Is the 7-Year Pre-Tribulation Period a Deception?

  • What is the 1335th Day all about really?
  • Is the Tribulation Period 7 or 3.5 Year or other?
  • Is there a Double-Meaning Encode in Daniel 9? 

by Luis B. Vega

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The following is an Assessment Request to Critique a Video Study by Presenter Ken Porter. The Title of the Video is, ‘Come to the 1335th Day’. And note that the Channel Name has been changed to ‘Word of the Watchman’. In this Presentation, he basically teaches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHeVfVduoQ4 that there is no 7-Year Period ever mentioned in the Bible to suggest the coming Tribulation Period is 2520 Days total, and not even a half of it, being 1260 Days, but rather 1335 Days long, etc.

He also states that those who do believe in the ‘Traditional’ Taught Way of there being a 7-Year Tribulation Period are ‘Deceived’ and that he no longer holds that Interpretation. Ken starts-off by using an Analogy of a Resort, made-up of 1000 Islands between Canada and the USA, as an Example. He uses the Same Grammatical Terms to suggest that ‘Coming to the 1000 Islands’ is the same as ‘Coming’ to the 1335th Day.

He presented a Chart, which is illustrated at the End of this Study, of an initial 3.5 Years or 1335 Days from 2023-2028. But he then switched to a 2028-2032 Timeline. Before one Analyzes and Critiques this Video Presentation, one must say that one is not looking to ‘Disprove’ his Theory, Research or Change anyone’s Belief System or Biblical Interpretations. And many often seek to know one’s Opinion or Reaction to other Teachings. The Opinions on the Tribulation Period vary. There are even those that believe the Tribulation is 14 Years and not 7, go figure. It is a Spectrum of Opinions.

The Topic of the Tribulation Period, of how long is it, when does it start and by whom has for Centuries been Contested. It is no different now. Except, that perhaps, the Prophecy given to Daniel concerns the ‘Better Understanding’ of the 70-Year Prophetic Time would be at the ‘End’. Thus, one is coming from a ‘Iron-Sharping-Iron’ Approach and can and will only offer one’s Research, Understanding and Biblical Interpretation, as one Comprehends it. It is based on one’s 40-Year Journey or as one often states, ‘Learning Curve’. One cannot say one is Right, but nor can Ken. No one can.

For one’s Analysis of the 1335th Day Critique, one will present the 70th Week Prophecy of Daniel in its entirety. It will have one’s Interjected Interpretation of the Key Verses in Red Brackets. Each Verse will be analyzed to build one’s Case as to why one mostly Disagrees with certain Points Ken Potter made, but in other Points, would Agree. Thus, given the Prophecy of Daniel’s 70 Weeks, one will then offer one’s own Reason and Logic as to how one believes, in part, is a Prophetic Double Entendre and there are 2 He’s, 2 Halves of 1260 Days, and how the 1335th is a time of Transitioning into the Millennial Kingdom, etc.


24 70 Weeks [of Years: 490] are Decreed for your People and your Holy City to stop their Transgression, to put an End to Sin, to make Atonement for Iniquity, to bring in Everlasting Righteousness, to Seal-Up Vision and Prophecy, and to Anoint the Most Holy Place.

25 Know and Understand this: From the Issuance of the Decree [Artaxerxes II, Son of Esther and Ahasuerus] to Restore and Rebuild Jerusalem, until The Messiah, The Prince [Jesus], there will be 7 Weeks and 62 weeks [69 Weeks or 483 Years leaving 7 Years left]. It will be Rebuilt with Streets and a Trench, but in Times of Distress

26 Then after the 62 Weeks The Messiah [Jesus] will be Cut-off [Die] and will have Nothing. Then the People of the Prince [Prince Titus of Rome] who is to come will Destroy the City and the Sanctuary [2nd Temple]. The End will come like a Flood, and until the End there will be War; Desolations have been Decreed. [Wars by the Muslims against Israel since 1948].

And he [Anti-Messiah] will Confirm a Covenant with Many for 1 Week [1 Shemitah of 7 Years], but in the Middle of the Week [3.5 Year or the 1260th Day] he will put an End to Daily Sacrifice and Offering [On the 3rd Temple]. And on the Wing of the Temple will come the Abomination That Causes Desolation [Speculated A.I. Golden Image that comes to ‘Life’ or becomes Self-Aware], until the Decreed Destruction is Poured-Out upon him [Trumpet and Bowl Judgments of the 2nd Half of 7-Year Tribulation Period, which is ‘The Great Tribulation]



As mentioned, Ken Potter starts out with the 1000 Island Resort that Advertisers call People to ‘Come’ to and Arrive. In one’s Opinion, this Analogy is absurd. He is mixing ‘Apples and Oranges’, a Place with a Time. He does use the Definition of how one goes to a Place. In this Case, it is a Mis-Application. To ‘Get to the 1335th Day’ does require a Physical Movement that Transports. This is True, but it is only because one is living in the Space-Time Continuum. And that Requires Time to get to a Place.


One believes that those that are ‘Blessed to get to the 1335th Day’ are those People that survived the Satanic Onslaught of the AntiChrist and his Religious Leader waging Full-Scale Genocide on Humanity. When? It is as the Church Age Believers have been Raptured already, 1260 Days prior and those coming to a Saving Faith thereafter within the Last Week or Sabbath Cycle, will have been Beheaded for their Testimony of Jesus, and then the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists are ‘Raptured’, along with the 2 Witnesses.

This occurs at the Half-Way Point, the 1260th Day, it leaves the Jewish Remnant that then Flees to the Petra and Bozrah Area. Israel came out of Egypt and was provided for, miraculously during the Times of Moses, etc. Then these and those that are left alive will have come to this 75-Day difference from 1260 + 75 Days = 1335th Day.

This Day will see Jesus already have come at the 2520th Day or the 2nd 1260th Day, on the Mount of Olives as Promised. These 75 Days, one Conjectures, is to then have it be a ‘Transitionary’ Period whereby the Temple Mount is Cleansed and Refurbished in preparation for the 4th Temple, that of the Millennium or called Ezekiel’s Temple, etc. Then there will be the Judgment of the Nations, whereby Jesus will Separate all those left alive to include the Jewish Remnant and ‘Divide the Sheep from the Goats’, etc. 


Ken goes on to state, as mentioned, that he was one of those that believed in the Traditional 7-Year Pre-Rapture Tribulation Doctrine. But that, upon ‘Reading the Bible’, he was led to not only Repudiate it, but to then ascribe it as an Intentional Deception. And that all those that still believe in this ‘Party Line’ are ‘Deceived’, in his Words.


This Statement of him made against the Body of Christ for those ‘still’ holding to that Orthodox Doctrine was Disappointing. Again, Ken Potter is not accountable to me, nor I to him. Ultimately it will be GOD the Holy Spirit that one will be. And as to those that ‘Teach’, the Severity of Punishment will be Greater as such are in a Position to Affect and Influence others. No Small Matter.

One strives to not be like what is Warned about in the Bible of, ‘Ever Learning but never coming to the Understanding of the Truth’. In one’s case, having now nearly 40 Years of Studying End Time, the Doctrine of the Traditional 7-Year Pre-Rapture Tribulation Teaching has only gotten Stronger. Well, one would surmise that one is just that more ‘Deceived’ then. But in this case, one can say the same of this Teaching, it is a Deception, a ‘Self-Deception’ in one’s Honest Assessment.


There are countless Believers and Followers of Jesus that believe as Ken Potter now does. But it is a ‘2-Way Street’, as the saying goes. As many come to ‘Believe and Understand’ that the Tribulation Period is 3.5 Years and not 7 Years, there are those with such beliefs, come to realize the contrary. It is that of the Orthodox Interpretation, that the 1 Week Remaining is a 7-Year Duration of Time. It is based on Jewish ‘Weeks’.


The issue, in one’s Opinion is one of Gaslighting or a Strawman Argument going on here. Yes, nowhere in the Bible will that Statement be found. But as others point out, neither will the Trinity nor the Rapture be found. So, just because the Statement is not emphatically and explicitly stated, does not negate its Doctrine. In this case, it is based on Logic, and Deductive Reasoning, in how YHVH has placed ‘Pieces of the Prophetic Puzzle’. Some Pieces are never meant to be ‘Found’. But Christ Jesus expects that with one’s Limited Brain Power, still, that one could or will Piece together the Notion that the 70 Weeks of Daniel are of Years. And that a Subset of a 7, a 62 and a 69 are of Years as well. You cannot go the way of ‘Apples and Oranges’ to accept the original Divine Premise and then ‘Slice and Dice’ it according to one’s own Private Interpretation.


Ken Potter then goes on to explain how the Rabbinical Year Counts are off by a Month. And this is reconciled by adding a 13th Month, Adar II every 19 Years. The then goes on to go over how, based on the Long Day of Joshua, the Yearly Days of 360, having 30-Day Months each, were altered by YHVH during the Battle of Joshua.


One would agree in this portion of his Teaching, as what he goes over and reemphasizes is valid. But one would go farther back and say that the Day Count Discrepancy from a 360-Day Year to a 365-Day Year came about as a result of the Flood. The Long Day of Joshua only affected Earth’s Rotation for several hours, not Days, in one’s Opinion. Joshua’s Long Day has nothing to do with the current Rabbinical Calendar that has been defaulted to a solely Lunar Cycle.

This occurred around 358 AD when the Last Meeting the Elders of Zion, or the Sanhedrin met. Since the Temple was Destroyed back in 70 AD, a Direct Observation of the Sun, Moon and Stars could not be met. So, the Jews then established a Mathematical Calendar for Observing their Feasts as they knew all of Israel was about to be Dispersed by the Romans to the 4 Corners of the World. And that, as Jesus warned, would happen for the Last Time for having Rejected him as the True Messiah.


Ken Potter then goes on to present his case that the Tribulation Period Timeline is based on how the 1335th Day is the ‘More Accurate’ Piece for determining the Start and the End of the Tribulation Period, that being only 3.5 Years, but more precisely, 1335 Days. He arbitrarily decides to use, for some unknown or explained Reason, other than ‘Traditional Teaching’, that this Span of Time in question, 1335 Days, has to start on a Feast of Trumpets and then to end on a Passover. He presents his 1st Timeline Chart which is as follows.

(Trumpets)                                                                      (Passover)
September 5, 2024 --------------------- to ---------------------April 10, 2028 = 2nd Coming of Jesus

Question? So where is the Rapture in this Timeline? There is not one, or to Deduce, by Logic, that it has to occur prior to September 5, 2024. Here is where one would use his initial statement about how People should not be ‘Deceived’ by Traditional Teachings of the Past or certain Doctrines. One would agree in part, that all Scripture and Doctrines need to be Tested by the Spirit. And as those that Study the Bible, it is admonished to be like the Bereans in Searching-Out if a Matter is True of what is being Presented.

Such is the case here, one would suggest, that since most Bible Believers do not read the Bible anymore nor Believe what it says, Deception is thus, more likely to creep-in, and it has. Thus, one will use Ken’s Potter’s own Argument here. ‘Nowhere in the Bible does it state that the 1335th Day starts on a Fall Rosh HaShanah and has to conclude its Day Count on a Passover’.


At this point of the Video Teaching Presentation, what did resonate was how, in general, there is a 3.5 Year Piece of Time in question. And that the Tribulation Period, although, one believes is an entire Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle of Time, is delineated and spoken about in terms of ‘1260 Days’. One can see how others would only See or rather want to See or Believe that there is no 7-Years total. Then Ken presents a 2nd Timeline that for some Reason(s), one is not quite convinced as to why he did that. The 2nd Timeline, as he put it, is a Supposition, but still based on the 1335 Day Count is as follows.

(Trumpets)                                                                         (Passover)
September 18, 2026 -------------------- to -----------------------April 25, 2032 = 2nd Coming of Jesus

One sincerely believes that Mr. Potter is not taking into account that the 75 Days from that 2nd Day Count of 1260 Days is for Jesus to then deal with Restoring All Things, Earth, Jerusalem, the New Temple, Judgment of Nations, etc. Point is, Jesus cannot come back on that 1335th Day and from that Day Forward the Millennial Kingdom Comes without a Purification and all those Factors mentioned prior needing to take place. What if the case is that the 70-Year Fig Tree Count is not based exclusively when the Modern State of Israel was ‘Re-Birthed in 1948. But what if, as presented in many prior Articles, how 1952 could be more of an Accurate Starting Point. Why? It is because it is Pegged to the Shemitah or Sabbath Cycles of the Promised Land. It was the 1st noted, not observed Sabbath since Israel started to return to the Promised Land, etc. One has argued that 2022-23 is the 70th Year Sabbath of the Land. Consider.

1952 + 80 Year Maximum Fig Tree Generation =

Thus, the Year of 2032 Ken is Inferring to, is what one is suggesting, perhaps. It is based on the Sabbath or Shemitah Count. It would place it, exactly 80 Years from 1952. The Year 2032 would thus be the Last Year of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. And thus, if one Reverse Engineers the 2520-Days from a Yom Teruah Feast of Trumpets Return of Jesus, it will be something at the Beginning of Winter 2025 when the Tribulation Period is projected to commence. This is again, pure conjecture on one’s part.


Ken then goes on to present Information, collaborated by the late Chuck Missler of how based on Sir Anderson’s Work, 32 AD was most Probable Year of Jesus’ Entry, Crucifixion, Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension and Start of the Church Age at Pentecost, etc. He mentions how, if this is the case, it would corroborate with his 2nd Timeline of 2032. And that it would correlate directly, exactly 2000 Years from 32 AD.


Of all the Pieces and Factors presented by Mr. Potter, this one Piece is what one would wholeheartedly agree with. However, one would not Peg the Timeline from a Trumpets to a Passover, as that is what the 1335th Day Count will always result in. One Surmises, based on one’s Research, thus far, that the Tribulation Period has to occur in Tom Teruah Feast Season to conclude with one, 2520 Days later.
This is to suggest that, based on the Menorah Pattern of the Branches, correlating to the Prophetic Feasts of YHVH, the Church Age concludes the Age of Pentecost or the 4th Stem, the Center one. The Pattern then becomes a Chiastic Effect in that Jesus then Returns at the Prophetic Fulfilment of the Feast of Trumpets, at His 2nd Coming, in one’s Biblical Interpretation thus far.

It is then from that Time, of the 1260th Day, that the 75 Days, all-inclusive, is when Jesus fulfills the Prophetic Feast of Yom Kippur. It is Jesus that then goes into the Temple to be Crowned King. And then the Feast of Tabernacles. Jesus, as the Archetype of the Ultimate Red Heifer, must cleanse the Effects of the Abomination of Desolation caused by the Anti-Messiah. Thereafter, He calls the Nations during the Feast of Tabernacles to Make Judgment between the Sheep and the Goats, etc.


Ken goes on to demonstrate by pulling-up the Month of April in 32 AD on the Torah calendar Website. And how, at that time, a Blood Moon was observed to have occurred, precisely on Passover on April 14. He goes on to demonstrate that a Parallel Astronomical Pattern occurs also in 2032. The only Significant Difference in April of 2032, is that the Month will have Passover II instead. And this is where even he admits that the Timeline might be ‘Off’ by a Month or even perhaps a Year, etc.


It is at this point of the Teaching that again, one is in Total Agreement. But it is only because it is what Research one has come across and has written about. One has even precisely calculated the Exact Day Jesus rode into Jerusalem, on a Sabbath. One argues that it is more precise than that of Sir Anderson, thanks to Online BC/AD Day Calculators. And one may add, that this April 14, 32 AD was the cause of 3 Celestial Witnesses that attest to this Day, that of the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

How so? At the Time of Jesus’ Death, at 3pm, the Bible teaches that there was a Great Earthquake. And that the Sun turned the Day to Night, in that the Stars could be seen in the middle of the Afternoon. Then at near Midnight, a Blood Moon occurred. Here are your 3 Celestial Witnesses. But that the Total Solar Eclipse was caused by the Flyby of Planet X. And that its Perturbation is what caused the Earthquake.

But, that the Earthquake was not Localized, but Global as it will be again in the Tribulation Period. This is of course all Conjecture and cannot be Proven. But again, based on Logic and Deductive Reason, one can come to these Reasonable Suppositions. Consider how the Bible describes the coming Earthquake that will occur during the Tribulation Period. It states that ALL the Cities of the World Collapse.

This infers that this Seismic Event occurred all, at the same Time. No 1 or 2 or 3 Great Earthquakes can affect the World in that matter. The nearest one Earth did experience, to a degree, was the 2004 9.0 Indian Ocean one. But that Quake only sent Tsunamis, and weak ones, as far as Africa. But that was it. The Damage was mainly contained to the Shorelines and that due to the Tsunamis, etc.

This coming Earthquake will be Worldwide during the Tribulation Period. It will level ALL the Cities of the World, ALL at the same time. No Earth-Occurring Earthquake can do this. But a Celestial Orb, like a Dense Brown Dwarf, i.e., Planet X, that perturbs the Magnetic Poles of Earth can and will cause a Pole Shirt and Disturb the Earth Tectonic Plates for such a Catastrophic Effect.

Now, that has been one’s Assessment of the Presenter’s Teaching about how the ‘True Tribulation Period is 2.5 Years or more Precisely 1335 Days, etc. Ultimately, one Disagrees. The following will present one’s Interpretation of Daniel’s Prophecy, from Verses 24-27. This is what one surmises is the case, at least in one’s best Biblical Interpretation of them, thus far.

These Interpretations on the contrary, confirm that indeed, there is a Multi-Layer of Prophetic Motifs in Operation and there are 2 Halves of 1260 Year, 2 Messiahs, 2 Princes, a ‘Midst’s’. You cannot have a ‘Midst’ in the 1336 Day Count, etc. And if you have the 144X and the 2 Witnesses then still Witnessing in this ‘Great Tribulation’ Timeframe, there would be no Need for the Great Angel to Preach the Everlasting Gospel in Real Time, in every Language, to All Peoples at the Same Time.

-One Believes that there is a Double Entendre occurring in the Verses of Daniel Chapter 9 starting with verse 24. in that it is a Multilayered Prophecy. This, to a large part, is what is contributing to the Confusion that most, if not all Students of the End Times, either choose one over the other. One contends that it is both cases. It is much like a similar Argument of Contention if the Earth is Young, 6000 Year or an Old Earth, with possible Millions of Years older. One believes the Gap Theory and thus both are also Correct, etc.

-There are 2 Messiahs and 2 Princes at play here in the Verse. They are Encrypted and are being spoken about and attributed specific Outcomes. One Messiah comes and Dies. The other then Breaks the Covenant and stops the Daily Sacrifices. Obviously, Jesus did Die but did not stop the Daily Sacrifices. Jesus as the Prince of YHVH came but did not Destroy the Temple, nor Jerusalem, nor Disperse the Jews, directly.

-There are 2 Halves of a 1260 Day Count occurring in the Prophecy. It depends on what the Starting Point is. For example, it is clear that The Messiah, with Capital ‘The’ is the one that is ‘Cut-Off’ or Dies. But then, in a Midst, there is when the Anti-Messiah, with no capital ‘The’ but an ‘A’, comes on Stage. And it is he that, ‘Confirms’ or Strengthens the Covenant’. Jesus did not come to ‘Break’ any Covenant but to Fulfill it.

-It is the Anti-Messiah, not Jesus, that stops the Daily Sacrifices. Jesus did not do that. In fact, the Daily Sacrifices continued while the Age of Grace was begun and not until 70 AD when the 2nd Temple was Destroyed by the ‘Prince of Rome’ did he Stop the Daily Sacrifices. That was all a foreshadowing of the Prophetic Time that the coming Anti-Messiah will accomplish.

-The 2nd Half of the 7-Year Tribulation is the 2nd Day Count of 1260 Days. Why? It is deduced because that is when the Jewish Remnant of Revelation 12 occurs, as the Bible states that they will be Provided for, for 1260 Days. If the Tribulation Period is only 1335 Days, for the initial Start Year, you have to have the 3rd Temple already built, and the Sacrifices Stopped. This has to occur on Day 1 of the Proposed 1335 Day Count.

Can I Get a Witness?
It is all about a Witness. The Bible teaches that YHVH has Declared that He will and does always have a ‘Witness’ against Humanity for any Timeframe, Dispensation or Age, etc. Currently, the Witness for Jesus is being carried-out through the Body of Christ, i.e., Jesus’ Church of Corporate Believers. The Gospel Message is being Disseminated. And that in itself will be the Sign of when the Church Age is to End. 1 Day, this Commission will cease with the Rapture Event. Prophetic Tie will then Transition the Time to set the Stage for Daniel’s Last Week for Years. That 1 Week? To a Westerner, is not seen nor considered as would a Jew Think.

To a Jew, if one asked, ‘Oh, Daniel’s Week, a ‘7’? What would Reply, without Question…’Oh, that is 7 Years. Period’. To them, there is no Argument, no Discrepancy, no 1260 Days only because the Bible does not specifically say so. So, what about the 7-Year Tribulation Period? Who are the Witnesses? The following is based on one’s Assessment and Understanding, of Daniel 9-24-27. There will be a Double Witness during the 1st 1260 Day Half of the 70th Week of 7 Years or that Sabbath Cycle left of Daniel’s 70 Year Prophetic Judgment befalling Israel. There will be the 144,000 Jews Evangelizing the World. And there will be the 2 Witnesses. One Conjectures that it will be Elijah and Moses.

Remember that the ‘Purpose of the Tribulation is for the Salvation of the Jewish Nation’. Why there is a Gap or ‘Pause’ between Weeks 69 and the 1 of 7-Years is for YHVH to afford the Non-Jews to be Grafted into the Covenant of Grace and Mercy, through Faith Alone, etc. This Last ‘7’ of Time remaining on the ‘Clock’ for Israel is to have her say, eventually, ‘Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD’. It will be as in the Days of Elijah and Moses, where Signs and Wonders operated and Israel had a Wicked King, and an Evil Jezebel by his Side. YHVH’s People were Hunted-Down, Persecuted and Martyred. Israel was in the Valley of Indecision as it is now.

But such is the cause that YHVH will once again summon, not only Israel this Time to the Valley of Jezreel, but all the Nations to pronounce Judgment against them. And so, who will be the Witness during the 2nd Half of the 1260 Days after the Mid-Point is reached? This is the Scenario if one Surmises that there are 2 Halves of 1260 Days and the 144X and the 2 Witnesses are already Translated out of Earth by the Half-Way Marker? Then the Jewish Remnant has fled. So, what Witness will there be during this 1335 Day Span of Time?

There has to be a Witness. Enter the Great Angel that will then be Dispatched with the Everlasting Gospel that will Preach it to the entire World, all at the Same Time. And when does that occur? At the Half-Way Marker of the End of the 1st 1260 Days. Why then? It is because the 144X and the 2 Witnesses have concluded their Commission. It is at this Time, the Mid-Pont that the Anti-Messiah Sanctions the Mandate, by the 2nd Beast, the False Prophet to make every Human on Earth take the Mark or be Killed. There is no ‘Opting-Out’, as everyone has to be incorporated into Lucifer’s Matrix of Total Control, from the DNA Level.

Whatever is in that Name, Mark or Number will be sufficient to render Humans no longer ‘Human’ buy Hybrids, Un-Redeemable. But in Summary, one has provided one’s Logic and Reasoning in addressing the Major Points of Ken Potter’s ‘Coming to the 1335th Day’ Video Study. Most of it, one Disagrees with. Some points, One does Agree with. In general, his 1335 Day Count is not being used or can be used for what he is Espousing, that the Tribulation Period is 1335 Days long and not 2520 or 2 Halves of 1260 Days Each.

The Verse Study in Daniel clearly points to a Double Entendre, 2 Messiah, 2 Princes, 2 Timelines, etc. But each has a totally different Outcome. They are not one in the same. There is clearly a 3.5 Year or 1260 and 1335 Day Count, yes, but in one’s Understanding of Daniel’s 70th Week, the 1335 Day Count is being Misinterpreted, Misplaced and Misused to fit Mr. Potter’s proposed Timelines.

At best, they are presented based on his current Understanding of said Topic, with all respect. One can say the same of all those that teach a 14-Year Tribulation Period, etc. The Bottom Line is that, presently, there is no 100% Understanding. And that is OK. However, it is good to See and Hear what others have to say about such a Topic of the coming Tribulation Period. If anything can be agreed upon, is that the Tribulation Period, ‘A’ Tribulation Period is coming.


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