Perilous Times of the Last Days

  • What is the Cancel Culture all about and its effect on the Church?
  • Is there a conspiracy of the COVID-19 used to 'cancel' Church?
  • What does the closing down of Churches mean for true Christians?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘But know this, that in the Last Days Perilous Times will come:  For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of YHVH, having a form of godliness but denying its power.’ - 2 Timothy 3:1-5

The purpose of this study is to consider the war on the Christian Witness and Church gathering in an Age of the Cancel Culture, especially in western nations. A definition will be given of what the Cancel Culture is and doing to society in the pretext of the current COVID-19 that many are showing, scientifically is no pandemic at all. The context will be in comparison to how notices are being posted all over the nation in the doors of the Churches with orders to close and not assemble. Even within the Church Body, there is a division of those wanting to close and remain closed and those that want to open or remain open as commanded in the Bible. One would argue though that Churches should not be ‘asking for permission’ to meet, they already have that. Churches should not be telling their State Governors and/or local authorities to ‘let us meet’ but that ‘they will meet’. This situation is more pertinent in the Left-leaning states of the USA.

The Church Pastors must realize that they have a GOD-given authority that trumps all forms of government on Earth. This was given by a resurrected Savior and LORD of the Church and world to then carry the Gospel Witness to the world because of it. This Age is considered the Church Age, but one does realize that one day, it will end. Thus, many believe that perhaps that time has come. And one of the symptoms is how the Cancel Culture is actively seeking to silence or 'cancel' the Gospel Witness, permanently. This effort and tactic are nothing new as Satan wanted to Cancel the choice of Eternal Life since the Garden of Eden. And all throughout the history of Humanity, Lucifer has attempted, over and over to ‘cancel’ the prophetic promise that he, instead is to be ‘cancelled’.

The enemies of all that is right, holy, just, and free seek to shackle Humanity. Even when Jesus came to ‘set the captives free’, Lucifer did try to cancel Jesus’ mission in the efforts to take His life by the measures the ‘authorities’ had at their disposal. Such was the attempts of Herod to ‘cancel’ the baby Jesus or later on the sanctioning of the Apostles or the persecution of the early Christians and on down the line until now even. These acts to close the Churches while big box stores, operations such as casinos and abortion clinics remain open is hypocritical at best. Such a decision to not even sing in one’s own home or have Bible Studies as such should ring the alarm bell for the Pastors that are going along with this ‘Cancel Culture’ that seeks to cancel the Gospel Witness.

The Offenses
There have been notices posted on the Church doors across America that Church is now ‘canceled’. What is alarming is that the state, municipal and city officials, without citizen review, input or vote are imposing Orwellian restrictions and ‘cancelling’ one’s Civil Liberties. This is due to the prolonged and perhaps permanent ‘State of Emergency’ that most in authority refuse to lift. No natural occurring virus lasts 8-9 months. This façade can only be sustained by the constant fear tactics of impending doom of daily COVID-19 ‘infected’ counts that are of those not necessarily dying from the virus but just symptomatic. Such actions to ‘cancel’ reality to social re-engineer the world will be compared in how Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis on the Castle Church door of Wittenberg in Germany. That act of ‘canceling’ was for the right and just reasons, noting the abuses of the Roman Catholic Oligarchy.

This attempt at ‘cancelling’ started the Reformation movement that sought to address the abuses and corruption of the Roman Catholic Church. What were the 95 points? The 95 Theses or Disputation dealt with the Power and Efficacy of selling Indulgences. It was a list of propositions for an academic disputation written in 1517 by Martin Luther. He was a Professor of Moral Theology at the University of Wittenberg, Germany. The main objection was the abuse of the practice of Clergy selling Plenary Indulgences, which were certificates believed to reduce the ‘Temporal Punishment’ in Purgatory for sins committed by the Purchasers or on behalf of their loved ones. Luther argued that only the Scriptures, or Solas Scrituras was the final authority, not the Clergy or Papacy.

Sola Scriptura which means, by Scripture Alone in English is a theological doctrine that the Christian Scriptures are the sole infallible source of authority for Christian faith and practice. Then The argument was and still is that the Bible teaches that to absolve a Sinner of any mortal penalty is based on the redemptive plan that is only found in Jesus Christ., there is Justification, Sola Fide or simply, Sola Fide, which means Justification by Faith Alone. It is a Christian theological doctrine commonly held to distinguish many Protestant denominations from the Catholic, Eastern and Orthodox Churches. The doctrine asserts that it is on the basis of one’s Faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross that Believers are forgiven of their transgressions against the Law of YHVH rather than on the merits of one’s own good deeds, etc.

In this modern era, the same type of ‘Indulgences’ of corruption and abuse continues from within and without the Church Body of Christ while on Earth. The difference is now that not only has the Church been battling such sins from within but now it has to content with the Cancel Culture from without. This is not anything new but at least in the West, this level of opposition has reached a threshold within society that is against the Christian Gospel Witness. And the supposed COVID-19 pandemic has provided the legal means to cancel it. Why? The message of the Gospel is ‘foolishness’ to those that are perishing. This too is now promulgated by the Liberal and Leftists within the Church Body that have taken up the mantle of the Last Days ‘Apostate Laodiceans’. Jesus and the Apostles warned that in the Last Days, the Signs that would confirm that it was such a time would be that the ‘wolves’ within the sheepfold would seek to ‘cancel’ the Gospel. And this, in a ‘new normal’, achieving moral relativism seeking to cancel it as well.

No Discussion. Period
The message of the Gospel is antithetical to the ‘Political Correctness’ mentality that now is the ‘New Gospel’ in the Cancel Culture world. There is to be no offense of anything that is deemed offensive, different or in the case of the Gospel Witnesses, sinful. It is now the Gospel of Jesus and Jesus Himself that is offensive. But it does not matter if Christians get offended. You have the Black Lives Matter mob harassing patrons at restaurants shouting, ‘Are you a Christian?’ They are burning Bibles at their rallies and calling for images of Jesus to be torn down. This ‘virus’ of the Cancel Culture has so permeated the modern society that even in so-called Christian schools and colleges, images of Jesus have been taken down and those objecting or pointing out the ‘Cancel Culture’ war being waged on the Gospel Witness are expelled from school.

Here is the problem. The sins that the Bible explicitly warns against would be prevalent in the Last Days are now celebrated and have become the ‘Sacred Cows’; literally idols of worship and the new ‘Gods’. What does Cancel Culture mean? The following is taken from the common postings online in paraphrase form. Cancel Culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support or ‘canceling’ of anyone or anybody for having done something that is deemed as offensive, even as far back as 30-40 years, it does not matter. Or if someone said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel Culture uses the social media platforms, of which most of the younger generation is on where the issues to be cancelled are discussed by shaming. This disposition has resulted in the death of many by suicide. Many have lost their jobs or have not be promoted because of mere allegations that is all it takes to ruin a life or livelihood.

By definition when something is ‘canceled’, it means that it is nulled, ended, voided, etc. It is no longer wanted, like a TV show or subscription. This sense of cancelling is the basic idea behind the slang meaning of ‘canceling a person’. When a person is canceled, they are to be no longer supported. It involves calling out the bad behavior, boycotting their work such as by not watching their movies or listening to their music, which includes trying to take away a public platform and power. The issue is that one is being censored and deprived of one’s right to Free Speech. One is for being respectful and not bullying, but if it just is an allegation to get one canceled for such issues as being pro-life, pro-family, pro-nation, pro-traditional marriage, and the list goes on, that is bullying in itself. Many innocent people have lost their careers, reputations, or work opportunities for getting ‘canceled’ by the self-appointed and righteous Thought Police.

The Cancel Culture has gone too far and simply become a way of rejecting anyone one disagrees with politically and/or religiously. There is no discussion or logical, reasonable dialog allowed. The specific example of how the Cancel Culture wishes to ‘cancel’ is how they want to cancel ‘Church’ and its Gospel message. This is seen with the battle occurring with Grace Community Church in California. It is pastored by John MacArthur and upon the initial closure of all the Churches for safety measures and cooperation, it closed its doors like most did, responsibly. But then after 8 months of observation and science, it has been revealed that the COVID-19 is not a pandemic after all. The CDC has reported that in actuality, only about 9,500 people in the USA have died of the virus. And that there is a 99% chance that those infected with the virus that will recover.

It is a Masquerade
And this is not to mention that there is efficacy in using Chloroquine with Zinc to mitigate the recovery. The issue? It is a matter of the state and local authorities wanting to still ‘cancel’ Church gatherings. But again, with the U.S. President stating that ‘Church is essential’ and should remain open, there is no Executive Order made to enforce this. And the litigation that is costly has ruled against their favor. This is why Grace Church should not have engaged in their legal apparatus as it is stalked against them. They should have informed the authorities of their reopening intent. And then there is the issue of mask wearing. The Cancel Culture would have all those not covering the face with a mask or if due to medical conditions they cannot be shamed and ‘cancelling’ publicly or on social media. It has been shown, scientifically that mask wearing for a prolonged time is actually more harmful than beneficial.

This of course is based on what ‘science’ and experts one is citing. But it is rather unsettling that licensed and expert Doctors on the same subject that are voicing their alternative assessments and/or concerns are being ‘cancelled’. Such are banned, censored, material is taken down and fired if one goes contrary to the ‘official narrative’. There is also a concerted effort by the Mass Media to maintain the ‘Fear Factor’ by how the CDC has padded the numbers and glorifies ‘infected’ amounts. They neglect to explain to a traumatized public of how there is a direct correlation of those dying have been over the age of 80 years and have had other complications. Then there is the rush to bring out the vaccine that normally takes 5-8 years to test and even then, the companies are exempt or immune from litigation or being sued due to damages inflected by the dangerous vaccines.

Now in the state of Ohio, authorities can forcibly take children suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms from their families and put into state-controlled facilities unit they are deemed able to be returned, if at all. In Quebec, the same is occurring with the facilities needed to be kept ‘secret’. And the madness continues. The Left is complicit as they are onboard with this globalization ‘Reset’ and of the restructuring that is designed for re-engineering of not only a society but the entire world. How has this come about? It has been a generational struggle under the guise of ‘diversity’ and ‘equity’ mainly fomented in and within the schools and universities of the West primarily. It has been based on not offending and not bullying, which one would agree; who would not.

However, the effects desired is to precisely ‘cancel’ any and all opposition to what then started with the legalization of same sex marriage, gender identification and down to the pronouns one uses or are forced to use now. It has not been an issue of being or asking one to be ‘tolerant’ of other’ point of view, political, religious, social, but one that expects not only acceptance but a celebration of what is still offensive, perverted and sinful to most. And that any divergent view is to be precisely, ‘cancelled’. This is just a setup for the eventual Beast System that the Bible speaks about will occur. In that time, those not accepting of the authority’s ‘Mark’, will be ‘cancelled’. This will eventually lead to a Capital Punishment ordeal in that no divergent narrative will be tolerated. What is the big deal or concern? Consider that the coming mandatory vaccine is no ordinary vaccine but one in which there will be DNA manipulators.

The new vaccines will have nanotechnology, a quantum tattoo, an RFID frequency reading, and subsequent linkage to even a crypto banking account called a ‘Digital Wallet’. Currently the state and local officials are continuing to extend the lockdowns and State of Emergency even though hospitals are empty and the ‘herd immunity’ is being reached like in many other nations. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 plandemic is being used to ‘cancel’ society as one has known it. This is now seen and taking place in such nations as Australia, New Zealand, and Britain. There is a mad rush to ‘test everyone’ even though investigating reports have concluded that 90% of the exams have come back positive. And in many cases people registered to take a test but not following through still get letters of being ‘positive’ and required to quarantine.

Families are being thrown off airlines for infants not wearing masks. Pregnant women are arrested for even posting to gather for a peaceful protest against the draconian measures to subjugate people. Old ladies are being arrested for sitting in parks, surfers are being arrested at the beach. All the while the Black Lives Matter movement is not being canceled that is Marxist and based on conjuring-up the Spirits of the Dead for its power and efficacy to then terrorize civilians at restaurants, and their own homes. What the Cancel Culture has done is that it has given way not only cancel the Gospel Witness and Churches but to ‘Cancel Humanity’. One would be remiss if one would not expound on the Gospel Witness in light of the Cancel Culture theme. How so?

The message of the Gospel is that Jesus Christ came to ‘cancel’ the culture of sin and the penalty of sin which is Eternal Damnation and separation from the love, provision and freedom that is only found in YHVH through Jesus Christ. This was done at the Cross of Calvary as the Blood of Jesus, a perfect and sinless human became the representative to atone or pay for this cancellation of the power of sin over a fallen and depraved, divided Humanity. Note that a similar note of cancellation was nailed to the Cross of Christ much like Luther and the authorities have done. The world at that time was one like it is now in how Lucifer really wanted to ‘cancel’ Jesus’ work and thought that by doing so with the crucifixion. He counted on Jesus being vanquished, and Humanity would then be doomed as well. What was the offense of the posting placed on the ‘door’ or cross of Jesus? It was, ‘Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews’.

And this is the point. What is happening now as then is that ‘Truth’ is not the standard of reality anymore. Facts do not matter. Notwithstanding, the last words of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary was, ‘It is paid in full’, that is Tetelestai in the Greek. This meant that YHVH cancelled the sin penalty that every human has to pay. However, there is coming a future ‘cancellation’ of the evil false loving culture that is presently taking form. After the extraction of the Church Body, that is the Bride of Christ from Earth, Jesus will ‘cancel’ the New World Order. Jesus will pin 7 Seals on the ‘door’ of the World to announce that it will not prevail nor stand as is. In the meanwhile, the contention between the efforts to ‘cancel’ each other out continues and has intensified to a worldwide level. The persecution of those seeking to gather for Church will come under more severe punishments and sanctions, fines and even incarcerations. The time of choosing sides has come. One cannot blend-in the ‘comfortable’ middle ground in obscurity as it has been for so long in the West. That ‘safe space’ has been ‘cancelled’.

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