Countdown to the Stargates of the Titans

  • What is the 5th New Age and what were the prior ones?
  • How soon will this Luciferian New World Order start?
  • What does the Bible have to say about the coming 'Order'?

by Luis B. Vega
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…'Teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. And lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the Age'. – Matthew 28:20

The purpose of this study is to highlight several key and unique properties of the purported coming 5th Age or the New World Order Empire with an esoteric undertone. According to the prophet Daniel, this last Empire will be the last Luciferian World Order based on Masonic religion, philosophy, law, precepts and will be evil as all prior ones have also been. The point is that the Masonic Orders are clearly Luciferian, and their dealings are pegged to the Precession of the Equinox, the celestial time clock of the universe. Thus, their diabolical plans and scheduled New World Orders are astronomically timed and thus can be ascertained if one knows how to tell prophetic time. It is rather ironic that such Luciferians use the Creator’s calendar to keep their time because Satan knows that his ‘time is short’.

YHVH’s calendar and the celestial occurrences like eclipses, solar and lunar, planetary cross alignments and comets are incorporated into Lucifer’s Masonic timetables to determine when their Orders or Empires are to emerge. Lucifer is reluctantly now bound by the limited dimension of time that only humans were specifically created to exist in. In other words, Lucifer as an eternal being detests Humanity for now having his end and destruction dependent on the conclusion of Humanity’s judgment that is predicated on the expiration of time. This study will suggest that various types of astrological events that occur thus may have a profound and adverse affect on the events directly related to Biblical prophecy on Earth especially of when the next Masonic Empire is to commence.

Specifically, this coming Luciferian Empire is not only related to celestial alignments but to prophetic counts as in Daniel’s case of 7 Weeks of Years cycles. Because of such a delineated time sequence, many that study End Times purport that certain astronomical occurrences in conjunction to such timetables and cycles are signaling the beginning of the Brave New World that is to come within the ‘Terminal Generation’ per Psalm 102. This New World Order or Empire is supposed to usher in a New Age that will be one of ‘Peace, Love and Brotherhood’. Nothing could be farther from the truth according to the Bible. This singular event nonetheless may very well be associated with certain anticipated prophetic celestial signs as a countdown possibly something is liberated, and something will be bound at the same time frame. The book of Enoch tells of the ’Last Generation’ in which ’Stargates’ will be open to allow the Titans or Fallen Angels that are currently bound to be released. Such will be also the ’Giants’ of human mythology of the Golden Age that is to repeat itself.

The Synchronization of Prophecy
According to the book of Revelation, YHVH will be using such entities to execute judgment upon the Last Generation for its wickedness The countdown seems ominous given the amount of celestial signs in the Cosmos and Biblical types that appear to be converging. There have been many solar and lunar eclipses and planetary conjunctions and occurrence etc., on Earth that many would consider highly significant and considered part of this ‘count-down’ to the culminating ‘End of the Age’. This study proposes the notion that if and when the New World Order is to commence it is because the Church Age will have come to an end as in the Great Commission being completed by the spiritual harvest of the Bride of Christ at the point in what the Apostle Paul deemed the Blessed Hope. This Blessed Hope is none other than the long-awaited promise of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Saints to Glory.

Perhaps the Church astronomically as the type of Andromeda, the Woman bound and in chains is to be released as was the bent women in the synagogue that Jesus straightened-up on the very year of a ‘Release’ or ‘evacuation’. Then bent-over ‘Daughter of Abraham’ is also a type of Eve that Lucifer beguiled and made crooked if not for Jesus to come on a Jubilee Year to straighten her out. This is what this study stipulates will in fact occur to Israel as this woman, Israel was bound for 18 years, a 6-6-6 coefficient of prophetic time. Perhaps it will be Israel that will in turn be bound by the ‘Confirming the Covenant’ that in essence is like the marriage contract confirmed at the Passover meal as was the case with Christ and His 12 Apostles that represented of the Bride of Christ, i.e., the Church Age.

What might be interesting is to see if there will be at least 12 major players at stake in what will constitute the ‘Many’ in which Israel binds herself in a marriage covenant with the AntiChrist that will mistakenly be accepted as Israel’s liberation that she had been waiting for. Instead Israel will be thinking that she has been finally granted reprieve in the Year of Release without consequences as ‘Peace and Safety’ will be guaranteed by this coming Masonic Grand Master AntiChrist. The point being is that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, like Andromeda, like the woman bent over, might very well likely occur on a Jubilee Year as Israel goes into bondage in a pretext of being liberated given the ‘Law of Opposites’. What has been pivotal now as opposed to other events in previous Jubilee cycles is that at no other time was Jerusalem the key point that synchronizes all prophecy in the Last Days.

This study strongly suggests that the liberation or Jubilee of Jerusalem has initiated the last Jubilee countdown. It is a synchronization of much prophecy; that of the coming last Luciferian Masonic evil Empire, the end of the Church Age with the Rapture.
This synchronization of prophecy could be the start of Daniel’s last 7-year prophetic Week of Years that could very well be the Tribulation Period and the return of Jesus Christ thereafter. This countdown is not even considering all the corresponding Celestial Signs such as the comets, sequential total solar eclipse, Blood Moons, and the Tetrad of 2014-15. A brief overview explaining the general principles, theories, and conditions of what the New World Order Masonic Empire will consist of will be presented.

The Prophetic Dualism
When appropriate, there will be some insight suggested as to its possible significance from an eschatological point of view. The analysis of these and other celestial events presented are simplistic in their explanation. The dates and occurrences are scientific fact, not based on fiction but on astronomical and mathematical calculations. The dark secrets of such entities as the Masons come from former ex-Masonic members who ‘saw the True Light of Jesus’ and got out of such organizations. The possible eschatological significance and timeframes are theory and speculation only. From the outset, there is a ‘dualism’ in the interpretation of these heavenly ‘signs’ for the coming of the 5th New World Order or as others would rather call it, the Luciferian New Age.

In the Masonic and esoteric perspectives all is hiding in plain sight. In the Judeo-Christian context, the same exact reference point is always Biblical and Christ-centered. In the occult, it is Luciferian-centered. For example, the same exact symbol in question is ascribed by the Masons an opposite meaning and significance in contrast to the Judeo-Christian interpretation that it will be compared to. For example, the last Luciferian Masonic Empire will coincide with the astronomical rise of the sign of Ophiuchus. This theme of a ‘superman’ is at the core of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth. It involves the celestial depictions of a dragon, snakes, crosses in the Heavens that reflect the age-old struggle between Christ and AntiChrist.

This Angelic War will be culminated at the end of the Tribulation Period as the 5th Age and 4th Masonic evil Empire comes to an abrupt end at Jesus Christ’s 2nd coming. Until then the coming 5th Order will be about the struggle between light and darkness, of ‘good vs. evil’. According to the Bible, this celestial conflict has been on-going even before Humanity come on the scene. It is a matter of which ‘truth’ is real and which Gospel of what Christ’s will be believed. Based on the revelation given to Daniel, there has to be a 7-year prophetic Week that has to correspond to Daniel’s 70th Week that will conclude the matter. Why? The is dependent on the resolution of Israel’s punishment per Matthew 24 in how the LORD Jesus stipulated that the coming Tribulation period was about concluding such a punishment of Israel.

This coming Tribulation Period will decide what ultimately is the destiny for Israel, of Humanity, as far as redemption is concerned.  To the esoteric, ‘Christ’ is an idea, concept, office etc., something that can be attainable but with the help of Lucifer. Such a philosophy or religion pertinent to the Masons only offers a formula for what they aspire to achieve as a result of it; awareness, enlightenment, transformation and immortality, i.e., salvation. Yet herein lies the crux of the matter; a dualism. Humanity gets to choose. Or does it? According to the Bible, Humanity needs to choose wisely because whom one will side with will affect one’s eternal state and consciousness. Some examples of the same object having ascribed different interpretation are the celestial bodies or Planets. The following are some definitions of elements constituting the main events leading up to the so called Brave New World Order that supposedly is to start the ‘Dawn of the Age of Aquarius’ to be ruled by Lucifer’s AntiChrist Messiah. As to when precisely will this New World Order start, the date itself is subject to dispute but perhaps as the events get closer and become sharper in view, prophetically.

The Makeup of an Age
The current Age or Order that most would agree upon is that Humanity, Earth, the solar system has been traveling through the Zodiac sign of Pisces, thus the Age of Pisces or the age of the ‘Fish’. Many ascribe this Age to the influence of Christianity, that is the teaching of Jesus. Most students of the End Times will agree that as pertaining to the timing of the beginning of the 5th New age, the Church Age is at its closing stages. Eschatologically, the timing of the end of the Church is a passing of the current Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. This is highly disputable to many though as there are questions about when it is actually going to happen. Each Age varies in time but the average ranges from around 2000 years.

The Age of Pieces has been the shortest so far having begun in around 28 AD to end with the Rapture of the Bride of Christ by some estimation. The Age of Aquarius will be the 5th cycle to come. The Ages basically begins a New World Order after the Earth’s old Age or Order has been destroyed. This transition from one ‘Age’ to the next may take anywhere from 10 to 100 years as there is a debate if there will be a gap in-between the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation Period which would coincide with the start of the New World Order led by the AntiChrist of the Masonic Order kind. Esoterically speaking, the coming ‘New Age’ is a time or epoch when Humanity will move into the ‘Light of Love, Peace and Brotherhood’.

This promise of the Luciferian Masonic Orders has so far not delivered. According to Luciferian doctrine, the Orders are supposed to be a time when Humanity will be aided in this transformation of Humanity by the return of the ‘Ascended Masters’ or Guardians/Titans of prior Ages. The Bible calls these evil Fallen Angelic beings masquerading as Angels of Light. To the esoteric, such only seek a restoration of the former ‘Golden Age’ when the ‘Light Beings’ once ruled the Earth before the creation of mankind that was ruled by Lucifer. These ‘Lords’ or Masters are said to one day will return to Earth and save Humanity from itself. When? It is perhaps soon after the end of the Church Age and the Rapture of the Bride of Christ timeframe. Many believe that these will be the Titans of old that were bound in Tartarus and kept in chains of everlasting darkness.

Such will be released from the Pit, the Bottomless Pit that the Angel with the Key comes down as a ‘Star’ to open the Pit and release the Titans upon Earth. Regardless, the Jubilee countdown since Jerusalem’s liberation in 1967 could be the prophetic key in determining this transition to the last Luciferian Masonic Empire. The Tetrad sequence of 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15 in particular could have marked the critical point in the process astronomically as they also occurred during this time and soon after Israel was reborn as a Jewish Nation. To the Christian mindset, this coming Brotherhood of the Snake, of ‘Peace and Love’ can and will only happen when Jesus Christ, who is likewise foretold to return, comes to set up a Millennial Kingdom of true Light. As to the dualism involved in this celestial contention, realize that the parallels are striking in their mythology. For example, the coming Age of Aquarius is to be ruled by Uranus or Anu, father of Enki based on the oldest non Judeo-Christian Creation accounts.

What is often omitted or not highlighted from the esoteric and Luciferian advertisements is that for this coming Age to be successful, a drastic reversal of the current social order is required. To manage the social, religious and political order, the world population has to be maintained at 500,000,000, basically needing to have about 90% of the current world population murdered per the Georgia Guidestones that is alternatively called Lucifer’s ‘10 Unholy Commandments’. This means that this countdown or ‘transformation’ involves a ‘down-sizing’ planned destabilization and destruction of the current established ‘Old Order’ to make way for the ‘New Order’ has to occur first. These changes in ‘Ages’ have corresponded to the fall and rise of civilizations in ancient recorded history. Will this one be no deferent now? What are the methods? In the modern era, such New World Orders have coincided with World Wars.

According to the own writings of the Masons, 3 World Wars and 3 World Orders like the Stargates have to be initiated whose combination unlocks the descent of Lucifer to Earth. In political terms, the 1st World Order was initiated by World War 1 with the League of Nations. The 2nd was World War 2 with the current United Nations. As the Jubilee is based on a mathematic principle of an approximate phi ratio, so are these World Wars. The next prophetic ‘convergence’ will be thus be sometime in 2022. If it will be like anything in the past, it will be accomplished through one of the corresponding elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. On a cosmic scale, as it pertains to the Precession of the Equinox, the last Epoch was destroyed by water, i.e., Noah’s Flood. This next Epoch according to the Epistles of the New Testament written by the Apostle Peter, will be by Fire.

This will necessitate the coming New Heaven and New Earth that goes on into Eternity Future with Jesus Christ, not Lucifer as the true Sol Invictus. How it is tangibly going to affect Humanity of the present Order is that the transition will occur through the implosion of the world’s economies, religions, and social stratus -through war, plagues, death and chaos. Presently, the world cannot deny that mankind has entered into such chaotic times and there is intensification on a global scale never before witnessed by Humanity. Astronomically an Age or Epoch, in essence is a mathematical cosmic cycle of time. It is divided into 5 periods equaling about 5125.36 years which equals a Zodiacal Year.

This is where the 1st to the 5th cycle is thus referred to as an Age. This constitutes about a cycle every ~2,160 years or 1/12 of ~25,920, thus the Precession of the Equinoxes. This cycle appears to rotate the Spring Equinox from one House/Age or constellation Zodiac Sign to the next order. What most in the New Age or esoteric community fail to address or avoid is the precision of the mathematics involved and intelligent design in the construct of the majesty of the Cosmos’ design and intricacies. If at least, many will acknowledge an Intelligent Design and perhaps a Designer but most refuse to acknowledge that the Judeo-Christian Scriptures discloses who and what the cycles are for. The Bible clearly states that the Cosmos are a reflection of the All Mighty Creator YHVH, not Allah or Buddha or Vishnu.

New Age Mathematics
As it pertains to the Masons, they just attribute such a Precession and creation to Lucifer whom they call the ‘Great Architect of the Universe’. Blasphemy. The Sun, Moon and Stars are for signs and season as the Cosmos, at least the visible portion of it is subject to the dimension of time created by YHVH according to the Book of Genesis. Although many in the New Age movement would go as far as ascribing such wonders to ‘The Christ’, it is not the Christ of the Judeo-Christian scriptures. To such, it is an Ascended Master, a Light Being, and an Avatar that takes on the ‘Christ Consciousness’ of the Creator that is ethereal and impersonal. Interestingly or ‘coincidentally’, in January 13, 2012 Ophiuchus officially became the 13th Zodiac sign with an initial Caduceus as his symbol. It has always been there in cosmology but as the 2nd half of Scorpio.

Out of the 25 days from November 21 to December 16 only 9 days are spent in Scorpio, 16 days are spent in Ophiuchus. Thus ,another tale-tell sign of the uniqueness of this astronomical timing foreshadowing a ‘transition’ of also the Ages depicted in the Cosmos with this Sign of the rise of Ophiuchus. Perhaps this was a 7-7-7-year countdown Sign by the Luciferians as it was literally this symbol of the ‘Serpent Bearer’ that is to inaugurate and usher in their 5th Age and evil Masonic Empire. Ophiuchus’ symbol is a snake curled up a tree/branch/pole – a serpent coiled around a phallic rod. This has echoes of the Garden of Eden in how Lucifer took on the form of a legged serpent, a dragon and seduced Eve to partake of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This ‘New’ Zodiac of a Man grasping a Serpent or dragon reaching for a crown opposite Orion is the only sign that is linked to a real human in history - Imhotep. Again, in the esoteric, it is the Dragon supporting and uplifting his ‘Christ’.

To the Christians, it is the true Christ subjecting Satan in the great cosmic battle where Jesus crushes the head of the Serpent. Christ is preventing the Dragon from rising toward the crown in an attempt to usurp the Throne in Heaven depicted by Corona Borealis as Jesus accomplish this victory by the Cross. In mythology, the Serpent Bearer’s name was Imhotep aka Enki. In ancient literature, Enki is none other than Lucifer. Ophiuchus was the ‘son’ of Apollo i.e., Prometheus who was ‘judged’ by lighting and expelled from Heaven for attempting to bestow immortality to Humanity. Ophiuchus received the ‘Elixir of Life’ as a Key, the Ankh from the Serpent and restored Orion back to life.

Thus, Ophiuchus has the Caduceus symbol as a type of ‘Key’ or as many refers to it as the ‘Wand of Mercury’. He is also the ‘god’ of money ($), medicine and magic. This by the way is the symbol the U.N. World Health Organization. This goes to show who is in real control or the world’s medicine and releasing all the coming genetically engineered plagues upon the world. According to the Bible, there are ‘doors’ that GOD has allowed certain humans to go through. In most cases, Prophets of old as John in the book of Revelation that went through them to receive a vision or prophecy that GOD wanted His People to take note of as it pertained to a message by YHVH of the either the present condition or future expectation. They are thought to be inter-dimensional doorway or portals.
The Man to Usher in the 5th Age - Ophiuchus

These doors can be seen as ‘Stargates’ or gateways to a different dimension as Scripture does allude to there being different realms of existence. Perhaps such a door that was opened to John in the book of Revelation will be the door or portal that will be opened at the time of the Resurrection and Rapture. In essence, the beginning of the Last Luciferian Masonic Empire is to coincide with a coming in of such demonic entities as the Bride of Christ is ushered out of this present evil age through such a gate led by Jesus back to Heaven as a Shepherd leads his flock. These Stargates are understood to be portals from which ‘spiritual entities/guides’ use to traverse onto the physical world of the 3rd dimension. Perhaps such portals or doors require a sort of ‘Key’ to be opened based on astronomy.

To a certain degree, even now science acknowledges this possible phenomenon and calls them ‘worm-holes in time and space.’ In pure scientific terms, such portals require certain incredible amounts of energies and timing to be activated. Perhaps such Keys are configured in the Cosmos at regular cycles based on astronomical clockwork that synchronizes energy and matter. Many believe that these celestial Keys correspond to the Celestial Crosses such as the Cardinal and Grand Cross Alignments within the cosmos of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth. The following in particular are referenced to the general types of Celestial Crosses understood to occur.

1) The Galactic Cross along the Galactic Equator and Ecliptic.
2) The Celestial Cross or Terrestrial Mundane Cross formed by the Equinoxes.
3) The Cardinal Cross of the identified Zodiac signs of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra.

It is for this precise reason of tapping into such energy ley-lines to transcend this present dimension on Earth that the Ancients build pyramids at precise latitudes and longitudes on Earth. The locations would be synchronized to particular times directly associated to astronomical clocks or times and alignments to have this combination open Stargates into the spiritual realm. One theory about the purposes of Pyramids such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, that is concluded to have not been a burial chamber, is that the pyramids patterns served to help activate these Keys as most are aligned to the celestial star configurations. These pyramids that possibly serve as ‘Keys’ to open up the portals to other dimension from Earth have sadly been misappropriated due to the Fall of Humanity.

These ‘Doors’ to other dimensions serve to conjure-up spirits that from the outset like Masons, appear to Humanity as Angels of Light, ‘Ascended Master’ but such are the evil Fallen Angels of Lucifer. What is the harm in this? According to the Bible, the LORD GOD forbids it because some of those Spirits are evil and deceptive with an aim to ultimately deface and destroy Humanity. Moreover, there are demons that were as the result of the Flood of Noah disembodied beings now. Such hybrids beings resulted from having some of the Fallen Angelic beings breed with humans. Such lost their physical bodies due to their judgment by the Flood and desperately seek any bodily host, be it animal on or an inanimate object but the prize possession is to possess a human body. The Bible discloses that there is an unfinished struggle or war between YHVH and Lucifer that has spilled over into the mortal dimension.

Stargates to the Eternal Realm
Humanity in the midst of the battle that has to choose sides. Masons and the like and Christians have chosen sides. It is the vast multitudes in the ‘Valley of Indecision’ that are at stake. Lucifer and Christ are contending for the very souls of such as they currently have dispatched their emissaries to convince them of the true Gospel. Lucifer also dispatches his fellow Fallen Angels and Builders to do his will on Earth which is primarily to blind the minds and dull the hearing of those that would hear the Gospel and lull the World into a deep sleep of Eternal Death. Christ also has His Holy Angels working. For an example, Biblically this is seen in the event during the Seal Judgments where the 4 Angel Sentinels are released at the 4 corners of the Euphrates River to cause havoc on the subjects of the Luciferian Empire during the Tribulation Period.

Again such are evil Spirits and Fallen Angels that seek Humanity’s downfall and appear as ‘Light Beings’ and Ascended Masters always offering Humanity the chance to be more than Humanity. Although Mankind is in a fallen state and realizes its divine blueprint made in the Image of YHWH since the Garden of Eden, most refuse to accept the transcendence, enlightenment and ascension given by Jesus Christ to Humanity, free of charge. This is called the Plan of Redemption that YHWH Himself has provided through Jesus Christ only. On the contrary, Masons, New Agers seek to bring about this Divine Nature aside from the true Christ, Jesus as they dabble in the forbidden realm of the supernatural that can only be brought about by priestly magic, ritual and the blood of human sacrifices. Granted, there are varying degrees of the emersion in these practices but at the core is solidly Luciferian and Masonic.

Such perform magic ritualistic practices in their temples based on forbidden philosophy and practices that the Bible calls Doctrine of Demons. To reiterate, the Ancients like Nimrod built pyramids that were thus situated at certain lay-line grids of the Earth that helped create the energy needed to open such ‘Stargates’ in an attempt to ascend and become like the ‘Ascended Masters’ to obtain forbidden knowledge and immortality. Such pyramid complexes can be found in Giza, Babylon, Ur, Teotihuacan, Stonehenge, etc. Many are aligned to stars, constellations or certain geometric angles like at the 19.5-degree Earth latitude. Such structures are synchronized to the time of the Ages; in essence, they are like a time clock.

Thus, if in fact the last Jubilee Year is to occur, it is because it is ‘time’ to build the 3rd Temple as a type of ‘pyramid’ that will coincide with the initiation of the New World Order time. As it has been noted, the coming last Masonic Empire becomes of interest because according to the Masons, there are 3 ‘Star-Gates’ that needed to be opened before the 5th Age and its New World Order Leader can be ushered in to rule their Empire, i.e., the Dark Lord. The 1st Stargate was said to have been opened in August of 1999, the 2nd in November of 2011, the last one was on December of 2012. All of these Gateways corresponded to total solar eclipses and or planetary alignments. The last Stargate was projected to have occurred precisely on the Winter Solstice December 21, 2012 at 11:11am UT. The 3rd Gate and its ‘Key’ are said to have begun the opening and the ‘initiation’ of the New World Order as the Luciferians describe it to usher in their Lucifer.

What Time is It, Mason?
The last Stargate is believed to have started the transitioning into the ‘Age of Aquarius’ and most importantly the return their ‘Dark Lord’ –Horus, Orion, Apollo, etc., AKA Lucifer dwelling amongst men and enthroned in his Earthly Temple in Jerusalem that corresponds to this Masonic ‘time’. Thus, this study stipulates that a sort of count-down has begun from the Israel being re-birthed, re-gathered from the liberation of Jerusalem from the Muslims in 1967. Solely based on the mathematical principle of the phi ratio, the 3rd date from 1948 to 1967 corresponds to 2015, the start of the purported Jubilee Year on Yom Kippur. Perhaps such prophetic dates are but a synchronization of Stargates that are to converge because the Church Age is about to be completed and the time of the New World Order is to simultaneously begin.

In some mysterious way, such Stargates are associated to the cosmic energy rays that are emitted from the Galactic Core coupled with the planetary configurations of the Cosmic Crosses or ‘Ankh’. Such times are linked also to Satanic/occultic world-wide human sacrifices. Such present the combination to ‘open’ this diabolical portal. To the Luciferians and the occult the Galactic Core is also known to be the ‘Womb’ or the place of the dead or resurrected and transformed –thus Ophiuchus and Scorpio. What is needed is the ‘Key’ of Initiation –the celestial T-Cross or Ankh. Coincidentally, during the Galactic Alignment of 2012, a cosmic T-Cross ‘Key’ was configured by the planets. What is interesting is that this last Stargate to have been activated happened to be located in the area known to be the ‘Gate of God or Heaven.’

This study is not insinuating that at that time, the 5th Age started or that the New World Order and the AntiChrist would have been revealed but that as merely types and patterns, the cosmology of the spiritual will eventually lead to the Earthly manifestation at some point. The point is only to show to what degree the Masons attribute their ‘schedule’ to astronomical occurrences. Their evil plans are heavily based on YHVH’s astronomical calendar and even to the Moeds or Appointed Times. Such Feasts and events are used to coordinate when their ‘galactic initiation’ of the ‘Dark Lord’ coming through a Stargate or portal is to occur. All these cosmic events are but signs to a culmination and climax of a prelude to a diabolical end-game of establishing their Last Luciferian evil Masonic Empire.

To the esoteric, it is not a coming to an ‘end of the World’ but a ‘transition’. What seemingly looks like a promised transition into ‘Love, Peace and Brotherhood’ will only birth war, famine, plagues and death. Why? According to the Bible, it will be during this last AntiChrist Empire that the LORD Jesus in Heaven with the Bride of Christ at His side will starts to break the 7-7-7 fold Seal judgments upon this last Masonic Empire during the 7 year long Tribulation Period. This study insinuates that this time is Daniel’s last prophetic Week to close out the punishment of Israel per Jesus Christ during the Olivet Discourse given to His Disciples. What is most interesting is that the same cosmic phenomena taking place is viewed by totally different points of view; it really depends on one’s interpretation and expectation of eschatology or the study of End Times. To some Evangelical Christians in particular, this ‘Stargate’ countdown will be the start of the ushering in of the Dark Lord, a ‘Super-Man’ infused by Lucifer’s power.

This coming ‘Ophiuchus’ along with his ‘Titans’ from the Abyss will unite the world in their evil Masonic Empire New Age. The end-game, although will start off in ‘Love, Peace and Brotherhood’ will only last but a breath of time. Some will attribute this short time as the last prophetic 7 years of Weeks from Daniels’ 70th week as pronounced to him of how long it would take for the fulfillment of all prophecy concerning ‘His People’ would take. It may be all the more plausible that a 5th Age is to come especially if after the global collapse or ‘Event’. Many have also calculated that the Jubilee Year will coincide with the last cycle of a Shemitah in 2015. Thus this ‘Event’ could very well be an economic reset of the world economy as the U.S. Petro Dollar collapses. This worldwide economic collapse would in turn cause political, social, religious strife to the point that chaos would ensue, precisely designed to usher in the Masonic ‘Order’.

To help facilitate the transition, the ‘Christ’ that the New Agers and Luciferians call or the ‘AntiChrist’ that the Christians call will come on the scene to finish Lucifer’s ‘Great Work’ –that of enthroning Lucifer in the 3rd Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem to be worshipped by all Humanity forcefully at the penalty of death at some point in time. This occurrence on Earth at this particular time amounts metaphorically to the capstone of the All-Seeing Eye coming down to complete the unfinished truncated pyramid that is seen on the U.S. Dollar bill they print out of thin air. It is a hidden rendition of the Tower of Babel if you will which Nimrod tried to build to obtain immortality and invade Heaven’s Throne. Astronomically this rehearsal of the descending of Lucifer from the ‘celestial pyramid’ occurs by the retrograde of Mercury that will traverse in-between the horns of Taurus.

This astronomical event occurs right in-between the last 2 Blood Moons of the Tetrad in 2015 as well the Retrograde of Saturn. What was significant about the Galactic Alignment of December 21, 2012, is that at sunrise for the 1st time in the nearly ~26,000 years, the Sun rose to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way with the Plain of the Ecliptic. The Equinoxes and Solstices formed a Great Cross alignment in the heavens that rotates every 26,000 years. These intertwined Cosmic Crosses are seen to many as the embodiment of the ‘Sacred Tree’ or as many other refer to the ‘Tree of Life’ that lends immortality and wisdom. In the esoteric, it is this ‘Sacred Tree’ that awakens Humanity or Humanity is awakening in the tree. When this happens in the coming Age, there will be a ‘great rope’ or ray of light/bean that will bring the Grand Master or ‘gods of old’ down its path to Earth to rule once again.

Others ascribe that the photons and x-ray particles emitted to such a degree that when it hits the human body, it will change the DNA of those that are ‘ready’ to be transformed as in 'raptured' and will be removed to a higher level of existence due to their change in frequency. What is interesting is that from this ‘tree, comes the serpent.’ It is interesting how this parallels the account of the Biblical Garden of Eden. It was Lucifer coiled up the tree seeking to impart wisdom and immortality to the first humans. It was he who lied and deceived Eve which eventually caused the Fall of all of mankind. Thus, what is depicted astronomically in this scene with Ophiuchus is from the account of Genesis, the Serpent coiled around a ‘Tree’. This is exactly what was depicted during the Galactic Alignment; the Galactic Cross or ‘Tree’.

Celestial Factors
This ‘Cosmic Tree’ or ‘Cross’ forms at the center of the ‘Gate of God’, the door or portal with Ophiuchus, the Serpent coming down to Earth as the LORD of the Underworld, or Pluto. Pluto in mythology is the god of the underworld and astronomically is associated with being the planet of radical transformation and the death-rebirth process. Pluto began to traverse the Galactic Core in 1990 and began its conjunction with Ophiuchus, on September 11, 2001 interestingly enough. Pluto will complete its journey through Ophiuchus and end its conjunction with our Galactic Center as a sort of prelude to its message. What is the ‘message’? It is that the Lord of the Underworld will soon be unleashed upon the Earth. It is rather odd that Pluto is no longer considered a planet around that time.

In the occult, like Orion, Pluto is known as the Dark Lord as in ‘Darth Vader’ or the Dark Knight that taught Humanity civilization and brought the light through the fire of knowledge, etc. Perhaps as its trajectory and journey is to be completed in 2014, then subsequently perhaps in 2015 will be a milestone in stages of the debut of this ‘Dark Lord of the Underworld’. He will eventually be unveiled to usher in the 5th Masonic Age or New World Order. Who is this ‘Dark Lord’? To some cultures, he is Quetzalcoatl who reigned over the Golden Age and is set to return in this ‘Last Generation’. Christians are waiting for Jesus’ 2nd coming in the same manner that the ‘mystery’ Luciferian religions await the return of their Dark Lord as do the Muslims with their 12 Imam or the Mahdi.

According to the Bible, their ‘Dark Lord’ is none other than Lucifer himself. He is to come through the ‘Golden Gate’, the door to Heaven in the same manner Jesus Christ literally went through the East Gate or ‘Golden Gate’ of the Earthly Jerusalem in His ‘Triumphal Entry’ to be publically proclaimed Messiah of Israel. Perhaps at the end of the decade to coincide with 2022 will there be again a significant convergence of ingredients for this ‘magic’ formula to occur astronomically as it did during the Galactic Alignment. During this time leading up to the date, there are profound planetary transits, the solar and lunar eclipses, the Blood Moons of the Tetrad that might be the ingredients, if you will in the opening of a Stargate –the Gate of God etc., and leading-up to the Rapture of the Church for one.

The literal implications as they related to the Earth and/or Humanity will remain to be seen but according to the book of Revelation, it will not be good. Scorpio in the past renditions of the Zodiac was actually an eagle and a fiery one at that, the infamous Masonic Phoenix. Scorpio’s stinger happens to be at the center of the Galaxy. The Winter Solstices are thus always aligned to the Cosmic Serpent’s (Milky Way) mouth. It is ascribed to be the agent of restoration. It leads to the gateway portal, the Gate of God or the Golden Gate that will someday usher in the ‘Lords’ of old to dwell with Humanity at its final 5th Masonic Age of Lucifer. In other depictions, it is the esoteric concept of the ‘Descent of the Phoenix’ that is associated with Venus, the Morning Star or Lucifer. The convergence of this prophetic time that this study suggests is pegged to the Jubilee Year also happens to coincide with the same time period of the next major sunspot Solar Maximum flare-ups that are 11 years to a cycle.

The Masonic Key
The Earth is currently going through an ‘energy’ belt or zone that consists of gamma and X-Rays that may affect the Sun in a negative cataclysmic way. This reaction could cause a major cycle of increased flare-ups that can possibly exacerbate the seismic and volcanic activity currently being experienced. This zone could also be a factor in the change of the Earth’s polarity. This is not accounting also for the purported twine Sun called Nemesis or Nibiru that is scheduled for a flyby during the 2nd half of the Tribulation Period. If this Giant Dwarf, the ‘Black Sun’ if real or not, its affects upon the Earth presently and the Solar System are being felt and its effect as a whole seem to be attributed to such. It has been documented that the North Pole is moving and on the whole, the entire Solar System is heating up.

Perhaps at some point the Sun will expand its size or will emit an Electromagnetic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) to cause massive worldwide blackouts. All these scenarios seem fatalistic especially when Humanity is said to be entering a ‘new’ time of harmonization, yet this is exactly what the Luciferians are promising. Most wont realize until it’s too late that such coming calamities are but part of the coming ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ by way of the Seal Judgments, according the last book of the Bible, Revelation. To reiterate, astronomically Ophiuchus is the central key figure in this coming Luciferian New World Order. This sign in the Heavenlies is directly associated with the opening of the last portal or Stargate that has started the initiation of the 5th Age. This specific attribute has to do with his mythology. He is the only one that has the ‘Elixir of Life’. This Elixir is none other than his Caduceus.

This Caduceus is the ‘Key’ or ‘Ankh’ that has the power of resurrection. As it has been mentioned, in mythology, Apollo was sentenced to torment in The Abyss chained up until ‘Hercules’ released him from his torment but not until the Key to the Abyss was configured by Ophiuchus. In reciprocity, Apollo raised Ophiuchus up to life, thus the Masonic ‘Rising Phoenix’ symbolism and association with Scorpio. This ‘key’ or cross is the ‘Ankh’ is a phallic –the symbol needed to initiate a ‘resurrection.’ This explanation is the esoteric and Masonic rendition of what is about to happen on Earth tangibly. This so-called wisdom is masked in the Obelisks that the Masons erect around the world like the Washington Monument. It is referred to as the shaft of Ba‘al that is associated with the Scarab; a 555-number association denoting the resurrection of their AntiChrist at some point during the Tribulation Period.

This Masonic rendition of mythology also has a prophetic echo in that the Bible foretells of a ‘Key’, an Abyss, a door or Stargate that will be opened in the last days to release Apollyon upon the Earth. It is one of the judgments of the book of Revelation. A Holy Angel is given a ‘Key’ to open the Bottomless Pit by Jesus Christ who at that time is executing the Seal Judgments upon the Christ-rejecting world, Lucifer and his AntiChrist kingdom along with the False Prophet. Pertaining to this Key, the Tau cross or Tav resembles the modern letter (T) for it was the symbol of Mithras and Tammuz, ergo his Zodiac symbol. Thus, a major component needed by the Masons is the ‘Key’ to have started this initiation process of the 5th Age and last Masonic Empire.

A ‘T’ celestial configuration had to occur in the Solar System with the Sun as the oval to complete the celestial ‘Ankh’. This configuration occurs when our Sun completes this needed planetary configuration of Uranus-Mars-Earth. In essence it is a depiction of a sexual act of intercourse at the cosmic level to induce an eventual birthing of the 5th Age and the false Messiah that will help usher it in. Once the ‘Key’ was configured, Ophiuchus’ powers were to be released and somehow initiate Orion/Apollo. This ‘initiation’ does have explicit sexual overtones. This Caduceus was as the phallic what was needed to initiate the union as the Solar System passed the Galactic Core or the ‘womb’ as many ascribe it to actually be the place where planets are birthed. Nonetheless the ‘magic formula’ has now been completed. 

It is prophesied that the false ‘Christ’ or Masonic AntiChrist will descend as Uranus is to be birthed out of the deep waters. The ‘Man-Child’ is to rule the next Luciferian New World Order. Notwithstanding, a counterpart to this law of opposites dualism is clearly stated in the Gospels of the Bible. The Gospel means ‘Good News’ in that there is now the only ‘Key’ that can unlock the door, the portal to Heaven itself that Humanity can enter it now. It is impossible in such a fallen state of Humanity to be able to do this without the work of Jesus. Humanity does need the aid of ‘guides’ to elevate Humanity out of its fallen state but most are seeking this help from the Dark Masonic Forces initiated by Lucifer. The Bible states that Christ took it upon Himself to pay for this access code that was figuratively scrambled by Lucifer due to sin.

This breaking of YHVH’s moral order was paid for by Jesus, the true Ophiuchus as He shed His blood on the Cross of Calvary. Moreover, Jesus Christ promises a new celestial body of pure indestructible energy that can transcend space and time as those found in Him will be Raptured from the Wrath of God and of the Lamb to come on the world for those that put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. This is what can initiate a human into the real New Age to come. There will be true lasting Peace, Love and Brotherhood absent of any evil or deception coming from those Dark Forces of Lucifer and his agents of evil. According to the Bible, it is ultimately Jesus Christ, the true ‘Ascended Master’, the Enlighten and Shining One that will usher in the New Age.

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