Studies of the Last Generation

  • Are there hidden Rapture Numbers in various Bible passages?
  • Do such Numbers convey the timing of the Rapture event?
  • What do key Parables about a Fig Tree say of the Last Generation?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider 2 teachings that occur in the Bible that could lend some prophetic clues as to the timing of the Rapture. The 1st teaching deals with the account of Jesus being presented at the Temple. The 2nd teaching is a Parable about the 4th-Year Fig Tree that was unproductive. Why these 2 teachings are considered is that both have unique numerical association to them that are not mere happenstance. In studying Biblical Prophecy, it is paramount to recognize, understand and interpret such numerical coefficients as best as possible. These 2 teachings have recurring numbers that will show are pegged to the Nation of Israel and the coming Redemption. The Redemption will not only be that of national Israel but also by inference, the possible timing of the end of the Church Age as it is the current Dispensation, thus the Resurrection-Rapture event. Realize that when in the Bible, numbers are placed or noted, they are Prophetic and part of a larger Prophetic Puzzle.

As to Numbers, Plato said that ‘All is Numbers’. Numbers convey a meaning that may be hidden in plain sight. He realized that essentially, all information can be and will be reduced to Numbers. YHVH re-created the Earth based on the Number 7, etc. The challenge is to know what is the context and what they mean. More importantly, one is to recognize them, understand them and interpret their message. Another key prophetic insight comes from the Names of People that appear in the Bible. It is the case that the meaning of the Name is part or the whole of the meaning and message of the passage. One key inference becomes important as the Names of Israel’s Leaders, more-or-less spoke of the Spiritual Demeanor that would comprise their discernment and judgement for Israel. It was not different then for Israel, as it is now in the Last Generation. To reiterate, the Name of the Rulers of Israel essentially echoed and echoes the character and/or tempo of their Israel’s spiritual condition and what it about to go through.

In the case of Israel, at the time of this article, Naftali Bennett is the Prime Minister. Naftali means to ‘Struggle’ and perhaps it is signaling what his Government will be bringing or what Israel will be going through. Perhaps this Name and personage is a prelude to Israel as it is now ready to go into its Struggle as in the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. How is this related to the topic and that of Rapture Parables? Israel has now reached over 73 years and the Fig Tree has ‘matured’. With this in mind, one of the Parables that will thus be considered is the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree. Perhaps that Parable with its specific Numbers given will be the key to know when Israel is to go into the Time of Jacob’s Trouble or the Last Shemitah or Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. For background, Naphtali was the 6th Son of Jacob and the now the 13th Prime Minister of Israel since 1948. The Number of Man is 6 and 13 is the Number of Rebellion.

The Number of His Name

One had theorized that the 13th King of Israel/Judah would mirror that of the 13th Prime Ministers of Israel since its independence in 1948. This is to suggest that the Number 13 signifies a completed Rebellion. And thus, the next person or King to come on the scene would be or will be the AntiChrist. This would be the Biblical AntiChrist but to the Rabbinical Jews, it will be the long-expected Messiah. So, perhaps the Bennett Administration is the transition to this coming ‘Struggle’ in preparation for the coming Messiah Israel will accept in ‘His own Name’. So, as to the verse from Luke?

‘There was also a Prophetess, Anna, the Daughter of Penuel, of the Tribe of Asher. She was very old; she had lived with her Husband 7 years after her marriage, and then was a Widow until she was 84. She never left the Temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying. Coming up to them at that very moment, she gave thanks to GOD and spoke about the Child [Jesus] to all who were looking forward to the Redemption of Jerusalem.’ -Luke 2:36-37

One can read much into this event as it would appear to parallel prophetically the relationship between Israel and YHVH. Israel married YHVH on Mount Sinai and entered a National Covenant of Marriage. But for a very long time, such remained apart as only initially was Israel faithful to YHVH alone. Does the 7 years infer to the coming ‘Last Shemitah’ or Sabbatical Year Cycle of 7 years where Israel will be united again?

This would be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years where Israel will be redeemed back with YHVH, but as through the Fire. The Numbers that stand-out are 84 and 7. The question is, are these Numbers significant or insignificant? Do they both relate to prophecy, Israel, the Church? Is it to be used in a mathematical equation perhaps? Where to place this equation? What would be the start date? Well, since most who study the End of Days use the year 1948, how would that equate?

1948 +
84 years = 2032 - 7 years = 2025

Does this suggest the start of the Tribulation Period or the mid-point? Consider that if one believes Jesus died in 32 AD, a 2000 year count from 32 AD would correspond to the year 2032. And if one subtracts the 7-Year Tribulation Period, it would be 2025. This is assuming one believes that the year 32 AD was the crucifixion year, and noting also that the year is encoded in the measurements of the Great Pyramid, etc. Not sure if it means anything but the Great Pyramid is a ‘Cosmic Clock’. Nonetheless, due to the popular Psalm 90 Theory, many believe that 70 years or the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel in 2018 was to have been significant. It was and is. How so?

It was significant as the Altar of Sacrifice was re-dedicated as it was with Ezra/Nehemiah coming back from the 70th Year Captivity from Babylon. That too was the 1st re-dedication that occurred then and in this Last Generation, no insignificant event as it is to be the last. And by doing so, it assured that the 3rd Temple is surely to follow as the Altar is by proxy the Temple as if it was already built. Of course, ‘nothing’ occurred in 2018 in terms of the Rapture most notably as the ‘end’ of the Church Age. But what if one used this year, 2018 and applied the principles of the Parable Jesus gave in terms of the additional year counts? Perhaps as a ‘Prophetic Code’ of sorts?

Summer Harvest Season

How about the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree itself? But again, what would be the Start Date? Let us use 1948 again. Many had hoped that 2018 would have been the year of the end of the Church Age and the Resurrection-Rapture event. It would have been ‘mathematically’ perfect in terms of a numerical equation. But what if the Psalm 90 Theory is wrong or not being applied correctly? What if 1948 is not the actual year one is to be starting the prophetic countdown? However, if one keeps 2018 as the 70th year since 1948, what if this following Parable is hinting at when the Tribulation Period is to start? Here is the passage.

‘A Man had a Fig Tree planted in his Vineyard, and he came seeking Fruit on it and found none. And he said to the Vinedresser, ‘Look, for 3 years now I have come seeking fruit on this Fig Tree, and I find none. Cut it down. Why should it use up the ground? And he answered him, Sir, let it alone this 1 year also, until I dig around it and put on manure. Then if it should bear Fruit next year, well and good; but if not, you can cut it down.’ -Luke 13:6-9

As one can see, there is a 4-Year Probation given to the Unfruitful Fig Tree. This is the exact condition that Israel has found itself even now in the Last Generation. How so? Consider that Israel has essentially now been regathered from all the Gentile Nations. It has survived several major attempts to irradicate it off the Map of the World. And it has managed in 70 years to transform itself into a Modern Power House; a Mini Super Power with its IDF Army, High Tech Industry and Agriculture. However, based on Biblical Prophecy, it has been regathered but in ‘Unbelief’, no ‘Fruit’, just Leaves.

Israel as a Nation, still has an issue with Jesus and for all their accomplishments, it has been all just ‘Green Leaves’ but no Fruit, spiritually speaking. The initial 3-Year Probation has elapsed also as it has taken the timeline countdown to 2021. What is key to the Parable is that there is a 4th Year, an extra year of grace added to then completely cut-off any hope of a bearing fruit. Thus, this 1 extra year would push the timeline to 2022. If the year 2018 was the year in which Israel celebrated its 70th-Year Anniversary.

2018 +
3 years + 1 year = 2022

Could the 4 years from the Parable be applied to Israel’s birth year since 1948 and thus prophetically synchronize to when Daniel’s 70th Week is to start then? Consider that this equation would coincide and be in sync with the theory that 2022, in the Fall Feasts would start the 70th Week of Daniel. This would essentially be the Last Shemitah or the last 7-year Sabbatical Cycle. What this would then mean is that it would reinforce the timeframe of just when the Rapture has to occur then, that is prior for sure.

That is why 2021 could thus be the year of the Rapture. This would be during the Pentecost Season from June 20 to September 20. Why? This season would be Astronomically the entire breath of the Summer Harvest Season. But that the Rapture, if it is to be in the year 2021, cannot occur on the 1st Day of Summer if one is using the Wheat Harvest ‘template’. This to say that it has to occur at a Summer’s end when the entire Wheat Harvest is concluded. And then, there is still the next year’s cycle if the Rapture does not occur in the 2021 Summer Season.

The Last Shemitah

There will be a ‘Gap Time’ from the Rapture event to the start of the Last Shemitah, that starts in the Fall 2022. The question is how much? An approximate year would be just about right. One would venture to say that the timeline or mathematical equation would appear to balance. The 7th Year to end of the current Sabbatical Cycle is from Fall of 2021 to Fall of 2022. The issue is will Christ Jesus rapture His Bride in the 6th or 7th Year of the present Cycle? It still could be that Jesus will wait till the 7th Year so consider that the subsequent 2022 Summer Pentecost Season would be the ‘outer limit’ of when the Rapture has to occur. However, one is of the belief that the Rapture event has to occur in 2021 as it would give about a year for the AntiChrist to set-up this New World Order.  

How so? Consider that as far as the Shemitah Cycles are concerned, they follow the Creation Week model and that of the gathering of Manna in the Wilderness during the Exodus. YHVH worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th Day. There was no work or no ‘harvesting’ done then as in a ‘gathering’. This was seen in the gathering of the Manna in that on the 6th Day, the Israelites were to gather a Double-Portion and none on the 7th Day. This could be the case, prophetically a parallel in terms of the gathering and harvesting of Souls. During this Church Age where the ‘Pentecostal’ Harvest of Souls is occurring, no ‘harvest’ can be had or gathered then on the 7th Year. Thus, the 6th Year is presently a ‘Double-Portion’ year being granted as none will be then on the 7th Year. Could it be that prophetically, the coincidence would have the Rapture event occur then on the 6th Year, in 2021 then of the current Shemitah or 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle?

This will soon come to be known with the passing of the 2021 Summer Wheat Harvest season. However, what about the 4th year of the Unfruitful Fig Tree? As noted, the 4th Year since 2018 would push the timeline for Israel to the start of the 2022-2029. Thus, this study strongly suggests that the subsequent 7-Year timeline appears to be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. And this is, if one is using the 1948 year of Israel’s rebirth along with the Psalm 90 year minimum and maximum year protocols. So, if the year, 2021 based on the 2nd Order of the Resurrection, Wheat Harvest Theory is to occur, then the Bride of Christ should be on full alert for the Summer Wheat Harvest Season or the Rapture Zone in 2021. Of course, one is biased that there is a Pentecost Double Count of 7 Sabbaths (49 days) which is the Feast of Weeks, not Pentecost.

Pentecost is then the count of the subsequent 50 days thereafter, not the 50th day. So, this would put the Rapture Zone, at most sometime up to mid-August of 2021. Or it could be later, all the way up until September 20th, Astronomically. But regardless, it is that close if the Rapture is to be in 2021. If the Rapture occurs in the Summer of 2021 still based on the 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle, it would be too late as only an approximate 3-4 month window would exist before the Fall 2022 1st Year of the subsequent Shemitah or Sabbatical Cycle would start. The point is that the present Luciferian ‘Initiation’ through COVID is not over just yet. And also, the prophetic events leading to the advent of the AntiChrist also have to occur. There is the Isaiah 17 event. This will lead to the Psalm 83 War of the Inner Ring Muslim countries. This will then spur the ‘Confirming’ the Covenant and the start of the construction of the 3rd Temple, etc. The eventual Endgame of the False Prophet and the AntiChrist is to rollout the Mark of the Beast.

The Timeline?

Presently, the reason for the Lockdowns, Mask Mandates and COVID is to have the World conditioned to accept the Mark of the Beast. Lucifer will roll-out his ‘Reset’ and that will include the Human Body. Presently, the overt and deceptive determination of the Kabbalists is to alter Humanity, genetically and deface the Image and Likeness of YHVH in every Human Body. This ‘transition’ is well under way. There is yet the 3rd and final step in completing this Luciferian Initiation Ritual. This will occur in the Fall of 2021. Remember that this COVID-19 plandemic is a Luciferian Ritual and Initiation Rite. Every Initiation Rite has 3 Stages and thus 3 COVID Waves that have been planned.

The Bride of Christ needs to be prepared spiritually and psychologically, if she is still here by mid-August as the 3rd COVID Wave is projected already to result in more Deaths than the 1st and 2nd Waves. And this because they have injected millions now and just in time for the natural Flu Season. And the Deaths will be blamed on those not having received the Injections and not because mass Deaths will have resulted from the COVID Injections. It is a perfect plan and with the Rapture event, it will give the Powers-That-Be the excuse, legal cover and impetus to force ‘vaccinate’ everyone at gun point if necessary. The Rapture event might very well be the determining factor.

The forced Injections are already planned. The CDC even has Project SHEILD that will have authority to Force Quarantine any member of a household, indefinably. There will be more Lockdown measures imposed but more dire is that they will make it virtually impossible to live or work without the Injections. It is the ‘Calm before the Storm’ and it is the Rapture event that will set-off the draconian measures. Thus, the timeline from the Fall of 2022 to the Fall of 2029, appears to 'fit' perfectly then, right down to the day. One has actually projected a timeline down to the day in the Article, ‘The Sign of the Sun of Man’. https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-434.html.

                                         THE LAST SHEMITAH

                                      Daniel’s 70th Week of Years

Shemini Atzerets                        Passover                            Yom Teruah
2022                                      2026                                     2029
October 18                                April 1                              September 11     

One is of the opinion that the need to be on the correct Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years or the Shemitah that has been popularized as of late. This to mean that from Fall 2021 to Fall 2022 on those 1st day of Tishri, that would be the 7th Year. And to suggest then that on that 1st of Tishri of 2022 would be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. It is conjecture, so could be wrong but the day count is amazing. Consider that one holds to the evidence that the birthday of Jesus was on September 11, -3 BC. Would it not be wild if He came on that same day at His 2nd advent to Earth? Consider the following numerical anomaly in 2021. The State of Israel will be, including End Date, exactly the following Day Counts on September 11, 2021.

66 Years
66 Months
666 Days

What ties this nefarious Number in Biblical terms is that it is associated with the coming of the AntiChrist, is when perhaps it is to occur as some milestone achieved. This date is oddly September 11. This is another nefarious day associated with Calamity and the true Christ’s birthday as noted. Is this coincidence? Probably not and many End Times Researchers suggest this could be a ‘Sign’ or prelude to how close Israel is to entering the Last Shemitah and advent of the AntiChrist, who will have this Number associated to his Name and Mark.

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