False Peace and Security and Prophetic Plundering

  • What and who is Gog and what is the prelude to such a scenario?
  • Where in the Bible does it teach about a future invasion of Israel?
  • Has Israel reached a state or condition that is secure within border?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Son of man, prophesy against Gog and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am against you, Gog, chief prince of Meshek and Tubal.  I will turn you around and drag you along. I will bring you from the far north and send you against the mountains of Israel.’ -Ezekiel 39:1-2

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the possible reasons why and when the invasion of Israel by the Gog-Magog Muslim alliance will occur based on the prophecy of the Biblical book of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. The reasons are clearly stated and outlined by YHVH in the Bible pertaining to this future invasion of Israel. One main reason is to show YHVH’s Holiness to Israel, ‘My People’. A second reason is to show GOD’s Glory to the Nations; that YHVH alone is GOD, not Allah nor the coming false Messiah AntiChrist. Israel will trust this man as their ‘savior’ because he will initially deliver on a promise to guarantee Israel ‘Peace and Security’ perhaps after the regional war that is alluded to by the text of the Prophecy.

 Primarily, Ezekiel foretells of a time when Israel will have been recovering from a prior major regional war. Thereafter it is when Israel will be living in a false sense of ‘Peace and Security’ and with un-walled villages. An outline of the main points of the prime Ezekiel Gog-Magog chapters will be presented as they give concrete clues as to the conditions Israel will find itself during this time of a prophetic plundering by Gog and Magog, i.e. Russia. What is occurring is the Ukraine is the revival of Gog and Magog and the Princes of the Russias for this very prophetic plundering to come. The well-orchestrated crisis in the Ukraine is just another rehearsal and priming the pump of Gog and Magog that the Globalist Luciferians are preparing in setting up the sage for this eventual invasion of Israel. These enemies of YHVH and GOD’s People, the Jews will be spearheaded by the Russian Confederation in preparation for a prophetic plunder of Israel’s wealth and natural resources.

 It will be Russia in league with the Outer Ring of Muslim nations that will be brought to the mountains of Israel and utterly destroyed by the GOD of Israel. Ukraine, like so many other nations is itself being plundered just the same for this very prophetic purpose; it is a dry run. The very strategy of Lucifer has always been the same since his fall. His signature mark is to kill, steal and destroy, that is to plunder as it divides and conquers. Humanity knows this Satanic Plan all too well since Lucifer divided and conquered the first human couple, Adam, and Eve. Ever since that time, this same ‘end-game’ of Lucifer has been used very successfully throughout the ages against people, places, and nations. This Luciferian prophetic plunder scheme is seen in the Bible many times over.

The Annexation of Crimea
For example, when the 5 Kings took many possessions in the Land of Promise to include Lot, it was Abraham that had to rescue Lot thereafter. Or when the Philistines captured King David’s possessions and wife, etc., and David had to fight back to regain that which was plundered by the enemy of YHVH’s People. The crisis in Ukraine is yet other end-game strategy to divide and conquer a sovereign nation by the world Luciferian rules of this age for this very purpose of prophetically plundering Israel in the near future during a time of ‘Peace and Security’. For the Ukraine and the Crimea, the issue is not about ‘democracy’ but about securing a military steppingstone to a yet future invasion of Israel. The New World Order, that is about to be birthed, has to have the Promised Land prophetically in their attempt to plunder the wealth, the very inheritance of the YHVH, that is the very city of Jerusalem, the City of the King.

What is strategic and telling about this point and time pertaining to the Ukrainian crisis is that Crimea is vital to the launching of this coming future invasion by Lucifer through this Russian Gog and Magog alliance with the Outer Ring of Muslim nations against GOD’s Land. Crimea has been somewhat romanticized in the past due to the Napoleonic Wars of the 1800s and of how characters like Florence Nightingale were featured as heroines of the Crimean War. Up to the annexation of the Crimea by Russia, there had been a dispute with the Ukraine over who controlled the navel ports of Sebastopol as Russia and Ukraine shared the peninsula because their Black Sea navy fleets are based there.

Why Crimea is strategic militarily is that it is the gateway to the Mediterranean and the world oceans. Ironically despite being the largest confederation of nations in the world, Russia has limited warm water seaports for its navy. Thus, the Crimea is key and strategic in more ways than just militarily as well. Crimea had always been Russian territory exclusively up until the 1950s when Nikita Khrushchev, the Ukrainian leader of the Soviet Union, at the time gave the peninsula to Ukraine as a ‘gift’ from the Soviet Peoples. Geo-politically, Crimea and the Ukraine stand at the strategic economic crossroads between the East and West. It is the centralized region for which all the major gas and oil pipelines from Asia flow to Europe. The dividing and plundering that is happening to the Ukraine presently is like what occurred with Poland that led-up to World War. Poland was divided and conquered prior to WW2.

This was due to the joint Stalin and Hitler pact; a Soviet Imperial Russia and a Fascist Nazi Germany carved out Poland in half and the spoils went to each hand. Perhaps this is what is happening now in the back doors of the Luciferian Globalist dealing and dividing away the Ukraine between the European Union and the Russian Confederation. Ironically, this same strategy is occurring in western Ukraine now as it was with Poland. The wealth of Poland was transported to the banks of Germany’s Industrialists who funded and supported Hitler’s war machine to come. As a result of this division, the Poles were systematically slaughtered to make way for Germans to settle and expand its Reich through ethnic cleansing. Ukraine is considered the breadbasket of Europe. Back then, the Germans amassed and overran western Ukraine as they also slaughtered millions of Christian farmers to take position of the farmlands to feed the Reich that was to last 1000 years.

Gas Wars
Like Poland then, the Ukraine now is divided on one side with the western Ukrainians who are predominately Catholic and identify more so with Europe. The eastern Ukrainians are predominately Russian speaking and Orthodox Christian with a stronger tie to Mother Russia. Even geographically the nation is split down the middle by the Dnipro (Dniepr) River. This natural delineation forms a natural divide of the nation in terms of language, culture, and politics. Ironically, it was the Kievan Rus; a clan of the Vikings that settled the area of Ukraine’s capital Kiev and birthed the Russian identity and psyche for that matter. A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent. It was thereafter an offshoot of the clans; the Russ clan that migrated north to the fortification of Muscovy, Meshek and to Tubal in the central Asian steppes. Historically, the Russians have had a superiority complex over the Ukrainians ever since the medieval days and look down upon them as less than and a little brother mindset.

What many political analysts may not obviously see is that the real reason for the orchestrated division of the Ukraine is a foreshadowing of a prophetic plunder and role a revived Russia is to have in a show-down with Israel. What is obvious eschatologically is that Lucifer is playing both sides. It is in keeping with the Luciferian plan to divide and plunder the nations as it wants to do with Israel in dividing its land to form the Palestinian State. This is what the Lucifer does best in the world through the kabalistic manipulators of money, metals, and minds. The annexation of Crimea is basically a trial run and to see who will or can challenge the emerging Gog-Magog alliance to stop them. Just prior to the outbreak of World War II, it was Chamberlin of Britain who held up a piece of paper and proclaimed, ‘Peace in our Time’. Obama is the Chamberlin of this Time. History is repeating itself nonetheless because Lucifer who rules the nations and is the ‘god’ of this present evil world is executing the same, divide and conquer; plunder End Game.

This study suggests that one of the immediate underlying reasons for the demise of Ukraine is that on the onset, it would appear as a struggle over natural resources with Russia but prophetically it is to set the stage for the future invasion of Israel, as it has been noted. Russia does not want a natural gas competitor and provider to Europe that Israel is set to become in a very short period of time due to its advanced technology and logistical capabilities to tap into the gas deposits in the Mediterranean. Israel has plans in the works to construct gas drilling platforms off Cyprus and gas pipelines to Turkey and Europe. If there is one legacy and ingrained ideology of communism is that ‘competition is a sin’. One possible rationale for the future prophetic plunder of the Russia-Muslim alliance against Israel is to take these gas deposits from Israel and take out Russia’s competitor in the process. Why? In Ezekiel 38, it gives the rationale for such an invasion. These conditions will be far too enticing for Russia to not seek to take advantage of. The prophecy specifically states the following conditions of Israel at the time of the invasion.

Divide and Conquer
Over the last few years, Israel has discovered a ‘gold mine’ of natural gas reserves off its shores. It has plans to exploit the gas deposits and is set to become possibly a major distributor of oil and natural gas to Europe. Currently it is Russia that has the grand monopoly on these commodities and European market. The European Union has, for its part also been engaged in the plunder of Ukraine. It has been eager to get its hand on Ukraine’s gold reserves and hard assets to cover the faltering Euro and debt. The scheme of the Luciferians is poised to set up the following. 1) A centralized bank. 2) Have the country be part of the IMF 3) Have the government impose harsh ‘austerity’ measures on the people. 4) Pay the endless interest on the loans given to the country that obligate the citizens to repay at their expense. The citizens are the ones expected to pay the debt of such loans on the backs of what little working middle class there is left.

1) The invasion will be at some ‘future time’.
2) A time when Israel has ‘recovered from a major war’ of some type.
3) Israel will be living in un-walled cities and villages.
4) There will be a guarantee of ‘peace and security’.

They are to pay the interest on the loans that are specifically designed never to be repaid. Instead, this type a banking scheme is designed to enslave the masses and control the government. The ultimate result that the E.U. will get is that the gas pipelines that are funneled through the Ukraine will be controlled by the centralized banks and artificially inflated to overcharge beyond what the Russians charged. Thus, instead of gas energy becoming cheaper, it will become more expensive. For Russia’s part, it too has been involved in a divide and conquer scheme of the Ukraine. Russia has played a significant role in the annexation of the Crimea and in instigating the revolts and building takeovers all across eastern Ukraine. Unmarked uniform Russian Special Forces have been hard at work to destabilize the local authorities but with overwhelming support from ethnic Russians. These developments have also unearthed the long-standing distrust of the Jews in that region as the militias have circulated pamphlets ordering Jews to register.

These events are echoes of pre-World War 1 and 2. Even the U.S. Secretary of State, denounced the actions as ‘grotesque’. Yes, registration leads to confiscation and then eventual extermination. Such speak of registrations in other countries as ‘grotesque’ but not when it comes to Obama’s quest to register guns back home in the United States for example. Every prelude to extermination and slaughter of a nation’s people occurred systematically over time. It begins with orchestrated government false flags against the innocent to foment emotional responses and support. Next a national registration is required. Then comes the confiscation, and then a defenseless people are taken to be exterminated like sheep to the slaughter. This systematic process of gun confiscation, mass interments and eventual extermination of people groups occurred in Mao’s China, Stalin’s Soviet Russia, Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Pol Pot’s Cambodia. This is going on now in the USA, in Obama’s America coming to a neighborhood near you.

All those that would argue or oppose such an inalienable divine right guarantee to not be infringed upon by any form of government, based on the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution are now to be labeled domestic terrorists, enemy combatants thanks to the Patriot Act. This so called ‘Patriot’ Act was in reality for which the Act was to be against, the Patriots. Such ‘Patriots’ can now be rendered, detained indefinitely without warrants or probable cause, and without due process of law; thanks to the American Congressional passing and extension of such an unconstitutional law. It will be the instrument that one day will be the undoing of America and the legal recourse to follow in the legacy of mass murderers of the world. The Russians, for their part are also not the ‘saviors’ that they are portraying themselves to be for the ethnic Russian populations of the eastern Ukraine.

 Russia’s oligarchy is no different than that of the old Soviet Bosses who ran the country and the Gulag concentration camps. It is believed that one of the rationales for Russia’s takeover of the Crimea, aside the fact that it had an old score to be settled with the Ukraine, was that a new pipeline is in the works to be built from the shores of the Russian Caucasus through Ukrainian water-ways to Bulgaria on the European side. This is purely a business deal to have a cost-effective measure to deliver natural Gas and Oil to Europe from the central Asian Muslim republics. Perhaps the strong economic tie with such Muslim republics and their insurgency against a ‘Christian’ Russia will reach a tipping point that Russia’s foreign policy and stance against Israel will result in an alliance and decision to prophetically plunder Israel. As it is, Russia and as the former Soviet Union has, for the most part ironically been aligned with the Muslims and aided the war effort against Israel.

This was very evident in the 1967 Six-Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War. What is also needed to be assessed and taken into consideration is that now, the Russian Army is now about 40% made up of Muslim conscripts. This has a huge influence and voice that will at some point apply enough pressure to have Russia make good on its military alliances with the Muslim world. Thus what is happening to the Ukraine is yet another Syria in the works; it is an all-out criminal and immoral attempt by the Luciferian Money Changers to implode a sovereign nation through subversive means to topple an elected government for the sake of greed and profit. It is the exact game plan as outlined from the very pages in the Protocols of Zion.

Prophetically speaking, unbeknownst to Putin and his political machine, he is playing into the hands of a Holy and Glorious Creator, who happens to be the ‘GOD’ of Israel. According to Ezekiel 38 and 39, it is the LORD Himself that will put a ‘hook’ in the mouth of Gog and Magog that will seek to plunder Israel’s wealth, i.e., natural gas deposits for one. If Putin will be around for such an invasion, that will remain to be seen. But to reiterate, as it stands now, Israel is in the works to potentially build pipelines from its natural gas deposits called, of all the names Leviathan and Aphrodite to Cyprus, Turkey, and Europe. This would make Israel an energy giant amongst the oil rich Muslim nations of the region that will cut into the profits of the Russian and Muslim state-owned gas and oil monopolies.

The Prophetic Hook
According to the prophecy of the Bible in the Book of Ezekiel, this coming invasion of Israel will be led by Gog and Magog, the princes of Meshek and Tubal. It has been studied fairly in depth that such names can be traced to the ancient peoples that settled in the steppes of Kiev or southern region of the Russias as they are often referred to as. These are referred Biblically as the ‘Princes’. What is further interesting is that there will be an alliance of many nations that will make up this prophetic plunder invasion of Israel. In particular, the 4 primary nations that are mentioned, Persia, Put, Cush and Gomer give a clue as to where the geographic composition of such an alliance will come from. These invading nations to come; in a ‘future time’ correspond to the 4 cardinal directions with reference to Israel as the eye of the invasion.

1) Persia is the ancient name of Iran, a derivation of the root word for Aryans. These were the ancient Indo-European tribes that along with the Dravidians eventually settled in Europe. It would be no surprise then that Iran would be part of this coming prophetic plunder as the current political stage has been set with Russia as both nations have signed mutual military treaties. Russia has shared much of the nuclear technology with Iran to have constructed its nuclear reactor facilities. Most of the facilities have been drawn up based on a prior Soviet era blueprint. Geographically Persia would represent the eastern flank of the invasion what will have its army poised to invade from Iraq, Lebanon and/or Jordon.

2) Cush is the ancient name for the region of Ethiopia and/or the Sudan. Since the 1980s, the communists have taken over these ancient lands that at one point were strongholds of Christian and Jewish culture and religion. Due to the several airlift operations by Israel during the late 1980s and 1990s, most if not all of the Ethiopian Jews have been flown to Israel already. Many Orthodox Christians have fled the country also as the communists have decimated the community through slaughter with the aid of Muslim insurgence too eager to oblige in eradicating any traces of Christianity in the nations of Sudan and Ethiopia. During the Got-Magog invasion, it will be Sudan and/or Ethiopia that will constitute the southern flank of the prophetic plunder of Israel.

3) Put is the ancient name for the region of Libya. It has been one of the countries that needed to be toppled for this very purpose. The Arab Spring was neither about the Arabs or a Spring nor about democracy. As in the Ukraine, it was a kabalistic scheme by the Luciferians in power to divide and conquer and radicalize the Muslims for the inevitable showdown with Israel at a future time and place. Put will constitute the western flank of the Gog-Magog invasion of Israel.

4) Gomer is the name of a region that has perplexed many Bible scholars to this day. There have been many theories as to where this land is located geographically on a world map. There have been many theories from it being Germany to somewhere in the Caucasus regions. If the geographical pattern of the Gog-Magog invasion is valid and reliable as to its cardinal correspondences, then it would stand to reason that the geographic region remaining would be that of the northern flack that will constitute the prophetic invasion. Thus, this study strongly suggests that this region would naturally pertain to Turkey. In some cases, certain areas of Turkey have also been ascribed to as ancient Gomer. Gomer would constitute the northern flank of the invasion in relation to the 4 cardinal directions. These nations are given as clues by the depiction of Ezekiel’s prophecy of the plunder of Israel that is to be led by this Satanically inspired Muslim alliance and Russia.

After World War 3
What is particularly interesting is that these 4 cardinal nations of Persia, Cush, Put and Gomer constitute the Outer Ring of Muslim nations from Jerusalem geographically and geo-politically. These nations will be involved in the prophetic plunder of Israel because they will see Israel off guard and so prosperous and wealthy that it is irresistible to not take advantage of. The clue is that the Bible states that Israel will have come off a major regional war in that thereafter some sort of treaty or agreement will be made to the point that Israel will tear down its walls and live in a presumed state of ‘Peace and Security’; perhaps guaranteed by someone or something. Many in the End Times community believe that one possible explanation for this Israeli relaxed mindset and condition is twofold.

One, a major regional war had broken out prior to the Gog-Magog invasion of Israel, but no less so victorious for Israel over its Inner Ring of Muslim nations that thereafter it would have such a condition. Prophetically, Israel is to come out so overwhelmingly victorious, enough so that it entered into some sort of Peace arrangement where it did not need to keep its military guard up as it has to constantly every day on all its walled cities and villages and borders. Or, as Israel has been so psycho-socially scared and shell-shocked from such a state of vigilance over the decades since its independence in 1948 that it naively elects to enter a false peace at any cost, perhaps in exchange to have its 3rd Temple rebuilt. According to the Bible, Israel will enter a Satanically inspired deceptive peace; thinking that it will finally be at peace with its Muslim neighbors to the point of letting its guard down like it did during the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

Israel was caught off guard and it had to scramble to muster up the Reserves and defend its borders from a joint Muslim invasion on 3 fronts, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria/Lebanon aided by the Soviet Union. In essence, the Gog-Magog invasion can be seen as Yom Kippur War II. According to the Bible, the Jews will never be at peace with the Muslims. Moreover, during this Gog-Magog war, such a similar scenario will play out again. What occurred during the Yom Kippur was miraculous. Israel not only rallied to depend and push back the Muslims beyond its borders, but it captured the whole Sinai Peninsula. It came within 60 miles of Cairo and the Soviet Union had to intervene through the UN to stop Israel and reach a truce before Israel would capture all of Egypt. Many political scientists of the time could not explain the outcome as a possibility, but it occurred.

Biblical scholars explain it as a time that the GOD of Israel, YHVH displayed His Holiness to Israel and His Glory among the nations of the world as He will again in a special way after World War 3 during the Gog-Magog invasion. What this major regional war that occurs prior to the Gog-Magog War is called by many Christian scholars as the Psalm 83 War. Based on the listing of those nations involved in this initial invasion, these nations are those that will constitute the Inner Ring of Muslim nations; Egypt, Jordan, Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, etc. This study strong suggests that this is the actual ‘war’ that will constitute World War 3. It will be a war between the Muslim alliances against the secular State of Israel that is predominately Jewish.

A Thermonuclear War
This Psalm 83 war is constituted based on the same rationale as the Gog-Magog invasion, that to divide, plunder and wipe Israel from being a nation once and for all. This is the ultimate aim of every Muslim based on the tenants of their Koran. The flashpoint for World War 3 might very well be Syria. It is not that clear what role Syria will play in the Psalm 83 War, much less the Gog-Magog invasion. Why? Syria is not actually mentioned in this Psalm 83 War listing of nations and/or people as perhaps Isaiah 17 occurs first because Israel uses the Samson Option on Damascus. As it is, the civil war as utterly destroyed the country thoroughly. There is no infrastructure left and its military is spent fighting the USA/CIA backed so called Muslim Freedom Fighters that are al-Qaida bent on a holy quest to eradicate Jews and Christians from the face of the Earth.

Thus, based on these clues given by Ezekiel 38 and 39, the Gog-Magog invasion of Israel will be post World War 3. Such Luciferian rulers are quick to denounce Russia’s action in Crimea and the Ukraine, like Obama, the Nobel Prize winner, and Secretary of State Kerry. To some, it was Obama that ignited the Arab Spring and is currently supporting al-Qaida elements of the radicalized Muslim factions in Syria for example. To reiterate, such marauders are bent on a holy terror to exterminate Christians in particular and any remaining Jews and all that are opposed to their Jihad to seize control of their governments. The call of Obama for Russian restraint and economic sanctions is hypocritical and laughable.

Another prophetic clue as to when this Gog-Magog invasion will occur has to do with the 7 year time-span that the machinery is to be burned for fuel in Israel. This duration of time does echo the possible timespan of the 7-year Tribulation period that many who believe in the pre-Tribulation Rapture subscribe to, perhaps. What is interesting is that this invasion will be nuclear. The description in Zechariah 12 and Ezekiel accurately depict what occurs during a thermonuclear detonation. The following are an accurate depiction as such an event.

1. Eye sockets melt in the skull.
2. Tongues melt in the roof of the mouth.
3. A rain of fiery hailstorms and burning sulfur envelopes the land.

A primary reason why the LORD YHVH declares that He is luring this Russian led Muslim alliance against Israel is that YHVH will show Himself to Israel in such a miraculous way as He did in the Old Testament times of the Prophets.
In such times, the Bible records that YHWH rescued Israel from the clutches of their neighboring mortal enemies. Perhaps this Gog-Magog invasion will occur sometime within the Tribulation period to show Israel that no false ‘Messiah’ AntiChrist can stop such a massive and overwhelming invasion or save Israel but GOD alone. Many attribute YHVH during the Yom Kippur War of 1973 to have given the miraculous victory to Israel like He did in ancient times. For Israel, it was a wake-up call, that YHVH is still the Holy GOD and requires His People to be holy among the nations as a beacon of light and life.

Prophetic Observations
Interestingly, if one adds a prophetic 7 x 7 or Jubilee count from 1973, the 50th year would correspond to 2023. Perhaps such time could be the year for this possible prophetic plunder to occur by the Gog-Magog Muslim alliance.

1973 + (7 x 7) or 49 years + 50th year =

Furthermore, if one where to subtract a 7 year prophetic week from 2022/23, it would be the year 2015-16. Many are speculating that 2016 will be the Jubilee Year, 5776. It would correspond to the Year of Light in which the 3rd Temple could have been consecrated and functioning by that time. This is not to insinuate that the Tribulation will be 7 years but that such a pattern is legitimate to consider. Why? There is another clue in that Ezekiel speaks of a 7-Year time duration. The thermonuclear weapons used upon the Russian-Muslim alliance will have a shell life of 7 years for energy purposes in Israel. But again, this is not alluding that it has to fulfill the time span.

2022/23 - (1 prophetic week of 7 years) = 2015/16

Still another clue as to the why GOD allows this invasion scenario to play out is that at this particular junction in Israel’s history, GOD calls the modern nation of Israel ‘My People’ despite the fact that the State of Israel is currently secular and the vast majority of Jews are anti-Jesus. This is huge. This dispels the speculations and arguments that the ‘Jews’ currently inhabiting the land of Israel are not really the Jews, nor are genetically Jew enough, etc. Despite the many flaws of the secular nation of State of Israel, or that most Jews are ‘blinded’ and kept from seeing Jesus of Nazareth as the True Messiah, it has been a progressive plan of restitution on the part to YHVH who has and will be faithful to deal with Israel; thus the need for the Tribulation on one account.

It is precisely for this reason that the invasion of Gog-Magog along with the Outer-Ring of Muslim nations will be used of Jesus Christ, Israel’s defender to have His Face revealed to the Nation, ‘My People’. ‘Then they will know that I am the Lord their God, for though I sent them into exile among the nations, I will gather them to their own land, not leaving any behind. I will no longer hide my face from them, for I will pour out my Spirit on the people of Israel, declares the Sovereign Lord.’ – Ezekiel 29:28-29

It is for this very reason why the Tribulation and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is at hand for Israel and the judgment of the world for that matter, i.e., the Wrath of GOD and of the Lamb as described in the Book of Revelation. Such prophetic Seals of Judgment are designed to test Israel unto approval and the world unto condemnation. Israel, not the Church, the Body of Christ has to go through the ‘fire’ to come out refined and pure as gold. The refining and the ‘fire of the Holy Spirit’ is currently doing that now in and with the Body of Christ for almost 2000 years throughout the Church Age. For Israel, as they ‘seek signs and wonders’ from YHWH, GOD will oblige in the Last Days as it will take nothing less than miraculous deliverances to have Israel finally turn and see the ‘Face’ of their Messiah, Jesus Christ, hidden no more.

The Gog-Magog invasion is but another steppingstone to get Israel, a stiff-necked and unbelieving people to look up and see the True Messiah, Jesus Christ. Christ will come in the clouds called The 2nd Coming, at which time Israel as a Nation will be able to see ‘Him whom they pierced’ at the final Battle of Armageddon. Moreover, this Gog-Magog War is the first out of two that will occur. The 1st is this Ezekiel Gog-Magog War 1 right before the Battle of Armageddon and the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ on Earth. The 2nd and last Gog War 2 will occur at the end of the Millennial Reign of Christ before the New Earth and New Heavens are initiated by the LORD into eternity future. Incredibly, at the end of the 1000 Year Reign of Messiah from Jerusalem, it will be the very same peoples inspired by Lucifer once again to muster an invasion of YHVH’s People, Israel.

Lucifer was imprisoned but for the very purpose to be loosed for a short season at the end of the Millennial Reign. The purpose is for Lucifer to gather the rebellious of the nations against Jesus Christ in the Holy City of Jerusalem for the ‘Last Battle for Earth’. It will be the very descendants of Gog and Magog again that will lead this charge against Jesus and His Holy Ones, thus the Gog-Magog War II. The Bible foretells that it will be cut short and it will be at this time that the last vestiges of sin and rebellion will be dealt with and concluded. Why? Realize that at the 2nd Coming of Christ, the LORD will be bringing with Him the Bride, all those to co-rule and administer the Earth, the nations, and governments, etc. These raptured and redeemed Saints will have glorified bodies, indestructible as Christ Jesus has now in Heaven.

 Also this time will have people that will have survived the Tribulation, saved and unsaved that will go into the Millennial Reign with a free will and sinful nature still as it is the condition now for humanity. Such will procreate and also birth sons and daughters with such a continuation of the sinful nature and unregenerate Spirit, Soul and Body. Thus, there will be a mixed company of humanity at that time where at the end of this ‘restored Paradise’, the LORD will harvest the fruit. Revelation tells that Lucifer was kept for this very purpose to identify his own even then. Unbelievably, many will elect to believe Lucifer’s promises and follow his nature. Again, his nature it so steel, kill, and destroy; divide and conquer. Yet the battle will be a virtual no-contest. Upon the designation and action of such against the LORD, finally Lucifer will be cast into the Lake of Fire where his AntiChrist, the Son of Perdition and the False Prophet were cast alive at Jesus’ 2nd Coming. Note that these 2 ‘Beasts’ directly bypassed the White Throne Judgment.

At the very end of the 1000 Year Reign of Jesus Christ, just before the New Earth and the New Heaven are to be created, there will be the Final Judgment of all peoples not found in the Book of the Lamb. One can only speculate why in a perfect environment of a restored Paradise, where no war is conducted but perfect peace, harmony and love, no hunger, no sorrow under the kingship of Jesus Christ that upon giving an opportunity to exercise free will, many peoples of all nations will still believe Lucifer’s lie and follow his leading to rebel and attempt to overthrow Jesus and take possession of Earth for Lucifer. The answer in found in what the condition Christ is bringing with Him at His 2nd Coming. It is to restore Paradise; the Garden of Eden, thus also the condition that existed for there to have evil given an opportunity to be chosen, i.e. Free Will.

The Die Has Been Cast
The 1000 Year reign on Earth will be no different than it was for Eve and Adam in the Garden, a 2nd Chance, a 2nd Testing. Thus, those that will have populated the nations after the Battle of Armageddon will still need to be tested, thus the need to keep Lucifer around till the very end, unfortunately. It goes to show the depths of depravity sin can lead a being, either human and/or angelic or both in some cases per Genesis 6. The Bible states very clearly that sin blinds and is consumed with vanity to the point of not only self-destructing but dragging as many as one can take along. This has been the strategy of Lucifer from the beginning. To reiterate, the crisis in Ukraine prophetically speaking is but a positioning of the chess board for the inevitable invasion of Russia with its Muslim Outer-Ring nations against an unsuspecting Israel that will be dwelling in a false sense of Peace and Security.

The mechanics used by the Luciferian world oligarchy has been to divide and conquer a sovereign nation and its people. This systematic plundering of its gold, wealth and resources is intended to enslave the masses and cover their criminal banking schemes and debt. Ultimately the Endgame is to have their outcome be in preparation for the eventual prophetic plundering of YHVH Himself, attempted on Earth with Israel as it has and will be attempted by Lucifer in Heaven. What might seem 1) politically to the world as an opportunity for Russia to settle scores with the Ukraine over Crimea, in reality is 2) an economic ploy to solidify Russia’s monopoly of the natural gas pipelines that in turn will led to a 3) spiritual confrontation with Israel as it is poised to be a potential natural gas superpower. As Israel will be in direct competition with Russia for the European markets such a scenario will lead the Outer-Ring Muslim nations to rally around Russia to be led by Gog and Magog, the Russian Princes to prophetically plunder YHVH’s Land and inheritance.

All these variables are being played into the hands of the Almighty as He will put in the mind of Russia to think an evil thought, as the Ezekiel describes it. The reason will be to plunder Israel and take out its competition, perhaps not realizing that from a prophetic undertaking, it will be used of the LORD to show Himself Holy in the sight of all Israel and Glorious in the sight of the Nations of the world that YHVH is GOD alone and besides Him there is no other. Based on the depictions of certain clues provided in Ezekiel’s vision and prophecy, the Gog-Magog Muslim invasion will occur when Israel will be under such a peace accord that it will be relaxed in its own security of its borders because perhaps someone else has covenanted to such a security of Israel and guaranteed it for them.

Perhaps their expectant ‘messiah’ will have been the one that will promise to secure Israel’s borders for 7 years? YHVH will show Israel that at its weakest and most vulnerable time in history that it is not by the strength of horses or the bow or a man’s legs that deliverance will come to Israel. In Israel’s time of dire need, it will be in the Name of the YHVH, the GOD of Israel that deliverance will come. Moreover, it will be a time when GOD acknowledges the secular Nation of Israel as one in the same that currently inhabits the land, yet in the state of unbelief and under a secular government as ‘My People’.

A Thermonuclear War
To call this Nation, ‘My People’ connotes that the Church, the Body of Christ, the current Church Age in which is YHVH’s People, cannot be both present during this time. Why? Currently there is but one Church, one Body, and the New Man in Christ that is made up of both Jews and Gentiles, fused as one. They are perhaps distinct but not in position or as it will pertain to the Christ’s inheritance and reward. The Church cannot be present during this time that YHVH calls Israel ‘My People’ and yet have the Church in the same space and time dimension. This study strongly suggests that the Rapture of the Church for sure has to have occurred at some point prior to the Gog-Magog invasion of Israel. And that based on this notion, the Church will neither be present during this time of un-walled cities and borders depicted by a policy of a false peace guaranteed by someone or something that is promised to Israel to such a point.

It becomes relaxed and deceive that another will be protecting Israel on their behalf because the Inner-Ring of Israel’s enemies have been utterly decimated and under a ‘peace accord’. Based on the clues given in the Ezekiel depiction of this coming prophetic plunder of Israel, the invasion will be a thermonuclear war. It is no surprise that Israel does in fact have an estimated arsenal of 400 nuclear bombs. Israel will not hesitate to preemptively strike at its neighbors militarily if it is attacked or fears a threat to the point of the nation being in jeopardy. It would only take but a 3 Ivan-size nuclear bombs, 50 megatons MT each to utterly wipe the Jews off the map. The highest concentrations live in the Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem population centers.

Thus if such an invasion force of overwhelming number are poised to overrun Israel, perhaps Israel will elect to use the Samson Option of Mutual Assured Destruction or MAD whereby knowing that Israel’s survival will not be likely, it will nonetheless unleash all the nuclear arsenal it has against the invaders. One astonishing comparison is just how much nuclear ‘fire-power’ there is currently in the world but specifically in the hands of Russia. Russia has the most amassed arsenal of nuclear weapons, nearly 14,000 nuclear devices that are known and reported of. It also has the largest average per size nuclear weapons, of about 50 MT. For a perspective of what is at stake, consider the following nuclear fire power.

Hiroshima bomb                     15 KT
Nagasaki bomb                       21 KT
US average bomb                   25 MT (250 KT)
Russia average bomb            40 MT (400KT)

1000 Kiloton KT = 1 Megaton MT

Russia also has the record for the most powerful nuclear detonation ever recorded. It was a nuclear bomb called Ivan or the ‘Czarist Bombs’ at 50 KT. This bomb reaches the very edges of space at the heights of over 240,000 feet. In comparison, the Earth’s Troposphere is at the 45,000 feet level, the Stratosphere level is at the 65,000 feet level. The average jet airliner travels at an average of 30,000 feet at most, just below the level of the highest mountain on Earth, Mt. Everest.

Divine Intervention
Thus it is not a matter of if but when such nuclear arsenal will be used. Consider that technically, World War 2 was a ‘nuclear war’. With the nuclear arms race now occurring in the Middle East primarily with Iran, it would be no surprise if such an invasion of Israel, to include Iran at that time will be coming with their nuclear arsenals. Such will not anticipate nor realize that so too the LORD, GOD of Israel will come to meet them on the hills of Israel and unleash His own divine nuclear arsenal of upon them. What will be miraculous about this nuclear detonation against the enemies of Israel is that for whatever reason, Israel will be unable to respond or be a military match for this Gog-Magog Muslim alliance as in the past, i.e., 1948, 1967, and 1973. Israel’s 400 nuclear arsenal and Israel Defense Force IDF will not be a match for the 4 well-armed Muslim armies led by Russia and the Central Muslim republics with over 13,000 nuclear weapons in its arsenal.

Yet, the Book of Ezekiel foretells that the invading armies of Gog-Magog, Persia, Put, Cush, and Gomer will be utterly devastated by ‘divine’ thermonuclear detonations not of Israel’s doing. Ezekiel depicts how the LORD will have a rain of hailstone and burning sulfur upon the invaders to His Land at that time. As in the Old Testament, when Israel was in a right standing before YHVH or wanted to get their attention to repent, the enemy armies that came against Jerusalem would be caused to go into great confusion and chaos to the point that they would turn against each other. This is exactly the depiction of what the armies of the Muslim alliance with Gog and Magog end up doing with each other. This possible scenario goes along with what many other Biblical accounts provide the outcome of such judgments of the LORD against all those that come up against His Holy City of Jerusalem.

It will be of no consequence to have such weapons detonated upon the alliance’s own armies in such a possible scenario. Or the LORD will cause the nuclear bombs to go off within their camps. This war will be nonetheless thermonuclear based on the ancient language of what is described by the ancient scribes foretelling this event in precise detail to the point that the weapons detonated will be used for energy with a shell life of 7 years. This 7-Year timeframe does not necessarily mean that it will thus have to be for 7 years but that the shell life of such weapons would produce such a degree of energy still from a detonation. Nonetheless, these ‘7’ numerical values are clues that perhaps the Tribulation will indeed also be of a 7-Year segment of time.

The Bible also goes on to state that it will take 7 months to bury the dead and cleanse the Land of Israel due to this failed invasion and divine intervention by YHVH. This gives an estimation of the enormity of the degree of just how many will participate in this ‘future time’ invasion of YHVH’s People; like a swarm of locusts. Such invasion scenarios have already occurred several times in Israel’s history as they have been noted already. This divine intervention by YHVH on behalf of Israel will be a sure and prophetic sign to Israel. It will also serve as the divine signature of the GOD of Israel because the pattern is the same as they have been since ancient time. In such prior times, YHVH showed up to deliver the entire nation from overwhelming odds.

The Deliverance
One such place and time was when the Assyrians came like a swarm upon the hills of Judea and beseeched Jerusalem. At that time, the nation was vulnerable, unprepared and in general unbelief toward YHVH as the true GOD much like the spiritual condition is now toward the True Messiah, Jesus. The Bible tells that an Angel of the LORD came up against the camp of the Assyrians and slew 80,000 in one night. This precise slaughter occurred as the LORD caused the sound of an army, in this case His Angelic army to engulf the enemy’s camp and the army came against each other. A second event occurred when King David’s son, Absalom came up against Jerusalem as well in an attempt to take over the Throne, as a type of AntiChrist. Those siding and aligned with Absalom came upon the hills of Judea and in the groves, the Bible states that the trees and hailstones killed more men than David’s Mighty Men did.

A third example of YHVH’s prophetic signature of judgment upon the nations and deliverance of his people is that of Sodom and Gomorrah. The LORD could not commence His divine judgment or fire, hailstones and burning sulfur, i.e., a thermonuclear detonation until the ‘My People’ were taken out of the way of this wrath upon the city-states. It was only after the snatching away or a ‘Rapturing’ of Lot and his immediate family that the burning sulfur and rain of hailstones came upon the region. YHVH’s People were safely escorted away and could see the event from a safe distance, perhaps even seeing mushroom clouds. Many End Time Bible scholars believe that the Rapture of the Church scenario will involve such a similar divine devastation. Why? The Rapture, in essence means a deliverance for YHVH’s People and a judgment for the world’s people.

This study strongly suggests that at the time of the Psalm 83 War, that will constitute the technical World War 3 involving the Inner-Ring alliance of Muslim nations attacking Israel that Israel retaliates with nuclear bombs. Perhaps that time will be when the Rapture occurs, it is just a supposition based on prior divine patterns of YHVH’s deliverance and judgments that seem to go hand-in-hand. Such examples of yhvh’s deliverance and subsequent judgment patterns obviously have overtones of the picture of the Rapture itself. There are still many in the Christian community that believes the Rapture will occur at the end of the Tribulation that includes the Wrath of YHVH and/or to include the so called ‘Wrath of Satan’.

It is argued thus that the Church will have to go through the Tribulation to its conclusion regardless if ‘deliverance’ is promised or not. This is erroneous theology in that there is confusion and mixing of ‘My People’ and what the wrath is and who it is intended for. As such many erroneously replace the Church with Israel at this future time and place. The key is ‘context’ and audience, etc. For one, to have the Bride of Christ, the Church in general terms…meaning all those that have put their faith and trust in Christ, go through any type of ‘wrath’, whether it be the LORD’s, the Lamb’s or Satan’s is un-Biblically sound in keeping with the character of the Creator and Jesus’ promises. Then the all the promises of deliverance are for not as the Church would be subject to the complimentary judgment befalling those outside the scope of the Rapture and deliverance.

If not, what is the benefit of being ‘under the Blood’, or ‘in Christ’ if the Body of Christ is to suffer any time of wrath, which technically is judgment. What is the Church judged for? Realize that persecution is different than Wrath although the outcome or effects might be the same. The Church was not promised to be spared from severe persecution, just interview any Syrian Christian at the moment. Thus this study strongly suggests that in keeping with the LORD’s ‘signature’ of divine deliverance for His ‘People’ and subsequent wrath for the world, the destruction of the Gog-Magog Muslim alliance will be to 1) show Israel, the secular state even that YHVH recognizes them as being His ‘People’ at that time and that 2) GOD, as in the times of the Prophets will deliver the state of Israel to show 3) such that LAST generation that He is Holy, 4) that He is Israel’s GOD and 5) to show Himself ‘Glorious’ among the Nations.

If this scenario is plausible then perhaps this Gog-Magog invasion will occur sometime in the middle of the Tribulation period, whether it be 7 or 3.5 years that Israel will start to recognized that is the LORD that protects Israel from such an invasion –unless it’s for divine discipline as in the cases of the Diasporas to Babylon and the World. It could very well be a time when ‘he’ that promised and guaranteed Israel ‘Peace and Security’ through Satanic lying wonders will command a cease to the daily sacrifices and start his reign of Terror against YHVH’s People, primarily the Jews and all those that will have had put their faith in Yeshua as Savior after the Rapture of the Church. This is the time where the ‘Saints’ will be worn-out as the AntiChrist will be given total power for 42 months or 3.5 years over all peoples of the nations. As this is the so called ‘Wrath of Satan’ perhaps it is but not for the Church.

This time period is not to be confused with the Church Age as Jesus emphatically promised that the Gates of Hell would not prevail over the Church because it is His own Body and Jesus has the Keys to Death and Hell. Even this so called ‘Wrath of Satan’ is measured as the Remnant of Israel is taken to Petra and is protected from the total reach of the AntiChrist. Thus again, if the Church Age, any part of, it is to go through the AntiChrist’s ‘wrath’, that of Satan as some Christians believe, it is ludicrous and bad theology. It would thus be a lie of Jesus because then Satan’s so-called wrath would be overpowering and overcoming the Church. Christians need to put the perspective of what wrath is for and what the Church Age is for.

Despite the Promise of divine victory and overcoming power granted to the Church, Jesus promised that it would allow persecution to befall the Churches, but not wrath. The wrath of YHVH has already been taken away by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. That was the purpose of the 1st coming of the Messiah, to be the scapegoat, the sacrificial lamb on whom the wrath instead fell on, and the innocent victim. It remains a mystery as to why, but Jesus established the conditions of obtaining Glory in that ‘through much tribulation, the Kingdom was to be entered by’. The Church has not been precluded from persecution which is vastly distinct from wrath or judgment. The wrath’s depicted in the book of Revelation of the LORD, the Lamb and even Satan’s through his AntiChrist are all in judgment against YHVH’s People, Israel, and the Nations, not the Church.

This entire coming wrath is to be delineated from persecution, hatred, jealousy and murder at the hands of people who opposed YHVH’s People throughout the ages since the Church was born at Pentecost 10 days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This state of persecution against the Church has occurred since the stoning of Stephen but will end at the Rapture of the Church when YVHV’s and the Lamb’s wrath ensues for this very reason; of a retribution against Satan, his AntiChrist and False prophet and the nations for such a mistreatment of ‘My People’, i.e., His Church, His very own Body. Only after then will Jesus be able to say to Israel, ‘My People’ and no longer hide His Face from them as Ezekiel 39:29 states.

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