Size of Impact Crater Comparison Study

  • What is the Biblical evidence that Apophis will be Wormwood?
  • Will the Asteroid Apothis hit the Earth or will it only be a flyby?
  • If Apophis does hit the Earth, what sort of damage will it cause?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.’ -J. Robert Oppenheimer

The purpose of this study is to consider if the Asteroid that is named Apophis is the Biblical one that is attributed to being Wormwood as some Bible Study Scholars purport, possibly. This Asteroid, if it will be Wormwood, is to flyby the Earth on the proverbial Friday the 13th in April of 2029. If so, this would be in line with how some who study the End Times suggest a timeline of Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 to be the Tribulation Period. And thus, such a Celestial Event could be seen as an Astronomical Climax of sorts. However, others are suggesting now a possible start of the Tribulation Period is to start in 2025 because of this precise Apophis flyby in 2029. The argument is that the Apophis Asteroid would come by in the midst of the 7-year last Sabbatical Cycle known as Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, etc. And thus, it would suggest then a midpoint of the Tribulation Period to be around 2029 to end then in 2032.

For the purposes of this study, the occultic inferences to the Name and Number of the Asteroid will be considered. It will be suggested that the Asteroid is a prelude and a serious one in terms of Biblical Prophecy, but not the Wormwood event. And that in fact there are 2 Asteroid events that are to collide with Earth, one hitting the Ocean, and the other one hitting the Land. Then a Mathematical Ratio Comparison to Impact Craters will be made to see its potential fallout and devastation. This will be made based on the size of the purported Asteroid. This is supposing that the Asteroid does hit Earth, which is unknown at this time with 100% certainty. Will it hit a populated metropolitan center or the Ocean? This could or would make all the difference. At this point in time, the NASA instrumentation of tracking such Near Earth Objects, NEOs, is determining that the precise trajectory of Apophis will not be hitting the Earth.

In terms of definitions, what is an Asteroid? And what is the difference between that and Meteorites? Asteroids are small, rocky objects in the Solar System that orbit the Sun. Most Asteroids come from the main Asteroid Belt. This is the region between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It is believed that in the Ancient Past, a planet was in this orbit that got obliterated by a collision and the Asteroid Belt resulted in the debris. Asteroids are found also in the orbital paths of planets. This is due to Gravitational Pulls. This is where it can become dangerous as Asteroids would then collide with Earth. Evidence shows that the Solar System is full of such instances where there have been Asteroid Impacts to show such collisions did in fact occur. The evidence is the Impact Craters they leave behind. This can be seen on Mars, the Moon, and on Earth. Asteroids are basically large rocks in Space and can have jagged and have thus irregular shapes and sizes.

The Basics

Some Asteroids are 100s of miles in diameter, but many more are as small as pebbles. Most Asteroids are made of different kinds of rocks, but some have Clays or Metals, such as Nickel and Iron in the mix. According to NASA, a Meteor, as opposed to an Asteroid, are those that are all related to the flashes of light called ‘Shooting Stars’ once an Asteroid penetrates the Earth’s Atmosphere. They are seen streaking across the sky and range in size from Dust Grains to small Asteroids. So, the main difference is the size and that when an Asteroid does enter Earth’s Atmosphere at high speed and burn up, the Fireballs or are called Meteors. When a Meteoroid survives the penetration through the atmosphere and hits the Earth, it is called a Meteorite.

Here is the deal, Asteroids have ‘hit’ the Earth since recorded time. Meteorites hit the Earth on a daily basis as the Earth travels through various types of debris fields. So, this particular Asteroid Apophis is no exception. NASA has the Near Earth Object NEO tracking System that attempts to identify Near Earth Objects; but that is an overwhelming task. It is believed that only a small fraction of such NEO’s are being tracked. In the recent decades, there have also been some near misses. Most however, up to this point have been ‘close’ but only within the distance between Earth and the Moon. This is still a significant distance and a ‘close shave’ in Astronomical terms. What is to be taken seriously is the projected nearness, if true, that this Apophis will get as close as the myriad of Satellites roaming just above the Earth’s Atmosphere.

It was discovered on June 19, 2004 by Tucker, Tholen and Bernardi. They were stationed in the Kitt Peak Observatory in the Tucson Desert of Arizona, the USA. Initially the Name given to it was 2004 MN-4. However, once the orbit was initially calculated, in June of 2005 it was changed to the Number, 99942. It was called Apophis, after the Greek mythological name of the Egyptian God, Apep, the Nemesis of the Sun God Ra. It is rather curious why the Number 999 was chosen as that is inversion of the infamous 666 Mark of the Beast. Perhaps it was just the Number next in line using that sequence. The Name Apep is considered the ‘Lord of the Dead’ or Underworld. He is the evil Serpent or ‘Red Dragon’ that dwells in the Dark Abyss the Egyptians called the Duat. Others would attribute this to Leviathan. He seeks to devour the Sun or Ra in its daily voyage given its Circuit, etc.

So, this is when the variables do start to get interesting and ‘Apocalyptic’ at least in inference. It is reported that 2 of the discoverers were fans of the TV series, Stargate SG-1 and named the Asteroid after one of the characters, Apophis. He is the entity or ‘God’ that threatened the early existence of Humanity on Earth. Thus, it seems that such an Asteroid is keenly identified as such, if it would be a ‘Killer Planet’ Asteroid, which this Researcher is not convinced of, thus far. However, the Ancient Alien storyline and inference is canny to the Biblical Narrative, if unbeknownst to them. In the Alien backstory, it is believed that this same Apophis was a ‘God’ that ruled Earth in ‘Ancient Times’ before the Adamic Race was created. This is exactly what the Bible alludes to in the person of Lucifer, who like Apophis is called the ‘God of this World’. He is referred to as the ‘Ancient Serpent, the Devil’ and from the Old Testament.

Impact Crater Comparison

One has glimpses of how Lucifer ‘walked in the midst of the Garden of Eden’, as depicted in the Egyptian art. The ancient Apophis motif appears to overlap with that of what is coming for sure, given the prophecies of the book of Revelation. The danger, one would acknowledge is that at that distance, being at the same orbits as Satellites, there is the potential for the Gravity of Earth to lock-in the Asteroid and bring it down to Earth. That will depend. It could happen. The other apprehension about this Apophis being Wormwood is that it does not clearly fit the prophetic parameters of what surely is to take place. Apophis in terms of size alone is nowhere near the size of a ‘Blazing Mountain’ or a Shining Star. Apophis is estimated to be a ‘big’ Asteroid, larger than most, true. If it does hit the Earth, it would cause damage but nowhere near the cataclysmic scale that the book of Revelation describes will be worldwide. Such events are projected to affect at least .33 of several variables worldwide: Ocean, Ships, Fish Life, Land, Rivers, Water and People.

This alone would range not in the millions but billions of People being affected. Apophis is only estimated to be around 1210-1350 feet long or 370-450 meters. For comparative size, the Asteroid would be as tall as the Empire State building. Or it could be compared to about 4 U.S. Football Fields long or about 5 Soccer Fields long. So, the question remains, how much damage could such an Asteroid of this size cause? As mentioned, NEO’s or Asteroids, becoming Meteors or ‘Shotting Stars’ occur daily on Earth. Most are burned up as they enter the Earth’s Atmosphere that serves as a ‘Shield’. The question is, will this Asteroid be burned-up even before it hits Earth. What if portions are burned-up and will that mitigate the potential impact? For a base comparison, a known Impact Crater, the Meteor Crater in Arizona will be used to compare. Based on the impact size and depth, it has been calculated that the ‘Impactor’ diameter was to have been only 160 feet long or 50 meters causing the Impact Crater to be 560 feet deep.

For the Impact Crater Mathematica Ratio Comparison, the .7 miles across well-known and famous ‘Mile’ Meteor Crater is considered. This famous Meteor Crater is about 18 miles or 29 km outside Flagstaff, Arizona in the USA. This nearly mile wide Impact Crater is thus 3,900 feet in diameter or 1,200 meters. The depth of the Impact Crater is 560 feet deep or 170 meters deep. It is acknowledged that Apophis would be the largest known Asteroid to ever come this close to Earth. If it will have a direct landmass impact, based on a Mathematical Proportion formula, the Impact Crater could have the following calculation of how wide the Impact Crater would be. In essence, at worst, this Apophis Asteroid would be a ‘City Killer’. And this is, if it hits a densely populated area. Apophis’ Impact Crater would be 5 miles across and 2,800 feet deep. This would be considered a ‘small’ Asteroid in comparison to the top 10 Asteroids that have already hit Earth.

Meteor Crater                                          Apophis

160      feet wide Impactor               =     ~1200 feet wide
3,900   feet wide Impact Crater                   X
560 feet deep                                            2,800 feet deep
160X = 4,680,000

X = 29,250 feet wide/diameter Impact Crater or ~9000 meters = ~5 miles wide / ~8 km

Collision Consequences

If Apophis does hit the Earth, and a densely populated area like Washington D.C., the Impact Crater size would be about as big as the entire breadth of the core Washington D.C. Mall from the Lincoln Monument to just beyond the Robert Kennedy Stadium. With the amount of Impact Energy, this would amount to a Nuclear detonation of the Russian Czar Bomba. This would be just over a 50 MT Nuclear Detonation that would take out an entire city. The blast would be felt at least 500 miles/800 km from Washington D.C., as far as Indianapolis where windows would shatter due to the Shockwave. Aside from the core Impact Crater of about 5 miles wide/8 km, a subsequent area of the Greater D.C. up to 20 miles/32 km would all be flattened. At the 40 mile range/64 km, there would still be significant infrastructure damage and severe injuries to People.

It would be estimated that around 2.5 million People would die instantaneously due to the fireball. And another 1.3 million People would suffer significant bodily injuries as far as the 40 mile/64 km radius. This would range from blindness; 3rd degree burns and/or organ damage/bleeding, etc. Thus, based on this Mathematical Ratio Comparison, Apophis is a significant Asteroid to consider the potential damage and loss of life, but it is nowhere near the catastrophe as depicted in the book of Revelation where it is to affect .33 of the planet in various forms if it were to hit the Earth. The following are some specifics based on the NukeMap computer model of such a detonation’s effects.

Heavy blast damage radius (20 psi): 5 miles / 8 km.

At 20 psi overpressure, heavily built concrete buildings are severely damaged or demolished; fatalities approach 100%. Often used as a benchmark for heavy damage in cities. The Optimum height of burst to maximize this effect is 3 miles / 6 km.

Moderate blast damage radius (5 psi): 12 miles / 20 km

At 5 psi overpressure, most residential buildings collapse, injuries are universal, fatalities are widespread. The chances of a fire starting in commercial and residential damage are high, and buildings so damaged are at high risk of spreading fire. Often used as a benchmark for moderate damage in cities. The Optimum height of burst to maximize this effect is 7 miles / 11 km.

Light blast damage radius (1 psi): 54.3 km (9,270 km²)

At around 1 psi overpressure, glass windows can be expected to break. This can cause many injuries in a surrounding Population who comes to a window after seeing the flash of an Asteroid explosion of this size, which travels faster than the Pressure Wave. The explosion is often used as a benchmark for light damage in cities. Optimal height of the burst to maximize this effect is 10 miles / 17.2 km high.

Thus, if this Apophis Asteroid were to hit the Earth, it would take out a major City if it hit a densely populated area like Washington D.C. The surrounding area of infrastructure to the 40 mile marker/64 km would be destroyed. However, by contrast if the Asteroid hits the Ocean or a remote Desert area like Meteor Crater in Arizona, then the damage and life lost would be near 0. Thus, obviously, the damage and life loss at its maximum level would not even approach the billions that the 2 coming Asteroids will be causing.

Time Specific

It is not a matter of if but when an Asteroid will hit Earth. The mathematical probability is significant. And as prior impacts are evident across the globe, it is just a matter of time. However, Apophis will be at best just a ‘City Killer with about ~3 million total casualties but not in terms of .33 percent of the Earth’s being affected and where potentially billions will suffer either death or damage. It has been said that there is no ‘Average Thermonuclear Bomb’ and thus no ‘Average Asteroid’ to play Life-and-Death with. One is sure it would not be ‘Average’ though if one is unfortunate to live in such a city that would be destroyed. Consider that thus far, there have been over 3000 such man-made Thermonuclear Weapon Detonations set-off on Earth. The yields have ranged from 100 KT all the way up to the Czar Bomba at 50 MT. But what is worse than an Asteroid is the Radiation that they all have produced around the World.

For comparison to an Asteroid Impact Crater of 5 miles that Apophis would make, a 1 MT Nuclear Weapon detonated at the surface will make a crater about .5 mile or .8 km in diameter and 200 feet or 60 meters deep. If detonated in the air it would most likely not make an Impact Crater at all. The point is that the initial Nuclear Detonations were small in comparison to what is possible now. For example, the Sedan Nuclear Test in 1962 left an Impact Crater of about 300 feet/100 meters deep with a diameter of ~1250 feet or 390 meters. Albeit it was a Hydrogen Bomb with a yield of 104 KT placed 640 feet or 194 meters below ground. The blast moved 11,000,000 tons of Earth. The Sedan shot spread Radiation Fallout from Nevada to as far away as Iowa and Illinois. It accounted for 7% of the Radiation released from all Nuclear Tests in the United States up to that point.

Then there was the Castle Bravo Nuclear Test that was a near Nuclear Disaster. The Detonation had twice the expected yield and exposed thousands of People, Flora and Fauna to dangerous levels of Radioactivity. The site was uninhabitable until 1980. What about Wormwood? Revelation is outlined by a 7-7-7 Judgment that unfolds like an onion. They are the 7 Seals, the 7 Trumpets and then the 7 Bowl Judgments. The last Trumpet unleashes the Trumpets and the 7th Trumpet unleashes the Bowl Judgments, etc. The following is 1 interpretation of Revelation and how Wormwood comes into play. There are to be 2 Asteroids to hit the Earth, 1 in the Ocean, then a 2nd one in the Earth. Wormwood would be the 2nd one in fact. Most believe that due to how the book is set-up and interpreted, the Bowls for example mirror or reiterate the Trumpets. One does not believe this to be the case.

Asteroid #1:
Revelation 8:8 The 2nd Angel sounded his Trumpet, and something like a Huge Mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the Sea. A .33 of the Sea turned into Blood, 9 a .33 of the Living Creatures in the Sea died, and a .33 of the Ships were destroyed.

Asteroid #2

Revelation 8:10 The 3rd Angel sounded his Trumpet, and a Great Star, blazing like a Torch, fell from the sky on a .33 of the Rivers and on the Springs of Water— 11 the name of the Star is Wormwood. A .33 of the Waters turned Bitter, and many People died from the Waters that had become Bitter.

As one can see, there appears to be 2 events, 2 impacts, consecutive to each other, in effect 2 Asteroids. Why 2? One believes that this account is telling of how, at this point in time during the Tribulation, the flyby of Planet X that will come swinging by will cause these 2 Asteroids as they are discharged from its orbit as the Earth crosses its path, twice. Based on prior models and calculation of Planet X’s size, being 7x that of Jupiter, the Earth would then cross its path twice, about 5 months apart and thus 2 occasions to have an Asteroid hit Earth. Once would be in the Ocean, then the other in the Land. Still, the date approaches, this idea that this Apophis Asteroid is Wormwood is becoming more popular though. Wormwood means ‘bitter’ and as such, most People believe it will be only 1 Asteroid that will be hitting Earth and that in a land mass. This would then be the case of how the Toxic Metals in the Asteroid would contaminate the Waters and Rivers immediately surrounding that area.

It is reminiscent of what occurred in Chernobyl. This assertion was brought up in an online blog about Wormwood possibly hitting the Chernobyl area. Not sure if most People are aware but Chernobyl in Ukrainian means ‘Bitter’ as in Bitter Waters. That is exactly what the Nuclear Meltdown did back in 1986; Nuclear as in a ‘Star’ reaction it created during its reaction. The Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown contaminated all the surrounding Water, Soil, Trees, Rivers, Animals etc. All the People within a 40-mile/64 km Radius had to be evacuated. Whole Forests were cut down, and Animals had to be Euthanized. Yet, after all these years Animal Life has returned and giant Radio-Wave Antennas have been set up to mitigate the Radiation. There is a great movie called, ‘Chernobyl 1986’ that came out recently. It is historically very accurate and was banned in the Ukraine. Here is the link to the Trailer. It is highly recommended to watch as it is very sobering.

Movie Trailer: ‘Chernobyl 1986’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj8kx2ueA2s

From a purely Eschatological point of view and interpretation, one believes that the flyby of the 2nd Sun System, Planet X or the return of the Red Dragon will be what Christ Jesus will be using, in part to execute the Seal/Trumpet/Bowl Judgment upon the Earth. And again, this Apophis, due to its Name and Number is eerily inferring what is to come during the Tribulation Period, in one’s opinion. But the effects of Apophis impact, due to its size will not be, cannot be the cause of .33 of all the Waters and Rivers turning bitter on the planet. The size of the 2 Asteroids that are coming will be gigantic in size comparison and they will not only be ‘City Killers’ but ‘Earth Killers’.

The devastation of these 2 Giant Asteroids, the ‘Size of a Blazing Mountain’ in the 1st case, will be the cause of all those worldwide Earthquakes, Pole Shifts, Tsunamis, that are horrifically described in the book of Revelation. As it is, the incoming Planet X is already having the effects now that is leading-up to the Tribulation Period with worldwide cataclysmic upheavals. The evidence? There has been a dramatic uptick in the recent decade of the frequency and intensity of Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Natural Disasters, changes in Natural Weather Patterns, Sink-Holes, etc. In part, it is due to Man’s manipulation with Weather Weapons, HAARP and other means.

Super Mega-Asteroid Impacts on Earth

According to theverybesttop10.com, the following are the top 10 largest Impact Craters caused by Asteroids that have hit Earth. The purpose of this listing is to compare the apparent Impact Size of Apophis with other known Impact Crater sizes. Based on this comparison, it is thus suggested that Apophis is nowhere near the listing of the top 10 Impact Craters created by Asteroids with only a 5-mile wide diameter. And that it will not be the infamous Wormwood of the book of Revelation as that event will affect 1/3 of the entire portion of the planet, etc. 

10 – Kara Crater, Russia (40 Mile Diameter)

It was formerly believed that these 2 sites were 2 separate craters and that they formed a twin impact structure from a large-scale meteorite hit in the late Cretaceous.

9 – Morokweng Crater, South Africa (43 Mile Diameter)

In May, 2006, a group of Scientists drilling into the site announced the discovery of a 25 cm diameter fragment of the original asteroid at a depth of 770 m below the surface.

8 – Chesapeake Bay Crater, United States (53 Mile Diameter)

The continual slumping of the rubble within the Crater has affected the flow of the Rivers and shaped the Chesapeake Bay. The Impact Crater created a long-lasting topographic depression.

7 – Acraman Crater, Australia (56 Mile Diameter)

The discovery of the Crater and independent discovery of its Ejecta were first reported in the Journal Science in 1986. The evidence for impact includes the presence of Shatter Cones.

6 – Manicouagan Crater, Canada (61 Mile Diameter)

The Manicouagan Crater is one of the oldest known Impact Craters and is the largest ‘visible’ impact crater on Earth, located primarily in Manicouagan Regional County.

5 – Woodleigh Crater, Australia (75 Mile Diameter)

The Woodleigh impact event, originally thought to have occurred between the Late Triassic and Late Permian, is now thought to date from millions of years ago.

4 – Sudbury Basin, Canada (81 Mile Diameter)

The basin is located on the Canadian Shield in the city of Greater Sudbury, Ontario. The former municipalities of Rayside-Balfour, Valley East and Capreol lie within the Sudbury Basin.

3 – Vredefort Crater, South Africa (118 Mile Diameter)

The Vredefort crater is the largest verified Impact Crater on Earth, more than 300 km across when it was formed.

2 – Chicxulub Crater, Mexico (186 Mile Diameter)

The crater was discovered by Antonio Camargo and Glen Penfield, geophysicists who had been looking for petroleum in the Yucatán during the late 1970s.

1 – Popigai Crater, Russia (190 Mile Diameter)

The shock pressures from the impact instantaneously transformed Graphite in the ground into Diamonds within a 13.6 km radius of the Impact Point.

These Diamonds not only inherited the tabular shape of the original Graphite Grains but they additionally preserved the original Crystals’ delicate striations.
The Planet X, Nemesis, the Red Dragon phenomena is intertwined with Astronomy and Biblical perspectives and Apophis could very well play a part in this prophetic unfolding to come. One does believe also that during the Tribulation Period, this ‘Red Dragon’ will astronomically be part of the Planetary Array in the Constellation of Virgo during the midpoint of the Tribulation Period. It is that which will truly fulfill the Revelation 12 Sign in its entirety for example, Astronomically. But it does say in Revelation that 1 of the reasons for the Seal Judgments is to ‘Destroy those who Destroy the Earth’. It is evident that the Powers-That-Be do not only want to destroy Humanity and reconstitute it in their ‘Own Image’, but so too do they want to construe the Earth.

But in the process of Chem Trailing for example or altering the Weather Patterns, such have reeked damages that are now irreversible. As to the ‘sensationalizing’ of the Apophis Theory? One does not see anything wrong with People writing books or doing presentations in the interviewing circuit about this Asteroid Apophis being Wormwood Theory. Based on such suppositions, Apophis could be seen as possibly being the Wormwood of the Bible and end time Judgments according to the book of Revelation. One is not wanting to ‘steal the thunder’ of such an assertion that does merit some attention as certain peculiarities attributed to the Asteroid are striking.

As mentioned, this is by way of its Name and Number that appear to be in line with Biblical prophecy and the Apocalyptic scenarios of the last years leading-up to the return of Jesus Christ. However, Apophis is not Wormwood based on Impact Crater and Mathematical Ratio Comparisons. It is highly suggested that even if the Asteroid does hit Earth and does hit a major metropolitan area, the life loss and damage at most would not happen, compared to the scale as depicted in the book of Revelation. Apophis is not and will not be a ‘Planet Killer’ but more so, a ‘City Killer’. Thus, Apophis is not the Wormwood of the Bible based on the book of Revelation cataclysms.


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