Some Perspectives and Observation

  • What is the Tribulation Period the Bible speaks about?
  • Is there an Interval of Time between it and the Rapture?
  • What is foretold by Jesus the Signs would be about it?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Immediately after the Tribulation of those Days: The Sun will be Darkened, and the Moon will not give its Light; the Stars will Fall from the Sky, and the Powers of the Heavens will be Shaken’. -Matthew 24:29

The purpose of this study is to entertain the Questions of, ‘When will the Tribulation Period Begin? And also, with that, ‘When will the Rapture occur? This is, in part, thanks to some Questions one has received about the 2025-2032 Timeline. They pertain to several Articles that provide a Rationale and Conjecture on this possible Timeline. The main series of the Articles are listed below for Reference. But the Questions are also helping bring out one’s Suppositions, as it is somewhat hard to Teach it fully. It is because one does not really Understand it fully, to know rather, how to Explain it fully.

2025-2032 TIMELINE?



From the onset, one is Convinced that no one will or can ‘Know’, with 100% Certainty when the Rapture and the Tribulation Period are to Commence. It is a ‘Best Guess’ Situation. But in the Old Testament, there are Glimpses of how, in the Case of the Rapture of Elijah, at least 2 Groups of 50 People were recorded to have known prior. Elijah himself knew of the Day of His Departing. Will it be no different, or can it be no different now with the Bride of Christ, as the End of the Church Age is fast approaching?

And that one Argues, the Church Age will be concluded by the very Event of the Rapture itself. Will the Body of Believers in Jesus Christ know of that Day? Most in the Watcher Community would agree though, that the Church Age is in the ‘Season’ of the Rapture. This is especially True since the Revelation 12 Sign, as that was the ‘Rapture Wake-Up Call’, to the Sleepy End Times Church. One will be Repeating oneself a lot.

A Shemitah Intermission
Well, interestingly, those that are not of Jesus, just the same in the World, also know that the Rapture approaches and the End of the Church Age is about to Conclude with that. The following are some Questions regarding the 2025-2032 Timeline, as it relates to the Possible Timing of the Start of the Tribulation Period, that one is more Convinced is tied to the Shemitah Cycle but is not. How is that?

One Theorizes, that there is an ‘Off-Set’ of Years, of half of 1 Shemitah presently In-Play. It is of a 3.5 ‘Gap Time’ since Passover of 2022, that is an ‘Intermission’ of sorts, before the Tribulation Period begins. And why is that? One will argue how this ‘Half Shemitah’, Off-Set is based on the Shemitah that was only ‘Half’ Completed with Jesus.

One will link this Present Half, that one is Arguing will complete it. Perhaps. But that is the Theory. The Theory is thus, that there is a 1260 Day Count in Motion, that will lead to the Start of the Tribulation Period. That it concludes the 1 Shemitah Started with Jesus that Commence the Church Age in what one also believes was in 32 AD. This is another Factor one argued in the Articles.

It is Important, but only because if any Factor turns-out to be work, then the whole Theory will come to nothing. So, what one is saying is that the Tribulation Period does not have to necessarily Begin with a Shemitah. Although it will be the same Duration of Time, being 7-Years still. Of course, this is all Conjecture and one is just responding to the share one’s Perspective and Observation of where one is at on this Prophetic Learning Curve.

And this Day Count, for the ‘Gap Time’, one Surmised started at Passover 2022. Why Then? That is when Jesus’ Shemitah Stopped or was Fulfilled, in the Midst of the Literal Week. Thus, only using Reason and Logic, one Theorizes that it is then ‘Picked-Up’ from that Passover Season, going forward to fulfill its 2nd Half of 3.5 Years or 1260 Day. Again, just an Approximation. Now as to the Questions, here are some to consider how the Rapture would ‘Appear’ to occur in the 2025-2032 Timeline, at the ‘Midst’ of a Shemitah?

1. You stated that, per Daniel 9:27, the ‘Midst’ signifies the Middle of a Shemitah?
= Yes and No.  

2. Does it imply that the Rapture is at the Beginning of a Shemitah Cycle?
= Yes and No.

3. Based on the Presumed 1952 Countdown Year, 2022 was the Start of a Shemitah?

4. Do I place the Rapture in the ‘Midst’ of a Shemitah?
= Yes and No.

Allow one to Explain the Gap Time Theory, if possible, a bit further. Here are some Presuppositions. About 2 Years ago, the Issue of the Shemitahs resurfaced, as 2022 was going to be the End and Beginning of a Shemitah Year, 2022-23. It was Presumed that the Shemitahs Begin and Start with the Jewish Civil New Year of Rosh HaShanah. It was Presumed, and Popularized by Pastor Mark Biltz that, if and when the Tribulation Period was to start, that it ‘HAD TO START’ at the Beginning of Shemitah Year. OK.

Obviously, this Theory did not turn-out to be Correct. But this Conjecture is Reasonable to Presume, if the Fall is used to determine the Start of a Shemitah Cycle. However, the Enemy does use this Start Date, as seen in the Attacks to the Financial Markets, with 9-11 in 2011. Then 7 Years Later in 2018. And then now in 2022, with the Digital Currency, Crypto Crashes, etc. But, it has come to Light, since the Tribulation Period did not start back in the Fall of 2022, that the Shemitah is really to be considered to Start at the Religious New Year, that being in Nisan of the Following Hear.

So, in this Case, March 22, 2023 (322). But the Tribulation has not occurred yet. Although some believe the World is in the Tribulation now. And that the Seal Judgments have begun to be Opened, etc. Now, the Notion that the Tribulation Period has to Start at the Beginning of a Shemitah is very Appealing and one would agree to it. But obviously, something is not quite Correct. Thus, one’s 3.5 Gap Time Theory. And it is only that. One is using Human Logic and that is Fallible as we know. And everyone has been wrong, up until now. So, here is one’s Perspective to the Questions posed.

1. You stated that, per Daniel 9:27, the ‘Midst’ signifies the Middle of a Shemitah?
= Yes and No.  

It would appear that the 7 Years of Daniel, is a Shemitah, but what if it is not? What if the Year Count is ‘Off-Set’ to not Start on a Shemitah, but rather, having a 3.5 Year or 1260 Day Off-Set to its Beginning? That is my Gap Theory. Why? The 7-Years of Daniel is not specifically identified as being a Shemitah. Although 7 Years in Length? Yes.

To Reiterate, what if Daniel’s 70th Week of Years is just Clocking a Time of 7 Years, regardless of whether it is a Shemitah or not? Which in this case, one is being Convinced, that it does not necessarily have to be a Shemitah, based on the Shemitah Counts. But that it does, in so much as it Begins where that last Half of Jesus’ Half Shemitah left off. This is mainly Argued, that Jesus started His Ministry on a Shemitah Cycle, at its Beginning, but was ‘Cut’ Short in the Midst, due to His Death, etc.

But that a ‘Remaining’ 3.5 Year or 1260 Day Count is still needed to be accounted for. And where is that to be found? Now…From Fall 2022 to Fall 2025. This is the Gap Time Theory, that this, or will then Conclude the Church Age with the Rapture. Of course a Stretch, literally, in connecting 32 AD with 1952 and 2022, etc. So, this is why from Now until the Fall of 2025, the Rapture Window is the Highest it has ever been for one’s 40-Year Study on the Subject.

2. Does it imply that the Rapture is at the Beginning of a Shemitah Cycle?
= Yes and No.

As Surmised, one is more Convinced that the Rapture has to happen before a Shemitah Cycle. That is, it has to occur either at a Junction in Time, were a Shemitah End and/or Begins. But that in this case, because one’s Linkage to Jesus, that Shemitah ‘Ends’ in 2025. Here then, is the Off-Set in Years in how it is overlapping, over the ‘Official Shemitah Count’ that began in 2022.

Thus, as attempted to Explain above, it depends on this Theory of an ‘Off-Set’ of a Factor of 3.5 Year or 1260 Days, overlapping the Established and Understood Shemitah Cycle that began in the Fall of 2022. And again, it is an Approximation. One cannot prove this until the Fall of 2025 comes around.

And if so, by then, one will ‘Prove’ that the ‘Gap Time’ Theory was either Right, or the Rapture occurs before then. Or the Theory will be proved Wrong, and the Bride of Christ will still be here on Earth, barring Natural or Accidental Death. But basically, if one’s Model is Viable, the Rapture will ‘Appear’ to occur in the ’Midst’ of the Current and Actual Shemitah Year Count. This is why it is a bit Confusing as one is just Arguing that an ‘Overlap’ of Timelines, of 7-Year Timelines, are occurring presently.

3. That based on the 1952 Start Year Countdown, 2022 was the Start of a Shemitah?

As mentioned prior, yes. But again, this is True, if one presumed that Fall of 2022 is when the End and the Beginning of the Shemitah actually started. Many other End Times Students agreed and agree, that it is the case. As also mentioned, the Start of the Civil New Year is when the Jews Traditionally Consider the Start of the Shemitah Cycle, unless one is wrong about that.

This new Notion that the Shemitah Cycle has to Start in the Following New Religious Year of Nisan, is new. One has not heard of this Alternative Count, until this past Fall when the supposed Tribulation Period was to have occurred. On an Aside Note, one did not fully Subscribe to Mark Biltz’ Theory that the Tribulation Period needed to have started back in Fall of 2022. Why not?

As one may know from one’s Research, one Conjectures that there the Globalist Reset Protocols still need to fully be put into place. It is not the case as of this Writing. The Beast System and Matrix requires Time. It is almost done though, but so is the Bride of Christ.

One also Conjectures that their mutual Completion is occurring in Tandem with each other. At the Point of the Rapture that Concludes the Church Age, the Bride of Christ will have ‘Made Herself Ready’, as in Done. And so will Lucifer complete his ‘Bride of Babylon’. She will Reign over all the World. And its Matrix of Madness is currently being finalized, by their Present Reset Protocols. This is 1 Clue to Know and Discern, of just how close these 2 Brides still need to go to be ‘Birthed’ or Done, etc. The ‘Birthing’ is Accelerating for sure, i.e., the Birth Pains are Intensifying and occurring more Frequent.

It is About when the Daily Sacrifices Begin
But the Tribulation Period, cannot just abruptly Begin on any given Day, not having the Pre-Requisites, in one’s Estimation, set to go. And what are those Pre-Requisites? The coming Inner-Ring of Muslims against Israel. The 3rd Temple. The Red Heifer being Offered. The Daily Sacrifices. The Debut of the AntiChrist that will Sanction the 3rd Temple and its Sacrificial Rites.

It is the Daily Sacrifices that start the Tribulation Period Year and Day Countdown, not the Shemitah, necessarily. Since the Daily Sacrifices are stopped at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period, this is where one can Reverse Engineer the Timeline, backwards and Forwards. But the Shemitah Shelf Life that many believed would have started the Tribulation Period has passed now.

This is why one is more Convinced, that this Present Gap Time Theory of 3.5 Years or 1260 Days, since Passover 2022 will afford all that. And that it will be ultimately Coalesced by the Rapture itself. Once the Restrainer is set-aside, there will be no more Impediments to forestall their Reset Protocols upon the whole Earth. So, Logically, the Tribulation Period, is at least 3.5 Years away from Passover 2022, if one’s Theory is or will be Correct. 

4. Do I place the Rapture in the ‘Midst’ of a Shemitah?
= Yes and No.

The Rapture would ‘Appear’ to be in the ‘Midst’ of a Shemitah, if one uses the Mid-Point of when Jesus Died. And this is if one is Extrapolating that Shemitah, all the way forward, some 1990 Years from 32 AD into the Future to coincide with 2022. Why 2022? It was the 70th Year from 1952. But if the Rapture concludes the 2nd Half of that Shemitah that began with Jesus’ Ministry, that 2nd Half would result in 2025. And again, one is Arguing from Evidence that 32 AD is the More Correct Crucifixion Year.

There is more Evidence with this Year than with the other Conjecture of a 30 AD or 33 AD Year. As shown in Timelines and Charts, a 33 Year is not possible if Jesus was 33 Years Old. Jesus was not Born in Year ‘0’. If it was 30AD, then Jesus would have had to have been Born in at least -5 BC to -7 BC. Now some do Argue, this in fact. 

But, to Reiterate, the Rapture, based on one’s Gap Time Theory will ‘Appear’ to occur in the Midst of this Current Shemitah Cycle. But that 2025-2032 timeline is not Technically a 7-Year ‘Official Shemitah’. But that it is a Time of 7-Years that does not necessarily have to coincide with an ‘Official Shemitah Cycle’. If so, then even as Mark Biltz said, ‘If the Tribulation Period does not start in the Fall of 2022, then it CANNOT occur until 7 Years later’. This means, according to his Understanding and Model, that the Tribulation will not occur until the Fall of 2029, at the earliest.

There are End Times Students that do now believe, that this will have to be the Case. One would Disagree. Why? It is because of the Sign of Israel. The Re-Birth of Israel in 1948 was the Countdown of this Last Fig Tree Generation that has to be Re-Gathered back in the Land, in Jerusalem and with a Temple. Why? It is so they can then have that 2ndd Chance to say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD’.

This will occur as they See ‘Him whom they have Pierced’ at Jesus’ Return. So, if one uses the Prevailing Year of 1848, that all End Times Students use, and adds the Psalm 90 Year Factor of its Maximum Strength, being 80 Years, that alone will now Exceed its Prophetic Shelf Life of 80 Years, by 1 Year.

1948 +
80 Years = 2028

This is why one is more Convinced, that 1952, is the more Correct Countdown Year to Jesus’ Return. It was a Shemitah Year. It was the 1st Shemitah since Israel was Re-Born back into the Promised Land. And that is what is being used to determine the Last Sabbath of the Land still ‘owed’ to YHVH. It is to Conclude the 70 Years of Judgment Decreed on Daniel’s People, the Jews, their City, Jerusalem and their Temple, etc.

Thus, one is saying that, if the Shemitah Factor is what is being argued by most End Times Researchers, then they should also be using the Shemitah Year to Count-Down, from 1952, not 1948. One is just arguing that there is a 4-5 Year Difference, and this could be where the Gap Time Theory comes into play, perhaps. This Shemitah Countdown is one Argument one has. But one realizes that this Gap Time Theory is not a ‘Normal’ one.

It is not a Natural Line of Thinking, that would come to the Mind of an End Times Researcher, in considering the Timelines of the Tribulation Period and the Rapture. But what one is saying is that one needs to consider that, perhaps this Present Shemitah Cycle is being ‘Split’. Perhaps it is functioning as a Gap of Time to Prepare the World for the Actual Tribulation Period of 7 Years. But that the 70th Week is like Shemitah and as long as a Shemitah, but is not a Shemitah, in itself.

One also realizes that one had been Repeating these same Suppositions, but only to reinforce them. And, as always, one is not seeking ‘Converts’ to this Gap Time Theory or how one Interprets or Understands when the Year Count should have been started from, etc. One is just sharing one’s Thoughts and Understanding and open to Questions and Corrections about how soon will the Rapture occur to Conclude the Church Age and when will the 7-Year Tribulation Period soon start thereafter.


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