Spiritual Warfare Against the Body of Christ

  • What are Principalities and Powers the Apostle Paul speaks about?
  • Who is the Prince of the Power of the Air and what is his purpose?
  • Is there really a Spiritual War going on, why and against whom?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For we wrestle not against Flesh and Blood, but against Principalities, against Powers, against the Rulers of the Darkness of this world, against Spiritual Wickedness in High Places.’  – Ephesians 6:12

The purpose of this study is to present a philosophical overview of what the Spiritual Warfare that the Bible teaches is about or looks like. The Apostle Paul in particular is the one who elaborated on this notion of how the Body of Christ presently on Earth is at war with these ‘Principalities’. It is a war not with flesh and blood, nor armies. It is a Spiritual War and as such, taught the tenants of how to know, recognize, train, fight and overcome these Spiritual Beings. This is predicated also on the Teachings of Jesus in how one is in ‘Enemy Territory’ and ‘Occupied Land’, mainly Earth. This study will examine the different dimensions associated with their Realm and the Spiritual Hierarchy of their Evil, such as the Principalities and Powers ruled by Lucifer, etc.  

Why is one considering these Principalities? Many are convinced that part of explaining-away the Rapture will be the full manifestation of these Beings disguised as the Ancient Alien Creator Beings showing up to ‘save the world’. But now, coupled with the ‘Disclosure’ is that if it will be true that those People taking the COVID-19 shots do indeed start dying in masse and are gone in such a large number, that it will help also explain away the Rapture. It was, ‘just COVID casualties’. One can imagine the single most amazing event in human history since Christ to have the Last Generation just walk into Eternity without physically dying is beyond words. And also, one has to also consider that it will be at that time that YHVH will be sending that Great Delusion.

There will be a lot of Plausible Deniability and Normalcy Bias occurring psychologically as many who knew about the Resurrection-Rapture event will seek an excuse to deny it and not accept it. One believes that the contrived COVID-19 virus that was bio-engineered and released was and has been and will be used by the Luciferians to destroy, of the face of the Earth the Body of Christ. Lucifer has tried to destroy the ‘Seed of the Woman’ since Cain killed Abel. In every generation, there has been a plot or conspiracy to do the same. None of Lucifer’s wiles or devices have or will prevail, but this COVID-19 excuse to mass inoculate the entire world is by far the most effective. What better way than through Medicine and a farce in deceiving the People of the world that they will be ‘protected’ and ‘vaccinated’ when in fact, the very shots will be controlling them if not destroying them. Obviously only the strong and those having a robust Immune Systems will survive. For such, it will be a development of the Platform, injected into their entire body that will convert it into a ‘Walking Cell Phone Tower’.  


There will be no opting-out from that point on, only a ‘turning on or turning off’ functionality. As the effects will be implemented at the genetic level, one will have lost one’s total bodily integrity and sovereignty. To this, the Body of Christ has totally missed the opportunity by way of Biblical Prophecy not being taught to prepare and understand fully what is being done to them. There is a lot of information and ‘secrets’ yet to be fully understood by those that are not ‘initiated’ in those ‘Mysteries’. The Body of Christ has some glimpse into them but only because of certain teaching or Prophecy in the Bible.

This is why the Resurrection-Rapture event has to occur before the mass inoculations wipe-out the Body of Christ on Earth. How does one know this? One has been given enough information and/or Prophecy in the Bible to discern it and see the Signs occurring now in real time and know who and what these ‘Principalities and Powers’ are all about and doing in these Last Days. Then there is information divulged from those coming out from the Enemy Camp of the Luciferians. There is also evidence in how Signs are communicated through Symbols and Signs, as it is their language. Examples are how Sacred Geometry and numbers are used when events occur and where.  

For sure those that are in such evil circles know all these ‘Secrets’ and Signs. One would have to have a lifetime of schooling to fully grasp the magnitude of their knowledge and revelation. But only in the sense that they have horded the benefits that could have helped the entire human race. But in many cases, the Forbidden Wisdom bestowed upon humans by the Fallen Angels has given an advantage to those following Lucifer that have implemented his Protocols against Jesus and His Body on Earth. Presently for example, one such Protocol has been through the COVID Conspiracy. 

Such information has been given to mankind, both what was authorized by YHVH to give to mankind for their benefit, but also how certain Rebel Angelic Beings decided to divulge ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ to Humanity. And so, the Body of Christ has much more trouble because of this. This is how those that control and own everything on Earth currently use such means to control and rule everyone, for the time being. This is not anything new in terms of the Human Condition. The difference now has been the presence of the Body of Christ and the Armor of GOD per Ephesians 6. With the Body of Christ birthed on Pentecost, 32 AD with the Sealing and Indwelling GOD the Holy Spirit, it has been the ‘Restrainer’ that has been holding back such Beings. 

Since then, there has now been presently on Earth a Counter-Balance to the evil forces, the ‘Principalities and Power’ of Lucifer and his minions, both Spiritual and Terrestrial. More so, the Authority and Power bestowed upon the true Body of Christ gives it the ability to overcome the ‘Body of Lucifer’ or Corp on Earth, all the same. The issue why it would appear that the Spiritual War is being won by the Forces of Lucifer is because the Body of Christ is either ignorant of its power and ability, apathetic and/or negligent of them. Suffice to say that as the Fallen Angels of ancient past and present had and have divulged their ‘Forbidden Secrets’ to only certain men and women on Earth, so too has YHVH. Through the Holy Spirit and the Bible, Christ Jesus has provided enough revelation and understanding to address such issues and their Evil Protocols.  

Battle for the Mind
If one has read the book of Enoch, one will have a better insight as what happened with some of these evil Principalities and Power. They divulged ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ to Humanity and started to manipulate the Human Genome, as they are today with the mRNA shots. But all this ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ comes at a price, one’s soul and the sacrifice of others, the innocent. That is why blood rituals are required to activate the ‘Gates’ these Beings traversed to and from their dimensions. And why blood? Why is human blood coveted? It is because YHVH put the ‘Life Force’ in it. And that due to the fall of Adam and Eve, only a Blood Atonement would take away or pay for sin. Lucifer and his Principalities and Powers thus copy the Creator in how one must come to Him by a Blood Sacrifice due to sin. One cannot explain why but other than one is told that, ‘The Life is in the Blood’ and humans are made in the ‘Likeness and Image of YHVH’.

And due to sin, there is a separation of the flesh of mankind and the Creator, YHVH. But that through Jesus, as the Passover Lamb, that eternal barrier is now able to be bridged. The Body of Christ is just waiting for its individual Glorified Bodies like those of the ‘Light Beings’ to have and then know all that is possible. How so? One was told this by one’s Mentor, ‘We may not know all things, but because one has come to Christ Jesus, one knows Him who knows all things’. When one gets to Glory, one will realize this truth in its fullness. One has to say that one does not recommend being an Initiate of all those Secret Societies and Kabbalists just to ‘know all things’. At the core of such ‘so-called secrets’ is Lucifer, the ‘Wise Serpent’. This is who they worship as being the ‘Prometheus’ type that seeks to give Humanity ‘knowledge’. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lucifer despises Jesus Christ, His Authority and Power.

And most of all Jesus’ Body on Earth that will constitute one day His ‘Bride’. She, collectively in some mysterious way will be the Cohort to co-rule with Christ Jesus all that has now been given to Jesus for what He did. This redemption was for a fallen Humanity to say, not for Lucifer nor his Principalities and Powers. This is why Lucifer seeks to destroy Humanity in any way possible. Human history since the Garden of Eden has been replete with attempts to murder the ‘Seed of Eve’. In each human generation, this effort has come to a head. In this Last Generation, the present attempt is through the COVID-19 shots and the coming Vaccine Passport. It is the ‘Platform’ that is being initiated and built now that is constituting the Beast System. 

So, after the Rapture event, and especially after the start of the 2nd half of the 7-year Tribulation Period, that is when the Mark of the Beast will be ‘switched-on’. All this false pandemic and Fear Factor is predicated on a ‘Lie’. Humanity has bought into it that YHVH was being deceptive as Lucifer convinced Adam and Eve in believing that YHVH did not want them to be ‘like GOD’. This is the Spiritual War, ‘Who do you say that I Am’, Jesus asked. It starts in the mind. What does this have to do with who Jesus is? And what constituted the Spiritual Planes in which Lucifer is now the Prince of the Power of the Air and of the Principalities and Powers to speak of? It is that this is how Lucifer, through the AntiChrist and the coming False Prophet will control all of Humanity on Earth from, through the air. It will be a ‘Sky-Net’ type of setup run by A.I., and centralized from Jerusalem, where everything, everyone will be ‘online’ all the time.

The 5th Element

In the coming ‘Reset’ World Order, only those ‘vaccinated’ or having taken the shots that will have developed the ‘Platform’ within one’s body will be able to participate in that Beast System. However, one’ body will be able to be surveilled and tracked and ‘turned-off’ if needed. Thanks, through the ‘Power of the Air’ or Airwaves, the COVID shots that People by the millions have now received contain Nano-Bot Technology. It will allow for the entire human body, to come ‘online’ at some point in time in the near future. This is why the Luciferian Globalists insist and eventually will mandate everyone to be ‘vaccinated’ with the man-made synthetic mRNA shots.

It will constitute the Beast System. So, who are these Principalities and Powers? In the Bible, one knows from the teachings of Paul who these ‘Powers of the Air’ are as he defines them. However, Paul also defines and delineates the Love of Christ Jesus that counter-acts against theses Principalities and Powers. The Love of Christ transcends all that is and any Luciferian ‘initiated knowledge’. This ‘Love’ is unique, singular and also corresponds to the Platonian Models and more. Consider the following.  

Ephesians 3:17-19
‘So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. Then you, being rooted and grounded in Love, will have Power, together with all the Saints, to comprehend the: 

Length and
Width and
Height and
Depth of the
Love of Christ,   

and to know this love that surpasses Knowledge, that you may be filled with all the Fullness of God.’

One can see here the Elements that defines Space and Matter, the Creation, etc. And more as even the Ancients did not know or could explain or understand the ‘5th Element’, Love. But that this love, true love can only be found in Christ Jesus for this 5th ‘Element’ is Jesus Christ. So, these elements help one to define the Spiritual Planes or ‘Dimensions’ that exist and counter-balance those of the evil Principalities and Powers of Lucifer. This is half the battle in knowing one’s Enemy and where they are to be found and how they operate. The Earth is a mirror of the physical cosmos and Heaven.

But this pattern is also a psychological one found within the soul that it too is patterned in the ‘Image and Likeness. of YHVH. The 2nd part of knowing and winning the Spiritual Battles is knowing who are these Evil Spiritual Beings the Apostle Paul spoke about to be cognoscente of. Paul actually then defines these evil Spiritual Being and what types of Planes these evil Luciferian Light Beings reside in. And this is important for humans and especially the Body of Christ to know because it is where this Spiritual War takes place. This is the Battlefield. Ephesians 6 says so and Followers of Jesus are warned to know the ‘Weapons of the Enemy’ and of Lucifer’s ‘Devices’. One sees this glimpse of the active battle in Daniel’s prayer that was hindered. Consider the following insight. 

The Armor of GOD
‘Finally, my Brethren, be strong in the LORD, and in the Power of His Might. Put on the whole Armor of GOD, that ye may be able to stand against the Wiles of the Devil. For we wrestle not against Flesh and Blood, but against:

Principalities, against
Powers, against the
Rulers of the Darkness of this world, against
Spiritual Wickedness in High Places.  

Wherefore take unto you the whole Armor of GOD, that ye may be able to withstand in the Evil Day, and having done all, to stand.’ -Ephesians 6:10-13

Thus, one sees here that the dimension where these evil Fallen Light Being exist or live are in a Spiritual Real. Later on, Paul also then reveals that these places of these ‘Principalities and Powers’ are all encompassed within the 2nd Heaven primarily.   

1st Heaven      = sky/atmosphere 
2nd Heaven      = Stars/Cosmos 
3rd  Heaven     = Throne/Kingdom of YHVH the Creator

This is also consistent with the esoteric and ancient teachings of all past civilizations. So, within this 2nd Heaven, and even within the Sky/Atmosphere, there are degrees and levels. It is a type of hierarchical level or degrees like the ones the Esoterics initiate through. For example, there are the 33 Degrees in Freemasonry that one has to progress or reach. Realize that likewise in the Kingdom of Lucifer, there is also Hierarchy, Rank and Order. See how when Daniel prayed, the Angels were fighting over his prayer. As noted, here one sees a glimpse into this Spiritual Warfare of how there are Ranks in the Princes of Lucifer. For example, it mentions the ‘Prince of Persia’, and the ‘Prince of Greece’.

According to the book of Enoch, each Nation, city, etc., has an Angel or Being over them, both good and bad. Are those beings living in the astral plane or in the material plane? Both. This is a mystery and it is yet to be fully explained or understood. For example, one sees in Genesis 6 and from Enoch how the 200 Fallen Angels came down to Mount Hermon to mate/have sex with human women. In fact, many of the Luciferian Rituals require sex with these evil Light Beings or Angels. They are Spiritual Beings but obviously had the ability to take on ‘flesh’ to be able to procreate. Why? 

It was an intentional interference to deface the ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH at the very genetic level of humans. The end result were Giant hybrid humans, genetically enhanced. It is amazing but true. And this gene-manipulation is still occurring to this day. Presently, it is being done through the mRNA made-made synthetic Protein being injected into millions around the World. This is one way Lucifer will eventually seek to deface, deform and change the ‘Image and Likeness of GOD’ in Humanity, at the genetic level no less. This will be why when the Mark of the Beast is ready to be ‘downloaded’ to one’s body at the pledge of allegiance to Lucifer, the change will be so great at the genetic level that it will render a human, non-human.  

Spiritual Planes

The Apostle Paul says that Lucifer is the ‘Prince of the Power of the Air’. Because Adam gave his Dominion and Power over to Lucifer, through deception, that is why all the Earth is Lucifers currently; governments, institutions, and the atmosphere. They have total dominion. That is why all the UFO’s sighting occur in the ‘air’…But then they ‘vanish’. It is because they just crossed over from the ‘atmosphere’, 1st Heaven to 2nd Heaven where they reside through ‘Gates’. Same principle for the Fallen Angels and Lucifer. Lucifer cannot only come down to Earth in physical form but fly in the air, live in the Cosmos and still has the ‘Judicial Right’ to present himself before the Throne of YHVH. See book of Job. One day, Lucifer will be expelled completely from Heaven, the 3rd and from the 2nd Heaven to be confined only to Earth. This is stated in Revelation 12.

That is why Lucifer will be enraged and will cause almost all the world to be destroyed during the 2nd portion of the coming last 7 years called the Tribulation Period. Some may ask, what about when somebody Astro-Projects? Does the person go exclusively to the Spiritual Realm, or is the person still in the physical realm as well? From one’s research and reading, those that have Astro-Traveled or Projected do leave their physical body and proceed in the Spiritual Realm. But realize that when this happens, they are always accompanied and sustained by a Light Being. Depending on the experience and cause, it can be a ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ Celestial Being, i.e., an Angel. This also occurs in the Bible to Believers. Every time there is revelation, like with Enoch, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, Paul and John, they have an Angelic Attendant.

Nonetheless, the difference? It is that those that use Black Magic, drugs, sex rituals, etc., ‘pay’ to have these Spirit Being ‘come and get them’. It is like calling for an Uber or Taxi. But for these Fallen Beings, they can be ‘cheap’ or Lower Rank Spiritual Beings and for example, will only ask for a ‘chicken’ to be sacrificed and only for a ‘cheap trip. It is the high-level sacrifices and Light Beings or Fallen Angels of High Rank that will demand a higher payment. For them, the highest is an innocent baby to sacrifice or adolescent. And so once in this 1st or 2nd Heaven, People can see to a limit, over the ‘horizon’ of time or be shown predictions, etc. In the 2nd Heaven for example, that of the Cosmos, Spiritual Beings live in higher dimensions than humans, or frequencies. Thus, this is why Spirit Beings pass through appropriate portals or doors in-between these dimensions. In the case of the Cosmos, there is the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate.

These 2 Gates are specific to the 2nd Heaven of the Cosmos but are also mirrored on Earth at Sacred Sites. They are believed to be like the ‘Front Door’ and ‘Back Door’ to Heaven, just in one’s house on Earth. And realize that the concept of a ‘house’ is modeled after the ‘House of YHVH’ in the 3rd Heaven. If one studies the Tabernacle of Moses and Temple of Solomon, one will see this pattern. There is a Porch, the Holies and the Holy of Holies, etc. There is much more and deeper meaning there as it all points to Christ and is actually mirrored according to a body proportion. So, these 2 Gates are where the Light Beings, good and bad Angels pierce the dimensions from 2nd Heaven to 1st Heaven and the 3rd, etc. An example of these 2 Gates mirrored on Earth is seen for example, at the Golden Gate Bridge in California and the Brooklyn Bridge; Silver colored in New York. In Europe, these Gates are in Lisbon and in Istanbul.  

Gates to the Principalities

In-between these ‘Gates’ then is what is defined, a ‘Sacred Space’ and that is why certain temples or places are where the Lodges, and/or Covens are situated. They are all mathematically positioned and suited to channel the Earth ley-lines and energy grid that is invisible to humans but not to the Light Beings. They are like ‘roads’ and maps to where they can only come in and out of such ‘Gates’. If those Spirit Beings are in the Higher Spiritual Planes, why do they need the material plane? One is not sure nor can explain it. One does know, as mentioned that they saw how beautiful the human women where but were told not to interfere or cross over the line with them, but they did.

And in order for them to mate with the women, they had to ‘leave their Spiritual Estates and take up flesh’. So, they have the ability to do so. Also, the Bible mentions that Angels, some or most actually do not have wings and are said to be even amongst People, ‘unawares’. Suffice to say that in this Spiritual Warfare, Earth is Ground Zero, and the prize is the Souls of Humans. To this end, YHVH is working to save Humanity and has His Angels on Earth, and so does Lucifer. How many times has one read or heard of amazing stories of how when certain People are in danger or trouble and about to die, then some miraculous event happens as a person ‘appears out of nowhere’.  

They help the situation and then leave or disappear. One does not know why some are helped and other are not. The Bible teaches that such Celestial Beings are created above humans or mortals. They exist in a much different frequency. Humans could actually exist in such dimensions all the same if one had the technology to manipulate one’s frequency and change the body’s vibration. It only requires energy and light. One day though, according to Jesus, His Followers and Disciples will have this ability though. Jesus promised a new body, that like His. In the Gospels, and book of Acts, one sees that when Jesus was resurrected, He had a body, similar of flesh and bones but now glorified or indestructible, never to age, or die. And He could eat. Why?

The Disciples thought He was a Ghost. So, Jesus had to prove to them that He was still a human yet GOD the Son now glorified in the body. Consider though one amazing fact. In the 2nd and 3rd Heaven, no human flesh can exist. Yet, there is however right now, in Eternity, in the midst of the Thone in Heaven, a literal human being, Jesus. Jesus, in flesh and bone, in a Glorified Body is right in the middle of the Throne of the Universe. But this is the type of flesh that is now able to abide there. And His Followers and Disciples will get to have that type of body at the Resurrection/Rapture event at the end of the Church Age, that now many are saying and seeing is fast coming to an end.  

Upon further investigate into all these Gates on Earth that lead to the 2nd and 3rd Heaven, one can see now that all the Ancient Sacred Sites and temples were made on these energy ley-lines as mentioned, all mathematical and connected even to Mars. How so? One can see how these Ancient Sacred Sites created a ‘hexagram’ configuration. Based on Sacred Gematria, such places became as the ‘Key’ or Gates to enable these Spirit Beings to come in and out between the 1st and 2nd  Heaven or dimensions even to this day to Earth. As to the composition of the 2nd Heaven, the Cosmos? It is made-up of obvious solids, matter and space that one can see. But realize there are Electro-Magnetic energies, like Plasma that one does not see.  

And thus, the Spiritual Warfare takes place in this realm with obvious ramification in the 1st Heaven or the Sky and on Earth for sure. As to ‘Space’, many Scientists now believe that the ‘Black Space’ one sees is only 30% and what one does not see is 70%. It is all about frequencies. So do realize that there are many dimensions within that space one cannot see or go to, unless one has that ability to do so or is given it. The reference points that Astronomers call the ‘Gates’ are just a coordinate in the sky like a map of Earth, and how Navigators use Latitude and Longitude to pinpoint an exact location. This is the concept. These points or Gates are spiritual, not physical in composition as ‘flesh and blood’ cannot enter or see the Kingdom, Jesus said.

When humans Astro-Travel for example, they do not do that on their own ability. They are helped by these Spiritual Beings, either good or bad. And both realities occur in that it is the ‘Spirit’ of the humans that leaves and travels, not the physical body or the Soul. Why not? It is because when the Soul separates from the Body, that is called Death. Or else the human would die and not be able to come back to the body. Because as the Bible states that when one truly ‘dies’, when the Soul separates completely from the body, it is to be ‘face to face’ with the LORD Jesus. That is why in ‘Near-Death Experiences’, some people see themselves being operated on with Doctors or can see loved ones but only for a moment, if allowed before the Soul and Spirit depart to Heaven or is commanded to return to the body, etc.

This will be the case if one is ‘saved’ by Jesus. Those Souls that are not saved will go to Hades or Gehenna, or ‘Hell’. This is the place where the bad, unsaved dead go…that was across ‘Abraham’s Bosom’. See the account about Lazarus and the Rich Man that both died. And so, also realize that when one ‘Astro-Travels’…it is not like one can go anywhere. Again, it is like a city map and here are certain streets and ways one can travel and be shown. This is why, for example the ‘Material Gates’ on Earth mirror those of the 2nd Heaven, as with the physical Stars or the constellations like Orion, Taurus and others, etc. This is why Holy Temples, Pyramids and Palaces are configured to the Stars. And thus, many configure a ‘Hexagram’ for example on Earth. These are the places that many cultures, cults thus use ceremony, music and sacrifice to have the Spirit Beings, either Fallen Angels or Demons come through the ‘Gates’ and/or Portals and manifest themselves, etc. 

This is why Jesus admonished His Followers and Disciples to ‘Guard one’s Gates’. This can and does pertain to one’s body with its 7 ‘Gates’ in one’s head or that of the home, a City, Church or Nation, etc. Why? It is because of the Spiritual War that is raging and the ultimate Nemesis is not ‘Flesh and Blood’ but the Principalities, the Powers in High Places that seek to enslave, deface and destroy Humanity. Jesus tells His People that this Spiritual War has been won by Him. This occurred at the Cross of Calvary. Presently there is a stop-gap of time until all Kingdoms, Dominions and Powers are put or subjugated under Jesus. This will occur at His soon return. Until then, the only way to overcome this present Spiritual War is through prayer and standing with the full Armor of GOD that Jesus died to provide in the meanwhile until He returns at the Rapture.


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