Israel’s Relationship to the Church

  • Why is the whole World opposing Israel?
  • Was Israel justified in invading the Gaza Strip?
  • How is the End of the Church Age tied to all this?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘I am speaking to you Gentiles. Inasmuch as I am the Apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my Ministry in the Hope that I may Provoke my own People to Jealousy and save some of them. For if their Rejection is the Reconciliation of the World, what will their Acceptance be but Life from the Dead?’ -Romans 11:13-15

Are Followers of Jesus, by default, Zionists? Technically, Yes, in the Spiritual Sense. However in these End of Days, the Word ‘Zionist’ has taken a Negative and even Derogatory Inference to all that is Evil about the ‘Jews’ or the Modern Nation of Israel. In the Spectrum of the Term, you have on the Right, all those that Support Israel. Then on the Left, you have those that join with Hamas and Muslims that seek to Destroy Israel.

But if one takes the Term, ‘Zion’ solely based on when it 1st appears in the Bible, it is where YHVH Dwells. So, by Definition, YHVH is a ‘Zionist’. The Word, ‘Zion’ is 1st mentioned in 2 Samuel 5:7. It is the account where King David takes possession of what is now called Jerusalem. But the Meaning is ascribed to the Creator of the Heavens and Earth. And how YHVH abides on Mount Zion in Heaven, the True one that is there. And it is King David that further elaborates and Sings of Zion in the Psalms. The following are the References to Zion as being attributed to YHVH and the Heavenly Zion, etc.

Psalm 2:6
Yet have I set my King upon my Holy Hill of Zion.

Psalm 9:11
Sing Praises to the LORD, which dwelleth in Zion: declare among the People His Doings.

Psalm 48:12
Walk about Zion and go round about her: tell the Towers thereof.

Mount Zion in Jerusalem is just a Facsimile on Earth of what is replicated from Heaven. There is a Mirror Effect going on. There are actually at least 7 Types of ‘Zionists’ that one can Define. One has done a study on the Term, ‘Zionism’ and one has identified at least 7 Major Connotations of its Meaning. You have the Range of Definitions from it being a Biblical, Scriptural Definition, to the Religious, then Political, Social and Racial ones. Then lastly there is even a Luciferian Aspect to the Term ‘Zionism’. And the Point is that since most People do not realize or know the Distinctions, they presume to lump-sum all ‘Zionists’ into 1 Definition that ‘Fits All’.

Spectrum of Meaning
Nonetheless, by this Biblical Supposition based on the Zion of Heaven, the People that believe in and follow Jesus, are ‘Zionists’, etc. Most Followers of Jesus are really not aware nor concerned, about how, that one would be automatically constituted a ‘Zionist’. And which Type? But Biblically, Zion is a Real Place where one will be Living after Death, as promised by Jesus. This is assuming one is a Believer and Follower of Jesus. He promised that He would return to take His ‘Bride’, a Euphemism for the Collective Body of Believers throughout the Church Age, to Zion.

This ‘Body of Christ’ is also described in the Bible as a City, the New Jerusalem. And another Name for Jerusalem is ‘Zion’. Thus, one can say, using Deductive Logic, that the New Jerusalem can just as much be called the ‘New Zion’. But realize that Followers of Jesus are being incorporated into the ‘Commonwealth’ of Israel. This has been the purpose of the Church Age and how Israel or the Jews or ‘Zionists’ have needed to be related to the Body of Church. According to the Teachings of Paul in the Book of Romans, there is 1 main Effect and/or Outcome of the Church Age Body of Christ, in relation to Israel and the Jews.

The Church Body of Jesus, while on Earth is precisely to cause ‘Godly Jealousy’ for Israel, the Jews and those that do consider themselves ‘Zionists’ in the Old Testament sense. Why Jealousy? Realize that as the Apostle Paul taught, presently during the Church Age, it has been the case that the Gospel has gone out to gather-in the Non-Jews. It has been for the purpose of ‘Harvesting’ the Souls of the Goyim or the ‘Cattle’ that Jews refer to Non-Jews. They are no longer just the ‘Chosen People’ or Race. And Salvation is not based on Race or a Tribe anymore. The Covenant, precisely the New Covenant in the Blood of the Last Lamb, Jesus, the Jewish Messiah is what the Nation of Israel, the Earthly Zion forfeited due to their Collective Rejection of Jesus.

Jesus did not meet their Expectations. He still does not and it will be for this Primary Reason that Jesus thou has sought-out a Gentile Bride that Israel could have been. Consider the Prophetic Types of how that played-out even in Israel’s History with such Bride to be as Rahab, Ruth, then the Wife of Joseph, etc. This was while Joseph, a Type of Jesus was sold-off for Pieces of Silver to the Enemies of YHVH, etc. All that, to say, that the Earthly Zion is also a Real Place. It is a Land Grant that became a Nation-State and had its Capital. And what is its Capital? ‘Zion’. It was made by King David.

He bought the Property of Araunah the Jebusite. This is 1 of several Records in the Bible of the Title Deed to the Land of Zion, and Jerusalem being Paid for by the ‘Jews’. Then there is Abraham who bought the Land that had the Cave in what is now called Hebron. It is where he buried Sarah and then later, the other Patriarchs were buried there as well. Yet, this City is in what is now called the ‘West Bank’ and is considered ‘Palestinian’ Territory. If one knows the True History of the Middle East and Israel, one will recognize that the Jewish Claim to the Promised Land or ‘Zion’ far outweighs the Chants that the Palestinians and all those beguiled University Students say, ‘From to the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free’. Such People cannot even tell you what River or Sea they are referring to or what is the Capital of Palestine or was. Answer?

A Wayward Wife

There never was nor has been one a Capital of a ‘Palestine’. Then you have the other Extreme on the other side, where the Luciferians could call themselves ‘Zionists’. Those around the Middle of the Spectrum are the Secular Jews who are either Zionists, Politically, or like the Settlers, are Nationalists too, etc. As to the Nation of Israel in 1948 being Reconstituted? Was it Biblical Israel? Yes, in that it was allowed to be fulfilled because in Ezekiel, YHVH states that the People were going to be ‘Reborn’ from Death into a Great Army but that they would be regathered for the Last Time, but in Unbelief. That is exactly the Spiritual Condition of Israel presently.

Although many Christians and Anti-Christians and Jews consider the Modern Nation of Israel as the Spawn of Satan, birthed by the ‘Evil Rothschilds’ who control the World through their Money. That is all true, based on one’s Research. But YHVH is allowing this ‘Set-Up’ to accomplish His Divine Purpose of bringing National Israel back to Faith, and back to Her Husband, YHVH. It is because Israel has been a Wayward Wife with the Gods of the World and Lovers, etc. This is why 1 Prophetic Week of Daniel has been reserved for the Last Days. The Tribulation Period will cause National Israel to finally Repent and be Restored to Faith in the True Messiah, etc.

Consider that in 70 AD, the Temple was Destroyed and that started the Diaspora because of National Israel’s Unfaithfulness. Yet YHVH, in His Discipline foretold that 1 Day, He would bring Israel back into the Land in the Last Days. And that from that Point in Time, she would no longer leave the Promised Land due to Unfaithfulness. In the meanwhile, the Church Age has been interjected as what one calls the Pentecostal Intermission. Then exactly 1,948 Years later, in 1948, a Nation called Israel comes to ‘Life’? If this Israel is not it, then who are those People there now? And that took Jerusalem in 1967? Israel was more Communist in its inception.

The Leaders were all Ex-Soviet Jews that were Atheist for the most part. The Soviet Union was the 1st Nation to Recognize them because they thought it was ‘Communist’. In a way, it was True with the System of Kibbutz. But as far back as the Belfair Declaration, the UK Prime Minister wrote that ‘Promise’ to Lord Rothschild that they were going to establish a Homeland for the Jews. And the Rothschilds financed the whole endeavor. This Family has the Bloodline of the AntiChrist, and for them, the Land, City and Temple belong to them and are preparing it for their False Jewish Messiah, not Jesus. As to them being the ‘Chosen People’? Yes and No.

YHVH 1st looked for a Man to have a Personal Relationship with, like a Friend on Earth. He found no one except Abram that was willing. He was not Jewish but Chaldean. YHVH told him to move to the Promised Land that He would give to his Descendants but through Isaac and Jacob. Eventually the Bloodline became a Nation of 12 Tribes, but they did not keep Abraham’s Promise and were Unfaithful. YHVH only left that 1 Tribe because of David and how through that line, Jesus had to come. But YHVH did promise that Israel would be Number 1 of the Nations. Realize though that YHVH chose ‘Israel’, as He describes her, as being tossed-out like an abandoned Baby, unwanted, unattractive, and he found her and cared for her. 

Beacon of Light

So much so that when she matured, YHVH Proposed, and she said ‘Yes’. But YHVH Describes how His Plan was to use 1 Nation, taken from the ‘Tail’ of the Nations where Feces comes out and not the ‘Head’. Israel and its People were and are is Example of how YHVH can make such People, such a Nation and such a City, the Head of the Nations, the Beacon of Light that YHVH commissioned the Jews to be. This is the Kingdom Promised that the Disciples asked Jesus if He, at that Time would be Establishing. It was not the Time as Israel yet failed again. But due to their Rejection of Jesus, that Beacon of Light went to the Commission of the Gentile Bride, the other ‘Body’.

She has had the Privilege of being the Witness of the Testimony of Jesus’, the Messiah, His Death, Burial and Resurrection. And what has been at the core of the Church Age, has been the Witness also of Jesus’ Return. This has been a Witness Israel has forfeited yet prophesied in Zechariah. The Return of Jesus is symbolized by the LORD’s Supper with the Elements of the Bread and the Wine. These 2 Elements echo the Prophetic Motif of how the Church Age was born during the Wheat Harvest and on the Day of the New Wine.

These are Elements that Jesus commanded the Church Age Believers and Followers to Remember Him and to Witness not only His Resurrection but His Return. This is what Israel will ultimately see with their own Eyes as Zechariah foretells when Jesus does come back with the Church Age Bride. So, this has been the Relationship of Zionism to the Church Age. It is that the Church Age has also served to make Israel Jealous of what the forfeited in Jesus. And that 1 Day concludes its Commission of its Testimony and Witness to Jeus will conclude. In one’s Years of Research, one is more convinced that the Church Age will conclude during the Symbols of when it began.

And those 2 Motifs mentioned prior, that of the Wheat and Wine is the Time, perhaps. But it will only be after the Time of Jacob’s Trouble after that last Prophetic Week of Daniel, that has been Reserved till after the Church Age, that Israel will be the Head of the Nations, as promised. The Earthly Zion will only then truly reflect how the Heavenly Zion is all about. This Time will be during the Millennial Kingdom when a Righteous Jew, Jesus their Messiah will Return to Reign the World from Jerusalem. He will be sitting in David’s Throne in the Earthly Zion, as promised that David’s Descendant would forever Rule not only Earthly Zion, but the Heavenly one as well.

Zion, at the Center of the World, will be the Beacon of Light to the Nations, as she was intended. But luckily, it will be ruled by Jesus who is a Perfect and Benevolent Jew that will Rule the World with Justice. Most Jews presently own practically everything that can and does Control the People of the World: Media, Money, Medicine, Military, Food, Water, Education, Energy, etc. They Hate Jesus and His Followers. In one’s Biblical Assessment, the Ailing ‘Cancer’ at the Heart of the Jewish Identity and Pact with YHVH has been that its Religious Leaders and Elders have sold-out the Nation. They have rather accepted the AntiChrist's of the Day, in his ‘Own Name’ that Jesus warned about and made a Deal with the Devil.

All to secure their Seat of Moses and Rule the World. But they seek to do that, not on Jesus’ Terms and Conditions as specified in their own Bible. But there are some Jews that are Friends like the Evangelicals, mostly that support them. So, one supports the State of Israel, only because one believes she is the Prophetic Fulfillment of YHVH leaving 1 Tribe, that of Judah to accomplish His Purpose of making Israel, the Blessing to the Nations.

And that is why there will be the Last Week of 7 Years, for YHVH to finally remove the Blindness and break their Covenant with the AntiChrist, which will be with Death as Isaiah warned. This is why one did join the Israel Defense Force IDF Sar El Program for a while but was in a Non-Combatant Role. You do not have to be a Jew to be in the IDF, like you do not need to be a Jew to be a Zionist.



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