange Coincidence?’


So, this Brother’s ‘Lightning and Thunder’ Count? If one then uses that Day Count and applies it from a December 7 Day as a Starting Date, it will lead to the Summer Solstice of June 20, 2024. Which in turn, would have that 33 Number Association from the June 20 Summer Solstice to that 7-23 Day Count. One found that very intriguing as that is when surmises the Acts 2 Pentecost occurred. Perhaps this is a Correlation, based on the December 7, 2023 Date that was or is Signaling the July 23 Date in this sort of way. And? 


Interesting. Not sure what to make of it, other than it would or will pertain specifically to you in some way. We do know that 33 occurs in such counts. The only instance I can recall off the top of one’s Head is how it was exactly 33 Days from the Great American Eclipse back in 2017 to the Revelation 12 Sign. But if 5.5 Months from [December 2023] is to be ‘Something’, then here is the Day Count…based on the Incident of seeing the Flashes of Light and then hearing the Thunder.

December 7, 2023 + 5 Months, 15 Days

= May 22, 2024

May 22, 2024
= 142nd Day of the Year
223 Days remain until the End of the Year.

One sees that Reversed 322 Number of the Skull and Bones. So...There are 30 days left till Summer from that Date to the Summer Solstice on June 20. That is when the Sun will be at the Silver Gate by Orion. If one could sense 'something', well, yes, perhaps the Rapture Wheat Season on a July 23rd Date, thereabouts? So, consider the following Number Association based on that Number 33.

June 20, 2024 Summer Solstices to
July 23, 2024 ‘Supposed’ Rapture Date – Wheat Harvest Timing

33 Days

Here are your 33 Days. Perhaps the Holy Spirit has just given you an Association or Correlation of the Rapture or to the Rapture? It will be the ‘Thunder Day!’ …In a Flash. In a Twinkling of an Eye, just like Lightning.


It is about the Blood Moon Tetrad Series

As to the Year? In the Summer of 2024? One is working on developing what could be the Final Clue concerning that, or more precisely when the Temple is to start to be Built. And that was, is and will be based on the Tetrad of Blood Moons in the 3 Set Series from 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15. One’s Theory is that the Prophetic Restoration of the Land, City and Temple …in the Reverse Order that they were Destroyed, as foretold by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse would be Reconstituted. Note also that the Tetrads follow the ‘New World Orders’ of how the League of Nations, the United Nations and then what will be the 10-Toe Confederation emerged after World Wars, etc.

As you all know, one is ‘Eying’ this Date as an extremely High Rapture Watch Date in 2024, based on the New Wine Theory that one surmises was the Acts 2 Pentecost Event. And that as the Church Age started there and then, it could ‘End’, just as it began. This is, if the Rapture follows the ‘Law of Bookends’, as one calls it, that the Church Age will End on its Anniversary Start Date. Perhaps, but it is Not a ‘Guarantee’. 

The Restoration, per Jesus, has been Pegged in one’s Interpretation to the 3 Blood Moon Tetrad Series of 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15. One sees a Prophetic Pattern that has played in the Restoration of Israel, sequentially. That Pattern is of Restoration of 3 Main Factors have Before-During-After Order or Reconstitution of what was Destroyed after Israel rejected Jesus as their True Messiah.

That is, Israel in 1948 was Birthed before the 1949-50 Tetrad that started in 1949. Then During the 6- Day War of 1967, that War was exactly in the ‘Midst’ of the 1967-68 Tetrad when Israel recaptured Jerusalem and the Temple Mount in 70 AD. Then what is left of this Prophetic Triangulation is the Temple, yet to be Rebuilt. One is surmising that the Temple will be built, obviously after the 2014-15 Tetrad. ALL of these 3 Factors have to be Reconstituted, as they existed and were a Reality when Jesus was present there and then. The Question is what Year after the 2014-15 Tetrad?


1. 1949-50
2. 1967-68
3. 2014-15

1. Temple
2. City
3. Land


3. Land 1948 Before Tetrad
2. City 1967 During Tetrad
1. Temple After Tetrad Fall 2024 (After Rapture, Temple begins to be Rebuilt?)

It is about the Lunar 19-Year Metonic Cycles

One had initially thought, when one started to Research the Patterns of Eclipses, both Solar and Lunar since 2008, that there would have been only 2-3 Year after 2015. This was predicated on how it was the case at the Beginning with Israel’s ‘Birth’ and the Subsequent Tetrad, that then occurred 2 Years after the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan. Obviously, it has been more than 2 Years and counting. Here is perhaps the definitive Clue. Perhaps it will be a 10 Year Span of Time since the Last 2014-15 Tetrad.

Since the Prophetic Restoration is specifically dealing with Blood Moons, why not consider the 19-Year Metonic Cycles that could determine the possible Temple Year And? That would lead to the Rapture the Year before, in one’s Calculation. Note the Day Count from Last Day of 2014-15 Tetrad that was a Super-Blood Moon to the Projected Shemini Atzeret Start of Tribulation Period? The Day Count Pattern follows the 120 Days in the 4 Months that Jesus alluded to, would arrive at the ‘Wheat’ Harvest Time at a given Summer Time. This is assuming He declared that around the Spring Equinox. 

March 22 Spring Equinox + 4 Months = a July 23rd  
September 28, 2015 (End of 2014-15 Tetrad) to October 18, 2025 (Start of Tribulation?)

= 120 Months

If one applies this Calculus, guess what Year the 19-Year Metonic Cycles converges on? 2024. Now what does that imply? That the Rapture will occur that Year? Or that the Temple starts to be Rebuilt? Consider that to the Religious Jews, no one can give the Command or Sanction of the Building of the Temple, but the ‘Messiah’ himself. Of course it is the one they are expecting and not Jesus. And he will arrive, but after the Church Age Ends and the Restrainer is set aside after the Rapture. It will be that close.

This is to suggest that the AntiChrist will Debut immediately after this Summer Rapture Timing. Thus, if 2024 is the Rapture Year, assuming a Summer Wheat Harvest Timing, then it would be about 1 Year out, that in the Fall of 2025 is when the Tempe would then be Dedicated with the Inauguration of the Daily Sacrifices. This is one’s Working Theory. The Theory is that the 3 Prophetic Factor of Israel being back in the Land, Jerusalem being back in the Hands of the Jews and then the Temple being rebuilt, have to be Present when Jesus Returns.

LAND                                    CITY                                                                              TEMPLE

          Tetrad                        Tetred                                                  Tetrad
         1949-50                     1967-68                                                2014-15
               |--------19 Years--------|-------------------47 Years--------------------| -----10 Years-----|
1947                                     1967                                                                                  2024?
WAR                                     WAR                                                                                  WAR

Independence                   6-Day War                                                                      Psalm 83 War
BEFORE                            DURING                                                                              AFTER

It is about the Daily Sacrifices

It is following the Laws of how the ‘Beginning is like the End and the End is like the Beginning, etc. So, after the Tetrad of 2014-15? When? Then what Year? The 2nd Clue is surmised where one applied the Phi Ratio Template to calculate that possible Year. And? If one uses the 1949 Blood Moon, the Beginning of the 1949-50 Tetrad to the 1968, the End of the 1967-68 Tetrad, that was a span of 19 Years. And? 2 things. This specific Time-Span is following the Metonic Lunar Cycle.

The Metonic Cycle or ‘Enneadecaeteris’, is a Period of almost exactly 19 Years after which the Lunar Phases recur at the same Time of the Year. Then from the Beginning in 1967 of the Blood Moon Tetrad of 1967-68, to the End in 2015, of the 2014-15 Blood Moon Tetrad was 47 Years, as in 1947. That is the Year the U.N. Partitioned the Promised Land between the Jews and Arabs. The Arabs refused their State of their own. They rather declared War on Israel.

Israel won their Partition and Statehood by Blood, Sweat and Tears. Yet the World is pressuring Israel to give back the Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. This is why the 2-State Solution is a Farce. It is only a Stalling Tactic of the Muslims to Strategize-Away the Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount for themselves. It is to usurp completely from YHVH’s Covenant People, what was Promised the Jews. All that to say that, if one uses these 2 Tetrads of 1949-50 and 1967-68 in the Triangulation, the Mathematical Outcome of the Year is guess what Year? 2024.

As in the Fall of 2024 that would follow the Summer New Wine Pentecost Acts 2 Rapture. This is the Scenario. It is one’s Working Theory. One has written a Book on the Blood Moon Phenomena and the Tetrads. See Link for more information about it. But a Fall 2024 to a Fall 2025 ‘Gap of Time’ then would be corresponding to the Start of the Building of the 3rd Temple, or about 1 Year to Build, Consecrate and Dedicate it. The Temple would then be ready for the Daily Sacrifice to commence.

And that the Dedication will be by the AntiChrist on a Shemini Atzeret 8th Day Week and Simchat Torah, that ‘Confirms the Covenant’. What Covenant? The Mosaic Covenant that will the Sanhedrin, the AntiChrist and the False Prophet will put Israel under after the Rapture. Israel will be fully ‘Reconstituted’ as it was as in the Days of Jesus. One has reiterated this possible Scenario of how and who will be doing all that to start the Tribulation Period 2520 Day Count, all-inclusive. One surmises that the Key Factor is when that 1st Daily Sacrifice will be made.

And as one has written about it for Decades, one has Postulated that it is the Daily Sacrifices that will start the Day Count of the 2 Halves of the 1260 Days. And that the Confirming the Covenant with the Many is with L’Rabbim as in the ‘Many Teachers’. That is precisely what the Sanhedrin is made-up of, the High Court of Rabbis or Learned Elders of Zion, etc. One surmises that from now until then, in some way, somehow, the Extreme Religious Right of Israel, mainly the Ultra-Orthodox will gain Political Power to govern all of Israel.

It is about the End of the Church Age

And 1 Day, the Sanhedrin will Recuperate their Full Power, both Religiously and Politically to Decree over the issues dealing with the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple, as it was when Jesus was in Israel. This next supposition is also novel in that when Jesus in His Olivet Discourse referenced the Instructions for the Jews to know what to do, He mentioned a specific Region, Judea. Realize that as of May 14, 1948, the 2 Ancient Regions of what was Judea and Samaria were not in Israel’s Control nor part of what has become Israel, officially. This is to say that the present Geo-Political construct is that those 2 Regions are considered the ‘West Bank’.

The Point is that during the Tribulation Period, Judea and Samaria will be 100% Jewish and part of Israel. This is stipulated by Jesus to be a Future case still. How so? One surmises they will be the Spoils of War, specifically after the Victory over the Muslim Inner-Ring Confederation of the Psalm 83 War. Nonetheless, in Modern-Day Israel, this is to say, as a Commentary, that what is being allowed presently in Israel, as in the case of the Messianic Jews and Christian Missions to occur, amazingly, is precisely because Israel is still a Secular State and not under the Mosaic Law, for now.

One’s Point is that it will not last much longer, especially after the Rapture Event. Why? The Rapture will close-out the Church Age and thus there will be a need to have a Worldwide Religious ‘Reset’. This is where the False Prophet will play his Prophetic Role, etc. Israel being Secular since its Rebirth in 1948 has been a Blessing in Disguise. Why? It has allowed for the Gospel to be Preached. Although there has been much Harassment and Opposition from guess who? The Ultra-Orthodox Jews. In the scope of Persecution and Opposition, they are just as adamantly opposed to Jesus and His Followers, as are the Muslims.

And given the Chance and Opportunity to be in Power, as they have said, on the Record, they will start Killing anyone that says, ‘Jesus is LORD’, once the Sanhedrin is reconstituted. Hello Guillotines. So, this is how the Tetrads of 1949-50, 1967-68, and 2014-15 have perhaps finally cracked the Code of when the Temple is to be Built, based on their 19-Year Metonic Cycle that 2024 is Synchronized to, in a Phi Ratio of Spacing and Timing. Thus, this possible Rapture Scenario and Itinerary suggests a Fall 2025 Start of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. 

And that it will start with the Dedication of the Temple, by way of the Daily Sacrifices as the Law of Moses, the Mosaic Covenant is read Publicly in the Sight and Assembly of the ‘Many’. It will be in the Sight of all of Israel and the World to have it be Reiterated and Reconstituted. Thus, all this is what one has as a Working Theory, up to now as all these Variables have to be in place, as they were during the Days of Jesus’ Ministry on Earth. It will be that Solomon 2.0 AntiChrist, that on a Simchat Torah Dedication, takes from the Precedence of how the Jewish Kings and Priest would ‘Confirm the Covenants’. He will be putting all of Israel under the Mosaic Law. Then the Gentiles will be under the Noahide Laws, etc. This is how one believes the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ should be read and interpreted, perhaps.

But this is how the October 7, 2023 (723) Hamas War Date, the 8th Day of Assembly is linked then to the Dedication of the Temple. It will be as Jesus was on the 8th Day, Circumcised and Dedicated as the True Temple, at the Temple. Imagine that. And that the Confirming of the Covenant could very well be at a Shemini Atzeret 8th Day Anniversary, of the Hamas Attacks on Israel. It is after all, what the Jews now call now their ‘9-11’, which was an ‘Inside Job’. If so, then it is ‘All Going To Plan and it is all being ‘Set-Up.



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