Biden's Foreign China Policy Bought and Paid

  • When will Red China 'Act' against a Defenseless Taiwan?
  • How is the Biden Administration Compromised by China?
  • How is Biden's China Foreign Policy Bought and Paid for?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘All Warfare is based on Deception. Hence, when able to Attack, we must seem unable; when using our Forces, we must seem Inactive; when we are Near, we must make the Enemy believe we are Far Away; when FAR AWAY, we must make him believe we are Near’. -Sun Tzu

The purpose of this Report is to discuss, in brief, the Apparent, Imminent Invasion of Taiwan by Red China. This has been now reported that China appears to be ‘Circling-In’ on Taiwan and Pressing-In on all sides. The Taiwanese are preparing for the Inevitable Invasion. In one sense, the People of Taiwan have enjoyed these Long Years of ‘Protection’ assured by the Military of the USA and the Pledges made by its Presidents. This Political Status-Quo may no longer be the case. If at least, such Support is voiced only in Words, but the real Proof will be when Red China will Invade Taiwan.

As the Old Proverbial Saying goes, ‘It is not a Matter of If, but When’ Red China will seize the Island Nation due to its 1 China Policy. One has trusted the On-The-Ground Assessment of People who live in Taiwan. What better People to hear from and know of what is the real situation like, than those living there Day to Day, etc. Now, Red China has always ‘Saber Rattled’ and ‘Flexed’ its Military Muscle against Taiwan and the USA. This Time Around, it is Different. But as a Political Scientist, foremost by Degree, one had/have a Gut Feeling that ‘This Time is Different’. Why? Biden. Enough Said.

As one has gone on Record to say, that Biden will go down in History, if the USA will have one at all, to be not only ‘Obama 2.0’, or his 3rd Administration, but a Traitor to the American People. The Biden Administration will not even help Evacuated American Citizens and Staff Personnel from the Civil War in the Sudan. Why would he? His Precedence was set since the Embarrassing Military Retreat from Afghanistan has all but showed what sort of Expectation and Protection Biden will be given to his own People. Never mind how he Adamantly speaks though of Defending, Arming and Protecting the Ukrainian People and their Border.

Obama and the other Luciferians must be Gloating and Grinning as they see ‘The End of the Republic… never looked better’, as they too read the Headlines. Or of how their ‘Friend’ Biden is assuring their ‘Reset’ Plans are now going Forward without any Hesitancy allowed. ‘You All Look Great’. The USA will not Protect Taiwan. And Taiwan, senses that the USA will not defend her, as agreed upon, Militarily. Taiwan will rather Succumb than be Destroyed. Sure, there will be some Local Military, Police and People Resistance. There will always be that. As to the Biden Policy towards China? To give it a Free Hand? Where did that come from? It is surely not his Idea or Prerogative.

Red ‘Reset’ Dawn
Not sure if you all know/knew but the University of Pennsylvania has a Think-Tank or Center, all dedicated to the China Policy. And a China Policy that is precisely being implement by the Biden Administration and Blinken. What? Nothing particularly Nefarious about such Centers, right? Many Universities do have such Centers Named after ‘Important People’. Well, this Center is Named after Biden. And low-and-behold, guess who has contributed in the Millions to this ‘Think Tank’ that has formulated the Biden Foreign Policy on China? And a favorable Foreign Policy at that.

The Red China Communist Party has basically Funded the Center. And guess who was its Director? The current Secretary of State, Blinken. See how it all works? The Chinese were told that Biden was going to be Appointed President. And ALL of the Staff from that Chinese Policy Center came right over to work in the Biden Administration. China saw to that. And what has Red China’s Position been toward Biden, the USA and Taiwan? The Chinese Military Generals have gone on Record, Publicly that ‘America is Finished’, Weak and needs to basically be ‘Put Down’. America will not Stand-Up. This was stated in the 1st Blinken Bilateral Meetings when he went to meet with his Pentagon Entourage

To the Chinese, they are already at War with the USA. But the Average American is too Distracted with ‘Bread and Circus’ and Woke Drag Queen Story Hours. It is China that is providing all the Fentanyl to the Mexican Drug Cartels and smuggling it into the USA from the Southern Border, that Biden looks the other way. The Red Chinese seek to Kill and Destroy as many American Youth as Possible. And in turn, they are flooding the Southern Border with Miliary Aged ‘Migrants’. Yes, Migrant Special-Ops Solider, i.e., Sleeper Cells. Biden is only paying Lip-Service to Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, in his supposed ‘Un-Breakable Bond’. He promises to Protect them but cannot do that for those Americans trapped in Sudan, left ther to fend for themselves, etc.

But it is really not his Total Fault. The continued Orchestrated Mass Shootings are slowly eroding the 2nd Amendment, by Design. He is really not Leading and Running the Nation. So, one knows that inevitably, Taiwan will be next, sooner or later. If the Red Chinese cracked-down on Hong Kong, it was and is a matter of Time before Taiwan is next. What convinced this Political Scientist, that the USA will not do anything to prevent China from Invading Taiwan is the following. China owns all of the USA's Debt in Bonds. It has a Supply Chain Choke-Hold around the USA Consumer’s ‘Neck’. China has accumulated Tons of Gold and Silver to back-up its Currency. All the while, the USA is Drugged-Out, of its mind as its Inner-Cities are Virtual Ukrainian War Zones.

The U.S. Military has gone ‘Woke’. The Average American is about $40-$70,000 Dollars in Debt, and this, just to make Ends meet. Not sure if you are all aware of Latin American News, but China has been doing the Rounds in meeting all the Heads of State. And guess what? The Chinese, with their new Economic Wealth, that translates into Political Power, has now been ‘Paying-Off’ Countries to no longer Recognize Taiwan as Sovereign but support a ‘1-China’ Policy. Taiwan, has now been left to herself. Due to China being propped-up by the Bush’s, Kissinger and the Luciferians in the 1980s, they transferred all of the USA’s Industry and Wealth to China. And?

That made her now a Military World Super Power that is now also having great International Clout. And when it does finally come down to Invade and take over Taiwan, no Country will complain. All the Americans in the Democrat Party, along with the Globalists will laud the Chinese Communist Party, like the Bill Gates, and Soros for coming-up with their Social Credit Score and how they are able to Control Billions. Why? So they can know how to Control Billions. They cannot wait to install their New Digital Dollar that will track everyone. Biden will also be expected to hand-over the Medical Sovereignty of every American to the WHO, who is Chinese Backed, Game Over People.

And you will have to get your ‘Shots’ to Work, Travel, go to School, Eat. Live. And the Chinese Military is Recruiting, in the West for Experienced Ex-Military. And how many Former American Jeb Fighter Pilots, for example, are teaching the Chinese Navy, now with Aircraft Carriers to Compromise U.S. Fighter Jets. Just Treason all around. There are Judas’ in the midst that have sold-out the USA. Thus, the purpose of this Report is to have you all realize that Biden and Blinken, before in Office, worked for the Chinese. So, who do you think Biden and Blinken and others in Power are really Serving and Protecting, but their Master.

Below are several Online Links, still not scrubbed, linking Biden and Blinken to Chinese Financial Sources. It is all tied to the Biden Chinese Center, as if to look, ‘Scholarly’ and Respectable. Biden? Please. Sure, just like the COVID Labs in the Ukraine, Hunter’s Lap-Top, etc. Once the Red Chinese are on the Streets of Taipei, any Follower of Jesus will be Persecuted if not Killed or Disappeared, if not Succumb to the Chinese Communist ‘Jesus’. Yes, the Comrade, the ‘Palestinian’ who Sinned and denied He was Divine or GOD in the Flesh, etc. May Jesus be with His People there, in Taiwan. Their ‘Hour of Trail’ is at Hand. We are next. After Taiwan, the whole South Pacific will be next.

The Chinese have not Commandeered all those Atolls for nothing to build-up their Maritime Reach into the South Pacific. It is essentially following the same Military Blueprint of the Japanese Empire’s Reach into all of South Asia. Red China’s ultimate Goal will be to take all of Asia that will eventually and Prophetically lead her, along with the Kings of the East, of the Rising Sun to Attack Jerusalem and be part of the Contingencies of Invading Armies for the occasion of Armageddon. Ultimately, it is about a Spiritual War and Battles that Lucifer is using the Nation in a Futile Attempt at preventing Jesus from returning to Planet Earth and ruling from Jerusalem.






In May, the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), a government watchdog group, filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education seeking to force the university and the Penn Biden Center to disclose the names of anonymous Chinese donors who gave $22 million since 2017, including one $14.5 million gift in May 2018.

“This center was an incubation for Biden’s foreign policy team and it’s a natural place for his choice of secretary of state,” Tom Anderson, director of the public integrity project for the National Legal and Policy Center, told Fox News. “Every person in this center will likely have some role in a Biden administration.”

Anderson said Blinken should disclose the names of all Chinese donors if the University of Pennsylvania will not ahead of his Senate confirmation. While Anderson said there is "nothing illegal" about these donations, "Chinese contributors knew Joe Biden might run for president, and if Biden won, they would have connections to the future administration officials.”




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