Explaining-Away the Rapture Event

  • What is the 'Deception' that the Bible teaches?
  • What will be Lie be that will be Believed by the World?
  • How is the Rapture Event going to be Explained?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘We are dealing with a yet Unrecognized Level of Consciousness, independent of Man. But closely linked to the Earth. I do not believe any more that UFOs are simply the Spacecraft of some Race of E.T Visitors. It is to this Notion, is too simplistic to explain their Appearance, their Frequency of their Manifestations recorded throughout History’. Dr. Jacques Vallée, Computer Scientist, UFO Researcher

The following are some Rationales for how the Rapture Event will be Explained-Away by the Deception that is the Lie of the Aliens come to Save Humanity. The Work and Research of this write-up is attributed to Pastor Billy Crone of Sunrise Baptist Church in Nevada, USA. It is based on the Presentation done on Exposing the Alien Deception. By Permission, the Pastor is graciously allowing no Copy-Right to Reproduce and Disseminate the Information. The Information presented will be given in Paraphrase Format with Generalities and one’s own Commentary and Foresights will be added to the Material for Context for further Explanation and Biblical Correlations.

Where does the Term, UFO or Unidentified Flying Object originate from? According to Research, the Term was coined by a Mr. Ken Arnold. It was on the occasion of an initial Sighting of Unidentified Lights in the Sky that involved U.S. Air Force Military Aircraft in the State of Washington, USA. It is referred to as the Maury Island Incident. It was 3 Days later that Arnold took to flight in his Personal Plane and identified the Lights in the Sky near Mount Rainier. He described them as Flying Objects, Modified or the UFOs as ‘Flying Saucers’, etc.

He described how at approximately 9,200 Feet in Elevation, they located a ‘Chain’ of these Flying Saucers that essentially were what is now called an Armada in Formation. As it was a Clear Day, they were like a ‘Mirror’, shining from the Sun’s Reflections. He Clocked them to determine their Speed. As he got closer, they were described as a Boomerang-Shaped Object with convex cut-outs and a Triangle Apex in the back. They appeared and disappeared and were not in any Human Conventional Formation.

Arnold calculated the Distance from Mount Rainier to Mount Adam that the Sources took to travel that Distance. The estimated Map Length that it took the Saucers to travel that Distance was 1.42 Minutes. This means that the Saucers were approximately traveling at 1,200 Mile per Hour or 1,900 Kilometers per Hour. The Distance from Mount Rainier to Mount Adams is approximately, Peak to Peak, 46 Miles or 74 Kilometers apart.

A Soft Disclosure

One sure ‘Rapture Barometer’ is how exactly Deception has taken ‘Center Stage’ in the World. It seems the World has lost its Mind and has embraced Pseudo-Science that denies Reality. Case in Point is the whole Gender Debate. In this case, the Denial of Basic Biological Science is indicative of the Priming for Deception of the Human Race. And at the Core of this Deception is the Priming for the Explanation how it will be used to calm the Fears and Panic as Millions around the World will, instantaneously disappear, Without a Trace, as it is said.  What is rather sad and a Commentary of not just the World, but the Last Days Deception has infiltrated the Body of Christ.

In the Last Iteration of the Church Age, it is Jesus that has been ‘Voted’ out of the Church. Thus, it is no surprise as one Expels the ‘Truth’, the Way and the Life, that Falsity, Deception and Death will replace it. Those that call themselves “Christians’, believe, not that there are ‘Aliens’, but that they are the New Saviors come to ‘Fix’ Humanity. One will examine some Main Points as to how this has happened. And what are the Alien Deceptions? It is really the Original Lie. It is the Deception of the Chief Deceiver, Lucifer. Jesus described him as being the Father of Lies. And it is he, Lucifer that 1st Deceived the 1st Humans, primarily Eve in the Garden of Eden. According to Genesis, Lucifer introduced the Lie that YHVH is not GOD.

That He is withholding ‘Good’ and Knowledge. And that Sin or Disobedience will not result in Death. But ultimately that Humans can become Gods. And this has been, is and will be the Lie that will be believed, once the Rapture of the Bride of Christ occurs. Thereafter, the Restrainer will allow for the Full Manifestation of the ‘Aliens’ to be Physically Manifested and deliver on their False Gospel since Eden. But in actuality, it is something that Lucifer cannot Deliver. And Aliens will show up, but the Bible discloses them as being the Fallen Angels, masquerading as Beings of Light and Goodness, Benevolent, etc.

Worse, is that the Deception involves the Lie that the coming ‘Golden Age’ will be reconstituted as it was, apparently before Adam and Eve on Earth. And that the coming 7 Years of Peace, confirmed to the World will be one of their Utopia being accessible now to all of Humanity. And that it was the very ‘Thing’ YHVH had deprived Humanity of having. But this is the Lie. Jesus disclosed that, after the Rapture Event, the Earth and the World would Spoil and plunge into Great Darkness. It will be the worst Time in the History of Mankind.

Realize that according to the Bible, Humanity is not ‘Alone’. It has never been since its Creation in Eden. From the very start, there was a ‘Serpent’ in the Garden who had access. There are the Angels with various Ranks as are the Powers of Evil in the Heavenly Places. It has been World Governments that are controlled and ruled by the Elite Bloodlines that have made ‘Deals with the Devil’ or Lucifer that have moderated the Alien or UFO Phenomena. Why? The Time for a Full Disclosure is not yet warranted. What Event will? The Rapture. In the meantime, you have in the U.S. Capitol Hill Lawmakers that are arguing the possibilities of ascertaining what the Unidentified Flying Objects better known as UFOs are all about.

Deals with the Devil

Or if they pose a National Security Threat. They do. But it is an Eternal Security Threat to one’s Soul. Lucifer and his Cadre of Fallen Angels and Demons are on the Loose on Earth. They seek Human Souls to drag as many with them to Hell. Why? They seek to thwart the Plan and Purpose of Humanity found in Jesus.

It is that Humanity has been Elected to be Above the Creation of the Angels, for which Lucifer, being a Cherub 4-Wing Class is extremely Jealous of. To this end, the Deception will be that in the Last Days, they are Synchronizing the Disclosure in a ‘Soft’ Roll-Out’. Why? As mentioned, Lucifer has to Time it right so he can explain it away as then the Fallen Angels and Demons will Manifest or can fully thereafter. But in the meanwhile, a Full Disclosure will not be allowed until after the Rapture.

Even though Former Intelligence officers were among the Witnesses appearing before the U.S. House National Security Sub-Committee, their Earth-shattering Revelations of Confirmed ‘Biologics’ and ‘Alien’ Spacecraft have been a ‘Nothing Burger’. They stated that the U.S. Military has Crashed Craft that they have Reversed Engineered their Technology. And that the U.S. Government has retrieved the Bodies of the ‘Pilots’ of those Spacecrafts. In fact, since World War 2, the U.S. Military has had a Secret Recovery Program where ‘Biologics’ or Non-Humans were taken.

This Recovery Program is still in Operation and it explains the ‘Men in Black’ Phenomena as well. The Governments of the World do not want such ‘Alien’ Technology to be accessible to the Average Person on Planet Earth. But realize that what has been allowed is 70-100 Years behind what Humanity ought to have possessed to improve the Daily Lives of most around the World that live in Misery and Poverty. One would think that if the Benevolent Aliens have come across the Universe to ‘Save’ or ‘Help’ Humanity, they would have shared, by now their ‘Solutions’ to Hunger, Employment, Global Warming, Wars, and not just give every Human on Earth a Cell Phone to Spy on and Track their every move. It is really all about Control and will be.

According to the Bible, the coming AntiChrist that will be in League with the ‘Space Brothers’, will ‘Mark’ every Human with his Number, 666. And the stipulation is that out of Convenience, it will not only be an issue of being able to ‘Buy and Sell’, but it will be an issue or an ‘Ace’ of Worship. This is at the Core of the Luciferian ‘Alien’ Deception. Worship. Whom will you Worship? If one reads the Bible, this supposition should not surprise the World. One is just insinuating that the ‘Ancient’ Alien Theory has been Custom-Tailored for these Last Days Generation that is already or has been already Primed for the Explaining-Away the Rapture Event.  

It is a Deception that the Rapture will be Explain -Away. It is the very next Event that the Apostles taught in the New Testament is going to be next on the Prophetic Time Clock. This Event is called the Rapture of the Church. It will conclude the Royal Commission of the Church or the Disciples of Jesus to take the Gospel of the Good News of Salvation by Faith, only found in Jesus. It is a Work done that has to be acted upon in one’s Lifetime. One’s Eternal State is in the Balance.

It is about Timing the Rapture

It is the Rapture Event that will then transfer the Witness of Jesus back to the Jews, as in the 144,000 from Each Tribe, etc. It is a Time when  Jesus will have Evacuated all ‘Born-Again’ Followers of Jesus, specifically and only. It will not be the case of ‘I think I am a Christian’. Or I hope I am ‘Good’ enough, etc. It will be a truly Supernatural Event that is beyond Science Fiction and better than any Hollywood Blockbuster Movie. It is the Time that Jesus takes His Bride from off the Planet. It will be a type of Lot Rescue from Sodom. It will be a ‘Retreat’ before the worst Time in the History of Mankind is thrust upon the Planet as Jesus ‘Declares War’ etc. The Bible calls that Time the 7-Year Tribulation, as one Interprets the Scenario.

The Rapture will be an Incredible Event like none other in Human History. It is on the Level, in one’s Estimation of the Creation of Adam and Eve, the Flood of Noah, Joshua Stopping the Sun, Moses parting the Red Sea, Manna falling from Heaven, the Death, Burial, Resurrection of Jesus and the Descent of the Holy Spirit. In fact, one conjectures that the Rapture Timing is tied to the Acts 2 Pentecost, as it began that it will End. And that the Event will be tied specifically to the New Wine Feast. This occurs during the Summer based on the Wheat Harvest.

Thus, Lucifer has to be at the ready to come-up with the best Excuse he can think of to Explain-Away why all of a sudden these Followers of Jesus, specifically ‘Disappeared’. And this is where the Alien Deception will be the ‘Official Narrative’ given by the World Governments and the Religious Leaders. Primarily, it will be the Roman Catholic Religious Leaders in League with the Reconstituted Sanhedrin, as it was in the Days of Jesus that will put forth the Rationale of why the Rapture happened.

Realize that what the World calls ‘Aliens’ are not a presumed Higher Evolved Race of Beings from the other side of the Galaxy or Universe. They are Fallen Angels. And what are the Demons? They are the Spirits of the Giants that were the Genetic Hybrids of the Fallen Angels mating with Human Women. It was for this Reason that YHVH had to Destroy the entire World, except Noah and his Family. In the Bible, the Word for ‘Perfect in his Generation’, meant that Noah’s Genes or Genome was not Contaminated.

Why is this Factor so important? Jesus only took-on Human Flesh and Blood, and that of a 100% Human. Once a Human is Genetically Modified, crossing a certain Threshold, he or she becomes Non-Human. And? Jesus’ Atoning or Coving Work of Paying for the Sins of that Individual Human is no longer applicable. Thus, it renders the Free Salvation of Jesus, procured on the Cross, ‘Null and Void’ to such Humans. That is the Goal and End Game of Lucifer during the 7-Year Tribulation Period.

The Lie of the Alien Deception will convince People that they will need to Up-Grade into their Bodies the ‘Mandated’ Injection’ or Mark of some sort to help Accelerate the Evolution of Humanity into ‘Gods’ and be ‘Eternal, free of Disease and Hunger, etc. It is all a Lie. It is a Trap for Humanity. But Humanity, like Eve, will ‘Buy it’. What will help this Lie to be ‘Believed’ is the actual Manifestation of these Fallen Angels disguised as ‘Martian Saviors’, for example. As the World says, ‘Seeing is Believing’.

It is about Hybridizing Humanity
For example why this Deception will be so profound and believable is based on what is occurring now in terms of the Ground-Work. Consider the following Statistic in the USA of People’s Attitudes towards ‘Aliens’.

1-National Polls have come out that state that in the United States, more People believe in Aliens than in God.

2-More People believe that ‘Aliens’ have visited Planet Earth than believe that Jesus is the Son of GOD.

3-Ufology is becoming a ‘Replacement Religion’ for Christianity as it will effectively become incorporated into the AntiChrist’s New Religion after the Rapture Event.

4-People now rather Believe that it will be the Aliens who will ‘Save’ them and Mother Earth, not Jesus.  

The Luciferians of the World that have bought the ‘Lie’ of Lucifer’s Gospel have been hard at Work prepping this Last Generation. What has helped tremendously is the Age of Technology as in Social Media and the Internet. The World is now all Connected and can be that more easily Deceived and Manipulated. This is the Luciferian Agenda. And such Technology will be used to Explain-Away the Rapture, when it happens. The World will be in a Panic and at a Loss for what occurred.

This is when the Luciferians will step in and introduce the ‘Alien’ Space Brothers to calm the Fears of People who might actually realize that what the ‘Crazy’ Christians said about the Rapture did actually come True. And if the Rapture Event came True, what comes next would also be True, i.e., the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. But to the Credit of the AntiChrist ‘Man of Peace’ and the False Religious Leaders, they will lull the World back to Sleep with their Alien Deception.

Contrary to the Promise of Lucifer’s Man of Peace, there will be no Peace. Sure, initially the Bible does disclose that the AntiChrist will bring Peace, and especially to the Middle East that is dragging the entire World towards World War 3. But at the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Confirmation of the Covenant with the Rabbim or the Sanhedrin, in one’s Interpretation, the Deal with the Devil will be cut short. At that Time, the World will experience the worst Time in Human History in terms of the scale of War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.

A Primary Reason why most Humans on Earth do believe or will believe in the Alien Deception is that it is based on the Theory of Evolution. As most in the World are either Atheists, or of a New Age or ‘Higher Consciousness’ type of Philosophy, the Notion of the Luciferians just introducing the next ‘Great Genetic Leap Forward’ will play right into their Hands. The Aliens will sell their ‘Product’ or Narrative that Humanity can become like them and be a Space Colonizing Race. Just take their ‘Mark’ or Number, 666. And the Price?

Channels of Communication

One’s Soul, nothing more, nothing less. So, is there any Evidence of Alien Races existing on Earth? If Fallen Angels are Spirit Beings, who are these ‘Biologics’ that drive the UFO’s and apparently cannot Drive as they Crash so often? There have been Ex-Military Whistleblowers that have come On-The-Record to expose that, for example, there are over 50 different ‘Species’ or Races of Extra-Terrestrials. It has been documented also that, apparently, the U.S. Governments, among others in the World, are corroborating with ‘Aliens’ to do Military Top Secret Research.

Such Projects are like the Philadelphia Project that used Warp Time to transport an entire Destroyer Navy Ship back in Time. Then there are the Military Super Soldier Black Programs and Operations, etc. Then there are the numerous every-day Eye-Witnesses that are becoming more common thanks to Live-Streaming or Social Media Recording Devices. They have captured Amazing Footage of Beings or Events or Circumstances that are not ‘Normal’ or cannot be Explained-Away.

It is not a surprise to those that know their Bible as Jesus said that just before His Return, the Last Generation would be as the Days of Noah. And the Days of Noah was full of Violence, and a Luciferian Hybridization of Humanity. So, who are those ‘Alien’ Beings with small or tall stature and with Almond Shaped Eyes? These are what many who have studied this subject conjecture are the Biologics. That is, they are Demons that have Endwell in a ‘Suit of Flesh’ that has been Hybridized from human Genetic Experimentation.

They are essentially Body Hosts. According to some Eye-Witnesses in the Military, there are 3 Main types of the Grays. But what is striking is that such ‘Alien’ Beings that supposedly have come from the Pleiades, Mars, or Orion, all have a Humanoid-Looking Constitution. They are Bi-Pedal as in having 2 Feet with a Head and 2 Arms, etc. Why is that?  And what is their Message in ‘Helping Save Humanity’?

According to several People that have been, supposedly Contacted by the Aliens, they are ‘Space Brothers’ sent to ‘Observe’ Humanity and ‘Teach’ it the ‘Ways of Peace, Love and Harmony’, etc. It is like a Star Trek Episode of the Notion of the Prime Directive. The following is what is the Core Communication as Channels through the Mediums or the People that allow themselves to be Possessed by these ‘Aliens’ that in actuality are either the Spirit Demons or the Fallen Angels. Their Message to Humanity is in the 10 Protocols of the Perverse.


This Lie was told to Eve by Lucifer. It has been believed ever since. It resulted in the Disobedience of Adam that led to the Death and Destruction of the Human Race due to Sin.


The Planet is a ‘Mother’ that needs to be Worshiped. In order to Save Mother Earth, certain People, specifically ‘Closed-Minded’ Followers of Jesus need to be ‘Aborted’.


The Great Teachers, such as Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha were sent by the Ancient Aliens to assist Mankind in their next Step of its Evolution to become ‘Gods’.  


Humanity Suffers because of Want and Desire. Sin is an Illusion. Humanity does not need to be ‘Saved’ nor does it need a Savor. Humanity needs to ‘Save’ itself.  


Ther real Message of the Christs, like Jesus was that Mankind can become Christ themselves and travel the Cosmos.  


In order to be able to Contact and Interact with such ‘Alien’ Beings, Humans need to refrain from certain Foods such as Meat and practice Meditation as in Yoga.  

In order to contact the Alien Beings, Humans must enter and/or have a Consciousness that is clear of any Distractions and Thoughts, i.e., Mind Control and Possession.  


Humanity must establish a One World Government and a One World Religion. And it has to be based on the Protocols of the ‘Alien Saviors’.  


Humanity must follow only a One World Leader to avoid Petty Wars and Border Disputes.  


This Being seeks to Help and Save Humanity from the Evil YHVH and False Jesus by bestowing True Enlightenment.


What is rather remarkable is that the so-called Enlightened Entities appear to come across the Galaxy or Universe to Negate the Tenets of the Bible, specifically the Person and Purpose of Jesus, only the True Christ Redeemer of Humanity. Why only Christianity. Why not challenge the Teachings of Islam or Buddhism? Realize what the ‘Ancient Aliens’ are saying now, they have said since Eden. It is based on Theology and not Technology. Is it any Wonder why the New Age is so attracted to these Ancient Aliens and Master of Illumination?

They and the Luciferian Occult essentially espouse the same thing. No, the Luciferian Agenda is to Deceive and Destroy Humanity. They seek ‘Useful Idiots’ that have fallen for their Death Cults that often require Rituals and Blood Sacrifices, etc. The Demons seek to Possess Humans to Control them and deprive them of knowing Jesus to get Saved and have the Power and Authority to Resist and Cast-Out. This is because Jesus rose from the Dead and now all Power and Authority has been given to Him. Jesus in turn has transferred that Power and Authority to the Church, while it is still on Earth. But once the Rapture Event occurs, Lucifer will be given Full Reign.

It is about Dimensions
Realize that such ‘Ancient Aliens’ do not necessarily travel in Spacecrafts across the Universe. They do not need to. They can travel at the Speed of Thought. Consider the Arch-Angel Gabriel that was dispatched to respond to the Prayer of Daniel. He was delayed by the Prince of Persa, a Powerful Fallen Angel that is over Nations, such as the Prince of Greece, etc. But Gabriel did not come on a Flying Machine of any sort. Now, granted, YHVH Himself at Time is depicted riding the Chariot of Seraphim or the Celestial Merkava.

Would this constitute a UFO? Some Researchers are convinced of it. Then there is the Chariot of Fire that came to pick-up Elijah and take him to Heaven. Was that a UFO Spacecraft? The difference is that they were not traveling through Space and Time but through Dimensions. That is the Point. These ‘Ancient Aliens or Fallen Angels along with their Demon Prodigy travel Inter-Dimensionally. In the Spirit Realm they traverse back-and-forth through Portals or Star-Gates.
Does one ever notice how when UFO’s are captured on Video, they just ‘suddenly appear’? You do not see them or Track them necessarily coming in advance. In some cases, yes, and by Military Radar, but it is at their starting Point and Ending Point that they Appear and then Disappear as fast. And without a Trace they also Accelerated at incredible Speeds. Are there examples in the Bible of this Inter-Dimensionality? Yes. Consider 2 Kings 6 and 17. This is the account when Elisha was surrounded in a Walled City and his Young Attendant was scared for the Army of the Assyrians that came.

Elisha prayed to YHVH to have the Eyes of the Young Man be opened to see into the Spirit World or into those Dimensions. And sure enough, the Servant saw the Hills full of Horses and Chariots of Fire all around Elisha. As a Prophet of YHVH, Elisah could see YHVH’s Invisible Army, but just as Real and even more Powerful. And that is the Point. Jesus also sends His Holy Angels to Minister or Serve the Saints as in His Followers. It is a very Mysterious Construct. But this Account of the Young Attendant and Elisah is a Euphemism of the Spiritual Condition of YHVH’s People.

Only the very few ‘See’ or can see into the Spirit Realm and Discern what is actually happening. Most who call themselves ‘Christians’ are like the Young Servant. They cannot or could not see Spiritually into what was really going on in the spirit realm. The Solution? Prayer and Intercession of a Godly Man and/or Woman.  So, in reality, Angels are ‘Appearing’ and ‘Disappearing’ just the same. Consider the Ladder of Jacob also. Angels were Traveling up and down from Heaven to Earth on it. It was a ‘Portal’ or Star-Gate of sorts.

And one conjecture, they do correspond to certain Places on Earth. This is based on the Earth’s Energy Ley-Lines and Geo-Magnetic Grid. Realize that the Angels, to include the Fallen Angels, do not need Crafts to enter in-and-out of Dimensions. But the Demon Spirits apparently do. This is the ‘Why’ to those Biologics that thus, drive and ride the Spacecrafts or UFOs in one’s Interpretation.

It is about the Days of Noah

They can Materialize and Dematerialize instantaneously. With such Spacecraft, they can and do defy the Laws of Earth’s Physics and Laws of Gravity, etc. For example, their Acceleration does not produce a Sonic Boom. They do not break the Sound Barrier. But because when they do Materialize, they can and are picked-up on the Radar. How do they do it? This will be explained further down the Study in the Statements made by Bob Lazar. He is the one that reported working in Area 51 with the various ‘Alien’ Spacecrafts. He explained in simple terms how this Technology essentially bends Space and Time.

So, many Researchers have concluded that such Crafts are not coming from across the Universe or Galaxies. They do not originate from Outer Space but Outer Dimensions as mentioned. Perhaps some Spacecrafts are being used from such places. In that case, one conjectures that it is because that is where certain Fallen Angels had been Stationed and it is where they had ‘Left their Abode’ or Estate as in their Home or Post, etc. One is more convinced that this was the case for Cydonia, Mars.

Thus, these ‘Alien’ Saviors are not coming from Outer Space but from Inner Space. And why are they coming to Earth? As mentioned, they bring a ‘Message’ that negates all the Teachings of Jesus and the Bible. And it is the way they are Communicating this ‘Enlighten’. Consider that if such ‘Ancient Aliens’ are 1000s of Years more Advanced than Humans, why would Humans be required to alter their State of Mind, have a Vegetarian Diet and never use the Name of Jesus when in their Presence?

Why not broadcast such Messages over Earth’s Internet or appear in the Nightly News? Why resort to how the Luciferian Occult practices Communicating with them. This is precisely why YHVH in the Old Testament prohibited Israel from being involved in such Practices. It opened one’s Mind and Body to be Possessed by the Demons and Controlled by the Fallen Angels, etc.

These Demons, especially, seek a Human Host. They can possess one’s Body and Mind. At times, the Demon manifests through the Voice. All this is very Real. Not only that but the Demons Teach. This is what the Apostles in the New Testament warned the Church of how in the Church, the Church would turn away from Jesus, as in the Laodicean Church. They would turn to Doctrines taught by Demons, or in this case, ‘Aliens’. The Bible says that is exactly what the Church would do in the Last Days based on 1 Timothy 4.

Bottom Line is that the Alien Message that purports to be the New Gospel is really the False Gospel of Lucifer since Eden. This is the Present Spiritual Condition of the Majority of the Churches, especially in Europe and the USA. In these Last Days, the Church has essentially gone ‘Woke’ like the World and has Abandoned the Faith of Jesus, in Jesus. They instead listen and believe in the Doctrines taught by Demons. And it is through Channeling and Autonomic Writing, for example, that Demons teach their Doctrines. And what are those Doctrines?

It is about Possessing the Body and Mind

They are the 10 Protocols of the Perverse one had noted above. These Spirit Demons come off as being Benevolent Avatars or ‘Christ Childs’ sent to Teach Humanity the ‘Path to Peace and Prosperity’, etc. But if that is the case, why do they need to Abduct People against their Will? Why do the ‘Alien Brothers’ have to extract Semen and Eggs from Abductees? It is because as in the Days of Noah, Lucifer’s Agenda is to Deface the Genome of Humanity. He is promising Humanity an ‘Up-Grade’. It is needed because Sin has led to Decade, Aging and eventual Death of the Body.

Realize that Death was not meant to occur for Humanity. However, in Jesus and only in Jesus is one Promised a new ‘Biologics’. That is called the New Glorified Body. And this is what the Rapture is all about. It is really the 2nd Part of the 1st Resurrection. The 1st Part was that of Jesus, exclusively. And it is at that Point in Time, that Jesus will have Delivered what Lucifer is also Promised but will not be able to Deliver to the Deceived World. Part of the Luciferian Lie is that they will have to convince Humanity, after the Rapture, that Humanity’s only Hope is to be Hybridized. And enter the Aliens who will claim that they had ‘Seeded’ Humanity in the 1st Place.

Even most Ancient Human Civilizations attest to this Alternative Creation Myths. Now also realize that if one has no Discernment, the Gospel Story of GOD the Son, taking-on Flesh and Blood by becoming a Man, born of a Human Woman and ‘Impregnated’ or Overshadowed by GOD the Holy Spirit would insinuated a Sexual Union of the Divine with Mortals. Such is the Mythos of Ancient Greek Legends of the Gods. And if one is a Mormon, this Narrative is exactly what occurred and does for those that will possess the New World along with their many Wives to have Perpetual Sex with and produce Spirit Babies and colonize the expanse of the Unknown Universe, etc.

But for the Followers of Jesus, such a Narrative is not Germain. Jesus was not ‘Born’ out of GOD the Father as an ‘Extra-Terrestrial’ of the UFO Kind, having Consensual Sex with Mary. And Jesus was not an Indigo or Christ Child for only this Age of Pisces, etc. However, this is another Rationale that is very indicative of just how close the Rapture Event is in having the Church Age now come to a close. Consider that as in the Days of Noah, such Genetic Manipulation warranted the Flood soon after or in Tandem with the ‘Escape’ of Noah and his Family, as in ‘Sudden Destruction’.

Now thanks to Modern Technology, specifically seen in the New mRNA types of Injections, that is precisely how the Human Genome is being altered. One is not saying that just by taking the Mandated COVID Death Shots or now the Mandated Flu-Shots that one will lose one’s Salvations. Embarrassingly, many espousing Christians taught this Stupidity. But, at some Point and Time, what Iteration the Mark of the Beast will be that will be placed on or in a Human Body, that will have enough of a Genetic Marker to have Jesus’ Blood Atonement be of no Effect. That is daunting. But the Bible states that the whole World will Worship and Wonder after the AntiChrist and his Humanity 2.0 Up-Grade.

It is about The Way
But what is also coming is the Flood of Noah type Judgment of the entire World.The other Rationale that one can discern why the Ancient Aliens are Fallen Angels posing as Light Beings, is that they are. But their Prodigy, the Demons or the Aliens possess People like Demons of the Accounts found in the Bible. It is readily understood that People who are involved in the Occult and deal with actual Demon Possession describe that whenever they are in the Presence of Demons, they come with a Foul Smell of Sulfur. And guess what the supposed ‘Aliens’ smell like when they show-up?

They smell like Sulfur.
Demons often appear, having a Nauseating Odor when the Ghost or Spirit Entities manifest themselves. Many who have written about being abducted by the ‘Aliens’ recall this same attribute. Why is there a Direct Association with Demons and Sulfur? Can it because in Revelation 19 the Beast the Antichrist are thrown into the Lake of Fire, alive into the fiery Burning Sulfur. Coincidence? No.

Then, the other Piece of Evidence that links Demons with ‘Aliens’ is what usually occurs when Humans have Direct Encounters with both. People are never the ‘Same’ again. In the case of UFO Encounters with the supposed ‘Ancient Aliens’, Abductees recount how they become possessed by the Aliens. And there are usually 3 Outcomes identified by those who have come out of the Occult and can Testify about it. Or there are those that study the People who have. Here below are some of the Primary Outcomes.

Abductees go Insane or act like they are. It is because they become controlled by the ‘Alien’ in their Body and/or Mind.  

Abductees of Aliens go deeper into the occult after their Experience and Experiments on them. They end-up usually in the New Age and seek to get away from Christianity.  

An inordinate amount of Alien Abductees end-up committing Suicide. Not that every Suicide Episode is Demonic but either Influenced or part of a Blood Ritual Sacrifice.

Realize that it is a Spiritual Phenomenon one is dealing with here. And what is occurring involves Black Magic. This is exactly what was taught to Humans by the Fallen Angels during the Time of Enoch. To Manifest the Fallen Angels, the Demons or in this case, the Alien ‘Enlightened’ Masters, Humans must perform Ceremonies in order to Contact and Communicate with the Fallen Angels and Demons.

It is also why Humans must prepare their Minds and Bodies to be a ‘Clean Slate’, so that the Fallen Angels can control them and their Demon Prodigy can Possess them. Is there any Pieces of Evidence that can corroborate these Claims? Yes. Consider the man, Aleister Crowley. He was from the United Kingdom. He delved deep into the Art of Black Magic. He was a Satanist, a Follower of Lucifer and performed all such Blood Rituals to gain access to Power Control over People, Places and Powers.

Space Brothers
He called himself the ‘Beast’, as in the Beast of the Book of Revelation with its 666. He appeared on the Cover of the Beatles Album, Sergeant Pepper, for example. He was a Pedophile and it is alleged that he Blood Sacrifices several of his own Children. He is also attributed to having immense Influence on the New Age Movements of the 1960s and the Hippie Generation. He is the one that wrote, ‘Do What Thou Wilt, is the Sum of the Law’. And it reverberated in the Halls of Higher Education with the Drug Culture. But where did he get all such Occult Knowledge? From ‘Alien’ Beings of Light. Interestingly, 1 of these Light Beings, Crowley named ‘Lam I Am’.

What was more intriguing is that he drew a Picture Sketch of this ‘Celestial Being’. And what did it look like? It looked exactly like one of the Alien Grays. Coincidence? No. Consider, again the Occult and Mystic Connection to the Eastern Religions. The Name ‘Lam’ is the Tibetan Word for ‘The Way’ or Path. This is why the Dalai Lam-a, is then the one who goes on such a Path. It was also the Title of the Gods of Egypt. And for some Mysterious Reason, its Numerical Association attributed to it is 71. Realize that it is a Counterfeit of the Real Way or Path. How so? In the Bible, those Followers of Jesus were first called the People of ‘The Way’.

And it is through Jesus only, being the Way, the Truth and the Life that Salvation and True Enlightenment can be achieved. What is occurring though in this Last Generation is that many in the Last Days Church, just before the Rapture that will conclude it are ‘Waking-Up’ to the Alien Deception Agenda. Thanks to the Work of Bible Researchers like L.A. Marzulli has single-handedly brought that Taboo Topic of ‘Aliens’ into the Public Discourse within the Church. L.A. Marzulli.

He often reiterates how even Non-Christians are coming to the same conclusion that these supposed ‘Alien’ Space Brothers are nothing of the Kind. Then there are the Ufologists who have been studying this Alien Phenomena for 40 plus Years. You have World-Renowned Researchers like Dr. Jacques Vallée. He is a Computer Scientist, UFO Researcher, Non-Christian who basically asserts that these ‘Aliens’ are not Benevolent. He stated the following Assertion about Aliens.

‘We are dealing with a yet Unrecognized Level of Consciousness, independent of Man. But closely linked to the Earth. I do not believe any more that UFOs are simply the Spacecraft of some Race of E.T Visitors. It is to this Notion, is too simplistic to explain their Appearance, their Frequency of their Manifestations recorded throughout History’.

Then there is the Abductees Account of having Medical and Sexual Examination done on them. In most cases it is ‘Sadistic’ in nature. But what is interesting is that they go through some sort of ‘Ritual’ that is Reminiscent of how the same type of Occult Rituals are performed. It involves Demonic Dealings and Initiation Rituals that they are having People that they have Abducted and/or are to be Possessed go through. Thus, it is no wonder why all the UFO Literature is closely linked with Mysticism and the Metaphysical. The following are some Attributes of what People end-up receiving as Super-Natural Abilities after being either Abducted or Possessed.

-Mental Telepathy
-Automatic Writing
-Command Invisible Entities like Poltergeists
-Sensitive to Ghost or Spirit Manifestations
-Psychic Powers to Control People and Places

The Point is that these Aliens are expressing themselves more so as to Magic and with Physics and Science. And the Clue is how they impose their Belief System, which is essentially Doctrine that then becomes Demonology. The Alien Deception is that they are saying that they are coming from Outer Space, but in reality, they are coming from the Spirit Realm. And what is the next Clue that these Ancient Aliens are Fallen Angels and/or Demons? These E.T.s can be Rebukes in the Name of Jesus, just like Lucifer, as in the case of the Dispute over Moses’ Body, and Demons.

There are many cases of Jesus casting-out Demons from People that were Possessed. In the Book of Mark, chapter 1, there is a case recorded of how Jesus went into a Synagogue. He began to teach and just then a Man in that Synagogue was possessed by an Evil Spirit or Demon. Consider what the Demons said through the Man. They cried-out, ‘What do you want with us Jesus of Nazareth?! Have you come to Destroy us? I know who you are, the Holy One of GOD’. Jesus Commanded the Demons to leave the Man, and they had to Obey, which they did and will always have to. Why? It is as they Truly Said and Recognized who Jesus was and is.

Yet sadly the World and His own People, both Jews and the Church are confused about Him. The Key is who Jesus is. And more so after having been Killed, Buried and Resurrected. Jesus has all Power and Authority, In Heaven, on Earth and beneath Earth, etc. It is the Name of Jesus that such ‘Aliens’ have to Disappear or Flee. It is the Name that many Abductees have said and their Abduction has immediately stopped. And is it not amazing that no other Name under Heaven or on Earth has this Power and Authority? Why is it that Hollywood always Mocks and Ridicules Chrisitan and Jesus?

Why do they use the Name of Jesus as a Curse Word? Why not call on the Names of Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, Krishna or the other supposed Alien Enlightened Masters to impart Knowledge and Wisdom to Mankind? It has been noted that UFO Researchers admit this is a Strange Trend in how even Non-Christians who Command the ‘Aliens’ to leave, in the Name of Jesus always do. There have been many Accounts of how when the ‘Aliens’ come in the Dead of Night and induce Sleep Paralysis, Abductees cannot move anything nor say anything.

But just the mere Thought and even saying as in Thinking the Name of Jesus to stop the Abduction happens. Why? It is as the Bible teaches, that so-called Aliens are not what the Luciferians are portraying them to be, the Saviors and those who had Seeded Mankind. No, Jesus exposed them for who they really are, Demons seeking to Possess a Human Body. That is the Ultimate Goal. Other forms of Flesh can do as Animals and even Inanimate Objects can be Possessed. Case in Point are Idols.

In the Name of Jesus

This is what YHVH warned Israel not to engage in but Demolish as the Practices of the Pagans around them defiled not only their own Bodied but the Land as well. It is a Spiritual War with real Spiritual Beings far more Powerful and Intelligent than Fallen Man. But in Jesus, that was why He came, to ‘Destroy the Works of the Devil’, or Lucifer. It is all just playing-out now in Real Time. Lucifer’s Doom is Sealed, and along with all his .33 Fallen Angels and Demon Prodigy will eventually all end up in the Fiery Lake of Burning Sulfur.

And it is because they Deceive and GOD is not a Liar. Deception is what Jesus 1st Warned about would be the main Condition to worry about in the Last Generation. These ‘Aliens’ or Demons Deceive. They are Deceiving all of Humanity to think they are not the Demons of the Bible. In fact, that is why they have to attack the Veracity of the Bible. And that is why they have to be ready to Synchronize their Full-On Manifestation with the Timing of the Rapture Event that will close-out the Church Age. What will be believed is that it was not Jesus coming to take His Bride as in the Metaphorical Type of Explanation, but that it was the Aliens themselves having this Power and Authority.

When the Rapture Event happens, what a Day that will be. It will mark 1 of the most Amazing and Poignant Times in all of Human History since Adam. It will be a Super-Natural Event that will defy the Natural Laws of Creation. It is when Jesus calls these Followers up to the Clouds to then be ushered into the True Paradise or Mountain of YHVH, ‘Zion’. It is when the Bodies of Jesus’ Followers will be transformed into Incorruptible Flesh. As the Bible teaches, such Bodies will be like that of Jesus’.

The Rapture Event is an Escape. It is an Evacuation and Rescue Mission. It is typified as what occurred with Lot in Sodom. And that is very appropriate as the World, especially in the West, the World has given itself over to Sodomy. And as with the Men that surrounded Lot’s House, from the Young to the Old, they wanted to Interphase with the ‘Aliens’. Why? It is to take-on their Powers and Abilities. And that was done through Sex. And the Outcome were the Giants of the Ancient Past. The Doctrine of the Rapture is found in 1 Thessalonians 4 16-17.

‘For the LORD Himself will come down from Heaven with a Loud Command with the Voice of the Arch-Angel and the Trumpet Call of God. And the Dead in Christ will rise 1st. After that, we who are still Alive and are Left, will be Caught-Up, together with them in the Clouds. To meet the LORD in the Air and so we will be with the LORD forever’.

The Key Word is to be ‘Caught-Up’. In Greek, it is pronounced ‘Harpazo’. It has the connotation of a quick Snatching from Harm’s Way or ‘Sudden Destruction’, etc. There are 3 Primary Passages in the Bible dealing with this event called the Rapture. And thereafter? Total Panic. Imagine the 1st few Seconds, Hours, Days, Months after the Rapture Event? What will the World be doing, thinking, asking? Answer? Aliens. Now that the Christians, as in the True Followers of Jesus are gone off the Planet, Lucifer will be unrestricted in his Actions.

Beam Me Up

He will have to act fast to then introduce his Space Brethren that will say, they had to remove the ‘Bad Vibes’ from Mother Earth so they can now proceed in the Evolutionary Goal of becoming like the Aliens. But it is for that precise Reason that YHVH had do Destroy the World of Noah’s Day. But Noah had to be Rescued in spite of that. This will occur again. Only this Time, YHVH is also Synchronizing the Discipline and Redemption of His Earthly People, the Jews and Israel, His Promised Land and His House, the Temple, etc.

After the Bride of Christ is removed from Earth, the remaining False Religions will come in and take-up the Spiritual Void. That is why Lucifer will work through the False Prophet that aids the AntiChrist. As the Aliens have taught for Millennia, it will be the Time and Place where their Doctrines of Demons will be put into Practices. There will be a One World Religion, a One World Government and a One World Leader. This is why there will be a need to Merge the Major Religions, especially, Apostate Christianity, Islam and Judaism. And the Epicenter will be Jerusalem. But it is for the exact same Reason YHVH Destroyed the World of Noah that He will again during the 7-Years that follow the Rapture Event.

Once the Bride of Christ is Evacuate and Seating on the Thrones, Jesus will begin to Break the Seals of Judgment. One conjectures that there will be only about 1 Year of a Gap of Time from when the Rapture occurs to when the 7-Year Tribulation begins. And one further surmise that it begins with the Dedication of the 3rd Temple, as the Daily Sacrifices are commenced then. It will be a Time when, like in the Days of Noah, the DNA Deluding of the Human Genome and the Hybridization of Mankind is going to be Repeated. It has already begun with the COVID Plandemics.  

And the Reason why the Bride of Christ is not going to be a part of this Place and Time, is because it will be the Time of Jesus' Wrath being poured-out upon the World, along with their Alien Saviors. But their Aliens will not be able to Save Humanity from the Wrath of the Lamb. Thus, before the Last 7-Years of the Wrath is to occur, the Followers of Jesus must be Removed. Now what Lucifer and his Fallen Angels will do, is use the Rapture to then take Credit for having done it. And that is the Alien Deception.

The whole World will be in such a Psychological Catharsis that it will believe anything to calm their Fears as they just witnessed a Biblical Event and the End of the Church Age. And it is for this precise Reason that the so-called Aliens have been preparing Humanity for their Debut. They have used People willing to be Possessed to Channel their Communications. And those are the things that they did with the Rapture.

They will Explain-Away the Rapture in terms of how Mother Earth had to be ‘Cleansed’ of Christians that were impeding Humanity’s Evolutionary Quest to becoming like the Aliens, ‘Gods’. For example, there is a New Ager named Barbara Marciniak. She is the Author of the very Popular Book titled, ‘Bringers of the Dawn’. In that Book she claims that Extra-Terrestrials from the Pleiades Star Cluster have contacted her to give Messages to Humanity on their behalf.

‘Sermon on the Mars’
They told her that she has to enter into an Altered State of Consciousness in order to allow the Pleiadians to speak to her. She basically was Channeled the Book. And in that Book, here are the following Points that were Communicated for Humanity, in Paraphrase Format of how the Pleiadians have come to Earth, across the Universe because Humanity desperately needs to be Saved.

1- There will be ‘Great Shifting’ occurring within Humanity.
2-Planet Earth is in Great Chaos and Turmoil
3-Nations are rising against each other.
4-More the Earthquakes will be happening.
3-As Earth Changes, People will leave that do not fit any longer.
4-Christians are stopping the Harmony of the Earth.
5- When the Time comes, up to 20 Million People will be leaving the Planet.
6-There will be a tremendous shift in Consciousness for those who are remaining.


Note that the List of the Pleiadians are eerily similar to what Jesus expounded on during the Olivet Discourse of how it would be in the Last Days. But the Alien Deception, of which Jesus 1stt noted would be the Sign, will Explain-Away the Rapture Event.

Here is another New Age Luciferian that also Explains-Away the Rapture Event, in that it will not be attributed to Jesus, as the Bible teaches, but rather due to the Aliens needing to ‘Clear-Out’ the Followers of Jesus who were Mis-Informed and did not Interpret Jesus’ Teachings correctly, etc. The Name of this Person is Thelma Terrell. She wrote a Book called ‘Project World Evacuation’. See details below.

Book I: Project: World Evacuation – As Channeled through TUELLA. THE ASHTAR COMMAND. Through Tuella, these Messages are of the coming Earth Changes and Ascension of Planet Earth. They were given by the Ashtar Command in the 1980's through Tuella (Thelma Terrell).

In Summary, the Book is about how the Aliens told her to tell the World of how certain People were going to be ‘Evacuated’ from off Earth. It describes the Method in how People will be levitated, up from off the Planet by ‘Beams’ from Space Ships that Beamed them up in what they call a ‘Great Evacuation’ that is coming upon the entire World. And that it will occur ‘Suddenly’, in a Flash of an ‘Emergency Event’ with accompanying Flashes of Lighting in the Sky. Sound familiar?


Main Source
Aliens UFO's & the Rapture of the Church
Billy Crone


Why the World will Believe the Lie
If ‘Aliens’ were to return to Earth and ‘show-up’, what would they find on Earth? What would they say about the Human Condition? The purpose of this Book is to present the Rationale as to why the Alien Disclosure has not been allowed to be made. Full Disclosure is Reserved or Withheld for when the True Biblical Rapture does occur. How come? If the Alien Disclosure would have been ‘Officially’ Released or made already, especially since World War 2, then an Explanation of ‘Who did it’ and ‘What happened’, would not be readily accepted by Billions of People that will demand an Answer. 

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