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‘Know and Understand this: From the Issuance of the Decree to Restore and Rebuild Jerusalem, until the Messiah, the Prince, there will be 7 Weeks and 62 Weeks. It will be Rebuilt with Streets and a Trench, but in Times of Distress. Then after the 62 weeks the Messiah will be Cut-Off and will have Nothing’. -Daniel 9:25-26

The following study is one’s attempt at trying to explain one’s Point of View or Interpretation of the 70 Week-to-Years Prophecy of Daniel. One is not saying one is ‘Right’ as one is on a Learning Curve and one admits one does not have a Solid Handle on what is going on with all those Numbers in the Prophecy. The best way one can help wrap one’s Mind around it is that there is a Dual Timeline occurring or an ‘Overlap’ as one calls it. And mainly that the 70th Week or that last 7 Year Sabbath of Years began with Jesus and will end or be finished with the AntiChrist. But that the Tribulation is in itself a 7 Year Period, all the same.

The Key Difference is that the Total and Absolute Power to be given to the AntiChrist does not begin until the Half-Way point or the Midst’. As the Scripture states, that is when he will be given Total Power and Authority to Rule for 42 Months or that 3.5 Year Time of Jacob’s Trouble that will finish the 70th Week. Most traditionalists have interpreted that the 7-Year Tribulation Period is 7 Years, which it is, as mentioned. But one is considering that half of was or has been fulfilled by Jesus at the Start of His Ministry and then was ‘Cut Off’ or was Killed at the 3.5 Year Marker or Midst.

And even that Midst is Prophetic in how in the 7-Day long Week, it was on a Wednesday that He Died, in the ‘Midst’ of the Literal Week, etc. Here is how some People interpret the 70 Weeks, the 69 Week, the 62 Weeks and the 1 Week. The total Duration of the entire Prophecy is 70 Weeks. The Weeks are as in Years, as you and most Pastor would agree to this Interpretation. But this 70 Week is further delineated in that it Is divided between 69 Weeks and then 1 Week.

That 1 Week would correspond to the Last and 70th Week of Years. So far, so good. But then there is a 62 Week duration of Time thrown in the Mix. But most would surmise that the Last Week can then mean 7 Years, just the same. So, that would be consistent in being another way to say that 62 Weeks or Years + 1 Week or 7 Years equals still the totality of the 70 Week Prophecy that it translated to Years. So, in translating these Weeks to Years, the 70 Weeks x 7 Years of a Sabbath Cycle would equal 490 Years. So, here one has the entire Duration in Year.

70 Weeks
One hopes it makes a bit more sense and not to have anyone easily get lost in the Math.  The other Key Question is what was the Start Year? In this Question alone, there are 3 Major Years that are argued Now the Question is, how and where do the other Delineations of Years fit in the Historical Timeline to get to Jesus’ Triumphal Entry and Crucifixion Year? The following is just one’s Interpretations.

69 Weeks x 7 Sabbath Counts x 360 Day/Year Calendar = 173,880 Days or 476 Years

One believes it was -445 BC on the Spring Equinox. Others disagree and say it was in -444 BC, etc. So do realize that one’s Mathematical Calculations are suspect from the beginning as one using the not-preferred and accepted Start Year. So, you have at least 3 Timelines, as follows.

-445 BC + (70 Years x 7 = 490 Years) = 46 AD

But realize that by 46 AD, Jesus was already Killed, Buried and Rose. And the Church Age had started its 14th Year of Existence and Commission, etc. And interestingly, notice the Numerical Year Factor that was given to Jesus when they had that conversation about the Building of the Temple that Jesus said if it was Destroyed, He would Raise it up again in 3 Days. The Rabbinical Teachers mentioned that it had taken 46 Years to build. Now this Prophecy could have been the Reality there and then, if the Jews would have received Jesus as their True Messiah and not ad Rejected him. But because, as a Nation they did, that 70th Week was put on Hold.

This is where one then surmises that Jesus could only have fulfilled the 1st Half as it was only 3.5 Years that defined His Ministry in terms of Time and Day Counts, 1260 Days to be exact or 42 Months, etc. Thus the next Delineation given of the 69 Weeks and 1 Week. This is Delineating the 70 Weeks to note how that Last Week was to be put on Hold. How, this is where most if not all Bible Student Assume and/or Presume that it is referring to Daniel’s 70th Week of 7 Years. Technically that is correct. But one is being more convinced now that Jesus fulfilled the 1st Half with His Military.

-445 BC + (69 Years x 7 = 483 Years) = 39 AD – 7 Year Tribulation = 32 AD

This is why it would correspond to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble and when the AntiChrist is given Full Power to Rule Absolutely. It is because although the AntiChrist goes forth to ‘Conquer’ during the 1st Half of the 3.5 Year Tribulation Period of 7 Years, he is rising to Power. It is not until the Midst that  Lucifer possesses him, stops the Daily Sacrifices and enters the Time to demand Absolute Worship as he is then given Absolute Power. And 1 Aspect of this Absolute Authority is the Mandated Mark of the Beast that will be required to Buy and Sell or be Decapitated and not be able to participate in Society, etc. Now, as to the 3rd Timeline of the Delineation of the 62 Weeks of Year and the 1 Week of 7 Years.

-445 BC + (62 Years x 7 = -434 Years) = -11 BC -  (-7 Year Factor) = -3 BC Birth of Jesus

Prophetic Onion
So, as one can assess, the 3 different Timelines of the same Duration of Time, delineated in 3 different ways correspond to the 3 Key Points in History pertaining to Jesus’ Birth, Death and Return. This is why one surmises that the Prophecy of Daniel, is like a ‘Prophetic Onion’, to best describe it as Humanly possible. To reiterate, when Jesus was ‘Cut Off’, that then also forestalled the 2nd Half of the 70th Week. And one just surmises, that perhaps, that is to be fulfilled by the Anti-Christ that picks-up the Sabbath of Years to complete the 2nd Half of the Sabbath of Year or that Last and Final 70th Week.

Also in the Argument about all these Overlapping Timelines of Daniel, there is Research that accounts for an apparent Discrepancy in the Day or Year Count. This is due to the Conversion of the Calendars from the Julian to the Gregorian that has, in 1 case a 24 Day Count Discrepancy. As to such an Exact Numbering, one can only suggest one’s Math to be in General Terms, as one best can comprehend and explain it.

It also depends what Number of Days one decides to use, the Solar Year or Tropical Year of 365.242190419 Days? Therefore, the Timeline from the Start to the End Date is 476 Years plus 24.7 Days in the Gregorian Calendar. So, assuming a General Understanding of the Daniel Prophecy, from the Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem, there would be 70 Counts of 7 Years, 62 more Counts of 7 Years or that 483 Year Factor, until the Messiah would show-up. Then, after the Culmination of the 62 Counts of those 7 Year Periods, or after the 483rd year, the Messiah would be cut off.

But notice that it could or could not mean the exact 483rd Year. That is the Key and Difference in the Interpretation that is in dispute. There are some Bible Students of the Prophecy of Daniel that contend that there is a Week of Weeks (7 x 7 = 49 Years) that follows Messiah being ‘Cut-Off’ or Killed. And that this 49 Year Factor is not the same as the 70th week. But it is clear that most would agree that the Verse 25 does call-out 2 Timelines, if not 3 that Delineate the  7 Weeks, and then the 62 Weeks. It is understood then that it covers the Period of 49 Years and 434 Years the.

434 Years + 49 Years = 483 Years

So, this could corroborate the Year Count when Jesus arrives, ‘On-The-Scene’ at that Triumphal Entry on the Sabbath, after 7 and 62 Weeks. He arrived after the 49 Years and the 434 Years after that -445 BC Spring Equinox Decree, the 4th and Final one by Artaxerxes II. This then leaves that 1 Week of 7 Years to complete the Total 490 Years or the 70 Years x 7 Sabbath Cycles of Israel’s Disciple, etc. Some have suggested the following Translation to help see why some Bible Students see the Messiah dying after the 69th Week, (7+62).

‘From the Time the Word goes out to Restore and Rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the Ruler, comes, there will be 7, 7’s, and 62, 7’s. It will be Rebuilt with Streets and a Trench, but in Times of Trouble. After the 62, 7’s, the Anointed One will be put to Death and will have Nothing’.


So, note that there are 1st 7, 7's and then the 62, 7's… and then Messiah will be put to Death, etc. The following are the various Mathematical Calculations for Reference and Consideration. Jesus was ‘Cut-Off’ or put to Death in the ‘Midst’ of the Final Week of 7 Years.

March 23, -445 BC Spring Equinox
To April 14, AD 32 Proposed Crucifixion Day
= 476 Years
173,880 Days (Excluding End Date)


So, the purpose of this study has been to consider the Delineation of at least 3 Timelines that constitute the 490 Year Prophecy of Daniel. In that Duration of Time, one will examine the 3 Timelines that would help best explain how they factor in the Birth, Death and Return of Jesus, all in the same Prophecy. Here below is the Delineation of the 70 Weeks, all-inclusive. Not to Scale.

                  70 Weeks of Years (490 Years) / 176,400 Days

1. |----------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------|
                                        69 Weeks                                  70th Week

2. |-------------------------------------------------|--------------|--------------------------|
                           62 Weeks                       7 Weeks            1 Week

3. |----------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------|
                                    483 Years                                       7 Years
                                                                                   (Tribulation Period)
                                                                                      3.5            3.5

    |------ (69 Years x 7 = 483 Years) = 39 AD – 7 Year Tribulation = 32 AD -----|

    |----------434 Years + 49 Years = 483 Years = 39 AD – 7 = 32 AD -----------| 

                                                                                           7 Years
                                                                                   (Tribulation Period)

                                                                                      3.5            3.5 <-- @ 2nd Half of Tribulation
-445 BC                                                        29 AD       32 AD              36 AD         39 AD
Decree                                                         Jubilee   Crucifixion
Nehemiah 2:1-8

       62 Weeks x 7 Sabbath x 360 Day/Year Calendar = 434
                           = 173,880 Days or 476 Years           

And furthermore, that the Last Week or Years, being 7 Years, is further Delineated by Halves that both Christ and AntiChrist fulfil, but only ‘Half’ of that Last Week, Prophetically. This is to insinuate that although the Tribulation Period is 7 Years long, Prophetically, it is only the 2nd Half, in one’s Interpretation that fulfills the 2nd Half of the Sabbath of Weeks Jesus imitated with His 3.5 Year Ministry of 1260 Days, etc.



Seventy Weeks Prophecy of Daniel and the Sabbatical Years


Circumstantial Evidence why it was in 32 AD
When was Jesus Crucified? Was it in 30 AD? 31 AD, or 33 AD? This has been 1 of the most Profound Questions, that has been Debated since the Church Age started with Jesus' Death. Can the Year and the Week Day be Determined? Is there any Evidence to suggest a More Accurate Year and Week Day? The Research one is providing in this Book, is one's Best Attempt in Showing why one is More Convinced of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year. One is not attempting to ‘Convince’, or to ‘Prove’ the Year, as that is beyond one’s Ability.

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Coming Tribulation Period
The putpose of this Book is to provide a Comprehensive Study of the Political, Social, Religious and Biblical Factors demonstrating just how close the End of the Church Age is and ready to Transition into Daniel’s 70th Week of Years to include a time of ‘Great’ Tribulation for the World and Israel where Faith will be under Fire. The Last Sabbatical Cycle of 7-Years will be the most intense time in Human History. For details and the way to ‘Depart’ or escape from such a Time, refer to the Book of Revelation. His Name is Jesus.

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