Trajectory of the Giant Gas Planet Uranus in Taurus

  • Is a Global Transformation soon coming upon the Earth?
  • Will the End of Church Age and Rapture Spark such a Time?
  • What will the Convergence of Uranus in Taurus mean?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘They will be Terrified, Pains and anguish will take hold of them; They will Writhe like a Woman in Labor. They will look at one another in Astonishment, Their Faces aflame. Behold, the Day of the LORD is coming, Cruel, with Fury and Burning Anger, to make the Land a Desolation; and He will Exterminate its Sinners from it. For the Stars of Heaven and their Constellations will not Flash forth their Light; The Sun will be Dark when it rises and the Moon will not shed its Light.’ –Isaiah 13:8-10

The purpose of this study is to Depict the Celestial Array as it occurred on the 1st Day of the 70th Anniversary of Israel’s Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948. In other words, what did the Sky look like that Night and does it suggest or allude to anything to do with the ‘Sun, Moon and the Stars’. Well, coincidentally, yes, the ‘Sun, Moon and the Stars’, in this case, Venus all Converged in the Sign of Taurus on May 15, 2018, and in approximate Phi Ratio to each other. Although the Sun is in Taurus around the Season of Pentecost every year, think of the Golden Calf at Mount Sinai. What was noted, in particular, was that the New Moon occurred on this Day. A New Moon is always analogues to a ‘Transitionary Period’, as the sliver of the New Moon is then anticipated to usher-in the New Month according to the Hebrew Calendar.

Did this particular New Moon on the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel’s Rebirth possibly Signal such a coming ‘Transference’ back to Israel from the End of the Church Age that is on the Horizon? Obviously, that Transition did not occur, that very Precise Day but that the TYPOLOGY is given to occur sometime thereafter, perhaps. What this study wishes to present, is to associate all that this New Moon was and is alluding to, perhaps even Prophetically in association to Taurus and Uranus. In researching these particular Variables, many Articles from Astrological Persuasions, one came across how Uranus is about to enter Taurus for a period of 7 years. However, the physical planet of Uranus will not enter the literal Sign of Taurus until sometime in 2023.

It is as though such were also 7 years-off or are using a Different Counting Matrix. Why would there be such a Discrepancy? Could this 70th Year Anniversary be suggesting a 7-Year Countdown to the Tribulation Period? What if there is to be a ‘Transitionary’ Phase before the Start of the 7-year Tribulation Period thereafter? This might be the case. It is as much the Phenomenon as with the Watcher Community that cannot figure out which Hebrew Calendar to correctly calculate Pentecost and/or all the other Feasts of YHVH, for example. One Main Reason for the Discrepancy has to do with how the Astrologers use their Fixed Numerical Counting Charts, rather than the Direct Observable Methods of the Sighting of the actual Star’s Movements.

Such are not Synchronized, as they rather go off what is prescribed by such Fixed Computed Calculations. In Astrology, such Movements are Interpreted in how the Sun, Moon and the Stars directly control and affect Humans, right down to this Day. This is of course, prohibited by YHVH, as it ought to be His Daily ‘Bread’, the Word, from His Mouth, off the Pages of the Bible. And through Prayer that should Direct, Control, Lead and Affect one’s Daily Life. For example, many End Times Watchers were anticipating that the Rapture Event would have occurred on the Pentecost based on the Rabbinical Calculations. Pentecost will always be a Week off, using Alternate Calculations.

However, Time and Time again, all the Prospective Timelines will be Wrong, because the Point of Origin, of when one should count the 50 Days is incorrect. The 50-Day Count does not start on the ‘High Day’ Sabbath after the Wave Offering following Passover. The 50-Day Count to Pentecost starts the Day after the 1st Sabbath from Passover. This would coincide With Jesus’ Resurrection on Saturday, 3pm when ‘He had been risen’ by Sunday morning, as the ‘First Fruits’ of the coming Resurrection, etc. The next Argument and Discrepancy then has to do with the notion, if the 50th Day Count is in fact the ‘Full’ Pentecost. Why? There is Language that states that it is from that point, that an Additional 50-Day Count is Prescribed.

It would make sense in that the Scripture does state that Pentecost had ‘Fully’ Come. Would this be the ‘Fullness’ of Pentecost just after the Summer Solstice? Or is Leviticus 23:16 a Reiteration of Verse 15 as it is so often the Poetic Case in Hebrew writing? Realize that a 100-Day Count from the Sabbath after Passover in 2018 would put it around July 16. The date of July 16 is significant in that from the Revelation 12 Sign on 9-23 of 2017 is 9 months and 23 days. This 2nd 50-day count would be in Proximity to the Solar Eclipse that occurs on July 13 and about 13 Days from the unique and rare Central Blood Moon of July 27.

What makes it Unique is that it occurs over Jerusalem and on the Jewish Valentine’s Day of Tu’B’Av. This Alternative Count of Pentecost could be referring to a 100-Day Count when both the Wheat and the Barley are Harvested together, but the Wheat Harvest starts to End in Mid-July. This would also be confirmed by the Valentine's Type and Shadow, of how Ruth stayed with her Mother-In-Law, all throughout the 2nd 50 Day Count of the Wheat Harvest. Only then did she Rendezvous at the ‘Midnight Hour’ with Boaz when both the Barley and Wheat Harvest had been Gathered-In. Thus, this would put Pentecost, fully about a Month forward to occur in Mid-July of any given Year, etc.

This would also concur with the Words of Jesus, in saying how there is still ‘4 Months away till the Harvest’. This Timespan would be 120 Days, that equals the same number of those in the Temple Courts when GOD the Holy Spirit came down and Indwelt them with the ‘Power from on High’. It was the Time when the Church Age was ‘Born’, because Pentecost had ‘Fully’ Come, etc. With this New Moon Event Synchronizing with the Sun in Taurus on Israel’s 70th Year Anniversary, led many to suggest, just what this Celestial Convergence might be Foreshadowing in relation to the Church, Israel and the World based on 1 planet. Uranus.

It concerns one of the Giant Gas Planets, Uranus that is seldom seen, especially at this Time in History, and it will be occurring in Taurus. Would or could such a Celestial Convergence mean something even Prophetically is to come in light of a ‘Transference’ and Upheaval? What this study wishes to present is a Suggestive Correlation of the coming Tribulation Period in the context to Taurus and Uranus. It is using the Factors of the Giant Gas Planet, Uranus as it is leaving Pisces and how it will Traverse briefly through Aries to then enter Taurus within the next few Years. The Factor of the Biblical Inference given to Taurus will then be Analyzed in how it Depicts the coming ‘Wrath of the Judge’, that is during the 7-Year Tribulation. The Depiction of the Planet Uranus is that of ‘Heaven’ itself, which is one of the Inferences to the name of GOD Almighty.

The Time it will take for Uranus to span the length of the Constellation of Taurus will be approximately 9 Years. Uranus only visits each Sign of the Mazzaroth every 84 Years. Some Constellations are smaller in expanse, compared to others. Some Signs will have more or less Years, in which Uranus will be in such a Sign. It is only in the Astrological Charts that the Counts are equal, in a 7-Year Duration despite this obvious Celestial Discrepancy. A Timeline provided, will show the Yearly Increments of Uranus’ Progress, pegged to the May 15, 2018 Anniversary of Israel’s Modern Rebirth. The Years will be marked starting from Right to Left, as the Trajectory of the Planet Uranus along with its Retrogrades, will look traveling across the sky from Earth’s Perspective. Each Year, starting in the Fall, Uranus goes into its Retrograde that lasts for about 5 Months. There will be approximately 5 Retrogrades in Aries and then about 9 Retrogrades in Taurus.

What is Interesting about the Taurus and Uranus Connection, is that on precisely the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel’s Independence, with the New Moon, the position of Uranus was at the Exact Point on the Ecliptic, where the 2 Fish of Pisces are ‘Bound’ by Cetus, the ‘Beast out of the Sea’, etc. Uranus starts to leave Pisces in 2018 and will Traverse through Aries thereafter for roughly 5 Years. Astonishingly, from this ‘Unbinding’ of the Fish from Cetus to when Uranus moves into Taurus and then Exists it, is in approximate Phi Ratio of Time to the total 13-Year Movement of Uranus. As an Added Bonus of how even the Constellations were created in Phi Ratio Properties, if one also Superimposes the Spiral Phi Ratio onto the entire length of the Constellation of Taurus, the Fulcrum of the Spiral is Dead Center on the Pleiades.

In terms of the Name of Uranus, it is referenced to the ancient Greek Deity of the Sky Uranus (Οὐρανός). Uranus was considered the Father of the first Generation of the Titans. Uranus was the Father of Cronus (Saturn) and Grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter), which in Latin became ‘Ūranus’. According to Research, Uranus is associated with Great Change. Uranus is supposedly, the ‘Planet of Revolution’ and known as the ‘Great Awakener’. Such Factors, combined with Taurus signifies a World Transition and Abrupt Change that will be Catastrophic. This is because Uranus is an Outer Planet, and thus the Effects of its Transit through Taurus will largely be seen on a Global Level and Impact. The Planet Uranus is the Ruling Planet of Aquarius. In the coming ‘Golden Age’ of Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus also signifies a coming Breakdown of the present Order, and the Rise of the Luciferian New World Order.

Tribulation Period
The World will be Judged at last, by the coming 7-Fold Seal Judgments that are the Wrath of Jesus, as the ‘Judge’. Uranus is also said to affect Security and Food Supplies. This again, is Ominous as there will be Extreme Famine caused by War during the coming Tribulation Period. Like the Classical Planets, Uranus is visible to the Naked Eye. Uranus was known as a Planet, as depicted by the Ancient Sumerian Scrolls and other Cultures, for example. The Planet was not Formally Cataloged until it was declared ‘Discovered’ by the English. It was the ‘1st Planet to be Discovered with a Telescope’ in 1781 by William Herschel. The Uranian Axis of Rotation is approximately Parallel with the Plane of the Solar System, with a tilt of 97.77°. As a result, Uranus Rotates Sideways and Rolls Around the Sun, rather than Spins like the other Planets.

Some propose that such an Anomaly has been caused by the Perturbations of Planet X or the 2nd Sun Nemesis Star System with each Passing. Its Average Distance from the Sun is roughly 20 AU Astronomical Units. Uranus makes a Full Rotation in as little as 14 Hours. Uranus has 27 known Satellites or Moons. Uranus is the 2nd Planet to have Rings in the Solar System after Saturn’s. Uranus is what is known as a ‘Generational Planet’ because with an orbit of 84 years, this is the First and Last Time one will experience Uranus in any given Celestial Sign. In terms of the coming 7-year Tribulation Period, it is such Calamities brought about by this Celestial Combination that will demand a ‘Savior’. This is when the AntiChrist will come to deliver a False ‘Peace and Safety’ to Israel and the World, Temporarily. Again, Uranus signifies a Transition of a Drastic Change that is accompanied by the Rise of Global Dictatorships.

It is rather Interesting, that the Rise of the Major Dictatorial World Powers that wanted to Rule the World occurred when Uranus was in Taurus. Will it be no different with the coming AntiChrist? Esoterically, Taurus is also associated with the Stock Market, Finances, Money, a ‘Bull Market’, etc. It will be befitting of how during this Time with Uranus in Taurus, the AntiChrist will roll-out his Economic-Medical-Religious Mark of the Beast, which a Bull is. No one will be able to Buy, Sell, or Receive any Government Help or Services without Infusing, into one’s Body, literally this Luciferian Matrix of Total Control. It will be a Death Sentence to those who do not take the Mark of the Beast, Momentarily. For those who do take the Mark of the Beast, it will mean Eternal Damnation for such a Device will render Humans, Non-Humans and thus, not able to be Redeemed by the only Human, the GOD-Man that can, Jesus Christ.

Taurus is also 1 of the Cardinal Points that forms the Cardinal Cross in the Cosmos. It makes up the ‘Tetra’ of the 4 Living Creatures, the Bull, the Man, the Lion and the Eagle. Such are the Sentinels of the very Throne of YHVH as seen in many Books of the Bible. Many Prophets of Old have seen such a Majesty; Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and John, etc. This Majestic and Heavenly Pattern is replicated in the 2nd Heaven with Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio, which in Ancient Zodiacs was an Eagle. Such a Motif was also incorporated on Earth with YHVH’s Earthly People, the Jews as they encamped around the Tabernacle of Moses, a Replica of YHVH’s Throne. The Throne of YHVH is where the Judge Sits and when one is ushered to the very Presence of YHVH, the Creator, one will be Judged.

There were the 4 Standards of the Tribes of Israel, the Bull, Lion, Man and Eagle, etc. With the Astronomical Association of Uranus in Taurus, many will easily overlook another Star Cluster, pertaining to Judgment. The Beheading of the Binary Star Algol near the Pleiades also depicts the coming Judgment of Satan. It is known as the ‘Blinking Demon’ or Ha-Satan as it is a Binary Star that is Beheaded by Perseus. This is an Echo to Genesis 3:15, in how the Head of Lucifer would be Crushed. However, in Taurus, we see the ‘Piercing’ of the Shepherd. With such Imagery in Mind, the following is a Review of the Work done by E.W. Bullinger in his Biblical interpretation of the Constellation of Taurus. It will be highlighted in Paraphrase Format.

 ‘This 3rd and last book is the concluding portion of this Heavenly Revelation of the storyline of the Mazzaroth. Taurus is the subject of Redemption completed and consummated in triumph. No more sorrow, suffering, or conflict; no more the bruising of the heel of the Redeemer. His coming ‘unto’ this Earth is not to suffer for sin but it will be a coming in power to judge the Earth in righteousness, and to subdue all enemies under His feet. The 1st chapter is the prophecy of the coming Judge of all the Earth. The 2nd sets before us the two-fold nature of the coming Ruler. The 3rd shows us Messiah's redeemed possessions--the Redeemed brought safely home, all conflict over. The 4th describes Messiah's consummated triumph. Messiah, the coming Judge of all the Earth who saves or delivers, and Apis, i.e., the heador chief.

Bull is clearly represented, and in all the Zodiac, which have, come down to us is always in the act of pushing, or rushing. The name of the Sign in Chaldee is Tor. Hence, Arabic, Al Thaur; Greek, Tauros; Latin, Taurus, etc. The more common Hebrew name was Shur, which is from a root, which means both coming and ruling. The stars in Taurus present a brilliant sight. There are at least 141 Stars, besides two important groups of Stars, which both form integral parts of the Sign. The brightest Star is in the Bull's Eye has a Chaldee name--Al Debaran and means the ‘Leader’ or ‘Governor’. The Star at the tip of the left horn has an Arabic name--El Nath, meaning ‘Wounded’ or ‘Slain’. Another prophetic intimation that this coming LORD should be first slain as a sacrifice. Then there is the cluster of Stars known as the Pleiades. This word, which means ‘the Congregation of the Judge’ or Ruler.

It comes to us through the Greek Septuagint as the translation of the Hebrew ‘kimah’, which means the ‘heap’ or ‘accumulation’ and occurs in Job 9:9; 38:31, 32, and Amos 5:8. It consists of a number of Stars in the neck of Taurus, which appear to be near together. The brightest of them, marked in all the maps, has come down to us with an Arabic name-Al Cyone, which means ‘the Center’, and has given the idea to some astronomers that it is the center of the whole Universe. The Syriac name for the Pleiades is Succoth, which means Booths or Tabernacles, etc. Another group of stars on the face of the Bull is known as The Hyades, which has a similar meaning of the congregated. Everything points to the important truth, and all turns on the fact that the Lord is COMING TO RULE!’


In this next Portion of Bullinger’s Work, is astonishing, as he too is a pre-Tribulationalist and Expounds on the fact, Astronomically that the Bride of Christ is Raptured before this 7-Year Tribulation Period of the Judgment and Wrath of the Judge begins. ‘There is nothing of ‘the Church’ revealed here. The Church will be caught up to meet the LORD in the air, to be forever with the Lord (1 Thess 4:17) before He thus comes unto the world in judgment. He will come forth to receive the members of His Body unto Himself, before He thus comes with them to destroy all His enemies and ‘judge’ (or rule) the world in righteousness. When we read this Sign of Taurus, therefore, we are to understand that His Church will be with Him, safe from all judgment. At a very early period, these Signs were appropriated to the 12 Tribes of Israel and borne upon their ‘standards.’ This may be traced in the Blessing of Jacob (Gen 49).

To reiterate, based on the Background of the Meanings and Inferences of both the Sign of Taurus and the Planet Uranus, here is the possible Biblical Correlation, concerning the End of the Church Age and the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period. As a Type and Shadow Celestially, the Planet Uranus is the Agent of Transformation and Change that ‘Unbinds’ the Fish of Pisces, that in part, is the Representation of the Church Age Believers. Will such a Company be ‘Taken Up’ as the Depiction of the coming Rapture of the Bride of Christ before Uranus enters Taurus? Will this be the Generation to Experience the Transition leading into the Tribulation Period? Will the Time Uranus in Taurus, from roughly 2023-2032 see the Tribulation Period as the ‘Fierce Wrath of the Judge’ begin? Taurus Represents the ‘Wrath’ of Jesus Christ, the Judge pours out.

In other studies, mainly pertaining to the Occult Astrological Interpretation of this Time, they say that Uranus will be in Taurus for 7 years. The 7-Year Timespan would nonetheless Correlate with the Span of Time of the entire Tribulation Period would be, as foretold. Is it Coincidence that perhaps such a Celestial Timeframe of the coming Tribulation Period was pegged to the New Moon that occurred during Israel’s 70th Year Anniversary of its Rebirth? Was it a 7-Year Countdown to the Start of the 7-Year Tribulation? And that Year would be? It would be 2025. However some who are Keen at Interpreting such Symbolism, could prove that the Church would still be present during said 7-Year Tribulation Period. Based on the Taurus Motif, it would suffer such a period of ‘Wrath’ still as the Pleiades would be dead center in the Sign of Taurus.

                                                          TAURUS TRIBULATION PERIOD - URANUS
70th Year Anniversary -------------------------------- 7 Year Countdown ------------------------------------ Star of 7 Year Tribulation?
   2018                                                                                                              2025?

The Bible teaches that the Bride of Christ cannot Suffer the Wrath of the Judge, anymore because they are in Jesus who already took all the Full Wrath of the Ultimate Judge, YHVH at the Cross. Thus the Bride, being ‘One’ with Christ, can no longer Entertain Wrath. Jesus cannot have part of Body, i.e., the Bride suffer any more Wrath. Or else, it would be Jesus too, that would continue to take the Wrath, all the same as He is the Head, and the Body is His Bride, etc. Coincidentally, the Planet Uranus is the 7th Planet from the Sun. And in 2028, during the Winter Solstice, Uranus will exactly reach the ley-line of the Pleiades in Taurus. The Pleiades is seen as the 7 Churches of Asia and the 7 Historical Segments of the Church Age, etc. Nonetheless, Scriptures are clear that the Bride of Christ is not appointed to Wrath. It is also assumed that the ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ starts from the 1st breaking of the Seal Judgments.

After the Rapture of These Things
It is in Heaven where the Bride of Christ has already been Raptured. She is the ‘Star Witness’ of such a Pending Wrath to be poured out on the whole World by the Lamb of GOD, the Judge when the Heavenly Court is in session, etc. It is the 1st Seal Judgment that initiates the Wrath of the Lamb, contrary to Opposing Views that it is not until the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period, etc. The Prophetic Scenario could be that the ‘Unbinding’ of the Fish by Uranus will be or could be the Rapture Pre-Event Sequence. It is the Rapture that will Shield the ‘Pleiades’ from such ‘Wrath’ that will be unleashed by the ‘Fierce Judge’, Jesus Christ.

As noted, one of the Meanings of the Pleiades is ‘Succoth’. It is alluding to a ‘Tabernacle’ in which the Israelites where Sheltered in and Shielded by the Presence of YHVH during the Wilderness Journey to the Promised Land. One has to be Reminded that the Rapture event does not initiate the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ that is to Start the 7-Year Week of Years per the Prophet Daniel. It is the AntiChrist that will be revealed only after the Bride of Christ is Removed and ‘Covered’ that will Enforce, seemingly, something that has largely been agreed upon already. For example, many believe that such a ‘Covenant’ is and will be the Oslo Accords.

It would have Prescribed a 7-Year Peace Accord between Israel and the Palestinian Muslims. It will also be among the ‘Many’ that will no doubt be the various Superpowers, etc. With this as a Possible Prophetic Backdrop, the Astronomical Interpretation of Uranus in Taurus, has hopefully brought-out the Significance of their Meaning. It could help in how one can better Appreciate an End Times Possible Scenario pertinent, to the particular New Moon that occurred in Taurus, pegged to the 1st day of Israel’s 70th Year Anniversary, that 7 Years later, anticipates a 7-Year Trek of Uranus in Taurus. The Question remains, will the Rapture be like that of Uranus ‘Unbinding’ the Fish of Pisces to be ‘caught-up’ at a Corresponding Pentecost Season still?

Does this Astronomical Episode, now occurring and pegged to Israel’s 70th Year Anniversary Signal, that a Global Transference and Change is Coming? Will such a Change, Globally Affect the Economies, Food Supply and Rise of a World Dictator occur, as the Church Age comes to an end? This study suggests that the Bride of Christ will soon be ‘Released’ and will Facilitate this Transition. Such a Global Change is at the Threshold of Reverting Back, to the Dispensation of the Law, regarding Israel.

It is to Deal Directly with Israel and the World in Judgment within this Last Generation. It is sort of befitting that the ‘Transitional’ Stage is that of Aries. It is a Smaller Constellation and one that Alludes to a coming ‘Sacrifice’ and Slaughter. Will it not be a Horrific Time on Earth during the Tribulation Period where there will be Wholesale Slaughter? However, this Time, it will not be Jesus Christ who will be Led as the ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ not opening His Mouth. This Time, it will be the Resurrected Lamb of GOD that will Execute His Wrath as the Judge, in Full Force against those that are his Willful Enemies. The Question remains, will there be a Transitional Period of a few Years from the Rapture Event to the Start of the Tribulation Period?

According to this Astronomical Study and Model, it would appear that there will be. What will the Tribulation Period Astronomically look like? Will this Traversing of the Giant Gas planet Uranus through Taurus actually Depict this Anticipated Time? The Suggested Timeline leading-up to Uranus’s Departure of Taurus in 2032 is nothing more than an Inference, as noted.

However, given the Amazing Nomenclature of each Celestial Variable, the Giant Gas Planet, Uranus and Taurus pegged to the New Moon on Israel’s 70th Year Anniversary cannot be a Mere Coincidence. Hopefully, such a study provided has contributed to the Appreciation of a Possible Prophetic Sequence. This study has been based on said Converging Celestial Elements, at this Point and Time in history that are pegged Celestially to Israel, apparently with the Sun, Moon and the Stars even.


In revisiting this Article written in early 2018, one wanted to add this Data Point. It has to do with what one observed in reconsidering the famous Epic of Gilgamesh. In the course of considering the Ancient Sumerian Account, though some say it is Mythology, an Event between the Gods judging Gilgamesh and Enkidu caught one’s Attention. In the Storyline, the Gods from Heaven sent the ‘Bull of Heaven’, as in Taurus, in 1 Level., on 1 Level of Interpretation. Surprisingly, the Judgment lasted against the 2 Demigods for how many Years? 7 Years.

 Not that this Data Point found in Ancient Secular History will Prove Biblical Prophecy, but just a Keen Observation because it does Match. Nonetheless, this Correlation is 1 more Data Point directly associating the Bull of Judgment with a Judgment Period lasting exactly 7 Year. Perhaps. But it would appear that there is this Direct Correlation to the 7 Year Tribulation Period Judgment. Wherein, the Planet Uranus, the God of the Sky or Heaven Traverses the Constellation of the 'Bull of Heaven', i.e., Taurus for exactly 7 Years. Coincidence? Well, at least 1 of the Earliest Human Mythologies, or History, is exactly attributing this Data Point to it.


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