Ascension Day Clue of

‘Key’ to Turning Point and End of Age

  • What is a Celestial Cross and how often they occur?
  • Are they Prophetic Harbingers of Good or Evil?
  • Is there any Correlation to what happens on Earth?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to illustrate what a Grand Cross Alignment looks like in the Heavens. A Grand Cross occurs only within the confines of the Solar System. There are those that postulate, that some very Interesting Correlations will happen on Earth when a Grand Cross has its Configuration. It is said to affect Nations, Economies, War, Personas, etc. Nonetheless, such Celestial Cross Configurations seem to work like a Time Clock in that they are Marking the Time of Scheduled Celestial Events. How so? When a Grand Cross emerges in the Cosmos, it is said to be a Turning Point in Human History.

Although somewhat rare, Grand Celestial Crosses do occur from Time-To-Time and are not to be confused with the Cardinal Cross. A Grand Cross does have certain Unique Factors. For example, certain Dates and Numbers become Significant Associations in the Esoteric Realm, on Earth. Many in the Occult, believe that when a particular Grand Cross occurs, it is because it is Signaling the ‘Opening’ of a Spiritual Door or Star-Gates perhaps. The Celestial Cross is seen then as a ‘Key’ Motif’ that is ‘Inserted’ into a Celestial ‘Key-Hole’ and it ‘Unlocks’ Dimensions, etc. In these Last Days, many assert that such Planetary Alignments, of which is how the Grand Cross is Configured, have been opened. What for?

It is in order to usher-in the Luciferian New Age or as the Globalists would rather refer to as the New World Order. Many Grand Crosses are also associated with other Celestial Occurrences such as Eclipses or specific Alignments. Some might occur on a Full Moon or correspond with a Partial Solar Eclipse or might be aligned directly with Sirius, for example. A Partial Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon’s Shadow misses the Earth but passes very close to it. It occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring the Disc of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. A Grand Cross occurs when Planets are at 90 Degrees from each other around the Zodiac and configure a Cross Formation.

The ‘Cross in the Heavens’ often forms a Hebraic Tau (T), signifying the 22nd and Last Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. In the Occult, the Tau is the Emblem of the Initiate who has Triumphed over ‘Death’. Interestingly in the Kabalistic Great Work of the Luciferians, the Tau denotes an ‘End’, as in a Completion of a Thing; perhaps associated with the ‘Old Order’ to be replaced with the ‘New Order’. It is also associated with the Ankh or Key that the ‘King’ -the AntiChrist to some will have over Death when it is stated in the Bible that the will receive a ‘Mortal Wound’ and yet Live. It is a Magical Symbol used to Resurrect and Ascend to Godhood in the Ancient Mystery Religions.

Celestial Star-Gates
This Personage, of the Biblical AntiChrist is said to oversee Death is whom the whole World will accept as a Savior. The World will be or will be made to be in such Chaos, that only a Man with the Means to ‘Fix’ it will usher-in the World's Dawn of the coming New Age. He will come in the Time of the end of the Piscean Age. By some Accounts, it will be in a Jewish Year that is said to start in the Jubilee Year. However, there are various Types of Jubilee Years specific to Occasions. And as it is related to the Celestial Cross in the Heavens, they deal with the Phases of a Transition.

According to the Occult, there are 3 ‘Star-Gates’ that needed to be opened to usher in the ‘New World Order’ or Age of Peace, Love and Harmony. The Star-Gates are said to have been opened with only the 3rd one to be completed before the AntiChrist can be Debuted. Interestingly, these Gates or Heavenly Portals are to be for the ushering of their World Ruler, as noted.

Until that happens, there are Certain Personages that act as a Proto-Type or Prelude. The real Biblical AntiChrist is depicted as being a ‘Super-Man that will Unite the World through ’Hope and Change’, for example, after some sort of Global Collapse, be it Economic, Political, Social, Religious or a Combination of them all. Here are the types of Cosmic Crosses that occur in terms of Astronomical Observances from Earth’s Perspective.

Types of Cosmic Crosses
1) Solar Cross: related to Zodiac
2) Cardinal Cross: related to Solstices/Equinoxes
3) Celestial Cross: related to Planets

The Cross of the Zodiac occurs when the Vernal Axis becomes Perpendicular with the Galactic Equator. The Celestial Cross correlates to the Cardinal Signs of the Lion, Eagle, Bull, and Man. These Cosmic Points are at 90º to the Planets but not necessarily construe the Astrological Zodiac Cardinal Cross. The Cardinal Cross is also different from the Solar Cross. Some speculate that the Cross Shape is what Ancient Cultures worshiped as the Solar Cross.

Many Biblical Scholars assert that the first Christian Symbols were a Fish, an Anchor but not a ‘Cross’. The Symbol was not used until later-on. But the Cross, as a Religious Symbol is found in every Ancient Pagan Religion. It denoted the Sun God. The Reason why the Cross Motif was not used initially by the Early Jewish Christians is that the Cross represented the Instrument of Death. It was associated, directly with the most cruelest of Capital Punishment.

The Cross Motif was not meant to be Venerated for its Positive Outcome, etc. In Modern Terms, it would be as if one would be putting a Miniature Replica of an Electric Chair around one’s Neck, for example. Continuing, since the Grand Cross may not ’exactly’ encompass the Cardinal Points, some ascribe the Alignment to an Imperfect 'Crooked Cross' or Solar Swastika. This Crooked Cross, to the Nazis, for example was the ‘Black Sun’. Each Grand Cross that occurs will be very unique unto itself in many ways.

Processional Cross

A Grand Cross, for example, could occur on a particular Moon Phase, but then reach its Zenith that may incorporate an Eclipse of the Sun. Or it could occur when the Partial Eclipse might align itself with 1 of the 4 Main Cardinal Great Stars of the Cosmos, etc. As mentioned, there is the Star Sirius, for example. This Star, in Ancient Accounts was the Star-Gate or 1 of the ’Stairways’ to Heaven. Sirius is the Brightest Star in the Night Sky. The Name ‘Sirius’ is derived from Ancient Greek Σείριος Seirios which means ‘Glowing’ or ‘Scorcher.

It is associated with ‘ISIS’ and the Cult of Diana, aka ISIS or Lucifer, the ‘Light Bearer’ and one of the Ancient Members of the Occult Trinity. It is rather interesting that the recent events unfolding in the Middle East with the rise of the Islamic militant group called ISIS surfaced after the Cardinal Cross configuration that occurred in the Spring of 2014. This ISIS Association Astronomically coincided with the rising of the Dog Stars of Orion, which are known as ‘The Syrian Sign’. The Symbol for ISIS is a Star Figure coming from the Pyramid Portal.

This configures an ‘11’ or 2 Vertical Lines meeting at its Apex. Will the False and Unholy Trinity of Lucifer and his AntiChrist and False Prophet come forth through some ‘Gate-Way’ to Earth? Also, during a Grand Celestial Cross Alignment, there will be 1 Planet that will Correspond to each the Astrological Element. This is what is Amazing and beyond ‘Pure Chance’. Such an Alignment suggests an Intelligent Designer. And these Elements are? They are of Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Realize that these 4 Elements are not just Bound to Earth’s Domain but are the ‘Building Blocks’ of what the Known Universe is Comprised of. This is at least the Portion that can be seen Visibly. And these 4 Elements also Correlates to the 4 Cardinal Signs of the Cosmos. These Signs are of Leo, Scorpio (Eagle), Taurus and Aquarius. These 4 Cardinal Quadrants are but a Divine Reflection of what the Thone of YHVH is also Constituted with. This is seen in the Biblical Visages of the 4 Living Creatures, etc.

When Grand Crosses are Configured, they are seen as a source of Extreme Tension and Stress in the World, as in a Point of Singularity being pulled in all 4 Directions at the same Time. This is why such a Celestial Occurrence infers that there is a coming Time of Great Stress, as in Birth Pangs. It alludes to a Delivery, in which ‘Something’ has to ‘Break’ through or Give Way for the Transition of Being or Beings can go forward. Perhaps Metaphorically, a Celestial Cross Alignment might be pertaining to the coming of the AntiChrist.

A Celestial Cross Alignment could also be occurring with the accompanying New World Order or even the Rapture of the Church. Interestingly, the Rapture Event is associated with a Door, per Revelation 3, that Jesus speaks about a Door of Escape to the Church of Philadelphia Types. The notion of ‘Doors’ or ‘Star-Gates’ are from which a Transition of Space, Time and Matter will occur or occurs, in a Metaphysical Point of View and Interpretation. This is where the Bible meets Astronomy. It is said that the Star-Gates coincide with the Great Cycle of 26,000 Years.

As to the coming Luciferian New World Order, there is a Present State of a Transition in Play that characterizes 1 Formation of a Celestial Cross to the Next. For sure it is a Prelude to something Diabolical and Satanic that is being allowed to occur and Unleashed on Earth. And many suggest, that such Events and Transitions on Earth, are Depicted in the ‘Heavens’, with the Sun, Moon and the Stars when forming a Celestial Star Configuration. According to the Bible, such Gates of Hell are soon to be fully open for Lucifer and his Fallen Ones to Initiate their New Order, which will be their Last.

It is currently being Forged and will be Birthed from all of their Designed Chaos the Luciferians are unleashing upon the world in preparation for such a Transition to their Remnants of their Golden Age. Look to see when the next Celestial Cross will be Forming in the Sun, Moon and the Stars. It could be an Indication on Earth of how far the Transition has reached to have the ‘T’ or the Celestial Cross Motif, turn the ‘Key’ and Unlock the Portal, etc.

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