Exposing the Luciferian Lust

  • Why is Pedophilia Protected at the very Top?
  • Are Pizza-Gate and Pedo-Gate Real and on-going?
  • Does Pedophilia have Luciferian Involvement?

​by Luis B. Vega

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‘But if anyone causes one of these Little Ones [Children] who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a Large Millstone hung around his Neck and to be Drowned in the Depths of the Sea. Woe to the World for the causes of Sin. These Stumbling Blocks must come, but Woe to the Man through whom they come!’ -Matthew 18:6-7 

The purpose of this study is to expose the Dark and Evil Enterprise of Child Sex Trafficking through the Promotion of a Film Documentary out of Poland. The Film Documentary is titled ‘Eyes of the Devil’, directed by Patryk Vega, a Polish Freelance Director. The Film was released in 2021 and as of this writing, has accrued over 1.5 Million Views on Vega’s YouTube Channel.

EYES OF THE DEVIL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1y38N4LQiU

He chose to expose the Child Sex Trafficking Rings that extends throughout Europe in particular. The Child Brothels, of Under-Age (Ages 3–4-Year-Olds) are mainly in Poland, Belgium and Germany, that were highlighted in the Film. Child Sex Trafficking is not limited to just Europe as it exists in every Community around the World. Young Girls, for example, are lured into the Cities from the remote areas of Poor Nations.

They are promised a ‘Job’ when in fact they will be Drugged and sold into becoming Sex Workers. They become Modern-Day Slaves that will most likely never come back Home alive. This ‘Bait-And-Switch’ Practice occurs in Latin America, Africa, Asia and especially in War-Torn Regions or where Mass Immigration is taking place. This is exactly is taking place in the Mass Migrations Waves that have come and keep coming in Europe and the USA. Unaccompanied Children are handed-off to who knows who. And from what Eye-Witnesses have attested to, many of the Young Boys and Girls are snatched-up by the Cartels, never to be seen. What is sinister about this type of Sex-Trafficking is that the Underlying Force is a Luciferian one at the core.

The Film exposes the Satanic Occult Origins of how Criminal Cartels operate with Impunity and in most cases are known and are aligned with Governmental and Police Authorities. One will provide a Reaction to the Film, in General that will corroborate the Evidence also based on one’ Experiences incurred throughout one’s International Missions Abroad and Career Aspirations. It is all True. Patryk Vega, in the Film speaks Polish but the Film has English Sub-Titles. He chose to ‘Rescue’ and interview an Expecting Mother, a Polish Prostitute who got Pregnant and wants to get rid of the Baby. She cannot even bring herself to call it a ‘Child’, nor desired any Attachment.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

In the Mother’s Mind if she, ‘Did not Think about it’, it will go away and does not exist. She wanted the Baby, or the ‘Inconvenience’ and ‘Problem’ to go away. Based on the Information obtained from the Mother and a Polish Middle-Man that was also Interviewed, usually, a Well-Organized Mafia operates this type of Service, Child Pedophilia. The Men and Women of such Cartels prey on Younger Single Mothers who they scope-out in Public Places, like Children’s Parks or Shopping Areas. They befriend the Mothers and once they have their Confidence, they offer Money to have the ‘Problem’ or the Baby taken off their Hands. According to the Mother and the Middle-Man, the Demand for Pedophilia or Sex with Children, 3-4-Year-Olds is increasing.

The Cost for such Children depends on the Service Needed. But the Mothers are offered, on average within a range anywhere from $15,000 USD per Child. The Film brought out the Fact that most Women are not paid but merely a few $100 Euros at best. They get Conned. The 3-4-Year Children are Drugged and forced to have Sex, about once a Week, have a Life Expectancy of about 16 Years. Which at that time, they are herded-off to a ‘Regular Adult’ Brothel, Harvest for Organs or ‘Disposed’ of. There is an Extra Cost to kill the 3-4-Yeaer Olds while having Sex.

In many instances, the Clients pay to kill the Children during Intercourse as they ripe the bodies apart. That is how Sick these Pedophiles are. In many cases, the Adolescents attempt Suicide. Most are so Drugged-Up, they become Social Misfits. Most will not make it beyond their 20s, if they do not make a Prophet, with at least 30 Clients a Day. Then they are ‘harvested’ for Organs before becoming un-profitable due to Age and their Organs becoming too damaged from all the Drugs induced to control the Children. It was also stated that in rare occasions, due to a Service Request, such as an Immediate Organ Transplant, Kidnappings will only take place for such a Demand.

The Director, Patryk Vega took on this Mother and Baby as the Mother agreed to ‘Talk’ and speak about what it is like in this World of Luciferian Pedophiles. The Mother connected Patryk to a ‘Capo’ or Middle-Man that arranged for such Pedophile Fantasies from Men. They come, as he put it, from Germany or who knows where, on Helicopters, Private Planes to have Sex with 3–4-Year-Olds. And that such Men were and are very Powerful and Extremely Wealthy. The Informant also divulged who all these People providing the Service are. They are your ‘Ordinary’ Next Door Neighbor Types. Yet, they are in a Network that is really a Cult as the Man described it. It is a Luciferian Cadre that come with all the Symbols and Secret Words uttered that they only know to de-code.

The Documentary confirmed that most of these types of Child Brothels are run by or managed by Muslims. Why Muslims? In their Religion. Men are permitted to have Intercourse with Children as young as 3 Years Old. Same for the Synagogue of Satan wherein Talmudic Jews believe and practice the same. All this Information was obtained by way of an Interview with the Mother, on Video carrying an Unwanted Pregnancy. The Information was also obtained in one 1 of the Middle-Men who agreed to also be Interviewed on Camera. So, the Expectant Mother could not wait 12 more Days for a Natural Birthing Due Date. She went through with an Early C-Section Procedure.

Protected Pedophiles

The Male Informant mentioned that the Places where the Cult operates have Pentagrams and use the Children for Sacrificial Rites. Even in the USA, presently there is a push by the Satanists who seek ‘Religious’ Liberty to perform Abortions of Children as part of their ‘Religion’. In California, the Legislature passed a Law that ‘Consenting People’ can engage in Sex, within a 10-Year Spread. Meaning, a 20-Year Old Male Adult can have Sex with either a Boy or Girl, aged 10 Years Old, and that is now ‘Legal’. This is the World one is living in, 2022, as in the Days of Lot and Noah.

The Sacrificing of Babies goes back to Moloch, in which Babies were Sacrificed to this Fallen Angel. It became a Sacrifice practiced in all of the Middle East in Biblical Times. It has not gone away. It is just called ‘Abortion’ now. In fact, there have some Reports that many of those involved in Abortions, their Clinic and Organizations are Luciferians that seek the Body, Blood and Souls of these Unborn, whom they Dedicate to Lucifer.

As a Spoiler Alert, the Director, Patryk Vega, as mentioned, took-in the Mother to have a C-Section. The Mother could not wait as she had 2nd Thoughts about being involved with the Documentary or the Baby. Then the Mother was having Suicidal Thoughts. One surmises because Patryk was in a sense ‘Interrogating’ her with all manner of Questions about the Pedophile Rings and how they work. He also asked her very Poignant Questions about her Morality or lack thereof. He asked her about if what she was doing, selling her Baby to either Pedophiles or for Parts was wrong and if there was Divine Punishment. And if she believed in ‘God’ and His Judgment for doing them.

She replied that she had no Belief in GOD or Retribution, Remorse, Repentance as she described her Pregnancy as ‘Ruining her Body’. And that the ‘Problem’ was not part of her and needed to be taken out, much like a Pimple. The Baby was delivered, a healthy Girl. But she did get to see her Baby Girl at the Hospital after the Baby’s Birth. And she took a Picture of her, but right at the moment the Baby Girl sneezed and opened her Eyes to see her Mother, Eye-to-Eye. She later on, with the help of Patryk Vega, went to a Polish Government Courts to put the Baby Girl up for a Formal Adoption.

The Petition was granted, and the Baby was given over to a Roman Catholic Adoption Agency. However, if one knows about the Child Sex Abuses of the Roman Catholic Church, one is very spectacle that the Outcome will be any different than handing the Baby Girl to the Luciferian Pedophile Rings. No disrespect to all Roman Catholics, but many Priests are Pedophiles. It has been proven over and over down the Millenia. There is ample Evidence of Priests Sexually abusing Children, both Boys and Girls.

In Ireland and in Canada for example, Bones and Graves of Infants have repeatedly been unearthed next to Monasteries, Religious Schools and Church Building Caverns underground, etc. How Patryk Vega got the Pedophile ‘Captain’ to Interview on Camera and divulge what he did was incredible. But it really only confirmed what many over the Decades have warned the World about. Pedophilia is Real, Growing and Protected at the Highest Levels. And it is Luciferian at the Rotten Core. However, once the Film Documentary was made and published, the Pedophile ‘Captain’ realized his mistake.

Trading in the Souls of Men
The Middle Man, who later admitted that he too was a Pedophile and engaged in such Sex with the Children apparently took his own life. He had ‘Told Too Much’ and phoned Patryk that he was going to ‘Cut his Wrists’ because he knew practically that he was a ‘Dead Man’. Why? These Pedophile Rings are run from the Top, from Lucifer’s Criminal Organizations that deal in Prostitution and Drugs. This is the Power-Base that facilitate the Service that apparently is growing in Demand. Balenciaga Ads were not ‘Mistakes’.

One is troubled by the fact that Germany or German Men kept coming up, as those that requested the 4-3-Year-Olds for Sex Services. The Porn that comes out of Germany involves Twisted Fetiches. And again, not to say or implicate all German Men, are like this. But in one’s Extensive World Missions, to nearly 20 Nations, this Theme of Germans ‘Booking’ Plane Loads to Thailand or going to Poland, Chechia, Slovakia, the Poorer Easter European Countries looking for Sex with Children was very prevalent.

It is no wonder how in the Book of Revelation, it states that in the End Days, just before the Return of Jesus, Men will still be ‘Trading’ in such Types of Merchandize, and that includes even the ‘Souls’ of Men. In fact, that is what the Pedophile Capo mentioned that Under-Aged Boys are called, ‘Merchandize’. The Code for Little Girls was ‘Dolly’.  The following will now be one’s Experience related to how this 3-4-Year-Old Sex Trafficking Service is real and Luciferian at the core. Pizza-Gate is real. Epstein Island is real. Those flight logs of Judge Roberts and Bill Gates, Prince Andrew? All true.

It is reported that they had a Life-Size Effigy of Jesus on the Cross in 1 Bedroom where they had Sex with the Teen-Aged Girls. Now to one’s encounters with this Filth? It involved the U.S. State Department. One studied Political Science in College. In one Internships Excursion to Washington, D.C., one had an Informal Interview with the Organization of American States. It was one’s Ideal Internship. One was so ‘Green’ and Naïve about the ‘Swamp’ and Deep State that does exist and in other World Capitals.

One has divulged this ‘Story’ before. But what one was told, for example that in the OAS, all the Ambassador’s Checks are issued from the U.S. State Department. In essence, they are ‘Bought and Paid for’. One had a real Education that Colleges did not Teach. And that one would only aspire to a 2nd Rate Position at the Agency as one did not ‘Come from the Right Universities’ nor the Right ‘Fraternal Orders’. They were saying is that, so long as one did not come from the Yale or Harvard type of Pipelines, and ‘Initiated’, as in the Skull and Bones type of Luciferian Fraternities, one would be going nowhere. It was a Glass Ceiling or in this case a Luciferian one.

This ‘Lesson Learned’ reinforced what 1 a Best Friend talked about his French Grandfather. One’s College Roommate’s Mother was born in Madagascar, which was a French Colony during World War 2. The Roommate’s Grandfather went to France to fight in the Resistance. He was a Top Leader and Commander. After the War, Charles De Gaulle offered him a Top Cabinet Position in the New French Government after the War. But there was a catch. He would have had to attend ‘Mandatory’ Meetings where they performed Luciferian Rituals that were conducted by ‘High Priests’. And?

Deep State Sex Swamp

These were ‘Initiation’s, and in which Child Sacrifices were performed. Needless to say, one’s aspiration to ‘Go to Washington’ to clean the Swap was derailed. Then when one was about to Graduate from College, one interviewed for the CIA on Campus. They had one’s Resume and were very much Interested. However, one left to Study Abroad in England and it never materialized due to what I learned for what I would only do. One was told Years later that the CIA kept calling one’s Home and they had pressured one’s Parents to allow, ‘Their Son’ to work at the CIA. Then Years later, one took the Foreign Service Exam, without studying at all. The Exam was held in the UCLA Campus.

One passed the Exam and got a Personalized Letter from then Colin Powell, Director of the State Department to be flown to Washington D.C. for subsequent Interviews. In the course of the Interviews and Scenarios presented, one realized that World Governments do not have the Best Interest of their Citizens in Mind. If anything, one was just going to be a ‘Low Level’ Spy somewhere in South America, intermingling with the Locals to Ascertain their Reponses and Reactions to U.S. Foreign Policy. One was to working for a many ‘Front Companies’ that the CIA has all over the World as a cover. 

And that how they would entrap Actors, Important People, Diplomats or Captains of Industry is through Pedophilia. For example, when there would be a World Summit or an Official State Visit of World Dignitaries, the CIA would provide Children, usually Underaged, 12-16-Year-Olds, brought to their Hotel Suites. Let one Repeat that. The CIA would bring Under-Aged Children for Sex, offered to the Diplomats and/or Captains of Industry. Why? All those Hotels around such Convention Centers have Cameras.

The aim is to entrap the Men in their Hotel Rooms with the Children, with Video of them engaging in Intercourse with the Under-Aged Boys and/or Girls for Blackmail Purposes. The CIA is involved in Child Sex Trafficking. Needless to say, one did not want to be a 2nd Rate Spy and ‘Pimp’ for Lucifer pushing 14-16-Year-Olds for forced Sex Trafficking. Of course, such Agencies justify this ‘Necessary Evil’ in the Best Interest of ‘National Security’. No. World Capitals are run by the Synagogue of Satan. Those that control the Media, Money, Medicine and the Military control the Drug and Sex Trade.

For example, during the Bush Senior Tenure in Office, it is well documented that the White House had Receipts of Credit Card Transactions of how Boy Prostitutes were taken into the White House. Then there is the whole Franklin Child Prostitution Ring Allegations that is now deemed a ‘Hoax’ but Eye-Witnesses and those Traumatized by the Trafficking are Dead or Silenced. Or there is the whole Importing of Cocaine from Latin America using the Mina Airport in Arkansas under the Governorship of Bill Clinton.

It is reported that 1 Boy who saw the operation had to be Murdered as to not have him speak about it. Even since Vietnam, the CIA, and other Corrupt Military High Command smuggled Drugs in the Bodies of Died Servicemen flown back to the USA. Here is another example. Recently, the U.S. Congressman, Madison Cawthorn was a Rising Star in the Republican Camp. All seemed good to go, until he gave an Interview on a popular YouTube Channel. And? He inferred to Pedophilia and Drugs. That is all it took.

Pedophiles Rule the World

Cawthorn talked about how he would get invited, mind you by supposed ‘Conservative’ Republican Members of Congress, to Sexual Orgies where Drugs would be made available. And? This was his Downfall. That is exactly what the People said during one’s Internship would happen. New Members get offered 3 Options, basically. One is not saying this happens or will or has to for each New Congressman. But that Men in Black Suits will show up and will offer Insider Trading Secrets, Lucrative Business Deals, Campaign Support Money, ‘to get along and go along’. And if not?

Such persons like Cawthorn will only be a 1-Term Congressman that is sure to lose a Re-Election. How? Thanks to the Media is used by the Pedophiles to Demonize and unearth any Skeletons in one’s Closet, as they say. And this is what happened. This goes for Hollywood too. This is how they entrap many Actors into joining the Luciferian Cult Association. Aside the fact that most Actors, Directors, and Musicians that want to get ahead have to Sell their Soul to Lucifer, the Pied Piper. But they use the same CIA Tactics to lure the Unassumed into Compromising Situations. Most notably, Pedophilia.

These CIA and Hollywood People are one in the Same. Take for example 1 incident that Justin Bieber divulged about what happened at 1 of those Famous Hollywood Parties. He claims that the Host emphatically wanted him to be lured into a room to engage in Sex, with those there. He resisted. But that in the course of the Party, a Young Boy, no more that 13-14, was brought in and was Raped Repeatedly to the point of Bleeding. Bieber said that he got out as fast as he could and felt bad for the Boy and did not know what ever happened to him. Well, the Film Documentary by Patryk Vega explains does. Murder. It is Dark, Evil what these Luciferian Pedophiles do and desire.

It is Un-Natural Lust, and one has read that it is because Lucifer hates Jesus so much for having Saved Humanity at the Cross. How so? Lucifer choses the most Beautiful and Innocent of Humanity, the Most Vulnerable to Torture, Deface and Murder to prick a the ‘Heart of YHVH’ so as to make the Creator of all that is Holy, Pure and Beautiful to suffer. For example, there is the case of Michael Angelo Aquino, with his Wife Lilith. He was an American Political Scientist, receiving his PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He was a Military Officer, a Lieutenant Colonel and a High-Ranking Member of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan in San Francisco. And?

In the Military, he specialized in Psychological Warfare, that involved Torture, having Multiple Personality Syndrome, Mind Control, etc. Aquino Worked with DARPA in the Presidio in San Francisco. Where he worked to have the U.S. Military recognize all forms of the Luciferian Religions, such as Wicca. It was successful. He later established his Order of the Trapezoid. Which by the way was held at Wewelsburg Castle in Germany. And? This was the Castle Fortress of the SS that Himmler led, based on Satanic Occult Black Sun Motifs. The Layout is configured to the Cydonia Mars Triangulation. It is where the SS conducted Luciferian Rituals to Conjure-Up Demons.

Wewelsburg Castle Chart: 

Coming, No Here in a Neighborhood Near You
Aquino was accused of Experimenting on Children and Sexually Abusing them during Satanic Rites held at his Russian Hill home along with his Sect or Cult, just like in Poland. There was a Schism in his Cult Organization that led to establishing a Berlin-Based Group called, The Storm. It was later renamed the Sethian Liberation Movement. Aquino died in July 2020 at the age of 73. If one has done any extensive World Traveling, but outside the Organized Tourist Regiments, one will come in direct Contact with this Pedophile Sex Ring providing such ‘Service’. One does not need to go ‘it’, it will come to you. The following are some Experiences in some Countries while on Missions.

In Thailand, Pedophilia is very prevalent. This is where one learned now Germans would book entire Flights for Sex Tourism Purposes. As one walked-up-and-down the Ocean Front Hotel Lining the Beaches in Phuket, the entire Lobbies were filled with Under-Aged Girls. They would be beautifully dressed-up with big Number Tags on their Shoulders. You could just go in and ask to ‘Buy’ any Girl by Number, as many as one wanted or could afford. They would be escorted up to one’s Room, if one wanted. In Bangkok, right across the Royal Palace, every Tuk-Tuk Taxi Driver would pull out a Catalog of Young Girls and asking, ‘Which One You Like?’

In Romania, the Gypsies in Bucharest would use a Baby, Drugged-Up or Died because they did not move at all or could be seen Breathing that one could tell. They used the Babies, 1 to 2-Years Olds for Sympathy as the Mothers Begged for Money. They did not work alone. One could see by observing them for a few Hours that Men came and switched the Women and Babies. Obviously, the Local Police are aware of this as did most People. But the Locals ignored these Women and knew they are up to No-Good. The issue is that where do they get the Babies. In Romania, due to the Communist Policies forced by Ceausescu on the Society, 1000s of Orphans and Un-wanted Children became the Prime Prey to use for such Pedophile Rings. All this to say that such Babies were Kidnaps, and once having Died, due to Drugs to keep them calm and quit, they would be disposed of and/or Organs sold as in Poland, etc.

One has more Tales to Tell of such Mission Adventures. In France, one saved an American College Student from being Raped and Sex-Trafficked. This occurred as a Side-Trip to Marseilles once the Missions Trip was over. One wanted to stay over and see and spend some Time in the French Riviera. We met-up with some American College Students. OK. But the Girls wanted to ‘Party’ as most do, but one warned them not to. Being naïve in all things Evil, they went and sure enough, she was Drugged, and her Friend managed to walk her back to our Compound where one was staying at.

So happened that about 3 Arabs followed the 2 Girls as they barely made it into the door around 2 am. The 3 Men were banging hard on the Door and woke everyone up. They were trying to coerce the American Girl, Blond and Beautiful to come out to ‘Party’ some more. Unbeknownst to the 3 Arabs, who started speaking in Spanish so as to not tip-off the American Girls, they Spoke in Kind Words of Flattery to them, but when one approached the Door and listened to what they had to say in Spanish behind the door, it was another Grave Matter.

Eyes Wide Shut

The Muslims were plotting to Snatch the American Girl, once she would venture out to them, Gang Rape her and take her off to their ‘Friends’. Go figure. And how many Times does this Story occur over and over, every Year? Or again, the Gypsies there in Marseilles that congregated in the Pharmacies with Died Babies in Hand like in Romania. They would frantically beg, as they waved Prescriptions that were Expired for Months. They still used them in an attempt to get Tourists to give them Money. And of course, the Money never went to them. It went to the Sex Trafficking Cartels.

Now if one thinks that such Pedophilia Rings are just occurring in Mega Cities in a Land far away? Guess again. One lives and works in a College Town that is fairly Up-Scale, Affluent. It is about 1 Hour North of San Francisco. San Francisco is 1 of the Major World Travel Destinations. But come to find out that it is a Sex-Trafficking Hub and is operating at the Local Community College. How so? The Sex-Trafficking Rings Conscript willing Young College Men to Boy-Friend Girls on Campus. Once they are in a ‘Relationship’, they then pressure the Girls to Prostitute themselves to pay for College.

Some are then taken to San Francisco to the Underground Brothels that are networked blow the Streets to Connected Homes. In 1 particular case in one’s University, one had a specific Female Freshman who got involved in Prostituting herself for the same Reasons. Come to find out that who was the Client? None other than a Local City Police Officer. One asked the Girl if she wanted to Press Charges. Guess what she said? No.

The Pedophile Rings run Deep in the State and reach the Highest Levels around the World. They can be found in the Major World Capitals and in one’s very own Neighborhood, inapparently. They are Protected by the Intelligent Agencies. They are part of the Luciferian Elite network that run the World from ‘Behind the Curtain’. No Coincidence that nearly 1 Million Children go missing in the USA, each year.

And with the Refugee Crisis like with the Ukraine or the Southern Border of the USA, the Media hides the Plight of Un-Accompanied Children that will and are most likely Sex Trafficked, Sold for Body Parts and provide a steady supply of Blood Sacrifice needed for their Luciferian Rituals. To the Synagogue of Satan, Humanity is to be Stolen, Killed and Destroyed. As Revelation 18 describes, even the very Souls of Mankind are sold as a Service. Since Eve in the Garden, her Offspring have been Sold to be Sacrificed.

…’of Cinnamon, Spice, Incense, Myrrh, and Frankincense; of Wine, Olive Oil, Fine Flour, and Wheat; of Cattle, Sheep, Horses, and Chariots; of Slaves and Souls of Men’.

But as Jesus warned, such who have engaged in helping Lucifer destroy Humanity through Pedophilia, in particular, it would be better for such to wrap a Millstone around their Neck and be thrown into the Depts of the Sea. One Day, when Jesus comes back will all this Evil stop. It is just Symptomatic of just how Wicked the Heart of Man is and can become. But with Jesus, it was for such a Dire Condition that He came to Pay the Price to Free Humanity from such Depravity. One just has to Repent and Forsake such a Lust and Perversion that can only be overcome by the Blood of Jesus. The following is a Poem to the Pedophiles by Mark Attwood.

#559: WE SEE YOU
Unmasking the Luciferian Pedophile Façade 

Here is an interesting Article about the Mad Eugenicists that are targeting the Children with their Luciferian Propaganda thanks to the Minds of those that Traffic in the Souls of Mankind.

Noted Transhumanist Now Targeting Our Children: What’s inside Yuval Noah Harari’s New Book?



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