Israel, the Sacred Cow?

  • Who is the Gospel to be Preached to 1st?
  • What did Candace Owens say that got her Fired?
  • Why is Criticizing Israel not allowed?

by Luis B. Vega
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It appears that Preaching the Gospel to the Jews or Israel is now ‘Anti-Semitic’. When Candace Owens, the popular Conservatism Political Pundit, said that. She was 1 of the Hosts of the Daily Wire, and was fired for such a Statement, one would argue. And her ‘Crime’? Daring to criticize the State of Israel for incurring an exorbitant amount of Civilian Casualties. It is a ‘Sacred Cow’ that Israel cannot be allowed to be asked of or criticized because of it. One thought that the Daily Wire and the likes of a Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, championed Anti-Woke Censorships and Free Speech. Not really.  

The Daily Wire, although Conservative, is not when it comes to any form of criticizing the State of Israel. It is a ‘Sacred Cow’ or rather a ‘Golden Calf’ that needs to be Celebrated and Supported, unconditionally. To ask about why the U.S. Taxpayer Monies are going to Israel and Egypt since the Peace Accords of Camp David during President Carter was just ‘Bribe Money’ is Verboten. And it is still that way to this Day, in one’s Political Science Opinion. The Point is that one is Biblically Instructed to Support, ‘These My Brethren’ of Jesus. But it is not a Carte Blanche to allow Israel to be above the Laws of an International Order of Nations, it seeks to be part of and recognized as.

And when it comes to Jesus, the Jewish Messiah and His Gospel over the Jews? Or the State of Israel? Followers of Jesus better chose Jesus over the Jewish Nation. And as Jesus instructed His Disciples, who were all Jews at the Onset of the Church Age, the Gospel is to be Preached, ‘1st to the Jew’. But there is a Double Standard being implemented and observed by the Jews. Even the Jewish Nation is wrestling with this Notion of why the Orthodox Jews are not allowed to serve in the IDF or Military. The State of Israel is basically subsidized by the USA Taxpayer. Yet Israel has not and does not provide any meaningful ‘Return’, in terms of Investment to the U.S. People.

Instead, its Corporate Moguls have the USA in a Chokehold, or by the ‘Balls’, that is squeezing the Life and Economy out of the Nation, milking it for every Penny. This has been done through their Ownership of the Media, Medicine, Military and  Educational Institutions. This is no Secret as even many Jews have ‘Confessed’ to this Pyramid Ponzi Scheme. And so, as the Daily Wire is really a Jewish Conservative Think-Tank, it tolerates and obliges the Evangelical Zionist Support of Israel, until it does not. And that Line in the Jewish Sand and ‘Sacred Cow’ was drawn when the likes of Candice Owens, who is a Devout Christian, and defends it, ‘Walking the Talk’ dares to just ‘Ask Questions’ about Israel’s Military Tactics. Now as one who Supports Israel and has even Volunteered through the Sar El Program to Support the IDF, in the IDF, in Israel, one did so in Obedience to the Command of Jesus to, ‘Do it to the Least of my Brethren’, etc.

Bless Blind Support?
But contrary to Popular Evangelical Interpretation, the Bible does not say, ‘I will Bless those that will Bless Israel’. No. Read that Portion of Scripture again in its Proper Context. One does not Blindly Support or see the State of Israel as a ‘Sacred Cow’, Untouchable and to be Worshiped. Yet, on the other Hand, one does see that Israel is in a very Precarious Situation. It is fighting in an Urban Warfare, House to House in Gaza. It will inadvertently Kill Innocent and not so Innocent Civilians. And as one has written on this before, all this Bloodshed and loss of Innocent Palestinian Lives is on the Hands of HAMAS. You see, to the Muslims, the Palestinian Innocence is not a Sacred Cow, as is every Jewish Person in Israel.

HAMAS has demonstrated that its Women, Children and Elderly are nothing but a Human Shield to garnish International Support and Outcry against the ‘Jews’. It has worked. But in terms of Biblical Perspective, this Conflict is foremost a Religious and Spiritual one. And it is and will be a ‘Battle to the Death’. That is what the Bible teaches. Israel will have War and War, Death until Jesus returns. And it is precisely this type of Luciferian Orchestrated Chaos that will only temporarily lead to a ‘Pax Judaica’. This will be accomplished through the Covenant that will be Confirmed by the coming False Jewish Messiah.

And here is one’s other Point. When the Jewish False Messiah, that the Bible calls the AntiChrist comes On-The-Scene, he will make that Impossible Peace become a Reality. That Impossible Peace will be between the Jews and the Muslims. It will be the Time of World Peace and through the 3rd Temple, the Rallying Cry will be ‘Peace and Security! In Reality, it will only serve as the End Times ‘Tower of Babel’. It will work to Hybridize the 3 Abrahamic Faith. But here is one’s Point. During that Time and Place, if one says, ‘Jesus is King!”, that will be seen and considered, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Jewish. But more tragically, Anti-‘Peace and Security’.

How dare People reject the Jewish Messiah and not believe and Submit to his Will? The World will say this. How dare the Christians not take his Mark on their Head or Hand? They will demand. Christ is King People must be put to Death as that is ‘Blasphemy’ to say there is another King but the God of the Orthodox Jews! And the Problem? The God of the Orthodox Jews is not YHVH. the Biblical Father of Israel. No, Jesus exposed them, in that their Real Father is Lucifer. And his ‘Seed of the Serpent’, (See Genesis 3:15) will be the coming AntiChrist who will be presented to Israel, in his Own Name. This is what Jesus warned Israel about, to no Effect, sadly.

So, one’s Point is that the Follower of Jesus better be saying ‘Jesus Is King’, Jesus is GOD now. And that is why one stands with Candace Ownes on this Point and Politics. Evidently one can Preach the Gospel of Jesus, who was, is and will forever be a Jew, to any Nation on Earth, except Israel. And if someone tells a Jew, ‘Christ is King’, that is now Anti-Semitic? It was rather Interesting that from the October 7, 2023 HAMAS Attack on Israel to the Great American Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024 was exactly 5 Months, excluding End Date. That was also 4440 Hours. Then, when Israel bombed the Building adjacent to the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, that was 176 Days or 5 Months or so.

Deal with the Devil

This is the same amount of Time it will take for the People of Earth to suffer for taking the Mark of the Beast. It will be the Retribution against the People who will have Worshipped that ‘Golden Idol’, literally. It will be a Sinai 2.0 ‘Test’ again. Those that do take the Mark on their Forehead or Right Hand will break-out in Painful Sores. This 5 Month Period of Time is attributed to Intense Punishment, as that is what YHVH will be pouring-out onto the Inhabitants of the Earth. It is reminiscent of what Israel has done to the Palestinians. It has inflicted Collective Punishment for HAMAS invading Israel, inadvertently, one would argue though. What is the Difference?

HAMAS and the Palestinian Civilians supported and cheered HAMAS Soldiers breaching the Israeli Border Wall. In Fact, Civilians were part of the Invasion. This Aspect and Factor is conveniently left out of the Conversation of the Western Leftist Media Venues. It is Israel that is not Targeting, specifically Civilians. Has there been Mistakes and has Passion and Revenge ruled rather than Reason, on the Part of the Jews? Of Course. It is called War. But realize, this is a Battle for the Birth-Right. It is a Battle for 1 State. No 2 States can Coexist, permanently, Perhaps they will when the False World Leader will sort that False ‘Peace and Security’.

And a 2 State Solution might be enforced upon Israel. But it will not work, it cannot. Why not? YHVH will see to it that the Deal with the Devil the Jewish Sanhedrin will make with Lucifer will not stand. As the Palestinians are suffering the Wrath of Israel, the whole Palestinian World has been made to Suffer Greatly for their Support of HAMAS. Although Israel’s Military Tactic is to totally Destroy HAMAS, its Civilian Population has taken the brunt of the Suffering. And as a Human, one does not enjoy seeing Woman, Children and the Elderly needlessly being Killed in the Crossfire.

But that is exactly what is happening in the Ukraine. And where are the International Crowds of Woke White Liberal University Students publicly waiving Ukrainian Flags and chanting, ‘From the Dnieper to the Crimea, Ukraine will be Free? It will not. Why Not? The Ukrainian War is not a Religious War. It is not a Spiritual War, as it is the HAMAS sworn Mission to Genocide the State of Israel. Presently, in Lebanon, the Ethnic Minority of Christians are being Slaughtered by the Muslims. The Christians have not ‘Attacked’ the Muslims. Yet where are the Woke Mob Crowds, Chanting for the Humanitarian Relief and Aid to the Chrisitan Women, Children and the Elderly who are purposely being Targeted by the Muslims? There are none. It is a Double Standard.

Israel is the Only Nation that has barrages of Rockets fired from the South, the North, the East, etc. No 2-State Solution is the Solution. HAMAS and True Islam cannot placate an Israel to be left Geo-Politically Alive. As History has demonstrated, over and over, the 2 State Solution has been Sabotaged because for the Palestinians, it is ‘All or Nothing’. It has always been that way since being offered the 2-State Solution back in 1947. The Palestinian Muslims have rejected such a Status-Quo. Many Christians are not informed of the ‘Other Side’ of the Story that is not being told nor believed about why Israel is having to ‘Destroy’ HAMAS. One is well aware of. But one’s Point is that the World is not Seeing, Reading or Knowing about this, and that it is intentional. What?

Avenue to Armageddon
What is happening is the same ‘Play-Book’ of how, due to the USA’s 9-11 Attack, the U.S. Military invaded Iraq. Even though Iraq did not contribute to the Attack, the USA ‘Won the War’, but ‘Lost the Peace’.  Yet for all the Sophistication of Israeli Intelligence, it is losing the Propaganda War. That Aspect is part of the War, just the same if not more important. One just ‘Smells Smoke’. Israel practically owns all the World Media Platforms, at least in the USA. They have the Power and Persuasion to have led and controlled the Narrative. Israel has lost the ‘Tik-Tok War’, on purpose.

This has not been allowed to occur. It is because, especially in this ‘Tik-Tok’ World of Social Media, those 3-8 Second Videos are worth more than 1000 Words or Pictures. Israel knows this. What is up? What this is turning out to be is exactly what the Luciferians have orchestrated and have been told to the World in advance. The last Piece of the Luciferian New World Order Puzzle was and is to pivot the Jews against the Muslims. And in so doing, it will exhaust and it is exhausting the World, to the Point of World War 3. Why? It is where the AntiChrist comes in to establish this Control and Reign over Israel’s Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Control Israel and you Control the World, etc.

The World is now, about exhausted by the Wars and Chaos, beat-down to the Point that it will accept any Peace, at any Cost. And that it can and will literally be a ‘Deal with the Devil’ that Israel and the World will oblige themselves to. The Letter from the Luciferian Grand Master, Albert Pike states that the 3rd World War will occur between the 'Political Zionists' and the 'Leaders of the Islamic world'. Psalm 83 anyone? There is that Portion, emphasis added.

'The War must be conducted in such a way that Islam [the Muslim Arabic World] and Political Zionism [the State of Israel] mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the Point of complete Physical, Moral, Spiritual and Economical Exhaustion [Economic Collapse/Reset]...We shall unleash the Nihilists and the Atheists, and we shall provoke a Formidable Social Cataclysm [Wokism] which in all its Horror will show clearly to the Nations the effect of Absolute Atheism, Origin of Savagery and of the most Bloody Turmoil.

Then everywhere, the Citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the World Minority of Revolutionaries, will exterminate those Destroyers of Civilization, and the Multitude, disillusioned with Christianity [After the Rapture?], whose Deistic Spirits will from that moment be without Compass or Direction, Anxious for an Ideal, but without knowing where to render Adoration, will receive the True Light through the Universal Manifestation of the Pure Doctrine Of Lucifer, brought finally out in Public View'.


Yes, the Jewish State, a mere ‘Pimple’ of a Nation in comparison to the Family of Nations is incurring the Wrath of Lucifer. But it is because he wants to Destroy her. And he is using ‘Order out of Chaos’, to perform this. He is using Propaganda and Reverse Psychology, along with Useful Idiots as the Woke White Left Liberals of the West to carry that out. But the Avenue to Armageddon is being paved right now with War.

The Crescendo to the coming Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 Nuclear Attack by Israel against Syria, is now becoming a Biblical and Probable Reality. And sadly, most supposed Christian Mainline Denominations are following, Rank and File, protesting in the Streets behind the Palestinians Muslims Protesters. Here is a good Perspective from Carolyn Glick.

War with Hezbollah and Iran May Have Just Begun
Caroline Glick Show In-Focus

Is this the Rapture Year then? Is this World War 3? If so, it would make sense that the Wars against Israel have to ramp-up because the Rapture is associated with Sudden Destruction, no? And as many Brethren have dreamed about, ‘As the Bombs come Down, the Bride goes Up’. And the Aliens and the AntiChrist show-up to ‘Save the Day’, Save Israel. Or rather, save the World from Israel.

But as one has suggested, Israel is being intestinally squeezed into a Corner. It will be to the Point that it will go Nuclear and the whole World, and especially the Muslims will Fear Israel once again. They will succumb to a Call for Peace, at any Price. The Muslims, for sure will know that Israel will use the Bomb on them. Israel, although ‘Westernized’, does not have a 1st World European Mindset of Détente, or of a Cold War. Israel will Nuke the Muslims. Israel will use the Samson Option to Preserve its Existence. And if that is the ‘Sudden Destruction’ coinciding with Psalm 83 and then Isaiah 17, then there you have it, the possible Rapture Timing.

But leading-up to this Scenario, most Christians are sitting with the Mockers of Israel, as they are waving the Palestinian Flag and supporting HAMAS, whose Charters is based on Nazism, the Genocide of the Jews, is Homophobic, Male Misogynistic, Anti-Feminist and an Anti-Woke Manifesto. Where are the Billions of Christians in the West doing the same, with such Religious Fervor when their fellow Christian Brethren are being butchered to Death, literally in the Middle East? Or where are the Christians coming out in support of Candace Owens when Jews in Israel spit at Christians and wish for their Death, as soon as the Sanhedrin is implemented? Riddle me that Batman?



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