Observations of a Possible Tu B’Av Rapture

  • Does the Feast of New Wine coincide with Pentecost?
  • Does thte Festival of Tu B'Av coincide with Pentecost?
  • Will the Rapture occur at a Summer Wheat Harvest?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘So if you carefully obey the Commandments I am giving you Today, to Love the LORD your GOD and to Serve Him with all your Heart and with all your Soul, then I will provide Rain for your Land in Season, the Autumn and Spring Rains, that you may gather your Grain, New Wine, and Oil’. -Deuteronomy 11:13-14

The purpose of this study is to highly recommend a Video Teaching from Tyler at his YoutTube Channel, Generation 2434. His Handle Name comes from the Verse in Matthew 24:34 which states, Jesus speaking, ‘Truly I tell you, this Generation will not Pass-Away until all these things have happened’. The Teaching dealt with his Observations of how there is Biblical and Temple Scroll Evidence that the Pentecost of Acts 2 coincided with the Feast of New Wine. This is corroborated in the clues found in how the People in Jerusalem accused the Apostles of being ‘Drunk’ with the New Wine.

The Wheat & The Wine - Rapture Time?

July 29, 2022

Tyler emphasized that the Association, Imagery and Typology of the Bread and the Wine, as in the LORD’s Supper is analogous to the Feasts of Wheat and Wine. They are sort of a Prophetic Bookends of each other that completes the Prophetic ‘Circuit’, alluding to the Planting and Harvesting of the Church Age Saints. Tyler noted now the Apostle Peter did not deny that it was the occasion for the New Wine but that it was not even 9am or the 1st Watch of the Day to even have the opportunity.

Tyler expounded on the insight that during the Traditional Shavuot, there are no Grapes even to be ‘New’ to offer as First Fruits. He went over many Verses in the Old Testament that allude to there being several First Fruit Festivals that are detailed in the Temple Scrolls. Those Festivals are of the Feasts of the First Fruits of the Barley, Wheat, Wine and Oil. The Barley First Fruits corresponded to the Resurrection of Jesus along with several Old Testament Saints.

Then, the Argument is that the Feast of the First Fruits of the Wheat Harvest occurs 50 Days later. This is from the 1st ‘Shavuot Count’ of 49 Days and has been traditionally celebrated as Shavuot and then Pentecost by adding that 1 Extra Day. However, it has come to Light and increasingly Understood that based on the Lost Temple Scrolls, there were 2 more Subsequent 50 Day Count Festivals of the other types of First Fruits, that of the Wheat and the Oil Festivals, etc. This means that the 2nd 50 Day Count from the 1st Shavuot would coincide with the Festival of the First Fruits of the New Wine. And?

Temple Types

And subsequently, it would be ‘When Pentecost Fully Came’. This event exactly characterized the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, as a ‘Pouring’ of a New Wine Motif, as stressed by Tyler in his video. The New Wine for a New Covenant and Dispensation called the Church Age. It is the Account in Acts 2. And from there, a subsequent ‘Shavuot’ Day Count of 49 Days + 1 Day would be the Festival of the First Fruits of the New Oil, etc. Why this Understanding is extremely important and significant Prophetically is that it lends some New Insight into the possible Timing of the Rapture.

Tyler stressed that he is looking more so at a Rapture ‘Window’ as opposed to a specific Month and Day. The Conjecture is that perhaps, if and when the Resurrection-Rapture Event is to occur, it would also coincide with the Feast of New Wine, just before the 9th of Av or it could even be on the 9th of Av. Tyler and also Pete Garcia of rev310.net collaborated on a Video that suggests this 9th of Av Rapture Possibility based on an Article by Greg Lauer from A Little Strength.

A Pattern with a Hole by Greg Lauer of A Little Strength

In that Article, Greg likened the Trinity, that is of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit to an Association with 3 Temples. These Temples were Solomon’s Temple, Zerubbabel’s Temple which later became renovated and honored after Herod. Then the last being the Spiritual Temple that Jesus is ‘Building-Up during this present Church Age ‘Intermission’. Greg’s Theory is that as the 1st 2 Temples were Destroyed by the Babylonians and the Romans respectively, they occurred on the same Month and Day.

These Dates are Historical. The Month and Day was the 9th of Av. Greg surmises that perhaps, the Resurrection-Rapture Event would thus occur at that precise Month and Day, of a given Year. The only Discrepancy with this Prophetic Metaphor and Correlation is that the 9th of Av concerns a Judgment, Rejection and Disciple due to Israel’s Rebellion and Unfaithfulness. In the case of the Bride of Christ, it is the opposite. Thus, perhaps such a Corresponding Metaphor can go so far and not really be applicable to the Bride of Christ. However, one is open to the Prophetic Inference as it will remain to be seen. For the Year 2022, the following is the Date Correspondence.

9th of Av = August 6/7, 2022

One has been a Proponent of this Pentecost to New Wine Correspondence for several Years now. One started to publish such a Notion since about 2020. One could not find any such Teaching in all of the Internet. Not that the Internet is the final Repository of ‘Knowledge’, etc. But not until recently has there been such Understanding, but still a handful of Bible Students only dare to Subscribe to this type of Notion. One has also been a Proponent of what one has called the Pentecost Double Count. It is the Notion that True Pentecost is not on the 1st Shavuot that is traditionally celebrated as ‘Pentecost’. The Start of the 1st Jewish Month is determined by the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox in March. This starts the 1st Month, Aviv or Nisan in the Enochian Calendar. But there is Contention here as to which Calendar is ‘Correct’ though.

Which Start Date?

1 If one uses the Start Date, as one purports from the Spring Equinox, from April 15, the Day after the Passover, as the High Day Sabbath, then for 2022, July 23 was True Pentecost and the Feast of New Wine. This Timeline also concurred with the Exodus Day Counts.

2 If one relies on the Rabbinical Calendar and uses the Day after the Weekly Sabbath, being April 17, then the True Pentecost Count would have been July 26. This is why most that recognized the Double Count surmised that this was the True Pentecost Date.

3 If one subscribes that the Year 2022 is ‘off’ by 1 Month, then May 15 was True Passover. This is due to the Interpretation that the Sun needs to be in the Sign of Ares as it determines the True 1st Month of Aviv. Then True Pentecost, would have been July 11, assuming a traditional only 49+1 Day Count being Shavuot and Pentecost the next Day. (One does not agree with this Supposition).

4. As noted, one believes that the true Synchronization of when the 1st Month Aviv starts is pegged to the Spring Equinox. But it is the 1st Full Moon that starts the Day/Month. For 2022, it was April 1 as 2022 in the Gregorian Calendar happened to coincide with Nisan 1.

5. During Passion Week, one knows that the Feast of Unleavened Bread was to last for 7 Days. However, the Feast of First Fruits did not, does not occur after the completion of those 7 Days. The Feast of First Fruits occurred on the Sabbath, 3 Days or 72 Hours from Passover, to also coincide and fulfilled the Prophetic Typology of Jesus being the First Fruits of the Resurrection.

One Surmises that there are in actuality, 3 Shavuot’s, as Day Counts related to those 3 Festivals mentioned: Wheat, Wine and Oil, etc. But again, one only knows of about 3-4 other Watchers that hold to this Teaching. What one has further introduced and how there are even less Proponents regarding this next Supposition, is that the Pentecost of Acts 2 coincides with the Feast of New Wine, and 50 Days later will be the Feast of New Oil. And for 2022, when will that be? September 11, 2022. One has written other Articles on how Pentecost coincides with the Feast of New Wine.

One will leave the Links below and of the Chart that shows the 3 Counts of a ‘Shavuot’ for the Feasts of New Wheat, New Wine and New Oil. But also that the Pentecost of Acts 2 on the 2nd 50 Day Count not only coincides with the Feast of New Wine, but that it also converges with the Jewish Valentines’ Day of Tu B’Av. The Term means the 15th of Av, now known in Modern Israel since 1948. But realize that this Commemoration has a Rapture Typology as it references back to the Maidens in White that came out to the Vineyards, at a Yearly Feast. This is found in the Book of Judges.

They were then ‘Snatched’ or Raptured-Away as Brides. Thus, one can say, that one is probably one of the Few, if not the only one that is Conjecturing that all 3 Feasts converge or overlap on the Day that is True Pentecost. Tyler in his Teaching rightly compared the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Disciples as a ‘Pouring-out’ from a Cup, as in New Wine. One wholeheartedly agrees. It is a timely Teaching to consider and be encouraged about 2022 still. This is based on the Temple Scrolls and how, although one’s Chart is Day-Specific and shows how the July 23 or 723, corresponded to the July 23 Date, one thought that was a High Rapture Watch Date for 2022.

Still a Summer Harvest

One is only going by one’s Interpretation and Biases. True. Nonetheless, the Chart will give one an overall Model of the Delineation of the Feasts of New Wheat, New Wine and New Oil. One can say that one still has some Confidence now, after the 723 Prognostication came and went. It is at least in the Gregorian Calendar, that if per-chance, that Date was and is accurate in terms of the Day Count. But perhaps Jesus will be waiting until what Brother Tyler nicely portrayed of the Wheat and the Wine being together, is as a sort of Bookend to fulfill the Pentecost Age; its beginning and End on a Pentecost Season. It is still in play, even up to the Last Day of Summer. That Date will be September 23, 2022, exactly 5 Months or 60 Weeks from the Revelation 12 Sign.

If one notices on the Chart Timeline below, based on the Day Count from the Day after Passover, the Feast of New Oil will occur on September 11, 2022. And? As many Watchers may know, one has shared in various studies, as with the Article: Sign of the Son of Man, how, if the Tribulation Period Timeline is projected-out based on a Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 Shemitah Converge starting in the Fall of 2022…there is a particular End Date. That the 2520 Day Count from October 18, 2022, after the 8th Day Shemini Atzeret Event, if the start of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years does start in the Fall of 2022, would make the Return of Jesus on the Torah Calendar occur on September 11, 2029.

And thus, one Surmises that September 11 is then associated with Jesus’ 1st coming in the Flesh, born of a Woman, etc. And how, based on this Prophetic Pattern, if September 11 -3 BC was indeed Jesus’ Birthday, Jesus’ 2nd Physical Appearing on Earth, piercing Space and Time will likewise occur on the same Month and Date. Perhaps. It is pure Conjecture and only considered if the End of the Wheat Harvest and the 9th of Av Rapture Date comes and goes. Here is the Premise one can then assert based on this Notion on the Birthday Rapture and Return of Jesus…If as Brother Tyler articulated the Association of the Church being ‘Conceived’ there in Acts 2, the Church Body is yet to be ‘Born’ then.

This Perception of a present Church Age ‘Gestation’, as if in the ‘Womb’ is substantiated by the Teaching of the Apostle Paul. He writes in a tone as if he is the ‘Mid-Wife’ and labour until ‘Christ if Formed’ or Birthed in a Believer. That is what the Rapture Event will be, i.e., the Revelation 12 Sign, in 1 way. But this ‘Pregnancy’ Typology is also conveyed, collectively as a Wheat Harvest, during a Summer, to present to Christ the Bride, Ready, Prepared, and ‘Delivered’, Harvested, etc. The point is, what if that ‘Birth’ of the Bride of Christ, as in the Resurrection-Rapture Event of the Fully Matured ‘Wheat’ Harvest Bride occurs also on the Same ‘Birth-Day’ as Jesus?

After all, the Body of Christ is His Body, and would follow the Resurrection Order, or could follow such a Prophetic Typology of a September 11 Month and Date. (?) One is only linking this specific and precise Month and Day, because in 2022, these 3 Segments of the 50-Day Count ‘Shavuot’ for the New Wheat, New Wine and New Oil, conclude on September 11, 2022. So, to reiterate, this 3rd Penta-Feasts of 50 Days concluding on September 11, 2022 will coincide with the Feast of New Oil. As to the 723 ‘Code’? Again, one thought it pertained to July 23.

A Birthday Rapture?

But many People are suggesting it is the 7th Jewish Month and the 23rd Day. It would be October 18, 2022 then, Shemini Atzeret. The 723 Number is weird as it has had many attributes that link other Countdowns as written about it in other Articles. Most notably a 70-Day and 50-Day Countdown to it and from it. What one further has Extrapolated from this 723 Coefficient, still, is that if one pegs it to the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017, in reference to a ‘9-11’.

The following Day Counts surface…If one adds 1776 Days from it, a unique Number emerges that deals with a conclusion of a Temple or ‘Pyramid’ Motif, of when it began. And? The Number 1776 has to do with the Start and Finishing of the Building of a Temple or ‘Bride’. (1776 to 2022 = 246 Years.) To the Luciferian Globalists, it is called their ‘Great Work’. Realize that they too are busy in a Labour, a Delivery of their AntiChrist and a coming Temple for him to occupy, i.e., the 3rd Temple.

From Monday,
September 11, 2017 + 1776 days = Saturday, July 23, 2022
From Saturday,
September 23, 2017 + 1776 days = Thursday, August 4, 2022

Will August 4th be the Last Day of the Wheat Harvest? Consider that from the Great Planetary Alignment of June 24, 2022 to August 4 is exactly 40 Days. Also, realize that in the Biblical Typology of the Body of Christ, it is likened to an Ark, a Boat and a Building, a Temple, etc. The Bible is very clear in how it describes Individual Believers as Stones or ‘Bricks’ that are being Fashioned, Dressed and Placed into the ‘Building’ or Jesus’ Temple that is being raised-up. It is the same Prophetic Principle in how YHVH Constructed Eve from the Material of Adam. One day, this Spiritual Temple will be completed by Jesus. And this is the cause and purpose of the Parenthetical Pentecost Church Age. It is the Pentecost Season where Dispensations turn.

Soon, the Bride of Christ will be complete. That last ‘Brick’ will be placed. That last Gentile Soul will be Saved. Once the Wheat Harvest is completed, and the Temple of the Bride is Constructed, the Rapture has to occur. But as the Dispensation reverts back to the Law for the Jews and the Noahide Laws for the Gentiles, Lucifer’s Temple and Bride will also be unveiled to the World after the Rapture. Conversely, so is Lucifer engaged in a Counterfeit Bride, Building or ‘Pyramid’ in their case. This ‘Temple’ Motif is seen in their Luciferian Reverse Seal 1776 Pyramid of the USA or on their Money, in the back of the U.S. Dollar Bill.

One surmises that as the Bride of Christ ‘Building’ or Temple is completed, it will be presented to Jesus, much like Moses and Solomon built the Tabernacle and Temple respectively and then the Glory of the LORD filled the Presence. Thus, when the Rapture Event occurs, there will be a simultaneous ‘Birthing’. There will be a ‘Presentation’ of such Buildings and Brides for their respective Christs. Realize Lucifer is also a Christ, see ‘The Anointed Cherub’, etc. The Book of Revelation also speaks to the Tribulation Period Contention between the Wife of YHVH, that being Israel and the Woman Riding the Beast. But this will be confined to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

Spiritual Temple

However, the Spiritual Building, made-up of the Church Age Believers will make way for Lucifer’s Bride. Their New World Order Religion will fill the Void, etc. Tangibly, that ‘will literally be manifested in the building of the 3rd Temple, as that will be Given-Over and Commandeered by the AntiChrist False Messiah as the Tribulation Temple. Thus, one cannot say that the Rapture will occur on the precise Month of August 4th or during the 9th of Av or on Tu B’Av or on September 11, 2022.

So, one is making that clear. For one personally, September 11, 2022 will be then the next High Watch Date. It is nothing more. One had written that it was ‘Impossible’ for the Rapture to occur in the Month of June or in the Month of August. These are the 3rd or the 5th Month in the Jewish Calendar, respectively. But it could be in September or the 7th Month for 2022. It will remain to be seen but there is excitement to consider this Rapture Summer Window that is left for 2022.

September 11, 2022 will be Tishrei 16, in the Jewish 7th Month

One loved the fact of how Brother Tyler referenced the following Connections.

1. The Order of the Resurrections by Harvest Type and Season.
-Barley: Jesus and some Old Testament Age Saints as the First Fruits.      - Spring
-Wheat: The Bride of Christ – Church Age Saints.                                       - Summer
-Wine: The rest of the Old Testament Saints at the end of Tribulation.        - Fall

2. The Galilean Marriage of Cana.

The Old Wine served 1st and the Last Wine or the New Wine was served last. One sees this Delineation as representing also the Old and New Covenants. This is now one better understands what Jesus meant when He taught that you do not put New Wine in New Bottles or Wine Skins, lest the Old Bottle or Wine Skin burst due to the Fermentation Process that will expand the volume, etc. Matthew 9:17.


It is an amazing Prophetic Picture of how, as Brother Tyler noted, the Giving of the Holy Spirit was and is as New Wine being ‘Poured-Out’, as noted on the Apostles and those with them in Acts 2. A New Covenant. A New Dispensation. A New Wine Skin. So, one is saying, with some measure of New Vigor in the Fight, and Rapture Radar, that from now until September 23, the End of the Summer Season is a High watch Alert.

It is to see if, in this year, 2022, the Blessed Hope will come to ‘Fruition’ and the Bride of Christ will be ‘Birthed’, at last. It would also coincide with the ‘Birth’ of the New World Order, which one surmises will be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. Now the only Hesitation is that a lot of ‘Prophecy’ would have to happen from now to September 23. So, one is not adamant about it as it is only a ‘Window’ of Watching which is good to go by.

Below will be Links to the Articles about those 3 Segments of 50 Day ‘Shavuot’ Counts that delineate the Feasts of New Wheat, New Wine and New Oil. The Chart will also be Linked. One wishes that this Teaching about the Pentecost and New Wine Association would have been taught throughout Church History. But perhaps, the Understanding is now ever-increasing as to this Pentecost ‘Revelation’.

It is part of that Prophecy Fulfilled of how YHVH instructed Daniel to ‘Seal it up’, until the Last Days. And here we are. So, a bit Apprehensive to suggest another High Watch Month and Date, but only reporting that as one Sees it and Understands it, from this point going forward.


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