Excerpts from 2.5 Years of COVID Research

  • What is Monkey Pox and bad will it get in the World?
  • Did some Doctors predict Monkey Pox Out-Breaks?
  • ​Plandemic 2.0 will be the next Phase of Bio-Metric Control.

by Luis B. Vega

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The Earliest Recording of this following Proverb, in print is from a Book called The Court and Character of King James, where it reads: The Italians having a Proverb, He that Deceives me Once, it is his Fault; but if Twice, it is my Fault’. -Anthony Weldon, 1651

The purpose of this study is to present the Excerpts dealing with the Evidence several Doctors disclosed as part of the ‘Hidden Ingredients’ found in the COVID-19 Shots. They contained Indo-Viruses from Monkeys. Thus, it stands to reason, why those People who have been injected with the COVID Shots would be the ones more susceptible to become Infected with Monkey Pox. But not because they have gone to the Congo in Africa or some Deep Jungle to be in direct contact with Monkeys. No, the Primary Mode of how People are being Infected with Monkey Pox, is from those COVID-19 Shots that are Shedding Variants that have the mRNA from Monkeys.

The Evidence will be presented from the various Books already published since doing in-depth Research, since March of 2020. Over the course of 2.5 Years, one has Read, Downloaded, Published and Researched enough Materials, or ‘Evidence’ for 6 Books. They are able to be downloaded for free, for those not able to afford the cost of buying a hard print. The links will be in the End Notes. Of all the Research and Doctors that have been vocal against COVID by asking Questions, since the COVID Virus was released, it has been Dr. McCullough, a U.S. Doctor from Texas.

He has been instrumental in bringing to light the deliberate withholding of Therapeutic Medicine, i.e., Treatments that he himself, having had COVID had administered and to his Patients. It is called the McCullough Protocols, much like that of Dr. Zelenko’s. It is based on Preventative and Pre-Treatments of Patients from the onset of a COVID Infection. Yet, the Hospitals and the U.S. Medical Boards, as well as those from other Nations are prohibited from having Doctors administer any Treatments. This is despite how, initially, in the FDA’s and CDC’s own websites, such Treatments for COVID, for example, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin had been Prescribed.

These were later removed and Doctors have been jailed in some cases in other countries for merely Prescribing those Preventative Treatments. The only ‘Official Treatment’ for COVID is to be done in the Hospitals, and that is with Remdesivir. This is the Drug that Fauci is Invested in, but the Drug has been found to cause Kidney Failure within a few Days of being administered. According to Dr. McCullough, Monkey Pox is in the same Family as Small Pox. It is not a Respiratory Ailment or Pathogen.

It affects the Skin that causes a Pustular Type of Boils that comes from Animals to Humans. According to Dr. McCullough, Monkey Pox is an Ortho-Pox. Dr. McCullough stresses that the Cases that usually end-up in Death is because, precisely, there are no Treatments made available or given in Time. According to McCullough, over the last Half-Century in the USA, there have only been approximately several 100 Cases of Monkey Box Infections. Yet, Fauci and the Biden Administration have purchased 13 Million Doses already because of just 1 Reported Case in the USA, according to Dr. Jane Ruby.  

McCullough states that this is a ‘Hyperbolic’ Reaction to the Potential Disease Outbreak of Monkey Pox, wherein, the vast majority of the Population is not exposed to People or Animals that are susceptible to contracting Monkey Pox. But here is the irony. It is People that one comes into contact now that one is in Danger of potentially becoming Infected with Monkey Pox. Why? It Danger comes from all those People that have been Injected with the COVID-19 Shots. Dr. McCullough stressed that the People that have been reported contracting the Monkey Pox have not been those Un-‘Vaccinated’, but those that have taken the Injections.

And that with every subsequent Injection and/or Boosters, the Natural Immune System is being destroyed. This is corroborated with at least 3 Doctors that went on the Record and stated, from their Research, how the COVID-19 Shots had Genetic Fragments and Cell Lines from Animals. And that included Monkeys, Pigs, etc. The following will be those sections from the 4 out of the 6 Books compiled where they present their findings and statements, that  indeed, the COVID-19 Shots are aimed at reconstituting the Human Genome at the Molecular Level.

Dr. Northrup:
Yes, there has never been a Vaccine like this. It is an RNA Vaccine. It is what is called a Trans Infection. It will Fundamentally Change People's DNA and what I do not like about it even more than the usual thing about the Toxic Metals that are in Injections that make our Bodies literally into an Antenna with 5G.

This one has the usual Non-Human DNA like you know, Monkeys, maybe Fetal Cells, Pigs whatever. And so, it begins to make us what is called Chimeras (c-h-i-m-e-r-a) in introducing Non-Human DNA into our Bodies. What is worse though, is that there is a Patent and Work that they have done at MIT to make a Dye. And the Patented Dye is called Luciferase. And under a Light, you would be able to see who was Injected, who was not.
(Page 114)

2020 PostScripts Publications
Resetting Humanity 2.0 COVID WORLD ORDER Virus Wars
ISBN: 9781716460395

Number 2. Ethnically-Derived VERO Cells
This is an Alternative to those not wanting Aborted Human Cell Lines injected into their bodies. But instead, the Shots will have an African Green Monkey Cell Line. The actual Color of the Liquid that will be Injected into a person is Green. These are called Immortalized Cells African Green Monkey that are replicated perpetually. The Vero Cells are Interferon-Deficient. Unlike Normal Mammalian Cells, they do not secrete Interferon Alpha or Beta when infected by Viruses. It is used as Host Cells for growing other Viruses.
(Page 249)

The ‘Vero’ Lineage was Isolated from Kidney Cells taken from an African Green Monkey. This Lineage was developed on March 27, 1962 at the Chiba University in Chiba, Japan. The Original Cell Line was named ‘Vero’ after an Abbreviation of Verda Reno, which means ‘Green Kidney’ in Esperanto, while ‘Vero’ itself means ‘Truth’ in Esperanto.
(Page 250)

2021 PostScripts Publications
Rewriting Genetic Code COVID-19 CATASTROPHE Software of Life
ISBN: 9781667196725

Nuremberg Code # 3
Experiments should be based on the Results of Animal Experiments and Natural History of a Disease. The Experimental mRNA COVID Shot skipped Animal Experiments and went directly to Humans. In a mRNA Research used by Pfizer, a Candidate Study on mRNA had Rhesus Macaques Monkeys injected with BNT162b2 mRNA. All the Monkeys developed Pneumonia. The Researchers considered the risk low because these were ‘Young Healthy Monkeys’ from 2-4 Years of Age.
(Page 161)

2021 PostScripts Publications
Future of Human Identity MARK OF THE COVID BEAST The Mark, Name and Number
ISBN: 9781300601319


RE: Recombinant Animal DNA
One cannot go along Consciously and Biblically, with this COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate. How can one believe these COVID-19 Injections are the Precursors of the Mark of Revelation? The ‘r’ in mRNA stands for Recombinant which means spliced sections of ‘Animal DNA’ (Cows - Monkeys - Pigs) are introduced to one’s Living Cells. These Spliced Genes Strands cut-out of one’s DNA and Inserts themselves into their place. Thus, the COVID-19 Injections are not a ‘Vaccine’ in the traditional sense but a Gene Therapy Medical Application to the Human Body. With this change at the Genetic Level, one thus sincerely believes that it, this…is the Forerunner of the Mark of the Beast. If one’s DNA is being Altered to ‘Buy or Sell’ without it or cannot Travel without it, it is the Precursors to the Mark System.
(Page 166)

2021 PostScripts Publications
Great Culling of Humanity KILLSHOTS Outsourcing Natural Immunity
ISBN: 9781329396180


One senses the same disturbing Propagandizing of the Fear and juxtaposition to now, once again herd every Human Being possible back to Mask Mandates, Social Distancing and Mandatory Injections, now for Small Pox. Yet, the same People, the same ‘Usual Suspects’ are rolling-out the Fear-Mongering tactic of a Mass Psyop Conditioning to scare all of Humanity to receive yet another Injection for a contrived Plandemic of their making.

The Outcome will be that as Bill Gates has insisted, All Human Beings living on the Planet must get ‘Vaccinated’ and be on a Permanent Life-Long Regiment of Boosters every 6 Months. And again, as one has stated on numerous Articles dealing with COVID, it is not about the Virus, it is what is in the Injections. The Bill Gates of the World do not want to ‘Save Grandma’ or the Elderly ‘Senior Citizen’ over 60 as he states in a latest video interview. No, he wants to kill them. The Game Plan is that of the Eugenicist Nazis that decided the Elderly were to be the ones to ‘Expire’ first as they had ‘Lived-Out’ their Tenure.

The Resources, Attention and Care would be too much of a Burden to the New Order. And as Humans, to them are nothing more than an ‘Accident’ of Nature, of Selective Darwinism, a Human Being has no intrinsic Value, no Soul, no Spirit, no Image Bearers of the Creator, Jesus. People are products of their Environment and are nothing more than a System of Biological and Chemical Exchanges. There is no After-Life and thus, the End justifies the Means. And what is that? It is whereby the New Order demands less of such ‘Useless Eaters’ that are only consuming the Luciferian Elite’s Resources on their Gaia Mother Earth, because they serve no Purpose or Functional Ability anymore.

And, once again, one suspects that the Monkey Pox Narrative will once again Brain-Wash the People into complying with what will be coming next. Will there still be those Religious and/or Medical Exemptions? Not likely. They have not built and set up all those Quarantine Centers for nothing. They have now bought 13 Million Monkey Pox Injections that Fauci pre-ordered ahead of time to just happen to coincide with the start of the New Narrative. Holy Flying Monkey Pox Batman. 

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