Perspectives of the Globalist Reset Transition

  • What is the FedNOW System all about?
  • How will this new Payment System affect the World?
  • Is this next Financial Transition part of the Great Reset?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘They will put on Sackcloth, and Terror will overwhelm them. Shame will cover all their Faces, and all their Heads will be Shaved. They will throw their Silver into the Streets, and their Gold will seem Unclean. Their Silver and Gold cannot Save them in the Day of the Wrath of the LORD. They cannot satisfy their Appetites or fill their Stomachs with Wealth, for it became the Stumbling Block that brought their Iniquity’. -Ezekiel 7:18-19

The purpose of this Report is to provide one’s Personal Commentary and share Perspectives of the Roll-out of the New FedNOW Instant-Payments Service in the USA. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/fed-says-its-instant-payments-service-fednow-will-launch-in-july/ar-AA18Gkn3. Banks will still need to ‘Opt-In’ and is that not a ‘Good Thing’ for Banks to do? Well, if one knows ‘Marketing Strategy, one can sure see how they are selling FedNOW as being ‘Convenient’ and Reliable. It is or will be, but…

The Federal Reserve will then ‘Control’ Everything as in Goods and Services and Everyone, as in one’s Record of every Purchase and/or Sale made. This Commentary and Perspective will come from an End Times Point of View, as in, is it Prophetic and what the Bible warns will eventually lead to? One will present a Philosophical Approach in Insinuating that what is happening in the USA, as it has now in other Nations, is a soft Banker’s Coup D’État. What is that? It is French. It means the following.

Coup D’État.
koo͞″ dā-tä′

The Sudden Overthrow of a Government by a usually Small Group of Persons in or previously in Positions of Authority.

The Sudden Overthrow of a Government, differing from a Revolution by being carried out by a Small Group of People who Replace only the Leading Figures.

It is an Illegal Seizure of Power by a Political Faction, Politician, Cult, Rebel Group, Military, or a Dictator. Many Scholars consider a Coup ‘Successful’ when the Usurpers seize and hold Power for at least 7 Days.

How about 7 Years as in the coming Biblical 7-Year Tribulation Period where the World Bankers will have Full Reign and Control of the People through their Financial Mark of the Beast Monetary Matrix? Know that ultimately, the End-Game of these Globalist Bankers is to Conditioning-Transition the Masses, so when the Mark of the Beast that the Bible does say will become Mandated Worldwide, will be so ‘Convenient’ to take.

It is About a Transitional Trance

People will take the Mark without much Question or Resistance, to say ‘No’, Why not? What is the ‘Alternative’? Capital Punishment. A Crime no less, and that is Criminal. Will there be an ‘Off-With-Your-Head Option?….Not so much. On an End Times Online Forum, 5 Doves, there were 2 Posting of this same Article below. The Article is about, what is all happening, has been all Pre-Planned and is going according to Plan. One read it and heard the Video embedded into the Article.

WEF Insider Admits Silicon Valley Bank Crash Is a ‘Great Reset Scam’

One found ‘Nothing’ that would give Doubts about all that was said. There were no ‘Red Flags’ about it. It was not ‘Sensationalized’ or Stretched the Truth. Of course, that Narrative presented, is what is ‘Reality’ to those who know the Bible and Prophetically realize what Lucifer is doing. It is a Trance, a Transitioning of the Banker’s Coup D’État. But one has such Biblical Perspectives that ‘Filter’ such ‘Talk’ that is ‘Crazy’ to most that would and do consider this type of Observation and Perspective as pure Biblical Nonsense. Sure, go ahead, as the Trance and its Transition does it Magic.

The Shepple will continue to ‘Believe’ and have ‘Faith’ in the State that they believe will ‘Save’ them. It is the State that is Destroying them instead. But, when the Announcer in the Video compared, what is happening now with the Financial Currencies, to the ‘Killing or Implosion of the Current World Monetary System, to then have it rise like a New Phoenix’? That was it! Sold! Can one say, Coin Act of 1792 and their 33 Masonic Satanic Sabbath Shelf Life of the Dollar?


The Writer of the Article and the Presenter in the Video, ‘Get it’. But as Followers of Jesus, one also knows this and what is coming, and it is here now. It is just now a matter of Months, if not to 2025, as an Outer Limit for that Great Evacuation or the ‘Biblical Rapture’ to occur. Perhaps. But even as Brother Barry Scarbrough (Link), a Certified CPA said in his YouTube Channel, ‘It Does Not Matter’, at this Point in Time. He said, ‘This is it’. Even Brother Chooch (Link) at Thinking Out Loud TOL updated the Rapture Watch to a RAPCON 2 Alert Level! So, it is on…Rapture Watch from now on, Baby.

But as for one Personally, one has nothing ‘Financial’ to ‘Protect’ or ‘Save’ or Lose. So that Burden or Stress is not there, but one Feels for those that do. If one could have the Opportunity to have Money, or have Assets, Properties, one would have bought Gold, Silver and Commodities, Food, etc. One did since the Obama Years, when one did have the Means until one was ‘Wiped-Out’ by a Wife running-off with other Men and taking everything and leaving one with just in Debt instead. And one has not been able to Recover, never will. So, one has to Daily, ‘Walk by Faith’ for one’s Daily Provision, because there is nothing beyond that, in this World that is. But GOD, right?

It is About Their Luciferian ‘Reset’

Usually when there is a Run-On-The-Banks, there is also one with Gold and Silver. However, this Time Around, it is being reported that People are having a Hard Time acquiring/finding Silver, even if they wanted to. Remember, it is their Luciferian ‘Reset’ and the World they Control, currently is having to go through their Transition. This Trance, or Transition is something most Common People cannot Control or Influence, other than to ward-off their Luciferian Portion of the Trance through Prayer and Fasting.

Of course, the Luciferians know as well, that the ‘Rapture Transition’ is also ‘In-Play’. The Last Days Church Age, Body of Christ on Earth, is presently experiencing Jesus’ Control and Transition. These 2 Transitions are occurring in Tandem and that is Encouraging for those who Believe in Jesus, as the Savior, not the State. But one believes that the Transition of the Body’s Redemption is soon to take place.

The Church Age is about to Close Shop or its Witness, its Commission, etc. However, until then, it is Lucifer’s World and Money and they are Calling the Shots, for now. The COVID was the Catalyst to Implode Wealth and Transfer it, to themselves, as usual. This Next Phase, FedNOW is just the Next Stage in their Diabolical Plan to Reset the World that will be left behind after the Rapture Event. They had even told the World what they were going to do and even how, as one already knows what they would be doing. Consider this Article below, about the VISA Masonic Money Card.


It is also known and reported that Bill Gates funded a similar Credit Card Bio-Metric Digital Bank Account Program in Africa. And guess what the Credit Card was tied to, to get his Financial Benefits? A Bio-Metric Scan of the Face and Required Vaccinations. Sound Familiar? It was their Beta Test. Remember, Lucifer’s next Phase to be implemented, with the Enabling of his Positioned Minions and Banks, is to get all of the USA, over 350 Million on the Digital ‘Currency’ Matrix.

This will in turn, lead to the Worldwide Currency Integration Phase coming next. Thus, the Rapture Event is that close. How Close? One sees a 2-Year Window. Anyway, a Centralized Non-Government Federal Reserve, or the World Bank, issuing a Digital Currency to every Human is an Ingenious Method of Surveilling Everyone, Every Time, in Real Time, all the Time. Why it has not happened prior, is that the Technology did not exist then to pull it off. They have the Technology now, as they Boast, thanks to A.I.

But this will lead to it becoming the next Worldwide Effort to Centralize all World Currencies into 1 Entity or Currency…It is all in preparation for the coming Mark of the Beast Financial Matrix. And just in time for the AntiChrist’s Religious Sidekick to then prepare the World for the Mark. Realize that it will not be the 1st Beast, the AntiChrist that will Issue and Require all Humans on Earth to take the Mark. No. It will be the Religious 2nd Beast Leader that will require it of all Humans alive. Why? It is because it is all about ‘Religion’ and Money will pave the way to Control and even Change one’s Identity and the very ‘Image of GOD’, down to the DNA Level.

It is About the Mark of Their Money
The coming Mark of the Beast, as is this FedNOW Instant Payment Initiative, will be sold as preventing Fraud, Crime, Identity Theft, Bank Failures or Runs, etc. All True, but whoever Controls the Money, Controls the People. For example, that is what occurred in Canada when the Truckers refused to get the Injections. Trudeau just ‘Shut-Down’ their Bank Cards. That was a Crime Against Humanity. And that is where the World is headed to and fast.

Realize that in terms of Biblical Prophecy, the Last Days are as ‘Birth Pangs’. Things will now be, are going to get, more Intense and more Frequent. And all be Design. Remember their Luciferian Moto, ‘Order out of Chaos’. They induce the Chaos, they wait for the Reaction and then they bring in their ‘Solution’. And ‘Look Here!’ It is FedNOW. It is because in terms of their Timing, it is ‘NOW’ that they will Federalize, as in the ‘Federal Reserve’ all the Nations’ Banks.

But it is being allowed because the Elected Federal Government Politicians in the USA have bought into it. Or because they themselves have been ‘Bought and Sold’ into it. In one’s Financial Case, one has a Credit Union, which one recommends instead of a New York Bank. But even with the Letter one Received from the President, ‘Assuring’ that they are not a Bank’, which is true, Credit Unions will be swept into this Cabal Vortex in some way. They will find a way.

It is about having Total Control over People; what they Think, who they Support, what is their Political Party, what Stance they have about Abortion, Gay Rights, Russia, National Borders, owning Guns, Belief in Jesus, etc. If one’s Beliefs or Actions are not all ‘Aligned’ with the Federal Reserve now, one’s Social Credit Score will Prohibit one from Travel, Education, and eventually from Buying and Selling to Live. The Federal Reserve is not even one’s Elected Government. It is a Banking Coup really. These Bankers have accomplished what they could not in trying to Bribe a Marine General, Smedley Butler to take over the Government on behalf of the Banks in 1933.

Meet the Marine General who Allegedly Stopped a US Government Takeover

But believe it or not, in the USA, what is more troubling, as one who works at a University, is seeing what is coming next for the Nation, in terms of what type of Students are being ‘Graduated’ or really Indoctrinated. It is how this Generation Z has been Brain-Washed’ or has been ‘Captured’ to go along with all of this. One fears them more than Standing Armies, as Thomas Jefferson said about Bankers. How so?

If one is not aware, there was a Federal Judge that was invited to Stanford University to give a Talk recently. The Provost, being ‘Woke’ and under the Guess of ‘Diversity’ encouraged the Students to Shout-Him-Down, at the Gathering, in the Lecture Hall for having ‘Right-Wing’ Thoughts. In the California State University System, this Administrator Intervention and Leading by a Staff is Prohibited. It came as a result of how many Professors and Staff rallied Students against the Vietnam War on University Campuses, etc.

It is About Useless Eaters Useful Idiots

It is that most early 20-Year-Olds are still in a ‘Poured Cement that is still Setting’ phase in Life. They are easily Persuaded. Take for example the Asbury Event. Yes, some Good, some Concerns and the issue of Homosexuality. It was noted that some Student Worship Leaders were openly Gay. In 1 instance, a Non-Asbury Student who wore a T- Shirt that said, ‘Homo Sex is Sin’ was Trespassed out of the Campus. The Point?

This Generation Z, being all those that are less than 25 Years Old, for Example, now believe that ‘Gay is OK’. Period. No discussion. And anyone Believing or Standing for any sort of Biblical Principles against it, are to be ‘Trespassed’ out of Society, even now within the ‘Professing Church’. This is now happening right before one’s very Eyes. It is part of the 2 Transitions occurring in Tandem as mentioned, but to show how even the Last Day’s Laodicean Church Types have succumbed to this Woke Ideology, thanks in large part to the Universities. Let us see…

Most Christian Americans send their Children to Secular State Schools for 16 Years. It is there where they are adamantly Anti-Christian, Anti-Jesus, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay. They teach that Humans came from Nothing, are Nothing and will become Nothing after Death. That Truth is Relative. That Life is Meaningless, Genderless and Fluid, etc. And one wonders why Christian Families then are ‘Surprised’ when their Son or Daughter Graduate as Atheists? And worse, not only that, but they then take-up the Mantle of the Enemy’s Anti-Christ Narrative and Agenda, put into Action. And?

These Generation Z Students that will soon be the Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers are all now Indoctrinated. Have you all wondered why all those that will Refuse the Mark of the Beast will be Beheaded, and with no Outcry? It is because this Generation Z will be carrying-out the AntiChrist and False Prophet’s Orders, without a Blink. And it will come true for that time, as it has been since Pentecost, that Jesus warned that when they would ‘Kill You’, they are thinking they are doing God a Service. They will Shut-Down one’s Digital Currency for not being part of their ‘Solution’, Final Solution one would say.

Generation Z welcomes this New Worldwide Financial Economy and Reality. They really believe it is the ‘Right Thing’ to do; avoid any Inconveniences and Suffering at all costs. And as one might Remember, they took a Poll a few Years ago and about 70% of College Students believe Socialism is the ‘Better’ System to Live under. Really?

Colleges Are Turning Young People Socialist In A Few Ways

Tell that to the 5 Million+ Venezuelans who have had to flee due to Starvation. They have had to eat their Pets and have lost on average, 10-15 Lbs because they can only now manage 1 Meal-a-Day. Products and Services are Rationed. But that is how you Control a Mass Population. This is what Stalin illustrated with that Chicken Example. He had a Chicken brought in for Foreign Reporters and Degenerative at one Time, when they asked him, how can the Soviet People, having next to nothing give you so much Loyalty? Stalin started to Pluck the Feathers out of the Chicken in excruciating Pain.

It is About the Chickens
But as the Chicken fled, Stalin then had a Trail of Breadcrumbs lead the Distraught Chicken back to his Lap, where he then fed the Bread directly to the Chicken. So, Bread and Circus for everyone! Or as one saw, 1st Hand in the former Soviet Union, 1990, Bread Lines and Vodka Lines for everyone. And guess what most Soviets said? ‘At least I will not Die of Hunger and I can Drink my Reality away’. You will ‘Own Nothing’ and ‘Try to be Happy’ is what is really going to happen. So, such are some Perspectives of what is happening Financially in the USA or will. But what of the Body of Christ?

Personally, one believes a Spiritual Transition is also occurring wherein the Exercise of one’s Faith, Genuinely in Jesus and Him alone for one’s Provision, perhaps on a Daily Basis will be, is being put to the Test. Case in point. Personally, if one may mention, one’s Family had to leave a 3rd World Country. They Immigrated, Lawfully but growing-up in the ‘Old Country’, not knowing where one’s Daily Bread, Food, Shelter of Clothing would come from, really had one’s Mindset in a Perpetual State of Need and Humility.

When one’s Family was granted Residence Status in the ‘Great White North’, it was a Privilege and Thanks the Good People of the USA for such an Opportunity, which one is forever Grateful. But one’s Food Insecurity has plagued one Personally ever since, even though now, one can say that one ‘Made It’. It is in the sense that one has Roof over Head, a Nice Job, if at least one is not Starving. Those Factors alone are considered ‘Having Made it’ in the 3rd World. But in Contrast to most Americans, at least back since the 1970s, most did not have to ‘Worry’ or Believe, by Faith for their Daily Bread, literally, for their Food, Roof or Job, in general, of course.

But compared to the 3rd World, most Americans were ‘Rich’ or still are but that is the Point. Most ‘Middle America’, has had 2 Homes, 2 Cars, Summer Vacations, International Travel, Nice Paying Jobs, Nice Schools, College, etc. No worries. All that was just the Material Blessings of GOD, one would say. But the Point is that they did not have to Pray or Rely on the LORD, that much for such Things or Provisions, on a Daily Basis, for example. All such things or Provisions were taken for Granted, and perhaps some still do, of those that still Live like this and do Exist. But not for long.

The Banker’s Coup and Transition, In-Play, Designed for the 1st World is for the USA and Europe, for that matter, to become like Venezuela, Soviet Russia. Impoverish everyone down and Control them with their Money, Medicine, Media and Military. The Point is that in such a Comparison, one believes that over the Decades, the American Dream is becoming, has become or will become a ‘Nightmare’ for many. Most Americans are in Jeopardy of losing much and then what are they going to do?

One is generalizing here, and one realizes that many Well-Off Americans do Rely on the LORD, despite having such Things and Provisions, and will continue to do so, if they do not. So, that is the Issue one sees then, about how the Body of Christ, in the USA, in particular. At this Point in Time, it will have to have a Spiritually Recalibrate, if needed. And it will be needed. What is happening now in the USA, is just another Shift in Wealth or rather, just the next Transfer of Wealth that is being taken from them.

It is About a New Currency

It is being taken from those who have worked hard for it. For the Body of Christ, while the Rapture Call is yet to occur, this Transition or Shift in Wealth will be a Time when one will have to Adjust one’s Spiritual Perspective and one’s Faith will be put to the Test. That is basically all that one is Stressing. One hopes the Rapture Event is Sooner, rather than Later. But until it happens, One believes the Bride of Christ might still have a bit more to go.

But NOT Much, as one has presented Factors, based on certain Variables, and one’s best Educated Guesses, of course that it cannot be more than 1.5-2 Years out. And one can be ‘Wrong’. Hope so. Why? It is because there is going to be a lot of Pain, Financial Pain that is going to be ‘Served-Up’. But it takes Time to have all this Coup D’État and Transition Implemented. To reiterate, consider that when the FedNOW Instant Payment Switch is Made in Mid-July, that is just the Foundation that is being laid.

All Banks still have to join. That takes Time. But that is why they are Imploding the Small and Mid-Size ones now, so as to rid them of People having a Choices. It is the Giant Ones, from New York that seek to Consolidate them all and then it will be that much Easier and Faster for them to Join in. And there you have it. Thereafter, it will take a few more Months to really know what that will look like in terms affecting one’s Civil Liberties, Privacy Laws, and Financial Independence, if any.

So, just saying that Bride of Christ is really at a RAPCON 1 Level Alert. And from now until the Fall of 2025, perhaps. But that one’s best Guess, from what one sees because there is still a Transition ‘In-Play’, 2024 is when the Rapture looks more Promising, perhaps. Lastly, one wants to mention that the Logo of this New FedNOW Logo has the Ouroboros Motif on it.

The Ouroboros is a Motif of a Dragon or Serpent or Phoenix that is ‘Eating its Tail’. In the case of the FedNOW Logo, it is of an ‘Arrow’ that is Circular that meets at its End. If any Motif can explain the FedNOW and what the Luciferian Reset is all about, it is this Motif. It is used of the Luciferian Elite to depict their Birth-Rebirth Cycles.

It can be applied and inferred about the past Ages or Worlds, but also of their New World Orders, etc. In this case, it will be how the U.S. Dollar will no longer be the World Reserve Currency in that it will ‘Die’. And from its ‘Ashes’, the New Order Currency will be Reborn. This is why one believes the U.S. Dollar has had a Shelf Life of 33 Sabbath Cycles of 7 Years. Since when? Since the Coin Act of 1792.

1792 + (33 Sabbaths of 7 Years) =



Master Plan for America in Prophecy
The Fall of the Phoenix chronicles the Dode of the 33 Sabbatical Cycle Countdown since 1792 for America’s Demise. Various Celestial Signs are taking place that appear to also be Signaling a Prophetic Countdown to the coming Fall of the Phoenix, America. This Book will also focus on key Spiritual Signs of the Times that appear to have also Clocked America’s Destiny that have sown the Deeds of its own Destruction.


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